Facebook is Being Overrun

For a long time, Facebook was about staying connected to the people you know, or creeping on the people you wanted to know. It was about interaction between people.

While those days exist to an extent, people use Facebook in a much different way now.

Here’s a screen cap of my news feed this morning. I cut out only one wall post from the sequence below.


It’s all videos. That first video is a guy doing double jumps on a jump rope for 30 seconds. Who the fuck shares that? Some can be cool, but when there’s 10 to look through, I’m probably not going to look at any.

More than half of everything I see posted now is someone sharing some video that autoplays when you scroll by. Initially I liked this, it was a quick distraction from work. But now it’s gotten to a level that’s unbearable.

I don’t go on Facebook for information, that’s what Twitter is for. Facebook is getting an idea of what people you don’t stay in touch with are up to, as well as constantly mocking the people you are close. All these video sharings and Buzzfeed articles are just clogging up my newsfeed and making me not want to go to Facebook.

I’ve never deactivated Facebook. I’m thinking I might try it for a week or something just to see what it’s like. At this point, I don’t think I’d be missing out on much.

Who Did it Better? Original vs. Cover – Part 1

Green = Winner

Red = Loser

Smooth Criminal

MJOriginally by Michael Jackson

Covered by Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm made a bold move covering a song like this and it absolutely paid off. The hard rock, the guitar solo, the MJ noises; they actually stayed pretty true to the original while adding something new. However, Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star in the world, and simply put, you can’t dethrone the king.

Bitches Ain’t Shit

Originally by Dr. Dre

Covered by Ben Folds

Ben Folds takes a song that is so out of character for him and turns it into a timeless cover in my opinion. I’m not a rap guy by any means so I may not be the best judge here, but to me, the rap version of this could get lost among the hundreds of other rap songs. Ben Folds’ version will not be lost among the crowd.


Originally by the Zutons

Covered by Amy Winehouse

I think the Zutons version of this song is awesome, and as far as I know, no one knows their version. Amy Winehouse’s version is good, but the Zutons’s just rock this thing the whole way through. Thanks to Mark for showing me them.


Originally by Kanye West

Covered by the Fray

I don’t think the Fray’s version of this song is well known, but I love it. It seems to fit the tone and lyrics better than Kanye. But even if I liked Kanye’s version more (I don’t, auto-tune is an auto-suck), I would say the Fray just because I hate Kanye.


Originally by Nine Inch Nails

Covered by Johnny Cash

This was a really tough one for me. I want to say the Nine Inch Nails version is better, but it’s almost like Trent Reznor wrote this song about Johnny Cash dying. Cash was severely ill when the music video was released, and died seven months later. This song was his final masterpiece.

Such Great Heights

Originally by Postal Service

Covered by Iron & Wine

The slow cover of this song is great, but Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello put their talent and diversity on display here. Consistently ranked among the best songs of the decade, this one is a classic, and Gibbard nails it. They’re better than most give them credit for.

Man Who Sold the World

Originally by David Bowie

Covered by Nirvana

Bowie is always weird, and this song is a bit weird. That’s what made him cool and different. I think Nirvana is over-rated. However, I think Cobain hit the nail on the head with this song, especially with his vocals.

Mad World

Originally by Tears for Fears

Covered by Gary Jules

The Tears for Fears version is what you’d expect – extremely 80s. I think the lyrics are great, but somehow Gary Jules makes his vocals, piano, and accompanying strings the most depressing thing you’ve ever heard, which fits the lyrics better. The Tears for Fears music video almost makes you not take the song seriously.


Originally by James

Covered by Matt Nathanson

Can anyone tell these two apart? I think the only reason Matt’s version is famous is because of American Pie. James wins cause he wrote it. Matt loses because he didn’t do anything special to it.

99 Luft / Red Balloons

Originally by Nena

Covered by Goldfinger

Go America! Do you know why I don’t like the original as much? Because I can’t understand it. But seriously, the Goldfinger version is high quality rock / hard rock. Nena was rocking the hairy armpits which gives her character, but Goldfinger’s rock brings that song to life.

LFL Freak Out Video

Pretty hard not to laugh at this. I was not aware people took this that seriously.

I’ve Watched a lot of Movies, This One Sucked

Scott and I just watched the movie The Virgin Suicides.

It was recommended to us by a friend who said it was a top 5 movie of their’s.

My Thoughts

Wow. Just wow.

VirginSuicidesPoster.jpgThis movie sucks. I don’t understand how anyone could think this movie is good, let alone have it in their top 5. Scott and I just looked at each other at the end and wondered if we missed something because it was so bad.

I would spoil it for you, but there’s nothing to spoil. Can someone please explain why people think this movie is good? It has a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes that say things like “A real look into teenage suicide” or some BS like that, and I don’t get it.

The movie is stupid. Even if it did deliver a good message (it didn’t), the movie itself is hard to watch aside from an underage Kirsten Dunst looking good. Nothing happens. There’s no dialogue. There’s nothing.

I don’t know what else to say. This movie sucks. Though it did have a very good sound track.

Why Are Some Women’s Sports “Easier” Than Mens?

Why are some women’s sports intentionally easier than men’s? And, in general, do women prefer to make the “easier” sports equal?

Here are some examples:

Tennis – Women play best of three. Men play best of five.

Golf – Women drive from closer tee-boxes than men.

Track & Field – Women participate in the heptathlon (seven events) where the male counterpart is the decathlon (ten events). Also, women use lighter objects in the throws like shot put and discus.

Cross Country – On the world stage, women race an 8k and men race a 12k. In the NCAA, women traditionally race a 6k and men race an 8k. At the NCAA national meet, women race a 6k and men move up to a 10k.

I’m sure there are more, but you get the point.

