I hate manipulators. A lot of the time these people are also compulsive liars, but just in general, manipulators are the worst. Now I’ve encountered a ton of them throughout my life but one has been constantly coming up so I figured I’d write about it.

My father is an example of a manipulator. When he has a little project he wants to show me or something he needs help with, he’ll almost ALWAYS use some form of, “Hey sam, can you help me out for just a minute?” or, “Yeah it’ll only take a second” or “Just take a look real quick”. I cannot stand this. It’s so annoying and so frustrating. Just straight up say that it’s going to take a little bit, let me know what I’m getting myself into. When you say it’s going to take a second and we end up doing a whole lap around the house looking at the garden and talking about all this little shit for 15 minutes, it just drives me crazy. When you say it’s going to take a second that means that I’m already writing it off as something not important and that it will be done real quick, once you say that and intend to have a conversation with me, well that’s just an awful formula because I’m already done with it before it starts.

A lot of kids are manipulators too but in a different way. Jared, if you read this blog then I apologize, but Jared Merback is the most clear example of a manipulator that I can possibly come up with. If he wants to go to a party because of a specific girl he’ll try to talk you into going for as long as he can. He’ll beat around the bush though, it won’t be like, “Hey I like this girl and I could use your help, come be my wingman”. It’s more like, “Dude it’s gonna be so fun, there’s gonna be a ton of people and beer and so many girls, boobies will be flying everywhere and you can just take your pick of anyone you want”. This is literally never the case. We’ll go and it’s just me him and the girl and then the whole night is wasted.

When your friends want to get there way, just that whole concept in general breeds manipulators. When doing something illegal, “Dude it’s gonna be fine, I’ve done this 100 times before and it works every time just go with it”. They’ll try to guilt you into something so they can get what they want. I absolutely hate it and when people try this they just drop down multiple points in my book.

Now I need to decide if I want to completely call people out on it or if I’ll just kind of go along with it like always. I don’t kn0w. If my dad says check something out just real quick I have two options. The first one would be, “nah I have to go like right now” which is what I did when he asked me to help him with Netflix a minute before I had to leave for work. I just told him no I can’t do it. Option number two would be “I would but I know it’s going to take way longer than that so I refuse to”. This is a little more extreme and will probably be viewed as over reacting but I might have to do it once just to prove a point. We’ll see, If I have any interesting encounters this blog will be the first to know.


So as half of my readers already know… I get roughly 50 percent of my page visits from Tom’s blog. Meaning people go to his blog, read his stuff, then click on the sidebar link to my blog. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I guess that just means that my blog wouldn’t be half as big as it is right now if his never existed. I have no idea how to get this thing more popular. I would imagine that people who don’t know me would have pretty much no interest in reading this. When you look at the big people on youtube it’s all people who either report the news or make funny videos that everyone can laugh at. I don’t really provide either of those so I guess that’s why this thing hasn’t taken off the way I thought it would.

Anyway, one thing I noticed recently was typing. Now typing is an every day thing that everyone does and should know how to do properly. When I see Palmisano using his two index fingers to type it makes me want to vomit. I was sporcling with Alex the other night and he was good with his left hand, but only used the pointer on his right hand so it it was not pretty when we were running short on time. Now I fancy myself a pretty solid typer. I’ve done a decent amount of the typing tests online and generally get between 80 and 90 words per minute but I just realized 20 minutes ago that my right hand isn’t as good as it should be. I only use my main 2 fingers on my right hand. I don’t know why that happened but I’d really like to change it. Fortunately I think that the left hand is more important due to the fact that it has access to more letters than the right, but still it’s not a good thing. I’m going to legit try to change that because I think I could be cracking 100 words per minute if I try and perfect it. I think a couple of good tests to see how good you are at typing is to type words like exit, zoo, won’t, lazy, or open. You should be hitting the X with your ring finger on your left hand, Z with your pinky on your left, L and P with your ring finger on your right, ‘ with your pinky on your right. I don’t do the ‘ with my pinky and I don’t do P with my ring finger so I have some work to do. Just something that caught my attention. How many people out that are fully competent typers? I did type-to-learn in about 2nd grade and that was the extent of my teachings. Just curious

Clean Theory

Bowling was not a success. It wasn’t a failure but it wasn’t a success. I hit a 150 or so on the last game but that was about it in 3 games worth. Bowling wasn’t the only thing though. I made personal history in running last week. I ran the most miles I’d ever run in one week and also in 1 day. I did 64 miles in the week and 15 in one day. I plan on breaking both of those records in this week though. I’m feeling good and I’m injury free which is pretty much the most important part of having a good season.

