I played basketball today for the first time in a week and it was actually pretty good. I was shooting well, making good passes, still missing lay-ups but that will never change. Felix and I won 2 games in a row and were up 13-9 in the 3rd game when disaster struck. I pulled up for a yumper and came down awkwardly on Gourlay’s ankle and just rolled the shit out of mine. I heard a loud pop and insta-hit the deck screaming in agony. It really really hurt for about 2 minutes. I was just lying there screaming. That’s one of those things where Gourlay, Felix, and Tom were probably all just like walking around thinking… well this is bad, do we just leave? do we help him? there’s not to much we can do… That’s what I always think when someone gets hurt but now it was flip flopped. Now that I was on the other side I was not thinking about them at all. I was just freaking out and on the verge of tears. I’ve rolled my ankle three times before and not once have I been out for more than 4 days but this one actually was bad I think. I iced it immediately, took Ibuprofen, and have been taking care of it since it happened so I think I’ll be alright.

I was staying off my feet and watching some Tosh.0. I’ve heard he’s gay but I almost refuse to believe it. He does make a ton of gay jokes and stuff like that but I really don’t think he’s gay. That got me thinking, I feel like being gay would actually be really easy. Aside from the fact that you’d get a lot of shit from anti-gay rights people, gettin’ sum I think would be even easier than if you were straight. When I go to a party, sure there’s 10+ females who aren’t lesbians so realistically I could bag one of them but the odds are just so low. If a gay guy goes to a party and there’s even one other gay guy there, I feel like it’s just automatically assumed that you’re going to hook up or something. You don’t really have to get involved with the drama of having a girl friend. Granted you’d have more friends who are girls but you could probably just avoid there problems. If you’re going out with a girl and she’s having a hissy fit you have to be there. Not the case for gay guys.

In other news, my ipod is on the fritz. I hate these things. They’re so prone to breaking but I absolutely refuse to spend an extra 40 bucks for a warranty that lasts 1 year when the effing ipod is programed to self destruct after 370 days anyway. I went on a run with this thing and was about 2 miles away from being home when it started drizzling. I began my sprint back and was going close to 6 minute pace but it wasn’t enough, with .25 miles to go I got hit by a solid rainfall and it may have done the ipod in. This is number 3 that I’ve gone through. I bought a 120 gig video one in about 9th grade, that thing broke for no reason and I had no way of fixing it and no receipt to return it… I went with a golden 16 gig nano next and we all know what happened to that one… (got robbed). I bought this blue 16 gig nano about 6 months ago and it may be gone. An ipod is almost a necessity for me. Driving with one is so clutch. Running with one at times can be a very nice change and just makes some runs more fun. There are so many times I use this thing that I really need to get another one if this doesn’t work.


Well I made a freakin’ point of being here at 8:45 to watch the end of the USATF 5000 meter race. There were 3 laps left, Mike and I were watching in my room, and then ESPN decides to be a total doucher and skip the the D-Backs game where some dude is an inning away from a no hitter. The guy walked 8 people and threw a no hitter, who the hell gives a shit. Halladay, Braden, and Gallaraga (yes I’m counting him too) have all thrown PERFECT GAMES this SEASON so who the fuck cares about a no hitter?!?! ESPN gets the rights to this meet, websites like Flotrack, who would normally livecast this thing can’t because of that, and then what do they do with it? They throw it in the shitter. I know nobody cares about track but if you’re going to buy the rights to the fucking meet at least show the whole thing so the people who do care can actually see if it they want too. I’m well aware people are going to say track sucks and no one cares but then why the hell would ESPN want to air the meet on TV anyway. It just goes to show that us runners get zero respect and I knew that before this happened but honestly, this was ridiculous.

Well its the 7th and final night in Avalon. Palm and I are coasting in. Last night I drank a decent amount… by myself… but there was nothing happening. We played smash and tried to slit a floaties throat but all in all it was another down night. There really haven’t been any crazy nights here so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but still. I’m going back tomorrow so maybe/hopefully something will be going on with more than 2 other people.

Winding Down

Today was a relax day. It was about 95 degrees outside so I was only outside for a little bit. I played mini golf twice within 3 hours and went undefeated. 42 the first time and 40 the second time. I was on fire but had a couple freak-outs. 3 times in the first session I rimmed out and started cursing way to loud. The second session was all good except for a huge mess up on the 10th hole or so. I was 2 back from Tom and had an chance to cut it down to 1 but blew a 6 foot putt. I literally picked my club up and sledge hammered the thing into the ground while letting out a ferocious roar. I proceeded to set the course record for this vacation so it clearly worked in relieving stress.

