People are talkin’

Went to Jonny’s last night to hang out and watch the game. It was a good time, Flyer’s won and are back in this thing so good for them. I went home and Alex called me, he came over at about 12 and we ended up drinking 10 beers together until 3 in the morning just talking and what not. The night before that I hung out with Palm and after a failed attempt at watching Milk, a Wawa trip, and a Wall-Mart trip, we talked in my kitchen from 12:30 to 3 in the morning. I don’t know why that’s happening now. We just start talking and don’t really stop until we realize it’s really late and then we call it a night. And it’s not like I’m sitting there praying they say “alright I gotta head out”. It’s just really entertaining and passes the time and a nice change. Obviously I’m not going to call someone and be like “Hey wanna come over?” “Yeah what do you wanna do?” “I dunno…. we could have a talk or something” “… a talk?”. But if it happens it happens. Also, whenever I tell people about it, they always say “well what did you talk about?” and I always kind of say I dunno, just things. If you haven’t done one of these I suggest doing it.

A perfect game was totally robbed last night. If you haven’t been watching ESPN at all then you might not know. Armando Galarraga threw 8.2 perfect innings and on the very last out of the game, the umpire called the runner safe at first when replay shows that he’s clearly out. He pitched to the next batter and got him out so officially it was a 1 hitter. Galarraga is a no-name player to people who don’t really watch baseball and he missed his chance to go down in history as the 21st pitcher EVER to throw a perfect game because of something totally out of his control. How is that okay? I understand they don’t want to change the call because then you’ll be reviewing everything that the umps get wrong and could potentially change the game, but in this case, the guy pitched a perfect game. He did it, there is literally video evidence that he did it, but the MLB won’t recognize him as one of only 21 pitchers to do it in the last 130 years because of the pride they have in always going with the umps and not giving in to instant replay. The rules say that’s not a reviewable call but I just don’t understand, he did it, everyone knows he did it, but they won’t officially credit him. Just change the call, give the guy what he deserves. People will say it’s not that simple, but they could make it that simple, they’re just not going to. I don’t think that other managers or coaches would be against it and complain that now they have to review everything, but when the technology is there to make the right call when the umpire doesn’t, I don’t get why you wouldn’t change it. They’re talking now that they’re probably going to add it in now after that blown call but I’m pretty sure that still means they’re not going give him the perfect game even if they do. Maybe there’s an angle in this that I’m missing but seriously what happened last night was completely unacceptable to the sport and something really should be done to fix that.

Besides that things have been pretty routine around here. I’m back into running doing 30ish miles a week and will be increasing up to 60-70 which is more than I’ve ever done. Work is good. That’s pretty much it.


Step aside Justin Bieber, there is a new little boy who is about 6 times more talented and a lot cuter than you. Greyson Chance has taken youtube by storm and I must say he totally deserves it. He’s this 12 year old kid who plays piano and sings like a beast. He does a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and it’s really really good. He’s in front of a crowd and you can see that most people probably didn’t know at all how talented this kid is. My impression was that he was probably a not so popular kid who most people just kind of wrote off as weird, but after this you can literally see people falling in love with him as the thing goes on. The blonde girl in the back with the black dress on gets hit totally off guard and by the end is complete gaga (pun intended) for this kid. He seems pretty modest about the whole thing and he’s just having fun out there so good for him. He’s already been on Ellen twice so he’s becoming a big deal. I just hope all this fame doesn’t go to his head because I don’t really know how a 12 year old is supposed to handle a huge life change like that.

It’s kind of discouraging to me, knowing that there’s really nothing I could do that would have that effect on anyone. Although lately I’ve been trying a different approach to things like this. I’m really trying to learn to be happy for people as apposed to being jealous or anything like that. I’m getting a lot better at it. Especially with running, it applies a lot. I was on a high school team with a ton of beasts and I had to learn that I wasn’t going to be as fast as them so instead of be jealous and like… quit the sport or something, I have to be happy for them and realize that I can’t really get upset because they’re capable of doing things that I’m not. If you can’t do this, be happy for people, then you’re just not going to do anything ever because there’s pretty much always someone better than you at everything….

Anyway, this is just something I thought people should see because he really is amazing. Enjoy

Paparazzi – Greyson Chance

I would be worried about ‘not having the rights to this video’ or naming this thing Greyson or trashing J-Beebs but not enough people read this so I think I’m safe there.

