NFL Week 12 2015 – My Pick of the Week

My pick of the week was spot on last week. I don’t necessarily think I’m on to something, but maybe! This is a risky pick this week so if it’s right, I might be sold.

Lock of the weekPick of the Week – St. Louis +6 vs. Arizona

Other games to keep an eye on:

  • New Orleans +6.5 vs. Carolina
  • San Diego +4 vs. Denver


It’s #GivingTuesday – Donate to Something




#GivingTuesday is hugely important to my company since we manage the donors and donation pages of thousands of nonprofits.

GivingTuesday LogoThe day is all about promoting generosity and kindness in a time when the world is caught up the consumerism that the holidays bring. I suggest you all make a donation to your favorite charity because it’s a good thing to do and there’s a chance you benefit my company!

To practice what I preach, I’m going to make a $100 donation to a charity of a commenter’s choice. Just comment with your charity and you might win! I’ll pick a random winner at 7pm tonight and make the donation then. If there are no comments, I’ll pick one myself.

Comment away and spread the word about #GivingTuesday!

Learning My Lesson

I got a flat tire yesterday.

flat-tireI also got a flat tire about a year ago, so I knew how to change it. However, I’m weak and distance running doesn’t make my arm muscles any stronger so it takes me a while to get the lug nuts off.

After a long struggle I got the new tire on the car. I lowered the jack and what do you know, the spare tire was flat too.

The genius who runs this blog put the flat tire from a year ago back into his trunk and never got a new one. Always thinking ahead!

What was I thinking a year ago?

think-aheadDid I expect a new spare tire to just appear in my trunk? Kind of, yeah. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I had to get a ride to work today (thanks Paul (he doesn’t read this blog)), I have to get a coworker to drive me to the tire place at lunch, then get a ride back to Manayunk from my mom. So my lack of thinking ahead inconvenienced three other people.

What lesson did I learn?

I don’t know. Plan ahead more?

I’m transitioning into adulthood. You can learn things by thinking about them, or you can learn by your mistakes. Apparently I lean towards the latter.

NFL Week 11 2015 – My Pick of the Week

Last week got away from me with the race and the marathon, but don’t worry, I’m back this week for your Turkey Day money making.

NFL Week 1 Pick of the Week: Washington +3 vs. New York Giants

Lock of the weekOther games to keep an eye on

  • Seattle -3.5 vs. Pittsburgh.
  • Tennessee +1.5 vs. Oakland.
  • Dallas even vs Carolina.

Have a grand Thanksgiving everyone.


Pros and Cons of Getting a Cat

I might get a cat. Before I get a cat, I should weigh the pros and cons of getting a cat.


  • KittenCats are cute.
  • If I pee my pants I can blame it on the cat.
  • It will take care of the rat problem.
  • It will probably enjoy when I play guitar hero for it unlike all of my friends.
  • I’m going to name it Carl.
  • The more pussy the better.
  • Companionship.
  • Unlike dogs, cats DGAF if you DGAF about them.
  • Practice for when I have a child, they’re like the same thing.
  • Sometimes its paws will rub my testicles, and I’ll get a boner – Hayley.
  • It will make my roommates want me to move out.
  • I can take it on runs with me.
  • It’s not a dog.


  • watIf it gets outside it will probably die.
  • Sometimes it will shit and piss when I don’t need it to take the blame for me.
  • Although the litter box will physically add to the house, it will take away from it aesthetically and aromatically.
  • Cats usually shed on stuff which is just a pain.
  • Cats also scratch everything for some reason that they couldn’t even explain to you if they tried.
  • I have to feed it things that I won’t be able to eat.
  • Maybe it just won’t like me.
  • Financially it will be a poor short, mid, and long-term investment.
  • If I go somewhere for more than like three weeks I’ll need to find someone to take care of it.
  • More likely than not I’m going to have to put it down at some point.


There are a few more pros than cons. I should probably get a cat!

Rothman 8k 2015 – Recap

After last year, I learned my lesson that the marathon can wait until I’m older. This year, Hayley and I signed up for the Rothman 8k (4.97 miles for you Ameritards).


I’ve been running ~40-50 miles a week with probably one minor workout a week. I had an okay idea of my fitness, and set my goals as follows:

  • Break 27:45 and I’m okay.
  • Break 27:30 and I’m happy.
  • Break 27:00 and I’m thrilled.
  • Top 50 (judging on previous race results).

I didn’t do much tapering but knew it’d be fun to compete in that atmosphere.

Race Day

RothmanHayley and I woke at the ass-crack of dawn and headed to the Philly Art Museum for the run, which kicked off at 7:30. I was as ready as I could have been. I’ll get to the race, but first…

The Start – What is it with people at the start of races? Do people really think that if they don’t “get out” they won’t run well? There were herds of people making sure they were up front, and not only that, sprinting like wild down the home straight. It is amazing how stupid they are.

The Race by Mile

Mile 1 – I got out fine and was making sure to run within myself, 5:22.

Mile 2 – Slight downhill and kept about the same effort, 5:23.

Mile 3 – I was actually tempted to go, but decided to be smart, and wait, 5:28.

Mile 4 – This is where I started pushing, and passing people I was with. I felt pretty good, 5:26

Mile 5 – I kicked early, and knew I kicked early, but that was my plan, 5:10 for the last 4.97 which was uphill.

Final Time / Place – 26:49 for 48th place.

Post Race Thoughts

Happy runnersI was shocked actually. I felt good the entire race which I didn’t expect, and the time was faster than I thought I could do. Races like this keep you going. Major props to Hayley who ran two minutes faster than her “reach” goal.

