Belmont and Jungle Juice

Running Paragraph
Our 3rd meet was yesterday at Belmont Plateau. We ran there last year and the course was tough but nothing crazy. They changed the 8k course for this year and no one really knew what to expect. I wasn’t totally sure how I’d run because I have a sh*t-load of poison ivy and I was just getting over being sick. On the warm up I still wasn’t really sure how I was feeling but I wasn’t actually considering dropping out or not running or anything. The gun went off and I went out pretty conservatively. I didn’t care about time at all because I know it’s a relatively slow course and it was about 85 degrees. I went out feeling very comfortable. Jeremy and I hit the mile together in 5:40 with Jatin 5 seconds ahead. I said to Jeremy that once we got up parachute hill we’d start passing people. Apparently I cruised up parachute and then cruised even more on the downhill because I was passing people left and right. I said to a couple of people before the race that how you do today depends so much on how you run the race on this particular course. Knowing when to wait, when to surge, things like that, would make a big difference in how you do. Anyway, after parachute the course switched up and we went in this backwoods area and it was terrible. Pretty much single file and extremely hilly. I was getting through it alright but the new parts of the course were really brutal. I hit flagpole with about 1k to go and then outkicked this kid by .14 in the very end for 8th place. I was actually really happy with how the whole thing played out. I think I ran a smart race and it did me well. Times were slow for everyone but I didn’t really care.

For the post race celebrations, the suite had registered a party and the plan was to make jungle juice. Mission accomplished. This was my first time drinking jungle juice so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I began very casually drinking at around 6:30 and the party started at 9. Imbemba and I managed to lose 13 games of pong in a row to Mark and Bogdan but I have to say it was more his fault then mine. We didn’t have to run naked once which we were very proud of. Anyway, 9 o’clock rolls by and I’m not that drunk, but on a good note the purple V-Neck was in full force. I stated early in the night that “you can’t even taste the alcohol in this… this is going to be bad” or something along those lines. When everyone started coming I realized I wasn’t that drunk so I got into 3 (I only remember 2) chugging contests with the jungle juice. I drank 3 cups in about 15 minutes and then hit a brick wall. I didn’t puke but I blacked out really hard. Ali and I went to late night lower where I was complaining that they didn’t have breakfast sandwiches. I also ordered two buffalo chicken wraps when I can’t even eat them because they’re too spicy. I was pretty much on insta-passout mode and that’s exactly what happened. I woke up this morning and really didn’t have any recollection of what happened. From everything I’ve heard, it was nothing too bad or anything, I’m just glad I didn’t get hurt or offend anyway.

I woke up this morning at about 8 and was really feeling it. Not a hangover just still drunk kind’ve. I was staggering around like a zombie and then went back to bed. We had practice at 10, a 60 minute run and I felt pretty good actually. Mark, Jatin, Amos, and I all ran together and did surges and were just cruising. I was very pleased with it. Everything is looking up lately… except for fantasy. Anquan Boldin get’s 40 points and I’m playing the person that has him in two of my leagues, seriously? Back to work!!!

Double Whammy

Once again, I have poison ivy everywhere. I literally cannot express in words how angry this makes me. It’s all over my legs and a little on my arms and maybe worst of all on both my hands. This is getting completely ridiculous and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve been spraying Ivy Dry on it for 24 hours now and I can’t really tell if it’s helping or not. I can deal with it if it doesn’t effect my running but today it did. I had to wear semi-long short shorts and it kept hitting this one patch on the back of my leg. It became unbearable and I had to walk it in. I hope that the uniform short shorts are short enough that they don’t make contact with the ivy anymore. I guess I’m extremely allergic to this stuff because I can’t recall anything recently that I’ve done that would result in me getting it. Bottom line, I’m extremely itchy and extremely pissed off.