Palmisano is coming for tonight and tomorrow so the vaca will probably close out nicely. Tonight is the Wagon’s birthday and they were supposed to go all out last night but opted to do it tonight. I’ll probably end up driving them places but I might decide to drink depending on who’s here and what’s going on. I took some pictures of the house/view from the dock which I think are pretty nice. I’m aware TC has relatively the same pictures on his blog but for the few readers who read mine and not his, here they are.

Maybe I’ll have to force something to make the next post entertaining but until then there’s nothing I can do.

Half Way There

Well we’ve hit the halfway point of the Avalon vacation. Tonight is the Wagon’s almost birthday and he always likes to celebrate his last night of being X age. I don’t really support this practice because then if you party the right way like you should on your birthday, then you’re just going to feel like shit on your birthday. Last night was another average night. It’s tough to be down here and just drink with your friends night after night when there’s no one else to hang out with. Jake, Alex, and I just drink a lot and play games but that gets old after about 1 time. It’s still been really fun and relaxing but the nights/partying has been a let down. Everyone besides me is 21 so that really doesn’t leave many options. They’re not going to stay back just to amuse me and I just kind of have to bite the bullet on this one. I don’t have the facial hair or anything like that to pull of a fake ID so I better have some sort of growth spurt before next year.

Well after that depressing bit, we can move on to something more exciting. I watched the World Cup today and it was pretty much as good as soccer gets. I generally DO get into sports and things like that so I was going totally nuts along with everyone else watching when we scored that goal. The whole room exploded, there were about 10 people watching and everyone freaked out for about 2 minutes. This is kind of like the Flyers where I’m totally being a band-wagon fan but this is the World Cup. I’ve always been relatively neutral towards soccer. I respect people who like it but I myself find it a little bit too slow to watch unless it’s the world cup.

The actual days are really fun. We go in the bay or go to the beach for just a really long time. We had a really good game of ultimate frisbee going today at the beach. Me, Jake, and Alex got pwned but mainly because Alex is lacking in the cardio department. I had to guard Steve most of the time who’s probably 6’1 180 so I was getting beat up pretty bad. I have 2 nights left to make something happen but I wouldn’t imagine anything very cool will happen. Palmisano is coming tomorrow so I’ll someone here to cry with at least.

One final thing, Wagon/Tom/everyone else in the room with me said that they put TWO spaces after each period. I was never taught that in school but apparently that’s what everyone does. I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks because I wonder if they stopped teaching that by the time I got to school. Who knows

Just like the Swiss

Well the streak is over (see title)…. I blacked out pretty hard last night and it probably wasn’t pretty. I woke up naked in my bed and kind of assumed that I’d be able to recall what happened but no way. I woke up at about 8:30, came downstairs for a bit, then went back to bed. I just woke up a bit ago and I’ll try my best to recall what happened.

It started with board games. Tom brought down a bunch of games that are pretty good for drinking or just hanging out. We were playing LikeWise and if you lost you had to do a shot, same thing with Catch Phrase. Jake, Alex, and I were semi-trying really hard to get hammered and I know I at least accomplished that. All the 21+ people went to the bar and we were left by ourselves. We killed all the remaining vodka and started on some beer. We went out to the dock to just hang out and whatnot and next thing I know I’m in my boxers jumping over the railing into the bay. I remember all this pretty clearly so don’t worry people I wouldn’t put my life in jeopardy due to alcohol. Jake jumped in immediately after me and then we sat on the dock drying off and drinking. The next thing I can remember was that we all went inside and started watching Tosh.0. After that I got nothing. I don’t know if I went to bed soon after or was up really late or what. I’m in tact, not injured, and feeling alright. I went into Alex and Jake’s room this morning and they pretty much said that I got really tired and just asked to go to bed. It was a bit of a let down, the fact that I didn’t do anything crazy or cool but I finally broke the blackless streak. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a disappointing post but whatever.

Tonight is another night and we’re not even half way through the week so there are plenty more opportunities. I’m going to attempt a run everyday and I’ve accomplished that so far. Hopefully something out of the norm happens tonight. I don’t want to go forcing things but I may have to. My readership is down and after seeing Tom’s I’ve been motivated to try and get some better ratings. We’ll see how that goes.

First couple days

Well, it’s day two at Avalon and things have not disappointed. I didn’t drink yet but it’s still been very nice. For some reason, I’ve never really appreciated coming down here and having a nice house and all that stuff until right now.  I went on a run, hung out on the beach, played some ball, and I’ve been playing a ton of REAL guitar. I go out in the bay a lot and just like hang out with everyone, play board games… it’s all just a very relaxing and fun environment. Alex and Jake are coming down tonight too so this should be a fun night.

