Here we go again

I have surgery tomorrow on my mouth. They’re pulling some teeth up so hopefully after this one I’ll have a full and normal smile. My top teeth look pretty good right now but the bottom is lacking. I’m missing two teeth and after this surgery they should come in. I hope this will be the last time I have to do this shit because it’s getting really really old. This is probably my 7th or so surgery and I’m just so sick of it. I get the surgery, feel like dick for the entire rest of the day, can barely sleep, and the next couple days are full of pudding, jello, salt water rinsing, and sitting around doing nothing. It’s so stupid and I have to do it time and time again because I got screwed over with genetics. If my kid has this same problem, I’ll feel awful. Hopefully I score some vicodin or something just for kicks and giggles to make the next couple days entertaining.

In other news, I talk a big game when it comes to ping-pong. Most people know this, and most people have heard me say that “if someone says they’re good, and I say I’m good too… I’ll beat them”. People always say well how do you know and I always reply that ping-pong is one of those things that everyone thinks they’re good at but almost no one actually is. I consider myself one of the few that actually are. Anyway, what do I know? I’ve only played bad people for the most part and lately I’ve only been plying Jake. Jake’s good but playing each other over and over gets old. We get used to playing one another and learn the other persons habits and all that so we were wondering how good we actually were. Jake works with some guy who is apparently really good, he told Jake about this game in a church basement that goes every Tuesday night. Jake and I drove up and weren’t really sure what to expect. We walk down and there are a lot of people. Half are your typical Asians who hold the paddle funny and the other half is a mix of everything, old, young, fat, skinny, Indian, etc.

It was about a 45 minute wait to play my first game. I played an overweight 40 year old guy and pretty much smoked him 4 games to zero. You play best of 5, up to 11, switch serves every 2, and switch sides every game. He wasn’t very good and I knew it, he wasn’t where the real games were at.

My next game was against another old overweight guy but I picked him out knowing he would probably beat me. He took me the first game pretty convincingly, 11-5. Next game was different. I got up early but he kept it up and eventually he was up 10-9, it was my serve and what do I do… I serve it into the net to lose the game. He beat me the next game 11-8 so it was another relatively close one but he got me. He was good but not unbeatable. I think with a couple more visits I should be splitting games with him in no time.

My 3rd game was against a really fat 50 year old woman who put really solid back spin on it. I couldn’t really figure her out; her spin was different than most I’d seen before. She swept me in 3 games but they were all kind of close. Again, if I played her a little more and got to know her spin better, I could definitely compete better with her.

My last game was against a skinny old Asian guy. He played like the other really good Asian guys but wasn’t nearly as aggressive and not very consistent. I beat him 3 games to 1 and felt pretty confident. There was a huge range of skill levels there and I would say that I rank probably in the middle. It was a good experience and I think I’m going to keep going back every Tuesday. It’s in Phoenixville so when I’m at school I’ll be even closer if I want to keep going. There were definitely some really good people there, out of my league, but it was nice to actually prove that I could play with these “really good” people and show that I’m not full of shit when I say I could beat someone who just plays casually.

Besides that, life has been slow like usual. Surgery tomorrow will make things even slower. I’m pretty much going to sit and play guitar/guitar hero. After really thinking about it, I’m sorry to say but this blog will slow down. I’m not going to force posts and not enough happens around here to keep it going. Instead of every day or every other day like I was doing before, it will be more like two or three times a week.

Workin Hard

I’ve made $250 in 4 days which is pretty much an all time high for me. I worked the suburbans track meet for 75 bucks and worked for 12 hours to make 144 bucks. Making money is weird. I’ve worked with my dad before but never more than once a week or so. Now that I’m going to work pretty much every day for a few hours and make a decent amount of money, I don’t know what to do with it. I just keep thinking that I should go out and spend like, half of the money I made that day on stupid stuff just to entertain myself. That’s obviously an awful idea but having a consistent rate of income is a very different feeling than anything I’ve had with money before. I’m definitely buying a guitar which will set me back a couple hundred but besides that I really don’t have anything I’m 100% going to buy. I guess it would be good to save up some money and just put it in the bank account for later. That’s probably what I’ll do. I guess it’s a good thing to have money and not know what to do with it instead of the other way around.

So I’d seen this video a long while ago but Abud showed it to me again a couple weeks ago and I’m still amazed. This guy is like, the epitome of what I want to become. You get really really good at something totally useless and most people just tell you it’s stupid and refuse to acknowledge it as cool, but then you get your breakthrough and you get to show everyone what you can do, and it’s amazing. This guy is the man in my book… The internet in my house is terrible so I’m just going to post the link and you can see for yourself.

