Heating Up

I’ve been on a heater lately. We had a workout yesterday and I was quite pleased with that performance. I got a90 on my CIE paper about Nietzsche which was really hard to understand. I got a 31/36 on my physics test which, with how he does grading, is a B+/A- so I was really happy about that. I had a calc lab due today and I’m pretty sure me and my partner killed it. I’ve been falling asleep so much faster than normal which is really nice. I’m currently ranked #1 in The Show, according to BPS 239 Power Rankings. I got 99898 in Robot Unicorn Attack my second day ever playing. Palm showed me the game and said that all the kids at Princeton play it but he thinks it’d be something I could get really into and be really good at. (Here’s a link, http://games.adultswim.com/robot-unicorn-attack-twitchy-online-game.html) That is currently the high score by about 13000 so BOOYA! Things have just been going really well for me this week and it feels good.

Something did go wrong today though. I took a nap today and woke up at about 2. I went to Zacks for lunch by myself. I ordered a sausage egg and cheese on a bagel with Doritos and a drink. I walk all the way back to my room and I have the drink in one hand and the bagel in the other. I go to turn the knob with the bagel hand and as I turn it the little container that it’s in falls apart and my breakfast sandwich is lying there on the floor. I love breakfast sandwiches. I woke up from that nap with one thing on my mind, breakfast sandwich, and it was just ruined. I literally yelled out loud “NOOO!!!!” and then scattered to pick it up. After reassembling it, and checking for any hair, I deemed it okay to eat. It was amazing. I know they aren’t the best for you but they’re so good. That got me thinking about fast food and which ones are my favorite. So here we go!

1. I don’t see how I can’t pick Wendy’s as number 1. The nuggets are better than any other, they have JBC’s, double stacks, crispy chicken sandwiches, and they’re extremely cheap. There’s nothing better than driving to Wendy’s at 12:30am and picking up a shit-load of food. My go-to is always 2 5 pieces with BBQ and 2 JBC’s for 4 dollars. Honestly that’s unbeatable

2.  Unfortunately… I have to pick Mcdonalds as number 2. I don’t like the establishment and there commercials are awful, but 2 things always get me. Double quarter pounder with cheese, fries, and a coke is such a tasty meal. And the other thing is the thickness of their straws. They’re honestly an inch in diameter (not quite) and it’s so refreshing to take in that much coke in a sip or two.

3. Taco Bell. They’re a really nice change from a fast food burger. Cheesy Gordita Crunches are fantastic. If I don’t get one of those I get the meal that gives 3 normal soft tacos and a drink. I’ve always been a huge fan of soft tacos over hard ones. I can even eat just the soft taco wrap. Some people say it has no taste, which I disagree with, but when you add that taco beef, lettuce, and plastic string cheese, never let me down. Taco Bell is one of those things where you say “ahh I’m really in the mood for some Taco Bell” and it always hits the spot.

4. I don’t even know if this is fast food or not but whenever I order at Quizos I get my food within 3 minutes so I consider that fast food. Quizos is better than Subway, it’s not even close. The quality and healthiness of Quiznos is definitely number 1 on this list. It’s a little pricey but I don’t mind treating myself every now and then to an Alpine Chicken and Italiano Sammie with a huge chocolate chip cookie and a soft drink every now and then. Obviously the normal hoagies are really good to but my default is always Sammies.

I’m not going to have a 5th because nothing really stands out. KFC, Burger King, Subway, Sonic, etc. Not that big a fan so I’ll leave it at 4.

Google Analytics is not cooperating with me at the moment so I can’t really spit out any impressing facts about this blog. I’m just going to assume that my numbers are off the chart but we’ll wait and see on that one. It’s a shitty day outside but it’s days like this that make the good days even… gooder.

Average All Around

Running Paragraph
So the meet yesterday was average. I ran the 1500 first and was in the fast heat. I knew it was going to go out fast and it was pretty windy so I wanted to kind of tuck into the back of the pack and hang out for a bit. They went out really fast and I was working hard just to hold onto the back of the pack. We went out 67 and there was a pack that went out about 65. A kid from high school that I had some epic mile showdowns with was in the race and in the front pack. I really didn’t want to lose to him. I slowed down a bit and then started to kick a bit with a lap to go. I was with two guys, one of them started kicking earlier than I did and opened up a gap. With 200 left I really started kicking trying to run this kid down. About 30 meters ahead was the kid from high school and he was dying. I ran both of them down in the last 100 meters and finished in 4:19.9 which is an okay time but I’ll take it with the wind. The 800 was 2 hours later and a total joke. I ran a 2:12.3 and felt awful. 5k these weekend so hopefully I can qualify, it’s something like 16:15 which is very doable I think. We’ll see how things go.

