It’s a Miracle

It’s a miracle! I’m writing this blog from my shattered laptop. Most people would have taken it back to Best Buy after what happened. But a mere FOUR DAYS after absolutely smashing it, it has somehow returned to working form. I don’t understand it, I can’t explain it, but patience pays off.

In reality though, the screen is almost too cracked. Before, only the right side was broken, but now it’s the right, the center, and the left, The top and bottom are okay, but this is kind of trouble.

I planned on posting some pics/gifs, but the computer isn’t cooperating. I’ll probably have to drop a few bills to get this sucker fixed, but since I just cashed my $834 check from the World Cup, I have some extra cash. So much extra cash in fact, that I spent $135 on four pair of short shorts, two pair of normal shorts, and a book about running.

*All of the above was written last night on my laptop, but it crapped out and couldn’t post. I don’t think it’s going to make it…

Thanks A Lot Peyton and Julius

Due to the fact that I smashed my laptop on Sunday Night, blogging will take a temporary hit, as I have limited computer access.

The story is this. I’m in two fantasy football leagues. In one league, I was playing against Peyton Manning. In another, I was playing against Julius Thomas.

After Peyton threw TD #1 to Thomas, I was pissed.

After Peyton threw TD #2 to Thomas, I was screaming profanities at the top of my lungs.

After Peyton threw TD #3 to Thomas, I smacked my hand as hard as I could on the couch, where, unbeknownst to me, my laptop was sitting. Instead of smacking the couch, I smacked my laptop dead on as hard as I absolutely could.

In the minute or two after I wasn’t worried about the laptop, as it seemed like an afterthought to the fact that Manning and Thomas had hooked up for three freakin’ TDs. But, it turns out that smack was the crushing blow that my laptop could not handle. The screen is slightly more cracked than it was, and there is almost no functionality. Basically it takes me to this blue screen where I have a few options, but can’t get past the blue screen ever.

I considered writing Peyton and Julius a letter, explaining the situation, and asking for a donation of $650 to replace the laptop they had broken, as I thought it would be the least they could do. But instead I’m going to suck it up, go to Best Buy, and see what they can do.

Fortunately for me, I was going to lose my game against the Rock, who had Peyton, regardless. And in my other game, Stafford and Calvin went HAMMER last night for a combined 76 points and I won by 2, 152 – 150. BOOM!

Marathon Training Update #2

Instead of littering a few posts with bits about running, I’ll just dedicate one post to my training every two weeks. Here how my last two weeks have gone.

My Log

I’m always curious how other people track their running, so I’ll post my running log for the last two weeks.



I hit 79 two weeks ago and 64 this week (mostly because I had a day of 2.5 miles this week). The mileage took it’s toll as my average run pace dropped and I was noticeably more tired, especially on my 6 x mile workout. Generally, when you bump mileage, it takes a few weeks to adjust, and I think I just hit the point of adjusting.

My Back

My back is holding up. I took an extremely easy day in week 2 because I needed to. I’m confident I can manage the injury, and won’t push it over the edge, but that will obviously cut into my training slightly. I don’t expect much of a decrease in mileage though, and feel comfortable averaging around 70.

The Long Run

The light bulb went on yesterday, and for the first time in years, I can confidently say I’m in really good shape. Easily the best shape I’ve been in post-injury, and getting close to the shape I was in pre-injury (though they’re different kinds of “shape”).

I had a rough night drinking on Saturday, so I wasn’t expecting much from my Sunday run. I planned for 14 at Valley Green. My first three miles were 7:10s, and I felt good, so I picked it up slightly. Mile 4 was 6:55, alright, I can keep this up. Mile 5 was 6:33, okay that came out of nowhere, but I feel good! I hit 7 miles in 48:15, an average of 6:53

The next 7 miles were the fastest seven miles I’ve ever run consecutively. I checked the watch and saw a 6:10 mile, wat? Next mile, same thing. Next mile, 6:02. How is this happening. The next two miles were 5:55s and I was in the zone. My final mile was a 6:15 but it goes up a massive hill and would say it was 5:50-5:55 effort. My last 7 miles were covered in 42:40, or just under 6:06 per mile pace. I don’t know how it happened, but I just didn’t get tired. Was I trying hard? Kind of, but not nearly as hard as I would have expected. I was never really hurting until the steep hill in the last mile. That’s good news.

The Race

I’m running a road 5k this Sunday, but unfortunately, I have a concert the night before, so I won’t be tip-top. It’s more of a fun 5k anyway, and I have zero expectations. I planned for this week to be an easier week to give my back a break, so we’ll see what happens.