Best day yet

I’ve been running for 4 days now and it’s great. I’m not that sore anymore, I can run 7 minute miles without too much trouble, and it’s just really good to be starting fresh. I think really can have a breakout season this year and just knowing that I’m starting 100% from the beginning now and like, there’s nothing that’s gone wrong or anything. I’m not in the middle of the season thinking, hey I can run fast but this injury has been nagging me or something like, ahh shit I should have run more miles over the summer or anything like that. It’s very exciting.

Anyway, so yesterday was easily the most eventful/best day of summer so far. I went to states and got semi-bombed last night. I’ll do a recap. So states, I woke up at 6am because it’s a little over a 2 hour drive and the 3200 started at 9. Katie picked me up at 6:30, then we picked up Mike and we were on our way. I drove her car there because she didn’t feel like driving. The ride there was crazy in itself. There was a Saturn on the highway that I could have swore was messing with me. We were pretty much racing but every time we’d pass one another the driver would never look over, the girl in the front seat was asleep, and the creepy guy in the back would stare at us. He would like, accelerate to 90 to pass us, and then slow down and when I would be about to pass him he’d speed up again, and then I thought I passed him for good once, he was literally like 500 meters back, and then he comes flying by and then slows down again, it was really intense. States itself was really good. There were a lot of really good races and really fast times so it was entertaining. I guess I’ll spare those details, No one wants to hear about my races so I’d imagine you care even less about someone’s you don’t even know. We drove back and got home around 5. It was just a really fun day and out of the norm so it was good.

I got home and Mike and I decided to hang out. There were 3 sporting events on that I had interest in. Halladay’s perfect game. I didn’t hear about it until the 8th inning and then I actually watched the last 2 outs. For someone to do something that’s only been done 20 times in over 100 years, well that’s pretty impressive. The Flyer’s game which was a pretty crazy game, Lot’s of goals and lead changes, granted we lost but it was still fun to watch it. And then the game I probably cared about most, the Suns Lakers game. I’ve been pullin’ for Phoenix the whole time and last ninght was heartbreaking. I didn’t get to watch this game but from what I saw it was never that close and the Lakers won.

So now the drinking. I went to the Reilly’s to watch the Flyers, people were leisurely drinking and I didn’t really want to join them. Pat asked if I wanted to play pong and I said sure, with water? And he said no, with beer. I said I didn’t really wanna drink if no ones gonna get hammered with me. Paul looks over and says, I’ll get hammered with you. So let the games begin. We started playing baseball which was actually really fun. Me Paul and Tom were down 8-4 in the top of the 8th and scored 5 runs to win. You end up drinking a ton in that game. So we played again and I was kind of starting to feel it. Mcgrath was gone at this point and I was kind of thinking, okay well no matter what happens I’m not going to be the drunkest one here. The next game of baseball didn’t go so well. Tom stopped drinking and it was actually good, he said he knew when to stop and that’s a lot better than him trying to keep drinking and then puking or something. Paul was kind of the same way, you didn’t openly say it Paul, but I know the feeling of when you just sit down in a chair and close your eyes and your head rolls sideways, and you just kind of want to go to bed and not be drunk anymore, it’s not a good one. So baseball was over and then there were 3 more beers left that we ‘had to drink’. I poured a Yuengiling into a cup and chugged it as fast as I could, it was like 5.4 second which I was actually impressed with. Then there was one beer left, and Ian probably had a quarter of his left, and I don’t even know if he heard me but I said that if I finish mine before he finishes his then he’s way too drunk… or something along those lines. I finished mine before him and needless to say, he was too drunk. Mike drove me, Tom and Ian home. Him and I ended up talking for 2 hours or so in his car just shootin’ the sh*t. It was a good way to end the night. All in all it was just a really good day. I went to a great track meet with two very good friends and then got crunk with my other very good friends. It was just a really good day.

In other news, after 9 days of growing out my beard, I decided I would take a picture, post it on this blog, then shave. After attempting about 15 different photos and not being able to actually see my little scruff in any of them, I gave up on it and shaved. I didn’t get any comments and Jake was the only one to actually say that he noticed it. Facial hair just isn’t my thing but that’s okay, I’m not too worried about it.

