Jobs all around!

I neglected to mention in my last blog that my lovely sister Laura got a job. I have to throw some props her way because she’s been waiting a long time and it’s finally paid off. Congrats Laura.

Speaking of jobs, I actually have one. This blog has gotten me a job. After I wrote that I’m going to rob people for a living this summer, my brother told me that his roommate, the Wagon, could possibly get me a job at his place of work. After a couple of e-mails back and fourth, I got in contact with a guy high up in the ranks and somehow I have a job now.

Anyway, this job will probably require me to look nice. I’m assuming shirt, tie, the unspeakable pants. I also think that my plan of growing out my hair for the summer might have to be changed. I can’t go in looking a shaggy surfer bro or something. My hair right now is in what I call the ‘transition’ length. It’s long to the point where you wouldn’t say I have short hair, but it’s not quite flow yet or anything. It just looks like I have a weird/thick wig on and I really don’t like it. This happens every time, I get my haircut really short and grow it out really long. It looks REALLY good for all but about a 2-3 week period where I transition from short to long hair. I took this picture and I think it shows well enough the length that I’m talking about.

I forgot to add this but here goes, I’ve watched a number of movies in the past week or so. #1, Star Wars 6. Never really got into Star Wars and I continue to be not that into them. It’s to typical and all this random bullshit happens in order for the good guys to win. Not my kind of thing. #2, 500 Days of Summer. I’d already seen this one in theaters so I knew what I was in for. Personally I don’t think it’s a chick flick, it’s just a really good movie. It’s creative in the way it goes back and fourth and there’s comic relief at the exact points that they need it. All in all a very well done movie. #3, The Boondock Saints. I’ve heard so many people say they love this movie and everyone’s astounded that I’ve never seen it. I figured I had to watch it. This movie really is worth all the praise it gets. Rocco is hilarious, the two brothers are so obviously brothers with the little things they do, even after killing 9 guys they can still joke and play stupid games with each other. The plot twist with the old guy was, definitely unexpected but I liked it. It was never really boring at any point, action was always either about to come or already happening. All the crazy things that happened in it really make it a great movie. The ending with the court scene was really good too. The only thing that got to me sometimes was the acting of the brother with the shorter darker hair. It seemed a little, I don’t know how to say it but something was off every now and then. Either way, A+ movie. If you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out.

That’s about all I got right now. Not drinking tonight or tomorrow night. Running is almost done, Sunday! Finals next week and then I’m home for the summer. To all those who are already home for summer… well I don’t really know what to say, enjoy the time while I’m not there I guess.

Limbo FTL

I got a free book from Ursinus to read over the summer. It’s not mandatory and personally, I think I’m more likely to read it now because it’s optional. It’s just some story about this guy’s life and I figure if I’m sitting around doing nothing all day I’ll read it. This summer/winterbreak I said I was going to read a book. Anytime I get motivated to read a book I always try to read the same one, This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was one of my 11th grade term paper books and I didn’t read it. I read about the first 40 pages and really liked it but never finished it. I think if I can knock out 2 books this summer, that would be one hell of an accomplishment.

For some reason Wismer had a Luau today to celebrate something. There was a limbo contest and I got suckered into doing it. I know I’m not the most flexible person but I consider myself short enough and able-bodied enough to compete at a moderate level in this thing. There’s maybe 15 people in this contest, 5 from the track team, Mark, Ben, Lance, Jordan, and I. Lance is about 6’2 so I figured there was no way he would beat me. As long as I didn’t get last I was happy. Things start off and it’s a joke, the bar’s 5 feet high and I’m cruisin’ under that thing no problem… but so is everyone else. After 2 or 3 more sessions, I start getting a little worried. No one’s getting out and I don’t know how much lower I can go. Wismer was pretty packed and the crowd was actually interested in this. Ben was first in line and apparently he got out but I think it was on a technicality, plus I didn’t even know he did, so I follow up, awful form, awful technique, and fall flat on my ass in front of everyone. First tard out. Everyone was just waiting for someone to fall like that and when I did the crowd let me hear it. I was furious, a rage fell upon me that is quite common amongst these stupid competitions. In the heat of the moment I get up, start screaming, and slap the limbo bar upward pretty hard. The bar gets caught on the things sticking out and then goes flying off, the one post turns completely sideways, and I’m standing there looking like a total jackass. I apologized and put the bar back but still it was bad. I never fancied myself a Limboist but c’mon. I continued to watch from the side in total amazement as Mark absolutely dominated. Somehow he slipped under the lowest setting and then another one even lower than that. He won a free pizza party, a bitter sweet party that I will have to attend. Either way, I sucked and Mark looked like the man in front of everyone, as he should have. Kudos to you Mark. Ben did okay too… he beat me, but that’s not saying much.