Something I’ve never really understood/have ever really done is lying. Obviously I’ve done my fair share of lying but just little things that don’t matter. I don’t know if it’s how I was brought up or just genetics or what, but something about me makes it really hard for me to lie about meaningful things. Doing bad things in general have never really been my thing. I always follow the rules, try to be as honest as possible when it comes to getting in trouble and whatnot, my conscience just kills me. I’m not tootin’ my own horn here people, I’m just saying, because I lived with Satchel, Rob, Mike, and Adam for most of the year, I realized how many people just break the rules and don’t care/nothing happens to them. I know that I can skip class and nothing will happen, but I don’t do it. If I got in trouble with Mike and Satch for the piss on the door thing, I wouldn’t have even considered lying to the guy about it. When I forgot my wallet at the diner, even though I was under the influence of alcohol, I still would never try to walk out of there without paying. In the short-term, this seems like a bad thing. It costs me time, money, and coolness, but I’ve just always been a firm believer in doing the right thing. I’ve said I’d take justice over friendship more than most. If my friend does something stupid and wants me to vouch for him, I’m not going to do it. Hypothetically, someone is cutting the runs. When coach  asks the guy have you been doin’ the runs? and he says yes, then the coach comes to me and says “has this guy been doing the runs?” I’m going to say no, he hasn’t been. People can’t expect me to lie for them because I’m their friend, I’m not risking my credit or honorability (not a word) because you think I’m your buddy and will lie to get you out of some bullshit situation. If you disagree with me well then, I don’t know what to tell you but that’s something I’ve always believed in.

The Flyers are doing really well and just made history with there 0-3 comeback and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a complete bandwagon fan. It’s been years since I’ve watched a Flyers game but I’ve been watching them lately. It’s pretty exciting and I don’t think hockey is as bad as I thought it was, although I still can’t see myself watching a regular season Flyers game and getting into it. I’ll watch the playoffs and if they win the Stanley Cup then that’s pretty cool but I almost feel guilty taking any pride in it because I literally never watch them.

I’ve been struggling to update this blog and the results have shown. I haven’t done anything very cool since I’ve been home so it’s really tough to keep this thing going. The internet also sucks so it takes forever to do it and I keep saying I’ll do it later then the next thing I know, 2 days have gone by and I haven’t done anything. I really don’t like posting it as my facebook status unless it’s been a really long time since I have or I think I have a really good post. I’ll


Run – verb – to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground. Not one word has made more of a difference in my life that one word. Run. It seems like such a simple concept and action that it couldn’t possibly have such an impact on someones life but it certainly has. Running is present in my life 100% of the time. My days circulate around when I’m going to run and when I’m not running, I think about running. If you haven’t caught on yet, this is the running blog that I’ve been waiting to write. I’m anticipating now that no post will take longer to write or have more words in it than this one… but I’ll probably enjoy writing this post more than any other. Lets start from the beginning.

Tom, my oldest brother, ran track throughout high school. I don’t have any specific memories of him running but this is where it all started. Jeff also ran. This is where I really got interested in running. I would go to Jeff’s races every now and then and just watching people race and all that made me want to run. In 7th grade I joined the track team and sucked immediately. I was one of the worst guys on the team. The only specific memory I have of 7th grade is one time we were doing a long run and I was falling off hardcore. I saw Derrick Cruice and Chris Melton cut the run. I was furious, who the hell did they think they were? I got back probably 6 minutes after they did on a 3 mile run. It was humiliating. I didn’t really have the drive yet though. 8th grade came along and in November there was the turkey trot, a 1 mile run that all the kids did. My goal was to break 7 minutes in the mile and I finished up in 6:48, I went nuts. It was the first time I had set a goal and then reached that goal. 8th track season came around and it didn’t go so hot. Dana Lockard (yes a girl) and I had a huge rivalry and I didn’t beat her once in the mile. The whole season we talked about who would break 6 minutes in the mile first, she ran 5:58 and I ran 6:07 as our best times of the season.

8th grade was a bummer but I still didn’t care enough. I didn’t train over the summer going into freshman  year and I got my ass kicked when cross country started. Running anything more than 3 miles for a long run was totally insane. Gourlay and I had a bit of a rivalry, if you could call it that, but he beat me every time except for one. I finished Freshman year XC with a 19:0x pr. Freshman year track was more of the same. I was the worst distance runner on the team and it wasn’t that fun. I finished with an 11:28 2mile pr and a 5:19 mile pr. After finishing last in every workout and just getting owned constantly, I decided I wasn’t going to just take it anymore.