My boss from work came down yesterday and I we were playing catch phrase. The clue JKash gave was, “uhh they’re like greedy, and frugal I guess…” and of course I blurt out “oh a JEW!”, my boss is a Jew and everyone was like… whoa whoa. JKash starts freakin’ out saying I should be fired on the spot and I’m just sitting there like… well I guess I shouldn’t have said that one.  He didn’t really seem mad about it at all but still it probably didn’t have a good impression on him. I’ll have to work extra hard next week I guess.

Unfortunately not to much goes on that is blog worthy so Ill cut it short here.

Away to Avalon

Well yesterday was the first day at work that was actually bad. I sent the wrong email to almost 5000 different people because of something he specifically warned me about. “send it to DPO not DP installed” “no problem boss”… totally effed that up and then when he told me to do this other thing I made it take about an hour longer than it should have and didn’t do what he asked of me at all. It was a demoralizing day, but all that changed today. I showed up at 11 and he wasn’t getting in until 1. I had a whole to-do list that I was just supposed to do and I pretty much had all of it done by the time he showed up, I even did the optional thing which he was pretty impressed with. I got out of there early and let vacation begin.

I’m going to Avalon tomorrow and once again, I think this year is going to be the best year. From the ages of 1-6 i don’t really remember anything about going to Avalon. 7-14 was all about biking to Hoys and the Arcade. I would literally spend 20 dollars a day at the arcade for 7 straight days to get 1200 tickets and spend them on something worth 15 bucks (lava lamp, poke’mon cards, fake celebrity ID’s, candy, etc.) At 15 I brought down Alex and Jared and we drank wine one night and then ran to Hoys in just our boxers at 3 in the morning. The next year I wiped my ass with poison ivy two days before and spent the whole week with Jake, who was sick with his own problems, on the couch watching TV. It was a disaster. The next year I brought Jake again because I pretty much owed him for that horrible first trip. Palmisano also came down, we drank a little  bit but nothing to crazy, I wasn’t very gung-ho about drinking, not that I am now, but unless someone really pushed me into it I wouldn’t do it. Last year I was so burnt out from senior week that I just spent the whole week recovering. I saw Emily a few times but that was about it, the week went by so fast and nothing happened. This year I’m as ready as can be. I don’t have a fake ID and I’m not 21 so the bars/AC are out of the cards, hah, but I’m still looking more prepared than any other year before. I got a freshie and I think I’m looking pretty good. Very tan for this time of year as my mother has pointed out on multiple occasions. I’m good to go. I’m not bringing anyone down specifically but people can feel free to stop down at any time. Thinking back to it, I probably should have brought Ben Landau down on many times but I never did. I would bring people who were just kind of becoming my friends and a couple times it didn’t end well. Ben this is my public apology to you and if you want to come down this year you are more than friggin welcome.

After sleeping on the whole Pacsun girl thing I have a different take on it. I think she was pretty hardcore flirty because of her job but I don’t think it was totally because of that. Probably 75/25 which doesn’t bode that well for me. I got over it and moved on, it was such an in the moment thing that now that I’m out of the moment, I’ve moved on. Mrs. Right is out there somewhere, obviously it’s way to early to go looking for her and for all I know she could be on the other side of the planet right now, so until then I’ll just try and have fun.

A couple music notes. The High Road by Broken Bells, which you have almost definitely heard if you’ve listened to radio 104.5 for more than 30 minutes in the past month, I think is really good. They have a different sound and I think they’re good. I wonder if they, like most other band that radio 104.5 discover, will not have any other songs and just kind of fall of the map. I don’t know if they will or they won’t but either way, this song in particular is really good. Another song that I… unfortunately think is good, What Do You Want From Me – Adam Lambert. It’s a catchy little tune and I think he’s a very good singer. I was flipping through the stations and hit Q102, I almost never listen to this and would be on insta-skip but I heard the little guitar intro and figured “alright I’ll stick around until all the automated shit comes in then I’ll change it”. It stayed good and I listened to the whole thing, pretty good in my opinion.

My Apologies

Boy do I suck, first post in week. It’s not totally because I don’t feel like writing something (although that is part of it) but there’s just not that much to write about. I’ll give a little recap of my week.