That’s all I have for now. Just something to fill the space on this blog. It was my first time drinking this summer and I didn’t blackout so 1/1. I guess I’ll keep track. A lot of people are down the shore for memorial day weekend which is cool, except for the fact that I’m not there so it’s not that cool anymore. Enjoy the Halladay people… psssshtttt….


Jake and I went to the ping pong thing again last night and I had a great time. I played a lot better than last week and I’m actually getting to know the people and can joke around etc. My first game was with an Asian girl about my age and she whooped me. She was really good at putting back spin on the ball and I couldn’t really handle it consistently. She swept me 3 games to none all roughly 11-5. So I started off the day a little demoralized. I couldn’t really figure out her spin but if you game me a couple more games I could do it. The next game was doubles with Jake and I vs two old people. It was our first time playing doubles ever so it was really weird. It’s a totally different game but I enjoyed the new experience. My third game was against Joyce, the lady I played last week. She swept me last week 3 games to none and I told her I would take at least one off of her this time. She beat me 3-1 in games and two games went to overtime so I clearly got better. It’s all just playing different people and figuring out new things. My last game was an epic match against Jerry. It was the last series of the whole night and it did not disappoint. He got up 2 games to zero pretty early on. I couldn’t get his serve down until game 3. I won game 3 and game 4 because I killing his serve and was in the zone with mine. Game 5 went right down to the wire. I was up 9-8 and choked by losing 3 in a row and he won 11-9, to win the series 3-2. It was a bit disappointing but to a guy who said he would destroy us, well I think I shut him up a bit. I’m playing well and learning fast, I could see myself playing a lot of ping pong in the future.

Dane Cook does a little skit on nothing fights. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, two people just argue over nothing pretty much to spite each other. In his example, he uses an older couple to show what he means but I’ve been noticing that nothing fights happen to pretty much everyone. College is a very big producer of these fights because you’re forced to live with someone that you may or may not like. Just spending every day with people can be enough to cause nothing fights. I don’t know exactly what they mean though. I wouldn’t say that nothing fights indicate that you shouldn’t be friends with someone because that’s not right. At the end of the year even Tristan and I were getting into them. I guess that’s why if a marriage lasts it’s such a ‘special thing’. You have to select the one person on the planet that won’t piss you off over the course of an entire life time. It’s not a very easy thing to do and it’s probably not even meant to happen. I don’t think you should be able to live with one person your whole life. There are so many little things that would just build up over time to the point where you just can’t stand them. If you can do it you’re probably just lying to yourself in saying that they don’t annoy you. I think they’re just a result of constantly being around a specific person.

Well the weekend is coming up which actually means something to me this summer. I’ll probably celebrate by sleeping in past 11, going to bed past 2, and taking those 4 hours that I’m working to lay on the couch and catch up on some movies or guitar hero. 2 things I think I can do pretty much anytime with anyone and it won’t get boring is ping pong and Frisbee. So if anyone wants to play, let me know. I’m pretty much livin’ the life right now. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Yay Flyer’s?

Good music (in my opinion)… In the Meantime – Spacehog, Brain Damage + Eclipse – Pink Floyd, and Can’t You See – The Marshall Tucker Band. Now that I have my external hard drive I can download songs on my laptop and those 3 have been the big ones. I’ve been listening to them a lot and I really like all three.

So the Flyer’s are in the Stanley Cup. I watched most of their playoff games but I’m still no where near a fan. I said it before, if they win, I’ll feel more of like a spectator… a 3rd person prospective watching all the people around me who are fans celebrate. I feel guilty taking credit for something I’ve never been a part of at all. I’m the kind of fan (for the Flyer’s) that everyone hates. After watching last nights game I can safely say that, yes I can watch playoff hockey and enjoy it, but I will never be able to sit down and watch a regular season game with any emotion whatsoever.

