Public Speaker

Yesterday I gave a presentation in front of about 25 people at work. These people ranged from a summer intern all the way to the #3 and #4 in the company. My presentation was a basic one that a lot of others are giving. Without much detail, it’s what your job is, what you like, and what you don’t like.

presentationI was presenting along with three others. The one guy was saying he was NOT looking forward to his and he hates public speaking. I understand getting nervous, for whatever reason, my heart picks up a bit before I speak anytime, but once I get started, I’m fine. However, I think public speaking is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself and what you’re about.

There are very few scenarios at work where I can make an impression on people like the #3 and #4, or anyone else for that matter. People who don’t work with me probably think that I’m some fresh out of college nerd who likes video games and weiner. Public speaking is a great way to mold your image however you’d like.

MichaelMy presentation was informative, humorous (humor is key), well paced, and well received. It wasn’t anything out of this world, but people who had never interacted with me before likely walked away with a more positive impression than the one the had before. Being a good public speaker shows two things. You can prepare, and you can perform. Even if you’re talking about nothing, just being calm and confident up there can be the difference.

I had a class in college where I didn’t really know anyone. I did my work, went to class, and that was that. At the end of the semester, we all had to give ~10 minute presentations on our semester long project. There were a lot of underclassman who seemed especially nervous, and some were god awful (especially the girl who couldn’t speak English). BillI went up for my presentation, rattled off some one liners, and the two hot girls in the front row were lovin’ me. I probably could have brought them back to my room after class because of how impressed they were. Prior to that, I was the quiet runner tard in the back. After it, I was TM and in high demand.

Basically what I’m saying is ANY public speaking opportunity should be looked on as just that, an opportunity! It’s not something to dread or get nervous about, it’s a way to show people what you can do, because for a few minutes all eyes are on you and there’s no reason to choke up such a great opportunity.


One Year Anniversary – My Journal

journalExactly one year ago today, 7/16/2013, I started a personal journal in a composition book. Since then I’ve written 40 entries, varying in length from ~1-3 pages, with varying degrees of emotion. The journal is basically a blog for things that I can’t put in this blog. To be honest, I really wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone going through it all and reading every entry. Sure some are just me bitching about running or a drunk weekend or something, and I wouldn’t care if people read that, but there are things in there that I really wouldn’t want to show anyone, and I think that’s a healthy exercise to get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper (I’m not talking suicidal thoughts or anything). It’s not that anything would happen if someone read them, but I’d just like to keep them to myself.

I don’t actually start entries with this.

Having a personal journal is a lot like maintaining this blog. The main reason I keep it is because I enjoy going back and reading the entries to see what my thoughts were at the time that X event happened. It’s interesting, because you don’t realize how much you forget when you look back. I’ll write about personal relationships based on events that happened that I wouldn’t have even remembered otherwise, but at the time, they were significant, and I enjoy having a personal personal history (two personals).

The hardest thing about it, in my opinion, is being totally honest with it, and writing as if no one will ever read it. You’d be surprised how reluctant you are to write certain things, even though you know they’re true or you feel a certain way or think a certain thing.

It seems like a “girly” thing to do, but I recommend starting one to all. Maybe you don’t like it, and abandon it after a week or two, but maybe not. Looking back a year ago, I’m glad I decided to start mine.


Quick Takes

After over two weeks in the new house, here are some of my quick take-aways.

  • My average shower time is probably just under two minutes. I don’t know why they’ve been so short, but I’m not complaining.
  • My commute is always 35 minutes on the way there, no matter how many lights I hit or make.
  • The FanaticFor whatever reason, I listen to talk radio all the time now. 97.5 and 94.1.
  • I actually look forward to coming home.
  • My video game playing has increased dramatically. I play COD Ghosts a lot and FIFA ’14 with Scott and Alex every night.
  • pube trimmerWe have ~five AA batteries that we switch from the XBOX controllers, the remotes, and my pube trimmer.
  • We’ve lived here 15 days and don’t have cups, microwaveable bowls, a rag, a can opener, etc. You don’t realize what you need until you need it.
  • Every run ends with a significant uphill in the last mile, which is a drag.
  • However, having Kelly Drive and Valley Green within .8 miles of my house is great.
  • I would love to have a cat around this place, but it’s not in the cards.
  • There are A LOT of attractive girls around.
  • I can’t explain this either, but I’m falling asleep quicker than normal, which is nice.
  • CabIt’s already noticeable that having a driver on weekends won’t be a problem because you cab or walk everywhere.
  • Although there are a lot more girls, I haven’t had many interactions. Then again, I haven’t really gone out to the bars yet outside of a few.
  • My mom doing my laundry every other day was more convenient than I realized.
  • Preparing food for meals is less of a hassle than I thought it would be. I guess that’s expected when I’m constantly eating turkey sandwiches, mac & cheese, and bananas with peanut butter.


