Movin’ In

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m essentially all moved in. There are a few small things I still need to get, but as far as my life goes, I’m living in this house, and it’s very good so far.

Thursday night was the Styx/Foreigner concert and it was interesting for sure. Alex, Tom, and I headed to Stortz Tools to pregame a bit before heading over. There was a hurricane looming and we weren’t sure if it would pour on us while at the concert, but we were going rain or shine.

We arrived just in time for the end of the Styx and saw Come Sail Away and Renegade, which were good. The crowd was noticeably old and hot girls were few and far between.

At some point, an old lady approached Alex and asked if he would take her daughter to grab a drink. The daughter was decent looking, and Alex declined, and nominated me instead. So while the changeover of bands was happening, me and this girl went to get some drinks together. It turns out it was her birthday, and I offered to buy her drinks, but to my surprise she insisted that she’d buy me drinks. Score!

I was really drunk at this point, and the shots we did put me over the edge. I was kind of hitting it off with this girl, and things definitely could have gone places, but the timing was terrible. As things could have gone somewhere, Foreigner came on stage. I asked her if she wanted to go watch, and she said no, so I said thanks for the drinks, and seeyuhlater.

I blacked out really hard and that was the end of my night.

Yesterday was more of the same. I day drank all day, went to the free concert on the Parkway, didn’t black out, twisted my ankle terribly, and made it home.

Today will be more of the same. Gambling, day drinking, sports, and having a good time. I’ll post some pictures of the house when I can, but right now, I just want to get a post out. Happy 5th!

The Pros and Cons of Moving Out

It’s important that I write this post now, before the fact that I’ve moved fully kicks in. Prior to experiencing living on my own, here are my interpretations of how things will change.


  • Living with Alex and Scott will make everyday life funnier and more relatable – We can talk sports, girls, work, and other man things that I don’t often talk to my parents about when I’m at home. This will obviously be similar to college, so not a total shock, but I’m fully aware of the difference this makes.
  • Location, Location, Location – Living in Manayunk will make going out in Manayunk much easier than before. I won’t have to worry about getting home safely or walking 12 miles the next morning when my phone is dead and I don’t know where I am. Being in between Philly and suburbs will be nice also. I’m not too far from work and my parents, but I’m also not far from Tom, Jeff, Laura, and other things in the city.
  • Social Life – If my life continued as it was, I would never get a girlfriend. There aren’t enough people my age to interact with and saying “Hey, want to head back to my parents place?” isn’t the best pick up line. I probably still won’t get a girlfriend, but I’m moving into an area that is focused towards my age range, and I’ll have a much richer social life.
  • Ownership, I don’t have to feel bad about things I do in the house – While living at home, I had to maintain a certain level of respect for what I did and didn’t because, simply put, it wasn’t my house. That’s not a bad thing, but I won’t have certain things looming over me because it’s not my house. It’ll be nice to have a sense of ownership.
  • Running – I’m about a mile from the start of Kelly drive, and about 1.5 miles from the end of Valley Green. Running around Upper Dublin, and specifically Mondauk, is fine. But it’s about time have easy access to real trails and other runners. Not to mention all the cat-calls I’ll get running through Manayunk in my short shorts. I’d be surprised if I don’t get hit on everyday.


  • Money. My fixed expenses went from probably $100 a month to $800-900 a month. I was saving money at a rapid pace, and have a lot saved up, but that number will stagnate until I become president of my current company. But what good is money if you never use it?
  • While it’ll be great to have Alex and Scott around to talk to, there are pros to having my parents around to. While I interact with my parents on a different level than Alex and Scott, it’s not necessarily a worse level. I will miss seeing them day to day, although I work so close to home that this actually won’t be that bad because I’ll see them a good amount regardless.
  • Bye bye Trooper, Sneezy, Elvis, Kally, and Winslow. For all I know, Winslow is dead, because that cat freakin’ hates me and I never see it, but the four others I interact with on a daily basis. I’ll miss eating breakfast with Trooper, watching TV with Sneezy (zing!), having Kally greet me on the sidewalk when I finish a run, and playing with Elvis in the backyard.
  • The Commute. My drive in today was 35 minutes. It’s not that bad, because you’re constantly moving and have the feeling of making progress as opposed to standstill on the turnpike. But 35 minutes is a long way from 1 minute 35 seconds. That will be an annoying adjustment, but I’m not too concerned.
  • The food. My mom made dinner for me most nights of the week. JC was constantly buying nice food that he didn’t need. Food was never an issue at home. If mom wasn’t home to cook, I could pick apart the overly priced food JC had lying around. Now I’ll have to go shopping and be responsible for making my own food.