Last night was a good night. I went over to Alex’s to watch the Flyer’s game with him, Ben, and Scott Beury. Now history has me, Alex, and Ben as pretty much best friends from 6th grade on. In 8th/9th grade we had a bit of a falling out, well Ben and I did. I just starting be a dick and then we didn’t really hang out anymore. In our old age we have obviously matured and now I’d consider them (Alex and Ben… toss in Jared too I guess) some of my best friends. I dropped Ben off last night and he said we should hang out more. I told him that I’d call him this week and we’d hang out. He said “That’s a lie! That’s a lie! I’ll cya later”. Then I went to drop Alex off and on his way out of the car his parting words were “and give me a fuckin’ call sometime”… The message was pretty clear, I never call them to do anything ever. Senior year, we were all on good terms obviously but I just never called them. I was so involved with track and when it came down to saying, “what do I want to do tonight”, I would just text Palmisano or Gourlay or Paul or whoever and that was it. I don’t think I hung out with them one time all of senior year. Summer came and we started hanging out a bit more but still, I have been/still am just being a doucher. I don’t know why I don’t call them but I don’t. If I were them I probably would have given up on me a while ago and because of that I’m going to change. I was talking to Jeff about saying sorry and how it’s really hard to do that because you have to admit you’re wrong and what not, but in this case I think I’m definitely wrong. It’s not like I don’t want to hang out with them, I just make zero effort to do so. I don’t know why, there really isn’t any reason for it. When Ben said I was lying about calling him this week, I can’t blame him at all. I haven’t called them to hang out in forever. Summer is here and things will change.

On another note, I played guitar hero guitar 2 days ago for the first time in 4 months. Last night was my first freak-out in a really long time. I haven’t gotten that angry at a video game for a while. I was playing Thunderhorse on guitar hero 2 and was trying to get a 100 on it. I probably tried for an hour or so straight. I got -1 twice and was literally yelling at my fingers. I’d mess up at this one part over and over again and it was all my pinky’s fault. I believe the line I said was “You’ll be lucky if I don’t fuckin’ break you if you don’t hit that part next time” He hit it. I still missed on another part though. The whole experience was like torture. You can’t play one song for that long because you just start getting really bad at it. I had a broken guitar controller next to me and I started hitting it really hard. For like 10 seconds I even tried to rip the whammy bar off but I failed at that. It was just messed up. I left without getting a 100 on it and now I’m on a mission. I’m going to approach it calmly though. If I start to feel even a tiny bit angry, I’m just going to take a deep breath and play a different song or something.

That’s all for now. Work till Friday and then I think I’m going to the Union game this Saturday so that should be an experience. Also, I’ve been growing out just my beard for about 6 days now. No one has noticed yet but when you get close enough, you can tell that it’s there. I don’t know how long I’m gonna keep it going but we’ll see.

Work Work Work

It’s Monday and what does that mean? Back to work!!! I don’t think I can look at my job as “work”. I can go out any night of the week, I only work 4 hours a day, the work I do isn’t very hard, and it’s less than a mile away from my house. I also crunched the numbers on the bills I’m going to be making and it just seems unnecessary. I think I ended up spending somewhere near 700 dollars at school (including books which were around 400). I made 310 from poker so I ended up make more than I spent for leisure. Obviously I’m not going to complain about making/having money but since this is my first real job it’s just weird to me. If I do this every summer, not saying that I can because I have no idea, I’m just gonna have more money then I’ve ever had before.

Besides work life is slowly returning to normal. Palm came home so I think that’s pretty much that last of people who are still out there. Granted Matt’s leaving for the summer and Katie hasn’t come home yet, but besides that everyone’s back. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my parents lately. They’re so sick each other I figure I have to deter them from each other. I went to Lowes and Sam’s Club with my dad and did this little house project for about 2 hours with him. He enjoyed it which is what I was trying to accomplish. I enjoyed it too. Then I played Frisbee with my mom for half an hour for the 2nd day in a row. I guess when you see your son out in the backyard throwing the Frisbee by himself you just feel obligated to play. I complain that there’s nothing to do but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if the whole summer was like this. It’s just relaxing and a change from the college norm. It’s pretty stress relieving and just really laid-back. I wouldn’t mind spending my whole life like this actually, let alone the whole summer.

Just a filler post, I’ll try to have something good sometime this week. For those in the work force, let’s just take it one day at a time!

