Mother Lode – WTQ

I read an article that used the term Mother Lode, as in, “we hit the mother lode!”

mitI immediately started laughing. What idiot spelled load L-O-D-E and how did that get passed proofreading? I thought I was stupid, check out these bozos!

Then I Googled it.


Mother lode is right? Are you f*ckin’ kidding me? WTQ is a lode? Apparently it’s silver or gold or some BS.

Tell me you know it was LODE not LOAD.

You’re lying.

An Argument for the Multiverse (or Perhaps the Existence of God!)

This took about 3 hours to write and only a few people are still reading this after that title (hope you enjoy Bud, Brookes, & Kurt!).

I’ve read a dozen times that the Multiverse theory is becoming more popular among scientists these days, but I’ve never actually read any reasons why. The book I just blogged about finally spelled out a great reason why.

First, what’s the Multiverse theory?

The Multiverse theory says that our universe is one of a finite or infinite number of universes that are all existing simultaneously.

There are different theories that try to explain the characteristics of the multiverse itself or how it came to be, but that’s getting too deep – the simple idea of being one of potentially infinite universes is interesting enough.

So why do some think the Multiverse exists?

Science has observed a set of fundamental parameters that hold true throughout our observable universe. The two examples cited are the Strong Nuclear Force, and Dark Energy. Both values were “randomly” set within a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the big bang.

The Strong Nuclear Force

The force between protons and neutrons that bind the nucleus of an atom together. This force is constant.

pidgeon-watIf the strong nuclear force were a few % stronger, the hydrogen atoms at the beginning of the universe would’ve fused with other hydrogen atoms to make helium atoms, and there would be no hydrogen. While we don’t know for sure, hydrogen (water) seems vital in supporting life.

Conversely, if the strong nuclear force were a few % weaker, then the complex atoms that are needed for what we know as biology wouldn’t hold together. They’d break apart into smaller atoms.

Dark Energy

The Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Gravity should be slowing expansion down, not speeding it up. Dark Energy is the unseen, undiscovered, unknown energy that scientists use to explain why it’s speeding up.

The “amount” of Dark Energy in the universe is constant. If this amount were a little different, life in the universe would have no chance of existing.

His words, not mine.
His words, not mine.

A little larger, and the universe would have accelerated so rapidly that matter in the young universe could have never pulled itself together to form stars and hence complex atoms made in stars.

A little smaller and the universe would have decelerated so rapidly that it would have recollapsed before there was time to form even the simplest atoms.

How does this support the Multiverse?

If there really is just one universe – the one we’re in – then the odds of it being able to sustain any type of life based on these two parameters (moreso dark energy) is insanely small.

So how are we here? The Multiverse!

There are an infinite number of universes out there and we just happen to live in one that’s well suited for life (similar to planets around stars). If it weren’t capable of supporting life, we wouldn’t be here to ponder the question!

This “solves” the almost-mathematical-impossibility that our universe, with it’s amazing-life-supporting fundamental parameters, exists. If it were one of one, that would be amazing. If it’s one of infinity, that’s a little less insane.

How is this an argument for God?

You might be able to guess a theist’s answer to the question of “How do these numbers work out so perfectly to support and produce life?”. Intelligent design may in fact be the answer.

Most scientists lean towards the Multiverse theory as an explanation instead of settling for “something we’ll never see or understand made it happen“. They crave evidence and understanding.

But as the author of this book points out, since the Multiverse theory is un-prove-able, it requires perhaps as big a leap of faith as the belief in an Intelligent Designer. I’m openly an atheist, but this one made me think.

“You read weird stuff.”

Today I started reading a book called The Accidental Universe which I purchased while in San Francisco. Here’s the description:

accidental-uniAlan Lightman explores the emotional and philosophical questions raised by recent discoveries in science. He looks at the dialogue between science and religion; the conflict between our human desire for permanence and the impermanence of nature; the possibility that our universe is simply an accident; the manner in which modern technology has separated us from direct experience of the world; and our resistance to the view that our bodies and minds can be explained by scientific logic and laws.

When my mom asked what I was reading, I told her and she replied with “You read weird stuff.

On average, I read 2-4 books a year. My mom says she reads one book every 7-10 days. She reads novels; mostly fictional stories, like movies on paper.

i-dont-areNovels interest me close to 0%. Similar to LOTR and Star Wars, I just don’t care. Additionally, I don’t have motivation to read because I’m a slow reader and if the only reason I’m reading it is for entertainment, well, I’m not very entertained.

Books like The Accidental Universe interest me. They’re more direct. It’s not a story, it’s learning. I’m 15 pages into this book and I’ve already read a dozen sentences that make me stop to just think about what was written. Novels, in my experience, never have that same effect.

Am I the weird one for finding zero interest in novels? Do people under 30 still read them?

NFL Week 8 2016 – My Lock of the Week

I’m 5 for 6 on locks this season. If you haven’t been taking these bets then I don’t know what to tell you.