On top of the me being really pissed off because of poison ivy, there’s another thing that’s also really pissing me off. I wrote about this before and now the case is finally settled. On September 1st I ordered 2 books off of Barnes and Nobles’ website. One book came within 2 days and the other book hadn’t come for 3 weeks. I emailed the direct source and they were useless. I’ll say this again, Orange Textbooks from East Lansing Michigan is a terrible source for any books. They blew me off twice (what?) so I decided to email B&N directly. I told them the situation and I said that if the book wasn’t already on it’s way then they should just refund my money. Well that’s exactly what they did. So the end result of all of this was that I didn’t have my text book for 3 weeks but am still going to pay to the same price for it. That 55 could have been a B easily if I had the text book but no, now I’m starting the semester off with a bad grade and the whole situation pissed me off a lot.

Anyway, after all that negativity, we have a race tomorrow and I think I’m over my sickness so assuming this poison ivy doesn’t hurt my running, I should be fine to run fast. It’s the weekend so everyone should be happy, enjoy yourselves.

Post Gallon Challenge

Well 4 people attempted the gallon challenge, Me, Mark, Bogdan, and Yoko. It resulted in a complete disaster. No one could manage to get the entire gallon down and everyone threw up before the hour was over. I’ll be the first to admit that I had the worst performance. I had maybe 40-45 ounces left at about 35 minutes in and I couldn’t drink anymore at all. I said I’d wait 15 minutes then just chug until I puked. At 50 minutes, I took a cup outside and almost finished it, about 30 seconds later I vomited more then I ever have in my entire life. The best part is that it’s all on video and will be on Youtube thanks to Amos, so I’ll post a link to that as soon as I can. The last 20 minutes of the whole thing was just an extremely uncomfortable experience and even a little bit painful. I felt 100% better after I puked.

Everyone else did pretty well. Mark I’d say was third as he got more than me down and held it in for just as long. He puked in the toilet for about 5 minutes on and off. Bogdan I’d guess was second. He started off really fast and had probably half of the gallon down in 15-20 minutes. He made it to about 55 or so minutes before he puked with only about 10 ounces left. Yoko surprised me the most. I thought he’d finish last as his attitude toward it was a pessimistic one but he proved me wrong. He had roughly 5 ounces left and puked at maybe 57 or 58 minutes. No one completed it and we all spent $3.50 just to puke our guts out but it will be fun to look back on. I don’t know why but I just didn’t really feel it today. I knew about 20 ounces in that I wasn’t feeling good. I don’t know if this would happen to me every time I tried it or if today was just a bad day but either way, I don’t think I could do that without significant training or something. Kudos to everyone that participated and maybe we’ll try again sometime.

Pre Gallon Challenge

I, along with a few others, will be attempting the Gallon Challenge. 1 gallon of milk (above 2%) in under one hour without puking.  I’ve completed the Saltine challenge (6 in a minute) and the cinnamon challenge (swallow a table spoon) along with various other random things that’s we’ve thought of, and now it’s time for the real stuff. *Mark has also completed the previous two and he will be attempting the gallon challenge tonight. As of right now it’s Me, Mark, Bogdan, Ali, and possibly Pane and Yoko.

So what are my plans going in? Mark says he did some research and apparently if you go at it relatively slow for 40 minutes then pound the last 20, that’s your best bet for success. I don’t have a better idea so I may try that. The only other thing I would try is to just even pace it the whole way through. It’ll be a gametime decision. Anyway, I feel like if I’m going to try it, I’m not going to not succeed and not puke. Bogdan has the same mindset. There’s no way I’m going to try and say, “Oh I think I’m going to throw up so I’m going to stop.” That’s just not going to happen because I’m going to drink and make sure that I can’t do it. I don’t want any doubt in my mind that maybe, just maybe, if I kept going I could have done it.

I know Tom tried this a couple years ago and did not succeed and honestly, I don’t think anyone here will be able to do it either. I’m going to make guesses as to how everyone will do but I’ll post them after it’s done. This is just a heads up. The start time will be somewhere around 10 o’clock tonight so odds are I’m going to be trying to sleep feeling like absolute shit. Fortunately I don’t have any classes tomorrow.

