Generally if I saw some guy in the cafeteria with glasses, a tucked in shirt, sitting by himself, and a pony tail I would naturally think this kid is a nerd and sits in his room on weekends doing nothing. Now this may be right or it may be wrong but either way, I’m coming to this conclusion based pretty much on nothing. I never really thought about it because 9 times out of 10 I judge people but never meet them. When I do meet that 1 person out of 10, my first judgment of them is generally wrong. You get to know someone and find out there’s a lot more to them that what you initially thought.

Why am I writing this? In grade school, you grow up with kids and go to school with them for 12 years. You generally get a good idea of what everyone is about, what they’re like, what activities they do, who they hang out with, etc. Here at college I’m seeing people all over the place that I’ve never seen before. This blog isn’t about other people though, I’m more thinking about me. In high school, I think most people knew that I was kind of a nerd gamer who ran a lot and drank every now and then. Now that I’m here, no one knows me except for my friends. I have 4 classes and in 2 of those classes, I don’t know a single person. I walk in, don’t say a word to anyone, sit in the front, take my notes, and get the hell out. I’m a shirt skinny kid with long hair and I wear glasses sometimes too. I can only imagine what these people must think of me. I make no effort to make friends with any of them. If you asked anyone in those two classes what I was like, well first off probably half of them would say I have no idea who you’re talking about. The other half would probably say… “Oh yeah that kid. Yeah he’s pretty weird, he doesn’t say anything unless he’s raising his hand and he’s the first one out of his seat every day, he always walks really fast too. If I had to guess, I’d say he lives in Sprankle (substance free housing (no offense Amos)) and just reads or something on the weekends”. My friends that know me wouldn’t say that at all.

Because of this, I’m going to do my best from now on to not judge anyone if I don’t really know. This is a very basic concept but lets be honest, everyone judges everyone else at first sight. It’s natural to do so. I’m not saying that I’m not going to judge, but I’m not going to let my judgment of someone effect whether I talk to them or not. In my history class, I literally assume everyone in there is a dumb football/basketball player just taking the class because it’s easy. There could be a misunderstood giant who just really likes history and I’m pegging him as some retard asshole because of how he looks.

I don’t want to be the scrawny nerd who’s shy and sucks at everything. Now I don’t really care if people in my class judge me because I’m not going to party with them or live with them at all. But if there’s a new person at a party and he/she looks a little off (Wacker), I think I’m going to be the first to say hello from now on.

First Real Weekend

I’m almost done my first real weekend at school. It’s gave me a taste of what the rest of the year was going to be like. I finished class on Friday at 10 in the morning and then the weekend began with a nap. Friday night was a usual pre-meet day. I went to the movies with Adam, Bogdan, Mark, and Wacker to see The Last Exorcism. The movie had me going for a while actually. I was enjoying it and there were a decent amount of parts that had me scared, or at least the anticipation had me scared. It was all going well until the ending. It was a really weird ending that just came out of nowhere and didn’t really explain that much. The screen went black and as I was sitting there the thought that the movie might be over literally never entered my head. The credits started going and I was furious. It was less than an hour and a half and was just an extreme disappointment.

Anyway, we got back from the movie and it was about 10pm. Reimert was bumping and I planned on going to bed. I did all my pre-race stuff and then got in bed at about 11:30. I was in and out of sleep until 1:15 when I actually fell asleep for good. Sig Pi is right below and they’re really loud so it’s just really annoying trying to go to sleep when they’re blasting music. I was listening to my IPod but you could still feel the vibrations. I wasn’t to worried about it though.