So I finally did successfully install Google Analytics. In the first 24 hours or so I had 42 total visits from 38 different people. Now, I know I posted it as my facebook status so that’s when it should be at it’s highest, so I guess on random days that I don’t post it the numbers drop a lot. I guess I’ll find out. Also, with summer coming up I feel like the number of Ursinus people who read it will probably go down and the number of Upper Dublin people who read it will probably stay about the same. It could be the opposite, I have no idea. Either way, to have 40 people checking on this thing really blows my mind.

So in about 9th grade I got completely hooked on pistachios. The recent package my mom sent me containing pistachios brought on some flash backs. I would literally sit there playing SOF on the computer Friday and Saturday night with a huge 5lbs back of pistachios and could finish them in a weekend. It gave me awful diarrhea but still they’re were so addicting and so tasty. I only got a 10 ounce bag this time but they’re still amazing. I put them and Cashews at a tie for the best nut. Pistachios encourage work ethic so I think they take the top spot. You have to actually work for each one and that gives you a greater sense of accomplishment. The picture below illustrates the 3 different kinds of pistachios. First up, far right are the easy/preferred ones. These are often found at the top of the bag to make suck you in. Easy to open and the ideal shell.  The far left one is a potential. It takes a lot more effort and can draw blood from finger tips or even chip teeth when attempting to open. Over the years I’ve become pretty good at getting these suckers. The middle are the impossibles. With no entry point, these are the nuts that you have to give up on. If I’m in a very angry mood and I encounter one of these, I may step on them or hit them with something in order to show the nut that if I really want to… I will eat you, but otherwise it’s a losing battle. Throw in the towel and toss these ones out.

Get ready to get robbed!

Running paragraph
Okay people, I’m aware I’ve had one of these for the past 4 or 5 posts but this is my second to last one for a very long time (besides the entire post devoted to running). We had an 800 time trial yesterday to see who was on the 4×8 at conferences. I was about as unprepared as I could possibly be. Didn’t do the leg thing, ate awful the past 2 days, minimal sleep, and ran 6+ miles averaging 6:30 or faster the day before. I wasn’t really expecting to make it but I figured I’d try and have fun with it. I got 3rd but should have gotten 4th if Ryder didn’t walk across the line in about a 2:08. I don’t care about the time. I wasn’t very bummed out after this one though. I was able to joke and laugh afterward and just not worry about it. I was having fun even though I didn’t make it. So now I am “officially” done my first year of college running. Unofficially though, I’m running a 3200 meter time trial on Sunday to see how fast I can go. I’m expecting a PR and anything under 9:40 I’ll be happy with. Should be fun, and for anyone who wants to do a time trial also on Sunday, feel free to come to the track with me and do something, having someone else there would make it easier to time and things like that too so all are welcome.

Something had me thinking today. I’m taking German now and I actually like the language. I was considering sticking with it but I pussed out and am not taking it again next semester. Anyway, there’s so many little things in all languages that don’t make sense unless that’s your native language. In German, when they say something like, “I washed my hands”, the way they say it in German directly translates to “I washed my the hands”. My German TA said that the word funny always confused her, because it means like, humor and laughing, but then you say something smells funny meaning weird, and I really never thought of that but it does make sense that it would be confusing if you grew up not learning English. One I thought of was the words High School. Now you wouldn’t confuse the meaning, but the pronunciation. We in the USA do not say HI school, which is how it’s spelled, we say it more like HEIGH (height minus the T at the end). I have no idea why but if I try to make up a sentence and use it, it feels really wrong to say hi school. You would never know that.