Summer going into Sophomore year was where I actually started to train. I ran a lot over the summer and actually came into camp as the top sophomore behind Lorenzo. I’ll never forget the workout that Giammarco ran with the JV guys and Palmisano couldn’t keep up, I was literally the only guy left running with G. My head grew so big after that, it probably wasn’t a good thing. Palmisano, and everyone else beat me almost every time. I think I beat Gourlay 3 times but that was it. I was still bottom of the food chain. Finished Sophomore XC with an 18:02 race at Carlisle which was a great race for me. Sophomore track was a milestone year. I broke 5 minutes in the mile. It was a home duel meet and I was doubling the mile and the 8. I’d been talking about breaking 5 the entire year, Cruice and Lorenzo said I wouldn’t be able to do it. I don’t remember the race but I finished up 4:58 and it was so cool. I ran the 800 an hour later or so and pr’d in that too, 2:217. It was an awesome day. I ran the 2mile at conferences and pr’d in that to end the season at 10:35. I went out in 5:10ish and kind of died but still I was happy with it. It was a good way to end the season.

Summer going into junior year was pretty standard. Lots of running. There was a big question as to who would be the 7th man for XC. It boiled down to me and Gourlay. I was 7th for the beginning, my first varsity race ever was Carlisle and I ran really well there. I beat Mariotz and ended up being the 6th man that day. I continued to beat Gourlay most of the season but at Tennet when the Reilly’s weren’t there, people had to “step up” according to Grift. Well Gourlay stepped up and out kicked me in the last 100 meters. It was a bad race. I still ran varsity at districts but that didn’t go that well either. Gourlay’s time in the JV race was 10 or so seconds faster than my 17:16. The team qualified for states and it had to be decided who was going to run. I will never forget the conversation we had with Grift the night before. Gourlay and I walked into his hotel room, and Grift says, “so who want’s to run?”. We said, “Well… we both do”. Grift replies, “Well who wants to run more”. There was a small silence, and then Gourlay goes, “Well Sam probably does…”. Grift said, “Well then Sam’s gonna run”. Then he got kind of angry at Gourlay and kept saying well why does Sam want to run more. I ran at states and the race itself wasn’t great but it was still an awesome experience.

After cross I was pretty confident. I opened up winter track with a 9:51 and anchored a DMR in 4:55, taking us from 5th place (a medal) to 6th place (not a medal). Those were my two races for the rest of my junior year. I started taking Acutane and it pretty much ended my Junior year. I started running really slow and was barely finishing warm-ups. It was really really annoying. I had no idea what was happening but I was getting slower and slower and there was nothing I could do about it. The 9:51 and 4:55 stayed my PR’s for the season. I got off the pills with one race left in the season, conferences. I ran the two mile and literally PR’d by .3 seconds. It was a brutal race but I guess I ended the season on somewhat of a high note.

Summer of senior year was again, more of the same, a shit load of miles. Senior year cross was pretty up and down. Pat Reilly was my next target and I actually did beat him a couple of races. Carlisle was my best race where I out-kicked Lorenzo too to finish 3rd on the team. The worst part was probably when Grift asked me if I fell during Paul Short because I was so far back after a mile. I PR’d by 23 seconds that day so fuck him. It was a solid year but when it came to states, everyone choked. Palmisano ended up in the hospital, Paul and Lorezno both ran okay, Pat ran probably the best out of all of us, and I ran bad too. I got so stuck behind people and was literally cursing during the race. I ended the season with a 16:26 pr.

Senior year indoor track was my first actual “breakout race”. I got lucky and auto-qualified for meet of champs in my first 3k with a 9:36 and won by about 10 seconds. It took some pressure off and I didn’t put up any good times really until meet of champs. I went into that race with a 9:24 PR in the 3k. In my head, I didn’t actually think I could run a 9:03 and qualify for states, but I had nothing left to shoot for. I went out in 4:52, closed my last lap in a 33, and finished in 9:05. It was and still is the best race of my life. I was so disappointed though because I missed states by 2 seconds. I literally sat on the infield for 15 minutes just sitting there thinking about how much it sucked. Outdoor track came and went pretty quickly. I had my fair share of duel meet victories running random 2 miles and miles where I’d close the last 800 in 2:15 or something retarded like that. It was all in hopes, again, to make it to states. I ran a 9:43 to open the season and states was 9:30. I was very confident. At suburbans I doubled in the mile and 2 mile. Mile was first and I got 6th in a 4:33 feeling shitty. 2 mile was a couple hours later and I still felt shitty. Lorenzo and I lead through the mile in like 5:02 and then Palm and I finished up in 9:58. He let me have the win because it was his fourth race of the day so thank you very much. I went in to districts and didn’t really know what to expect, I went out in 4:46 which was on pace but died and finished in 9:42. Again, I was extremely, extremely disappointed. I wasn’t even very close. It was a real bad way to end the season but whatever.