The marathon is tomorrow, so good luck to everyone running it. I honestly, zero desire to do a marathon any time soon. Stick to the short stuff while you can. The marathon can wait. But still… good luck.


The guy who got kicked off the plane

My last day in Denver was a disaster. 

Ultimately, my flight was supposed to board at 10:50 AM, and I didn’t get on until 5:45 PM, so I along with 60 other people spent 8 hours in the airport.

But there was this one guy…

DelayOne dickhead was complaining relentlessly. It started out with other passengers, then to the people who were checking our tickets, then finally, as he’s getting on the plane, he starts yelling at the captain, before going to his seat.

Lucky for me, this guy sat right behind me. As people were boarding, he was on his phone sounding like the biggest tool of all time:

  • “I work for a Fortune 500 company, and I will make sure American Airlines loses our business!”
  • “I lost a $3,000 deal this morning because these people couldn’t fucking figure out how to get a plane here on time.”
  • “How fucking hard is it to make sure that the plane is here when you say it’s going to be here?”
  • “I may get arrested for how much I’ve complained, but it’s fucking ridiculous.”

Two minutes after he hung up the phone, he was escorted off the plane and not allowed back on.

Not that this is relevant, but he was a short, scrawny, ugly dude with a whiny voice, so it made it worse.

What is wrong with this guy?

AirportEveryone on that flight had gone through the same thing that guy had and kept it together. Things happen. I’d rather make it home 8 hours late than have our plane blow up half way through.

Sure some people or companies deal with adversity better than others, and in the long run, it will work itself out. Just don’t fly with them anymore. What do you possibly gain from causing a scene like that?

I was more than happy to see this guy kicked off. Though it never ceases to amaze me watching people get pushed passed their boiling point.

Modern Educayshun

This is an extreme example, but it does sum up a few things I agree with:

  • Some people look for things to be offended by.
  • Some people misinterpret or miss points because of the point above.
  • This overall makes it harder to solve problems.
  • The world is less fun because everyone is trying to be PC, and are torched if they slip up over something that’s nothing.
  • If you voice this opinion some people get offended and say you’re insensitive and part of the problem.

Is it offensive to say I think the girl student in this is oddly hot?

Days in Denver


I packed last minute, caught my flight, and four and a half hours later I arrived in the old Windy City of Denver. Mark and Ben greeted me at the airport, and we drove to a brewery for a couple late night beers.

Afterward we set up base camp at Mark’s parents’ place and continued to drink and catch up. We were going skiing in the mountains the next morning, so I made sure I didn’t get hammered.


IMG_0934I’ve been skiing once in my life and I hated it. That was 9 years ago. I couldn’t wait to smash the slopes with Mark and Ben, who are both really good. We got some nice Macdonald’s for breakfast and an hour later we were at Loveland, like, the mountains.

I was dressed like total Jerry and skied even more like a Jerry. We went on probably eight runs and after about 3 hours and almost tearing both ACLs, I headed to the lodge. I was cold, sore, and depressed, but I was glad I did it.

We stopped at a brewery on the way home for a beer and some food. Once we were back in Denver, we gathered at Ben’s for a relaxed night of Texas Hold ‘Em. Mark rigged the deck and I lost $15 to those two dicks.


What is this, flannel shirt day?

This is when things started getting really good. Mark and I went on an easy six miler around Denver on a brisk morning. Then Ben, Mark and I headed to Fort Collins to tour the New Belgium brewery, but first we had flights at Fort Collins brewery and Odell’s brewery.

I was pretty tipsy by the time the tour started, and a lot more tipsy after the tour ended. They didn’t think it was funny when I asked what they used to pull their bungs.

We headed back to Mark’s place to keep drinking and cook some burgers. We couldn’t decide what to do for the night. A bar seemed like a lot since we had day drank, but we wanted to do something. As a seasoned bowler, I suggested bowling!

It was actually awesome. We spent probably $35 each for five games, shoes, and 15 beers total. Though I averaged highest, Mark jewed out and won the most money due to the handicap.

When we got back, the news was breaking about the whole Paris situation. While we continued to drink, our conversation took a very deep turn. I was getting wasted and don’t even remember it all, but it was heavy.

Sam and Ben
Five years ago, some things never change.

To lighten the mood, we started rocking out. After a few songs, Ben and I started wrestling. It started fine and ended with him raining punches down on my face. We truced and both passed out on the couch while a slightly more sober Mark made it to the bed.


Mark and I ran an easy eight miler on an even more perfect day. The sun was shining, it was about 60 degrees and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The plan was to play Wizards. We headed to Ben’s after the run and began building our staves.

Sam Ben Mark
Glory days of Wizards

After a few beers we decided it was too nice to stay inside all day. We went to some park to play Kan Jam and toss the disk. There were probably 100 other people there playing games, laying out, and enjoying the outdoors, which you don’t see too often in Philadelphia.

Present day Wizards

As the sun set, we headed inside to continue our quest to become Wizards. The three of us were Ben and I reverted back to our college days. I remember finishing beer #13 and thinking I wasn’t going to make it very far. We blacked out around 7:30 and passed out around 8:30. Total classic.

I woke up at 11:30 in Ben’s bed with Ben passed out too. I took a piss, and insta-passed out again. I awoke again at 3:00 and the gang was all up for some reason. Mark and I headed back to his place knowing we had an early morning ahead of us.


The three of us got breakfast together and said our farewells. I hadn’t hung out with Mark and Ben like that in years and it was honestly awesome. This post just recaps the events and things we did, but the conversation and good times are priceless. It was the best ~$600 I’ve spent in a long long time.

Schedule trips with friends. It’s worth the money and work can wait a day or two.