Anyway, Tom had written a post about his cleanliness and how he’s more or less a clean freak. I’d like to shed some light on my theory of immunity and cleanliness. I intentionally subject myself to as many harmful substances and bacteria as possible, within reason of course. I personally feel that if I just put myself in harms way a little bit every day that my body will learn how to deal with each little thing at a time and then before I know it I’m going to be completely invulnerable to disease. If I drop food on the ground, I just blow on it real quick to get any hair off, and then eat it. The little bit of shit (not literally) on it isn’t going to kill me. I just want to be capable of dealing with anything. I don’t get sick very often and I credit that to my body being so used to so many different things. There was once a piece of bread on the football field at the high school that was covered in geese poop and who knows what else. Gourlay said he’d take a bite but then looked at it and decided against it. I grabbed that thing and took a huge bite out of it and it was horrible, now did I do this because I wanted to improve my immune system? No, I did it to prove a point to Gourlay but still that’s NOT the point in this case. Now do I think this actually works? I don’t know. All I know is that the people who have to live in plastic bubbles are the cleanest and most germ free people in the world yet they’re most likely to get sick and die in the real world. I’m just using that same logic but in reverse. If I can be extremely exposed to germs and bad things, well then none of them are going to be able to hurt me after a while. I’m not scientist but there are my two cents.

What a Day Part 2

Well yesterday was pretty much a sequel to the Phillies game day. I woke up at 11 and was on my way to the Union game with Gourlay, Jonny, and Tom. The plan was to go there, tailgate a bit in the parking lot, go to the game, go home, run, then go to Jake’s for the night. We drove to Chester and walked around for a little bit and there’s just bad vibes the entire time. We went to this Chinese food place and it was pretty much a disaster. The guy barely spoke English and the food took forever to get ready. People kept coming in too and buying blunts. Pretty much no one had any manners and they were only out for themselves. I never got the feeling that anyone was going to rob me or anything but people were just constantly looking at us with the thought of… well they don’t belong here.

We got to the game and of us 4, I was definitely the drunkest. I figured I might as well enjoy the game because I’m not that into soccer. I wasn’t hammered or anything but I had a buzz going. At halftime I got really really tired and pretty much fell asleep. Everyone got up to go to the bathroom or whatever and I stayed in my seat and I think I actually did fall asleep. I woke up to the people next to me laughing. I got a little rejuvenated for the second half and finished up fine. We drove home and all in all it was just a fun day. No one got lost or did anything stupid.

We stopped for Wendy’s on the way home and I ate a JBC and a crispy chicken sandwich, then I decided I was going to go for a run. I was still a little buzzed but I figured the run would help me out. The Wendy’s on the other hand did not. I did 4 miles pretty fast but started cramping up really bad. My last mile was a 6:45 though so I was happy with that and I sweated out any drunk I had left in me. I got home and had to use my parents bathroom instead of mine. The Wendy’s was fighting back and I used their toilet, little did I know it was totally broken so it was just a big mess.

After that Ian, Alex, and I drove up to Media because Jake was having a party. It started off a little slow but people started showing up and it was a great time. I drank a good amount but nothing crazy. That was until Jake and I got into the “let’s get blacked out mode!” We started doing shots and like always they pretty much did me in. I didn’t puke or anything but I blacked out pretty hard. Ian was doing them too and once again… he got in over his head and puked. I didn’t see it (at least I don’t think) but I heard it was not pretty. My black out trend pretty much continued where I do weird things. According to Dom, he found me standing in the shower by myself and I was soaking wet. He changed me out of my clothes (not my boxers) and put me to sleep. He also said he put multiple blankets on me but I woke up at 8 in the morning with no blanket and I was freezing cold. I wandered around looking for a blanket and ended up in the bathroom again. I took a towel from the closet and went back to bed. Lauren, Jake’s sister, said the funniest part of the morning was her walking into the room I was sleeping in and saw me with a towel as a blanket and I was patting my side calling for Hidey… Jakes dog. I remember doing that for like a second because I was freezing cold.