Summer going into my first year of college was probably the most running I’d done in a summer. I followed Bayless’ training schedule exactly. 8k was very different, Jeremy and I duked it out the whole season pretty much, except for the fact that I only beat him once… Indoor track blew, I ran a 4:43 for my best mile to anchor a 7th place (should have 6th but I blew it) DMR and ran a 9:24 3k, granted I was sick for my last one but still. Outdoor was kind of the same. I pr’d in the 5k which was good in 16:16 but that was really it. No other good races.

That was pretty much the summary, I haven’t really talked about anything though and why I actually like running. For one, I didn’t even realize this until recently, but running keeps you in good shape. I look forward to going on runs. I can’t wait to get out there, it just feels good or right or something. Don’t get me wrong, I have my awful days, and my I don’t really want to do this days, but those are the days that, if you can get through them, you’ll get a lot better. I hated waking up at 5:30 before school in the winter to go on a 3 mile run, there was nothing enjoyable about that. But the feeling you get when you finish a good workout, or have a great race, all of that stuff, that’s the best. That generally doesn’t cut it when people say “why do you run”. I’ve seen 2 quotes that explain “why” pretty well. Pre has one that says “You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.” I think that’s pretty good. You have to want to get better, if you’re not willing to work for it, then you might as well quit. I don’t see a point of doing track just to do it. I want to see how fast I can possibly run. If I win a race or earn a medal along the way, then so be it, but I’m out there to run a fast fucking time (for me). Another quote is from someone I can’t remember and I don’t the know the actual quote but it goes something like this, “I don’t care about breaking records, or winning races, or  whether you think I’m the fastest man in the world or a total loser, as far as I’m concerned it’s about me.” I agree, I don’t really care if someone thinks I train to hard or not enough or what, but as long as I’m happy with what I’m doing, then that’s all that matters. I plan on running for a long time because it’s what I want to do. I love it. All the shit that I’ve gone through with it has definitely made me part of who I am today. It builds discipline and patience and all that good stuff. I might not ever be as fast as I want to be, but as long as I know that I ran as fast as I COULD have, that’s good enough for me.

Great/Not so Great

I woke up at 11:30 today to get ready for my big day. My mom asked me last night if I got my clothing ready for tomorrow and I lied and said yes, figuring that it wouldn’t be a big deal and that I could get ready at 10 minutes. It was 1:10 so I figured I should get ready. I showered and by 1:20 was picking out my clothing. Clothing was a disaster. I had no idea how to dress but I figured that I’d at least have enough clothing to choose from. I had about 1 polo, 2 pair’s of jeans, and no shoes or socks. I chucked on an old pair of jeans and a wrinkly polo. I stroll in there, introduce myself to about 20 people, make eye contact all over the place, dishin’ out firm handshakes like candy, it was beautiful. I got set up and I cannot wait to keep this job going. I pick my hours, literally whenever I want to go in I can. If I’m feeling good and wake up at 9 in the morning and figure I should go into work, I can. If I drank the night before and wanna sleep in, I can go in at 1:30 and get some extra sleep. It’s amazing.

Anyway, things have been really slow at home. There’s just nothing to do around here. I can see myself going bowling every Sunday night but besides that there’s just not that much to do. If I drink once a week which is a lot, then there’s 2 nights down. Say I wanna go to bed early 2 nights a week because I’m tired, then there’s 3 nights left that I have absolutely nothing to do. That can’t happen. I need something to do. I guess I’ll give it another week or so and if nothing comes up, I’m shit out of luck.

That’s about all I got right now. Still kind of settling in at home. I hope some cool things happen that I can write about because if summer stays this way the whole time I’m going to be struggling to get some good posts. I’ll allow my self one or two bad ones but anymore like this and I’m in trouble.

