Shout Out!

Gettysburg is tomorrow which is potentially the fastest meet of the year. I did a shakeout run today and felt awesome so I have pretty high expectations. If anyone is interested I’ll be posting how I do either tomorrow or Sunday.

So after reading Tom’s blog, I decided he’s right. Personalized shout outs (like this one) is more likely to draw loyal readers. Tristan said last year that he would literally open up my blog, Control-F Tristan, and then read whatever I wrote about him. So now, to draw more people back to this blog, I’ll have to start doing more shout-outs, but I can’t do them to the point where they lose value. Maybe one or two a post but it has to be for something worthy. I don’t want to give a shout out to Wacker because he told some dumb-ass story about how he hit a black dude’s car and immediately locked the doors so he couldn’t get hurt. I’ve also lost 2 dollars due to promising Rebecca multiple times  when I was blacked out that I’d write about her in my blog. Either way, some shout outs are on the way.

This week is fall break and I’m still undecided if I should go home and if I do for how long. If I go home, I’ll see my family and probably get pretty bored pretty fast. If I stay at school I just get hammered with Mark and Ben all weekend which sounds rather appealing. I’ll probably do a split. Go home for Saturday night and possibly Sunday night then come back and drink for a night or two.

In other news, the Phillies start tomorrow. I consider myself a pretty big fan of them and will definitely be watching the game. There’s one thing though that bugs me about pretty much all of sports. People always get this sense of “Oh I’m the biggest fan” and I cannot stand it. The reason I hate this is because a lot of the time it comes down to the merchandise. I haven’t spent a single penny on any form of sports merchandise ever. I don’t have a problem with people who have a Phillies shirt and will wear it for games and stuff to show some support but when they win the world series and people start rushing to the stores to buy the most legit/expensive apparel to prove that they’re the biggest fan because they spent 100 bucks and waited until 2 in the morning to get the stuff. It’s annoying, but not surprising,  that the first thing these marketers think of is profit when something like this happens. It’s just who can make as much money of these bonehead ‘fans’ who want to prove that they love their team and have so much pride. When I see someone with a world series sweatshirt but they can’t even name who the Phillies beat to win that world series, well I’d just be embarrassed.

Music Update

I’ve been on Pink Floyd ‘binge’ as Imbemba called it. I realized that I own 2 Pink Floyd shirts and but I haven’t really listened to them in a while. I sat at my desk for about an hour and listened to them and they really are awesome. I really can’t get enough of them, Comfortably Numb is one of the best songs ever in my opinion. Brain Damage/Eclipse is really good too, the way it builds up to the end and then how good Eclipse is. Another Brick in the Wall II is awesome and has one of my favorite guitar solo’s ever in it. I was never that big a fan of Hey You but I read what the song was actually about and then really listened to it again and now that I know what it’s supposed to mean, I really like it. They just have a ton of really good songs and amazing guitar solos that go with them. I could make that list longer but I’ll cut it there. I want to know more of them though, I know they have a ton of songs that people don’t really know about and I’d really want to listen to them also so if anyone has suggestions please let me know. The band itself is really interesting. I read a ton of stuff on Syd Barrett and how he pretty much went insane on them. Then the whole conflict with Waters and Gilmour where Waters left on bad terms for 20 years or so then reunited for the first time at Live 8 in 2005. Pretty cool.

Another artist that piqued my interest is Eric Clapton. I read about 30 minutes worth of bio on him last night. His whole life is pretty messed up but definitely worth reading about. Now that I know what Tears in Heaven is about and now that I’ve really listened to the lyrics, that is pretty much my favorite song at the moment. He doesn’t blow you away with how fast he can play guitar but he just makes everything sound so good. He’s a lot like David Gilmour actually so maybe it’s no coincidence that I’m listening to both of them at the same time. Either way, I have a lot of songs by him that I haven’t really listened to yet but I plan on getting around to it soon. The songs that I know by him are really good so I assume everything else will be too.