I woke up the next day ready to run. First meet of the season and it was an average one. The course had awful footing throughout the whole thing. I went out and through a mile I was only 8 seconds behind the leaders. I went through in 5:30 and felt fine. I hit two miles in about 11 flat and I could see Jatin clearly. I planned on getting up with him by about the third mile but I started to cramp up pretty bad. I had a side stitch that got to the point where it was really affecting my form. I caught Jatin at 4 miles and him and I were both hurting. He said he had a side stitch too so it was just a disaster. Anyway, I opened up a small gap but he caught me again with maybe 600 to go. We ran side by side until the final straight and I had a little something left so I kicked it in hard and managed to beat him by 2 seconds or so. I ran 28:43 there last year and finished up with 27:55 this year. I was pretty happy with it given how I felt and I think it bodes very well for the rest of the season. Having Jatin to race with is going to be very helpful too. If he wasn’t in the race I probably wouldn’t have broken 28 and the same goes for him if I wasn’t in the race. Just having each other to work off of and the idea that neither of us want to lose to each other is going to push us harder. We went to the award ceremony and that’s where I learned that I was 11th in the race and top 10 get medals. That bummed me out a little bit but it was still a very good first meet.

After the meet I was dying. I took an hour long nap and I really needed it. My stomach was bothering me pretty much the rest of the night but I still drank a decent amount. I didn’t black out but I was teetering on that line. I went to Shreiner where there was a party going on. It was a dance party but for some reason I never really enjoy that place as much as other people do. I danced for a bit and drank a little bit but nothing too crazy. After that I went to late night lower where I talked to Mark’s Cherry for about an hour or so. I kept telling her that I was just really good at everything and she was arguing against it. I also ate two napkins in the process. After that I kind of just called it a night. When I got to the suite I saw that nothing was really going on so I went to bed at about 12 or 1.

We had a 75 minute long run this morning and I actually felt pretty good. Adam and I ran close to 7 minute pace the whole time and it felt good. We had a little roadblock at the end where about a minute away from the finish he started cramping up real bad but all in all it was a very good run. The rest of today should be pretty laid back. I have one class tomorrow and then some reading and other little things that I have to do.

It was a pretty good weekend all in all. This week is when the real work will probably start. Hopefully it’s not too bad though.

First Meet

Running Paragraph
Tomorrow is the big day. First meet of the season. The race tomorrow sets the tone for the rest of the season. I ran 28:43 here last year which isn’t to flattering. Jatin seems to think I’ll be breaking 27 but I imagine he thinks that if I’m going to break 27 then he will also. As of late, like the past year or so, I haven’t really been putting any expectations or predictions on any of my races. I don’t really think about them that much and I definitely don’t get nervous anymore. I know I’m in shape. I know I can run fast because I have run fast. I’ve put in the mileage and done the workouts so realistically there’s no reason I shouldn’t run very well tomorrow barring some sort of freak accident, i.e. my shoe falls off or I fall or something. I’ll give an update tomorrow or Sunday on how I do.

Today marked my first complete week of school and I must say I like the way things are looking for this semester. I’m done by 10am on Friday. Any homework that I have over the weekend is generally for Tuesday because I only have one class on Monday. That means I pretty much have two full nights to do homework for the weekend.

Since I have so much time to do homework that means I can just get hammered on Saturdays hint hint. Tomorrow, like most weekends, should be a great time. I really like the people I’m living with and the people I’ll be partying with. It’s just a very entertaining group which pretty much ensures for a good time and some great stories the next morning. The only con to running cross country/living in Reimert is that from now on, every Friday night before a meet is going to consist of me trying to fall asleep in my bed while it’s shaking from the bass from the suite below us. Not only will I not be able to sleep but if you remember from last year, I kept saying that it sucks when all my friends go out and I’m stuck in the room by myself, well this year its pretty much like my friends are partying in my room and I can’t drink. If I could exchange running in a meet to party an extra night would I? No, obviously not, but it’s still not pleasant.

This was another rather pointless post. My mind hasn’t been wandering too much lately and I haven’t gotten into the swing of things totally yet so give me a bit and these posts should pick up a bit. Until then, enjoy your weekend people.

Poison Ivy

Right now I have poison ivy and it’s terrible. It’s on both of my lower legs and everything about this goddamn experience is just a disaster. When something itches and you can’t scratch it, your whole world just comes crashing down, and the fact that if you do itch it, it get’s even more itchy is like a concept designed in hell. When I get it, I try to make sure it doesn’t spread anymore either and that’s a bitch to do. I lie in bed totally still so I don’t rub my legs together and spread it all over. Yesterday, I had to run barefoot because the tounge of my shoe kept rubbing up against a little patch that was right on the front of my lower right leg, it was unbearable to try and run with shoes.

