Weens Bowled a 300

Weens, AKA Jordan Cohen, bowled a 300.

Also worth noting was bowling a 769 series (235 average for the other two games) which is far and away the high any Snake has had. Regretfully, I wasn’t there last night to witness the feat.

Fortunately, Weens isn’t part of the $1,000 bet that Tom and I have for bowling a 300. This definitely serves as motivation, as I’m both happy for Weens and jealous of him at the same time.

Congrats Jordan. I doubt you’ll read this, but it’s worthy of a blog post.

Here’s a video of the final shot for those who are FB friends with Evan.


Another Running Fraud – Dave Reading

Dave Reading of the UK planned on running 836 miles in 9 days to raise money for charity, which would be a world record for the distance. He has a dozen sponsors and thousands of supporters.

At 49, Dave’s story is fascinating. He used to smoke two packs a day until 2014 when he decided to stop smoking and start running. Since then he’s “run” a 3:12 marathon (no official time / splits), and decided to attempt this record, as he’s regularly logging 100 – 120 miles a week.

Letsrun called him out (shortly after the KP Kelly incident) and after hundreds of posts of (some) logic and evidence, it was concluded that this was surely a scam. Dave agreed to wearing a GPS watch for the attempt, but refused to use one that showed heart rate and cadence. Since this is a record attempt that would have RV support, by using just a GPS watch, there would be no way of telling whether Dave was running next to the RV, or sitting on his ass in the RV.  

Since the backlash, Dave and his team wrote a post on their Facebook page announcing their withdrawal from the record attempt due to the negativity and skepticism surrounding it.

My favorite comment was a supporter saying “if the world record is what he really wants then go for it!” (genuinely supporting Dave) and a member of his team responding that he “to be honest, he doesn’t want [the record] anymore”.

Yup, the guy who’s been logging 120 mile weeks for months is canceling his world record attempt because a group of people on the internet want him to provide proof that he’s actually going to do what he says he’s going to do.

Dave is now just trying to finish the 836 mile trek at this point regardless of time.

Why do so many people lie?

It comes down to two main reasons I think:

  • The Money – Between all of the gear, donations, and future speaking opportunities, Dave would’ve set himself up pretty nicely to profit from something he didn’t actually do. Robert Young and Alex Viada were in similar boats of literally making a profit off of something they didn’t do.
  • The Fame – I think this is more common. Normal people don’t think up elaborate public scams to make money, they do it much more discretely. It takes a real narcissist to lie to thousands of people and convince them that you’re doing something amazing for such a selfless reason. This is the Mike Rossi, Jane Seo, KP Kelly, Robert Young type.

I have no sympathy for people like this being outed or their gullible sheeple defenders. In Dave’s case, they’ll never admit to lying which is the worst part.

Another fraud outed, fine by me!

Successful Move

The move was successful, thanks in big part to Brookes. There’s free coffee in the lobby which is awesome. Covy is adjusting nicely. Within 10 minutes of being there he jumped behind the fridge which was worrisome, but he’s since gotten more comfortable and roams around freely now.

The biggest issue we’ve run into, and we both agreed, is that there’s too much space. We were not prepared to fill the amount of space we have, and because of that, everything looks very bare. Our main room has only a couch and TV right now. We’ve noted that as an area that needs improvement.

With no cable until tomorrow, we’ll have to find a place to watch the Championship game tonight. With the last bet of the college basketball season on the table, I think I’m going to place a big wager on my boys from Spokane. Zags +1.5 seems like a Zags line, and I may moneyline it just to be the man.

Lastly, this flu is still lingering. I went 10 straight days without running and hope to return to my normal schedule soon. I certainly haven’t improved my fitness, I’m just hoping I haven’t lost much.

I don’t like these “general check in” posts, but I just felt like getting something up.

TTP Capital – Dale’s Blog

Dale started a blog dedicated to tracking his effort in Daily Fantasy Baseball.

He’s starting with $1,000 and hoping to hit it big.

He already has a number of posts laying out his methodology and how he’ll execute his lineups. He values home runs and strikeouts, and has a very elaborate Excel sheet designed to tell him who are the best matchups / values are each night.


I find baseball boring, but I’ve read every post so far and am actually very interested in following Dale’s success or failure this season.

If DFS interests you, or even just using data to make decisions, I suggest catching up and reading along.

Plus it will piss Gourlay off if his blog gets popular or if it actually works.

Good luck Dale!

Demise and Rise of Video Games

My first video game memory is playing Altered Beast, Sonic, and Golden Ax with Jeff on Sega Genesis when I was probably 3 years old – video game noises are amazing by the way.

Since living at home the last 9 months, I’d guess I’ve spent an hour or two total playing video games. This is really the first time in my life that I’ve not played video games for an extended period of time.

People always told me you’re wasting your time playing video games!” and that I could be doing so many more productive things. But after taking 9 months off, that’s false. Video games don’t take time away from anything because I’m not doing anything anyway. I just go on 4chan more which most would argue is worse than video games. If I want to do something more “productive”, I can do it with or without video games.

Rob has an XBox One with Fifa and COD. There’s a good chance I play both regularly. I can’t wait.

Let’s hope this old man hasn’t lost his touch!

One Flu Over

I’ve had the flu since Thursday and it’s awful. I didn’t get a flu shot cause they’re for nerds but I regret that.

I remember reading in history books that the flu killed more people a year than any other disease (no citation) and wondered how that could be. But after having it, I can safely say I’d be dead if this was 1800.

I’d be huddled up with 8 blankets in our log cabin next to the fire and my family would hate me. They’d be gathering food and wood and I’d be groveling all day like I am now. Then, without the aid of prescription drugs, I’d die and my family wouldn’t even notice for a few days.

