A7X – What to Expect

Tonight’s expected outcome

  • Wacker and I will rock.
  • Brett will ROCK.
  • Wacker will get into a fight and I’ll act like I don’t know him when he needs backup.
  • Brett will lose his glasses in the mosh pit and be trampled while trying to find them.
  • A police officer will catch me peeing where I shouldn’t be peeing.
  • Wacker will make one comment about money and I’ll pay for him the rest of the night.
  • One of the three of us will lose the other two causing stress for both parties.
  • I’ll nail the Beast and the Harlot guitar solo.
  • Brett and I will go HAMMER if Afterlife comes on.
  • Wacker will inadvertently hit a girl – likely causing the fight referenced in bullet 3.
  • Brett makes out with a girl twice his weight
  • I’ll get fined $1,000 for crossing the Ben Franklin after the concert.
  • Wacker will argue he’s the least drunk out of us three and easily be the most drunk.
  • Brett will tell us he’s seen 15 A7X shows, but this one actually was the best one.
  • I’ll hit on a girl only to find she’s a tranny.

These are all guesses, but I would venture to say that at least 50% of these will come true. I’ll be sure to update tomorrow or Sunday about the experience.

Not One, Not Two, But Three.

This weekend will be a first for me. I’m going to three separate concerts. This wasn’t even intentional, it just happened that way. First things first.

Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, and Trivium at the Susquehanna Bank Center – Friday Night

Fear the Mosh

Imbemba, my former roommate and loyal blog reader loves Avenged Sevenfold, and they are really the only reason Brett wanted to go. He asked me if I wanted to join, as I live nearby and we had a blast at the recent Radio 104.5 concert. I said sure why not, it will be fun. Wacker will also be joining us for this.

I have no idea what to expect. Babes? No babes? Goth babes? Who knows. I also don’t know what to expect from the music. I know probably five A7X songs, mostly from Guitar Hero. I don’t want to get too drunk because I’m expecting a little more aggressive crowd here than usual. A mosh pit would likely lead to a hospital trip. I’ll do my best to avoid confrontation.

Bleachers and Some Other Bands at the Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party at Festival Pier – Saturday Afternoon

Because these bad boys are free, we’d planned on going to this in advance.

I know one song combined from the three bands that are playing, and that’s the obvious Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better. I’m familiar with the show and what type of crowd it’s going to be, so even though I don’t know the bands, this is a guaranteed good time. This will be the same Brett, Wacker, and Sam crew which is gaining concert experience rapidly. I’ll likely bump into some people that I know which is always fun.

Though I expect to be a bit beat up from the night before, I’ll be okay toughing it out and day drinking for this. But I can’t get too hammered…

Slightly Stoopid and G. Love & Special Sauce at Festival Pier – Saturday Night

So what idiot gets concert tickets to a third concert for the weekend? I’ll tell you – Imbemba. But there’s more to it than that. Brett entered some Radio 104.5 Twitter contest and actually won. His prize? Two free tickets to this concert. We’re going through two concerts in 16 hours together already, why not make it three in a full 24 hours?

I like both bands but am not that familiar with either of them. Both are relatively laid back which will be nice because I’ll likely be completely worn out by the time this one starts.

Regardless of what happens, this will be a weekend to remember. My biggest concern is getting passed Friday Night.

Nathan For You – Job Interview

We’ve been watching this show a lot lately. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t seen it you should give it a chance, it’s on Comedy Central. I can’t think of a show on television that’s like it.

The clip below had me roflin’. I don’t understand how he doesn’t laugh at all through this, especially from 0:40 – 1:21. His expressions through the whole thing are priceless, especially the head-shake grin combo at 1:19.

I haven’t been able to find a clip of what I think is the funniest part out of every episode I’ve watched. I might film it on my phone and post it because I think it’s actually that funny, but for now, enjoy this clip.

A Days Worth of Eating

When I was a sophomore in college I was 135-140. After my injury I blew up to 150 and maintained 145-150 until this spring when I took multiple weeks completely off and hit a peak weight of 153ish. I began running 25-30 MPW, and dropped back to about 150.

Since moving out, I hadn’t weighed myself at all. That’s about four weeks. Also since then, I’ve been running about 50 miles per week and rising, and figured I’d have made some progress.

Yesterday I bought a scale from CVS to weigh myself. I unpacked that sucker and managed to drop to 148. That’s not very impressive.

I don’t really care how much I weigh, but with the marathon looming, and training beginning to get serious, there’s no reason I shouldn’t drop a few LBS.