Lock of the Week – Carolina Panthers -3 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Lock of the week

Why are the 1-5 Panthers favored in anything? I don’t know. They suck. Arizona’s defense also looked very solid against Seattle. Panthers win at home, maybe this is the start of their comeback.

Other game to keep an eye on:
New England Patriots -7 @ Buffalo Bills.

80%+ of bets are on New England which is scary and goes against my typical betting logic, but expect Brady to steamroll the Bills in revenge after not being able to defend Foxborough in week 4 when the Bills shut out the Patriots. I don’t know DFS well, but Brady, Blount, and Gronk would be my thought.

“Great” Movies I’ve Never Seen

I’m not a movie buff. People act surprised when I say “I’ve never seen that”. Here’s a semi-comprehensive list of my biggest misses and a quick sentence thought.

Want to Watch

no-countryNo Country For Old Men – Old men? Trying to rule the country? Trump?
Rain Man – With my luck at blackjack, I sometimes feel like Rain Man.
The Godfather – Horse head in the bed and he’s making incredible offers
The Godfather Part II – Two horse heads in the bed this time!
A Few Good Men – Nicholson is the male version of Hillary 25 years earlier.
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – Nicholson is Trump 25 years from now.
There Will Be Blood – Absolutely no clue what this is about or who’s in it.
Schindler’s List – Tom cries like a baby every time he watches this.
Philadelphia – Tom Hanks spreads aids all over my city.



ragingRaging Bull – De Niro plays Rocky before Rocky existed.
Taxi Driver – Sequel to raging bull. Is this with Jimmy Fallon?
Top Gun – Tom Cruise flies planes and his pet goose dies?
12 Years a Slave – After 12 years I’m assuming one side is really happy and one’s not.
Braveheart – Alex will put this at the top of the list for me to watch.
Django Unchained – Black vs. White with a lot of bad words I think?


Don’t Want to Watch

"This movie sucks!"
“This movie sucks!”

Wizard of Oz – Too old to be good.
Avatar – A less cool version of Warcraft and I can’t tree rush.
All Star Wars – Luke kills his father and bangs his sister or something.
Lord of the Rings – Only saw the first, Snoooooozefest.
Citizen Kane – Hoping it’s about the wrestler Kane?
Jaws – A paper mache shark goes HAM on some tourists.
E.T. – There’s just no way this movie can be good. I refuse to believe it. 0% chance.



embiidQuick takes:

  • I haven’t been that excited watching a basketball game maybe ever. Basketball is back in Philadelphia.
  • Every time Embiid touched the ball was a reason to stand up.
  • Embiid looked awesome. Smooth shot, great footwork, good defense, hustled on every play, great attitude. He’s the future. He’s THE PROCESS!
  • Sergio is a pretty reliable point. Comfortable with him in leading the offense and he had a really good night.
  • Okafor looked a little rusty and left some easy points out there due to lack of touch around the basket. It will come around though.
  • Saric had a bad night and took a total bonehead 3 with two minutes left that may have cost them the game.
  • Stauskus actually did a pretty good job making plays. Good game for him.
  • Richaun had a great double-block play early on but not much else. Wouldn’t expect much more.
  • Henderson was fine but not a good play at the end when the Sixers needed a bucket.
  • Covington and Grant had nice games.
  • Not much from McConnell or Thompson on a small number of minutes.
  • I wish to everything that I went to the game. Chanting “MVP” while Embiid was taking free throws. Trust the Process chants. Amazing stuff, good job Philly (except the dipshit who flipped Westbrook the bird).
  • It was a heartbreaking loss to be honest. Being young and inexperienced cost them at the end of this game, but a very positive opener all around.

2016-2017 Sixers Season Preview

Sam Hinkie may be dead, but I guarantee he’s proud of what this Sixers team is at the moment, and he believes in what they can become in the next 5-10 years.

Joel “The Process” Embiid

embiidDrafted with the third pick in the 2014 NBA draft, tonight is the long-awaited NBA debut of JOEL “THE PROCESS” EMBIID!

He’s been plagued with a foot injury for two years which is scary for a big man. Coach Brett Brown will be actively limiting his playing time which is a smart decision and all is supposedly good.

As a Sixers fan, it’s hard not to pick Embiid as your favorite player. He’s fully embraced the Process and Sam Hinkie as the mastermind behind it all. He has arguably the best social media presence of any NBA player and a great personality.

As far as his game goes – he’s looked very good this preseason, averaging almost as many points as minutes played. He’s an athletic 7 footer with a good post game, solid outside shot, and a good rim protector. We’ve yet to see him in real NBA action, but he has top-5-player-in-the-NBA potential.

This SI piece is pretty good – Joel Embiid: “I’m the Process”

Ben Simmons

Players and fans alike suffered through 72 losses last season just to have a chance at this kid, and it paid off.

simmonsBilled as a Magic Johnson type player, Simmons actually sort of lived up to the comparison in the Summer League. His court vision and passing is unfair for a guy who’s 6’10 and can handle the ball like he can. He’s not a great shooter (yet) but all signs indicate he’s going to be a star.