Until next time, happy running.

9/5 – 9/7 Weekend Update


dancin winFriday was your standard night in Manayunk. We pregamed at our house with the neighbors, and Paul and Destef stopped by too. We went to Brew Pub and I managed my drunk well. Hayley, Amanda, and I danced for a while up stairs before heading home and hanging out. We ate leftover pizza and bro’d out until 3:30, then went to bed.


I attempted to run a workout on Saturday day but it was too damn hot. Things were quiet after my run, and I had a decision to make. To keep it short, if I was in the track suite at Ursinus, drinking a Natty Ice, when Slade and Drew returned, Slade had to shot gun back to back Steel Reserves. I had nothing better to do, so around 2:30 I made the drive to Ursinus, picked up a case of Natty Ice, and waited for Slade in the suite.

I didn’t plan to stay at Ursinus for the night. But after a few Natty Ices, and a trip to ABC, I wasn’t in shape to drive home. Drew convinced me to stay for the night and had a pretty good time. We went to 310 where Drew and others were pregaming for a party. We played a bunch of drinking games, and of course, I blacked out pretty hard. I didn’t hear any bad things and Drew only drew one penis on me, so I’d say the night was a success.


DrewSunday started with a bang, and by a bang, I mean Eggs Benedict. Slade and I went to the diner while Drew held down the fort in 203B. I returned to school and the games began. Drew, Brodsky, and I went to the field-house for a game of HORSE. Things got heated, and Brodsky won, but Drew and I have a HORSE history, and had to settle who was better between us.

We decided a sudden death game of PIG was necessary, while Brodsky provided rebounding service. It was intense, as we’re completely opposite HORSE players, but in the end, Sam circus shots prevailed over Drew’s sharp shooting.

For some reason, Drew and I had to continue our rivalry, in one final competition, and what better than a race. We obviously didn’t want to run anything more than a lap or two, but Drew is obviously too fast for me in anything under a 5k, so we had to add a twist. We would do race 200m, but start with 10 push ups, sprint ~80 meters, do another 10 push ups, sprint another ~80 meters, and then sprint to the finish. Believe it or not, this ended up being so physically taxing, and went down to the wire. I had a slight lead after the final set of push ups, but could hear Drew gaining. It went down to the line, and he nipped me. Damnit.

Today consisted of a lot of football and a fantastic 14 mile run, but more on that in another post. Another A+ weekend!

The Ex

I’ve been in three real relationships in my life. I’m talking boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

  • My first was in high school with a girl named Emily who reads this blog every now and then.
  • My second was with a girl named Ali who went to Ursinus and was two years older than me. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read.
  • My third was with a girl named Katie who I think checks in from time to time.

I realized something recently that I don’t think is common among most people. Of my three ex-girlfriends, I’m on good terms with all three. Not only “good terms”, but I would say I semi-actively communicate with all three.

To start, and what semi-inspired this post, was the fact that I went out for drinks/food with Emily (girlfriend #1), Gourlay, and another mutual friend last night. It’s not odd for us to hang out. We don’t really text or anything, but we’ll all hang out every once in a while to catch up.

As for Ali (girlfriend #2), she’s out in California doing an internship for Tesla, and may get a full-time job there, which would be insane. I haven’t seen her in a long time, because she was in grad school and now in California, but we do loosely keep each other updated on running/our lives.

Finally, Katie (girlfriend #3) is a mix of both of the above. We keep in touch and usually go on a run or something when she’s home from grad school.

Why am I saying this? I didn’t really think this was that unusual, but from being more social lately since I’ve moved, I’ve noticed a lot of people have that one ex who they don’t speak to or bringing them up is an automatic sore subject. I’m not talking drifting apart or falling out of touch, because that happens, I’m talking not being able to be at the same party as that person.

I also noticed that when I tell people who I’m texting, or talking to, or hanging out with, the automatic response is something along the lines of “Oh, is something going on there?”. So not only do I not think it’s weird, but everyone else  has that idea in their head. It seems that staying friends after a breakup is uncommon.

I find this concept somewhat hard to understand. At one point in time, this person was #1. You thought of them more than anybody else. And somewhere along the line, the switch flipped and they went from the #1 liked person, to the #1 hated person. I think that can be justifiable if one person was cheating on the other person, but there are few other scenarios where I see that being an option aside from the person doing a 180 in personality and behavior.

Perhaps I haven’t had a truly sour relationship yet. Or maybe I’m just that desirable. I’ll go with the latter there. That would explain why I’ve been single for three years.

