A Running Commitment

If you think running is stupid, just skip this post entirely.

This is my commitment to actually trying to run fast again. By putting this in writing, I’m more likely to carry it out.

Where I’m At

joggerSame old shit. I’ve been running 40-50 miles a week with few workouts the last month+ and am in decent shape.

I’m doing a 5 mile race tomorrow where I’ll post a respectful but generally mediocre time which I’ve been doing for three straight years now.

Either shit or get off the pot.

The Plan Moving Forward

Run more and more often.
60-80 miles a week, doubling 2-4 times a week.

Structure my weeks / workouts.
I randomly decide what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. A little more structure will help.

Choose a goal race.
I need to choose a distance first. Anything 5k – half marathon will be good. Suggestions for races in April – May? I can’t do Broad Street.

Choose other races.
A goal race is great, but there’s no fun in running if you don’t race a lot.

Avoid injury / down weeks.
Last time I got “serious” about training I got hurt and ran the worst (only) marathon of my life. Sleep, ice, ibuprofen, etc. will help. Also taking down weeks every so often will help.

Do core.
Simply put, I’m a weakling in almost every sense. Doing core 2-3 times a week will only help.

It’s hard to say, but here’s a stab at general goals for getting in shape.

5k (track) 5k (road) 10k (road) Half Marathon
Okay 16:00 16:15 33:30 76:00
Good 15:45 16:00 33:00 74:30
Great 15:30 15:45 32:30 73:00


I’ll post every other week about how it’s going for those who care.

Give advice, ask to run, let me know what races you’re doing, whatever. It’s more fun to do this with other people.

Why I Like Trump

Rob showed me this a week or two ago, and it’s catching on now. The website JebBush.com is not Jeb Bush’s website any longer, it’s Donald Trump’s. He purchased the domain and redirected it to his site.

There are two reasons I like Trump when compared to other politicians and they have nothing to do with his political views.

He doesn’t bullshit.

trumpHe’s not a politican. He’s not working for anyone. This Jeb Bush website thing is hilarious (and genius) and no other politician would do it because it would “look bad“. He’s doing and saying exactly what he wants 100% of the time whether it’s smart, stupid, right, wrong, offensive, whatever. It’s refreshing.

Politics and politicians never interested me much because they’re full of shit. When I watch Hillary do or say anything in the public eye, it feels scripted. She’s just trying too hard, every move feels calculated, and it’s off-putting to someone undecided regardless of what she’s actually saying.

I don’t like everything Trump says, and I think he’s often too personal in his attacks on others, but you can’t say isn’t genuine.

Everyone I’m connected with through social media HATES Trump

trumpThe amount of anti-Trump posts I see everyday is amazing, and it makes me like Trump more. It’s fine to disagree with anything, but my generation seems hell bent on screaming from the social rooftops even when they’re not 100% sure what they’re talking about.

The left-slanting public realizes, smartly I may add, that social media is powerful, and it can make a strong impression on the impressionable people. But non-educated voters (I consider myself one), should not be looking at social media for their political advice for two reasons, 1) it’s extremely biased, and 2) it’s not always accurate.

My thought has always been this – the people who make their voting decisions based on these 2-3 sentence summaries of politics on social media are the ones who shouldn’t be voting at all.

Instead, do your research, take a political quiz, pick someone based on what you find, not what your stupid biased social media network says.

I’m not saying I’m going to vote for Trump if he wins the primary, but it’s been said that if Trump v. Clinton happens, we’ll see the biggest voter turn out ever, which can’t be a bad thing.


Love was in the air

ValentineThe February marketing scheme that causes the price of flowers and demand for dinner reservations to temporarily inflate and puts unnecessary stress on relationship due to societal pressures to live up to some arbitrary standard has come and gone. Love and money-for-the-rich are in the air!!!

Here’s a list of my pre-high school crushes:

1st Grade – Liz C.
Lots of tension on the playground during recess. We ended up going to Ursinus together and she thinks I’m weirder now than I was in first grade. Nothing ever happened.

2nd Grade – Claire S.
A blonde bombshell who apparently also had a crush on me in 2nd grade, though I never had the stones to say anything. Haven’t seen her in years. Nothing ever happened.

3rd Grade – Taylor B.
I used to call her Starvin Marvin from South Park for no real reason. We were very flirty, then she got cancer in 5th grade. She’s fine now. Haven’t seen her in years. Nothing ever happened.

4th Grade – Claire S. / Taylor B.
Claire broke her arm just like I did two years earlier, so I tried to bond with her over that, but it didn’t work. Taylor and I still flirted. Nothing ever happened.

5th Grade – Claire S.
Nothing ever happened. 5th grade, however, was the first time I was asked out by someone else. I said no. So classic.

6th Grade – Dana C. & Marissa G.
Dana and I used to exchange notes in class and message a lot on AIM. Marissa dated Alex (current roommate) in 5th grade so it was forbidden love, but we talked about animals and her becoming a doctor. Nothing ever happened.

7th Grade – Jenna W.
We had homeroom and science together. She ended up being better friends with my brother Jeff than me though, because I was a loser and she was cool. Haven’t seen her in years. Nothing ever happened.

8th Grade – Ang V.
Used to AIM it up every day. She had a dedicated page on my buddy profile that said something really gay, but I can’t remember exactly. We ended up on different teams (like school teams, she’s not a lesbian) though and that was that. Nothing ever happened.


Question for the Coffee Drinkers

I wrote this post last April about how I never drink coffee. Well, I do now.

WawaI average like two cups a week. A few hours after drinking it I find myself sort of craving more, which is concerning. It also makes me have to poop within seconds of taking my first sip.

But all that aside, I struggle most with one aspect of coffee – the time it takes to be drinkable.