Another awful part of it is showering. I, like most people, enjoy a nice hot shower every day. You can’t do that with poison ivy because it just irritates it more. It feels good at the time but it’s exactly like itching it, it just makes it itch more if you take a hot shower. I’ve had to come back from practice and take a not warm but not cold shower every day for the past week or so. Right now I’m trying a new method to rid myself of this fuck. Last night I put toothpaste on every patch I had. It’s supposed to dry it out and get rid of it so I’m praying that works, if it does that would be amazing.

I’ve gotten poison ivy a lot throughout my life time. What I have right now is actually a pretty weak case of it. When I think of poison Ivy one time sticks out above all. It was the summer going into my junior year of high school and Jeff, Palmisano, and I went to the track at about 9am to do a workout. This was in mid-June so all of the school was closed including the bathrooms up at the track. I had to go number 2 really badly and they said, “well either go right now or wait till after the workout.” I said, “okay fine, hold on a sec I’ll be right back.” I went behind the bleachers and did my business. I looked for leaves to wipe with and I assure you I didn’t use poison ivy. There were no normal trees with normal leaves so I used about 5 of these very large leaves which I’m assuming was poison oak or some other form of it. Poison oak, poison ivy, and any other variation is the same oil that messes your skin up, they’re just named differently because of the plant they come from. So I wiped with with wrong leaves, ran the workout, got home, took a nap, and woke up very displeased. I couldn’t figure it out but my behind was itching like crazy. I didn’t put two and two together until I realized that I actually had poison ivy down there.

The next two days were the death of me. I stayed at home and the itching became so unbearable that I took two boiling hot bathes that were both about an hour in length. At the time I didn’t think this was a bad idea but later I found out it’s one of the worst things you can do. The hot water caused the oil to release and just spread about the bathtub water for the entire hour that I was in there. The next few days it literally spread all over my body. My legs, my chest, my neck, everywhere. I didn’t take a dump for 3 days too because of it, not because I was holding it in but because my body just wasn’t doing it. After about 6 days of using over the counter products to try and fix it, I gave up and went to a real doctor. This was also terrible because we were going on vacation to Avalon four days after I got it. Initially I figured it’d be gone by then but nope. I went to Avalon worse then ever. It pretty much ruined the vacation. Anyway, the doctor gave me steroids and after four days or so it was pretty much completely gone. Those 10 days though were some of the worst days of my life.

I hate poison ivy, if I could kill every single poison ivy plant in the world I would do it in a heartbeat. Reader interactive time, does anyone have a story to rival mine… wiping is pretty much the worst thing I can think of besides maybe eating it.

Today’s Wednesday which is my first taste of not having classes ever on this day of the week. It’s been nice so far and I’m looking forward to the year. Hump day ladies and gents, almost there.


It’s currently my birthday. All in all it’s been a pretty good day but the celebration happened last night. It was about 10:30 when I decided to start drinking. The idea was that I’d sip on a couple of beers until about 12 or 12:30 and then go to bed and call it an early night. That didn’t happen. Godoy left 9 Yuengling’s here from Saturday night so I figured I should try to get rid of them. For about 2 hours, I chugged warm Yuengling out of a bottle as fast as I could. John, Mark, and I were the only ones drinking but that didn’t really stop us. We just kind of drank for a while and that was about it. John, Mark, and I went into their room and by about 2 I finished the Yuengling’s plus a Keystone Ice that I bonged with Ryder. I didn’t black out or anything so that was good but I wasn’t making very wise decisions. My pants came off a couple of times and I ended up eating 8 paper towels from the bathroom for no reason. It literally took half an hour to finish and John and Mark just watched it.

I went to bed at 2 and woke up at 7:30 with Mark tickling my feet. I was full sweat and my sheets were soaked. He told me to get up and that we had to go to class. I went to my 8am and then took a nap on the futon afterward. I wasn’t feeling so hot. I went to lunch and it was just a disaster. At 12:30 we came back to the suite and it was pretty much Mark and I just hanging out playing guitar back and fourth for 4 hours until practice. We did get one good thing done, I bought some texts books and 2 books cost me $391. I was not a happy camper.