I woke up with everyone else at about 9:30 and the cleaning up began. I was feeling terrible, major headache, really hungry, just falling apart. Jake, Ian, and I went to Mcdonalds for breakfast and I got a sausage egg and cheese mcgriddles and it was absolutely amazing. Things were going well until Jake got kicked out for not having shoes. We went back to Jake’s house and attempted a team nap. I gave up on it and Ian and I drove home. I got home, felt like dick, took a nap for about two hours/watched the Phillies game, then ate some food. I was preparing myself for my long run… The idea was to do 10 miles if I felt good and then if I felt really good I would do another run later of 6 miles. I got out there and surprisingly felt pretty good. I ended up doing 11 miles at a good pace and it was great. I’m going on another run tonight too.

Tonight is Sunday and Sunday means bowling. I’m feeling the big game is going to happen tonight. I’ll do another post when I get back but pretty much, that was my day.


I went bowling with Paul today for about two hours and it was awesome. Rarely do I hang out with Paul or Gourlay or Jonny or anyone of them just one on one but today I did. We bowled a total of 9 games. It was an entertaining session and I think I fixed up my ball a little bit. For most of the 9 games I was hitting spares like it was my job but couldn’t get strikes really. I finished with something like 4 spares for every strike. I don’t know why either because I thought all my shots were good but apparently not. The last game I heated up a bit but fell off at the end and hit something like 170. Paul tried to learn how to spin it for the first couple games and then went back to straight, he ended up hitting exactly 200 on his 2nd to last game and 198 on the last one so he was on fire. I swear to god I think I’m going to have a session where I’m just totally on and put up some good numbers but it hasn’t come yet. I’m optimistic but we’ll see.

I’m going to the Union game tomorrow with Gourlay, Jonny, and Tom Lorenzi so that should be a blast. Hopefully it goes a little more smoothly than the Phillies game but who knows. I’ll give a blog for that one tomorrow. And as promised here are the pictures of the bird in my kitchen yesterday.

From Afar
From Aclose


So I woke up this morning as usual. Walk down stairs to see a flurry of feathers all over the kitchen floor. This is the second time this has happened, the first time I knew it was a cat fight because I heard it going on at 5 in the morning. This one I figured was also a cat fight, until I saw the dead bird on the ground. There were some good blood stains on the ground in the kitchen and feathers everywhere. The bird was lying on its back peacefully, happy to be done with the whole situation is my guess. What cat would kill a bird, bring it inside, and just leave it? (Probably Snuffles, just to piss me off) What is the point of killing it if you’re not going to eat it and why the hell would you bring it inside? Anyway, I took 2 pictures of it and I’ll post them later today. It was not a pleasant way to start my day none the less. I picked the thing up and walked it to the backyard where I gently placed it in the garden to be sent up to birdie heaven.

It’s a shame, I kind of have a reputation for saving birds but there was nothing I could do about this one. I’ve saved 4 birds lives in my life which I believe is a pretty good number.

The first one flew into the window of our house and collapsed on the ground. Jeff, Todd Channick, and I went out to see it. It was still alive but couldn’t fly. We fought of countless kitty sneak attacks and nursed this little bugger back to health. He flew away about half an hour later. I can’t take full credit for that but nonetheless it’s alive now.

Another one was stuck in the garage door like… spring closing device, I’d have to show you because I don’t think it really has a name. Anyway, I pushed the thing out and it started going nuts and eventually flew out of the garage. There were bloody feathers all in the thing too, it was not a pretty sight.

There was one little baby birdie who was in between Trooper and Elvis, he was clearly injured but neither cat would allow the other one to take the kill. I sprinted out and grabbed the little guy and brought him into the garage. I put out some water and some turkey for him to eat until he was better. I woke up the next day and I couldn’t find him, I figured he was in the garage somewhere but I just couldn’t see him, so I left the doors open and I’m assuming he flew away to safety.

The final one happened pretty recently actually. A couple of days ago a bird flew into our house. I was sitting in my dining room when I heard this fluttering all over the place and I saw a bird constantly flying into the window trying to get out but he couldn’t do it. I navigated him out towards the front door and opened it up, he frantically flew out without so much as a thank you or goodbye. Whatever.

So those are my bird stories. In the words of Francis Ferruzi… “Ya!”

What a day…

Today was easily the most eventful, craziest, most random, and miraculous day all summer. Here’s a breakdown of what was supposed to happen, as if it hasn’t already happened.

