Under-rated Over-rated

Celebrity females that are over-rated and under-rated, this is mostly based on looks but talent etc. will be taken into account.


Reese Witherspoon
Legally Blonde wasn’t a great movie but I literally find it entertaining every time I see it. I get the impression that this girl isn’t generally included in the ‘really hot actresses’ crew but I think she should be. She can literally pull of any look, blond, brunette, short hair, bangs, etc. and still be a 10 out of 10. I actually really liked her in Walk the Line also, she’s actually a good actress and I think she’s really hot too.

Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher pretty much got famous by being a completely psycho bitch that scared the shit Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. I think how good she looked in that movie was overlooked by how crazy she acted. I also watched Definitely Maybe with her in it and she was still really hot in that too. She has kind of a spunky fun aura to her I think. She doesn’t strike me really as a girly girl which is a big plus. She flies under the radar though and I’m not to sure why. A really good smile in my opinion, she may not be packing much in terms of her body but small and slender never hurts. Also probably the best looking red head I’ve ever seen so that has to count for something.

Katy Perry
Is her face the most flattering thing in the world? Not quite but it’s still above average. Are her boobs way bigger than anyone realized? Pretty much. Katy Perry is a little out there in my opinion, she has some weird fashion choices and sings some strange music, although I do like her music though compared to other popular things on the radio today. Waking Up in Vegas and Hot n’ Cold are my two favorites and if I heard them on the radio, I actually wouldn’t change them. She’s like the farmers daughter. I don’t think she gets enough credit for how hot she really is. People only know her music and probably her face, but not her chest.


Angelina Jolie
I just never got the huge appeal in her. She has huge lips and huge boobs but still she just doesn’t do it for me. She generally has a bad ass attitude and personally I think she would kick my ass. I actually do like her as an actress but I don’t like when movies try to make her this extremely hot chick who’s only in the movie to look at. Something in her face just kind of turns me off to her. She has a big forehead and I think she’s just a little to manly for me.

Miley Cyrus
I’m sure everyone probably saw this coming but seriously, Miley Cyrus is pretty much a hot girl in your highschool class and somehow got blown up to be one of the hottest girls in the country. She’s 17 years old right now and when she came on the national scene she still a bit to young. She’s been around for a bit now and everyone says that she’s grown up and smokin’ hot. This picture shows the Jensen effect, her lips goes way above her teeth to expose a good amount of gum which really grosses me out. She’s a product of her one hit wonder stoner dad. This girl was going to be famous no matter how she looked. People really want her to be good looking but shes nothing out of this world. Is she cute? Yeah, but she has no body and is in no way in the top 25% of girls in Holly Wood.


I had a minor setback just in general. My laptop got a virus and it wasn’t pretty. Anything I tried to open, a notice would come up and say that it was infected and that I should run this anti-virus thing. Well I knew that I never had the anti-virus thing that it was saying so I had a virus telling me that I had viruses and that I should the virus’ anti-virus program to get rid of all the other viruses. The thing would scan my computer and then tell me I had like 1500 infections and that if I wanted to fix them, I had to purchase the newer software. I tried system restore but the virus wouldn’t even let me open that up because something like “rundl32 is infected”, so anything in file 32 or whatever that is (pretty sure that’s like the really important file with all the system config stuff and like… what keeps the computer going) I couldn’t open. So what I did was pretty much use the virus against itself. Every 30 seconds or so a notification would come up saying something was infected… I just let these things build up until there was probably about 1000 or so and then at that point I could open up system restore because I virus was so slowed down with all the shit it was trying to do that I had time to set up system restore and wa-la, I’m back baby. I don’t know what caused this little fucker but it was annoying. Everyone is going to point the finger at porn but I’m telling you that wasn’t it. I moved files from limewire to my external hard drive and that could have been it but I tried using the external hard drive today and it works fine so I really don’t know what happened.

Another technical problem I had was my IPod. The thing broke due to water damage I guess so I called up Apple and thank the effing lord I was under warranty. I sent it in and 2 days later I had my ipod which is definitely not my ipod. It’s blue and the same size as mine was but mine was so nicked up and all that and this new one is like fresh from the store. I’m actually really pleased with it and can’t wait to start using it again. It’s crazy how big of an impact something so small can have on your life but I definitely noticed a difference when I didn’t have my ipod.

