Finally Moving Out

After nearly 9 months at home, I’m moving out again. Thank god. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and not paying rent and my commute being 2 minutes, but it’s time to GO.

Rob and I are moving to Venice Lofts in Manayunk in April. My initial plan was to live alone, as was Rob’s. After looking around (probably at the same places), he found a double in Venice Lofts for a reasonable price. The place is nice and despite some administrative issues, we’re locked in for a year.

This being my second time moving to Manayunk, I have a pretty good idea what to expect. I can’t see Rob and I having any issues other than maybe getting too many girls.

Here’s to being the man.

For the Readers

This is just to keep the readers informed on my weekend.

Robert Covington is doing okay

He was adapting nicely but once he met Elvis everything went to shit. I moved him down to the basement with me and he’s getting along much better now. You know what they say, cats will be cats. He’s going to be an all-timer, I can feel it.

Pittsburgh was fun

Gourlay and I visited Jonny out in Pittsburgh. The two highlights were me getting up $1,700 in Blackjack only to lose it all, and Jonny doing a shot of whiskey then immediately throwing up. The drive was just over 4 hours each way which is a small price to pay to see your friends for a weekend.

I have a multiple posts in the works right now so I’ll catch up this week. If you want to stop by and see Covy, feel free.

I got a cat

This is my cat.

He’s 11 months old and we got along well at the Kitty Cafe both times I went. He was also the fan favorite of those I went with.

The final step is naming the little fella. I have a few ideas but am open to suggestions from the blog readers.

For some reason, the name Robert Covington is striking me right.

A Pretty Productive Sunday…

On Christmas, Jeff broke the high E string on my acoustic guitar. I still haven’t fixed it.

Today, at about 3:00 PM as I started episode 4 of Stranger Things (I know, I know, I just wrote that ‘tv series’ are stupid post’, shut up), I thought to myself:

“I should go buy a new acoustic guitar. Better yet, I should go to the casino, win $200, then use that to buy an acoustic guitar!”

As I took $300 out of the ATM, I pondered my strategy. I came to two conclusions:

1. If I get up $200, I should walk away and buy a guitar.
2. Leave the table if the vibe is bad.

On my first table, I was +$25 but there was a total donk there so I bailed after like two minutes

On my second table, I played a full shoe and ended +$125.

On my third table, I played a shoe and a half and ended +$200. What was my rule? I should leave if I was +$200.

On my fourth table, I got hot and in ~5-10 minutes I was +$700. It was just me and the dealer and I figured I’d try to make it an even grand. I bet $200 and nailed a blackjack to be +$1000 exactly.

On my fifth table, just kidding. I colored up, left the table, and decided that was enough. I walked out, drove home, and still don’t have a new guitar.

Pretty good Sunday!

I Almost Got a Cat

We went to Kawaii Kitty Cafe yesterday morning. You go into a small room with a few couches and tables and like 10 cats. Initially I wondered what the hell we were going to do for an hour in there, but the time flies.

The cat I posted about, Carl, was in there and looking good. I walked in and we bonded immediately. I still have some scabs from where he bit my hand. But some jackoff from the group before us decided to adopt Carl, so that was out. The rest of the hour was spent getting vibes from all the cats.

My adoption application that I sent in on Thursday hadn’t been approved yet so I couldn’t walk out with a cat. They said I should hear back sometime this week, and when I do, you can bet I’m booking another hour. It’s worth the $10 just to go in and pet cats for an hour, let alone take one.

I will have a cat soon. This little guy had potential.

I Might Get a Cat

On Saturday I’m going to Kawaii Kitty Cafe with the intent of coming back with a new kitty. One of my 2016 goals was to get a cat and I failed. I won’t fail in 2017.

There’s one cat in particular, Carl, who’s the leading candidate, but I’m going in with an open mind. I don’t have a preference of gender, color, breed, or anything else. I want to let the cat pick me for lack of a better term.

For the two months I’m still at home (more on that in another post), I’ll have my fingers crossed that Elvis likes the new kitty. He’s hated every other cat we’ve had, but now that he’s older and more mellow I think they’ll be okay.

Here’s to a new cat. Below is Carl.