Anyway, fall break is coming up and I  have a full 6 days off. I have one class on Friday but it’s already canceled, so there’s one day. Saturday and Sunday are weekends so there’s 2 more. Monday and Tuesday we’re off for fall break so there’s 5, and I never have class on Wednesday so that makes a 6 days off total… Awesome. I should try to do something productive I suppose but we’ll see about that.

The Next Level

I’ll start with the bad things. Fantasy football is pretty much a joke at this point. I’m in three leagues and am dead last in all of them, 12/12, 12/12, 14/14. I’m averaging 95 points in one league for a 1-4 record, 89 in a second league for 1-4 again, and then 53 in my third league for another 1-4 which puts me at a total of 3-12 averaging 79 points. I’m pretty much throwing in the towel for all three of them which is 60 bucks down the drain. I don’t know what happened in these drafts but I remember being pretty confident in all three leagues thinking I had a legit shot to win them. Literally none of my players are living up to any expectations and all sleeper picks I thought I had proved to be duds. It’s not fun when your team sucks so this football season is going to be bad, maybe I’ll start betting on the games or something.

On top of sucking at fantasy football, I also lost my retainer to make things even worse. I left my case in the car and my mom was already home when she found it so I was in trouble. I took it out on Friday night and wrapped it up in a paper towel thinking I’d just leave it on my desk. I completely forgot about it until Sunday morning and what do you know, it was gone. I went sifting through the trash can pretty thoroughly and searched all around my room but couldn’t find anything. From what I know retainers are a hundred bucks or so which isn’t that big of a deal but it just sucks.

Beneath all of the bad, there is some good. I got both my linear algebra test and my econ test back. I studied for nearly 8 hours for the linear algebra test and pulled of a 92 which I was ecstatic about. The econ test was pretty easy I thought and I ended up with a 90 which I was also happy about. I said last week after I dropped physics that I was going to make a turn academically for the better. I was going to really buckle down and devote a significant amount of time to the 3 remaining classes. I like to think that I’ve done that and so far it’s been working well.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how fun the cross country/track team was before my class entered. I am not very fond of this talk. It gives off the impression that my class (aka Mark and I) is just not fun enough compared to everyone else. Well, Mark and I black out more than anyone on the team but apparently that’s not enough. Now I think it’s time to escalate things to the next level. If it requires puking on a constant basis then so be it. I’m determined to not let this suite/team get boring, I don’t want people talking about the glory days that I wasn’t even here for. These are my glory days and I plan on making them memorable, at least for other people.

Another Weekend

Another weekend in the books. I had an orthodontist appointment Friday so I didn’t get back to Ursinus until about 7. It was pretty low key, we just hung out and watched the Phillies. Halladay’s no hitter definitely got us drinking but surprisingly enough I didn’t black out. Some parts are fuzzy but no blacking out. I hit the zone which so rarely happens nowadays. Once I hit the zone I stopped drinking and actually stayed in it until I went to bed. The night consisted of a lot of games. One game I never played before was chandelier. What it comes down to is this, there’s a cup in the middle that’s filled with a disgusting mixture of beer, four loko, mixed drinks, you get the picture, and someone has to drink it. It’s a pretty fun game and fortunately I didn’t have to drink it once. If someone gets the ping pong ball in the middle cup, you all play flip cup with your drink and the last one to flip it has to drink the middle cup. Well I take games pretty seriously and when I see someone cheating I get upset. Yoko cheated nearly every single time. He would try to flip his cup and if he was in danger of losing he would just flip it over. It came down to me and him flipping and he clearly cheated. He tried to make me drink it but I completely refused, he then started saying that I was blacked out and was making it up, which I wasn’t. What ended up happening was that he gave in because he knew he cheated. Cheating in drinking games is just so stupid. What the hell is the point of playing if you’re going to cheat? Anyway, that was the general gist of Friday.