Rude – The Dad’s Side of the Story

I saw this on Facebook, and it’s pretty well done.

While this is well done, it’s not something that only a few people can do. It’s not about having the ability to do something, it’s being creative. I could play that song and sing the words (wouldn’t be pretty), but I would never have thought to do that. This guy deserves 1,000,000+ views.

Cashin’ Out

The world cup is over. The final game wasn’t spectacular, but a number of good opportunities and a very late score made for a relatively entertaining two hours.

However, the most entertaining part for me was profiting $400 from it. I made two bets. $100 that Germany would win in regulation, and $100 that the game would end in extra time (not including PKs). That second bet hit and paid off 5 to 1. I’m walking away from this World Cup with a total of $934 in my account.

GamblingI wrote this post a week or two ago saying that at the end of the Cup, I’d cash everything out and buy something with it. I even wrote a scenario for what I would do if I ended with ~$1000, but didn’t come up with much or even expect that to happen. My exact words were Odds are I’m not going to have to worry about this, but you have to expect the unexpected. I need a plan if I win $1000. I think I’m going to stick to my word, at least partially, and cash out the $934, which is unlike what I thought I would do.

However, I still don’t know what I’m going to buy. If anyone has any suggestions for what I should buy in the range of $934, let me know.

“20 Reasons Why Girls Should Enjoy Being Single In Their 20s (#6 is WAY Underrated)”

Here’s an article that gives 20 reasons why girls should enjoy being single in their 20s. I’ll list the reasons below (without the little blurbs, you can find those in the article if you really want to read them).

  1. Be spontaneous.
  2. Travel.
  3. Spend as much quality time with friends and family as you can.
  4. Watch rom-coms and binge watch “Girls” and “Sex and the City” because you can.
  5. GirlWork hard, play harder and take time to reflect.
  6. Learn to be okay alone.
  7. Go on as many dates as you want.
  8. Did I mention travel? You must travel!
  9. Read hundreds of really great novels.
  10. Figure out what your values are because eventually you’ll realize how important it is to find a partner who shares those values.
  11. Experience what life has to offer – get out there and do it.
  12. When you get into bed, lie right in the middle, starfish-style, because one day, you’ll only have one side.
  13. Enjoy the freedom of being able to make decisions based solely on what you want.
  14. Buy the expensive bag or the overprices shoes you love.
  15. Stay out late and sleep in as long as you like – who’s judging?
  16. Figure out what you enjoy most and use any spare time you have to focus on it.
  17. Move to a new city.
  18. Be a “yes” person.
  19. As cliche’ as it is, try not to look for love.
  20. Do all of this and more.

Now, I’ll post my version of the 20 reasons why GUYS should enjoy being single in their 20s.

  1. Same
  2. Same
  3. Same
  4. Watch porn and binge watch “Breaking Bad” and “The Sopranos” because you can
  5. Same
  6. Same
  7. Same
  8. Same
  9. Play hundreds of hours of great video games
  10. Same
  11. Same
  12. Same
  13. Same
  14. Buy the sports jersey or poster you love
  15. Same
  16. Same…

You get the point.

How the qua did this become specific to girls? What guy would read those outside of 4, 9 (maybe), and 14, and say “Nah, fuck that”. Even those three (two, some guys read novels) that are girl specific can easily be turned to guy specific. Shouldn’t this be just be “20 Reasons to Stay Single in Your 20s”?

As someone who has seen a whirlwind of pro-women activity lately, I as a male am offended that we would be excluded from this article!!!

Wait, What Happened?

Yesterday, something happened to me that as far as I can recall, has never happened to me before. Allow me to explain.

Me on Kelly Drive

I was running on Kelly Drive along the river. It was an easy day, probably averaging 7:45s but feeling fine by all accounts. I got three miles out, and noticed a green figure off in the distance coming towards me. I didn’t think much of it and turned back for home.

About a half mile later, out of curiosity, I turned around to see where the green figure was. I didn’t think they’d be close, as most hobby joggers look like they’re sprinting when they’re going anything south of 8:00 mile pace. But I was wrong. No more than 20 meters behind me was a girl in green who was gaining on me with every step. I tried to look straight ahead, and act like I didn’t notice, but I noticed. I sped up to probably 7:30 pace to buy myself some time – what were my options here:

  • Speed up a lot so she doesn’t catch me.
  • Wait until she’s right next to me, then speed up to her pace and start a conversation.
  • Not care and let her pass me.