1: I wake up and run
2: Palm, Paul, Pat, Ian, Jonny, and Gourlay come over to pregame for the Phillies
3: We go to the game, enjoy it, and come home
4: I go on another run, hang out for a little bit, and then go to bed

Things went as planned up until step 3. I woke up, ran a dreadful 4 miles, made some eggs, then everyone started showing up. Palm and Paul were driving and not drinking so Ian, Pat, Johnny, Gourlay, and I  were allowed to drink. We all started off with a beer and then Jonny and Gourlay showed up with the handle of Vladdy that was to be used. We pretty much went around in a rotation doing shots between 4 or 5 of us. We poured the rest of it in water bottles and then headed for the train. People were pretty drunk and everyone was in a happy mood. Then all of sudden everyone had to pee really badly. I peed in the front seat into an iced tea while everyone else held it until we got to the train. Once we got there, we bought our train token thingys and this is where we should have realized Johnny was hammered. There’s the big glass thing separating you from the cashier at the train station and then there’s the little slot where you put the money and she grabs it and puts the tokens and you grab em, well Johnny knocked over my coke and it flooded the little exchange zone. The lady was clearly not a happy camper and we just wanted to get out of there. We got the tokens, and Johnny decided that he would use both of his round trip tokens on the way there. So were down one token already. I can’t make fun of him too much though because I made an even dumber mistake, I put my token in and for some reason pushed the little twisty thing in with my hand, so it went around and I didn’t go through. I tried to walk through it and it wouldn’t budge. So I looked around and then tried to hop over it. I got insta-caught by the two security guys and then I had to explain to them what I did and how I was a retard.

We got on the subway and Johnny starts asking this black guy if he lives in North Hills… Surprise, he didn’t. We were drinking on the ride and Gourlay started chugging out of it gulp after gulp for like 5 seconds, he starts freaking out saying where’s the chaser and we didn’t have one so he was upset. He went with his default move when he gets upset, he leaned his head back so he was looking at the ceiling and started spitting straight up and it would land right on his face. He did this maybe 10 times and everyone was staring right at him. Then he started looking really sick and I sat next to him and asked,

“Gourlay, are you alright?” “No…” “Are you gonna throw up?” “Yeah” “Can you hold it until we get off?” “Yeah I think so…”

So we ran into a bit of a problem. 5 minutes later we were off the subway and he went for the bench and was hugging the trash can. He told us to go and we could just meet him at the game, so that’s what we did. We all started walking out towards the stadium and we look back, thank the lord Gourlay and Johnny are walking close behind. We asked if he was good and he said he felt better, but him and Johnny were going to pee real quick and then meet us in the game. Ian and I had a bottle of power-aid mixed with Vladdy and we had to finish as much as possible before we got the the gate because we’d have to throw it if we tried to get in. We went back and forth and almost finished the whole thing, to Ian’s credit, I thought he might vomit or get out of hand but he was good the whole time. We get in the game, get in our seats, and about 10 minutes later there’s still no Johnny or Gourlay. I called Gourlay and he says, “yeah I’m on my way, I don’t know where Johnny is though.” So I call Johnny and he’s saying that they wouldn’t let him in because he was too drunk, I told him to meet me at the other entrance and he could get in there, he didn’t meet me. The next 2 hours are a total mystery. I watched probably 15 pitches of baseball but was pretty set on trying to get Johnny in or go out and find him. Right before I went on my search, Gourlay, Mike and I all met up to make up a plan, but at Gourlay informed us that he just went into the bathroom and forced himself to throw up… it was clear he wasn’t lying due to the massive amount of throw up that stained his white tee.

At the 8th inning we made a group decision that we had to leave, find Johnny, and then just go home. Pat and Paul had a tee time for 6 so they had to leave and Ian went with them. That left me, Gourlay, and Mike to find Johnny. I talked to him 31 times in 2 hours and he literally gave me a different answer every single time as to where he was. He kept saying he was at the Link and we’d go to the Link and then he’d be like, I’m at this street, it’s near this thing, come pick me up! and we’d just be totally lost having no idea where he was, and also we didn’t have a car. He gave Gourlay an intersection he was at, when we asked an officer where that was he told us it was about a mile and a half in some random direction. We were all pissed off at this point and just wanted leave. After an hour or so post game we found him. Gourlay bumped into him at this big intersection and frantically called me saying he found him and everything was okay and we could get the hell out. We get to the subway station, get on the subway, and we were on our way. We kept asking Johnny what happened and his answers consisted of, “I was climbing fences, people were chasing me”, and when asked about the cut on his leg… “what are you talking about?”. He said he blacked out and doesn’t remember anything. We got off the subway and Mike drove us all home. We came to my house and Johnny was still trying to figure out what happened. We asked him something about the subway ride back and he didn’t remember taking the subway back. So now it was a game of, “well are you blacked out right now or not…” He didn’t know, then we’d ask him about something that happened 10 minutes ago and he’d be very vague with his answer of Yes or No.

