National Running Day – Repost

I wrote a post last year about National Running Day, and why it’s stupid, which received positive feedback. So instead of rewriting the same idea, I’ll just steal from myself and repost old material, because I still feel the same way.

running“Today is national running day. This is great right? I love running, how could I not love National Running Day? All those out of shape, overweight, lazy folks will get off their butts and go on a run only to return and praise me for putting myself through that experience nearly everyday of my life. They finally realize how much I go through and maybe I go up a few notches in their book. People are finally giving runners the recognition they deserve.

But wait, I read a tweet from Nick Pane today that read the following;

How many people actually run on National Running Day? Better yet, what’s a fat ass country like this one doing with a National Running Day?

I bolded the important part of that statement. There’s no doubt we’re an overweight country. What is a fat ass country like the US doing with a national running day? That’s exactly the point.

We have these ‘holidays’, not to highlight the things we normally do, but to highlight the things we never do. Do you think Kenya has a national running day? Of course not, everyday is national running day. They probably have national Big Mac day instead because they never eat Big Macs. I just googled national Big Mac day and guess what, America does not have one. Do you know why? Because everyday is national Big Mac day.

We dedicate one day a year to mothers and fathers because ordinarily we never recognize how important our parents are. We dedicate Christmas and birthdays to being generous and giving gifts to each other because we would never ordinarily buy a gift out of the blue. We have a holiday dedicated to remembering the troops defending our freedom because 364 days out of the year we read the headline of “Three Troops Killed in Roadside Bomb” and probably think that three is pretty good, it could have been more. Hell, we have an entire month dedicated to black people because we know they’re not treated the same way as white people.

The special days we have are not there to show what we really care about, but instead what we neglect almost every day of the year. I’m not saying there aren’t good ones out there but eating a Big Mac should be the unusual act, not going on a run. So instead of doing this shit when you’re told, try doing it when your not told. Tell your mom or dad you love them out of nowhere. Spontaneously buy a gift for a friend or significant other. Go on a run. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of doing this as well, but when you take a step back it’s definitely something worth noting.

Yes I went on a run today, but the fact that it was national running day had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Stealing From Gourlay

Yesterday was the Manayunk bike race. Alex just got the keys to our new apartment, and although we don’t officially move in until July, we set up base camp there for Saturday night into Sunday. On the whole, the night/day was fantastic.

I would say there were a couple of hit phrases that were used constantly. Most notably, “Milk me!” and any variation including, but not limited to, are you milkin’ me?, Papa needs milk, how much for you to milk me? etc. I started saying this phrase for whatever reason on Saturday night and it pretty much took over.

The second phrase that started to catch was the classic “GAYEEEEE”. That has been used more consistently over time, but has become more popular as of late.

Sam and GourlayThe thing is, I stole both of these from Gourlay. “Gaye” is obviously not a Gourlay creation, but he introduced it to me, so he gets credit. I don’t know if “Milk me!” is a Gourlay creation or not, but again, he introduced it to me, so I give him credit. Even the “papa” in “papa needs milk” is from Gourlay.

The thing is, I’ve been stealing things from Gourlay for years. If you asked people at Ursinus, they would tell you I created and popularized the use of the word “qua”. Of course, Gourlay is the one who showed it to me, and although I know he took it from someone else, I stole it from him.

Anytime anyone mentions a time of day, I’ve become 100% accustomed to saying “In the morning?!” afterward, which people don’t understand at first, but it becomes funny when they realize you keep saying it. I don’t know where Gourlay got that from, or if he made it up, but I stole it regardless. Now that is also a regularly used term at Ursinus.

The list goes on, but I guess what I’m really trying to say is that if you hear me using a phrase over and over, I probably stole it from Gourlay.

The All Day Hangover

Yesterday was a unique experience for me. I went out on Thursday and had a good number of drinks, but didn’t black out. It was a late night, but I was home fine and in bed for work the next day. After ~5 hours of sleep I got up and went to work.

I was hungover, but it wasn’t terrible. As the day progressed, the hangover lingered. Instead of going home for lunch, I got home and just laid down for 35 minutes, which I’ve never done before. I ate some food then returned to work, but to no avail, as this hangover was not giving up. I got home from work and decided I would go on a run.

I went to Mondauk and did a mini workout of a fast mile, then 5 pulls and 20 push ups. I did three of those, then an easy mile, and it actually went well. I went home but still, somehow, the hangover persisted. I went to Nick’s with Wacker and Sasha and could barely finish half of my cheesesteak before throwing in the towel. We went to get Blizzards from DQ and I got about half way before again throwing in the towel. I returned home around 9:30 and there was no hope.

I had no plans, the Heat game was a blowout, and I was hating life. Unfortunately, the Pre 10k was on at 12:15, and I HAD to stay up for that, so the next three hours were spent hanging with Sneezy and watching stupid movies. I watched the incredible 10k where Rupp pwned everyone, then went to bed, still hungover.

That may have been a top 5 hangover, I’ve had about 10 top 5 hangovers as of late, which doesn’t make sense, but they keep happening, and it’s becoming a problem.

Tomorrow is the bike race in Manayunk and Alex just got the keys to the house, so the plan is to go and hangout all day while drinking. LMK IF YOU’RE GOING, HMU.

This post is better than nothing. Hopefully some of these make you laugh. This first one had me lol’in for literally 10 minutes.

car head drop


horse gloves

troy mclure

Thumbs Up!

