NFL Week 8 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

Not only did I hit my lock last week, but I also gave lock-status to Jazz -10 vs. Lakers last night which they covered by 5.

Lock of the Week – Hotlanta Falcons – 6 at New York Jets

Lock of the weekAtlanta looked about as bad as possible last week putting up only 7 points against one of the worst defenses in the league.

The Jets have been way more competitive than anyone expected.

The weather is going to be shitty in New Jersey which should narrow the line.

Matt Ryan is on everyone’s sit-em list for fantasy BUT THOSE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT. RISE UP ATLANTA!

Three Thoughts on Professional Sporting Events

Dancers / Cheerleaders

This may be the weirdest tradition that still remains in sports (aside from everything in baseball).

“Not sure if I should be horny or…?”

The Sixers Dancers came out last night and did a dance routine. They were all really attractive, dressed in revealing clothing, and did a very sexual dance routine. Ben and I both acknowledged how weird & awkward it is when this happens.

A large percent of people at sporting events are either 50+ or parents with their young kids. Dancers / cheerleaders seem like an idea that was made up in the 60s so old dudes could have some eye candy and its just stuck around because no one stops to wonder why the hell it’s still happening.

I’m not trying to take jobs away from women I swear, but what is the point of having half-naked women dance around while guys play sports? It’s just kind’ve weird.

Booing a player on your team

Last night, Amir Johnson checked in and the crowd booed loudly.

“He averaged 6 points a game last year, WTF did you expect?”

Booing Johnson felt classless. I was embarrassed. He hasn’t played well this season, but he’s only been here a few months, he hasn’t said anything controversial in the media, and probably most importantly, he tries.

Booing players on your own team is a weak move unless they’re not playing hard, or they overtly call out their teammates, coaches, or fans.

Chanting “Refs You Suck!

“Ya you suck too fans!”

I’m a firm believer that fans (especially those at the game) disagree with the refs overwhelmingly when the call goes against their team. This chant happened two or three times last night.

Blaming the refs is a no douglas move. It’s an excuse. There are questionable calls in EVERY game, it’s a part of sports, but insta-chanting “Refs you suck!” as a reaction to an iffy call is again, a classless move and feels embarrassing.

Trading Robert Covington

Rob and I were talking Fantasy Football trades, and I posed the question – “What would I trade Robert Covington for?” or, in simpler terms, “How much cash would I take to give up my cat”

There are two scenarios here.

Scenario 1 – I trade Covy and he is cared for until he dies

“$10,000?! You almost won twice that at the casino!”

It would be tough to part with Covy, but knowing he’s in good hands obviously provides peace of mind and I could always get another cat.

Trading him for money is shallow and it would be a story I’d never be proud to share, but logically speaking, there’s not that much to lose.

My Answer: $10,000

It sounds pathetic, but if the cash were in front of me, it’d be hard not to part with Cov under these circumstances.

Scenario 2 – I trade Covy and he’s executed on the spot

No one would admit to any amount here. “I just couldn’t do it” they’d say. But I’m an honest person, and those people are full of shit.

Watching Covy get executed would be a life altering event. Knowing that I was responsible for his death, and the vision of his murder would last with me for years.

“Don’t ever talk to me again.”

My immediate way of rationalizing it would be donating a significant amount of the money to helping cats. Yes, I may lose Covy, but I could save thousands of cats. That’s what Covy would want.

$1,000,000, for example, is a lot, but it’s not never-work-again-and-do-whatever-you-want status, and that’s the price I’d need to hit here (along with helping other cats).

My Answer: $50,000,000

The net positive impact I’d make on the world by having $50,000,000 would be far greater than my current life projection.

And despite people saying “money can’t buy happiness”, I think I personally would be happier.

Am I a bad person?

NFL Week 7 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

Adam said before the games last week that the Steelers were the mortal lock, but I got cute and tried to make it a parlay. I’m not falling for it this time.

Lock of the Week – New Orleans Saints -4 @ Green Bay Packers

Lock of the weekI usually try to explain why my pick DOESN’T make sense, because that’s the logic behind my picking method. On the surface this game goes against that logic.

Rodgers is out so Hundley is starting. The Saints have been on a tear. Despite this, I think the Packers being 4 point home dogs is too much.

Saints FTW.


The game was amazing. TTP chants were going on throughout the ENTIRE event. Wizards fans were pissed but there was nothing they could do. Dale and I were goin’ HAM.