We ate some food and kind of regained our composure. Palm and I still had a run to do so we got running. I was going for another 6 miles and Mike did 10. Johnny biked behind us for most of it. I got back early and Johnny wasn’t with me or Mike. 10 minutes later my bike was back in my garage but there was no Johnny. Liz came and picked him up and went back to her house. So I waited for Mike and then we went to Liz’s. We swam for about 5 minutes then watched TV with her, Kelly, Michelle, and two males that I’d never formally met before. We watched TV for 2 hours and then headed off to Wendy’s. At this point Johnny was complaining about how his stomach was bothering him but we all got food anyway. Johnny had a frosty but that didn’t last long. We were prepared to depart, Mike was going home and I was to drive Johnny home and call it a night. As we’re getting into our car, Johnny starts puking everywhere. He looks at me for about 5 seconds, says, “we need to get outta here” and then starts puking again. We book it out of the lot and as we’re going out I see a police car pulling in. Now this wouldn’t be that awful because I obviously wasn’t drunk anymore and wouldn’t blow anything, but with an empty handle of Vladdy sitting in the back seat… well that’s just a tough story to explain to the officer if things go bad. I floored it to Johnny’s, ditched the handle, and returned home safely.

All in all, things ended up well. We had a great time, the Phillies won (I think…), Johnny’s alive, Ian had a great performance which made up for last time, our drivers Paul and Mike came through in the clutch, Pat was just a solid player the whole time, and we got a good story from it.

Bowling and Running

Well we went bowling and I came out a small victor this week. We did teams, me and Paul against Gourlay and Pat. Paul and I won 2 out of 3 which was good and I bowled better this week but I still think I can do better. I averaged about 150, Paul was around 165 with a 193 in there, and Gourlay was 180 with a 215 high game. He fell apart in the big money game though so we got the last laugh. I’m feeling a big week next week. They were giving away a ton of specials and stuff so Paul and I are going to go sometime this week for 2 hours or an hour for free. I’ll get my spin down and bust out a 200 average next week. I really think it’s gonna happen.

Well in other news, I did my longest run of the summer today. 11.5 miles and I averaged almost exactly 7 minute miles. I felt really smooth and relaxed so after my discouraging workout last week (which really wasn’t that bad), I think I’m ready to give it another shot this week. I’m aware that the whole running thing doesn’t happen in a week but I think this can indicate a potentially bright future. We have a freshman coming in who has run some fast times and Jeremy is the top returner so I have my work cut out for me. My goal would be to be the top guy… is it possible? yeah definitely, is it going to happen? Well I’m going to answer yes just because but I’m not going to be disappointed if it doesn’t. I got my first year out of the way and I’m ready to break out I think.

1 fer 2 in Housewarmings

Dave had a house warming party and I didn’t back out this time. I woke up at 12:30 and was over there by 1, I left at 4:45 and was back by 6:45 (snuck in a run and ate some dinner) and then left at about 1:30 in the morning. I spent my entire day there so he can’t give me any shit. I hung out with him, Adam, Deb, Ali, and John Ryder. We played a lot of rock band and a couple other games but that was about it. I got to hear Dave talk about masturbating in front of his mom which was the highlight of the trip. It was fun hanging out with Adam who I haven’t seen in 2 months and then seeing Deb and Ali too. At that little shindig, I didn’t want to get really drunk because A, there wasn’t to much to do and B, there weren’t that many people there. That just makes me more excited to go back to school, if I was able to black out as often as I did knowing that I have a 5 minute walk back to my house, well how is this going to go now that I live where we’re going to party? I’ll probably just pass out earlier since I have access to my bed, or maybe I’ll stay up a lot later knowing that I can just dirtnap anytime I want. I don’t know what it means but I’m excited for it anyway.