Movies Galore

I’ve never really considered myself a movie buff but lately I’ve definitely been catching up. I watched the majority of 5 different movies yesterday over 11 hours of laying on the couch. Here’s what I think about some that I’ve seen lately. Seven Pounds, already reviewed that one, not a fan. Black Hawk Down. It’s a pretty quality war movie with good action and special FX and stuff like that, definitely entertaining. Orphan… this movie must have been a joke or something. It was just really bad. Esther and Max were both really cute little girls I thought but the movie itself had a really stupid plot, a retarded twist near end, and a typical finish. Mildly entertaining, not scary, and would not watch it again. I watched The Hangover again which is pretty a funny movie but I was talking to my brother about this and I agree with him that it gets a lot of hype for being only an averagely funny movie. I’ve always said that I didn’t like the side plot with the little Asian guy. He acts too Asian for me to think that he’s funny. It’s just to over the top and I don’t really think it’s funny. I watched Blow with Jeff a couple days ago and that was a very good movie. I’ve always been a Johnny Depp fan and this did not disappoint at all. His hair threw me off a bit but either way, it’s a really good movie, great plot, based on a true story, lots of action, good side plots with the wife and Diego, all in all a very good movie. There was enough in it that I could watch it over and over again. Tonight, I watched Gran Torino and that was also a pretty good movie. It’s pretty much Clint Eastwood being a total racist asshole for about an hour, then he kind of lightens up in the last half and shows that he’s not so bad after all. It’s a little bit slow but it picks up towards the end. The ending itself was pretty odd but it made sense. If you have 2 hours to kill then this is a pretty good waste of time. All in all it was a movie worth seeing some time in my opinion. I also watched all of Bio-Dome for the hundredth time. I knew it wasn’t an actual good movie but it should be good for a few stupid laughs here in there. It was exactly that. It was actually not as funny as I thought it was going to be. If you were really hammered or high or something I guess it would be pretty funny but other than that, I don’t think so. Not Another Teen Movie was another one like that. I saw that 2 days ago and was expecting it to be more… aimed towards like college kids but it didn’t really come off like that. I’d say it was definitely funnier than Bio-Dome and but still just an average funny movie. Although it did have a ton of really good looking girls, one who was naked in every scene she was in so that’s a plus. I don’t go into funny movies expecting anything besides to laugh. Palm goes into every movie looking for stellar plot and awesome acting but you just can’t do that with every movie.

I can almost eat anything I want and I don’t feel anything from the surgery. If anyone wants 4 codeine pills, let me know. I’ve drank a ton of grape juice and apple juice and I must say, if you drink strictly grape juice for an entire day, you shit smells exactly like grape juice and is a lot darker than normal. I know that’s probably more than most people wanted to hear but try it out for yourself and tell me it doesn’t happen.

That’s all I got, see ya later.

If I Die

This will be my first 2 posts in 1 day ever which is very odd because I’ve been whining about how there’s nothing to write about.

I had a dream last night that the USA was being completely over-run and that me and a group of friends were hiding out. We got caught by 2 guys and they were taking us away to kill us. I was hiding and had a gun. I jumped out and tried to save them, I shot both of the guys but before the one died he shot me right in the right of my throat. I went down and was sure that I was going to die. Everyone crowded around me saying that I saved there lives. I was lying there and they picked me up, put me on this bus, and we started driving. There wasn’t anything that anyone could do and I sat in the back of the bus bleeding. It started to get really hard to breathe and I was getting light headed. There were people there comforting me and what not, saying all the good things I’d done and all but I just sat in the back thinking, “This isn’t supposed to happen… I’m supposed to live my life and… there’s a whole life full of stuff ahead of me…I never even considered something like this ever happening… this isn’t the way it was supposed to play out…”In my dream I survived and order was restored in the country and I lived my life. I thought that this is what was supposed to happen. It was a really crazy dream and a really weird feeling I got when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. It really got me thinking.

If I die tomorrow, what would people think or what would people say about me?  Some people would think, “That kid was always really quiet and awkward, I never really got to know him but I never really wanted to either”. Some kids would say, “That kid was a loser who played a ton of video games and never got any girls”. Some kids would think, “That kid always thought he was better than everyone else and was just a mean/angry person in general”. I can literally pick out people who would think those things. If I were those people, I would think that too probably, but to be honest, those are the people I don’t care about. I know that’s a bad thing to say but it’s true. On the other hand I think I should probably try to be nicer in general to people I don’t really know or don’t really care for just because you never know what they’re going through or what they’re capable of. If me having a conversation that I wouldn’t normally have with someone makes they’re day for one reason or another, well then I’m more than happy to. I think I’ve been better to people I don’t like or don’t care about so they wouldn’t think I was such a bad guy.