I’m going to post later tonight after it’s complete the results, what happened, who did what, etc. Stay tuned.

Side note – When a line people are walking through a set of doors and they’re going in opposite directions, nothing pisses me off more then when one person waits for the people traveling in the opposite direction to either let them go through or for the line to run out and NOT open the other door. Females are the worst with this but guys do it too. It is literally one of the most infuriating things ever. If I saw you doing this, I would freak-out at you. Both doors are there for the specific reason that you can have traffic flowing in both directions. Don’t be retarded.

Linear Algebra Failure

I believe that I am one step away from making a final decision on my future. Judging by the test grade I just got on my first Linear Algebra exam, I think it’s safe to say that the math/physics route, though fun while it lasted, just isn’t entirely for me. I don’t know what it is but for some reason it just hasn’t been clicking the way math and science used to. In high school, history was always my best class as I got an A all 4 years in all the history courses I took, but all because I did well doesn’t mean that history was my favorite subject. I will never forget what really got me interested in science, 8th grade Mr. Miller’s science class. We were talking about stars and what happens at the end of their lives and how some turn in neutron stars and roughly the quote he said was “about a tablespoon of a neutron star would weigh almost as much as the earth, that’s how dense they are”. Ever since then science, more specifically outer space, has always been sort of a fascination of mine. I’d spend literally hours on the computer looking up stuff on quantum physics and interviews with scientists about reality and the universe and all types of random things. I never had an idea for a future in science but all I knew was that it was really interesting. I guess I never really saw myself as an actually scientist but maybe just more of a hobbyist in the subject. I’m okay with not doing it. Have I invested a lot of time into it? Yeah I have, but I don’t want to be forced into doing something that either A, I’m not capable of, or B, that I just don’t want to do. So since physics is out, what is in? I don’t know. Both of my brothers took the business route which is a possibility but then what? Become the 4th employee at Stortz Tools? It would be cool to come to work everyday and work with your brothers but I don’t want to commit to that entirely at all. I don’t really know what’s going to happen. It doesn’t make me happy but I’m only 19 years old, I think I have some time to figure things out. I wish I was just a really good looking girl with huge tits so I could marry rich and not have to worry about these things.

Anyway, I got a 55 on the test but I have to give some credit to Orange Textbooks in East Lansing Michigan. Is it legal for me to write this (slander?)? I’m not totally sure but I’m going to. This place sucks, do not order textbooks from there because they’re idiots. I ordered my linear algebra book from there on September 4th and on September 20th, it’s still not here. I emailed them a week ago asking them where the book was, they responded by asking for the order number and email. I gave them both and they haven’t responded. I literally just emailed them saying that this is getting ridiculous and that unless the book is already sent, refund my money and don’t even bother sending it. I’m 3 full weeks into the semester and haven’t had the goddamn book, how the hell am I supposed to do well in the class if I don’t have the book?

Good One?

I haven’t posted in a couple of days AGAIN and I apologize. It’s not even because I have nothing to write about, I just haven’t really gotten around to it. I think this will be a good one but I’ll start with the boring stuff.

Running Paragraph
We had our second meet yesterday and I didn’t do very well. My time was 30 seconds slower than last week and I got 3rd on the team. I’ve been a little bit sick all week so I’m not too sure how much that has to do with it but I’m hoping a lot. I went out at a pretty good pace and was actually leading the race for a bit but at about 2 miles I hit a wall which is a problem when there’s 3 miles left. I finished up in 28:25 and feeling pretty dead. This week was not an ideal week for a race in terms of sleep and health so I think I can rebound fine for next week. I’m not too bummed out and as a team we did really well so it wasn’t all bad, just me personally didn’t really do as well as I had hoped.