This is my last week of school until finals start. I have an average amount of work. The whole D in calc thing is really going to kill my GPA. I spent about 10 minutes crunching the numbers, and in the absolute best case scenario I end my entire first year with a 3.1666, worst case I end it with 2.83. I’m expecting something around 3.0 which is fine but I don’t want to make any promises yet.

Post school is summer. This whole summer job thing is becoming a real burden. I chose to avoid it for a while and pretty much hoped that someone would just call me and offer me a job or something but I guess that’s not how the real world works. I suppose I’ll make an effort to actually get one this summer but honestly, I don’t really want to sit in Primo’s Hoagies for 5 hours making hoagies for people at $7.75 an hour before taxes. I’d much rather sit at a desk in Eckerd all day and do nothing and still get paid $7.80. Kids in the old days didn’t have to deal with this shit. They could set up a lemonade stand for a day on the side of a road and make mad money. What ever happened to that? I suppose I’m a little to old for that but still, it’s total BS. I’m thinking that, I got robbed for a net value of $400 over winter break. If I can successfully rob someone once a month or so I should be fine.

One final thing, I’m pretty freaking sure that I got this Google Analytics things going so I’m going to post this as my facebook status even though this is a below average post.


Post number 101!!!

Running paragraph
So after being depressed every time I thought about running for the past 2 days, I got the courage to go on a run today. It’s pretty clear to me that I won’t ever quit running while I’m in college. My run today was very good. I started off going a pretty solid pace listening to my ipod. I was just thinking the whole run about the race and started getting really pissed off because I felt so good on this run but so shitty on Friday. I just started running really fast. I turned around in 20:53 and I think I was probably going 6:30-6:45 pace. On the way back I just kept going faster. I was literally hitting 6 minute miles feeling amazing on the way back. I got back in 19:20ish for probably a little under 3.2 miles or so. I finished feeling awesome but was just so pissed off at the same time. Maybe it’s because now that I don’t have anything to train for or worry about, I can run fast. I’m definitely going to do a time trail, either a mile or a 2 mile. I think I can run really fast, then again I thought I could run a fast 5k and look what happened. Now that the season is over I think I’m going to write a full running post just for shits and giggles.

Well, last night was pretty fun. It started early and ended late. I didn’t black out and went on a couple of adventures. Nothing too crazy really happened but it was just a fun night. I’ll leave it at that.

So for the past year or so I’ve been trying to do everyday things with my left hand. Just normal things that you don’t really think about. I started brushing my teeth with my left hand a couple months ago and I’m finally to the point where I feel confident that my teeth are clean enough with only using my left hand. Honestly, it’s really weird how challenging some things become when you can’t use your dominate hand. Next time you take a dump, trying wiping with your other hand and see how it goes.

I had dinner tonight at my teachers house. It was me, 8 other students from my class, her, and her husband. I think this is the difference between big schools and little schools. Stuff like this is possible to do at a small school. We showed up a little after 5, talked for a bit, ate dinner talked for about 2 hours, then left. It’s cool to see them as actual people and not just your teacher. It’s a lot like me playing basketball with the teachers. You’re not just their student, you can actually talk to them and do things with them as people and develop a relationship with them outside of the classroom. It sounds gay but it’s actually pretty cool.

Last thing, 2 music shout outs. 1, the song Open Road by Slightly Stoopid is really good. 2, the 2nd guitar solo in Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits may be one of my favorite of all time. That’s all


Well this is officially my 100th blog post since I started this (these) things 11 months ago. I don’t think I’m going to do anything special for this post so sorry to disappoint but it is interesting. Anything that I ever did during my time here at school, worth mentioning of course, has probably found it’s way into one of these 100 posts. I guess this post will be no different.

