NFL Week 8 2015 – My Pick of the Week

NFL Week 8 Pick of the Week: Seattle Seahawks -5.5 at the Dallas Cowboys

Lock of the weekThe Reason: You’re telling me that this Seattle team would be a 12 point favorite at home against anyone?! Sure they whooped the Niners, but they couldn’t score 20 points on a high school team right now, and the Seattle offense only put up 20 on a very weak Niners D.

Dallas might get Dez back, they’re at home, and they really need a win to stay in the division chase. Dallas should not be this big of a dog.

Seattle wins this in a blowout.

Other games to keep an eye on: Baltimore -3.5 and Green Bay -2.5.

Baltimore can’t win a game to save its life, but they’re favored on a neutral field over San Diego (who hasn’t looked great either, but Rivers is playing well). Take Baltimore giving 3.5.

Denver is undefeated, at home, and has one of the best defenses in the league. Rodgers has looked human the past two games, and I think Green Bay is overrated by the public. Not sure why Green Bay is giving 2.5 (probably because of Peyton), but I’m taking Green Bay -2.5.


“Is this the new Deer Tick?”

Deer TickWith zero posts in the last four or so months, the top post on Gourlay’s blog is “Deer Tick”.

If I don’t have a post within 36 hours of my most recent post, people start commenting – “Is this the new Deer Tick?”, “Get used to this post, it’s the next Deer Tick”, etc.

But a blog like waitbutwhy only posts a couple of times a month, if that. People don’t complain that their most recent post is Deer Tick, because they know posts aren’t made as often.

This is about me managing expectations.

If I have a week where I post every day, people grow to expect that. If I only post four times the next week, people are “disappointed” (not sure if that’s the right word) that I haven’t posted.

So let me set my expectation

I should post at least 4 times a week.

Any less than that, and I’m not meeting my personal expectations. So if I go more than 72 hours without a new post, let the Deer Tick comments roll in.

But if I posted on Monday afternoon, and it’s Wednesday, or even Thursday, rest assured that I have not abandoned the blog.

If it’s Friday and I haven’t posted all week, blackout hard in celebration of the fact that this shitty blog will never be updated again.

Bonking a 6 Mile Run

Bonking is a term runners use to describe what happens when your mind may keep going, but your body gives up.

Not counting hung-over runs, I’ve bonked once in recent memory; a 15 miler in humid 85 degree weather last summer when I was training for the marathon.

Since then however, I’ve been good. That is… until last night.

The First Three Miles

Slow, but not that slow. I hit 3 miles in 23:30 and knew six was going to be the max, so I turned around.

The Bonk

HomerWhen I turned for home, I could tell I was in trouble. I felt myself drifting over 8:00 pace, and mile #4 was 8:25. Whoa.

Mile #5 was similar. I hit 8:50. It felt like I was at mile 23 of the marathon.

Mile #6 felt like mile 30 of the marathon. I barely made it home with a final mile time of 9:35.

What. The. Qua.

Typically, the slowest miles I run are 8:00. I’d guess less than 5% of my yearly mileage is above 8:00, and maybe .1% are above 9:00 pace. 99% the time, if I wanted to run sub 8:00 pace, I could. Last night, I could barely dip under 9:00, and if the run we’re another mile, I would’ve been pushing 10:00.

I was toast. Gone. Game over. Seeyuhlater. Sayonara. Everyone has their off days.

A Wedding in Charlotte

This weekend Hayley and I flew to Charlotte for her cousin’s wedding. Here are my takeaways / a summary of the weekend:

  • Flying is a breeze. We went from driving to the airport in North Carolina to being at home in Manayunk in less than four hours.
  • WeddingWeddings are a freakin’ blast. I wish every college party was like a wedding. Screw the dark rooms, shitty music, and grinding. I want light, awesome sing along songs, and group dancing. Weddings are AWESOME.
  • We all got really drunk at the wedding. The wedding was awesome and Hayley’s family are big drinkers / dancers. Weddings are by far my favorite social function
  • Hayley has a very big and very close family. My family is kind of the opposite, so it’s interesting to see. I see my cousins, aunts, and uncles, once every couple of years at this point. She has a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles, and they’re all very close. Perhaps that’s why they do a good job of including me, because I generally feel pretty welcome despite being around 30 people I don’t know particularly well.
  • SouthThe south is a different world. I didn’t explore Charlotte at all, but I got a pretty good glimpse of its outskirts, and the south is wild. It’s generally slow-paced over-weight people with thick accents, and seemingly everything revolves around God, church, and football. First impressions when speaking to them are always that they’re very sweet people.

Moral of the story? Go to as many weddings as you can, and check out the south if you have a chance.

NFL Week 7 2015 – My Pick of the Week

BetsMike Missanelli’s theory about betting lines is this: When a line is swaying too far in one direction, that result is the likely outcome.


Each week, I’m going to pick an NFL game or two that I think, based on the line, is a good bet. I’ll track my results and recap after each week and probably look like a retard.

NFL Week 7 Pick of the Week: Eagles +3 against the Panthers in Carolina.

I’m genuinely trying to be unbiased. This does not have to do with me being an Eagles fan.