All in all, even if I wasn’t sold on moving, which I am, it’s something I need to do.

The Move is Real

The New Home

I’m moving out today. It’s actually happening. After work I’ll gather a bunch of my shit, drive on down to Dexter Street, and move into my new home. I even went out and bought a $600 laptop, which I’m typing this post on right now, for the new place.

I’m very excited for this, but it doesn’t quite seem real yet. For instance, I have done absolutely nothing aside from buying this laptop to prepare for the move. All of my clothes are still in my room, the basement still has ~100 beer cans/bottles down there, I don’t have a new mattress, and my day to day life hasn’t changed. I wonder when it will set in?

My weekend life will change dramatically. I’ll be going out to bars pretty much every weekend and spending a lot more money. I’ll also be interacting with many more people my age, which will be nice. Best of all, I won’t have to sleep in garages if I get too drunk.

Me and NoopsHowever, I’m not entirely sure how my weekday life will change. My commute will be longer, and I’ll see Scott and Alex every day which should make things funnier in general. I won’t see my parents as much, and maybe even more importantly, I won’t see my cats as much. I eat lunch with Sneezy and Trooper every day. I talk to them in my stupid-cat voice in the morning, the afternoon, and at night. I talk to these cats more than any humans, and I’m going to miss having them around.

Regardless of the cats, this move will be life changing. I’m excited to live on my own, make my own rules (not that I have many rules as is), and feel like I’m truly independent. Feel free to stop by any time, and be sure to bring some nice housewarming gifts!


Sam and RobRob and I have a mutual semi-interest in the World Cup. I bet on every game, and Rob lives vicariously through me betting on every game.

Yesterday something very odd happened. I was watching the Netherlands Mexico game alone when the Netherlands hit an equalizer goal in the 88th minute. Watch this clip, and see if anything in particular stands out. *Hint – I prefaced this with a comment that Rob and I watch the World Cup.

Immediately after that goal, I rewinded it to make sure what I thought happened, happened. I then sent a text to Rob and simultaneously received a text from Rob. The content of the texts were as follows:

Sam to Rob: “Tell me you’re watching, announcer just dropped a great seeyuhlater”

Rob to Sam: “Are you watching?! Announcer just a did a “seeyalaturr” during that goal replay”

What are the freakin’ odds of that?! As my text was sending, my phone vibrated with his text and I saw the text preview, I couldn’t believe we both picked up on that. I’m posting about this because I wanted to tell someone other than Rob that this happened.

I went 3-0-1 on betting yesterday after an 0-4 day on Saturday. The account was at $688 this morning and I have a number of bets placed for today. Let’s keep this WC Train rollin’!

A Weekend In

Once back from New York, Slade and I had a very middle-schoolish Friday night. He came over around 9:00 and our night consisted of watching USAs, drinking beer, and making jokes. We had a sleep over and set up in the basement like Ben, Alex, and I used to do in the old days.

Big City Ice

Saturday was Gourlay’s all day banger. I bought Kan Jam, and headed over at 1:00 to watch the World Cup and begin day drinking. I was running on low with two nights of ~6 hours of sleep in a row, but was holding on alright. I lost all four bets I made which sucked, but the day was fun. I was drinking Big City Ice pretty quickly and kept saying I was going to be in trouble. Kan Jam and drinking games were a good time as always. The night progressed, and at one point, Drew said it was 1:00AM, and the very moment he said that, I checked out. I was so ready for bed, and that was all I needed to hear before my mind was made up that my night was over.

In reality, it was only 10:50PM, but as I said, my mind was made up. I brought up the idea of sleeping to Slade, who agreed entirely. I wandered to the basement and insta-passed out.

We are!!!

10 hours later I woke up feeling fresh! Gourlay and I got some food, then I spent a few hours with Drew which I don’t often get to do so that was nice. We had good conversation and a Frisbee toss which was expected. The highlight of the day (from my standpoint) was saying to Drew “Watch me hit this golf ball into the shed”, and I hit a perfect 40 yard pitching wedge directly into the open doors of the shed. Two minutes later I said, “Watch me do it again” and low and behold, I hit another perfect shot that ended up through the open doors of the shed. Wat.

I said farewell to Drew and made my way to Valley Green for an 8 mile run. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but after “take it easy” for the first mile, and running a 7:05, I knew I was in for a good run. I held ~7:05s for four miles, turned around, and turned it on. My next four miles were 6:45, 6:25, 6:25, and 6:00. I was definitely trying, but I’m actually rounding into shape now. The weather was perfect and running at Valley Green is always a pleasure.

Afterward, I checked out the Manayunk house which Alex and his dad have been working tirelessly on. The place looks great and I move in this week. I need to buy a computer and a mattress, but other than that, I’m pretty much all set.