Post practice was the big dinner. It was my parents, Tom, Jeff, Mark and I. We pretty much just sat there for an hour and a half telling each other stories of when we blacked out. That pretty much summed up my birthday. It was pretty laid back which is kind of the way I like it. I don’t really like birthdays that much. People make it a way bigger deal than it should be and it’s over so quickly that I don’t really like getting excited for it. It’s an excuse to drink on a Sunday and have your friends punch you a lot. I’m not against them but I think they’re way to hyped up. This was the ideal birthday.

Tuesday is my death day. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow, it’ll set the tone for the rest of the year. I think I’ll be fine.

Camp = Over, School = Beginning

Camp is officially over so we had to celebrate yesterday. A couple of people decided to get started right away… Ryder, Mark, and Pane got going at about 11am before we went to lunch. I waited till after lunch. There was casual drinking going until about dinner time, then post dinner the real drinking got started. More people started showing up and everyone was in a festive mood. We played drinking games like always but everyone knew the fun hadn’t started yet. The much anticipated freshman dance was taking place and although we had be told not to attend, we did anyway. I initially planned on not going but once I had a few drinks in my the inner dancer came out. I couldn’t help myself. Me and Ryder went to the dance together although he didn’t want to go just to dance, he was on a mission for something else. I on the other hand just wanted to dance. I said beforehand that black chicks love me at dances and I certainly lived up to my reputation. When we got there I scoped them out immediately and went up on stage with them. The next hour or so was just dancing with anyone who could tolerate me. At one point, there was a circle of girls that I didn’t know and one dude that I didn’t know. I tried to get one of the girls to dance in the middle of the circle and she refused but I stayed persistent. She wasn’t having it but it was all in a playful way, that all changed when the one dude took things way to seriously, pulled me away, and said, “She doesn’t wanna dance, back off man”. It was clear that this guy was so far in the friend zone with that girl in and he was trying to be their knight in shining armor. He would have kicked my ass but I could definitely dance better than him. The rest of the time at the dance was typical. Nothing too significant happened but for the second year in a row, the freshman dance was awesome.

Post freshman dance was also entertaining. I pretty much just kept drinking with everyone. I walked to Wawa and I didn’t have a belt for my shorts, big mistake. I don’t know why but when I put shorts on, they fit fine and I don’t need a belt but then as the night goes on they become looser. Anyway, I saw a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while and it was a really great time. At about 2 or so the party started dying down. It was Dave, Ryder, Mark, Pane, Godoy, Kelly, her roommate Melissa, and I. I danced on the table for a while and then we started playing pong and stuff. Side note – I suck at beer pong. I really can’t figure it out, every now and then I think I have it but I can never be consistent. Last night was awful, I probably played 5 games and made maybe 4 cups. The best part of the night was probably when Dave was being classic Dave towards Kelly and then she had enough of it. She told me she was going to punch him in the face if he kept it up and I thought that was going to happen. Instead, Dave was sitting on the couch next to me, said something to Kelly, and she looked at him and then poured literally and entire can of beer on his head. At the time I wasn’t sure how Dave would react, I thought he was going to punch her in the face but he just played it off like you’d expect. She told him that he didn’t know his limits and I think everyone could agree on that. She then asked me and Pane if she overreacted. I don’t know if she did or she didn’t. She said she was going to do something and kept telling him to stop talking to her. If you don’t know Dave at all and he was really pissing you off, I guess it’s somewhat justified. Plus it was on the shitty futon so it wasn’t really a big deal.

It was about 3:30 now so Mark, John, Dave, and I decided it was time for bed. I woke up at about 9 this morning and hung out in the common room for 2 hours with everyone just talking about the night until brunch. The suite was a total mess. The floor was soaking wet and there was just shit everywhere. Normally I wouldn’t care that much but I live here now so it’s definitely going to be different this year. We cleaned up after brunch for a half hour or so and it’s now decent looking. It was a very fun first party night. I saw a ton of people, pretty much hit the zone where I didn’t black out but was the perfect drunk instead, and I felt fine this morning. Great success I must say.