Now those are the people I don’t really care about. If I die tomorrow, I’d like to think that the people I really care about would say something different. It’s not a big deal about what anyone thinks really but more about what I’ve done or haven’t done. If I die, I wouldn’t want to not have said everything that I wanted to say. I wouldn’t want to die and still have secrets about people or things that I’ve never told anyone. I can’t think of any thing that I haven’t told at least somebody. If I die, I wouldn’t want to be on bad terms with anyone. I was talking to Jake the other night and I told that I don’t like being on bad terms with anyone for any reason. I don’t think I’m on bad terms with anyone right now so I’m cleared on that one. But in the beginning/middle of this year at school, I was really starting to dislike Adam Dicaprio (don’t worry Adam it was for like 3 days). Now I feel like I can say this because him and I are really good friends now. This would be an example, if HE died he might not have even known that I didn’t like him. I wouldn’t want to die not knowing that someone didn’t like me, and then not being able to straighten things out because I was dead. If anyone has problems with me, well I would imagine that they don’t read this blog, but if you do, tell me cause I might not even know about it.  If I die, I wouldn’t want to die with anything embarrassing to be revealed afterward so that everyone thought wow he was weird. As of right now, there’s nothing I can think of that would do that.

With all this, I wouldn’t want to say that you should live everyday like it was your last day alive, because then you’d go around telling everyone everything and robbing banks and raping people and then you’d wake up the next day and just be like… well shit. But I’d like to have it where if I die, someone, could tell everyone everything.

Now obviously, don’t let me influence you in how to live your life but I’m just saying, think about it. What have you not said to someone that you wanted to say or what have you not done that you wanted to do, etc etc. This all seems pretty cliche but I never really thought about it much. This dream really had me going. I can sit here and still think about how it felt thinking that I was going to die. There was so much that went unfulfilled and a couple things that went unsaid to certain people. Everyone’s different, some would probably want to die with secrets, but I don’t really look at it that way.


Okay so surgery was yesterday. It was actually a really easy one compared to all the others. Nancy and I go in, sit in the waiting room for half an hour, and then he calls me in. The only bad part of this whole thing was going to be the shots of novocaine. I knew they were coming but I wasn’t sure when. He pretty much just sticks this huge needle into my gum. I was watching closely for it, preparing. I go in there, sit in the chair, and the lady gets me all ready with my little cap and what not. The guy walks in and tells me what were going to be doing. He goes behind me getting all his equipment ready and then like a sneaky bastard he comes up behind me with no warning and gives me a shot in my lower gum. I didn’t feel it at all. The next 7 shots I felt pretty intensely. I just sit there and can literally feel this needle piercing my gum, injecting the stuff, and then feel him pulling the needle out. It’s a terrible feeling and there’s nothing I can do. Then he takes his little knife and starts cutting. The lady has a suction tube that sucks out all the blood and watching the blood go through that tube was pretty surprising. There was a lot of blood and it was all coming from my mouth. The surgery took about half an hour or so and besides the shots it didn’t hurt. I felt fine afterward besides the fact that I couldn’t talk at all. I literally sounded like a retarded person. My mom and I went to Genuardi’s to get drinks and painkillers. I was really sub-conscious about talking out loud just because I sounded so ridiculous. I came home and just kind of laid down for 10  hours. I feel fine today, I could only drink stuff yesterday but today I can eat food  so this is pretty much a joke surgery. I don’t need these painkillers at all either, I guess I could sell them or something but we’ll see about that.

I opted to take off work today and tomorrow to ‘recover’. I could have gone in today but I just don’t want to.