Unfortunately, Sixers fans everywhere cringed when he suffered a Jones fracture in his foot on the last day of training camp and had to have surgery. The latest reports say he’ll be back in January (fingers crossed) but others suspect he may sit out the rest of the year.

The Rest of the Squad

sixers2Jahlil Okafor – Okafor would be PISSED if he saw that I labeled him as part of “the rest”. The question is; can Okafor and Embiid play well with each other? If yes, then that’s awesome. If no, the Sixers have made it clear Embiid is their guy.

Nerlens Noel – Sidelined after knee surgery recently. A great defensive player, but his attitude has fallen off a cliff with Embiid and Okafor getting the nod over him. Likely won’t be a part of the Sixers this time next year

darioDario Saric – A 6’10 power forward from Croatia who has a (no surprise) European style of play. Less physical and better at shooting / passing than most guys his height, and has actually looked pretty good in preseason.

Jerryd Bayless – Hurt now but the would-be starter at point. It will be nice to have a guard who actually sort of knows what he’s doing.

Sergio Rodriguez – A point guard from Spain who loves to pass the ball behind his back. At 30 he’s likely not a big part of the future of this team, but he’s crafty and will be fun to watch.

covyRobert Covington – He’s showed that he can be a good shooter and the Sixers need that. I think he has a break-out year as a deep threat now that we actually have some decent players.

Gerald Henderson – Not a bad player and has NBA experience. I don’t think he’ll be part of the core that wins us 5 championships though.

TJ McConnell – Can hopefully develop behind Bayless and Sergio into a solid back-up point guard to keep for the long haul.

Richaun Holmes – A young, energetic, guy who looks like he’s worked his ass off and fought hard to make the team. He’s energy off the bench. I like him.

Nik Stauskus – Nik, it’s your third year in the league. You’re 6’6 and white. Just make open jumpers. That’s literally the only thing you need to do to be valuable in the NBA.

Jerami Grant – Young and very athletic. A good defensive player and improving offensively. Could become a key role-player.

Timothe Luwawu – A rookie from France who didn’t look all that impressive in preseason. Wouldn’t expect much this year but there’s potential!

Hollis Thompson – The Process.


The Sixers aren’t going to win a lot of games this year. 30 at most and likely closer to 20. But this year isn’t about winning games. It’s about young players developing and playing together. This team will be way more fun to watch this year than any of the past three years.

Westbrook might score 50 on them tonight in the opener, but it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon sheeple.

Fantasy – Gimme Wins vs. Auto Losses

Gimme Wins

Defined as the opposing team scoring below 90 points.

League record against a Gimme Win – 13 – 3

Number of Gimme Wins I’ve faced – 0

Number of Gimme Wins I’ve posted – 0

Auto Losses

Defined as the opposing team scoring above 125 points.

League record against an Auto Loss – 1 – 17

Number of Auto Losses I’ve faced – 3

Number of Auto Losses I’ve posted – 3, and I’m the one dipshit who posted an auto-loss and still lost to a higher one.


I’m just whining and want sympathy from my readers.

I also drafted Jay Ajayi and had him on my bench the last two games (it wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome either time) so that shows how great of a manager I am.

At 2-5, there’s still a chance. If I can rattle off 3 or 4 in a row with Jay Ajayi leading the way, then I may make a playoff push. My luck has to turn at some point!

Ian 10 – Sam 9

Ian Mcgrath beat me in Foosball yesterday. There was a lot of shit-talking from both sides going in. The game was close until Ian got up 8-6. I then rattled off 3 straight to go up 9-8 and my confidence was at 100%. I threw every insult I could think of at him because I knew I’d win.

The last goal was back and forth and then before I realized it, he scored. I was crushed. He looked like he’d just witnessed the birth of his first-born.

baleI don’t know why losing to Ian is so awful. We have a long history of competition, so everyone counts. I also think I’m actually better at Foosball than he is, so losing yesterday was brutal. It also didn’t help that we had a crowd of 8 people watching. It actually ruined the next hour of the night for me. Thank god he left the party immediately after he won.

Why am I writing this? I don’t know. It’s only fair to blog about wins AND losses, so next time I beat Ian in anything, you can bet your ass I’m going to blog about it.

NFL Week 7 2016 – My Lock of the Week

Hit on my lock but missed on my other 2. My locks have been solid.

Lock of the Week – Philadelphia Eagles +3 vs. Minnesota Vikings AND Cincinnati Bengals -10.5 vs. Cleveland Browns.

Lock of the week

I couldn’t pick. The Eagles have looked horrible and people are saying the Vikings are the best in the NFL (spare Pats). Cincinnati has looked below average and shouldn’t be double digit favorites against anyone. They’re both locks.

Other games to keep an eye on:
New York Giants -3 @ LA Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars -1.5 vs. Oakland Raiders