Running paragraph
Well… I didn’t qualify. I don’t know what happened. I felt awful during the race and even when I was on pace for the first mile, I was just feeling the whole time that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. Hearing my time with a mile to go and having to finish knowing that I wasn’t going to make it was horrible. I needed to go 16:14 and I ended up 16:41. It was the most discouraging race I think I’d ever run. I was so excited and thought that I was so ready to run fast but I just wasn’t. After the race I didn’t know what to do. I went to warm down, ran for about 3 minutes at 15 minute mile pace, then stopped and sat down on this bench for about 15 minutes. It was the first time that I ever actually considered giving up on running. After a race like that, where I take a step backwards that far, I’d never really had that happen to me before. It was a totally different feeling and I was really down. I was just thinking, why do I run? I put so much time into this thing and for me to run the way I did yesterday… it’s just really hard to stay positive after something like that. I wonder if I’m going to keep getting better or not. If next year is a bad year too, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I kept thinking that I’ve always been just “pretty good” but never quite good enough. I missed conferences for outdoor by 2.08 seconds in the 5k, .89 seconds in the 1500, and 1.26 seconds in the 800. I always seem to get close but never really achieve anything. I missed indoor conferences by 6 seconds in the 3000, in high school I missed indoor states by 2 seconds in the 3000, would have missed states in cross country by about 10 seconds (thankfully my teammates got me a trip there anyway) and I missed both family pr’s (mile and 2 mile) by 1 second in each of them. The only things that I can actually think of that I did was qualify for districts and qualify for the meet of champs in high school. My season is over and I get to take some time off in a week. I don’t think I would actually quit. I just hate setting these goals that I think are realistic and end up missing them by such a small amount. One of these times you’d figure that I’d just get lucky and run 2 seconds faster. If the meet was over, and we went home right after that, I think I’d be a lot closer to quitting, but when I sat there and watched the rest of the meet, and watched all of our guys PR in the 1500 and see that they’re working their asses off, well how could I quit? I can’t.

Well after that extremely depressing experience, I came back to school and was ready to start my Friday night. I went to 103 with Satch and Rob. Things were pretty slow when we got there so we had to do something. Satch and I started off with 3 or 4 shots of Smirnoff, then I had to chug 2 beers because Mitch (Mike) and Rob both made shots in pong. I started to take it easy after that. Satch and I played a game of pong together and we won. We played another 6 games and won all of those too. We shut out Rob and Surman, 6 cups to zero (well obviously but just to show that it wasn’t a gay same cup at the beginning of the game shut out). At 7-0 I went to the track suite real quick and Adam and I bonged a beer. This is when my shirt came off and was starting to feel it. We went back down to 103 and for some reason I wasn’t allowed to put my shirt back on. We played another game of pong and we lost. I don’t really remember to much after that. I must have walked back without my shirt because I don’t have it now. I DO remember trying to get into BPS and my card wasn’t swiping right. I was outside trying to get in for like 10 minutes and I could not figure this thing out. I walked down to the other door and that one did work, just goes to show that it wasn’t because I was blacked out. I think I was just being a drunken idiot for the rest of the night. I haven’t heard of anything offensive or bad that I did so that’s a plus. I didn’t puke either. That makes 4 months now that I haven’t puked due to alcohol (puke contest doesn’t count). I think I’m pretty much perma-past that phase unless something crazy happens. Tonight is another night. I’ll try not to black out but I guess I can’t make any promises anymore.

Woo 420!!

Running Paragraph… seriously skip if you have no interest, it’s pretty long.
I have a meet is in 3 days. I’ve never thought this much about a specific race before in my life. Generally I don’t even think about races at all. I just say I want to compete and show myself how fast I can go. But Friday is a lot different, I only care about the time I run. I’ve played out a thousand different scenarios and in every single one I see myself qualifying. I’m not even going to think about not making it. That just won’t happen. I just won’t let it. I’ve never been so sure of myself before. From 7th to 11th grade, I always got nervous before my races. My senior year I realized that getting nervous really didn’t help anything. I would just not even think about the magnitude of the race I was in until the gun went off. I was a clean slate mentally until the race started. That’s what I’ve been doing this season so far too. This race is a lot different. I don’t want to put pressure on myself though, I just want to be able to go out there and enjoy myself, have fun, and know that if everything goes well, I’ll be fine. If anything I’m just really really excited. Races are chances to reward yourself for all the hard work and training you did. Getting nervous for them is stupid. I’d be nervous if I was worried about not qualifying, but I know that if I just do my thing and have fun that the other things will fall into place. The race itself means nothing, I don’t score points for the team and it has no significance to anyone except for me. I’ve never been more excited to run, this is what it’s all about. I’ll let everyone know how I do… if anyone cares.