Angelo Cataldi – You’re a Moron

I listen to Mike & Mike in the Morning on 97.5, and Angelo Cataldi on 94.1 in the mornings when I drive to work. I prefer Mike & Mike for actual analysis, but enjoy the humor that Angelo and his gang bring.

That said, Angelo can really get on my nerves. I know sometimes he’s kidding, or doing it for the show, but what he said today bothered me to no end.

What Angelo Said

It seems pretty unanimous to national football analysts that the Eagles rank between #6 – #8 as a team in the NFL. In this particular list, the Eagles were #7, and the Patriots were #3.

Angelo proceeded to argue how the Eagles are not only the second best team in the NFC, but that they are undeniably the third best team in the NFL, and definitely better than the Pats. His two reasons were:

The Pats signed Patrick Chung, who wouldn’t make the Eagles roster.”


Now that Belichick can’t steal our signs, we’d blow ’em out of the water.”

I don’t know if he was actually kidding, but all signs on the live broadcast pointed to him being serious. There’s such thing as a Philly bias, but this is as extreme as I’ve heard all season, and it made me dislike Angelo.

Why He’s Wrong

There are two reasons he’s wrong, and they are equal and opposite about each team.

#1 – The Eagles.

They’re a question mark. They proved they’re a good, playoff team. But Nick Foles isn’t set in stone, Chip Kelly isn’t set in stone, and most of all their defense is bad. With Chip and Foles, there’s actually reason to believe last year wasn’t a fluke, with the defense, we know they’re not going to be very good. The Eagles could be a very good team this year. It all boils down to faith in Chip.

#2 – The Patriots.

What else does Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have to do to prove that they can win no matter what? Spygate ended in 2007. Since then the Pats have done the following:

11-5 (no Tom Brady = no playoffs)
10-6 (Lost in round 1 of the playoffs)
14-2 (Lost in round 2 of the playoffs)
13-3 (Lost in Super Bowl)
12-4 (Lost in AFC Championship)
12-4 (Lost in AFC Championship)

They haven’t won’t a SuperBowl since spygate, sure, but they’ve made 5/6 playoffs, three straight AFC championship games and a Super Bowl. That’s reason enough to believe that Spygate wasn’t the reason for their success. Dare I compare the Eagles last six years to the Pats last six years? (52-44 for the Eagles compared to 72-24 for the Pats)

Their receivers last year were AWFUL. The whole team was battling injury throughout the entire year. They still went 12-4, and they made their 8th AFC championship game as a duo. Until Belichick dies or Brady retires, these two will always be relevant. If Gronk is healthy, they’re going to torch people as opposed to the grind-it-out wins they had last year.

There is every reason to believe the Pats will win 12+ games this year. There are a few reasons to believe the Eagles will 10+ games and a few to believe they won’t.

I’m a big Eagles fan, but listening to stupid remarks like Angelo’s this morning are hard to listen to.

The Fappening 2014 – Leaked Celebrity Pics

4chan had a lot of national media yesterday. Here’s my breakdown on a few things.

The Fappening

Two days ago was coined “The Fappening” on 4chan which I find hysterical. Basically, if somehow you haven’t heard, a hacker got into iCloud and hacked a bunch of celebrities photos (lots of nudes) from their accounts and posted them on 4chan. Things took off from there as the pictures spread like a wildfire. Some celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, have confirmed that the leaked pictures are real, while others claim they’re 100% fake.


Tom linked to this video on Twitter, and I want to recap one thing  real quick. CNN posted a youtube video about the whole thing, and referred to the hacker as “4chan”. How does CNN do literally zero research on this? A 15 second Google search of 4chan makes it obvious that 4chan is a website. To have this guy go on and say 4chan is the hacker, and things like change your password from “password” to “pa$$word” was hard to watch.

My thoughts on the hacker
This hacker is obviously a talented low-life. He had nothing better to do and knew what he was capable of. If I had the ability to spread nude pictures of celebrities on the internet, I would not. This guy was a total dick. Society would be better off without him.

Do I feel sorry?

Yes I do. Jennifer Lawrence and all the others are going through something that non-celebrities probably can’t grasp very well. She is literally the center of the entire US media right now, and for something she absolutely doesn’t want to be known for. She didn’t really do anything to deserve this other than the fact that she took a few naked pics and that she’s a celebrity.

But, I don’t think this will ruin her. Do you know why? Because it’s not a big freakin’ deal. There have been leaked nudes of celebrities before, (my girl Hayley Williams for one), and time heals all wounds. She’ll bounce back from this. It also helps that she in particular is a phenomenal actress.

