San Francisco Observations

  • The hill hype is real, they’re horrible, day ruiners even.
  • Homeless people are everywhere, basically every street in the center city area.
  • There are probably as many dogs as homeless people, sometimes they come together.
  • Every 10th car is a Toyota Prius.
  • I got to hang out with Slade for a day, his place is amazing and he makes the best Manhattan I’ve ever had.
  • There’s more diversity compared to Philly, but I’ve especially noticed there’s a large Asian population.
  • There are a lot of gay people but it doesn’t seem any more “in your face” than Philly, except for Castro, that place is really gay.
  • However, this conference itself is the Sheeple Capital of the World, I’m just one of the herd.
  • I got to see Mark Cuban and a few others do a live Shark Tank which was really cool. He’s as smart in real life as on the show.
  • We’re going to see U2 in concert tonight and I don’t know if I think it will suck or be awesome.
  • The temperature is sort of always perfect.
  • I spontaneously did a 6 x 800 workout with the West Valley Track Club which was pretty cool.
  • According to my pedometer, I’ve taken 70,000 steps the last two days.
  • It’s noticeable being 3 hours behind everyone. I’m not a huge fan.

I’ll be back on Saturday morning. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post again until then, not that anyone is reading this thing anyway. HAGL!

Post Race Paul Short 2016

The Race

Mile 1- 5:19. I got sucked out in the pack and hit the first mile in 5:19. A little quick and I didn’t feel great.

Mile 2 – 5:20. This surprised me as I thought I’d slowed down. Still didn’t feel good but maybe I’ll surprise myself?

Mile 3 – 5:35. The muddiest / hilliest mile on the course. Expected it to be a bit slower, still didn’t feel good.

Mile 4 – 5:36. Uh oh, I’m starting to die and this is becoming pretty painful.

Mile 5 – 5:20. The first half of this mile was horrible. I did manage to kick and finish well in the last 600.

Final time – 27:10.


Pretty happy! Seventh fastest 8k I’ve ever run and I didn’t feel good at any point in this race. If I could do it again I’d try to go out a little slower and I maybe could’ve scared 27:00.

The Winner!

Laura wins with a guess of 27:11 almost hitting the nail exactly on the head!

Paul Short 2016 Prediction Post

I’m running the Paul Short 8k Open Race on Saturday. The closest guess to my final time will get $10 and a letter!!!

Quick training recap

I’ve been running 20-25 miles a week for the past 6 weeks after taking 2 weeks completely off in August.

I’m hammering most of my runs, with my most recent hard effort being an 8 miler at VG with splits of 6:32, 6:29, 6:23, 6:22, 6:15, 6:00, 5:57, 5:38.

The last 8k I did was Rothman where I surprisingly ran 26:49 when I thought 27:15 was my ceiling.

The weather is supposed to be low 60s with potential for rain.

That being said, I’d put the over / under at 27:30

Guess away!

For Fun – Paul Short Results through the years:

2005 (5k) – 20:33
Gourlay beat me by 4 seconds. This is when I knew I’d make the Olympics.

2008 (5k) – 16:45
At the 1 mile mark my coach asked me if I fell because I was apparently so far back in the field (this was a PR at the time).

2009 – 27:43
Freshman year Sam’s fastest 8k.

2010 – 26:57
Take that Jatin & Jeremey!

2011 – 26:56
Jatin ran 10 seconds behind me the whole race cause he “didn’t feel good” and I was pissed. Props to Wacker for the 33:08.

2012 – 28:29
Mark pwn’d me. Props to Slade for the 31:23

2014 – 27:45
I was running 75 miles a week training for the Philly marathon and ran slower than freshman year Sam. Quality > Quantity.

I Don’t Think Trump Interrupting Hillary Was Sexist

I saw an article shared on Facebook titled Last night’s US presidential debate will be shown in gender studies classes for years to come – saying that Trump interrupted Hillary 51 times during the debate. According to the article, these were “micro-aggressions” used to “belittle women publicly as a way to assert power, and to dismiss women.”

This was one of dozens of posts / articles about how Trump’s actions were a great example of sexism.

I don’t think this is an example of sexism at all.

  • Trump interrupted Hillary 51 times on Monday. That’s a fact.
  • The article (and tons of other social media posts) states he did so as a sexist gesture to belittle her opinion as a woman. That’s not a fact.

My first thought when I read that headline was – that wasn’t sexism, Trump interrupts EVERYONE he debates.

But that was just my gut, no real evidence. So I tried to find some examples of Trump debating males during the Republican Primary.

Here’s a great video of Trump interrupting Ted Cruz 21 times in two minutes. I could post 10 more videos of him interrupting Jeb, Marco Rubio, Ted, etc. but you get the point. His behavior in the debate on Monday is in line with what he’s shown in the past regardless of the gender of his opponents.

Did the article mention anything about Trump’s previous debate-interruption-rates? Of course not, why research that?! They jump on the first notion that he interrupted her because Hillary is a woman, not because he’s a dick / bad debater in that regard / has proven to do that at every debate in the past.