Anyway, after those minor delays, where to begin. Well I said I was going to take it easy on the drinking but 4 nights in a row I drank which is not good, I guess it’s not bad either but still. I said I wasn’t going to drink on Friday but Jared talked me into hanging out next door with Haley and them in the pool. It was so conveniently close to my house that I couldn’t decline. We hung out there and pretty much nothing happened, there were only 4 people drinking total so after about an hour or so we just went back to my house and I went to bed. I didn’t plan on drinking last night either but Ben called me saying that he was having people over so I figured ahh what the heck. We got started a little late, 10ish, but it was still fun. Pretty much the normal crew I guess was there. Jared brought two girls from Horsham that were cool and something different from Jenn and whoever else. Everyone went outside to smoke and I opted to sit downstairs with a sober Kurt and talk about/play guitar. He’s really good and I want to be really good so we just talked about it for a while. Alex drove me home and I cooked myself some pancakes and ate a half pound of turkey. Life is good.

The only thing bad about life right now is my physical being. I’m running really well and I don’t think drinking is effecting me at all with anything but there’s something else. Every morning when I wake up I feel like my body is broken.¬† My legs make cracking noises on the first 10 steps. My left ankle always hurts when I walk on it initially. There’s just so many little things that feel wrong. Today was different though. Something happened that had me really concerned. I woke up after a solid 10 and a half hours of sleeping and went through the usual problems. I didn’t really think anything of it but when I started going down the stairs I hear this brutal pop in my right achilles. All 15 steps on the way down the stairs I felt it pop and it’s certainly not a good sign. Every time I go up the stairs now too a spot right behind the right side of my right knee makes a really uncomfortable clicking. I’m waiting for the day where all of these little problems just explode and I can’t run for the rest of my life. I don’t know what to do because I don’t feel anything when I run but I think I should try to do something. Maybe I’ll just chomp on some Ibuprofen for the next week or so and hopefully that fixes everything, it usually does.

I have an idea for my next post and I may just do it right now, it’s something different and I know I haven’t been posting that much so it would be a nice change of pace. Enjoy the rest of the weekend all.


The Pepper/311/Offspring concert was Tuesday night and it was a great time. I was worried with having the race the next day but it didn’t stop me from having fun. Alex, Ben, and I went to Jake’s house in media to pregame and then head to the show. We started drinking pretty hard at Jakes so I was pretty buzzed before I knew it. We tailgated a tiny bit in this small parking lot but not for too long. We went into the concert, it was probably 85 and humid so my shirt, along with a ton of other people. I remember walking in and getting patted down, right after they let me in I looked to this guy I didn’t know and said, “I can’t believe I made it past that…” in a serious/kind of joking voice, he answered with a small laugh, and then was like, “wait are you serious?” so it was a good start to the concert. We all walked up to the center/almost in the front and started talking to people and whatnot. Pepper came on and apparently not very many people know Pepper. I know them a little bit and I like what I have from them but people weren’t getting that into it. The Offspring came on and right off the bat they played You’re Gonna Go Far Kid. That’s my favorite Offpsring song along with Jake’s too so we started going nuts. All in the all, the next hour or so was just the mosh pit. It was about 10 feet by 20 feet and you would just run as fast as you could in bump into people really hard, and then either fall over or get pushed to the outside violently. I’m 5’8, 140 so I wasn’t really cut out for that I don’t think. I was getting tossed around all over the place. I fell over probably 5 times but if anyone fell over in the pit they immediately picked them up, it was like a kind of an unwritten rule that everyone followed just so no one got really injured I guess. By the time 311 came on I was so tired and so worn out that I just kind of stood there away from the hardcore stuff t0 just kind of sway back and forth. We got out of there at about 10 so it was a good 3 hours in the place. It was my first real concert experience and it was a really good time. I’d definitely want to go to another one sometime soon.

