Marathon Training Update #5

The 10 Mile Tempo

I’ll start with the good news. Two days after I posted that I was going to do a 10 mile tempo, I did one. I finished in 59:05 (5:54-5:55 average) with no mile slower than 6:00, and no mile faster than 5:50. I was in control the whole time, and only the last two miles felt different from the first eight. I thought it was very realistic to say that I could average 10 seconds slower for a marathon, which would be sub 2:40. This left me very happy.

The Injury

Well, I don’t know if it was inevitable or not, but I’ve been dealing with an injury. After Paul Short was when I first noticed it. It’s a pain on the right side of my right shin. It hurts when I push off. I ran three days in a row after the race, and in the 12 days since then, I’ve run ~20 miles.

My leg has felt noticeably better each day I take off, and I would say that I am very close to being back to normal. For precautionary reasons, I’m seeing a doctor on Wednesday to make sure it’s nothing serious. My honest thought is that it’s my shoes/the way I run. This injury has popped up before so it’s no coincidence I don’t think.

The Half Marathon

I signed up for a half for this Sunday the 26th. Unless the doctor tells my he’s taking my leg off, I’m going to run it I think. Bogdan will also be joining me, which is nice. I don’t know how much fitness I’ll have lost, but I think the goal of breaking 75 is realistic. If the marathon training goes to shit, at least I’ll have some idea of how fast I could have run by this half.

A Few Thoughts

  • People keep saying “Shorts and sandals! You’re really taking summer for all it’s worth!” It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or fall or winter; when it’s 70 degrees, I’m going shorts and sandals.
  • My “The Fappening” post gets me more blog views than anything right now.
  • The Cowboys Giants game will be very close, and the Giants will win.
  • Why is biting your nails a bad habit? I bite my nails and pick my nose all day every day.
  • I want to visit Ursinus less, but see my friends from there more.
  • I’m starting to appreciate the concept of “nice beer“. 
  • I was going to follow that up with “I haven’t purchased or consumed Natty Ice in a long time” but as of Wednesday, those are both false.
  • Every episode of Bar Rescue is almost identical, but that show will never get old.
  • The Growlers are a good band that I’m starting to get into.
  • I finally fully understand the song “Working for the Weekend”
  • I’ll end with a clip. The video below is funny, but the title makes it a 10/10.

David Slade is 21

Today is Slade’s 21st birthday. I don’t know if I’ll be there to celebrate it tonight, but there’s always a 50/50 shot. But really, what does a 21st birthday mean?

Well, people certainly build it up a lot. Sometimes it lives up to the hype, sometimes it doesn’t. It comes down to how big you (or your friends) want to make it. I’ll give three quick examples without naming names.

Person #1

  • Went to the bar alone.
  • Offered to buy a girl a drink and got rejected.
  • Went home.

Person #2

  • Played an important baseball game.
  • Returned home to a massive party with a massive cake and a personal stripper
  • Further details unknown.

Person #3 (me)

  • Had a meet on Saturday, so on Thursday (my 21st), Mark, my family, and I went to a nice dinner where I drank my first legal beer and broke the 48 hour rule my one and only time.
  • That Sunday, to really celebrate, Gourlay, Pane, and I went to the Trappe for an incredible uneventful night.

Sam and SladeBasically, the 21st birthday can vary so much in its importance to people, and in its outcome. While nothing crazy is “planned’, that doesn’t mean Slade won’t have a great time tonight.

Realistically, how will Slade’s life change from here on out? Well, he can visit me in Manayunk now, but aside from going to bars, it won’t (especially since he already looks like he’s 30). However, that shouldn’t stop him or anyone else turning 21 from going HAM.

Slade, if you’re reading, I just need to know… What time should I get there tonight?


Somehow, someway, the song Centuries by Fall Out Boy is a hit. Can anyone explain this to me? For the most part, when a song becomes a big hit, even if I don’t like it, I can understand why it became a hit. With this song, it doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not that it’s that bad, it’s just not good. The chorus seems like a joke. The way he blasts out “REMEMBER MEE!! FOR CENTURIES!!!” is unreal. And also, the song itself doesn’t really talk about anything. We’re just supposed to remember him, for nothing.

But there’s a little more to my not-understanding then it just being a radio hit. We’ve watched a few of the Flyers’ games this season, and it’s the song they play on CSN for Flyers games. A group of people actually listened to the song and said THAT should be the song for the start of the season”. That, I do not understand.

However, there is another song that is becoming a hit, and I am a big fan – Flaws by Bastille. After Pompeii got crushed by overplay, it’s good to see Bastille isn’t a complete one-hit-wonder. I thought Bad Blood was good, not great.

Death Entry – Plan Ahead

Mad Sounds

I was listening to some Arctic Monkey’s, and my favorite song off their new album AM, is Mad Sounds. While reading some of the comments, someone said “My funeral song“.

That struck me, and made me think of what song I’d like to be played at my funeral.

RIP Bobby Fong

I was browsing the Ursinus website and came across Bobby Fong’s Memorial Service. For those who don’t know, Bobby Fong was the President of Ursinus College and recently passed away. He was 64 and a really great guy. I watched a few minutes of the memorial service, and it got me thinking as to what I’d like people to say at my funeral.

Death Entry

These two things made me realize that if I die within the next few of years, I want to have some say as to what goes on at my funeral.

For this reason, I’ll be writing a death entry in my personal journal, not this blog. Basically, the first page of my journal will have “If I die, go to my Death Entry”. After writing it, I’ll see if it’s blog appropriate, but I don’t expect it to be.

I’ll try to include a song or two. There’s one thing I know for sure, I don’t want the word “god” to be mentioned, at least not if it’s referring to the Christian God, Muslim God, or any other God we regularly talk about. I haven’t gotten much further than that though.