I woke up to a phone call on Saturday morning from Bogdan saying that the volleyball tournament started in 10 minutes and I had to get there. I got up and ran over. I like to think I’m a competent volleyball player but I will admit I was a little off yesterday. It was me, Mark, Bogdan, Ben, and Ryder against this group of very large kids. We figured we’d get killed because the net was pretty low and if they wanted to spike it they could have. The game started and we were on fire. We got up 12-5 and then started to fall apart. I preach two things when it comes to team sports like that… Number 1 is communication. You have to communicate, call all the shots, when two people both back off because they think the other person has it or when two people go for it and drill each other, well that can all be avoided if you communicate. Number 2 is team chemistry. At the end of the game, we were tied 17-17 with the other team but we were all yelling at each other. We blew our lead but were still in a very good position to win the game. Well when everyone starts yelling at one another and you try to blame anyone but yourself, that just makes everything go wrong. We ended up losing the game.

I pretty much didn’t do anything all day yesterday. I ran 10 miles and felt pretty good but that was it. I started drinking at about 6. There were a couple people here and we were watching college football. At 7:30 a couple of us went over to 201 and played drinking games for a couple of hours. We came back to Reimert and it was pretty much the same thing as Friday night. The only thing that I significantly remember was Mark and I just destroying the lid to the recycling bin. I don’t know why but for literally 15 minutes we were just going back and fourth smashing the lid on the wall and on the ground and kicking it all over the place.

It was a rather normal weekend but fun as always. I have a paper to write for Tuesday but in terms of school, I only care about this linear algebra test. I really want to know what I got and assuming it’s over an 80, I’ll post the result on this blog. We also have fall break this coming weekend. Monday and Tuesday off so I guess I’ll go home for a bit and hang with the family for a few days. Until then I’m going to continue my academic commitment and write a good paper/do any work I can for my 3 classes.

Test, the Norm, and the Weekend

I set a record last night. I studied more for the linear algebra test I just took than any other test/final/anything ever before in my life. Over the 2 days before the test I accumulated over 7, closer to 8, hours of studying and went through 18 sheets of scrap paper. I read through roughly 75 pages of a math textbook to relearn the information that was on the first test along with everything that was on this test. Last night I was up until about 1 in the morning just studying for this thing. Well I just took the test and I guess I’ll say that my time the past few days was well spent studying. I feel so much more confident after this test than the last one. There were 38 different problems and after my first go through, there were only 5 that I decided to skip because of difficulty. I think I figured out 3 of the 5 which leaves 2 that I’m guessing on. Say I get those 2 wrong, that leaves me about 5 other problems to get wrong and I’ll still have about an 80 which is what I’m shooting for. I know that I should be aiming higher than an 80% since I studied for 7 hours but if you knew how far behind in that class I really was, you’d be thrilled with an 80 too.

Tom wrote a blog about traffic and how him getting up 8 minutes earlier to leave turned a usual nightmarish drive to work into a pleasant open road. Well a similar event happened to me that had me thinking. On Wednesdays, there’s a common hour at noon where no one has class. Now, during the week I usually go to lunch with everyone at noon but Wednesdays are a nightmare. The line to get inside is out the door, there’s no open tables, and the line to get food is always a pain in the ass to wait in. This Wednesday, Mark and Bogdan said “lets go to lunch” at about 11:55. I said we should wait because it’s always so crowded and they pretty much ended up saying they didn’t care and they were going anyway. I just don’t understand this. You know it’s going to be crowded, why in the world would you choose to go right now. Wait 15 minutes and then leave so everyone’s already in and eating, go 15 minutes early so you beat everyone there, why go at the same time as everyone else? I think that people get this sense of, since everyone else is doing it now I should too. I can’t stand this thinking. I’m not saying that Bogdan and Mark think this way (although apparently this Wednesday they did) but there are so many situations where you get held up because of the amount of people that are trying to do the same thing at the same time.