Back home… for a little bit

To kick off my summer at home, I went bowling with Jonny, Gourlay, and Gourlays friend from school Drew. So we all go bowling and it had been a while since I’d gone. I wasn’t sure what to expect but whatever. We had 4 people so we split into 2v2 and put a tiny bit of money on the games. It was Jonny and I vs. Gourlay an Drew. We bought 3 so it was pretty much a best of three series. I start of gunz blazin’. I open it up with a 202 first game which was the highest I’d ever bowling by 21 pins. Jonny and I won that game by about 60 or 70 pins. We spotted Gourlay and Drew 50 pins, and they smoked us the next game. I dropped down to 130 and Jonny hung around 100. Final game, for all the marbles, I choked big time. I was starting to wear down, I only had 5 hours of sleep the night before and my arm was going. I finished with something like a 120, Jonny didn’t break 100, and Drew bowled a hell of a game for him so we lost that game too. I was quite disappointed with the last 2 games but the 202 totally made up for it. Finally broke 200. Very naice. Unfortunately I forgot my phone charger at school so I drove back to get it that night.

Last night I went up to Ursinus again because it was the last night I could come up until next year. It was a good way to say goodbye, I saw everyone that I wanted to (I think), had a good time, snorted a froot loop, and just hung out till 3 in the morning with everyone. I got to meet 3 kids from the Muhlenberg track team and they were pretty cool. The one kept telling me to do push-ups though. I did 67 which even I was impressed with and then every time I saw him he would start screaming KEEP DOING PUSH UPS! Then he’d tell me about Major General Armstrong’s training plan and how that would make me an awesome runner. There’s a small chance that I come up on Friday but I don’t know, we’ll see about that one.

My job starts tomorrow, he said to show up at 2pm, I can pretty much pick my hours as long as they’re between 8:30AM-5:30PM during the week, my things should take 10-20 hours, I get paid 12 bucks an hour, and Wagon told me that “when it’s 3pm one day and they say ‘Sam we’re going golfing’, well then you have to go with them”. I suck at golf but I’m looking forward to that one. My boss also classified this as a college internship which is pretty freaking sweet, that looks very good. I pretty much got really lucky and totally hooked up as Jeff says so I thank you very much Wagon.

So now that I’m home I actually have cable and can watch television now. That’s all great and stuff but there’s not that much to watch. SportsCenter is just an hour show on repeat all afternoon, good movies rarely come on, and I think I’m too old for cartoons. Back in elementary school and middle school it was never “is there going to be anything to watch” it was always just “what am I going to watch”. I think I was like any other kid that watched a lot of T.V. My absolute favorite shows were Rocco’s Modern Life and Dragon Ball Z. Hey Arnold and Spongebob were both really good too. I always thought RugRats was overrated. Zoids was a very underrated show, no one knew about it because it was on at like 6 in the morning. Ed Edd and Eddy was also up there. I know I’m missing some but those are the ones that stick out in my mind.

My last night at Ursinus :(

Well, I’ve moved back home and my first year at Ursinus is completely over. Last night was a very good way to go out I think. It started off in the track suite, Mark and I were the only 2 drinking. We started playing games and then we went to Wawa. Before we left for Wawa I did 4 shots. I was feeling good when we got back. Satch and Mitch came up to drink with us. We all shot gunned a twisted tea and Satchel was claiming that he could out-drink anyone. I believe his direct quote was something like this, “I may chug a beer in 30 seconds but I can drink more than anyone here.” I think he may have been the worst drinker there. Then we started bonging beers to see who could win. I faced Matt who was the best Sig Pi had to offer and I came out victorious. I probably bonged/shotgunned 2 twisted teas and 2 or 3 beers in the span of 20 minutes. I was under the impression that I didn’t black out last night but I did. We hung out in the suite for a while I think? Ben came back from his formal and I offered to walk to to BPS. I walked with him, then I’m not totally sure what I did. I hung out for a while somewhere and then was in the basement of BPS when Jackie, Jordan… and someone else that I can’t really remember walked by. Jackie and them went to bed and I talked to Jordan for a bit. This was about 3 in the morning, and we got the idea to go to Wawa. So we start walking and then we’re in Wawa and we see this kid. We were talking to him and we were both saying that we didn’t know what to get. He suggested that we go the diner so we said that sounds like a good idea. Jordan and I were talking before we got there about what we were going to get. We both said that bacon egg and cheese on a bagel sounds awesome. We go in, order, it takes forever to get the food, by the time we get the food neither of us were hungry, and we both ate about half of it. So it’s like 5 in the morning and we decide it’s time to go. I go to grab my wallet out of my pocket and there’s nothing there… How cool do I look. We didn’t really know what to do and we decided on, she’ll wait there, and I’ll all out sprint to my room, grab my wallet, and sprint back. I made it in 9 minutes, it’s over a mile of running, and I stopped to take a really long pee too. I get back, pay 10 bucks to eat half a bagel, and then we got the hell out of there. It was starting to get bright out. We had a goal of staying up till 7am. It was about 6 in the morning and we gave up on it. I went to my room and insta-passed out.

