PR? Not even close

Here’s how the big PR attempt went:

I hit the first mile in 5:19 and it felt like the right pace. PR might be possible!

I hit the second mile in 5:23 and had a feeling things were going wrong.

When I hit the third mile in 5:30 I knew I wasn’t PR’ing because I felt like shit.

I died my way in like 5:45s or something and finished in 27:46.

It was awful. I was in pain with horrible stomach cramps for the last 20 minutes. Everything felt bad. PR? Lol. Not even close. I think this was less about my fitness and more about just hitting it wrong / having a bad day.

Thanks to Laura for attending and being a good sister. Props to everyone who ran the races this weekend.

Back on the grind!

Last PR Chance in 2016

One of my goals for 2016 was to PR in any running event.

Tomorrow morning, I, along with ~2000 others, will be running the Rothman 8k in Philly. This is my last chance to set a real PR in 2016.

This guy was president last time I PR'd
This guy was president last time I PR’d

My PR is 26:41 from October 30, 2010. I haven’t PR’d in a while. The last PR I set in an event I “care about” was in 2011, so this would be significant to me.

Last year I ran 26:49 at this same race (results here). I have to believe I’m in better shape this year than last based on race results / training, but you never know.

If I had to bet right now, I’d say I think I will break 26:41. The competition’s there, the conditions are expected to be just about perfect, and I think I’m in shape to do it. All that’s left is to run the damn race.

To all those running tomorrow / the Marathon on Sunday – good luck!

I will update accordingly to the 1% of readers who care!

How Grade School Papers / Presentations SHOULD Be Done

Whenever a paper or presentation was assigned in grade school, there was only one question in the mind of the students – How long does it have to be?

“3 pages? Easy-peasy. 5 pages? Okay, we’re starting to get long. 8+ pages? Shit. I can’t do this the night before.”

“4 minutes? Good, the first minute is an intro anyway. 10 minutes?? Can anyone talk that long?!”

This is ass-backwards.

If your teacher was Mr. Stortz, you’d have ceilings, not floors, and they would be unreasonably small.

“In 1.5 pages, explain why the Beatles are the best band ever.”

Thousand-page books have been written on this topic.

The point of this is being able to boil down your point to it’s most fundamental beginnings, and presenting them in clear and concise ways. THAT is a valuable skill in the real world that so many people lack.

Wasted time is one of the biggest losses businesses have. No one WANTS to read long emails or sit through long presentations. Condensed information is a good thing.

conciseYet from a young age, we’re conditioned to think quantity over quality. I understand some reasons why there are page minimums. Some kids will write a shitty paper, but by adding a minimum, they spend a little extra time, put some extra thought into it, a light bulb goes off, whatever.

I think drilling in the idea of conciseness and efficiency is way more beneficial than page minimums. The typical “I hit the minimum, I’m done” thought process wouldn’t exist. All students would hit the maximum and be like Shit, I still have some things to say. Let me go back and take out the things that aren’t as important, or tighten up some of what I already have.

Plus teachers would have less to grade!

That is how people should think. Efficiency is king.

Do Not Disturb

The phone feature Do Not Disturb is changing my life. Before, I only DND’d when I was at work and actually had to get something done.

do-not-distrubAll other times I was eagerly awaiting my next text, call, grinder match, etc. I was looking at new Snaps while driving non-stop.

Now, I’m on Do Not Disturb ~75% of the day. My mom called me on Sunday to pick her up from the mechanic because she had to take her car in- IGNORED!

(She ended up calling JC who left his phone at home. I saw that and checked my phone to see a missed call and text… Whoopsies!)

There’s something liberating about checking your phone only when you want to. In the beginning, it took some discipline to not check it ever 2 minutes, but now that I’m somewhat acclimated, I can go two hours and not check while at work. It’s fantastic.

It just sucks when you go hours without checking, then you check, and see no one has called or texted you. It’s like getting back from a long run and seeing the same thing. Very depressing. Day-ruiners sometimes.

I highly recommend trying this to those feeling too attached / distracted.

NFL Week 10 2016 – My Locks of the Week

I’m 6 for 7 on locks this season. I was too hungover to make a post last Sunday, but I’m back and I’m doing something I’ve NEVER done before – a TRIPLE LOCK. Parlay it up.

Locks of the Week – Pittsburgh Steelers -2 vs. Dallas Cowboys AND Chicago Bears -2.5 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers AND Arizona Cardinals -14 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Lock of the week

Put in your two weeks now, this one will be paying for your retirement.