This always happens with laundry too. Sunday’s are like death days for trying to do laundry but it’s the most convenient day to get it done. I never do laundry on Sunday. You’re always moving someones clothes or you can’t find a washer and it’s just a disaster and then when you finally get your stuff in and leave, someone else takes it out because they don’t care about you and they just want to get their laundry done. So then you come down 45 minutes later, see your clothes are taken out and all wet and you get really pissed off. It’s just not worth it.

Three weekends in a row now we have had 2 nights to drink, both Friday and Saturday. This is a pretty rare thing. Generally we have meets on Saturday and then drink on Saturday night. Since I usually have only one day to drink, I go at it really hard, black out, and make the best of the night. When there are two days to drink, I don’t like blacking out on Friday because I have to drink on Saturday too and if I’m not feeling good, well then it’s just no fun. My body isn’t used to drinking two nights in a row. It goes all out for one night a week. Going moderate both nights is something I need to learn how to do. I don’t know if this means I should really pay attention to how drunk I am so I don’t black out but I just don’t like the sound of that. Being worried about how much you’ve had just kind of ruins it. I like playing games or chugging contests or beer bongs, I don’t want to not play a game because I think I’m too drunk or turn down a chugging contest because I think I’ll puke but I assume blacking out more than a quarter of the nights out of the week is not a healthy thing.

Anyway, a lot of our guys are running the 5k at Cheyney today, I’m not because I’m a little bitch, so I wish them all good luck. It’s finally Friday, another week down. Also, Tom recommended a couple of songs to me from the band XTC. They are kind of up my alley. I like the Peter Pumpkinhead one and I would try and post something back to you Tom but I still don’t know how to put youtube videos in the actual blog, so if you could show me how sometime, that’d be great.

Post Freak-out Recovery Post

Well I had to make a decision and I did. With some counseling (not really) and some hard thinking I decided 100% that I am done with physics. I walked into my adviser’s office yesterday and told him that I had to drop a course, he asked which one. I told him physics and his response was, “it got that bad huh…” I don’t like throwing in the towel like that but I had to. Then I had to get my physics professor to sign the sheet as well. I walked into his office and told him I was dropping it. He said “Aww you weren’t doin’ too bad… I have the homework graded but I guess you don’t really care about that now.” He handed it back and I got a 91 on it. So I dropped a class where I had a 90% in the whole thing. What the hell was I thinking right? But really, I didn’t get a 90, I copied other people who had a 90 and when it came down to a test I was going to be screwed anyway so I had to do it. That leaves me with 12 credits this semester which I’m not happy about it but it was necessary. I told my mom about it and she didn’t seem to pleased but I think she understood that it had to be done. I’m going to make up the credits along the way so I’m not too worried about that, it’s just a matter of having one semester that’s going to be a lot harder than this one. Also, apparently you can take music lessons and get 1 credit for it, if I could take guitar lessons for the next 4 semesters and make up for dropping physics, well that’s a major win win right there. So the little freak-out is over. I made a final decision and have moved on. That means that I’m putting a lot of my marbles on business and economics. Well I had my first econ test last night and I’m pretty sure I killed it. I needed that little confidence boost, I do believe I’m back on the horse… or something like that.

Another confidence boost was the running workout we had yesterday. I don’t usually do running paragraphs in the middle of a blog but I’m going to. We had 5x1mile on the track because Hunsberger was too dangerous. I asked Bayless what he wanted for these, time-wise, and he said “5:40’s? 5:35’s for the top group?” Well I knew that wasn’t going to happen but still, we hit 5:19 on the first one and I thought, okay that felt pretty good, we’ll keep it around there until maybe the last one or two. That’s kind of what happened but not really. The next one was 5:14, okay a little faster. The next was 5:09, okay still a little faster but I’m feeling good. Jatin asked me in between the 3rd and 4th if he thought we could break 5. I also heard Dels talking to Jeremy trying to think of a good goal, he said sub 5:05 for the 4th and then sub 5:00 for the last one. I don’t know why but I felt really good yesterday. The 4th one began with me false starting but I knew I was feeling it. Jatin and I hit the half in about 2:30 and then closed the last 400 in 71 to hit a 4:55 for the 4th one. I was still feeling really good. For everyone we did I knew we were going fast but it just didn’t feel that hard. Even on this last one I still felt fine after I finished. We went out a little bit slower on the last one, 2:32, but closed in a 2:22 with a 68 point last quarter to finish in a 4:54 point. It was just a really good workout, and not only for me but the whole team actually. There was a good pack hitting right around 5:20 if not under for pretty much everyone. Looking at the team this year compared to last year is amazing because we really have gotten a lot better, and we’re all pretty young. Everyone for the most part is pretty healthy and if things keep up the way they are right now, well there’s just a very bright future ahead of us.