I woke up at 11 this morning to Ben calling. I walked over to the suite and then me, him, Mark, and Adam talked about our nights. Then we walked to my room and started packing. For about an hour or so I just cleaned all the shit out of my room. When my dad and brother showed up it really hit me that I was leaving for 3 months and wasn’t going to see these people for a while. I dished out my hugs and was SENT ON MY WAY! I’m sitting at home right now and I’m settling into my routine I think. Lots of guitar hero, lots of sporcle, lots of frisbee, and lots of running. My job starts this Wednesday which should be cool. I’m pretty pumped for it. It will be nice to not have any school work to do but still… all the little shit and jokes we have at school and stuff is gone for now. I’m at home with my friends here and we have our little shit and jokes too but it’s still sad to say goodbye. It was a great last night and a helluva first year.

Last night

So it’s Saturday night and it’s probably my last night here. There’s not to much going on unfortunately but who cares. Mark and I are drinking by ourselves in the track suite right now. If there’s nothing going on it’s not a big deal because I know that the track team will be drinking. It’s 7:11 and I 1 beer deep. I’m trying to end on a non-blackout I’m 3 for my last 3 in not blacking out so I guess I should go into the summer and keep the streak alive.

So I found out my calc grade for the semester. Some how I ended up with a 69 percent but she gave me a C-. I think that because I showed up every class and went to visit her outside of class a few times that she knew I actually cared and I tried hard so she gave me the grade. I’m happy with it. I’ll probably end this freshman year with a 3.0 GPA which is solid. I’ll take it.

There were a few things that I forgot to mention about last night. I did a dizzy bat in the middle of Reimert. Most people probably don’t know this but my baseball skills are very bad. In 4th grade (my last year of playing baseball) I had 2 foul tips and the rest either strike outs or walks. If you saw me last night there is no way you could have known that. I drank my beer, spun around the bat, got set up for the at bat, and hit a grand-fuckin-slam. I absolutely drilled the beer can and it went flying. I threw my bat up in celebration which people didn’t think was very funny but either way, I felt it was necessary. I played kings with about 6 other girls which was actually very fun. It made never have I ever either really good or really bad. It was easy for me to get everyone out but it was easy for anyone to get me out. Also, I forgot to say that for about an hour I sat in 201 with Kelly and Jess (Jen?) and played war, yes the card game, with them. I think nothing was going on so I was happy to just sit there with someone instead of walk around by myself.

I leave this place tomorrow. I’m going to say my goodbyes tonight and I don’t think I’m coming back for graduation, (we’ll see). That’s about all I got. I felt like this was long enough to be it’s own post instead of going back and editing the last post. Again, it’s Saturday night so enjoy your nights people.


Physics was impossible. I probably studied 2 hours or so which I thought was enough but that was brutal. I thought the same thing last year and ended up with an A- in the class so I did alright. I talked to a couple other people who took it and they said it was really hard too so that makes me feel better. Hopefully it’ll be curved or something. It took me a little under 2 hours. After that was my German oral. I had it all good to go. I walked into her small office and it was just one on one. I just set up my computer and started talking. I was sweating like a madman but I think I did alright. She said that I spoke fluently, but had some little grammar things that weren’t right. I think I’ll get a good grade on it. We kind of talked for another 5 minutes after I was done, her in German and me in English. I said goodbye, thanks for the year, it was a lot of fun, and I’ll cya next year, then I got the eff out of there. I’m finally done my freshman year. It’s been a heck of a year and I really enjoyed it but I think I’m ready to start summer.

Beer mile in 1 hour, I’m writing this before hand but will be posting afterward. I guess I’ll throw out a prediction, 7:23. I don’t think I’m gonna puke but to ensure that I may have to slow down and that’s gonna cost me those 23 seconds.

This is after the fact… I just ran a beer mile. I started off fine, chugged the first one in maybe 20-30 seconds or so, felt fine running the lap in about 70ish seconds. The second beer was a little tougher but still, no biggie maybe 30-40 seconds tops and I felt good running about a 70 for the 2nd lap. If I averaged 30 seconds a chug, and ran all 70’s for the actual mile, that’s a 6:40 beer mile so I was well on pace. Here’s where I started to fall off, the 3rd beer probably took a minute and a half or so to finish. My stomach was really not liking the beer intake. I threw up in my mouth but held it in luckily. (If your throw up you have to run a penalty lap so that would totally kill it). It was all foam anyway. So I finish the third one, and again I feel fine once I get to the running because I ran another 70, I just have to get through the actual beer. So the last beer and the last lap are now. I start drinking the beer and immediately know somethings wrong. I was literally incapable of taking 12 ounces worth of liquid in at that time. I threw up in my mouth again but managed to keep it in. I walked around a bit really angry because the clock was ticking and there was nothing I could do. I finished the last beer in 2 minutes and 33 seconds. I blazed the last lap in 63 but it was only good enough for a 9:16. I was a little disappointed but I think it was a positive experience. With optimum conditions I think 7:00, or close to it is doable.

