The People-Don’t-Like-Cam-Newton-Because-He’s-Black Narrative

Sports talk shows are going crazy around why so many people don’t like Cam Newton; “Oh, well people don’t like Cam because he’s black and he celebrates too much and he’s different from the traditional white quarterback”.

Someone, please, tell me where is this huge majority of people who hate Cam Newton? It’s like 1,000 people tweeted that they don’t like Cam and the sports stations just ran with it as “everyone hates Cam because he’s black!” because it’s good material and race is a hot issue right now. Meanwhile I’m sitting here thinking, “Who doesn’t like Cam? Some tiny yet vocal group does not represent the majority of the sports fan population.”

CamI think very few sports fan dislike Cam because he’s black or that he comes from “black culture“. ESPN et al skipped the “Do a lot of people dislike Cam?” question and went straight to the conclusion “Why do so many people hate Cam!? Is it because he’s black?!”

I’ve heard people say his celebrations are obnoxious, which is fine, but I’ve heard more people say they like him. Am I totally off base here? Am I missing some massive group that says they hate Cam?

Unfortunately, the race narrative was forcibly pushed on this year’s Super Bowl when it’s really about – Can Peyton end his hall-of-fame career with a Super Bowl? Or are we ushering in a new era of dominance in Cam?

I’m white. I’m a big Cam Newton fan, and I’m rooting for him and the Panthers in the Super Bowl because he’s likable, fresh, has fun, and is an incredible player.

Why the hell is everything turned into a race thing these days?

Go Cam!

A Challenge Attempt – Thanks for the Help!

As expected, the asking-for-help-to-pick-a-challenge-idea was a smashing success. There were too many good ideas suggested on my last post that we couldn’t even pick one.

Plans have apparently changed, and the group of 3 has turned into a larger group, which limits our options. Here’s what we had in mind initially:

  • Individual case race – a case of 30 natty lights each.
  • Centurion – a power hour for 100 minutes, 12.5 beers.
  • 40 Hands – Josh doesn’t want to do it because he has a weak bladder.
  • Beer Olympics – this would be near all-day so we’d need many games.
  • Drink 12 beers and bring a stray cat into the house – first one to do it wins.

We’re still undecided, as we need to know who and how many are involved.

Regardless, thanks for all the great feedback.

A Challenge Attempt – Help Wanted

This Saturday, Alex, Josh, and I will be attempting a challenge. What challenge we attempt is up to the readers of this blog.

This post is to ask for suggestions as to what challenge we should attempt.

Here are some general bits of knowledge / guidelines:

  • We’re going to start on Saturday afternoon, roughly 2 – 4 PM.
  • We want the primary focus of the challenge to be drinking.
  • We want the duration of the challenge to be no less than an hour, and no more than 12 hours.
  • We’re going to attempt whatever it is in our Manayunk house.
  • Alex wants to be functional by the following Thursday.

That’s pretty broad criteria, so there should be a lot of potential things to do. We have ~5 “good” ideas that I’m going to share on Thursday, but we want to field ideas from the readers first.

On Thursday, I’m going to post the 5 best ideas and have a vote to see which we should. We’ll do whatever the readers vote for.

Please, someone comment, because when you ask for comments and get zero you look stupid.

Things I got into that were stupid and short-lived.

Hacky Sack – I bought one in middle school, poked a hole in it that was too big, and all the beads fell out.

tapeMeasuring things – In elementary used to walk around my house with a tape measure measuring things. I thought this would come in handy at school somehow but it never did.

Dragon Ball Z Magazine – In middle school wanted to be the all-knowing DBZ guy, so I bought two DBZ magazines and studied. After a while I realized there was way too much to learn and it was all stupid anyway.

speedyCrazy Bones – I used to play this all the time as a kid. That wasn’t short lived. But as a freshman in college, Palmisano and I played twice and drafted an extensive word document that outlined the rules of the game. We planned to spread it to our group of friends but then realized how stupid we were.

Freezing things in water overnight – When I was in middle school I used to put toy cars, carrots, whatever, in a glass of water and freeze them over night. Near the end I started putting soap in the water to make it cooler.

The wrist bands made from the rubbery thing inside bottle caps – They said that the person who broke your band had to be your first kiss. I put my first one on when I was like 11. I figuratively wore my band, unbroken, for 6 years cause no one freakin’ kissed me until I was 17.

magicMagic (not the card game) – When I was like 6 Tom had some magic kits and since he was my role model I wanted to be a magician. I tricked Adam Drobish with the same trick like 40 times in a row which gave me some real confidence that this was for me.

Poke’mon (the card game) – I probably spent like $1,000 of my parents money on these cards. I have a binder full of holographic cards in my old room that’s collecting dust. But seriously, who didn’t go through this phase?

DuneK’NEX – I wanted to build to best and coolest things. My crowning moment was the dune buggy I made. Jeff smashed it, I cried, and that was the end of my K’NEX career.