Anyway, I know a couple of the more recent posts have been me complaining and whatnot but I think that phase is over. This post is more to tell people that good posts will be back very soon. I had a little span where I wasn’t doing so hot but I’m back on track and things should rebound nicely.

Only Time Will Tell

I’m in semi-panic mode. I’m sitting here with a physics test on Thursday and a linear algebra test on Friday. Realistically, I just can’t really get either of them. I didn’t plan on dropping any classes but realistically I may have to. The question is, which one do I drop? I already have a 55 on the first test in linear so that seems like an obvious candidate but I think it’ll be easier to get by in that class for the rest of the semester than physics. For linear, he literally gives you the test a week before and it’s my job to memorize everything. The homework is always done in groups so it would always be completed and handed in and even if it’s not good you can correct it and hand it in again to get a 100 on it. Physics is pretty much a help yourself class. Homework is handed in individually and I’m really not that capable of doing it alone. The tests are going to be impossible if I had to guess. I got an 89 on the first homework and I figure that’s the highest my grade will be all year. If it came down to it, I think I’d have to drop physics because that just doesn’t seem as doable over the course of the whole semester.

If I drop a class that means I’m going to have to make up the 4 credits at some point over the next 5 semesters. That doesn’t really bother me but it just doesn’t look good when I have to tell my parents or anyone for that matter that I had to drop a course because it was just too damn hard. I feel like a tard in both classes because it’s obvious I don’t know what I’m doing but I can’t drop both of them. I pretty much just have to suck it up for the rest of the semester, make it through with hopefully something higher than a C in the class I choose to keep, and then make it up with a killer 2nd semester of this year. I got myself into a hole and I’m kind of pissed off at myself but at least I’m not being stubborn about it. If I try to stick it out in both classes I could possibly end up with a C- or something like that in both of them which would murder my GPA beyond repair. It’s just an all around bad situation. You can’t say I didn’t give physics a shot at least.

Since I’m bailing on that I need to figure out something else. As of right now, my other two classes are American History and Economic Issues. Fortunately I like both of those classes and am doing alright in both, more so in the econ class that history but still. I find both interesting and don’t mind sitting for an hour and reading whatever is assigned. It seems as though I cannot break the Stortz trend of a business related degree. I managed to stray away from going to Pittsburgh but the end result will likely be the same. What does this mean for my future? Am I going to end up like the Wagon working at some random company in the typical office environment or will something else come out of this. The other Stortz trend seems to be Stortz tools. My dad, his brother, and brother in law all worked there and now both of my brothers are working there, I’m not aware of the history beyond that but it’s been around since 1853 so for the past 157 years someone has been there to take over when one owner passed on. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I think almost everyone goes through this little period in their life where they don’t know where they’re going to end up and start freaking out because of it. Clearly I’m no exception. In the words of Asia, only time will tell.

Saturday Night and Introductions

Another lazy Sunday has gone by. I woke up relatively early actually but haven’t gotten too much done. Sundays with football and Sundays without football are very different. I like Sundays with football much more than without it. I can just kind of roam around the suite all day and tune in on whatever games I feel like, although my fantasy teams are getting killed once again. I think I’m pretty much done and it’s only 4 weeks in but this is the worst year in fantasy I’ve ever had. I’m consistently the lowest scorer in all of my leagues and I’m a combined 1-8 in all three leagues and am well on my way to a 1-11 (2-10 if I’m lucky) start.