Something that had me thinking was a conversation I had with Jeff last night. We were talking about age and how it’s so… for lack of a better word, meaningless. He said that he wished he didn’t know his birthday and had no idea how old he was. If you just never knew how old you were life would be so much better. The reason we were talking about this was because of Steve Nash. He gets a lot of crap because people say he’s too old to keep playing at such a high level. If no one knew how old he was, you would never question that until he actually started playing worse. If he still puts up 15 points and 11 assists a game, you’ll never wonder if he’s getting too old. Same thing with Haile Gebrselassie. He ran a race the other weekend and won in a “slow time”. People are saying it was slow because he’s old and couldn’t have gone faster if he wanted to, but if you didn’t know how old he was, you would just say “oh he wanted to win the race and that’s exactly what he did” and never question, “hmm maybe he’s getting to old”. I’ve tinkered with the idea of never telling my kid his birthday but I think that’d be really hard to do. You’d have to home school him because he would find out how old everyone else in his class is, but if you home schooled him, you couldn’t say “on September 11th 2001” because then he would start to question what’s 2001 and what year is it now? You’d have to get him to like 30 years old and then let him go in the real world, where he couldn’t use anyone else to find out how old he was. Maybe I’ll have a couple of normal kids and then have an extra one just to experiment with him. That’s a little cruel I guess but it’s for the good of humanity so it’s okay.

Here we go again

I have surgery tomorrow on my mouth. They’re pulling some teeth up so hopefully after this one I’ll have a full and normal smile. My top teeth look pretty good right now but the bottom is lacking. I’m missing two teeth and after this surgery they should come in. I hope this will be the last time I have to do this shit because it’s getting really really old. This is probably my 7th or so surgery and I’m just so sick of it. I get the surgery, feel like dick for the entire rest of the day, can barely sleep, and the next couple days are full of pudding, jello, salt water rinsing, and sitting around doing nothing. It’s so stupid and I have to do it time and time again because I got screwed over with genetics. If my kid has this same problem, I’ll feel awful. Hopefully I score some vicodin or something just for kicks and giggles to make the next couple days entertaining.

In other news, I talk a big game when it comes to ping-pong. Most people know this, and most people have heard me say that “if someone says they’re good, and I say I’m good too… I’ll beat them”. People always say well how do you know and I always reply that ping-pong is one of those things that everyone thinks they’re good at but almost no one actually is. I consider myself one of the few that actually are. Anyway, what do I know? I’ve only played bad people for the most part and lately I’ve only been plying Jake. Jake’s good but playing each other over and over gets old. We get used to playing one another and learn the other persons habits and all that so we were wondering how good we actually were. Jake works with some guy who is apparently really good, he told Jake about this game in a church basement that goes every Tuesday night. Jake and I drove up and weren’t really sure what to expect. We walk down and there are a lot of people. Half are your typical Asians who hold the paddle funny and the other half is a mix of everything, old, young, fat, skinny, Indian, etc.

It was about a 45 minute wait to play my first game. I played an overweight 40 year old guy and pretty much smoked him 4 games to zero. You play best of 5, up to 11, switch serves every 2, and switch sides every game. He wasn’t very good and I knew it, he wasn’t where the real games were at.

My next game was against another old overweight guy but I picked him out knowing he would probably beat me. He took me the first game pretty convincingly, 11-5. Next game was different. I got up early but he kept it up and eventually he was up 10-9, it was my serve and what do I do… I serve it into the net to lose the game. He beat me the next game 11-8 so it was another relatively close one but he got me. He was good but not unbeatable. I think with a couple more visits I should be splitting games with him in no time.

My 3rd game was against a really fat 50 year old woman who put really solid back spin on it. I couldn’t really figure her out; her spin was different than most I’d seen before. She swept me in 3 games but they were all kind of close. Again, if I played her a little more and got to know her spin better, I could definitely compete better with her.

My last game was against a skinny old Asian guy. He played like the other really good Asian guys but wasn’t nearly as aggressive and not very consistent. I beat him 3 games to 1 and felt pretty confident. There was a huge range of skill levels there and I would say that I rank probably in the middle. It was a good experience and I think I’m going to keep going back every Tuesday. It’s in Phoenixville so when I’m at school I’ll be even closer if I want to keep going. There were definitely some really good people there, out of my league, but it was nice to actually prove that I could play with these “really good” people and show that I’m not full of shit when I say I could beat someone who just plays casually.

Besides that, life has been slow like usual. Surgery tomorrow will make things even slower. I’m pretty much going to sit and play guitar/guitar hero. After really thinking about it, I’m sorry to say but this blog will slow down. I’m not going to force posts and not enough happens around here to keep it going. Instead of every day or every other day like I was doing before, it will be more like two or three times a week.