Devil’s Advocate – But this is what I actually think about the whole thing

People who have said “well, don’t take naked pics in the first place” are getting a lot of backlash for “victim-blaming” (I didn’t know this was a thing). One celebrity compared it to the “she was wearing a short-skirt” concept. First off, that’s wrong. To put it bluntly, you can rape anyone you can get your hands on. You can’t leak a girl’s naked pics if she doesn’t take them to begin with.

With this line of thinking, what lesson do we teach our 10 year old daughters after this? “Take as many naked pics as you want. If someone gets a hold of them and shows them to everyone else, it’s not your fault!” Obviously it takes a degenerate to spread them, but you’re ignorant and naive if you think your naked pics are “safe” in the cloud, or even just on your phone, and this confirms it. I for one, have never taken a naked picture, and don’t really understand why people do if they’re not involved in porn. Is it a terrible thing to do? No, not really, but you see the terrible things that can happen as a result. Even if 99% of all people are “good” people, and would never do this, that still leaves millions who are willing to.


The hacker is a scumbag, and the celebrities are very unfortunate, but we have to realize that scumbags exist, and try to be smarter about what we do and what we don’t. Celebrities get in trouble for tweeting insensitive things all the time. It’s the world we live in. Times are changing.

Flo Interview with Me

I’ll keep answers short. I’m stealing these questions from a Phoebe Wright interview. I’m not a huge fan of Phoebe, as I think she overdoes it in trying to be funny, but here goes.

Describe your childhood dream:
I always wanted to be an astronaut.

What is your fondest race memory?
Either my high school 3k in the Meet of Champs, or the Misericordia XC invite my junior year where I won. But seriously, it’s actually every time I outkicked Jatin/Wacker.

What is your worst habit?
Either blacking out or biting my nails. I would say picking my nose, but I don’t think that’s a bad habit.

What kind of kid were you in high school?
Total nerd. Never talked to girls, rarely drank, and only cared about video games and running.

What is your most embarrassing moment as an athlete?
I got lapped by a kid with one arm during an indoor 3k in high school.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Hayley Williams, Lauren Mayberry, and Audrey Hepburn. Beauty for all three, and the voices on the first two.

What is your favorite workout
Long tempo runs or mile repeats

Where is your dream place to run?
New Zealand. And it didn’t have to be a “dream”. I could have actually gone, and run there, but instead I declined, and lied about it, and failed photography.

Who is your childhood hero?
The WWF wrestler Kane.

If you had to listen to one song in your head every time you ran for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Konstantine by Something Corporate

If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would you go with?
Gourlay, Jensen, and Jonny.

What was the first blog post you made and why did you start the blog?
My friend Paul told me he would meet me at Nicks Pizza at 6:00. He showed up at 6:10 like nothing was wrong and I flipped a lid. I started my blog strictly to say how much that pissed me off. And here I am 1200 posts later!

It’s my birthday? Yeah…. It’s my birthday.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I use my birthday as an excuse for a blog post almost every year.

  • keanuLast year I complained that people who wrote “happy birthday!” posts on my Facebook wall were insincere.
  • In 2012 I wrote that it was stupid that I could drink when I was 21, but not when I was 20.
  • In 2011 I wrote the most boring post in the history of the blog.
  • In 2010 I wrote about a great weeknight with Mark and Ryder where we got wasted and I ate 8 Reimert paper towels.
  • In 2009 I got wasted my first real night of college and skipped the optional Sunday long run. Bayless emailed me the next morning, in classic Bayless fashion, saying “You’re not running the first meet“. I didn’t skip a Sunday long run over the next four years.

Historically my birthdays don’t carry much weight. This year My mom has left me a gift each day when I come home for lunch which is a thoughtful and sincere gesture. Also, my neighbors Amanda and Hayley made me a cake which was equally thoughtful and sincere. Other than that, I don’t plan on doing anything special, and likely won’t do anything special.

I foresee a lot of beer, a lot of shots, a lot of miles, and a lot of money spent, with a little regret and a big hangover. Not too much different from any other weekend. But at least I can’t be judged for this weekend, so that’s nice.


Where We Donate vs. Diseases That Kill Us

This is kind of what I was saying in my ice bucket challenge post. I’m glad that people can raise money for ALS, but chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) kills more than 20x more people a year, and has 3x less funding. Obviously some of these are out of date, and this doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s interesting to look at nonetheless. Heart disease doesn’t deserve as much funding in relation to it’s total deaths because a huge number of those people are being voluntarily stupid about their health. Here’s the full article.