After the beer mile I actually had a buzz going which was nice. I showered, went to dinner, and then the night got started. I was in the track suite just drinking, it was only about 6 or so of us to begin with. Like usual things picked up slowly but surely. We were just playing beer pong and stuff like that. I did a few beer bongs, one with Adam that had like 2 and a half beers + a shot or two… or three? of bankers club rum in it. I also did a beer bong with Satch, he said he sucks at chugging and that he had never done one before. I probably finished 6 seconds before he did and he spilled half of it on his shirt. I hung out there for a while then went to 206/201… not sure which one. I hung out there for a bit but nothing to crazy happened. Me and probably 8 tau sig girls went to late night lower. Elly Wallace was kind enough to buy me the sausage egg and cheese on a bagel, I don’t know if she reads this but if she does, I owe you 2 dollars Elly. The rest of the night was just between the track suite, 103, 201, and 206. I didn’t black out and nothing really happened. I went back to my room at 2:00 or so. Considering I started at 3:30 for the beer mile and then was consistently drinking from 6 o’clock on I was very happy with that. Tonight is potentially my last night here for a long time so I may have to go out with a bang. I kind of like this whole no blacking out thing. I imagine this is how normal people drink.

I woke up this morning and what do you know, my goddamn piece of shit sandals cut my foot. One more day here before I crazy glue my old ones back to normal. I feel alright though. It’s nice not waking up and not being able to function for a couple hours because you drank too much the night before. I have absolutely nothing that I need to do for the next 3 days or so and it feels great.

Tristan left yesterday. He was the first of my good (best) friends to go. It’s weird thinking that I’m not going to see him or anyone else (besides you John Ryder) all summer. Our goodbye was lacking but what are you gonna do. I know your control F’ed your name and this is the only paragraph you’re going to read so I guess I should say something nice… I like you. Your 88k is respectable.

The past 3 days or so I’ve been listening to only Radiohead. I really like them, very unique sound but they make it work really well. Thom Yorke is a really good singer and from what I’ve heard a total dick-head so I think that makes him more cool. No Surprises, High and dry, and Optimistic are my three favorite but I still haven’t gotten to know all the songs I have that well so I may update that soon.

If you go to Ursinus and read this, we should probably have a proper goodbye or something because I’m not going to see you again for 3 months and you’ll probably stop reading this blog. It’s the weekend, have fun everyone.

T-Minus 19 Hours

So Satchtard unplugged my alarm clock last night and then plugged it back in so the clock said 12:00 AM when it was really 5:00 AM. I woke up at 8 this morning and the clock said 3:00, it was light outside and I freaked out thinking it was 3PM and my final started at 1PM. I launched out of my bed, was getting ready to go, looked at my phone, saw 8:10 AM, and felt like an idiot. My heart was pumping so hard that I figured I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. I studied for probably 2 hours or so before my final. It started at 1 and I was out of there by 3:30… I know that sounds bad but to be honest, I think I did really good on it for me. I’m definitely thinking 80+ which means I get a C- for the semester, if I somehow squeak out a 95 I get a C for the semester… We’ll see about that one. Tomorrow is my physics final and my German oral. Physics is going to be rough but nothing crazy I don’t think. The German oral takes 3 minutes and I’m almost done writing it so… Pretty much 1 final till I’m done.

It happened again today… I got tired of studying so I went on a run. When there’s nothing to train for, it almost makes it even more fun to go on a run. You can run fast if you want or you can run slow if you want, it doesn’t matter at all. The beer mile is definitely happening and I think it’s gonna be fast. I believe Jeff’s fastest time is something like 7 minutes, and Matt Lawson was something like 6:15, so we’ll see how I do against those times.