Classes start tomorrow and I think my schedule is pretty good. Monday/Friday – 1 class at 9 am. Wednesday – No classes. Tuesday/Thursday – 4 classes spread throughout the day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to suck but I think it’s broken up pretty evenly so that Wednesday can be a relax/work day and Monday and Friday are pretty much joke days. I’m pumped.

Almost There!

Camp is damn near over. We have a long run tomorrow morning at 6am and then a workout on Saturday morning and we’re done by 10am on Saturday. That means that camp is over and that the year can finally begin.

Mark, Bogdan, Nick, and I went to get a new coffee table for the common room and then we bought the beer for this weekend. Bogdan, Nick, and Adam got Natty Light, trad, while Mark and I took the classy route and got Keystone Ice which was on sale for $13.99. Now while Natty light has been pretty much the standard for what most people around here drink, it’s generally 15-16 dollars. If Keystone light, which has 1.8% more alcohol per can than Natty light, stays $13.99 then I think I might have to drink that for the rest of the year. That just spells out disaster. Nothing good could come from that but if I’m getting more bang for less of my buck, then I think I may have too. Pretty much, Keystone light will make it much more likely for me to black out and even puke this year just because it’ll hit me that much harder than Natty Light. I asked John Ryder how many times he thought I’d puke this year and he said 5. Adam said under 7. In all honesty, I really think I shouldn’t puke this year. I’m not going to say that I’ll never puke because I might just have a fluke weekend where I slip up and vomit but I really don’t think I’m going to. I’ve gotten to the point where I can black out pretty good and not puke. This weekend will be the first test to see how I can handle myself.

Anyway, I guess you could say that yesterday was the most eventful day of the week so far. We had 5×1 mile with 5ish minutes rest at about 9am. I wasn’t feeling on top of my game but I was pretty happy with the times. For the 4th and 5th one I was getting the chills really bad and thought I was either going to vomit or drop out. It would only last for a couple of seconds or so but it was very extreme for the short period of time that it lasted. A week from this Saturday is the first meet and I have high expectations. Last year I beat Jeremy at this race but I’m not guaranteeing anything. It should be interesting to see how Jatin, Jeremy, and I all do in comparison to each other. The team as a whole is looking pretty good this year and I think we’ll be better than last year. There’s good inter-squad competition so everyone should be relatively motivated to run well. I’m really excited to see how everyone does.

After mile repeats we had another run and then kind of hung out until 8:30 when we went bowling. 17 people of us went and I obviously assumed I would be the best but on that night I was mistaken. The lanes didn’t totally work for the way I through it and I didn’t adjust to it really well. Amos took me down. He bowled a 161 and a 155 to my 148 and 123. It was disappointing but I want a rematch, Amos you know this. Pane (Nick) was the most impressive of all. He managed to bowl a 35 the first game and Liora beat him. The worst part was that his first ball of the night was a strike. A 35 is out of this world. Post bowling was a disaster, I’ll spare the details but driving and police were involved, a ticket was handed out (luckily only one), and one person was left pissed off.

I saw Satchel this morning for the first time in 3 months and it was a nice time catching up. Unfortunately Shiloh was with him who will be spending the whole year here. He is the only person I’ve ever met that has called me “Stortzy”. I actually think it’s funny and wouldn’t mind if it stuck. I’ve never been a big fan of the name Sam and I do like the last name Stortz, any variation of that has to be better than Sam.

Tomorrow is Friday! Get ready for an awesome weekend people.

Death Day

It is currently preseason for cross country and today was pretty much day one. I’m all moved in to my new home in Reimert and I like it. I think this year should be a really fun year now that I’m living here as opposed to last year when I lived pretty much as far away as possible (5 minutes). Running-wise (skip this if you don’t care about running), today was hell. I woke up at 7 am to get ready for the time trial. We all showed up to the track at about 8:30 and began the warm up. The actually time-trial went pretty well. I felt smooth for the whole thing and ran pretty fast. Jatin went out fast and I caught him with about 800 to go and then we just kind of cruised in together. After that, we had a 30 minute run/warm down so we were going pretty slow. After that, we had a pool workout at 1:30. Post pool-workout there was a small break and then another running workout. 6×1000 meters with 4 minutes rest running up a big hill twice for each interval. It was really hard and since I don’t really fancy myself a hill runner it was even worse. Coach said today was the hardest day of the week and I sure hope so. Total we did about 16 miles which is a ton. I’m just hoping to make it through the week without any injuries.