I bought a Wawa coffee about 40 minutes ago, and it’s just barely cool enough to drink now. I don’t take a first sip for at least 10-15 minutes, and I usually finish it over an hour later. It’s just too hot. What’s the issue here?

  • Does everyone wait 10-15 minutes?
  • Does adding cream cool it down?
  • Do you just get used to the temperature eventually?
  • Am I being a baby?

I’m enjoying my new coffee-drinking life but this happens every time, what the qua do I do?

*From @thatjackparsons AKA Jack, who’s tweet sums it up perfectly:

The 3 coffee temperatures:
1. This drink has physically injured me
2. The Chug Zone™
3. This is disgusting get it away from me

UC Alumni Mile 2016

Saturday was the annual Ursinus Alumni Mile.

The Race

Alumni Fun

It was great. There were just under 20 competitors which is the most its ever had and a lovely array of times. It’s not about running fast, it’s about going out and having fun and talking trash and rivalries and it just makes you feel like you’re back in school.

If you’re eligible to run next year, I recommend you do. Full results here at the very bottom of the sheet.

The After-Party

The Alumni went to the Trappe. The food was free, the drinks were cheap, and the company was great. We talked about the old times.

I’d stayed over night exactly zero times so far this year, until this weekend. We played pong, listened to loud music, went to the diner, got eggs Benny, slept uncomfortably, woke up early and hungover, and went on a long run, all just like the old days.

It’s nice to go back and relive the glory days, but it’s not something where I leave saying “Man, I wish I was back in school“. I’m a grown ass man now.

Super Bowl 50 – What’s the Bet?

Through the NFL playoffs, my gambling record is 3-2-1 and my winnings are exactly $0.

I’m going to bet the Super Bowl and need to decide what to take.

The line I see is Carolina -5.5

Arguments for Carolina

  • It’s “their year”.
  • Cam is the MVP.
  • They’re very good on both sides of the ball.
  • Peyton is old and the Denver offense won’t be able to keep up.
  • 80%+ of the money is on Carolina -5.5.

Arguments for Denver

  • It’s likely Peyton’s last game, and he wants to go out on top.
  • Denver’s defense is no joke, they’ll keep it close.
  • 80%+ of the money is on Carolina -5.5.

I italicized what I think to be the most important part here.

You can make logical arguments as to why either side will win, but when the public is betting one side very hard, you bet the other way.

My gut says Carolina, my head says Denver.

I think Carolina wins, but Denver covers.



I’m a Scrooge – Sharing This Image is Stupid

I saw this shared on Facebook today.


Things described above, someone who:

  • Is there when you need them.
  • Will catch you when you fall.
  • A shoulder to cry on.
  • Someone to laugh with.
  • A friend.

People who fit those roles:

  • Any good friend or relative.
  • Any good friend or relative.
  • Anyone who won’t make fun of you for crying.
  • Literally everyone laughs.
  • A friend.

This is the least creative thing ever. Take the most general terms possible, throw ’em together, tie it to a personal relationship everyone has, and voila, you get half a million shares, 94,000 likes and 27,000 comments. Remove the word sister at the top and have people guess who it is, you’ll see a range of answers.

Meanwhile, I slave over amazing material for my readers to get zero shares, negative likes, and comments like “butt chug until you die” and “I give this blog 0/5 stars.”

What they’re really saying

  • Is there when you need them – Cause you’re depressed.
  • Will catch you when you fall – You’re like a new-born deer, falling constantly.
  • A shoulder to cry on – You’re a pussy.
  • Someone to laugh with – Apparently everyone else thinks your jokes suck.
  • A friend – Cause you have none.


The People vs. O.J. Simpson

I was just a little guy when the O.J. Simpson trial actually happened, and without researching it, I can tell you what I think I know.

  • OJThe police tried to arrest O.J. for killing his wife.
  • He went on an infamous chase in a white bronco.
  • They caught him and took him to trial for murder.
  • He was found innocent even though everyone knew he did it.
  • He kind of admitted that he did it?
  • He stole some sports memorabilia and is now in jail for like another 30 years.

That’s what I know about O.J.’s legal troubles.

The Series

Critics love The People vs. O.J. Simpson. At the moment it has a 9.3/10 from 329 votes on IMDB. The first episode aired last night on FX.

If I knew the ending to Making a Murderer, I would have just Google’d the rest and not watched the series. That logic applies here too. What’s the incentive for me to watch this series if I already know the ending?

I don’t doubt it’s well done, but it loses its allure when there’s no shock factor. I sat through 10 hours of Making a Murder excited as hell to find out the ending. I’m not wasting 10 hours to watch this when the end-result is known.

Am I wrong here? Will the majority of sports fans tune in to this?

Are the Sixers too Good?

The Sixers were the laughing stock of the NBA this year, opening 0-18.

Now, they’re 3-4 in their last seven games, with one of those losses being in double overtime. Most recently they came within seconds of taking the best team in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors, to over-time too.

Sixers1At 7-41, they’re dangerously close to the second worst team, the Lakers, who are 9-41. The point of tanking is to set yourself for the best chance at getting the #1 pick. If the Sixers play well down the stretch, they could very well end up with the third or fourth worst record, and shoot themselves in the foot as far as getting the #1 pick and Ben Simmons.

It’s puzzling why they would bring in Jerry Colangelo and sign Ish, Smith who’s been a spark, in the middle of a successful tanking season.

But as I’ve said all along, Trust. The. Process. It’s nice to not be a complete joke anymore.

Below is an interesting note related to how teams in the NBA rebuild, highlighting that the Phoenix Suns absolutely suck right now, and the Sixers are set-up better for future success.

I took this from Dale’s Twitter.