This article, and all the others, are examples (in my opinion) of left-media spinning things as sexist because that’s what the sheeple want to read. It’s confirmation bias – everyone wants to believe Trump is sexist, and when they see articles supporting that idea, they read it to validate their thoughts.

sheepleThis is the same scenario as the Pepe post I wrote. My intent isn’t to defend Trump, he’s definitely been sexist, but it’s aggravating when the left-media accuses Trump of sexism (like racism, an accusation that should not be taken lightly) when it’s not at all based in fact / evidence, and even ignores evidence to make their point.

If anything, his interruptions were an example of Hillary being smart. She’d bait him into interrupting / ranting and it made him look like an idiot. It worked perfectly. Write about that. It had nothing to do with him being sexist towards her.

Sexism does exist. This is not an example of Trump being sexist.

What should I do in San Francisco?

I’m going to San Francisco this Sunday and returning next Friday / Saturday. I’m going for Dreamforce, so I’ll have a lot of activities scheduled for that, but there will be time for exploring, and as a Cali-noob, I’m looking for suggestions.

What I have planned / have been told to see

  • slade
    The Glory Days

    I’m going to Slade’s when I get there on Sunday afternoon.

That’s it. That’s everything.

Any good places to go on a run? A fun bar to go with Slade to watch the NFL games? Other-worldly strip clubs?

I’ve never even been to California. I should probably seek out a California Condor? Slade? What are we going to do for the like 3 hours we have together? Natty Ice Wizards?

Please help.

Get It Together United States Government

This isn’t about the fact that the two primary presidential candidates suck, or that a toddler can buy a bazooka, or that some people in the government say women can’t have abortions because they believe everything written in a book that was put together 2000 years ago by idiots.

This is about our government living in the stone age.

In the year 2016, my country, the United States of America, with the highest GDP of any of the 196 countries in the world, wants me to MAIL IN A FORM TO UPDATE MY ADDRESS. REPEAT – MAIL. IN. A. FORM.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m registered to vote in Collegeville PA, and I want to change it to my current residence so I don’t have to drive to Ursinus to vote (for Hinkie / Wentz ’16) on Election Day.

Give me one good reason I can’t go in to whatever database it is, submit my name / license # / SSN / whatever and update my address online? Seriously, is this 1992? I pay my taxes, what the hell are those going towards?!

Can anyone enlighten me as to why this process is so archaic?

***Update – I’m the idiot. Gourlay alerted me that it can be done online, and I did that. Good job government!

NFL Week 3 2016 – My Lock of the Week

Pick of the Week – Cincinnati Bengals -3.5 vs. Denver Broncos

Lock of the week

I was spot on last week, so I hope you all made money. Here’s some more money for you.

Other games to keep an eye on

Oakland Raiders -2 @ Tennessee Tittas

Dallas Cowboys – 7 vs. Chicago Bears

I Suck At Art

I spent about five or six hours coloring this in.


I suck at art. In first grade I lost a drawing contest to Jason Cho (we both had to draw an apple) and ever since I just acknowledge that I’m bad at art. I don’t have a good eye for it, and I don’t understand how to make things look good.

Whatever. If anyone wants this, let me know, cause I’m probably going to just throw it out.

Music in art. Running is art. Bowling is art. I’m an artist, just not in the traditional sense.

A Sandal for Everyone – My Recommendations

A reader-request for my advice on Sandals.

I’m grading them on three categories – Comfort, Durability, and Douglas. I don’t include price because it’s negligible in my opinion.


rainbowsComfort: ★★★★
Durability: ★★
Douglas: ★★★★

When they’re not wet, the comfort is 5-stars. They’re well-accepted among the sheeple so the Douglas is pretty high. The durability, however, lacks. When they get wet, they become slimey (-1 comfort) and wear through crazy-fast, though I know most don’t wear them in the rain / snow as I did. I think the demographic leans female on this.

If you’re looking for a high-comfort sandal to wear every now and then, Rainbows are a great pick.


reefsComfort: ★★★★
Durability: ★★★
Douglas: ★★★

High comfort, moderate durability, and decently douglas’d (though some are really ugly). Some also come with a bottle opener on the bottom so if you’re slammin’ some spontaneous brews, it’s a plus (though sort of tool-ish too). I think the demographic leans male on this.

If you’re a frequent sandal-wearer looking for a go-to sandal, Reefs are a good choice.

G.H. Bass & Co.

imageComfort: ★★★
Durability: ★★★★★
Douglas: ★★★★

This is my current pair, and what I personally recommend, though I bought them in Bethlehem after a Modest Mouse concert so they may be hard to find… They’re not as comfortable as the previous two, but they’re the most durable sandal I’ve ever had and they’re pretty cool looking! I have no idea what the demographic on this is because I’d never heard of them.

If you wear sandals every possible chance you get and durability is a must, these are my top pick.

NFL Week 2 2016 – My Lock of the Week

It’s back!!!

Pick of the Week – Atlanta Falcons +4.5 @ Oakland Raiders

Lock of the week

First lock of the season for me. Feel free to take it to the bank and thank me later.

It may seem strange that I’m betting against Oakland here since I just posted about how they’re going to make the AFC Championship game, but I’m just reading the lines sheeple, no bias here.

I’m only going to post one game because it’s my first go-round this season. Stay tuned though, I’ll have some more picks in the coming weeks!