Waking Up

Something began happening recently that is out of the ordinary for me.

My actual alarm is set to go off between 7:15 – 7:25 AM depending on the weekday. For the past couple of months, I’ve been waking up between 6:25 – 6:50 every day. Every. Single. Day.

I wake up, check the clock to see how much time I have left, and then lay down until it’s time to get up. This hasn’t happened to me before with this level of consistency ever.

Kramer AlarmWhat is happening? Is this good? Is this bad? Does this happen to other people? My internal clock seems to be on point. Maybe I can pull a Kramer and stop needing an alarm, I’ll just focus, set the internal alarm, and BAM, I’m up when I need to be.

Another PR!

Set a new bowling PR last night!


Here was the frame breakdown for the 265 (I didn’t get a pic of it at the alley).


I’m alive and hope to post with regularity again soon. I know the bowling posts are lame.

Call for a Runner

I’m participating in the American Odyssey Relay and our team is short one runner. So I’m asking my running friends / readers out there if they would be interested in joining me on this journey.

Here are some quick details:

  • The event starts on Friday, April 29, and ends the next day.
  • 12 teammates are put into two vans and run 3 legs each, varying from 3 to 8 miles.
  • Each person will run 13 – 19 miles for a team total of 200 miles.
  • One runner on the team is always running.
  • The run begins in Gettysburg and ends in Washington D.C.
  • We get to Gettysburg on Thursday evening.
  • Most of your time will be spent in a van with five other people (three of which being me, Chad, and Nikkii).
  • We can drink beer throughout.
  • It will cost like $300.
Happy runners after the relay last year.

It doesn’t sound fun, but it kind of is and it’s a very unique experience; worth doing at least once.

So if you’re interested, let me know ASAP!

Don’t worry, I’m expecting crickets, but figured it’s worth it to put it out there.

Committing to a Calendar

I’ve never been someone to plan ahead. This has caused sticky situations in the past, but it hasn’t resulted in any major problems. However, a recent event sparked some change.

Tom (sorry to call you out bro!) double booked a weekend, and one of the events is the American Odyssey Relay. He ultimately decided not to do the relay. At work, Chad stopped by and said “How does he not have a Google Calendar! Everyone needs a Google Calendar!

think-aheadThen I realized, I have a Google Calendar for work and would be lost without it. But I don’t have anything other than my below average memory for my personal life events. So I’m making a commitment to maintaining a personal Google Calendar. It’s already populated with a race I might do, a dermatologist appointment, a meeting for tomorrow night, and my AOR weekend. Good start!

How do others keep track of their stuff? Am I a noob for not having something already in place?

Here’s to a hopefully more organized life.


To the Process Trusters

A coworker told me to stop blogging about sports.

Sam Hinkie has resigned as GM of the Sixers. I’m a die-hard process-truster. Adequacy is the enemy of excellence. Teams aren’t in the NBA to be good, they’re in the NBA to win championships. Being average in the NBA is an enemy to being great. Sam Hinkie realized that.


The Sixers were the perennial 41-41 team. They were stuck in the middle where you’re the 6-8 seed in the playoffs, lose in the first round, and get the 15th draft pick. There’s a 1 in 100 chance the 15th draft pick is going to be a franchise player. What do you need to win a championship? A franchise player.

Hinkie’s tanking for a high pick is not a guarantee. The #1 pick can be a bust. But it gives you significantly more hope for the future. Our roster next year could have Okafor, Noel, Simmons / Ingram, Saric, Embiid. That’s as good a group of young players on any team in the NBA, and as good a bet as any to be a championship threat in 5 years.

But Hinkie is out now. I’m bummed. I was all-in on the process. I don’t know where the team will go, but his work was not for nothing. They’re in a good spot. I hope the Colangelos don’t go back to mediocrity for the sake of winning games.

RIP Hinkie, but the Process goes on. Believe in the Process. Trust. The. Process.


Quick Takes – Sports Predictions


  • The Golden State Warriors will end the season 73-9, winning their last four games, breaking the Bulls record.
  • The San Antonio Spurs will win the NBA championship this year.
  • The Sixers will make the playoffs next year in a competitive Eastern Conference… #trusttheprocess


  • A team will trade too much to the Titans for the #1 pick to take Carson Wentz, and it will not be the Eagles.
  • The Eagles will stay at #8 and draft either Stanley, Elliott, or Hargreaves.
  • The NFC East Champs next year will win 10 games at most (more likely 9-7), and it very well could be the Eagles.


  • Neither the Mets nor the Cubs will represent the NL in the World Series.
  • The Phillies will win between 65 and 70 games.
  • Dale won’t win his Fantasy Baseball league.

I’ve followed hockey this year more than any other, but that doesn’t make me smart enough to make any prediction that is based on any knowledge of the sport.


Yesterday I bowled what I would call the game of my life up to this point.


Not every strike was a perfectly thrown ball. The split in the 9th (4-9) was a decent ball that came in a little too hard on the head pin but it didn’t look like a split ball. In my biased opinion, it could have just as easily been a strike. The spare attempt was also incredibly close, but alas, it missed.

To finish with a turkey was bittersweet. Obviously the situation would have changed, but knowing that if I had thrown a strike in the 9th instead of an 8 split it would have been a 300 is both encouraging and frustrating. I doubt I get many more opportunities like that.

This was the 3rd game of the series. My first two were 188 and 183 for a 635 series which was a big PR.

Our team laid pipe as our final game was 825 total (season high for our team), our three game total was 2347 (196 average and second highest in the league this season), and Tom threw up a 620 series. With playoffs around the corner we’re rounding into form at the right time.

Much more bowling posts to come I’m sure!!!

Keyboard Commands Part 2

Keyboard Commands is back! (click here for the first post).

The less dependent you are on the mouse, the better. Make these commands, and the ones in the first post, part of your repertoire.


Ctrl+W – Close Tab

Close your currently open tab with Ctrl+W, a must-know in the work place. Never risk missing with the mouse. Be careful though, by closing your current tab, the next one up better be something good, like this blog.

Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Move from Tab to Tab

Move forward a tab (ctrl+tab) or back a tab (ctrl+shift+tab) without your mouse. Useful when, obviously, dealing with a lot of open tabs. I use this at work, ALL THE TIME. Especially when repeating the same action on each tab. Switching tabs with the mouse is a noob move.

Shift+Arrows / Shift+Ctrl+Arrows – Highlight Text

keyboardHold shift and press left or right to highlight one character at a time, or press up or down to highlight an entire line. Hold shift+ctrl and press left or right to highlight entire words. Great for bolding, deleting, copying, anything in Excel, etc. NEVER use the mouse to highlight, it’s a waste of time.

Ctrl+Shift+N – Open a New Incognito Window

Has this ever happened to you?:

Wow, so-and-so celebrity had great boobs in that commercial! I want to Google “[insert celeb name here] boobs”, but I don’t feel like doing it and having to delete it from my history, and it’s not worth it clicking up in the top to open an incognito window.

Problem solved – ctrl+shift+N!

That doesn’t actually happen all that often, but it’s a good trick to have in your back pocket! Ctrl+shift+N, look up whatever, ctrl+W, and it’s like it never even happened.