Life is good.

A Day in NYC

Friday was my conference. I woke up at 6:00, dressed myself up, and was headed to the Trenton train station by 6:30. I arrived with ease and left myself plenty of time to catch the train. I arrived at Penn Station in NYC around 8:30 and walked around New York trying to find the Marriott in Times Square, but was wandering around like a tourist acting like he’d lived in NY his whole life. Eventually I found the building and the conference was under way. The day was a success, I talked to a lot of potential clients as well as current clients, only had a few hiccups talking to people,  and it went by way faster than I would have thought, not to mention there were a lot of good looking girls there too.

Here are my take aways:

  • Traveling is fun. Apparently some people in the office don’t like traveling and going to conferences, but I like it a lot. This might just be because it’s new to me and haven’t traveled a lot, and maybe I’ll be sick of it in a year, but for now, I will jump at every opportunity to go to conferences and travel the US.
  • Interacting with new people is, for lack of a better word, exciting. I was there with two others who handled most of the talking, but when they were occupied or not at the booth, and I had to talk to people, I felt confident doing it. I definitely had a couple of missteps, because I don’t know the product as well as the others, but it was just fun talking to new people, especially when some of them are attractive girls.
  • New York is an entirely different animal. The streets were completely filled at all hours in a way I’ve never seen before. I don’t know who these people are, or where they’re going, but they’re all over the place. Traffic seems like an absolute nightmare at all times too. That doesn’t mean it’s better or worse than Philly, the only other big city I have real experience in, it’s just different. There’s just more of everything, and everything is done bigger. It would definitely be cool to live there, but I think it would stress me out more than I’d prefer.
  • I don’t understand New York delis. I went to Ben’s Deli on 38th which is apparently a pretty famous Jewish Deli and I’d give it a 3/10. The waiters are so busy that my water was never refilled and the food just wasn’t that good. I ordered matza ball soup and a turkey sandwich and neither wow’d me at all. The soup was fine, and the sandwich was a disappointment. The prices are reasonable considering it’s New York, but I just thought it sucked. I ordered a turkey club from Chubby’s on Henry Ave by Manayunk today and it was delicious, more filling, and half the price. I’ll repeat, I don’t understand New York delis.
  • Always leave yourself more time than you think when traveling. We left the conference at 4:45 and my train arrived at 6:36. It was probably a 10-15 minute walk, so I had a lot of time to wander around Times Square. I went into the massive Toys R Us, spent $5 on a box of Spree, threw the box out after eating a quarter of them, and then headed to the station with about an hour to spare. My 10-15 minute walk turned into about 30 when I couldn’t find out where to go, and my 2 minute walk to the Amtrak was more like 15 when I didn’t know where to go in the train station. Nothing is more stressful than being short on time when you’re traveling.

To NYC – Grown Ass Man

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Times Square in New York City for an all day fundraising conference. In fact, this is the largest one day fundraising conference on the planet! I’ll be going along with two others from work to man the booth and enjoy the experience.

I’m excited for this. I’ve enjoyed the last two conference I went to and traveling is fun. I’m fully responsible for getting myself there and back, which requires a car ride to Trenton tomorrow at 7:00AM, a train from Trenton to Penn Station, then being at the conference all day, then training home around dinner time. It makes me feel like a grown ass man, for lack of a better term.

naysayersI think I’m going to look back at myself in 20 years and think “Man, I was so stupid and had no idea what I was doing”. In fact, I already do that with the train I missed in November coming back from DC. Who misses their train?! But whatever, Naysayers gonna naysay.

Tomorrow will certainly be an experience, and I’ve only been to NYC once or twice before, so it will be good to go as an adult and see what all the fuss is. I’ll probably come back with a million dollars and a model girl friend. Whether I do or I don’t, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

A Big Day in Sports!

Today is a big day in sports. First:

Germany vs. USA

I don’t claim to know much about soccer. If the US and Germany tie, both teams advance to the next round leaving Portugal and Ghana in the dust. Why not agree to tie? Besides the fact that that’s unrealistic and FIFA would probably have some type of problem with that, it ruins the integrity of the game. These players didn’t come here to tie, they came  here to win. One guy will make one play a little too serious in a game that’s supposed to be a tie, and boom, the competitive nature of these guys, which is undoubtedly huge, comes out and we’re in an all out match. They’re going to play it out.

Now, when they play it out, what will happen? Well, according to Papa’s Bovada account, I think $50 that the US will cover +1/2, and even threw $20 on the US to win straight up for a $130 payoff. My brain obviously knows Germany is the better team. If I had to bet my life, I’d probably take Germany -1/2, but the US has been playing well, and although these teams won’t “agree to tie”, you play the game a little differently knowing a tie is all you need versus a win. The line for the US getting through to the next round was -500, so they’re giving us 80% to advance. As a casual fan, I’m not too worried about advancing, I believe our players will do what they need to do to move out of this group of death shit.