So the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been getting killed by footwear. My nice sandals are broken and I still haven’t tried to fix them. I’ve settled for wearing my shower sandals around everywhere. I bought my nice sandals going on 3 years ago and they’ve been awesome. I spent 30 bucks for em’ but with how long they’ve last and how well they have done their job, it was totally worth it. These shower things probably cost 6 dollars and they kill my feet. The little… thingers, I don’t know what you call them, the things that go around your foot on top to keep the things from falling off your feet, they keep digging into my foot and it kills. I had to take them off on the walk to Wawa a few days ago because it hurt so bad. I’ve probably gone through 8 pairs of shitty sandals before I wised up and bought a legit pair for 30 bucks. I don’t know what it is, they shouldn’t be that hard to make, but for some reason certain companies really blow at it. You could make the argument that I should just wear shoes but I hate wearing shoes. Wearing shoes = wearing socks, it’s such a hassle to put socks on every single time. If I wear shoes I generally don’t even wear socks and then my feet get all sweaty and it’s just unpleasant. I need my sandals back.

Mothers day is coming up. I plan on going home that day but I don’t really have anything planned for Mom. I think the same thing about mothers day as I do about all the other holidays. It’s just a made up money scam that everyone is guilt tripped into. It’s gotten so bad that I look like a total doucher if I don’t get something for my mom. I think I show her my appreciation quite often and if the only time you really show your mom that you care about her is mothers day than I think you’re the one who has the problem, not me. I have 130 dollars from returning my books so I could get her something, and I guess since I don’t care about 10 dollars to make her happy, I should spend the money anyway, but I just don’t like the idea of being forced to buy her something. I know she wouldn’t care if I didn’t get her anything but still it’s a nice thing to do. I still hate Hallmark. I’m going to write her a card myself, or grow her flowers from my garden, or make her chocolate from my… chocolate… factory. Win/win.

2 days!

I woke up yesterday and was so bored. I didn’t know what to do so I did the one thing I know I can do… run. I ran 5 miles and since I don’t have races anymore, I just ran as fast as I could. I got back, showered, ate, then studied for my German final. I woke up today at 8:30 to go to breakfast and sneak in some more studying. The written part of this final is only 40% of the grade so I figured it would be short but I had no idea what I was in for. We started at maybe 9:05 and I was out of there by 9:30. I think I did pretty well on it too. It was a good way to start off 2nd semester finals. Calc is tomorrow and if things go perfect, (meaning I get an 75+ on the final) I could very well sneak out a C- in that class. I studied 3 straight hours tonight, probably gonna rock out one more before I go to bed, then another hour or so tomorrow before the thing. It’s at 1pm so I figure if I wake up around 10, dick around till 11, study till 12, I’ll be good to go.

I asked Adam yesterday to describe me using 5 adjectives. He chose selfish, careless, arrogant, and 2 others that I can’t remember right now but… you get the point. I’m not totally sure how to take that. I think that me thinking it’s a compliment just supports his words even more. I was also thinking that, if I don’t think I’m egotistical enough, does that in itself make me even more egotistical? I think I’m so great that I don’t even appreciate myself as much as I think I  should. Not that I think that, but I’m just saying. I really couldn’t choose 5 words to describe myself but if anyone has any good ones, go ahead and comment, I’m curious.

Funny that this paragraph follows the last one… So I rocked out so math about this blog and I’m not trying to brag but I personally think it’s pretty amazing. In one week, this blog has been visited 223 different times, by exactly 100 different people, with an average viewing time of 48 seconds. That means that one person can read it for 48 seconds, then another person would get on a read it for 48 seconds, and keep doing that for 2 hours 58 minutes and 24 seconds until it added up to everyone that’s read it. Granted this is over a week but that still amazes me.  I don’t even know 100 different people. I can’t imagine there’s that many people interested in what I have to say. I also was thinking, well what would happen if other people saw this and thought, “Hey I’m gonna start my own blog!”. What happens then? Would my readers just read everyone elses blog too? If that many people started a blog there’s no way everyone would read everyone elses. Blogging is kind of my brothers thing that I stole but it’s still kind of my thing too. Some people around here know me specifically because of my blog. If everyone had one, then what would people know me by? It’s like the nobody’s special if everybody’s special. I just have to hope that people don’t care enough to put this much time into a blog that really doesn’t gain you anything. Although this bad boy has gotten me a job and huge popularity…

So I can drink this Friday and Saturday. I have something that I really want to do on one of the days… a beer mile. I don’t care if I run the thing alone, I just want to do one. I’m easily in the best drinking shape of my life and even though I’ve taken a few days off running I still think I could manage a 4:40ish normal mile, so I think now would be a good time to do a beer mile. I’m going to do it no matter what I think so if anyone out that wants to join me on Friday or Saturday, just let me know.

That’s all I got for now. Final tomorrow at 1 and then another one on Friday at 9am. Won’t be posting till Friday or Saturday. Let’s just get through this week people.