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The Open Meet

Surprisingly the 3000m won the vote for which event I should run. However, due to two separate factors unrelated to running, I’m not doing the 3000m.

UselessInstead, I’m doing the 400m. I could do the mile, but I’ve run multiple mile races on the track in the past year. Good thing I put it to a vote!

I have no idea what to do for a 400m.
Do I warm up for it? Should I start in blocks (definitely not)? Will I die if I go out too fast or do I just have one slow speed that I can hold for the whole time? Who the hell knows. The goal is 55.x, but I haven’t run a sub 60 400m in probably 5 years.


We went 3 -1. Tom led the way again with a 598 series and 237 last game. I bowled 211, 180, 147 which was a bit erratic. Weens and Wevs were solid, and our team is tied for 3rd out of 16. We’re averaging 180 as a team which is 4th overall no handicap. Only going to get better!

Amos, I’ll write a post about why we’re called the snakes as soon as I find out the answer to that question.

Open Track Meet – What Should I Run?

There’s an open track meet tomorrow (6/14) at GA. I’m going to compete but I’ll let my readers choose the event. The options I’ll entertain are below, and the ranges I think I’d run:

  • 400m: 55.x – 58.x
  • 800m: 2:08 – 2:15
  • Mile: 4:35 – 4:50
  • 3000m: 9:10 – 9:40

A goal I had for 2016 was to PR in anything. The only one I could realistically PR in is the 400 (I ran 56.0 as a senior in HS). I really don’t want to run the 800m. I ran too hard yesterday to think I’ll run a good mile / 3k, but maybe not.

Vote away!

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Appreciating Jim Ryun

Last night, Donovan Brazier, at age 19, ran 1:43.55 to break two of Jim Ryun’s records, the NCAA 800m record and the US Junior (under 20) 800m record. Ryun held both with his 1:44.3.

ryunThose two records have stood for 50 years. This isn’t like Wilt’s 100 point record, or Cy Young’s win total, which were achieved in “different times” because the sport was different. The watch doesn’t lie. Jim was actually faster than every single kid for the last 50 years.

Training knowledge has increased, nutrition, track surfaces, competition, you name it, and it’s better today, and it took 50 years for someone to run faster than Jim. That’s insane.

Hats off to Brazier. His run was incredible. Ryun still holds the US junior record at the mile with his 3:51.1. He’s the definition of being way ahead of his time. This video shows that.

He Bowled a 300

Last night in week #1 of our bowling league, a guy bowled a 300. This will sound like lame bowler talk, but it was actually incredible.

Word was buzzing around 8 strikes and by the time he started the 10th frame, the entire league stopped bowling to watch him. After each strike we cheered louder. By the last ball the entire place was dead quiet (aside from some shitty music) and everyone erupted when he hit it.

300I can’t imagine the pressure of having everyone watching you going into that 10th frame. My heart would be in my throat and I’d be so scared that I’d fall into the lane or something stupid and just be perma-embarrassed.

He wasn’t even the first one to scare 300. The game before, another guy had all strikes heading into the 10th frame until he bowled a 7 on his 10th ball. Needless to say, the league is not messing around this year.

As for the snakes, we start the season 2-2. Tom carried us with a 208 average, Jordan was solid at 188, I struggled a bit at 173, and Wevs is adapting to his new ball with 152.

Until next week.

Back to Bowling!

For those who missed the bowling posts, don’t worry, they’re back!!!

The Monday League starts up again tonight. Now that we have a season under our belts as a team, I’m going to set some goals for this season. Setting goals is a good thing to do.

  • 185+ personal average for the season
  • Personal single game PR (265)
  • Personal 650+ series
  • Team makes the freakin’ playoffs
  • Team single game PR of 850+
  • Team 2400+ series
  • .600 team win %

The weekly updates will be back. Lets go Snakes! Tap Tap Tsss!!!

Bowling is back! Bowling is back!
Bowling is back! Bowling is back!

THAT Parent

Yesterday I ran a race. There was a solid runner who is just graduating high school. We ran the first half together then I dropped him and won by a little.

Afterward, we had the usual post race talk. He’s a nice kid (aside from the fact that he wore headphones during the race (#hobbyjogger!)) and told me he’s running in college in the fall. It was a good conversation.

A few minutes later, a woman approaches me. Here’s my conversation with her:

Woman“Hi, great race! That was my son who got second.”

Me“Thanks! We ran together for a bit he’s a good runner.”

Woman“Yeah he has exercised induced asthma so hot days like this are a lot of trouble for him”

Me“Oh, okay. He said he’s going to [insert school here] next year to run?”

Woman“Yes. He got a double scholarship, academics and athletics.”

Me“Oh, great. Good for him. Seeyuhlater!”