Out of curiosity, here’s a typical day eating for me:


Food: Either an apple (100), or a bowl of cereal and milk (~300). I’m generally not hungry in the morning
Total Calories: 100-300


Turkey SandiwchFood: A turkey sandwich with olive oil infused mayo (400). This is usually complimented with a serving of potato chips (150) and water. Dessert is almost always a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie (200). To top it off, throw in a PB & J (350) or a banana (no peel) with peanut butter (300).

Total Calories: 1100 – 1200


Friend EggFood: I almost always eat something after my run and almost always have a Gatorade (200) . An egg and cheese sandwich with ketchup is the go-to (300) or the banana with peanut butter (300). After that I’ll have anything from a microwavable dinner (500) to mac n’ cheese (350) to a cheese burger (650). I usually snack on either pretzels (200) or dark chocolate chips (350).

Total Calories: 1250 – 1600


DonutsFood: On any given day, I’ll snack at work or just something extra out of nowhere. For example, Frank brought in Donuts today, or I’ll have Fig Newtons or something else. Also include probably 100-200 in drinks other than water or Gatorade, though water is by far the thing I drink most.

Total Calories: 300-500

Grand Total: 2700 – 3500


scaleI’d say I lean towards the higher side most of the time. By running about 8 miles a day, I burn ~800 calories. That means I average around or just under 2500 calories per day. That seems right to me? An article I just looked up says an “active 22 year old male” should have about 3000 calories and I’m just over that. Another said given my height, weight, and age, that I need about 2500 a day to maintain my weight with no exercise.

Weekends however are a completely different story, and likely explain why I’m not losing weight very quickly. The added calories of 20-30 beers along with cheesesteaks slows the process. But in conclusion, I’m on the right track.

7/25 – 7/27 Weekend

Another weekend, another good time and a lot of money spent.

Rob was around for a job interview so him and Abud stayed the weekend at my house. Friday was a fine night. We pregamed until 12:15 which is unusual for me, then went out in Manayunk. We had a pretty good time and I unsuccessfully hit on a number of girls. At some point I bumped into Jake Boyd who was one of my best friends during high school. We were both on the verge of blackout but we opted to head back to my house and sleep.

The next morning was a lonely one. Alex and Scott were gone and I played about 50 games of COD. Rob and Abud came over with extreme hangovers and video games continued. Eventually the night began again and drinks were being consumed at a rapid pace. We went out and I spent a lot of money and once again was on the verge of blackout. We came back to the house and hung out with the girls across the street. They didn’t seem particularly inviting but it’s good to break the ice.

Somehow I wasn’t hungover today. I went on a 7 mile run with Slade and Drew, played some FIFA, then went on another 5 mile run to cap off a 53 mile week. Again this weekend was a lot of fun, but I’ve been spending a lot of money. But, what’s the fun in not spending money?

This was a bad post.

A Post About What I Was Going to Post

I’ve had about four ideas for a new post over the past two days.

The first came to me when I heard that my dentist of nearly 20 years passed away due to a heart attack. To most, this wouldn’t seem like big news, but when you’ve had the dental issues that I’ve had, you develop a close bond with your dentist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon. I was then going to go off about this run I had at VG where I thought I could die and my thoughts on death, but after 400 words, I trashed it.

Sam and Mark
The Good Old Days

Then I was going to write about catching up with Mark last night. We Oovoo’d for about an hour while Ben was passed out. Mark and I were best friends for three years but we don’t talk as much as we should, though I think that will change moving forward. I thought about what I could post, but couldn’t come up with much substance/humor other than recapping his J-Board meeting which we did last night:

Teacher:Mark, what percent of the night would you say you remember?
Mark:Uh, Sixty……… Nine? Percent?
Everyone in room: *facepalm*

Then I was going to give everyone a general running update. I did my first semi-real workout yesterday, a three mile tempo, but I realized averaging 5:58 for three miles isn’t worth blogging about and I’m not in as good of shape as I thought.

The Good Older Days

Finally, my ex-girlfriend Emily texted me a picture of a haiku I wrote in high school that was published in the school literature book or whatever:

So here I’m waiting
For a thought to come to me
I still have nothing

I was going to write about how that’s actually the worst haiku I’ve ever read and whether or not I was actually that much of a dipshit in high school to think that was good/funny.

In my head, none of these four ideas were worth a post. However, the four ideas put into one post should do the trick!

Bells Mill Meltdown

I’m driving to work today like any other day until I turn onto Bells Mill. For those who don’t know, Bells Mill is a one lane each way road that is relatively highly traveled and about two miles long.