I’ll be taking a late lunch to watch the second half of this game.

2014 NBA Draft

I know more about basketball than soccer. The Sixers have been talking about Wiggins for a year. Things didn’t work out on lottery day when we got #3 and things definitely didn’t workout when that Cameroonian was told he needs surgery. With Embiid injured, it’s likely that, barring trades, Parker and Wiggins go 1-2 (not necessarily in that order). Here are my thoughts.

  • Barring any trades, if Wiggins and Parker go 1-2, I want Embiid. I know he’s another big man with an injury, and we’ve had enough of them, but he was the clear #1. If he plays like Hakeem, who they’re comparing him to, I can suffer through 6-9 months of no action. Is it a risk? Of course, but who isn’t a risk? You don’t know for certain until you see them play in the NBA.
  • We could trade up for #1 to ensure Wiggins. I would be willing to trade #3  and Thad for #1, but the Cavs won’t do that. I don’t want to give up the #3 and the #10 for Wiggins.
  • There’s also talk of moving MCW and possibly picking up Exum. I don’t doubt that Exum is good, but again, foreign player, no one has seen him play, he’s a risk. Although MCW probably won’t be a super star, he’s a proven above average point guard and I don’t see why we would move him.

The Sixers are in a very tough spot with Embiid getting hurt. Before, we could just sit back and see which one of the top three fall to us. Now, that’s not the case. I don’t know what I “want” to happen. If we can get Wiggins, I want him, but not at a ridiculous cost. If Embiid falls to us, and we take him, I’m happy.

Story: A Vacation-Ruining Shit

It was the summer going into my Junior year of high school, and Sam had just had a breakthrough sophomore year track season by breaking 5:00 in the mile for the first time and running a stellar 10:35 two mile. Summer training was just getting underway in mid-June and I was excited. Jeff, Palmisano, and I decided we would do a nice easy track workout of 16 x 200 to break in the training. However, the night prior, Sam had different plans.

Sam & Ben probably around 10th grade.
Sam & Ben around 10th grade.

I don’t remember why, but I pulled an all nighter at Ben Landau’s house the night before (well almost). I went to bed around 6 in the morning and woke up at like 7:30 to meet Jeff and Mike at the track. I was ill-prepared and had to take a dump prior to doing this workout. Naturally the bathroom at the track was locked, so I ran behind the bleachers and took care of business, using some large, shiny leaves as my TP. I ran the workout, got crushed, and went home to sleep for hours afterward. It was definitely an odd night/day, but I would be no worse off for the wear in a day or two.

Three Best Friends
Three Best Friends

I woke up to Mike and Gourlay knocking on my front door asking if I wanted to ride our bikes to Nick’s Pizza. I said sure, and we headed out, but something was definitely wrong. My b-hole was itchy, and not the kind of itchy after you don’t wipe well enough; itchy like you wiped your ass with poison sumac leaves 8 hours earlier. Could I really have been that dumb? We were in public, and I wasn’t going to go poking down around there with people all over the place, so I rode my bike home in extreme discomfort.

Poison Sumac
This is pretty much exactly what I wiped with.

I toughed it out only to return home and realize what I had done. What. The. Qua. How could I be so stupid? Who picks the shiniest leaf to wipe with?! This was trouble. To make matters worse, our family was taking a vacation to Avalon in just a few days, was I really going to have poison ivy in my crack on vacation? I was scheduled to bring my good friend Jake Boyd but would he even want to go if I couldn’t do anything?

It was the night before vacation and all over-the-counter treatments proved useless. Fortunately for me, Jake came down with a fever, so we went to Avalon together, and had a really shitty vacation, together. The night before we left, my testicles had swollen up to the size of an orange – a big orange, and I was in no condition to have fun.

real bad
Not from that event, but a similar rash from a drug reaction.

Once in Avalon I would sit outside in the sun and roast my rashes thinking it would help. I also took boiling hot showers because it made the rashes feel better, little did I know that’s the complete opposite of what you’re supposed to do. Within a day or two or arriving, the poison ivy had spread all over my body and it was beyond the point of do-it-yourself. I needed medical attention.

I went to the Avalon Medical Center and told the lady that I got poison ivy in my “bum” and she gave me some steroids to fix it. After a week or so it all cleared up, but between Jake being sick, and my incredible stupidity, we had the worst vacation ever.

*A note, poison ivy, oak, and sumac, are all the same oil, they just come from different leaves.