Dear ParentsThe conversation oozed with the overbearing-mom-who-speaks-for-her-son-way-too-much-and-thinks-he’s-perfect vibe. The kid didn’t make any excuses, I actually kind of liked him. Why does his mom feel the need to defend him here?

I understand that everyone wants their kid to be the best or to be special. Don’t these parents realize how ridiculous they sound? Do some people just lose the ability to think rationally when addressing anything about their kid? They can’t be that oblivious but this seems to happen often.

2016 NBA Finals Thoughts

I’d sum up last night’s game 1 in one word – disappointing.

After the Thunder / Warriors series, last night was just a let-down. It felt less important than that series. The quality of play felt worse too.

Lebron and StephHow does this happen? You have a generational player in Lebron and the best shooter ever in Curry, and it was just a bad game. Cleveland had a small run to take the lead by one or two in the 2nd half, but that only lasted a few minutes. Last night was a blowout and Steph and Klay played horribly. 

Is anyone tired of Lebron walking through the East to get to the Finals every year? I think both the Thunder and Spurs would beat the Cavs in a 7-game series. Why is the East so bad outside of the team Lebron is on? Why don’t players like Lillard, Chris Paul, Durant, Westbrook, etc. realize they have a way better chance in the East than playing the Spurs / Warriors in the West?

I don’t like Lebron, but watching him lose in the Finals over and over to a way better West team is BORING. The Eastern Conference playoffs are a disgrace and the Western Conference Finals are more competitive than the Finals themselves.

If this changed, the Finals would be way more exciting.

Warriors in 5.

Would you rather be super rich in 1900 or be below average wealth in 2016?

I saw this question posed on Letsrun.

Super Rich in 1900


  • You never have to do anything, people will be waiting on you hand and foot.
  • repoduckshonSuper rich = super powerful. Corruption is timeless.
  • You could probably bang any guy or girl you want to.
  • Ignorance is bliss – it’s not like you’d be sitting there saying “Man, I want to play some COD. Fuck! It’s only 1900!
  • No SJWs to ruin your fun.
  • I’d be one of the fastest people there.
  • Murder was probably easy to get away with (see pic!).
  • This blog wouldn’t exist.
  • America was great.


  • Poorer health knowledge.
  • I’d have to wear glasses 100% of the time.
  • Religion was way too cool.
  • The food isn’t as good.
  • Limited ability to travel.
  • No AC.
  • No Monday bowling league.

Slightly Below Average in 2016


  • Better health care (thanks a lot Obama).
  • Professional sprots.
  • zebra costume
    “The tables have turned, humans!”

    No more zoos with people, just animals, that we shoot when children fall into their exhibits.

  • Can socially hide behind texts and Snapchats, no need for human interaction.
  • Trump is MAGA.


  • Can’t say anything cause of the SJDubs!
  • Below average wealth = stress.
  • This blog exists.

Sorry, I’ve been writing this for like half an hour and just want to post it at this point.


Guess the Change – And the Winner is….

Rob “TM MAGA” Kelley!

The official total was $73.82, and Rob edged out TC by a mere FIVE cents.

Congrats Rob. I can’t wait to see what I write in the card that I give you, then to see you throw the card out without reading it, then to see what you buy with the $14.76(!!!) you won (trashcan?!).

Full results are below in order from closest to furthest.

Rank Name Amount Guessed Amount Off
1 Rob Kelley $69.69 $4.13
2 TC $78.00 $4.18
3 Jeff $82.49 $8.67
4 Brookes $63.48 $10.34
5 Gourlay $61.45 $12.37
6 Abud $58.18 $15.64
7 Adam D $57.66 $16.16
8 Emlamb $56.21 $17.61
9 Krista $51.33 $22.49
10 Mark $50.00 $23.82
11 Ian $47.53 $26.29
12 Slade $43.45 $30.37
13 Rudy $42.69 $31.13
14 Laura $107.33 $33.51
15 Grace $39.73 $34.09
16 Queef $36.69 $37.13
17 Brett $27.03 $46.79
18 Lebron James $134.22 $60.40
19 Simoncini $9.00 $64.82
20 Dale $0.69 $73.13
21 Sam Hinkie $157.62 $83.80
22 Bud $196.15 $122.33
23 Evan $207.84 $134.02

Thanks for participating!

For those interested (no one) here were the denominations:

Coin Count Value
Penny 442 $4.42
Nickle 121 $6.05
Dime 211 $21.10
Quarter 169 $42.25

It took probably 2 casual hours to count every coin twice for what it’s worth.


Guess the Change and Win!

Guess how much change* I have and the closest guess gets 20% and a written card! No Price Is Right rules (you can guess over and win). Acceptable forms of entry are blog comments, Facebook replies, Twitter replies, and texts if you feel so inclined.

Guess away!

*All foreign currencies will be converted to USD at the current exchange rate