Maybe I didn’t say it well, so read this

This WaitButWhy post about this outcome (thanks Tom) sums up my feelings pretty well, and should be comforting to anyone who’s devastated by President Trump. You could read my highlights below, but just read the post.


  • The system is dumb. But if Hillary lost the popular vote and won the electoral vote, you’d be fine with it. You can’t protest a system only when you lose.


  • …our executive branch will be run by a large group of people, not just Trump, and as a whole they’ll have all the expertise of any other administration.


  • [in regards to the Supreme Court] If you care passionately about socially liberal values, this is a fair thing to be super upset about.


  • Half the country felt ignored and angry and disenfranchised and they wrested control of the government from the people they felt ignored by. That’s how democracy works.


  • [in regards to people saying America is dead]…every president can do a lot of damage, and many of them do, and we’re still standing.


  • …it’s a little simplistic to assume that every idea Trump has is terrible. Trump has some good ideas and some refreshing ideas.


  • [in regards to minorities feeling unsafe] This country had your back yesterday and it’ll have your back tomorrow. America isn’t the president and it’s not the government—it’s 320 million people, and those people haven’t changed.


  • This isn’t as simple as the media portrays it to be. Trump did say shameful things, and he definitely won over some very hateful people by doing so. But he also stood for a lot more than just those things.


  • But if we want to make the best of this, we need to ask a question: Why did those 50 million people vote for Trump? Trying to get to the bottom of that question will help us learn from the past and get better.


  • And remember—this is hardly the first time half of America has been apoplectic about the lunatic they just elected as their president. And we’ve always survived. And we will here too.

The Day After Election Day 2016

I’m speechless.

How Did He Win

Trump clearly tapped into something that neither the media nor mainstream America saw / understood.

My social media is blowing up over two things.

1. He won because the country has enough white male racists.

I think this is an emotional reaction by people who voted primarily based on race issues. If that were true, I think the election outcomes in 2008 and 2012 would have been significantly different. But I could be 100% wrong.

Comparisons of votes by race for 2016 vs. past elections would be interesting. Early numbers show Clinton did worse among Latino voters and even female voters than Obama did in 2012.

2. He won because would-be Hillary voters went third party or write-in.

I voted for Gary Johnson. I would not change my vote. Neither candidate did enough to earn my vote, and neither made me feel as though I had to vote for the other one. I’m sure there are some who wish they could take it back.

The visceral reaction to the outcome for 99% of Democrats is to point the finger at everyone else – “It’s the racist whites! It’s the protest voters! It’s the uneducated! – without looking inward. They had a choice.

Hillary / the Dems did enough where a lot of  Democrats / undecideds said “Trump may be bad, but I can’t justify voting for her even if it means he’ll win“, and that’s exactly what happened. I’m an Independent and my vote was up for grabs, but I felt so turned off by the corruption and perceived “fakeness” that I didn’t vote for her.

My guess is Trump’s Washington is corrupt message resonated with way more people that we expected, especially given all of the scandals that came out of the Democratic camp.

Put out a better candidate (Bernie?), and you’d have a different outcome.

I also think Democrats’ arrogance played a part here. Apparently they let up campaigning in key states late in the race thinking they’d “had it won”. The left-media didn’t help by saying it would be a landslide, possibly keeping some lazy would-be voters inside because they thought it was already over.

What Does This Mean?

Who the hell knows. This is uncharted territory. This is insane.

trumpI’ve said multiple times that I don’t think a Trump presidency will be as bad as people make it seem (most would say I’m only saying that because I’m a white male, I get it). Queue the laughs, but I believe enough in Trump’s rationality and our system of checks-and-balances that our country as a whole will “endure” this, if you will. I may end up being totally wrong, in which case I’ll be the first to admit it.

Complain all we want, but we have to come to terms with the outcome of this election. Like it or not (I’m not saying I like it), Donald Trump is going to be our next President.

The people saying they’re going to move to Canada annoy me – mostly because none of them are actually going to do it. Wait until he’s actually President and starts making horrible decisions.

Take some time to mourn, cheer, whatever, but as with any Presidential Election in the history of our country, we as a whole have to make the best of this situation and continue trying to improve in all areas given the circumstances.

Election Day 2016

I had a dream last night that I voted. I wrote “Hillary Clinton”. I then crossed that out and wrote “Trump”. I then crossed out Trump and just wrote “Embiid“, and submitted my vote.