Blogging – When I was a senior in high school I started a shitty blog and after everyone made fun of me I quit. Oh wait, nevermind.

Girl Goes Bonkers on Uber Driver

This video is reminiscent of the drunk kid arguing over mac and cheese. This girl, a fourth year neurology resident in Miami, was a complete drunk asshole.

The story gets worse as the police show up, “Once in handcuffs, she then tried kicking some of the police officers on the scene. It was only when they put her in the police car that she started crying, apologizing, and claiming that she would lose her medical license (she claimed to be a neurologist) if she got arrested. The parties later agreed to a cash settlement in lieu of an arrest.” 

Should we judge someone off their worst moment?

I don’t know this girl, but most likely this is her at her worst. Should one night of drunken rage cost her four years of a residency and her chance at becoming a doctor? In the Mac and Cheese video I wrote “This kid deserves what he gets” and everyone agreed. She fucked up, and when you fuck up, you have to be held responsible. I don’t feel bad.

I don’t like to say it, but, if she were a guy that did the same thing:

Kicking the Uber driver, going into that tantrum, and kicking a police officer. If this were a guy (or worse, a black guy), the cops would have pressed him against the cop car upon arrival, cuffed him, and brought him to jail without hesitation. She’s not posing as much of a physical threat as a guy, but that doesn’t mean she should be treated completely differently.

She’s not in jail, but regardless she probably feels like her life is coming to an end due to the video going viral and likely losing her residency.

I Like to Run

I haven’t posted about running in a long time. Half because there hasn’t been much to post about, and half because very few of you care.

But I’m motivated now, running a decent amount, and figure if I post it, I’m more likely to do it.

After 3 full weeks off in December, I had one week of easy running to get back into it, then I was able to get in 48 miles last week, and will be ~50-55 this week.

What am I training for?

hallI don’t know. I’m contemplating the Philly Love Run Half Marathon with some 5ks or 10ks in between.

Regardless, I’ve been doing this thing the last three years where I get in decent shape and run okay times. I want to get serious about training, actually put in some miles, and see if I could run some PRs. Then, in a year or two take a real shot at the marathon.

The window of actually getting fast is closing. Sure I still have years to PR, but as many people can probably tell you, if you get to square zero where you’re 100% out of shape, it will be very difficult to get back into it. I want to take advantage now while I’m still in good shape and have the time / lifestyle to do it.

Ryan Hall just retired. He wishes he could still train as hard as he wants.

In the end, will I look back and say “That was cool!” or “Why did I waste my time doing that?“? I don’t know, probably the latter, but for now it’s better than playing video games and getting fat.

If you watched Making a Murderer…

Then you’ll find this present day interview with former District Attorney Ken Kratz interesting.

My Thoughts:

  • Kenhated Kratz during Making a Murderer.
  • Jena Friedman, a good-looking blonde comedian is interviewing him.
    • Remember, Kratz was alleged to have sexted domestically abused women.
      • Some questions are very bizarre, and the vibe is often uncomfortable, but I assume that’s what she’s going for.
  • He’s now a defense attorney. Who would want him as a defense attorney after watching Making a Murderer?!
  • Him saying he has gotten zero admirers from the show was funny.
  • I like him a tiny bit more after this interview.
  • I sort of like Jena Friedman after this.

Sports are Corrupt


  • Inspired this post. Apparently match-fixing has been happening for years while authorities have not made an effort to stop it. Most notably, Novak Djokovic said he was offered $200,000 in 2007 to lose a match, but declined.


Track and Field



  • The NFL talks a big game about concussions and player safety but their actions speak louder than words regarding their thoughts towards that topic. Also, how Roger Goodell has handled players like Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, etc. is inconsistent and makes him look like a fool. Spygate and Deflategate are on the list, but near the bottom. I would also guess that steroids are used way more than people suspect.

As spectators, how we can have any confidence that any sport is not corrupt?

I have faith that Steph Curry is actually amazing at shooting 3s, but there isn’t much else in sports I can firmly back.

Becoming a Waiter

I’ve been contemplating becoming a waiter at restaurant for months.

The pros?

  • This didn’t turn out as good as I expected.

    I think it would be fun.

  • It would be something I’ve never done before – out of my comfort zone.
  • Manayunk has like 20 places I could do this right around the corner from my house.
  • A tiny chunk of extra cash.

The cons?

  • Much better work from Tom.
    Much better work from Tom.

    I don’t have much time to spare between work and running.

  • What if I suck at it?
  • It’s probably not as fun as I think it’s going to be.

Does anyone with serving experience care to weigh in? I was thinking 1 – 2 nights a week.

Is it enjoyable or stressful? Do I fit the part? Would I be good at it? LMK.


Tom posted a video of this guy on his blog yesterday, and it is they’re really funny.

Alex, Josh, and I spent a long time last night watching videos by this guy, and they’re all worth watching.

I’ll post my two favorite videos aside from the one Tom posted, which is absolutelyhilarious

Note – if you don’t like one, you won’t like any.