So I turn onto Bells Mill this morning and see a big line of cars way earlier than normal. I wonder what’s going on. I sit for a few minutes and then the line starts moving. As I get closer, I can see some sort of giant, 10 wheel construction truck that’s dumping something out of the back of it off the side of the road.

Some what-looks-to-be-regular-guy walks out into the street and stops traffic so the truck can pull out and re-position itself. I’m the third car back thinking “Alright this is annoying but that’s fine, the truck will be off the road in a bit”. A minute or two goes by and the truck is finally off of the road again dumping whatever. Except this time, the guy isn’t letting us go by. The lane going in the opposite direction is cruising by fine, but he’s not letting our lane through. The big truck was 100% clear of the road, but this guy wasn’t budging.

A picture of Bells Mill. The truck was completely off the road, as you can imagine here.

After about five minutes, the second car whips around the first car and floors it by the construction guy. I go to do the same thing and he puts up a finger like “You better not!” I stop for a minute, because cars are still coming the other way and he’s in the road. At this point, he pulls out a pad and paper, and is just staring at me.

Now there are no cars coming the other direction, and we can EASILY go around. But he’s just staring at me. I’m signaling with my hands that we can go around, but nothing. So I pretty much just casually pulled passed him in the opposite lane and went through while he wrote down my license plate. Cars weren’t coming in the other direction for minutes, and this dickhead could easily have let us through, but he refused.

If the guy was wearing something like this, and had a sign like this, maybe I’d wait.

My take is this – these guys had no signs or anything, this guy was blocking traffic for ~10 minutes unnecessarily, and people are trying to go to work but he literally has them backed up for a mile on Bells Mill. If I get a ticket in the mail, I’m definitely going to fight it, because this guy was being such an asshole and had no regard for other people. When I say that truck was 100% clear of the road, it was literally 8 feet off the road in the dirt and not going anywhere. Both lanes could have been in use.

Not a great start to the day.

Justin Gatlin – My Thoughts

Even people who aren’t fans of track and field may have heard of Justin Gatlin. Here’s a quick background:

Gatlin2Gatlin won the 100m in the 2004 Olympics and both the 100m and 200m in the World Champs in 2005. Prior to that, in 2001, he was suspended for two years due to a positive drug test. It was reduced in court. In 2006, he was busted for PEDs and his then-world-record-trying mark of 9.77 was annulled. The ban was initially supposed to be a life-time ban, but could be reduced to eight years if Gatlin cooperated. In a court ruling, it was eventually reduced to four years. It should also be noted that his coach has coached eight other athletes who have tested positive. He began competing again in August 2010.

Gatlin has been on a tear this year. He’s been the best sprinter in the world, as Bolt has yet to compete (injury), and Blake sucks for some reason (probably because he’s stopped doping). An article on Flotrack today (which actually inspired this post) mentioned that Gatlin may very well win Athlete of the Year because of his dominance in the 100m and 200m. He has the world’s fastest time in both events this year and is undefeated in all 13 of his races this year.

I can’t stand Justin Gatlin (hate is a too strong word to use for someone you don’t actually know). I think doping penalties should be way harsher than they are, and Gatlin is the perfect example.

First things first, here are Gatlin’s pre-ban PRs and post-ban PRs:

Pre-Ban Post-Ban
100m 200m 100m 200m
Time 9.77 19.98 Time 9.79 19.68
Age 24 20 Age 30 32

GatlinGenerally, sprinters begin going downhill late into their 20s, with a few exceptions. So you’re telling me that Gatlin, at 32, is actually faster than he was when he was doping? Also, THAT 19.68 WAS INTO A-0.5 HEADWIND. This screams doper. He’s run the 200 twice this year, and it just so happens, that at the ripe age of thirty-fuckin-two, and being primarily a 100m runner, he becomes the 8th fastest 200m man in history.

Has he been passing the drug tests? Yes. But the drug users are always ahead of the drug testers, and have been for years. This is too obvious. But the IAAF/WADA/court system got themselves into this situation when they reduced his ban from eight years to four years.

In reality, when they decide on the male track athlete of the year, they probably should pick Gatlin, or the Ukrainian high jumper who’s an animal, or the other high jumper who’s an animal as well. But regardless, there’s nothing in the selection process that says “be biased against former drug users, and use complete speculation if you think they’re still doping despite passing all of our tests.”

If I’m voting, and Gatlin keeps this up, and neither of the high jumpers breaks the world record, I’d probably vote Gatlin if I’m not being biased.