Here’s my summary of the 2016 Election:

Trump Supporters Hillary and all of Washington are fake, totally corrupt, and controlled by the people who give them money. Fuck them. Trump speaks his mind and he’s not a politician. We need change! Drain the swamp, cucks!

Hillary Supporters Trump is off his rocker with zero political experience, a history of sexism and racism, and a horrible temper. Hillary isn’t perfect, but she’s been in politics for 30 years and is infinitely more qualified than Trump is.

The undecideds – This is who I have to choose from?

My thoughts:


“My brain is more nutritious than any you’ve ever seen, believe me.”

He doesn’t really seem like a President, though I don’t think he’s as bad as the media / left make him out to be. Things like “he mocked a disabled reporter” don’t really sway my opinion of him, and those seem to be the things the media hangs on the most, which, if you’ve followed my blog, know bothers the hell out of me. His behavior during the debates was bothersome, and I agree his temperament is generally bad. As many have said, if he were running against, say, Obama, I would vote for Obama. All that said, I think the country would be fine if he were elected (aside from the riots that would happen immediately following the news).


“Vote for me sheeple!”

If I were basing my vote 100% on how the country would do in the next 4 years, I’d probably vote Hillary over Donald. I also like that she’s a woman, and would be happy to see a woman as president. However, I personally am not basing my vote 100% off of that. I don’t like Hillary. I think she’s disingenuous and personifies a corrupt politician, and she represents WHY I’m so disinterested in politics.

It’s Important to Vote

I agree with millions of others that voting is important regardless of who you’re voting for. I think most understand why.

The “Protest” Vote

Media has been littered with “This is not the year for a protest vote. A vote for anyone but Hillary is a vote for Trump”. Translation – “A vote for anyone but the person I support based on MY morals is wrong“. I absolutely HATE these people.

Voters make their voting decisions based on dozens of variables and they’re not going to be the same as yours. They’re well aware that the other candidate may win. You can disagree with people, but not accepting that some people vote on different values than you is incredibly closed-minded in my opinion. It completely goes against democracy and free thinking and the principles that the country was founded on, but this “not the time for a protest vote” tactic is used EVERY election cycle and it’s bullshit.

In Summation

  • I’m going to vote today.
  • I’m not voting for Donald or Hillary and I don’t feel bad about that.
  • I think Hillary will win easily, I’m good with that.
  • The main reason I want Trump to win is to see the country’s reaction.
  • You should vote too.
  • Don’t let people bully you into voting for someone you don’t want to vote for. Your values and beliefs should dictate who you vote for.

Back to Back Races

Twilight 3200m


I ran five miles in the preceding 5 days because I didn’t feel well. I had pressure in my head and gunk in my lungs. I took some Ibuprofen, chugged a ton of water, and just tried to set myself up as best I could. Five minutes before the race I thought I’d be fine.

The Race

I had more company than expected since the freshman class at UC is actually good. Joe was out fast while the freshmen and I trailed behind a bit. I was feeling fine but not great. There were a few times in the first mile that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hang.

We hit the mile in 4:58 with Joe about 6 seconds ahead. If I was going to catch him I had to start going now. Slowly and slowly closing the gap until 400m to go and I was about 5 meters behind. With 100 left I pulled up on his shoulder and it was a sprint to the end which I won with him right behind –  9:49.2 to 9:49.6.

My splits were – 74, 2:30 (75), 3:42 (72), 4:58 (76), 6:11 (73), 7:25 (74), 8:40 (75), 9:49.2 (69).

Post-Race Thoughts

I was hoping for sub 9:50 and the win which is exactly what happened. I think I felt about 90-95% given the sickness but it certainly didn’t make that big of a difference. Joe made it hard and it came down to the last 100 meters.

Props to the UC freshman, with 2 under 10:00 and one at 10:01. We have a chance to be not-second-to-last in the conference next year during XC! Also props to Jamie and Rudy for showing up as the only other two Alumni.

Purple Stride 5k

After a few post-race beers at the Trappe and getting home at 12:30, I was up at 6:30 this morning to run the Purple Stride 5k.

The race started and two bros and myself were running together. After a mile, Bro 1 fell off and it was just me and Bro 2. After 2 miles I stepped on the gas and won in 16:53 feeling average. Doing a race 12 hours after an all out effort isn’t easy but it went as well as I could have expected.


I’m in about the shape I thought I was in. Rothman 8k is in two weeks. Last year I ran 10:13 at the Twilight 3200m then 26:49 at Rothman. I’m hoping for a low 26 clocking which would leave me pretty happy. Not much between now and then.