Now, most people have absolutely no interest in running so I’ll move on. If you haven’t gone back to college yet, assuming that you’re still in college, you should get excited. Just being here with all the people I know and talking about memories and stuff like that is just making me excited to get the year actually started. Meeting Freshman has been interesting too. Being on the other end where you’re totally comfortable with everyone and they aren’t, it’s just strange. I guess I’m trying my best to make them feel normal but it’s going to be weird for the first week or so no matter who you are. Saturday is the end of camp party so that should be a good time and everyone should get to mingle with each other and get to know one another.

I’m sorry this was a truly awful post but I figured a bad post was better than no post at all. I’m just tired and don’t really have anything to else to do besides sit around and play robot unicorn. This week is going to be quite lackluster so I may not have anything good until Friday or Saturday. I’ll try to be more creative tomorrow and I’ll have some extra time seeing as it’s not such a killer day. Maybe some celebrity thing or music or something like that. Until then, thanks for tuning in.

Why I want to Die

Let me start by saying that I don’t want to die. This is in no way a suicidal post, read further and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Billy Joel has a song called “Only the Good Die Young”. Now my question is, did they die young because they’re good? or are they good because they died young? When someone dies, young or old, everyone looks at the good things they did, not the bad things. If some 90 year old hag that was just a bitter lady and  was a cunt to everyone, died, her friends and family would show up and say all the nice things she did throughout her life time and how she was a considerate and a great person and the world is now a worse place since she’s gone. Death makes everyone forgive the dead person for what they did because now they’re gone.

Now there’s a big difference between a 90 year old person dying and a 20 year old person dying. When a senior citizen dies, it’s relatively expected and they got to live their life the way they wanted and attempt all the things that they wanted. When a 20 year old dies, its generally unexpected and you never know what they could have done. Sorry to use a running example but it’s what I know best. Steve Prefontaine died at the age of 24. At that time he had already gotten 4th at the Olympics (as a 21 year old) and held every American record from 2,000 meters to 10,000 meters. He died in a car accident and everyone thought, “well what could have been”. A lot of people say that he would have won the Olympics in 76 and broken world records and done amazing things. Now, imagine if (sorry for running again) Gerry Lindgren had died at 20 years old. He crushed every high school record by a ridiculous margin and was sick at the Olympics but still managed to finish in the top 10 or so IN HIGH SCHOOL. If he died, everyone would have said that he would have been the greatest American runner and and held all these records and was just in another league compared to everyone else. Well he didn’t die and he went on to do pretty much nothing after college in terms running.

When someone dies young, it allows everyone who knew them to fill in the rest of that person’s life using their imagination. Someone’s imagination will probably paint a much prettier picture than what actually would have happened. It’s like being in the light versus being in the dark. When your in the light, you can see everything, you’re not scared because you know what’s around you, you see reality. When you’re in the dark, you don’t know what’s there, it could be anything and then your imagination fills in what it could be with scary things that will never actually be there. It’s the same thing with someones life. When someone lives until their 40+, odds are they’ve reached their potentially in most physical activities. Their in the light, everyone sees what they have done, what they can do, and there is no imagination to fill in what they could have done. When someone dies before 25 or even 30, it’s like being in the dark. You don’t know what’s there or what could have happened. Your imagination fills in what they could have done and makes things way more… unrealistic than it probably would have been. Example, you’re trying to sleep but you just watched the exorcist, you keep picturing that possessed girl throwing up and screaming in her demon voice in your closet, it scares the shit out of you but she’s almost definitely not there. When someone dies young, you think they would have gone on to do amazing things but it almost definitely would have happened.