Anyway, I woke up the next morning feeling like a train had hit me. It was brutal. My arms were really sore, I had a stiff neck, and my ankle was hurtin’ too. I went to work and just wasn’t feeling so hot. It wasn’t a hangover, because I made sure I drank way to much water the night before, but I was just physically exhausted. I went to work and was just kind of getting by. I had an eye appointment at 3 and I swear those guys are full of shit. I have to go back in a month and now they put me on this special contact solution with this case that looks like it’s from the year 2050. All I know is that they’re making money and I’m getting raped. I’ll entertain them for the summer but after that I’m just done with em’.

So after work and all that I was in prep-mode for Phil’s. I knew I wasn’t feeling on top of my game but I had a plan and I stuck to it. It was all about beating Ian and running a good enough time. I went out about 8 seconds slower than Ian, Francis, Palm, and Tom who were all packed together. I hit 5:26 and they were all a little under 5:20. For a second or two the thought entered my head that I might not be able to catch them but I couldn’t think like that. At about the 1.75 mark I caught Ian. We surged and he hung with me for a bit but then I started to pull away. I hit 2 miles in 11:02 which is about what I wanted (11 flat). I closed in 6:03 for the last 1.1 which is roughly 5:20 pace and finished in 17:05. It was slower than last year and I got 12th in the race (4th! in the age group…) but given the circumstances I was pretty pleased with it. I think without having the concert last night I could have been closer to 16:45 but who knows. I ran what I ran and was happy with it. I ran a really smart race and accomplished what I wanted to. Next year, assuming all goes well, I should be at 16:30 if not under and top 10 or so for sure. I’m confident with how I’m running right now and I think that even though I didn’t run as fast as last year, I’m ahead of where I was. I left that race feeling very optimistic.

For the post race celebration I went over to Palm’s and then the Reilly’s. We were drinking and all that and it was a pretty good time. We started doing shots and I knew it was going to be bad news. It’s easy to take 4 or 5 shots while you’re pretty buzzed and think nothing of it. I didn’t make that mistake last night because I had done that before and knew what could happen, but someone did and it ended poorly. I know he feels bad about what happened but it’s really not bad at all. I know you’re going to read this so I’m saying don’t worry about it. People have done much worse things including myself and you didn’t make that big of an asshole out of yourself.

I woke up this morning and didn’t feel very good. It was nothing out of the ordinary but still, it’s an unpleasant feeling. I’m taking it easy for a couple days I guess. It’s already Thursday so this week is flying by. After 2 very full days I need a relax day and I guess that’s what today will be.

Kitty Kondo

I got totally owned. I have the Phils 5k on Wednesday and a concert, 311, The Offspring, and Pepper, tomorrow night. I’m going to get shit on. I think it’s going to be really hard to go to this concert, only get moderately drunk, not exhaust myself completely, and then be fully recovered by 7 o’clock the night day. I may have to reevaluate my goals, it will be a game time decision. I don’t want to have this race ruin my first ever REAL concert. I’ve been to RHCP and Guster but that was literally for the music. Concerts are much more than that. Look at Dave, no one goes to Dave for the music, it’s just a drug-fest where you can go to get absolutely retarded. I imagine this concert will be something along those lines, but less extreme. But at the same time, I don’t want this concert to destroy any chance I have at running a good race. I’m curious as to where I’m at right now in terms of physical fitness and this race was going to tell me but now it just won’t be as accurate. My hopes of an age group medal are now all but down the drain, we’ll see what happens.

So the Stortz house hold has under gone some changes as of recently. Jeff, Mael, and my dad built a new deck. There was a lot of leftover wood and my dad didn’t waste a single piece. The picture below is the Kitty Kondo. It’s designed to pretty much be place where our cats can hang out, sleep, play, enjoy life, etc. So far it hasn’t really been a hit but John has been adding things to it at a rapid pace. If I knew it was going to get this big, I would have taken a progression of pictures. I only assume that this is the biggest it will get but if more additions come I’ll document them. The whole thing is roughly 7-8 feet tall and growing, what cat would ever want to go on this? I don’t know.

Skywalk to the tree, from the tree's point of view
Deck connection, easy access for humans too
The top 3 names, Trooper, Elvis, and Midget all the way at the top... clearly a joke
The lower community level. Water and a bed, the lounge area.