I went to Julia Rosenbaum’s on Friday night and got hammered. I figure I should write about illegal doings on this thing to a certain extent but, I tried something for the first time ever. It was pretty cool but I just got really tired, I actually fell asleep outside in a chair on her deck while everyone was just out there talking. I got home at about 4:30 and just passed da eff out. I woke up at 9 to go to the beach with Palmisano and his two Princeton friends. All in all, I got to the beach by 1:30, then I drove to a grad party in Staten Island NY with people I’d never met before. It was pretty fun I guess but I couldn’t drink while everyone else could. We left there around Midnight and I ended up getting lost over and over again on the highway and getting home at 4:30 again. I did ‘that thing’ one more time but nothing really happened the second time around which is weird. I don’t know exactly how many more times I’m going to do it but we’ll see. I clearly stated beforehand that I want to do it to see what it’s like and I have no intentions of making a habit out of it. Since then, I’ve just been working a lot which is actually pretty sweet. I like making money and I actually don’t want to kill myself from work. It’s a pretty bearable place with people I kind of get along with. For what I’m getting paid, it’s pretty much most kids’ dream.

I’m going to Avalon for a week on Saturday and I think this could be the best year yet. I’m expecting to drink a lot which I generally don’t do when I’m there. I’m going to wake up late, run, go to the beach, and drink. I don’t see what can possibly go wrong. Running is also going really well. I did a 3 mile tempo and finished up in 17:03 at Mondauk. That has some sharp turns and I wasn’t going all out so I figure I’m capable of a sub 17 5k after 2 weeks of running. I’m thinking 16:30 for Phils Tavern 5k and then who knows what the season holds.

Something happened today that doesn’t usually happen. Francis and I pretty much took 2 and half hours or so to get a haircut, eat blizzards, get Wawa, and use my Pacsun gift card. At Pacsun this girl was helping me pick out shirts and stuff and I swear to god we were hittin’ it off. I’ll spare the details of what exactly happened but it wasn’t a totally ordinary shirt buying experience. Francis was convinced that she was only being nice and flirty because it was her job but I don’t buy it. The only problem is that even if she actually was interested, I don’t think I’m capable of any good moves to actually take this thing anywhere. Hypothetically if I go back and she’s there, lets say the same thing happens, what do I even do? Ask for a number? Just straight up say, hey wanna get some food or go out sometime? I don’t know. I feel like that’s the kind of place you could legitimately meet someone. Surprisingly she’s not going to Ursinus so there wouldn’t be a future in this situation anyway, it’d just be  a summer thing I guess and who wants that? I’ve been to tons of stores and had females who were prospies help me out but none of them ever went like this. That either means something actually was happening or that this girl is just a really really good saleswoman.

Well, I’ve been pretty big into GH and ping-pong lately. I played Julie who took 2 semesters of table tennis class. I was down 17-7 and ended up winning, I won the next game 21-7, and then also the next game 24-22. She pretty much said yeah he’s really really good, I’ve been legit trained and he still crushed me. Again, not tootin’ my own horn here but I also think I’m really good. I want to play Tanzer because Todd said he thinks Tanzer could beat me. I’m on a confidence high right now and I really think I’d win. To add to the confidence, (this would only boost my confidence) but I’ve been slaying in guitar hero. I’m on a mission to beat Tanzer’s score and I’m well on my way. Jeff said to me, “I think you’re gettin a little too old for this don’t ya think?”… He may be right but I’m having fun so I’m going to say no I’m not too old. I have so much free time at school that I need to fill it with something, might as well be guitar hero.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I can post stuff at Avalon but I don’t know if I’ll get internet there or not. If I can, I’ll actually post I promise. I’m almost scared to look at how many people have been checking this thing, I wouldn’t imagine very many. Anyway, it’s now bed time and I’m going to sleep. Almost the weekend! Woo!!


Tom, Jeff, my dad, and I all went to New York City yesterday for a tour of wall street and then to just walk around and check it out. We left the house at 7:15 for a tour of wall street at 10:00 am. We pull into the parking garage at 10:05 and have a 5 minute walk to get there. For 10 minutes we’re looking around to find this tour group and no luck. Tom calls the number on the ticket and thank the lord they get the tour to come back for us. The tour was actually really interesting and I’ve never really taken a big interest in the stock market or the history of it but this guy had me pretty interested so, I don’t know if that means another finance major for the Stortz family or what. After the tour we ate a New York deli which was a different experience. The guy is pretty much rapid fire just saying next, next. There’s not really a line you just kind of go up when you know what you want and then he calls everything out and you walk up and grab your things. After that we went to time square to walk around and go to ESPNZone which was actually really cool. Just a lot of huge tv’s and a big arcade room and all this cool stuff. After that we were on our way. We made it home at about 5:30 so we were in the city from 9:30 to 3:45, a little over 6 hours. The idea I got from it was pretty much what I expected. It’s a huge city, people are everywhere, everything’s really expensive, and no matter what there’s someone more important, better at what you do, and more successful than you are. I guess I see what’s appealing about the city but I personally wouldn’t really want to live there.

