Back in the USA

A brief post to say that I’m back. The trip was great. I’ll have a few blog posts about it by the end of the year I’m sure.

In the meantime, have a great holiday season.

I generally hate Christmas music, but Jingle Bell Rock is the one song that I actually like. I don’t know what separates it from the others, but here ya go.

Nfl week 15 pick of the week!

It’s after the fact, but this bet slip proves my picks. I’m right when it counts! Also, 145 pounds is like 1000 US dollars.

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Boarding to London

Our plane takes off in exactly one hour. Gourlay and I are just sitting here waiting. It’s awful.

I probably won’t update for the next week so I just want to make sure you’re not all worried. I’ll have a recap post when I get back.

If you have any last minute words before we leave, say them now.


Fermi Paradox – Mind Blown

I’ve read a lot about the Fermi Paradox the past few days and it’s basically blown my mind. If you’re really interested after this, read the wiki, because I won’t do it justice, but let me give a general overview.

Based on the number of:

hand drawn effect lettering spelling math and ravious mathematical related symbols

  • Galaxies out there
  • Stars within each galaxy
  • Planets that are capable of life
  • Planets that actually have life
  • Life that has developed into advanced civilization
  • Advanced civilizations capable of interstellar travel
  • Yadda yadda yadda

Enrico Fermi asked simply where is everybody?

FermiThe idea behind his question is this – odds suggest that earth is not special. It’s likely one of billions of planets that has had advanced life, so where are these civilizations? The universe has been around long enough that based on time alone, we should have some evidence that other life has existed (note – evidence doesn’t necessarily mean aliens landing on earth).

So, where is everybody?!

This is where it gets really interesting. Below is a list of possible reasons for why we have no evidence of extra-terrestrial life, even though we think we should.

  • The boring answer – these other forms of life simply don’t exist.
    Maybe Earth is more special than we’re giving it credit for, or there are other variables we don’t know of that are skewing our numbers. We think there are millions or billions of ‘Earths’ but there just isn’t.
  • Intelligent life can’t help but destroy itself.
    A US nuclear test over Bikini Atoll in 1954We have a super long way to go before we send a human anywhere other than maybe Mars, but we could be just a few years away from completely destroying all life as we know it. Whether it’s nuclear war, biological warfare, whatever, intelligent life ultimately kills itself long before it can travel space.
  • Intelligent civilizations are too far apart.
    There may be intelligent life out there, but the sheer size of the universe is just too massively big for us to get in touch with each other.
  • Aliens are just too… well alien.
    Straight from Wikipedia; Carl Sagan apparently suggested that aliens species might have a thought process orders of magnitude slower (or faster) than humans. Such a species could conceivably speak so slowly that it requires years to say even a simple phrase like “Hello”. So maybe we have observed them / communicated with them and we don’t even know it
  • Intelligent civilizations isolate themselves with virtual environments and mind uploading – technological singularity.
    MatrixThink the Matrix. It’s been said that this will be possible on earth as early as 2045. Why wait millenniums to explore when you can create everything you could ever dream of in a fake world? Maybe civilizations reach this point of singularity well before they could entertain serious interstellar travel, and at that point, who cares?

There are a dozen more examples, which is why I suggested you read the wiki, or maybe like real science articles, if you find it at all interesting.

Am I the only one who thinks this is bonkers?

Gourlay and I Are Going Abroad – Advice Wanted

Gourlay and I are going to the England on Wednesday. He texted me a month ago and said “Do you want to go to England?” and I said okay.

Here’s the current big-picture plan:

  • Union JackFly out of Philly Wednesday night.
  • Arrive in London Thursday morning.
  • Leave London for Liverpool on Saturday
  • Leave Liverpool for Holyhead (Wales) on Sunday/Monday
  • Leave Holyhead for Dublin on Monday
  • Leave Dublin for Philly on Wendesday.

Gourlay said he was probably gonna go with or without me, so he’s done all of the planning and I’m just kind of along for the ride. But this is where I’ll help!

Blog readers! What are some cool things we should do while we’re in these places? Help us out, I’m not cultured.

NFL Week 14 2015 – My Pick of the Week

I went 1-2 last week and missed on my lock. I’m going against my personal bias this week, and way more importantly, I’m going against TB. I will likely regret this, but I’m sticking to my method.

Lock of the weekPick of the Week – Texans +5.5 vs. New England

Other games to keep an eye on

Baltimore +10.5 vs. Seattle

St. Louis +3 vs. Detroit… Does anyone know why this line moved so much? I researched and couldn’t find anything, but if it’s something obvious, I may take this pick back. I also had them as my lock of the week last week and they got blown out. I should probably stop betting on them.

Coming Up Short

Fantasy Football

FatansyFantasy Football ended for me last week. Despite winning my final game and finishing 7-6, I missed the playoffs by finishing in 8th out of 12. I can’t be too bummed thought because my total points was 11/12.

The season was in jeopardy right away when I drafted Dez with my first round pick and Romo as my QB. I’d 100% be in the playoffs right now if I drafted Brady over Romo, and I had the option. Such a shot to the dick.

Another $100 wasted on Fantasy, the playoff drought continues.


Big ernLast night was the playoffs for Tom’s bowling league. It was three games with a fourth that counted as total pins. We started weak as a team and lost the first two games. We needed to win the third game by 78 pins to force a one game bowl-off. Instead we only won by 60 pins and missed a chance at the finals.

My individual play was actually stellar by my standards. I went 167, 176, and 157, but it wasn’t enough. It was the bitter taste of defeat once again.


Losing is not fun. I can appreciate the good competition and the amount of fun provided, but losing is not the end goal of these activities. But losing makes the winning that much sweeter. Until next year.

Do you think this is funny?


I read this on 4chan the other day and laughed out loud, hard, like 10 times. It was one of the funniest things I’ve read in recent memory.

However, I think the cumulative laugh total of my readers will be ZERO. This is the complete opposite of the vacuum cleaner nut shot.

I’ll intentionally give no background or guidance. Have at it.

gender fluid

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Putting in the Work Hours

Work has taken a turn. Normally my 40-42 hours a week are enough, but I worked about 50 last week (6 on the weekend!) and am off to a hot start this week with almost 11 hours today. The next week+ will be more of the same.

ecardI usually make a point to not let work consume me, but at the moment it is, which is odd. The last week has been noticeably more stressful and I’ve had noticeably less time to do things I want.

Then I realize that some people live their entire life this way. I think 50 hours a week including six on the weekend is bad – some people are doubling that. It doesn’t matter what it is, I can’t imagine that living life that way is enjoyable.

You hear both “I wish I would have tried harder” and “I wish I didn’t work as much“. So which is it? Would I be happy / proud if I put in a lot of time and got a lot of work done and advanced my career a lot? Or would I regret not spending more times with my friends / family? Probably the latter assuming I don’t get fired.

Happy Monday. Watch that vacuum to the nuts video if you haven’t yet, it’s a loler.