If I died right now, people might say that I would have done great things for something and that I was so young and had so much life to live. I’d seem so much better after I died than before I died. People would say that I probably would have had a break-out running season and set huge PR’s but I probably won’t. People might say that he was really good all this random shit so it was only a matter of time until he found something useful and he would have been famous or made a lot of money or something. That’s most likely not going to happen. Dying would just let everyone think these great things about you and you didn’t even have to do them. Do I really want to die? No, because I actually want to know what I can do, but if I did die people would probably hype me up more than anything I would ever live up to.

Summer Internship

Tomorrow marks my last day at Softerware Inc. My time spent there has been very good. The actual work environment opened me up to what the real world might actually be like. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, seeing as I shared an office with a man for over a month and the longest conversation we ever had was “hey”, “oh hey, how was your weekend?”, “good you?” “great, thanks for asking” “no problem”… (6 hours later) “okay I’m outta here”, “okay, cya tomorrow”… repeat this process for over a month and that’s Jon and I were. It’s not that we didn’t like each other, it’s just that we didn’t really click at all and neither of us wanted to force any weird conversations. The relationship I had with my boss was a good one though. We could talk about not work related stuff and it was never a weird conversation. We even hung out once not at work. Everyone at the office was nice enough and if I worked there year round I could see myself opening up a bit more than I did in terms of being conversational and outgoing.

In terms of the actual work I did, I’d say it was a positive experience. I made 12 dollars an hour and while most people will say that’s outrageous… I actually think I earned it. With a couple of key ideas such as folding two letters at once instead of one, or pulling a chair up to the printer so I could put labels on envelopes while the printer was printing as opposed to standing there looking like a jackass, I literally saved the company hours upon hours of work that I made take a day when it could have taken 3. Rarely did I take breaks but I’ll admit that every now and then I’d have my off days where I’d sit like a zombie working at a snails pace. Compared to other 18 year old interns that you could have hired, I think I got more work done in my time there than probably 90% of anyone else that could have been hired.

Did I have my missteps? Of course. Most notably, I sent 5000 emails to the wrong people when I was specifically instructed to not mix up who I sent what to. I swear I double checked it but I was wrong and that was, as Sam Goldenberg said, “a minor inconvenience”. Another time I put 1000 labels on postcards to send out only to have Sam tell me that they didn’t have the organization name on them so we couldn’t use them. Granted that wasn’t completely my fault but still. I can’t even count how many times I printed out 20 letters either upside down or with the wrong salesman’s name on it and had to just throw the letters away when no one was looking and reprint them. Sam had me do this one project for him and it was the first time I’d done it. He explained everything and said, so you think you got it? I obviously replied, yeah of course. He said if I had any questions that I should ask him but I thought I had it. I found out after an hour that I did the whole thing wrong and had to go back and redo it. I looked like an idiot and wasted an hour but Sam didn’t openly mind too much. One time, he told me that Chad was complaining that the calls weren’t distributed equally on the days throughout the week, like Monday would have 6 calls and Tuesday would have 4. I told him that Chad was probably wrong and he agreed with me… Well I set up the next week’s calls and went back to check when the calls were set. What do you know, they weren’t evenly distributed so now I not only avoided looking bad for something that I did wrong, but pinned it on somebody else. I could have done that every day that I was there and Sam would have never yelled at me. If you could get that guy angry I would be extremely impressed. I guess that’s probably not how most bosses are going to be but at least for the time that I was there I loved it.

He let me choose my own hours, if I didn’t feel like working I didn’t have to and if I said I was going to leave early one day he would just say, okay that’s fine, do what you want to do. Getting this job really was a blessing, I made more money this summer than any summer before, got something that I could actually put on my resume, and got some real work experience. I have to openly thank Wagon (Chad) for hooking me up with the job in the first place and also Sam for being such an understanding and easy-going boss. I definitely had my days where I really didn’t feel like going but looking back on it, this was a really great thing all around. It was pretty much the best thing I could have asked for. I’m a little bit sad to go but who knows, maybe next summer, if I’m fortunate enough to be invited back, I can work there again. Until then, Farewell Softerware… may we meet again some day.