The Flyer’s lost in dramatic fashion. It was a fun ride while it lasted but people were calling Chicago from the beginning so I’m  not that surprised/upset. That’s what’s great about being a bandwagon fan, losing isn’t that big a deal. I know that’s a bad way to look at it and hockey is literally the only sport I do that with, but yeah you get the idea.

Before I wrap things up I want to point out one thing. If someone says, “and make sure you do this!” can you reply with “I’ll.”? It seems like no one would ever say that ever but doesn’t it make sense? Contractions just get people in trouble. I’m going to start saying that whenever I can and see how people react. I can’t see anything good coming from it other than people will think I’m stupid. This kind of goes along with the other experiment I wanted to try, going into every class one day with my fly unzipped and see who actually tells me to zipper it up, who looks and laughs, and who just ignores it. The only reason I haven’t tried this one yet is because afterward, when I say “hah yeah I did it on purpose!” people wouldn’t believe me and I’d just look stupid.

2 more days till the weekend, then another week until Avalon which should be pretty awesome this year actually. Last year was immediately after senior week so I was totally burned out and the weather was literally bad for 2 weeks straight. This year should be a whole different story.


In an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry answers the phone and it’s a telemarketer.  This is roughly the conversation that followed,

“I’m really interested but I’m pretty busy at the moment can I call back?”
“Well we’re not supposed to give out our work numbers sir, sorry”
“Oh that’s fine just give me your home number and I’ll call you there.”
“Umm, we’re not really supposed to do that either”
“Ahhh I see you don’t want people calling you at home huh?”
“Yeah exactly.”
“Well now you know how I feel, *click*”

My mom was doing some college loan thing for me online and gave my phone number to a bunch of random sites. I’ve been getting calls just like that for almost 2 years now. When I’m at home, the home phone is always ringing with 800 services and all those kinds of people. Generally I just insta-hang up but today was a different day.

I was at work today sitting on my computer doing a mindless job that require only one hand to accomplish (operating the mouse). I got a phone call from “unavailable” so  I figured, I got some time to kill and I can talk to this person while still doing my job so lets see what happens. It’s a young lady, probably mid 30’s early 40’s, who’s trying to talk me into these magazines. She’s really friendly and trying to make jokes and all this stuff so I was entertaining the idea. She asks what I’m interested or what my hobbies are and I only replied, “running…. yeah that’s about all I got”. She says, “Okay we’ll throw on Men’s Fitness and Sports Illustrated”. She asks me my address and what kind of debit card I have. I tell her all this stuff and she says there’s this huge drawing in July 2011 for $100,000 and because I’ve been so cooperative I will be entered in the drawing. She keeps going saying, you will also receive a free diamond watch as well for your cooperation. I’m like… “nice.” She says here you will now talk to my supervisor and she’ll tell you what watches you can have, she’s also going to ask about how I was in talking to you, go easy on me please it’s my first day. I say ahhh yeah no problem babe you got it. The supervisor comes on, asks me about the watch, I just say yeah the first one is fine, and then she asks about the initial lady and I’m like, she was fantastic she did a great job yadda yadda. The supervisor goes well sir thank you very much, one more time you’re getting blah blah blah and it’s going to cost $4.50 a week. I stopped her right there and said “whoa whoa whoa, this thing is going to cost me money? Yeah I think I’m going to have to cancel”. The supervisor asks me if the first lady even mentioned a price and I didn’t wanna be a dick and get her in trouble so I said, “yeah I think she did but I just wasn’t listening”. The supervisor starts talking saying how, you can share it with friends and all this stuff and it’s great for kids and I can send it to people in the military, “do you have any kids?” “…. no” “do you have any friends in the military” “…no” She started laughing and then kept trying to talking me into this so I interrupt her mid sentence and just say, “listen I’m sorry for taking all your time but I’m really not interesting, sorry” and hung up the phone. I felt kind of bad but at the same time I didn’t at all. These people get rejected all the time and this lady was probably just happy that I talked to her for 15 minutes. I refuse to get suckered into any of these things because of a free diamond watch… what the hell do I need a watch for.

Anyway, I’ve been considering putting this blog on hold for a bit but we’ll see about that. Nothing definite so far. We’ll see what happens