I got back from the meet and wasn’t feeling so hot. A lot of people were saying that they weren’t going to drink so I was sure if I was going to or not. I ended up drinking. Mark, Bogdan, Gofus, Adam, and I hung out at 201 for a pretty long time. We played drinking Jenga and kings and stuff like that for a while but once again nothing too significant happened.  I walked probably over a mile or so barefoot in the streets and in 103 (not a place you want to be bare-foot in). After that we went back to 201 and pretty much called it a night. I woke up this morning to donuts from Gofus, thank you very much, and then was greeted with a lovely 75 minute long run. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night so I wasn’t sure how this run would go but we got through it and it wasn’t so bad. After brunch I decided I needed to catch up on sleep. From 12:30 to 4 I took an awesome nap and then went to dinner. Since then it’s been homework and football.

Fantasy went a little bit better this week. I lucked out and scored roughly 80 points but I’m still going to beat Wagon in the league I really care about. I’m probably going to lose the other 2 leagues but I swear to god I think this was a fluke week also. I’m not too worried because my players are bound to step it up and when that happens I’ll look like a genius.

Here’s one thing I thought was blog worthy. I watched a movie on Thursday night with Ali and we got on the topic crying at movies. I think my number is at 6 or 7 for movies that I’ve cried at. I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little but crying at movies is just weird because they’re just movies. I always think that I’ll never get emotionally attached to a movie at all but I’ve been proven wrong a couple of times. Okay, here’s the list in no particular order.

1 – Forrest Gump. When he’s talking to Jenni’s grave at the end and telling her how great she is and little Forrest is, it struck a nerve with me and I’m not too sure why.

2 – Hardball. Honestly… when G-baby dies it’s one of the most traumatic things ever. He was the most adorable little kid who just wanted to fit in with the team and all that. His death haunted me.

3 – Radio. When his mom dies and he just can’t really understand it and he starts freaking out and crying too, that got me.

4 – March of the Penguins. The whole movie was just a shit show. Penguins dying, dead babies, babies without a mom or dad, just the whole thing was a disaster and if you didn’t cry at that then you just don’t have a heart.

5 – Click. This one’s a little out there seeing as Click is a comedy with Adam Sandler but at the end when he has a heart attack in the rain and his son is about to leave and he’s calling out for him and all that. I hated the ending to that movie but that part really had me going.

6 – The Sixth Sense. I watched this movie this summer by myself when I was sick. I literally sat in the chair with a ski jacket on and didn’t move a single muscle until the movie was over. The part that did it was when he was in the car with his mom and trying to tell her that he sees dead people. Then he goes on and tells her about Grandma and how she actually was at her dance recital and then the question of “Do I make you proud?” “Everyday”. That caught me off guard for someone and a couple of tears started rolling.

I believe that is everything. I’m sure there are some I may have missed or some that I just haven’t seen. I want to watch one that’ll make me cry, it’s almost like a challenge. Suggestions?

Side note – we did the cinnamon challenge again tonight. Mark, Bogdan, Ali, and I all participated and there was a 50% success rate. Mark did it first and got through it pretty easily I think. Bogdan was second and had to spit it all up in the bushes but to his credit he didn’t puke. Ali started coughing and it was pretty much like a fire breathing dragon took over because there was just cinnamon flying all over the place. I went last and somehow did it really fast. My eyes started tearing up and it hurt a good amount but I got through it in probably under a minute somehow. My throat is bugging me a bit but I am now three for three in cinnamon challenges.

So Much

Well my little freak-out is now over. I’ve regained my composure and have a normal head on my shoulders again. The losses in fantasy are a thing of the past and the library date I had last night made me feel much better about sticking with physics. Well that’s not entirely the case. Last night I planned to do my physics problem set with this girl in my class. She said she had done most of it but wasn’t sure of a couple of them, I informed her that I only got through the first two and could use some help. She pretty much walked me through the entire thing but actually explained stuff so now I actually know what I’m doing. Today I had a meeting with my adviser to talk about the possibility of dropping physics and adding a different course but after last night I told him I think I’m going to tough it out the rest semester and then decide what I want to do. He then told me that it would’ve been to late anyway so thank the lord I didn’t want to that it anymore. Today was a good day. I didn’t have any classes and I don’t have that much work to do. I’m going to sleep early tonight to catch up on some lost sleep and all is well.