Tomorrow is the Phillies game and I will be attending. This is my first game this summer which is actually surprising. We went to a decent amount last summer but whatever, I’m excited for it. We’re supposed to pre-game before it too which I’ve never done before. I plan on drinking a very moderate amount, I wouldn’t want to risk getting even a tiny bit out of hand for a Phillies game. I could just imagine, the 7 of us all stumble in, Ian starts puking all over the place, Gourlay starts licking it up or something, and Jonny decides we’re all acting too weird so he goes off and we don’t even know if he’s going to get home or not. It should be fun though.

Also tonight is bowling night. We’ve gone the past 2 weeks and I’ve been really disappointed with myself. Gourlay out-preformed me both times and I’m suckin’ it up. Last year I’d go pretty much every weekend during the year with Tom, Evan, Jordan, and a couple other people. I haven’t played twice in a row since then probably so I hope I’m just rusty. I’m bagging on a big night tonight, 200+.

Inception… BOOOOOM!!!!

It’s been a while since I posted. I sat down once and couldn’t think of anything but that’s over, I have some material.

To start off, Inception… This will contain a spoiler so stop reading if you haven’t seen it and want to see it. I’ve been hearing for days that it’s awesome and a must-see movie. I saw it last night and I must say it lived up to all of the hype, if not exceeded. The plot, dreams, creation, etc. was all just really interesting and thought provoking. The way the whole story with him and his wife slowly developed throughout the movie and then kind of hit the pinnacle a little bit before the end I thought was really good. I also thought they were going to have a love story with Ellen Page and Leo’s right hand man… 500 days of summer guy, when they kissed in the 2nd dream but they didn’t which I also liked. Again I liked the whole side plot with the guy and his father dying and all that. I thought it was really good because he heard in real life, “disappointed” and then it completely changed when he heard it in the dream, but that was only because he was in the dream, the dad, I’m assuming, was disappointed in him in real life, but the whole idea of the dream world totally allowed that him to get over that. I gained more and more understanding of how the dreams work, with the kick, and the timescales, and all that stuff as the movie went on. So initially I was just really confused but I started getting the hang of it. And then the ending… total cliff hanger, left everyone thinking… well what the hell actually happened. In my opinion, I think he was still dreaming, stuck in limbo. I think in the 4th dream he confronted his wife and got over the guilt and moved on and was at peace with himself. He was ready to move on, see his kids, live life. The reason I think he was dreaming is because, well obviously when he goes back to his house and spins his totem, he looks at it, and then he sees his kids and I think he made the conscious decision of “I don’t care if I’m in limbo or not, I’m finally over Mal and I just want to be with my kids”. He decided he wanted to see his kids instead of waiting the 10 seconds to see if he was dreaming or not and that’s why I think he was. He could have just as easily not been dreaming though but in my opinion, I think it was more about him getting over the guilt of his wife as opposed to being in the dream or not. All in all, between a 9.5 and a 10 for this movie. It was long which I do like because if the movies actually good, you don’t want it to end, which is what happened for me and this movie. All the actors did a really good job playing their parts, the plot and sub plots were all very well drawn out, and the ending was a total nuke.

The whole movie just made me think in general, like questioning reality. I always thought, what if there’s a parallel universe and whenever I’m not Sam Stortz, I’m some other person in some other universe that has no idea about each other. So I wake up and think of all the things going on in my life, but I’m constantly switching between myself and my other self. I wouldn’t have any recollection of the other memories or ideas or anything else that the other person has. It’s also kind of like the Matrix, what if we’re all brains pretty much being stimulated to feel things by some higher authority using us for energy. It goes with Inception too, in limbo, how do you know when you’ve actually woken up or not. I guess it all comes down to the idea of perception = reality and how literal you can actually take that. If we are all brains, and none of this is ACTUALLY happening, well I still consider this reality because everything that’s happening, I consider my life. If it’s all fantasy and none of these things actually exist, well then at the end I’ll say that was a waste of time but for right now, it’s real because I believe it is.

Well, that’s that. Besides that, not to much has been going on. I’ve only really noticed one major change in this past week, sweat. I’ve been sweating a ridiculous amount for the past couple weeks or week or whatever. I wring out my socks at the end of every run and sweat literally pours out of them. My feet are pretty much in puddles every step, I can hear the squishing and all with each hit on the ground. I wore a sock around my hand to keep my ipod dry but after 6 miles the sock was practically dumped in a pool. The ipod didn’t break thank god but still. It’s just crazy and annoying how much sweat I can give out in one single run. I don’t really think there’s a solution for this besides dehydration which isn’t an option. I know the Stortz’s have sweaty genes but it’s getting out of control.