Super Bowl LI Quick Thoughts

Patriots Win or Falcons Choke?

You don’t overcome a 25 point second-half deficit without the opponent choking to some extent, but this game won’t be remembered as the time Atlanta choked away a Super Bowl (well, it will in Atlanta, but not anywhere else).

If it were another team, then maybe, but since it was the Patriots, and Brady / Belichick’s 5th, it will be remembered as their definitive stamp on the greatest player / coach to ever grace the NFL.

So WTF Happened to Atlanta?

99.6% is pretty good.

It’s hard to say. They were running the ball really well. Julio made plays when they threw it to him. They were pressuring Brady without blitzing. Aside from Ryan’s awful sack in the 4th, he played exceptionally.

There was some questionable play-calling, namely throwing it on 3rd and 2 when you’ve been running all over AND are trying to burn clock (this was the Matt Ryan fumble), and the Pats just made a lot of plays down the stretch.

The Greatest Quarterback Ever?

It was probably 80/20 in favor of Brady prior to this game, but there’s no doubt now. Brady and Belichick are at-or-near the top in every “Greatest” player / coach category you can come up with.

The Greatest Super Bowl Ever?

No, not even close. This game was a snoozefest for two and half hours. Greatest Super Bowl comeback ever? Absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it.

Talk of “should Brady retire?

“Go out on top!”

Wat? Are you kidding me?

Extrapolate his regular season to 16 games and he threw for 37 TDs, 3 Ints, and 4,740 yards.

He threw 62 times for 466 yards yesterday. This wasn’t Peyton limping to a victory at age 39 in Super Bowl 50. This was a Brady led team and he could not have been more important to their success.

Assuming he wants to (which he’s indicated he does), there’s no reason to think he won’t be a top 3 quarterback next year.

Last Chance Training – Update 1

First, I want to give a shout out to High Altitude Training Institute, the group that gave me the plan. I actually think this will be the difference in PR’ing again vs. remaining in running purgatory which I’ve been in the past few years.

It’s only been a week but having a structure and coach to report to has already made a difference. If you want to commit to a plan and try to run fast, check them out.

Week 1 was a success.

The Workouts

The first workout was 200s and 400s on the track @ 70s quarter pace. It’s a shock to the system when you’re running 6:30 – 7:30 pace for all of your runs then drop to 4:40 pace, but it was short enough that it wasn’t a killer.

On Friday I did 3 cruise miles @ 5:40 followed by some 200s for speed. This sucked because:

  • It was 30 degrees
  • It was windy
  • It was dark at the track

I’ll have to get used to those conditions for the next month or so. Overall though, not a bad workout.

The Alumni Mile

The Ursinus Alumni Mile was Saturday and I wasn’t going to miss it. Drew and I talked a big game saying we were both capable of running 4:40 but neither came close.

I even split a 4:46 and after 6 months of not training Drew managed a 4:49. Credit to the others that ran as well, this year was much more respectable than last year in terms of average time.

Full results here (bottom of the page). Special shout out to Dave for breaking 6!

The Long Run

12 miles with 9 @ tempo pace at Valley Green. I surprised myself and ran 6:03s for the 9 mile tempo, slightly faster than goal pace. I struggled to find the pace for the first 4 miles (my first was a 5:50 and second was a 6:10), but eventually settled into ~6:05 pace and kept it going.

I’d guess I ran 5% harder than I should have.

Week 1 is in the books. 38 miles. I doubt I’ll post a detailed update like this every week, but it made sense for this one.

Super Bowl Betting

I predicted the Pats in the preseason and the Falcons / Pats from the start of the playoffs. In my final-game prediction, I said that Pats would destroy because Brady is out for BLOOD.

Today, I’m standing by that prediction. I’m going $200 on Pats -3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the Super Bowl where the Pats win by 10+.

The over / under is 58. I’m going $100 on the under. I think there will be a lot of yards, but not as many TDs. The Falcons don’t have the experience and their high-powered offense will be surprisingly tame against an under-rated Pats D.

For the sake of making an exact prediction, I’ll say Pats 31, Falcons 23.

Brady wins MVP, obviously.