Well, after that long bit, where to begin. With the present. Today is the much hailed 4/20. I guess it’s good to have a holiday where all the people who  smoke every now and then can have a reason/excuse to smoke, and for all the hardcore stoners to keep being hardcore stoners. I’ve clearly never participated in these events but I’m not at all against it. Some people think that because I don’t smoke I’m really against it and that I’m always judging the people who do. I have no problems with people who smoke weed and if I didn’t care about running as much as I do, I’d probably be a regular… participator. I think weed is seen as a monster on the elementary and middle school playgrounds but when you reach the real world, it’s not going anywhere/it seems to be pretty entertaining, so let’s celebrate. I don’t know the history behind the holiday but due to the fact that probably more than 50% of my friends (easily) will be celebrating, I send you all my good wishes.

My schooling here at Ursinus, grade wise, has remained parallel to my high school schooling… except for one thing. My Calculus class right now is ridiculous. I never got below a B in any subject in high school except for Latin which I do not count. I finished up with a 3.6, and a 4.0 my junior year which is supposedly the hardest year. I think I’ve proved that I’m fairly capable of being a B+ student in every subject. Even for the first semester here, I ended with a 3.2. which I’m aware isn’t great but I’ll gladly take a 3.2. I had a D- in calculus half way through this smester. I started this class with my usual attitude going into it. After quickly falling behind and seeing that D-, I decided I really needed to get my act together. I did the homework every night, studied for the exams, took the labs and take homes more seriously, but nothing is working. I have a 65 flat right now and with one test and a final left, I can’t see myself going much higher than that. I know I’m not the only one having these problems either. This teacher is insane. She’ll take a point off a two point problem if the answer is negative when it should be positive, little things like that. She moves extremely fast so if you don’t understand one thing you’re screwed for the next thing. I don’t have a personal grudge and I think she’s a good human being, but she needs to come back down to planet earth and realize this class is not 400 level class full of seniors majoring in math… it’s a 100 level math course with people taking it to fulfill their math requirement.

So I’ve had a stuffy nose for a week or so now and I finally went to do something about it. I bought Afrin for 7 bucks, it’s a nasal spray that’s supposed to clear all this shit up. Last night, I opened the thing up and went for it. I squeezed the bottle really hard, tilted my head back, and snorted like a mad man. I got soooooo much of the stuff in my one nostril. It all went into the back of my throat so I swallowed it and it tasted awful. After that experience, I decided to read the bottle, “Do not tilt head backward while spraying. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” Well I really messed that one up. I should have just gone with the pill, why did I want to get fancy and buy this thing. Unfortunately, and fortunately, it does work pretty well I think. The second I start puking blood though, I may have to call poison control.

Well that’s about all I got for now. We are nearing summer time people!!! I’m sure the students out there are stressing about finals and what not, my only advice is to take an hour off every now and then to toss the Frisbee around. I will push that philosophy for as long as I live.

Saturday Naight

Running paragraph
So yesterday was my 800. I wasn’t to pumped up for it because I had already raced the day before and I’m just not an 800 runner. It was an Ursinus heat with about 2 or 3 other kids in it. I lead for about 500 meters and my legs were sore from the day before. I thought I was hurting during the race because we were going fast but it was all from the day before. My legs felt the same in the beginning of the race as they did about half way through. I realized this with about 200 meters left and just said, well I’m gonna kick this kids ass once we hit the straight. I had a pretty sweet kick and I looked damn good doing it. It was probably the most glory anyone has ever had while running a 2:08.93.

After we got back from the meet I was pretty excited to go out. I went to the track suite and pregamed there for a little bit. At 9:30 we headed over to Maples for “Maples Mania”. I had a nice buzz going at the time and when we got there it was totally packed. People were everywhere. It would take 5 or 10 minutes just to get through the house. I went to the back and the band was playing. They were okay? I didn’t know many songs that they played, the one I specifically remember was Boys of Summer. Interesting choice, not that many people were dancing or anything. It was a decent time. Cops showed up and were everywhere. I went out the back and then to reimert. I was hanging out in the track suite and then went to the Sig Pi suite. Satchel and I were hammered doing straight shots of something terrible. Then Satch and I went around going into any suite that… well any suite that didn’t lock their door. We picked up Ben and kept going into random suites. It was a pretty good time. We went back to the Sig Pi suite and Satchel challenged me to a throw up contest and I won. I made myself puke all in the sink and it was not going down the drain so well. After that I was pretty tired and decided to go to bed.