Now that I’m past that I can move on. With all the free time that I’ve had I’ve been doing a couple of different things. I had a ridiculous game of bejeweled today, I’ve been playing a lot of guitar, and a couple of other little things but I think I have an idea for what is going to occupy my time from now on. It’s something that I’ve been doing on and off since about 10th grade and I always find myself coming back to it. Online poker. I left the summer on a winning streak and I was feeling confident in my game. Last year I won roughly 300 bucks in 3 months which, now that I have a better concept of money, is pretty good. I think I could duplicate that if not surpass that. I think I know the strategy well enough to be a successful long-term online poker player. The only reason I stopped last year was because the website stopped accepting my debit card. If I switch to Pokerstars I can play. I may have to do that, it’s productive and profitable.

That is all for now. It’s week 3 of classes and I’m getting in the groove of things. Blogging will probably pick up a bit. We have a meet on Saturday but no one cares about that so I’ll spare any goals or expectations. Tonight is Hump Night so everyone should celebrate.

Not So Much

The past couple of days have had a couple of negative events. I’ll begin with the basics. I fancy myself an average to slightly above average fantasy football player. I know my people and have hunches on sleepers every now and then that turn out to be gold but with the first week over with, I’m seeing that this season may be a historically bad one. I’m off to my worst start ever. I’m playing in 3 leagues and I lost all three games by an average margin of nearly 40 points and am ranked 12 out of 12, 12 out of 12, and 13 out of 14. I didn’t score over 75 in any of my leagues and scored 42 in one of them. I don’t think I had bad drafts but apparently my teams are terrible. Maybe it was a fluke week and I’ll bounce back next week but this doesn’t leave me very confident. I have two 5 dollar leagues and a 50 dollar league so I’d prefer not to just give up 60 dollars before the season is even half over. I’m not ruling myself out at all or anything but those statics were pretty awful.

Anyway, I’ve had a revelation in my past two physics classes. I think I’m done with it and I think I know why. It’s not an easy decision to make but I’m pretty sure it’s what I want to do. The physics this semester has been over my head since we started and I think it all began with calculus. First semester I had Sunita Nikerle who, and multiple people can vouch for this, was one of the worst teachers I’ve ever had. 2nd semester was Calc 2 and with a horrible base in calc 1, calc 2 raped me even more. That left me with a very poor comfort level when it came to doing calculus and now as physics has gotten harder and calculus is being used more and more, the gap between me understanding is just growing bigger and bigger. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do but I am pretty certain that this is not the way to go. I tried it out, I was interested in it, and I legitimately worked at it for 2+ semesters. In the beginning it was enjoyable and the classes flew by but it’s changed now. I don’t exactly have a back up plan but when I was sitting in physics the past two classes it just really hit me that this isn’t what I want to do.

That leaves me with a very insecure feeling. I’m pretty much freaking out because I have no backup plan. I’m still relatively young so I’m not in total panic-mode but it just makes me very uneasy. I guess I should try to look at the positives of everything. I think I was at a point with school where I was just trying to force physics and now that I’ve finally made a concrete decision to let it go, well, while it does make me uneasy, it’s also a huge relief to just have made a decision. The biggest problem I’m facing is that if I can drop physics, well that’s great, but if I can’t add another class then this already easy schedule opens up even more which I really don’t want. It’s just wasted time and it’s going to make a future semester even worse. We’ll have to see what happens with this.

It seems that throughout the latter part of my high school career and even last year as a freshman there was always one thing that I could look at and be happy about and that’s running. This year I’m on pace to run the fastest times of my life and I feel great. I’m running well and if things keep up like this I really think this could be the break-out year. If there’s one thing I know I want to do it’s running.