Anyway, last night was an interesting one. Since Bogdan’s 21st birthday was this week and he couldn’t go to the bar because of Paul Short, all 21+ people went to the bar last night for a little bit. At about 7:15 everyone left and it was just me, Mark, and Ben. We watched college football and drank for a while. Chelsie came over at around 8 o’clock and we began playing the new version of Jenga that Mark made up. I jokingly said to Mark right after everyone left for the bar, “wouldn’t it be funny if they came back and we were both blacked out?”. Well that’s exactly what happened. Drunk Jenga did us in. When you’re playing with 4 people and drawing blocks that say Give 30, well it’s hard not to get hammered. That plus the finish your drink which I pulled before I even opened my beer plus the fact that every beer was an ice beer, well all of those things made me black out for a bit. There are pictures on facebook that are not too flattering but I didn’t do anything bad.

My memory and I reunited at late night lower where I remember buying a turkey and bacon wrap, which was delicious by the way. It was Bogdan, Pane, Ali, Laura, and I in late night lower and I don’t know who brought it up but the topic of running naked laps arose. Bogdan and Pane seemed very interested and I figured why not. We went to the track and stripped down. The rule is that you have to run a full naked mile by the time you graduate which is a lap a year, well I missed my lap last year so I did two last night. After that I went to 201 with Ali and a couple of other people and was really really tired. I knew I was going to pass out pretty quickly and that’s what happened. Mark and Dave were in the room and got completely naked for some reason. It’s odd, reading through this blog I see how much gay stuff goes on around here… interesting. After they left though I was pretty much on insta-passout mode.

All things considered it was a very good weekend. Everything just went really well. The only bad thing is that I promised I wouldn’t black out last night and I did… I didn’t really see it coming and normally I wouldn’t care but if I say I’m not going too, well I’d like to follow up with that. It’s weird because I never monitor how much I drink, I just go off of how I feel and generally drink a little too much too quickly and end up blacking out. I might try something next weekend where I count how many I drink and try to keep it at a reasonable number… Although I guess I don’t know what reasonable is when I never really measure how much I drink, whatever, I’ll figure it out.

There is one thing I want to talk about though and it’s something that everyone has to deal with. Introductions. I ‘met’ 3 new people this weekend and in all situations it was a little weird. First off was Ali’s brother Dave. I knew who he was but I had never talked to him. We met at the ping-pong tournament. Ali was up for the first game and we were both watching/cheering for her. I was talking to him but at no point did I say “oh by the way, I’m Sam, nice to meet you.” About 10 minutes went by and after Ali’s game she asked Dave if he had met me yet. I was right there and his response was something along the lines of yes but not really. So we did the whole, hey I’m Sam, I’m Dave, handshake, nice to meet ya. After having already talked to him it was just weird to have a formal introduction like that. I guess that should be the first thing I say but I don’t know. The other one happened today. I went down to hang out with Satch, Mitch, and Phil for a bit. I was in their room just talking when a girl who I assumed was Phil’s girlfriend walked in. I’d never met her before but I didn’t say a word to her, I just kept talking to them. She was grabbing all her bags and stuff and after 5 minutes of me being in there, she was talking to Phil and he said, “Have you met Sam? Sam this is my girlfriend.” Blah blah blah nice to meet you… once again, I’d been in the room for 5 minutes and we haven’t exchanged any words so a formal introduction is just awkward at this point. The last thing that happened was also today. I was meeting with my math group for homework and it ended up being just me and the other kid. I know who he is and have 2 classes with him so we’re not complete strangers. If I saw him I’d probably say hi. Anyway, we talked about the homework for a couple of minutes and I assumed we were both thinking the same thing of, okay we know each other, no need for intros. He had a different idea, after 5 minutes he said, “I’m Dave”. I replied with “Oh hey, I’m Sam” and we shook hands and continued our work. I guess from now on I’m just going to do the formal introduction immediately for anyone I think I kind of know. I guess the formal intro is a good thing but I don’t really think it’s a necessity. If I know you’re name and you know mine, whether I told you it or not, I think that’s valid enough.