I woke up this morning and felt like an asshole. I went to bed at 3ish and woke up at 10:30. I laid there hoping to fall back asleep but that was not happening. I got up, took a shower for about 30 minutes, then went to brunch. I had no appetite. I went back to my room and tried to sleep again but I started feeling even worse. I laid in Mike’s bed for 20 minutes or so and talked to Adam. He said he was going to brunch which left me alone. I literally couldn’t do anything. My head was killing me and I just thought I was going to puke if I moved a little bit. I did the only thing I could think of doing, run! I ran 7 miles and felt awesome (normal) by the end. The first mile was brutal but about 10 minutes in I started to feel like myself again. It’s amazing how running cures hangovers that well. I felt so good afterward.

Anyway, that’s been my day thus far. I just went and cleaned out the puke in the sink. It was prettttty nasty. I don’t have to much work to do so tonight should be a relax night, poss Wawa.  I’m really not trying to spend any money from now until summer. I got 10 dollars just for going to the meet on Friday so hopefully that, the $1.96 in wawa money, and $4.76 in dining dollars can last 3 weeks.

One last thing. When I am communicating via text, one thing that I use a lot is the “…”. I’ve only talked to a couple people about this but apparently that doesn’t give off good vibes. The … is just a transition. Whenever I go back and read my own texts or something I can see how people would get the wrong idea when I use that but almost it’s never what i intend. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s an example. If you make a joke over a text or something and I text back, haha… blah blah blah. I just can see how someone could take that the wrong way. Whatever. And one more thing! The word texting comes up with a little red squiggle under it in MS word. Texting should be made a real word by now. “Texting – V – The act of sending a text message.”

How Cool

How cool do I feel when I miss conferences by 2 seconds? I pr’d in an event for the first time this season. I ran the 5k tonight and finished up in 16:16.20, conferences is 16:14.12. To be honest, I’m extremely happy with how I did because the time is pretty solid. I was sick on Wednesday and still had a really stuffy nose going into today. When I was warming up I literally was thinking, “I wonder how many laps I’ll make it before I drop out”. I felt really bad. I figured it would all go away though, I had to or else I was doomed from the start. I did some strides and again thought, “I’ve never dropped out of a race, you may see history today people”. I was in the 3rd and slowest heat. The gun went off and I settled in up front. I went through the mile in 5:15. The goal was 5:12. Some guy took off at the mile and I stayed in the behind. After a lap or so I went off alone after the guy. At about 2 miles, there was 3 or 4 of us at 10:26 and then me and one other guy went. He was slowly gapping me though. I hung on but never really gained that much ground. With 800 left, I looked at the clock and saw 13:45. I remember thinking, “all I need to do is run a measly 2:30 half mile with a kick and I got this.” My next lap was slow, too slow. Legs dead and cramping up I put everything I had into that final lap. I closed in about a 71 and saw the clock as I passed by. I knew I didn’t get it. Extremely disappointing but finally a very good race. I have another shot at it next week so I’m very confident that I’ll qualify. I’m thinking/hoping sub 16 at conferences. Note* I also missed the family PR by 4 seconds.

How cool do I feel when I drop my guitar hero boxers in the laundry room and two girls are staring right at them? When I’m with my friends and stuff it like guitar hero boxers are funny. When I’m in the laundry room and two average looking girls are in there, guitar hero boxers aren’t that funny anymore. There goes any shot I had with either of them.

How cool do I feel when I’m sitting in my room alone while my friends are out drinking, again? Two nights in a row now I’m spending the night blogging, clipping my toe nails, doing the leg thing… you get the picture. This is why I go at it so hard on Saturday nights, to make up for all the time I missed on Thursday and Friday. Satchel said, “when I look at the clock and it’s 10:30, I just think of all the fun activities I’m going to do”. I’m sitting here at 10:40 thinking “holy shit it’s 10:40 and I’m still blogging and I still need to pick up my laundry… It’s going to be a late night”

How cool do I feel when I own about 15 T-shirts, 7 of which are free, and another 6 of them I got when I was a freshman in high school but they still fit me easily. I know I’m not a tall person but this is starting to get ridiculous. I noticed this because more and more of my shirts are getting holes in them and I just keep thinking, why is this happening. These shirts are all 5 years old that’s why. I was a freshman in high school walking around in the same clothing that I am now. If I’m ever going to have a growth spurt now would be a good time please.