Anyway, last night was the beach bash! I didn’t really get the theme… I mean I know it’s supposed to be the beach but why? Whatever, it was pretty fun. I pregamed in the track suite with Mark, Adam, and Bogdan. Mark was obliterated before we even left. We walked there and I wasn’t really drunk enough to try and dance with strangers so I started drinking more. I chugged a beer and then went into this room to play kings. We had to do a water fall and I was already not feeling so hot. After the water fall I was on the verge of puking. I just said to myself, “okay, you’re good, no problem, just take a couple minutes off and you’ll be fine, no worries.” I puked up a tiny bit in my mouth, swallowed it, then puked up a ton in my mouth but managed to not throw up all over the place. I held it in and swallowed it. If I had puked all over that kids room, I would have looked like such a douche bag. Thank god.

Anyway, I just kind of danced the rest of the night. At one point I was dancing with this girl and this other girl was looking at me… I kind of started to dance with her and then a guy came up and took her away, so that was good. He left and then she was kinda looking at me again. I went over to her again and we started dancing and the guy came back. He said to me, “Hey man what are you doin’?” and I replied, “Just dancin'” and he said, “That’s my girlfriend dude.” I wasn’t sure what to do so I just said to him… “okay well why aren’t you dancing with her?” He didn’t think that was very funny and then started giving me the death stare. I couldn’t tell if he was actually mad or not. After about 10 seconds he started laughing and put his arm around me and said he was just kidding but then he went right back to the death stare. After that I decided I should probably move away from that area so I did. Even if it was his girlfriend, who cares? People make such a big deal out of dancing with someone when I really don’t think it matters. I mean if you’re dancing and extremely into it and whatnot then that’s something else. But hypothetically if I had a girlfriend I would not care if she was just dancing with someone just for fun. Who cares? Dancing doesn’t mean anything. Maybe that’s just me.

So after the beach bash Adam, Tristan, and I went to late night lower and thank the freaking lord they had breakfast sandwiches. I got a bacon egg and cheese wrap and it was honestly the tastiest article of food that I’ve had since I’ve been on this campus.  Simply Amazing. After that we kind of just walked around for a bit and then I went to bed. It was a pretty uneventful night but it was fun. I didn’t black out either so HA! Although for the sake of this blog maybe I should keep doing it.

We had 10am practice this morning, I ran 10 miles feeling awful and had to go to the bathroom so bad the last 30 minutes. I’m amazed I made it back. I considered going off the trail and going right there about 20 different times but managed to make it. I have some work to do tonight but nothing crazy. I got a 90% on my CIE paper which I was extremely surprised by. I really wasn’t to sure about that one but apparently it was pretty good. I’ll take it. This week is pretty going to be pretty normal. I also put this Google Analytics thing on here so I can actually find out how many people look at this blog.

Lets give me something to talk about

Meet tomorrow, 1500 and the 800, very excite!

So lately I’ve been thinking, like always, what should I write about on here. It’s tough to come up with different topics when you have a normal day. That episode of Seinfeld where they want to make a show about nothing, which is what Seinfeld is, reminds me of this blog. I’m pretty much trying to take every day things and make them into something funny or interesting to read about. The only difference is that Jerry Seinfeld is a comedic genius and I’m not. That’s probably why he made millions and I’m lucky to get 10 people looking at this thing a day. So what do I do? I’ve tried the Seinfeld way for a while now, writing about things that happen during the day and then I just analyze them and try to make it funny. It works every now and then but I think I need to mix it up. My brother has been doing things like his child hood crushes, or what he’s tired of, or what he misses, etc. All very good things topics to write about. Obviously I can’t steal those but still, something along those lines every now and then I think is a good way to keep this blog fresh. I guess I’ll start one on this post.

People who impress me or I admire…

Tiger Woods – Honestly, the guy is a beast. He got so much shit from everyone about what he did and for him to come out and tear up the golf course like he did… I know what he did is wrong but I don’t care if he’s a good person, I just want to see him win majors.

Paramore – A band that has hit it big lately but I get the feeling that a lot of people think they’re kind of a joke. They’ve had 4 or 5 singles out that are all really good. They have a pretty unique punkish sound while not being to poppy, very good music. That and the fact that Haley Williams is absolutely banging.

Kevin Durant – Besides the fact that the NBA is a joke, Kevin Durant is a total beast. People who kind of follow basketball just hear about Lebron and Kobe but Durant is leading the league is scoring over both Lebron, Kobe, and Carmelo. In a couple of years He took the Thunder, who have a few decent role players, and put them 18 games over .500 and a lock for the playoffs in the West which is pretty hard to do.  Kudos.

Johnny Depp – Clearly this guy is weird but he knows exactly what he’s doing. He takes weird roles and plays them to perfection. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Willy Wonka (which I didn’t see but I heard good things about), and most recently, The Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. To play a character like that as well as he did is amazing. There were so many little quirky things and emotions he had to pull off. Easily my favorite character in the movie.

