The Two $1,000 Bets

Tom and I made two $1,000 bets this weekend.

Bet One: If the Sixers make the Eastern Conference Finals by the ’20-’21 season, I win $1,000.

sixersJeff and I are very pro-Process. Tom is much more skeptical. He won’t openly oppose the Process, but he certainly doesn’t endorse it. He’s in lala land.

He says that the process-trusters “can’t be wrong” because if we keep losing, it’s just part of the Process. I disagree. If the pieces and assets put in place as a result of the last three years become the cornerstone of a great Sixers team, the Process worked. If they don’t, it didn’t.

An ECF appearance, in my opinion, validates the process.

Bet Two: Whoever bowls a 300* first will receive $1,000 from the other person.

homerTom is the more consistent bowler and has a 10-15 pin higher average than I do. In my opinion, the 300 is based on two things – having a really good day (in bowling, like any sport, you sometimes “have it” and you sometimes don’t), and luck; no matter how good you throw it, sometimes the pins just don’t fall.

I really do believe at least one of us will bowl a 300, and it will be awesome when it happens. This adds a little extra interest.

*A witness needs to be present. Meaning you can’t go to the alley alone every day trying to bowl a 300.

Running – here’s what’s next

I ran the 5k at Ursinus’ first indoor meet yesterday. The time was 16:13 with mile splits of 5:11, 5:12, 5:13, and a 35 to close.

The new year will bring something new – I’m going to be coached.

Ali Nolan shared a raffle of sorts on Facebook done by a coaching group who were randomly selecting 5 people to create a 16 week custom training plan for. I applied and was selected.

I’ve spoken with my coach and we’re working out the details, but basically:

  • They’re based in Flagstaff, so communication is all through the web
  • The plan starts in January
  • It will be a custom, day-to-day plan for 16 weeks
  • I’ll choose an outdoor 5k in April as my goal race
  • The basic goal is sub 15:27 (a PR)
  • The reach goal is sub 15:00

It bothers the hell out of me to have all my PRs be from when I was a freakin’ teenager. I am determined to re-write my PR book and show that wuss from 6 years ago who’s boss.

Thoughts on being coached

"Did you say coached?!"
“Did you say coached?!”

Being coached will be different. I don’t really do “formal” workouts, but that’s going to change. Mileage is going to increase (not too dramatically). Having a set schedule will be an adjustment for me. As always, staying injury free will be the most important thing.

Based on the training that got me to 15:44 this summer, the coach thinks 15:00 is a possibility, and 15:27 is very doable.

Worst case, it doesn’t work or I get injured, and I go back to what I’ve been doing in the spring. Best case, I get into great shape, learn a lot, and run a god damn PR for once in my 20’s.

I’m excited.

NFL Week 13 – Lock of the Week

Lock of the Week – Pittsburgh Steelers -6 vs. New York Giants

Lock of the week

After an embarrassing 0/3 I took two weeks off to recharge the batteries in the lock. Good news folks, the lock is fully charged.

This one’s a gimme.

Other games to keep an eye on:

San Francisco 49ers -1.5 @ Chicago Bears

Green Bay Packers -7 vs. Houston Texans



Last night I watched Amélie (trailer here), a French romantic comedy, and give it a 9/10. Thank you Brookes for recommending it to me.

Quick thoughts:

  • It’s in French but you get used to subtitles in 5 minutes.
  • The way it’s filmed keeps you interested the whole time (I’m not a film expert but I swear this is true somehow).
  • The story is deeper than what’s on the surface (again, can’t explain how, but it is).
  • I think it being filmed from the female perspective made it way better than potentially the other way around.
  • It’s playful without being stupid / unrealistic.
  • The music was perfect.
  • Amélie (Audrey Tautou) is absolutely gorgeous throughout the whole movie.



I don’t think it’s for everyone, in fact I bet Tom would give it like a 3/10, but if you’re looking for something different, and potentially one to add to your list of go-tos, I suggest giving it a try.

#GivingTuesday 2016 – Did you donate?

Thank you Laura / Brookes and Mark for the charity recommendations of NEDA and the Carter Center. The donations have been made and I feel good about myself which is really the most important part.

But I’m just one person… what did YOU do?!

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#GivingTuesday – You should donate to something. Which charity should I donate to?

givingtuesdayTomorrow is #GivingTuesday.

How many times throughout the year do you donate to charity? My guess for most is zero. If there’s any day to donate, #GivingTuesday is the day.

Do some research, pick something you’re passionate about, and donate!

“But I don’t have the extra money!”

The money you donate will go to better use than whatever you’re going to spend it for (I’m speaking for myself mostly, i.e. the casino, alcohol, hookers, etc.). Even $10 is better than nothing.

In the spirit of giving, and to encourage others to give, I’m going to give two $100 donations to two charities of the readers choice.

Comment with your favorite charity and it’ll probably win since no one else will comment.

Happy #GivingTuesday!

Friskies Ads – Dear Kitten

Brookes showed me this ad series and I think it’s a masterpiece.

Here’s the first:

The rest of the series is here.

Why are these so good?

  • The narrator is spot on.
  • The cats are adorable.
  • The camera work is high quality.
  • I feel like I actually know these cats.

If I get one, which I will eventually, I will get him/her Friskies.

Help Me Understand Hunting

I never understood hunting. To those who enjoy it, whether it’s deer, bears, cats, people, whatever – help me understand.

I think I understand the reasons for hunting:

  • It’s peaceful most of the time.
  • You’re out in nature.
  • The excitement / adrenaline is very high when you see the animal.
  • It’s a good time with your buddies.
  • You can sometimes eat what you kill.

If you hunt, and I’m missing something, please comment.


The main reason I don’t want to go hunting is that I don’t want to kill the animal.

I could justify hunting dinosaurs if I was with Turok.

This, above all else, would make me not enjoy hunting. The logical side of me understands death and mortality, but the human side of me wouldn’t WANT to pull the trigger. Being directly responsible for the death of an animal would not be fun to me. I ran over a squirrel a year ago and I still think about it.

For those who hunt –  Am I just being a wimp? How do you rationalize it? Do you feel bad at all? Or do the arguments for hunting just outweigh the death of the animal? Would I instantly feel different if I actually went hunting and shot something?

I don’t have any issues with those who hunt. I just don’t understand it well because I’ve had little exposure to it. Help me out.

Meeting Molly

Last night our Process squad went to the Process game. It was me, Kurt, Todd, and Scott.

The game was amazing – the best 3 hours of my week, way better than the race I died in or the hour at the casino prior to the game where I lost hundreds of dollars.

Joel Embiid is an absolutely electrifying player. This was a:

  • embiid2Regular season game
  • For a team that was 2-9
  • And their #1 overall draft pick from this year wasn’t playing

And it was a packed house.

The place went nuts every time Embiid scored. Stauskus went HAM. It was a blowout, such a good game to go to.

But the ultimate highlight happened once the buzzer sounded.

Throughout the night, Molly Sullivan (Sixers sideline reporter) walked in our direction two or three times, and each time we yelled “MOLLY!”. She looked up at us and smiled each time.

As the crowd was filing out, we walked down to the lowest row we could. Molly was walking across the court, so once again I yelled “MOLLY!”. She looked at us, and actually changed direction towards us. I couldn’t believe it. She walked through the security dude and took a picture with us. I had my hand on her shoulder. It was amazing.