How cool do I feel when I change my title to “insert clever title here” then search it on Google only to find that about a thousand other people have the same ‘clever’ title for their blog. I really do need to change the name but I just can’t think of anything. I’m very open to suggestions but for now I’m just going to leave it as is.

It is quite clear that I’m not the coolest person around, but I’m good at what I do. I’m aware this blog isn’t that cool. I’m aware that being really good at guitar hero isn’t that cool. And I’m aware that running for fun isn’t that cool. But that’s just who I am. At least I can say that I could  probably beat almost every one in the world in guitar hero AND running combined, meaning, someone would have to beat me in both.

Another race tomorrow and then a night out finally. I’m not that pumped about the race tomorrow but I’ll try and make the best of it. I like being at track meets pretty much no matter what so I don’t mind. Have a nice weekend, again, everybody.

And by the way… I haven’t played guitar hero in OVER a month, so what’s up.

Yet again

So it’s Thursday night and yet again, all my friends are drinking and I’m sitting here alone in my room doing work and going to bed soon because I have a race tomorrow. It sucks, I know. I was sick yesterday and actually thought I wouldn’t be able to run tomorrow but thank the lord I’m feeling better today. It’s good though, cause if I run well tomorrow, I look even better because I was sick and I ran well anyway, but if I run bad, well then I just ran bad because I was sick. It’s pretty much win win. I don’t know how I’ll do. I took yesterday off. I really need to qualify for conferences though. If I don’t I’m not going to be a happy camper, in this case, I think I’d really be an angry camper.

Anyway, my heater hasn’t really slowed down besides my sickness. The next two days could be amazing if everything goes right. I get my German test back tomorrow, then run the 5k, then have the 800 on Saturday, then a big party. Potential to be an absolutely awesome weekend. I could use one of those. We’ll see how things go.

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about girls. Not about them but about talking to them and how you should talk to them. If there’s a girl you like but you don’t know that well, I guess you’d generally talk to her and try to be funny and joke a lot but that’s about it. I wouldn’t really want to ask them any serious questions because that could A, lead to boring conversation, and B, make her uninterested. If you don’t know them well and you have one bad conversation, well then the whole thing goes down the drain because that conversation ended on a bad note and that’s the last impression you have of that person. So you don’t know someone well and you only have a bad impression, who’s interested in that? But when there is a girl and you can actually talk to them, i.e. have a normal conversation about actual topics, what does that mean? You’re good friends? You get along well? Is that as far as it goes? I guess if you’re, as Mike would say DTR (down to relationship) then this is what you’d be looking for. Start as friends and move up. Obviously though there are a lot of girls I can talk to seriously as a person and not be DTR so… I guess you have to weed them out. Now if it’s a Saturday night and you’re looking to get some, you just have to be witty and charming and you’re pretty much in. No serious talking there. Do you even bother talking to the Saturday night chick again after that? I imagine that the real world is nothing like this. When you go out to a bar you’re mostly trying to score and if you think you may have actually found someone then I guess you keep in contact, and when it was just a one time thing you never have to see that person again, but when you see these people every day it’s different. I’m pretty much hoping to have one of those love at first sight things in a year or two so I don’t have to worry about this at all. I asked Tristan where he would want to meet his future wife, his answer was a porn shop. I was thinking something more like the laundry place, the super market, the gym, or something like that. I guess if my mom keeps doing my laundry and food shopping I’ll have some problems finding this girl soon but my hopes are high.