So the question is – why have we made the women’s version “easier” than the men’s version.

jumpThe typical answer I’d guess is this – physically speaking, men are in most scenarios “superior” to women. They hit harder in tennis and golf. They run faster, jump higher, and throw farther in track.

But my real guess, and what most people probably recognize, is that when all of these things we’re being created, the people creating these (men) didn’t think women could “keep up”, so they just made them a little easier. Over the years, best of three, shorter tees, seven events, etc. just became the norm and now we don’t think about it.

Do women care about this? Do they want this to change?

As a spectator, I see no reason why they shouldn’t aside from history. At this point, it would just be a hassle to change, but aside from that, I can’t think of any reason why.

Happy Fourth of July

A vacation from work = a vacation from blogging.

This weekend I drove down to D.C. with Rob to visit Dale and Gourlay and celebrate the fourth in style.

Friday was a tame-ish night as we went to two bars, and ended the night with iHop where the waiter clearly hated us.

Saturday began with one of the best burgers I’ve ever had from Dogfish Head Alehouse, and the most amazing game of wiffle ball I’ve ever been a part of. Rob and Sam vs. Dale and Gourlay.

In nearly two hours there were dozens of beers consumed, 10 total innings, 9 total runs scored, 4 lead changes, 3 bat throws, 2 diggers, 1 almost broken toe, and zero home runs. Rob and I lost.

Saturday night was supposed to be the pinnacle of the trip, but it proved quite the opposite. We were all tired and had been drinking all day which set us up poorly. We went out in D.C. and basically it was a shit show.

I had a killer hangover on Sunday, and Rob and I made the 3+ hour drive back. It was a fantastic weekend but I am paying the price. Back to work!

Oh yeah, and one more thing.


Speech! Speech!

There’s no nice way to write this post.

I was at a formal event this weekend where four speeches were made. Two of these speeches were very good, and the other two were very bad. What made the good ones good, and the bad ones bad?

There are a couple of different things I could note; the content was better and the speakers weren’t nervous for the good speeches which wasn’t the case for the other two.

However, one thing stands out above the rest: The bad speeches were read word-for-word from a piece of paper, and the good speeches were not. 

Hearing something so scripted is like watching the Super Bowl the day after. Even if you don’t know what happens, it’s not the same.

It seems obvious not to do this. I was shocked. These two could have been reading out a sex scene from a hardcore porno and people still would have been falling asleep. Jokes especially sound bad when they’re read and not spoken naturally.

A note to everyone – don’t do this when public speaking. Have a general idea of what you want to say, a few key points, and if you know what you’re talking about, it will take care of itself.



A Real Mile Race This Time

I ran a mile today. A real mile, on the track with FAT and other competitors and stuff. Since my time trial last week I’d run one mile total. My Achilles was killing me so I didn’t run.

I proved the time trial last week wasn’t a fluke. I ran 4:37.38.

My splits were roughly 69 (409), 70, 70, 68. There was a guy that ran 4:35 and I was close behind him the whole way so that helped. It was decently windy, but not horrible.

I’m happy with the result. I might run another one next week just for shits. I think I can get in better shape this fall or next spring and I’ll really go for sub 4:30 which would be cool.

Oh, and I talked to Ajee Wilson at the meet. She could quite possibly win a medal at the Olympics in the 800 for the US. She wished me good luck.

Go sprots!!!

True Detective Spoiler – Why Do People Do This?

Some guy from high school made the following Facebook status literally 2 minutes after episode 2 of True Detective last night (I replaced the actual spoiler in his status, as not to spoil it for any readers).

True Detective


First – the response he makes when people start complaining of “Gotta be punctual people” is so god damn stupid. It’s a TV show. People’s lives don’t revolve around television. There are thousands of valid excuses for why someone might not be able to watch the show on Sunday night at 10.

Second – what the hell is the point of making this status? You’re saying you like the show. A status like “Wow, didn’t see that coming. Now you’ve got my interest… #TrueDetective” gets across the same exact point without ruining it for those who weren’t able to watch the episode.

Why do people do this? After years of great TV shows and social media, haven’t we had enough ruined surprises? Just don’t spill the beans on social media. And if you do, give a warning.

Responding to My Five Year Letter, Five Years Later

Five years ago today, I wrote this letter.

I predicted the following:

  • I’d be 6’1.
  • My PRs would be 4:20 in the mile and sub 15:00 in the 5k.
  • I’d still be running road races, and experiment with the marathon.
  • I’d have had a couple of girlfriends, but they’d only last a few months each.
  • I’d be living with UD grads, but still friends with UC people.
  • I’d have a degree in physics and work in a lab.
  • I’d be driving a Cadillac.
  • I’d have upgraded from Guitar Hero to real guitar.
  • I’d still be an alcoholic.
  • I’d have been SERVed at school, but no underages or other law problems.
  • I’d still have a blog, and would remember to read this post.

This is what actually happened:

  • I’m 5’8.
  • My PRs are 4:33 and 15:27.
  • I’m running road races and did run a marathon.
  • I have had two girlfriends since that latter, and am currently dating Hayley which is going wonderfully. 
  • I am living with UD people, and am still friends with UC people.
  • I have a business degree and work in a cubicle.
  • I’m driving my dad’s BMW.
  • I don’t play Guitar Hero anymore, but I do play real guitar.
  • I’m still an alcoholic.
  • I was not served, and had no underages.
  • I still have a blog, and did remember to read the post.

The letter was surprisingly accurate I think. However, it was pretty stupid. It was wide but not deep. This is not the response I would have hoped for five years ago.

I’ll write another 5 year letter this week. My skills as a writer have improved greatly so this letter won’t suck as much. I’m just glad I remembered.