I contemplated for a few seconds, and before I knew it, this girl in green turned up the pace and blew by me. Wat? Option 3 it is!

I wasn’t sure what to do. From what I could tell this girl was doing some type of fartlek/tempo. She passed and in probably the next half-mile-plus she put ~100 meters on me, I’d guess 6:30-7:00 pace. I was actually feeling pretty good, so I gradually picked it up as well, but I wasn’t closing.

Another minute or two later, and I started gaining. She was clearly slowing down and I was clearly speeding up. The tables had turned, as she was going ~7:30 and I was dipping under 7:00. She still had probably 40 meters on me until she hit a stoplight that delayed her 5-10 seconds. She crossed and I was close, too close actually. It was decision time:

  • Keep up this pace, I’ll naturally pass her, but she’s seen me, so would I say something or pass casually? Problem is, it would be one of those awkward passes where I’m not going that much faster, so there’d be 5-10 seconds of weird time where we could say something. What would I say? I had nothing good.
  • Take off like a rocket and blow by her to give her a taste of her own medicine. I’m the alpha here and you better respect it. Tool to the max.
  • Slow down enough so that the distance between us wasn’t too close, and maintain pace.

Option 3 again! For probably 2-3 minutes I was within striking distance but couldn’t work up the nerve to run next to her and say hi. I was confident she had headphones in as well, so that would only make it more awkward if I tried to speak to her.

I ran close until she eventually turned around. We passed and made eye contact. She was cute. Mission failed. I was passed by a cute running girl and had no balls to pass her back or talk to her. I sprinted the last mile home in shame.

Mess Up, Fess Up

I’ve been assigned to do a project at work. I’ve met with multiple people, multiple times, but still wasn’t entirely confident I knew what I was doing. I gave it a shot, sent it out to the important person, and essentially received back an email saying “this isn’t really what we’re looking for, here’s something that may help you”. That something that may have helped didn’t help, and I replied back saying “Hey, I know we’ve talked about this multiple times but to be honest, I’m still struggling with the idea and am having a really tough time doing this”.

BeeYesterday morning, the day after I sent that “I’m struggling” email, the important guy came over to my desk and said “You know what the best part of this project is? That you’re struggling, and you’re not afraid to admit it. I don’t think people do that enough because they’re afraid it will reflect poorly on them, but that’s why we’re here, because it’s better for all of us to work through this, than to just give you the answer and not learn anything. I think it actually reflects higher of you because you can come out and say that.”

Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, because I really was (am) struggling with this thing, and if I let it go another day or week and still didn’t do it right, I’d be in trouble. But I took two things away from the situation.

  • The point he made is spot on. It basically goes back to honesty is the best policy. To quote Men in Black III (that’s where I heard this from anyway), “The bitter truth is better than the sweetest lie“. If you tell the truth, regardless of the shitty situation, it will almost always work out better in the end, in my opinion. One example I can think of is my photography class. I had advice from people saying “Just tell her you went and gave the pictures to your brother, she’ll never know!” I could have done that, and maybe it would have worked, but I’d much rather take my chances telling her the truth, and dealing with the consequences. Sure I ended up failing, but I felt better about it afterward than if I lied to her, had it drag on, then got away with it.
  • The fact that he came over to say what he said made me feel a lot better about the situation. Saying the truth is sometimes a risk, and if this guy were a dick, he could have said something like, “We’ve talked about this five times, what the hell don’t you understand? Why are we paying you money if you can’t do what we’re telling you to do?” No one wants to be around people like that, so if you see someone going out on a limb (not saying what I did was totally going out on a limb), it’s a good idea to acknowledge that.

Must Post

It’s no secret posts have been lacking this past week. My only excuse is that this weekend was one of those waste-of-life weekends, and yesterday was Jared’s birthday who is back from LA so we had to celebrate. That coupled with the whole moving in thing has put blogging low on the totem pole, much to the dismay of my loyal readers I’m sure.

Strictly for something to write about, here’s a gambling update. I’d dropped dramatically from my peak of ~$750 all the way to ~$350. Lucky for me, Alex put some money in as well, so I gave him a referral sign-up code which netted me $100. That, coupled with two well placed bets on the Germany Brazil Massacre, and I’m sitting pretty at about $550. I’ll likely put $100 on the game today, and am contemplating rolling the entire account on the final. We’ll see how things shape up.

In other news, I ordered my poster, 36×24. This baby will be hanging in the family room of the new house in no more than a week. Best $37 I ever spent.

I promise to have something up tonight.