So there’s one month left at school and I’m beginning to realize how disgusting my room is. My pillow case has drool, blood, and some dark brown liquid stained into it. I dump my contact solution on the carpet every morning, there’s been a 3-way on the futon and people still nap there all the time, there’s probably over 100 crushed potato chips embedded into the carpet, my desk is extremely sticky at some points (you all have dirty minds, it’s cherry wave vodka that spilled),  week old pee bottles lying around, the trashcan has been puked in 3 times and never washed out, probably on the upwards of 2,000 farts. The list goes on and on. It’s amazing that we’re not all diseased in some way from this room. It should be quarantined or something. While I don’t want to go back home for summer because I really like it here, the clean environment should be an extremely nice change from what has become the norm around here. With a month left I guess I don’t even care anymore but if there was someone new that I was showing my room too, I wouldn’t be to proud.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll post again on Saturday or Sunday probably. It’s Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend.

Heating Up

I’ve been on a heater lately. We had a workout yesterday and I was quite pleased with that performance. I got a90 on my CIE paper about Nietzsche which was really hard to understand. I got a 31/36 on my physics test which, with how he does grading, is a B+/A- so I was really happy about that. I had a calc lab due today and I’m pretty sure me and my partner killed it. I’ve been falling asleep so much faster than normal which is really nice. I’m currently ranked #1 in The Show, according to BPS 239 Power Rankings. I got 99898 in Robot Unicorn Attack my second day ever playing. Palm showed me the game and said that all the kids at Princeton play it but he thinks it’d be something I could get really into and be really good at. (Here’s a link, That is currently the high score by about 13000 so BOOYA! Things have just been going really well for me this week and it feels good.

Something did go wrong today though. I took a nap today and woke up at about 2. I went to Zacks for lunch by myself. I ordered a sausage egg and cheese on a bagel with Doritos and a drink. I walk all the way back to my room and I have the drink in one hand and the bagel in the other. I go to turn the knob with the bagel hand and as I turn it the little container that it’s in falls apart and my breakfast sandwich is lying there on the floor. I love breakfast sandwiches. I woke up from that nap with one thing on my mind, breakfast sandwich, and it was just ruined. I literally yelled out loud “NOOO!!!!” and then scattered to pick it up. After reassembling it, and checking for any hair, I deemed it okay to eat. It was amazing. I know they aren’t the best for you but they’re so good. That got me thinking about fast food and which ones are my favorite. So here we go!

1. I don’t see how I can’t pick Wendy’s as number 1. The nuggets are better than any other, they have JBC’s, double stacks, crispy chicken sandwiches, and they’re extremely cheap. There’s nothing better than driving to Wendy’s at 12:30am and picking up a shit-load of food. My go-to is always 2 5 pieces with BBQ and 2 JBC’s for 4 dollars. Honestly that’s unbeatable

2.  Unfortunately… I have to pick Mcdonalds as number 2. I don’t like the establishment and there commercials are awful, but 2 things always get me. Double quarter pounder with cheese, fries, and a coke is such a tasty meal. And the other thing is the thickness of their straws. They’re honestly an inch in diameter (not quite) and it’s so refreshing to take in that much coke in a sip or two.

3. Taco Bell. They’re a really nice change from a fast food burger. Cheesy Gordita Crunches are fantastic. If I don’t get one of those I get the meal that gives 3 normal soft tacos and a drink. I’ve always been a huge fan of soft tacos over hard ones. I can even eat just the soft taco wrap. Some people say it has no taste, which I disagree with, but when you add that taco beef, lettuce, and plastic string cheese, never let me down. Taco Bell is one of those things where you say “ahh I’m really in the mood for some Taco Bell” and it always hits the spot.

4. I don’t even know if this is fast food or not but whenever I order at Quizos I get my food within 3 minutes so I consider that fast food. Quizos is better than Subway, it’s not even close. The quality and healthiness of Quiznos is definitely number 1 on this list. It’s a little pricey but I don’t mind treating myself every now and then to an Alpine Chicken and Italiano Sammie with a huge chocolate chip cookie and a soft drink every now and then. Obviously the normal hoagies are really good to but my default is always Sammies.

I’m not going to have a 5th because nothing really stands out. KFC, Burger King, Subway, Sonic, etc. Not that big a fan so I’ll leave it at 4.

Google Analytics is not cooperating with me at the moment so I can’t really spit out any impressing facts about this blog. I’m just going to assume that my numbers are off the chart but we’ll wait and see on that one. It’s a shitty day outside but it’s days like this that make the good days even… gooder.