It will be interesting writing something as if it will be read after my death. Honestly, I think it will be fun.

I think this is a good idea for everyone to do. I wouldn’t want to die leaving things unsaid. I’m not talking about specific people or events, but more so about your feelings toward yourself, your life, the world, and any words you’d want to leave with the people close to you.

Die away!

Justin Gatlin – This Could be Trouble

I wrote a post a few months ago about how I dislike Justin Gatlin. That dislike has grown to hatred.

Also a few months ago, this runner posted the following photo on his Instagram, which I agree with, though the middle finger is probably a bit much.

Gatlin 2

Now, a few months later, Gatlin has responded to this runner in an extraordinary way. The runner posted a picture of chocolate that he received from his mother, and below is Gatlin’s resposne.



But it gets worse. A fellow instagrammer (grammar?) posted a picture of the insult and said that it was great, and that the runner got burned. Gatlin had this to say:

Gatlin 3


Say what you want about Richard Sherman (I thought what he did was great), or Lebron, or Johnny Manziel, or any other athlete who’s public image is in question, Justin Gatlin is the bottom of the barrel in every single aspect. He’s a cheater, he’s a scumbag, and he’s terrible for the sport of track and field.

Voice Recognition – Get Used to it

Since I joined the 21st century and began using a fully functioning smart phone, it is now apparent to me that voice recognition is only going to grow in popularity.

I wrote a post a while back stating that a keyboard and search box are two necessities of the future. The logic being that search boxes are a must to make things easy to find, and keyboards are a must because typing with a phone’s keypad, or some other device, is extremely inefficient. Bud commented saying that voice recognition is already here and only going to get better. Since I didn’t have much experience with it, I couldn’t say much. But now, I feel differently.

The Pros of Voice Recognition

I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and the pros are obvious:

  • It’s actually quicker than typing, even for a good typist.
  • It’s also incredible accurate, and as Bud said, will only improve.
  • Being able to simply hold a button, then say “Siri, do this” is way more convenient than unlocking your phone, and doing whatever you were going to do.
  • Finally, in regards to texting and driving, it allows you to keep your eyes on the road while texting, as opposed to smashing into the car in front of you because you were looking at your phone.

The Obvious Fault with Voice Recognition

The biggest problem right now is using this function in public, because:

  • You don’t want to publicly speak what you’re privately texting or searching,
  • You may be interrupting something if you’re forced to speak out-loud.
  • The voice recognition may not work properly in all public places, as other sounds can interfere.

I don’t know the solution to this problem, but I bet you there will be one in the coming years. I have faith in the nerds that be, and we’ll all look back in X years and say “Man, Sam hit the nail right on the head with that one“.


Who the Hell is Vanna White

VannaWhile in Avalon last week, someone referenced Vanna White in conversation. My gut reaction was “Who the hell is Vanna White”.

My reaction after thinking about it for 10 seconds was “Who the hell is Vanna White”. 

I had no clue, no guess, no inkling as to who this could be. The reaction was unanimous that I was in the wrong and they were in the right. I disagreed, stating that Vanna White has never been trending on Twitter (I’m not so sure of that anymore), and that the majority of my friends/people my age would NOT have heard of her. The debate was left unsettled, but in the past few days, it has become completely clear as to who was right and who was wrong.

I’m amazed at how many people know who Vanna White is. Every single person I’ve asked except for one has not only known who she is, but was shocked that I didn’t know she is, and I’ve asked probably 20 people.

How did this happen?

I can’t explain how I don’t know her and everyone else does. I’m still shocked at how people now. She’s the freakin’ letter turner for Wheel of Fortune. I’ve watched exactly zero full episodes of Wheel of Fortune in my life that I can recall. Why the hell would I know who Vanna White is? She’s a hot blonde, but there are thousands upon thousands of hot blondes.

ChristieI’ll give her credit, that at the age of 57, she’s still good looking. But I’ll say this – I’d take 60 year old Christie Brinkley over 57 year old Vanna White any day of the week.

There’s no point to having a poll about this, because I know the results. However, can any blog reader please back me up and confess that they didn’t know who Vanna White is either?

Marathon Training Update #4

The Mileage

The last two weeks were average. I took an unplanned day off last Saturday for the Avalon trip, and was forced to take a short day yesterday due to sickness. Two weeks ago was 71 and last week was 67. I was hoping to get into the 80s last week, but I was reduced to a 7 mile run yesterday because of a head cold. I’m feeling a little better today and will train like normal.

Paul Short

I ran Paul Short this Saturday, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. My thought going in was if I went under 27 I wouldn’t be surprised, and if I went over 27, I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ve done less than five miles under 5:30, but hoping to average ~5:25s.

I ran pretty even splits for a 27:45 (5:33 average). The course was a tiny bit slow due to mud, but overall not bad. I don’t think I ran like a pussy or anything, I’m just not in that great of shape for an 8k, and in reality, I shouldn’t be surprised. However, the fact that I ran basically the same time as freshman year in college Sam, is a bit frustrating. Regardless, I’m still optimistic about the marathon.

Oh, and freakin’ Jatin beat me.

10 Mile Tempo

This week will feature a 10 mile tempo where I’m going to start at 6:00 pace and hold that as long as possible. In all honesty, I expect to start dipping below 6:00 pace by the end with how I’ve been feeling on these long runs. This will be my first tempo over six miles ever, so I’m looking forward to it.

Half Marathon

I’m going to sign up for a half marathon in a few weeks to really test my fitness. I’d hope to average something like 5:40-5:45s. I’ve never raced anything longer than a 10k, so this will be a new experience.

The past two weeks weren’t spectacular, but I’m hoping the next two will be.

Until next time.