The Reason: Everything about this game screams Carolina will crush the Eagles.

  • The Panthers are at home.
  • The Eagles have looked BAD for the majority of their games, including their blow out win against the Giants last week.
  • Carolina is 5-0 after beating Seattle IN Seattle last week (even though Seattle hasn’t look great).

EaglesEvery rational thought suggests Carolina should be favored by at least touchdown. So why is the line only 3? I don’t know. But Vegas does.

Take the Eagles +3. As an Eagles fan, I’d personally take the money line. But this is an unbiased perspective, and my first week doing it. Those 3 points may be the difference.

Other game to keep an eye on: Rams -6.5 against the Browns in St. Louis.

Neither team is playing that well, but I don’t see a reason to think that the Rams should be a touchdown favorite (other than maybe Todd Gurley). Vegas knows something. I’m taking the Rams -6.5.

Low Played Spotify Secrets

There’s an element of pride when you find a Spotify band or song that has like 100,000 plays on their most played song. Here are some undiscovered Spotify gems.

Nuts, Bolts, and Screws – Humming House

Spotify Plays – 18,000
Most Played Song – 197,000

A relatively unknown band and 18 thousand plays on this song is absolutely nothing. Listen to this if you’re going to listen to any in this post.

Jimmie’s Song – Emanuel and the Fear

Spotify Plays – 98,000
Most Played Song – 98,000

I haven’t listened to much else from them, and I doubt anyone has listened to anything by them. But this song is a gem.

The Keys – Matt Duncan

Spotify Plays – 59,000
Most Played Song – 95,000

Catchy as hell.

10 Examples of Me Being Old

  1. SpongebobI was out of commission until 4:30 PM on Saturday due to a hangover and didn’t drink at all Saturday night.
  2. I’d rather go to bed at half-time than stay up for the whole Sunday Night Football game.
  3. Any physical activity other than running makes me sore the next day.
  4. My Wednesday night bowling league is a top-3 thing I look forward to each week.
  5. I like getting to work early.
  6. My friends and I talk about marriage a surprising amount, some are even getting married – congrats Queef!
  7. Keep CalmThe thought of taking a Friday or Saturday off from drinking to have a night in and wake up not hung-over is becoming more appealing than going out.
  8. I just applied for a second credit card and need to schedule an appointment to have my car serviced.
  9. I haven’t been to the orthodontist in 18 months.
  10. I went to a golf outing with five co-workers yesterday.

This goes back to a post I wrote a while ago that said “the stage of life that you’re in, is the stage of life that you want to be in“. I’m outgrowing the “college” stage and moving towards the “young adult” stage. That probably spells trouble for the content of this blog, but it’s a direction I’m happy to head in.

The Worst Play Ever

This was actually the worst play ever. If I tried the equivalent of this at my job (not sure what that would be), I’d be fired immediately.

Bowling for Success

For the past month I’ve been a member of a weekly bowling league. Last night I used a new method of throwing the ball, and it worked. I went from averaging ~130 the past three weeks to bowling 165, 168, and 162 in my three games last night.

Me last night at the bowling alley

Growing up, my mom used to say something like “You’re really good at all of these things that won’t get you anywhere“. That trend seems to continue, as I’m trying to add bowling to that list of useless things. However, I’ll continually defend my seemingly endless list of “useless things” that I’m good at:

The fact that I’m good at video games, or ping pong, or Frisbee, or whatever doesn’t matter. However, the traits of discipline, practicing, repeating, accepting criticism, and ultimately getting good at something do matter. Those are good traits to have, regardless of what they are applied to.

Play the right way

Beer Pong

Beer Pong LeanThere are dozens of different rules that people choose to go by when playing beer pong. Some are more popular than others, but no matter where you’re playing or who you’re playing with, one rule is universal – Your elbow can’t pass the table during your shot.

Everyone knows this rule, but not everyone abides by it. When you lean, you put everyone in a bad situation. No one wants to be the dick who calls the other person for leaning. Just take a step back and you’ll never have this problem.


I’m new to golf. Initially, I thought all “gimmes” were stupid, and that you should always putt it out. But when you play a few rounds, and have people waiting behind you, or you’re shooting for a 9 or 10 on the hole anyway, gimmes make sense. HOWEVER, when the three foot gimme extends to the six foot gimme, I disagree.

Even the great Adam Scott misses 2 footers.
Even the great Adam Scott misses 2 footers.

I think there’s three rules here:

  • If there’s money on the line, always putt it out.
  • If you’re putting for birdie or par, always putt it out (I’d also putt bogeys to make them legit but that’s because I suck).
  • If you’re more than 3 feet, putt it out.

Ping Pong

How to serveThis rule isn’t very well known so I’ll clue everyone in – you MUST throw the ball into the air when you serve. Bad people can sometimes say they’re good at ping pong because they’re cheating on literally half of the points. I could explain the reasons why, but there’s a clear advantage to serving from your hand if you’re noob.

This is similar to beer pong – I don’t like to be the dick who says “you’re serving illegally, you have to throw it up“, but if someone I’m better than beats me because they’re serving illegally, I’m going to say something.

Fortunately, most good players know the rule, and most players who serve from their hand are bad at every other aspect of the game.