Depressing post I know. No classes tomorrow on the bright side. Cyuhl8r.

Mark Vincent!

Posting has been low and viewers have been even lower. I haven’t updated in 5 days or so but I’m due. This was a pretty eventful weekend seeing as we didn’t have a meet on Saturday. I got started early by drinking on Thursday night. I drank a decent amount but nothing crazy. Mark, Ryder, Bogdan, and I hung out for a bit and then met up with the girls from 201. Twas a normal night and I felt fine for my one class on Friday and 9.

Friday during the day I had to go home and go to the orthodontist. It’s annoying having to do that every month but whatever. I like going home and seeing my family. Friday night hit and it was a good time. I got pretty drunk but didn’t black out. I went to late night lower and saw this really weird kid from my econ class. I said his name for some reason and apparently it was way to loud because he looked right over at me and took that as a sign to come over and sit down with us. It was really strange but since I was drunk the situation was just really funny. We got out of there and the rest of the night was interesting. Ryder and I played guitar for everyone and I was loving it. My first sing along and everyone was into it. I was limited as to the song I could play so after about half an hour or so I ran out of things to play but still, it was so awesome. Post-JamSesh there was a strange guy who came into our suite but none of us really knew him. He was trying really hard to hook up with Ali and eventually it got so… just weird and uncomfortable that Bogdan straight up said, “who do you even know in here?”. The kid kind of got the hint, he said he knew Yoko and Carr and then he just kind of left. At about 4 I called it a night and went to bed.

I woke up on Saturday and felt pretty good. Jatin and I ran 13 miles together in about 90 minutes so I was pretty happy with that. He simply couldn’t believe that I did it because I drank the night before. He’s never drank before and the freshman this year have this terrible image of alcohol, like it’s some death drink that turns people into fat slobs. I was more than happy to prove this theory wrong. We went to the diner afterward and I must say that place is ridiculous. Senske ordered a small orange juice and the cup he got was literally no more than 4 ounces. They over charge for everything. Chocolate pancakes cost 8 bucks when I could make them better myself.

Saturday drinking started early. Whenever Mark is blacked out, we like to call him Mork and anything that Mork does Mark is not held accountable for. The idea for last night was to unleash my blackout man Steve and I succeeded. The swack party was that night and since I wasn’t thrilled about going, I got pretty hammered before I went. I bonged a good amount of beers and then we all headed over. I got there and it was average. Gofus brought a handle of Grey Goose and it killed me. Last weekend I did a shot of rum and threw up because of it. Well Grey Goose did the same thing. I took a shot and vomited. I wasn’t at the bathroom so I was holding it in with my hands sprinting for the bathroom. It wasn’t because I was too drunk it was just because the shot messed up my stomach. So now I’ve puked twice this semester which is two more than I thought I would and both are because of shots that my stomach freaked out at. Anyway, I yaked and then blacked out for a while. Steve had a good initiation. He left Swack and then headed to late night lower. He also tried to for Pete the campus safety guy to drink a beer. Lucky he didn’t get written up. Steve went away and then Sam attended a lovely slumber party.

The fun is over and it’s back to school. This is going to be a bad week just because I actually have some work to do. Physics assigned homework and so did Math so I have my plate full. We’ll see how these easy days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, will be for doing homework and if I can actually be productive during the day. I suspect I will be.

People are drinking today  for Sunday Funday. I am not drinking but I’m not against those who are. If you want to drink on Sunday then that’s fine and I’ll probably have Sundays where I drink, but if I say I don’t want to drink, I don’t want to drink. When people who are drinking try to force other people that aren’t drinking to drink, it just pisses me off pretty much more than anything else. Stop acting like an asshole, I don’t want to drink and if you legitimately have a problem with that then you go down about 50 points in my book. This is semi-directed one specific person so please, I’m asking nicely, don’t do it again.