I watched the first episode of Black Mirror

I listened to that cuck Gourlay (and Jamie) and watched episode one of Black Mirror just now.

Quick thoughts:

  • I thought the acting was very good.
  • I liked that it’s basically here’s what would probably happen if this ridiculous real-life scenario actually occurred, and could see endless opportunities for episodes based on that idea.
  • Initially I thought “just bang the pig, it wouldn’t be that bad“, but when he walked in and they got down to business, it sort of hit me how awful it would be. You would remember that for the rest of your life. 100% scarring.
  • The message of the Princess being released BEFORE he banged the pig, but no one knew because they were all watching, seemed a bit under sold in the actual episode. That wasn’t what stuck with me once it was done at all.

I plan on watching more. Only 6 years late. Thanks blog!

Is Black Mirror worth watching?

Black Mirror comes highly recommended from Gourlay. He explained the first episode is about some prime minister banging a pig on TV, but that the other episodes are really good.

I read a little bit of the Wiki and it actually does seem interesting. Additionally, each episode being standalone and each season being only a few episodes makes it more appealing.

But it takes a lot for me to get into a series. I’ve started-then-not-finished more than I can count. So I’m asking before I even try to get started if this show is good.


Two Lazy Super Bowl LII Story Lines

Philadelphia sports fans are the worst!

Give it a rest. This narrative that Philly fans are the scum of the earth is so old and tired. Snowballs at Santa Claus was 50 fucking years ago yet every media outlet brings it up on an annual basis.

Vikings Fans complained after last weekend’s game about how poorly they were treated.

  • Are Philly fans a bit more arrogant and full of themselves? Probably.
  • Are there some bad apples in Philly? Of course.
  • Are there more bad apples in Philly than your average sports city? Maybe (show me the data please).

But you’re kidding yourself if you think these stories are exclusive to Philly. The stereotype of Philly fans makes the media want to report these more than other cities (guessing, but I do believe that).

With all of that said – I hate ALL sports fans who throw beer cans, verbally or physically attack opposing teams / fans, or anything of that sort; Philly included. Celebrate your wins, celebrate home field, but don’t be an asshole.

Brady and Belichick are cheaters!

With the Super Bowl rematch looming, some Philly fans are quick to point out that the Eagles were “cheated” out of their last Super Bowl against the Patriots. Similar to the above, this is old and tired.

If Spygate made such a difference then explain how Brady / Belichick have made 7 straight AFC championships and 4 more Super Bowls a decade later.

If Brady had such an advantage throwing deflated balls, then explain how he managed to go 28 TDs to 2 INTs the following year in just 12 games, and 32 TDs and 8 INTs this year (while also likely winnings the MVP).

How much more does Brady have to do to prove he’s the GOAT and that cheating has nothing to do with it?

They’ve been DOMINANT for almost 20 years. Do you know how much the league has changed during that time? These two adapt to new players, new systems, and new rules, better than any other team in the league.

Yes I believe that they push the envelop, but you’re delusional if you think the 31 other teams in the league aren’t doing similar things, and that their 5 Super Bowls and .779 win % are because they’re cheating.

No Phone Before Bed

I check my phone every night in bed:


  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Crypto prices
  • Sports scores
  • Grinder
  • Facebook

On bad nights this can take 20 minutes. I hate it. It speaks to the addictive nature of social media that both Tom and Luke have blogged about recently.

I have no reason to check other than being a slave to the phone. NOT ANYMORE. Rewiring the brain is the first step.

I wrote this post planning to poll people on how much time they spend on their phone before bed, but instead I’m just committing to NO phone before bed indefinitely.

Be BETTER than the apps.

HQ Trivia Sucks

HQ Trivia is all the rage these days and it fucking sucks. Here’s why:

The intros are AWFUL

Every intro is a way-too-long monologue filled with bullshit puns that are charming at first; But after a week you just start to hate them.

The questions are too hard

I know I know, “that’s the point of trivia“, but when compared to bar trivia where music and sports are emphasized, these suck.

There are too many players / the prize is too small

In the 1 in a million scenario that I actually do get all 12 right, splitting the $2,000 between 400 winners isn’t my idea of “fun”.

They’ve talked about increasing the prizes, but unless each winner is getting thousands, I have no interest.

The app lags

I’d say every single time I’ve played, the app has lagged significantly, sometimes resulting in missed questions.


It’s a good idea and the sheeple will play, but it actually sucks and I uninstalled the app yesterday.

Have fun you H-Cucks!

Hey Gold Bond, WTF

I bought some top of the line Men’s Gold Bond recently because I have really dry skin.

My skin in the winter is like a drug addict, and Gold Bond is like crack. I love it.