Blogging is about the reader experience, so I want to hear from you all, my readers.

In the past, the only way to express your approval or dissatisfaction with a post was to comment, or the more popular way was to just tell me in person that you think my blog sucks. I’ve added the Twitter and Facebook options recently, but aside from Abud who retweets every post on Twitter, no one uses them.

Thanks to Emlamb, I’ve added a plugin that allows you all to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” my posts. A small addition, but hopefully one that will be used, and increase the quality of the blog as a whole as I learn what posts suck and what ones don’t.

Happy Friday! Here’s a song I’m feelin’ today, just for something to add to this short post.

Stephenson Blows LeBron

Thanks to Rob Kelley. I watched this 20 times and laughed harder each time. Their reactions afterward are hilarious. Lance Stephenson may be the stupidest player on the planet.

lebron stephenson

One Year as a Grown-Ass-Man

In honor of my one year work anniversary, here’s what I’ve learned about the world, about myself, and how I’ve changed over the past year.

  • For the first time since elementary school, I wear jeans and shoes consistently
  • Assume everyone is stupid until they prove otherwise
  • Snapchat makes flirting with girls 10x easier
  • Sports aren’t fun to watch when your team can lose 27 games in a row
  • Visiting school as an alumni feels slightly more weird than I expected
  • I prefer a 200g Frisbee to a 175g Frisbee, which I never thought I would say
  • Hanging out with girls isn’t weird
  • I enjoy playing guitar, but playing music will never be “my thing”
  • Cats are animals, not people, and just because I tell Trooper and Sneezy to respect my space when I’m eating a meal doesn’t mean they will
  • It’s difficult to meet girls in the real world when compared to college (obviously)
  • I’m still socially dependent on alcohol, though not to the point of concern
  • I have a 401k
  • Collared button-downs have become my go-to for most occasions
  • Everybody dopes
  • My “dislike-Lebron-o-meter” dropped from a 9 to an 8
  • My “like-Kevin-Durant-o-meter” rose from an 8 to a 9
  • Concerts and weddings are easily my top two favorite social gatherings
  • I have four times the amount of money in my bank account now compared to when I graduated college
  • Video games are less appealing than they used to be
  • I failed a class in college and my life changed 0% because of it
  • Twitter isn’t going anywhere
  • Facebook is going nowhere
  • Less people read this blog than I thought, but probably more than you think

The Spurs

I’ve been saying all along that the Thunder are my #1 and the Spurs are my #2. It’s a shame they have to meet before the Finals, but after watching this video, I may change who I’m rooting for. This may be their last shot to go out on top (we’ve been saying that for 5 years) and nothing would make me happier than seeing them crush the Heat in the Finals in a rematch of last year.

Job Sam vs. Social Media Sam

A year ago tomorrow will mark my one year anniversary of beginning my job.

I avoid talking about my job on this blog. Not because I don’t like my job, or that I don’t want to talk about it, but because one time I stupidly wrote a tweet that had the title of my company in it. Ten minutes later I was in the senior vice president’s office and he had my Twitter page up asking why I would tweet what I did (it was the number of church leads we had from like 2007. I could explain why I tweeted it, but it would take too long).

Since that day, I’ve done my best to separate social media Sam with work Sam. You cannot find a mention of my employer anywhere on my social media accounts (aside from LinkedIn), and that’s not an accident.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like my job. In fact, I would say my job has exceeded expectations in year one. I like the people I work with, the commute is a breeze (not for long), the work I do is not as Office-Spacey as I imply, and to be 22 and fully employed for a year is a pretty good start to my professional life.

However, it does raise the obvious question of how much should an employer be able to use your web presence to judge them from a work standpoint? This blog is public, my Facebook is not very private, my tweets are unprotected. I’ve always thought that protecting your tweets or changing your Facebook name to “Samuel John” is for pussies. The information is out there. If my company wanted to see what I was doing on these different things, they could. I would not want coworkers to read that I black out and pee my bed or a variety of other things that are on this blog, my Facebook, and my Twitter, but in reality, I don’t really think it’s that big a deal.

Does the fact that I drink to blackout and pee the bed, or that I think Nicki Minaj is attractive, or that I visit Ursinus regularly, impede my ability to do my job? No, not really. This is kind of why I allow everything to be so accessible. I’m not really trying to hide anything (and trust me, I realize I have a flexible employer) from anyone.

If you back checked every single person, you’d find a ton of things you didn’t want to find.

“Well, Ryan is the best salesman we have and a good guy, but he tweeted that he supports Donald Sterling and has a picture of him doing a keg stand, guess we have to cut ’em loose”

I doubt most companies make decisions like that, but I bet some do. These stupid remarks and unpopular opinions have been around forever, but the internet is just now making them accessible to everyone, including employer. In this ever connecting world, I think somethings should stay disconnected. A job is just that, a job. And how you do your job is all that should matter.

Happy one year, job.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel, but have seen this floating around for a while and I decided to watch them all. Frankly, some of these are hilarious. Here’s a playlist of all of them, but below are my favorites. Unfortunately, they are all put together, so I’m just starting the videos below at the one I like, then disregard the rest.

David Blaine: Easily the most creative

Matt Damon: I liked Rounders

Kid Rock: He reads it exactly like I would expect him to (according to Joe Dirt)

Danny McBride: Didn’t read the tweet, but plays his character to perfection