Sporcle.com – This website is a genius idea in the first place, but to come up with this many different tests is ridiculous. I check them every other day or so and there’s always new ones up. I’m partial towards the Sports and Music, mostly music. I can literally get sucked into that for website hours at a time. (not an advertisement)

Okay there’s my first little thing. I think that was solid. I’m drinking tomorrow so I’ll have a typical Sunday post up. Maybe I’ll squeeze one in tomorrow too. With this new way of posting, I should be able to post more often. 3 in the past 4 days is pretty good. I’ve never really averaged more than 1 every 2 days for a month straight so I’ll try and change that this month.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Settling In

Well I’m finding out new things about this website pretty much every time I’m on it. I really like it although I still can’t seem to change the picture… Anyway, I think it’s a lot less cluttered than the last one and I like the font better so it’s a step up.

Now to the actual material. Meet Saturday, quite pumped, I’ll stop there about running. After the number of comments I got about my last actual blog where I said “Now since most of you probably skipped the first paragraph”, and how people thought it was funny because they did skip the first paragraph… I’ll spare running for the paragraphs titled Running Paragraph. Does that mean I should title this one running paragraph? Probably, but I’m not going to.

One thing I wanted to touch on was betting. Some people have said that I have a gambling problem and while I completely disagree, I do bet a lot. Betting just makes things more interesting. I enjoy making bets but one thing I realized about them is that you shouldn’t bet amongst your friends unless you can control the outcome (sports games are different). I’ve been saying this for a year or so now but I still go against it often. We had a hill workout today and on the last one Justin out kicked me by a second or two. Len began egging me on saying that I got whooped there. I retaliated by saying that I’d race him in a mile and give him a minute head start. He rejected saying that he’d leave it for another day. I responded with, “Okay, I’ll bet you 5 bucks that you can’t run up the hill one time in under 45 seconds”.  I controlled whether or not I could beat him in a mile race, I had no control over this race up the hill bet and that’s why it was stupid. He ran up the hill in 39 seconds and granted, he was pretty winded, but he made the time easily. I’m generally pretty intent on paying people if I make a bet such as that where the rules are clear and hand shakes are exchanged. (Adam, I know you would disagree but I never said I WOULD give you the iced tea… I said I would THINK about it). So I lost the bet and I’m out 5 dollars. I don’t really care about the money but it’s more the fact that he accomplished the challenge and I didn’t look very cool afterward. Another bet I made that backfired was that a drunken Imbemba couldn’t break 65 seconds for a quarter mile right then and there. He blazed his way to a 58. I was out another 5 dollars. From now on, unless I’m 100% certain I will win, I will only make bets where I can control the outcome.  Unfortunately I generally don’t win money, people just tell me that I won’t do something  and that’s enough to get me to do it. I don’t mind though, again it’s not the money I care about, it’s the challenge and accomplishing it that I care about.

Now that it’s practically summer, 88 degrees out today, I’ve been outside a lot more obviously. One thing that I always notice are the bugs. I absolutely hate bugs. I’m well aware that any ordinary bug really can’t hurt me beyond a bee sting or a mosquito bite, but still, I lose it if a bee comes near me. For some reason I just can’t deal with them. They tell you in first grade that if you leave it alone it will leave you alone but I’m not buying it. Bugs are a totally different breed and I’m not comfortable around them. I don’t like killing bugs because that’s just wrong, but if they’re really asking for it I’ll do what I gotta do. All the legs and eyes and how fast they move and you never know where they are… it’s just a big mess. Some people think it’s funny that I’m scared and say I’m a little girl but I’ll be the one laughing when they get stung.

A month left of school. I’m actually doing better in calc now. Physics is still impossible. I just want this semester to end. When the weather turns like this it’s really hard to take school seriously. I’ve been play Frisbee a lot.  It’s almost too hot, strike that, it is too hot. When it’s cold out everyone complains for summer but I can’t sleep with a blanket on me at night and I sweat anyway. Anything over 80 is where I draw the line. I’m probably going to drink this Saturday for the first time in 2 weeks so I’m excited for that (although it takes a back seat to the meet). And I think I’ll end it on that little eruption of thoughts. Cyalater!

Hello world!

Hello world! Like I said, I am done with that old blog. It was fun while it lasted but we are now on to bigger and better blogging. Thanks to my brother, I now have a… more legit blog. I would never just up and quit, like Bogdan said, and leave all of my fans out there with nothing to read on their Sunday mornings, as Ben said. Don’t worry people I feel that my blogging was at a peak and it will only continue to rise with this new format. I still have to fiddle around with the actual look of the thing, not to sure if I like that big picture of trees and whatnot but whatever, I’m up for suggestions too. I hope you all enjoy this and I will be posting again tomorrow.