But then, after it wears off, I’m even worse off than before. I just seek out more Gold Bond to make things better.

Is this genius marketing / R&D by Gold Bond? Or am I just an anomaly whose skin gets worse in the long term by using moisturizer?

Either way, I just had my fix, so I’m feeling great right now. But c’mon Gold Bond.

LASIK: One Year Later

Almost exactly a year ago I got LASIK. It cost me $2,600 and was one of the best decisions of my life.

My eyes were terrible, -7.0 and -8.0. I couldn’t function without glasses or contact.

Contacts sucked. My eyes irritated me enough to the point where I wore glasses to work most days because contacts weren’t worth the headache.

But I didn’t want to look like a nerd going out so I’d put my contacts in then. But I’d always get drunk and sleep with them in which was awful.

LASIK is such a no-brainer. Anyone who needs glasses / contacts in every day life should do this ASAP.

In 50 years every kid out of the womb will get LASIK on the spot since it’ll be cheap and obvious.

I have no scientific evidence to back that up, and in fact I’d guess that’s a terrible idea since the eyes probably aren’t developed yet.

Still, get LASIK.

Big Cat pitching Mark Cuban

I never followed Barstool much until a few months ago when I made Pardon My Take a regular listen.

I’m aware the video is two years old and 10 minutes long, but I found it really entertaining. Cuban is a good sport and Big Cat does a pretty damn good job pitching the ideas.

If you like this, you’d probably like Pardon My Take as well which I’d recommend.


More emotional in my old age?

I’ve been moved to tears (or close to it) four times in the past couple of weeks and I don’t know why.

Kathrine Switzer’s SC Feature

Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. She wasn’t supposed to but she said DGAF and did anyway. Out of it came one of the most iconic sports / women’s rights photos. I literally cried for like the last 3 minutes of this feature.

Solinsky’s 10,000m American Record

I rewatch the last mile of this race every month or so. Every single time I almost cry when he crosses the finish line. The race, the call, the time, it’s all perfect. Favorite race of all time. Start watching at about 24:45 if you’re interested.

Patriot’s Day

Yes the Mark Wahlberg movie.

This is about the Boston Marathon bombings (apparently the Boston Marathon is my weak spot) and at the end they show the real people; the police, the terrorists, the victims, etc. and I cried.

Nick Symmonds hugging his mom after winning the 800m ’08 Olympic Trials

Wheating retired a few days ago so this video has been popping up a lot. After winning, Symmonds starts jogging down the home stretch and gives his mom a big hug. It happens at 4:40. This was a tear-jerker somehow.

So what’s going on? Is this just what happens when you get older?

25 Goals for 2018

Fewer AND more accomplishable goals this year. Help or active participation in any of these are encouraged.

  • Watch a Sixers playoff game in person – Obviously they need to make the playoffs first.
  • Learn how to proficiently play the Stairway to Heaven solo on guitar – I think I can do this.
  • Get a physical from my doctor – I learned this was free through my insurance legggo!!!
  • Keep both of my cats alive – So far so good.
  • Go skydiving – And live.
  • Fast for a 24 hour period – How hard can it be?
  • Go to ANY event at the Kimmel Center – Don’t care what it is, just feel like I should go to one.
  • Have a conversation with a famous person – At least one minute and has to have a Wikipedia page.
  • Host a party at my residence – Don’t worry Rob, only 50/50 you’re part of this.
  • Watch the Godfather AND Godfather II – Now that Netflix is getting them, this should be cake.
  • Profit $10,000 in Crypto – May have left off a zero there.
  • Prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving – Move over mom.
  • Go on two trips to visit friends who live in other cities, repeats allowed – Denver’s looking good Mark!
  • Go on two trips with friends to visit a city we’ve never been to – Never stop traveling.
  • Buy presents for my whole family on Christmas, not just who I have for Pollyanna – Of course not as much thought will go into those, but still nice.
  • Break 4:30 in the mile – Only cucks have PRs closer to 5:00 than 4:00. 4:30.9 is cuck status.
  • Break 55:00 at Broad Street – First year running it and need to pick a number!
  • PR in the 5,000 (15:27) – It’s going to happen one of these years
  • Run over 2000 miles – 38.5 miles a week.
  • Complete 100 beers and 100 miles in a week – Will live tweet / blog it.
  • Attempt 13 miles and 13 beers in under 2:00 – Haven’t forgotten about this.
  • Bowl a 300 – I’d say 25% this happens.
  • Write 10 hand-written letters and mail them – Upping to 10 after the benefits I saw.
  • Volunteer my time at least once – If I don’t do this, I will donate $1,000 to charity.
  • Write 200 blog posts – Keep lowering the bar until you get there.