Fingers crossed that this goes away soon.

My head was massive as a child

Here are two videos that Tom has posted on his Youtube. They’re vintage footage of the Stortz family in the 90s. In both, I’m 1-2 years old, and my head is MASSIVE. Weirdly enough, this makes me excited to have a family.

Note that I don’t cry once in either video.


Laura won’t like this one. 

I make an extended appearance at the end.

Running Frauds

The running community has become littered with frauds and cheaters. While there are plenty more than the four I’ve listed here, these are some great examples. I don’t understand what possesses people to do things like this.

Mike Rossi

The Mike Rossi thread on Letsrun has more than 26,000 posts.

Mike Rossi went viral for writing this letter to his son’s principal when she didn’t grant his son an excused absence from school to watch him run the Boston Marathon.

Funny thing is, Mike cheated to qualify for Boston. He claims to have run 3:11:45 at the Lehigh Valley Marathon in 2014.

After piling up evidence that he cheated, Letsrun’s founders offered him $100,000 to duplicate the time within a year. A year has passed, Rossi never attempted to claim his prize but to this day denies any wrongdoing.

Boston has a finite number of entries, meaning Rossi stole a spot from someone who ran slower, but actually ran. A travesty. This happens more often than you think.

Alex Viada

Alex Viada is a trainer for “hybrid” athletes.

Viada’s claim to fame is being able to squat 700 pounds while also running a 4:15 mile, which is still quoted on a number of articles. He regularly posted GPS results of his workouts on his Facebook, including many 400m repeats in 60 seconds.

At well over 200 pounds, the Letsrun crowd wasn’t buying it. After long threads on the topic, Letsrun admins began mysteriously deleting anything that mentioned Viada. Conversely, Viada removed all mentions of running times on his personal website and Facebook profile. So it appears some mutual agreement was reached.

I give him credit that he stopped making the claims, but he had to be caught for that to happen, and never actually owned up to his lies.

The multiple false claims of running ability surely built his reputation with prospective clients though.

Robert Young

Robert Young recently attempted to “run across the USA“. Similar to Rossi, the Letsrun crowd exposed the cheater with a 10,000+ post thread on the topic.

Robert was knocking out 60-70 mile days left and right and publicizing the attempt as much as possible.

Letsrun recaps how he was caught here, but once all eyes were on him, he got “injured” and had to end his attempt.

He vehemently denied any cheating and said he was going to release the GPS data, including cadence and heart rate, to prove his innocence, but never did. When investigators went to get the data from his GPS watches, he had wiped them clean. Even his own sponsor said he cheated.

The run was to benefit charity, but there’s no telling how much was going to Young’s pocket. He’s since deleted his personal website.

This all brings us to our newest fraud – Kevin “KP” Kelly

The other stories have played out, but KP’s is at its infancy, which is why this is interesting.

On Friday, the Letsrun crowd questioned KP’s claim to have run 100 marathons in 100 days (but on the 100th day, he decided to run 100 miles just because). He also says he’s run a 3:00 marathon and a 4:20 mile.

KP is 6’7, 250 lbs, and like the other runners on our list, he has little natural talent but a lot of drive!

He runs for charity, but says that the money donated should go directly to his gofundme, which he’ll then donate to charity himself.

Unlike Robert Young, he didn’t wear a GPS watch for his feat, and has no real proof of anything, though he claims many of the marathons are being done in he low-mid 4 hour range. He hasn’t lost much weight in the 100 days that’s for sure.

To raise more eyebrows, his marathon PR comes from a race where he missed every timing mat. That, coupled with the fact that a 4:20 mile PR would likely be the world record for someone weighing 250 lbs, provides more than enough evidence to justify calling this guy a fraud.

He hasn’t come under fire yet, but he’s indulging in the publicity while it’s still focused on his amazing feat instead of the amazing fraud.

It may seem premature to call KP a fraud. Like the die-hard fans of Rossi, Viada, Young, and other frauds, people will say that guys like me are cynical and trying to tear down a good thing.

My response is they’re naive and uneducated on the subject matter – 6’7, 250 pound guy who has no proof of running ONE marathon faster than 4 hours cannot run 100 marathons in a row in the manner which he’s suggesting.

I’m excited to see how this one plays out! Follow the Letsrun thread if you’re interested!

LaVar Ball is Winning

The LaVar Ball show has been going on for weeks now. It started off when he made claims that his son Lonzo was better than Steph Curry and that he was going to play to the Lakers no matter what.

Then he claimed that he himself could beat Michael Jordan in a game of 1 on 1 when they were in their prime.

After weeks of making ridiculous statements, LaVar moved from talking at his home to being invited onto the biggest sports talk shows in the nation.

After watching LaVar on First Take with Stephen A this week, it’s painfully obvious that he’s just a troll. He knows he wouldn’t beat MJ 1 on 1. He knows that if Lonzo and Steph switched places, the Warriors would be worse and UCLA would be better. He’s just promoting himself and his family, and the sports media bit.

LaVar is taking advantage of every minute of his 15 minutes of fame. Regardless of what happens next, he’s way more famous than he should be, and for that, I give him credit.

The Move Out

Rob and I move in in 10 days. We’ve known about it for months but naturally haven’t started planning anything yet.

I told him yesterday that I’d write an email laying out everything we need to figure out but I was tired so I went to bed.

I told him today I’d write the email but I started writing this post instead.

Some people take planning too seriously. We’re not planners but I don’t see us running into any problems in 10 days.

Worst case scenario? We have no couches in the living room this weekend. Or two couches. I’m not sure which would be worse.

So as a non-planner, I’ll open it up to the blog audience. What’s something we might forget? Help us out!

The one thing I do know is that this will be on repeat in the apartment.