And That was 32 career games… Felt great out there #TheProcess

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They lost because they couldn’t execute down the stretch but this was a very encouraging game.

  • Embiid looked great.
  • Simmons looked great.
  • Convington was awesome.
  • Fultz can’t shoot but who cares.

This team is the REAL DEAL.

They’re 1.5 point FAVORITES against Boston tonight. FAVORITES. AGAINST THE CELTICS.


If I follow my lock of the week logic, the Sixers win this one comfortably and the Celtics move to 0-3.

They’re a LOCK for the playoffs. Keep trusting.

Processing in D.C. 2017

Tomorrow morning I’m driving to D.C. to meet Dale and PROCESS OUT at the Sixers season opener versus the ‘Zards.

Season is here… #CornRowsProcess

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The game is going to be a blow out.

  • The only question about Embiid is whether he’ll have more blocks than minutes played (both are over / under 19).
  • Simmons will have a double double in assists and missed free throws.
  • Fultz honestly might not have a point.
  • Dario will make a play with about 4 minutes left in the fourth that sends the moment hugely in the Sixers favor.
  • Covington will bite, claw, and meow his way to 6 tipped balls.
  • JJ will have 18 points, 6-7 from 3-land.
  • I haven’t Instagrammed in like 3 months but you can bet me, Dale, and Molly Sullivan will be in the one I post on Thursday.

The win tomorrow night is going to be the first of about 46 this season. Dale and I will be chanting TTP with our Hinkie shirts while blackout drunk giving Sixer fans the reputation they deserve.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Drinking to Maturity

In college, if our running schedule allowed us to drink both nights of the weekend, we drank both nights of the weekend. We’d drink hard Friday, wake up, do a long run, then drink again Saturday night.

At the ripe old age of 26, I think I’ve all but lost this ability.

I went to a house party on Friday, and although I drank a lot, I didn’t blackout (which was almost a given in college). I didn’t get much sleep, golfed 18 holes the next morning, and was basically K.O.’d the rest of the day. I had opportunities to go out but I physically don’t think I would’ve made it past 11:00 PM had I been drinking.

My hangovers lately are awful. Most of the time I don’t even bother trying to drink the next day, and when I do, I die. Maybe “normal” people go out but just don’t drink as much?

Is this just part of getting older? I actually look forward to waking up sober on a Saturday or Sunday. You can actually do this.

I think I’m just maturing. This is what mature people do.


Chris Berman called me this morning. He wanted to know what my lock of the week was because he has to make his pick on TV pretty soon.

Lock of the Week – New England Patriots -11 @ NY Jets & Pittsburgh Steelers +4.5 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Lock of the week

I don’t like picking two road teams, but it’s just what the lines say.

It’s not that the Jets are “good” this year, and that the Pats are “bad” this year, but they’ve certainly trended in directions that most weren’t expecting. Brady, on the road, demolishes the fraud Jets.

The Steelers locker room is in turmoil, Big Ben threw 5 picks last week, and the Chiefs have been undeniably the best team in the NFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs lose this one outright (which, conveniently so, would probably make the Eagles #1 in all power rankings LEGGOOO!)

Brief Running Update

Just a little update since I’m riding high at the moment!


After 5 weeks of 35 miles to just get back into it, I’ve done 47 and 57 mile weeks the past two weeks.

I haven’t run 57+ miles in a week in 84 weeks.


Tuesday – 4 x 1600 w/ 1:00 rest then 4 x 200

5:38, 5:38, 5:28, 5:24, then 33, 34, 33, 33

Pretty slow actually but it felt very easy!

Friday – 4 x 1200 w/ 3:00 rest

3:51, 3:50, 3:47, 3:46

Again, nothing crazy, but felt great!

Sunday – 11 mile long run

Averaged 6:35s starting at 7:00 and closing in around 6:20s, again feeling great.


My leg is no trouble at all! I’m prioritizing stretching more than ever before which I really think is helping and have been doing core consistently (!).


The Ursinus Twilight 3200m is in 3.5 weeks and I’m hoping to run faster than the 9:44 I ran a few months ago. It’s going to be better competition this year since James and Joe just ran 26:06 and 26:48 respectively at Paul Short. This will be a fun one!

Other than that, I’ll need to find some races to run. I’d guess I’m in ~15:45-16:00 5k shape right now and hope to be in PR shape in a month.