Back to work, I have a couple of tests this week so we’ll see just how on top of things I really am. I’m going to assume I’m probably not doing enough. I guess we’ll find out.

Paul Short, Case Race, and Ping Pong

Running Paragraph
The epic Paul Short Invitational was yesterday and it was awesome. The conditions were a little rough as it had been raining for a few days beforehand but the weather was perfect and there was a little drizzle at the start of the race. I woke up at 6:50 to Mark and Bogdan telling me that I had to get ready, I didn’t know what they were talking about right away but then managed to get ready in 6 minutes and we were on our way. We hit horrible traffic and it took us near 2 hours to get to the meet. I warmed up and wasn’t totally sure how I was feeling, I thought good but you can never tell. The race started and the pack of 385 runners stampeded forward. I hit the first mile in 5:21 which was right on pace for me. I was right next to Jatin with Jeremy about 5 seconds ahead. At 2 miles I hit 10:54 so I slowed a bit so I surged a bit. I caught Jeremy at about 2.5 or so and then hit the 5k in something around 16:50 so my 3rd mile was good. I broke away from Jeremy a bit but didn’t get a 4 mile split. I was feeling pretty good the whole time and confident that I could close fast. I was on the straight away and looked down at my watch, it said 26:05. I knew if I wanted to break 27 I had to get moving so I really started kicking. I looked at it again with a little less than 100 meters to go and it was 26:41. I crossed the line in 26:57. I was extremely happy because I thought the conditions probably wouldn’t allow for it but I was wrong. Jeremy was close behind in 27:09 followed by Jatin in 27:20. Mark and Amos both had big PR’s too so all in all the top 5 preformed very well.

Post Paul Short was another race. The 4th Annual Cross Country Case Race. My team was me, Ryder, Imbemba, and Jordan. I had an average showing last year but I thought I could’ve done better. Anyway, we had to finish a 24 case of Natty Light. The entire thing was a disaster. Pane puked first at about 25-30 minutes in which results in a penalty. The blue team (Bogdan) tried to take advantage and finish up but because he drank too much to quickly he puked also. My team took this as a sign that we could win. We had about 3 beers left and I had already had roughly 8 in 40 minutes or so. The 3 beers weren’t going away very fast and we were running out of time so I decided to just chug one. I did and began to salivate ridiculously. That’s when you know something’s wrong. I hung around for about 5 minutes and then decided I should brace myself for the worst. I went to the toilet and vomited all over the place. I was a bit disappointed but not really, I tried hard and did better than I thought I would.

I took a break from drinking afterward and just let it hit me. I was pretty drunk but not blacked out or anything. The rest of the night was just a lot of pong and stuff like that. Adam, Satch, Mitch, and I reunited for a little bit last night. That was quite entertaining but all in all it was a somewhat quiet night after the case race.

I woke up for practice at 10 but was only thinking about one thing, the ping-pong tournament at noon. Ali and I went at about 11:45, let the fun begin. The first kid I played I’d never seen before and he was better than I thought. The way the tournament works is it goes a best of 3 series, games up to 11, and switch serves every 2 points. The first game was 20-18, I won. He won the second game in something like 14-12 and then I won the third game 11-9. So my first game was a little rough to get through but I managed. After that was Ali’s brother Dave. Ali said he was good and I’d been watching him and he was in fact good. I beat him in 3 games but it was a very fun and fast paced game. Apparently everyone there was watching and loving it. Next up was some girl that knew I was really good because she had been watching me and I don’t really like playing people who aren’t very good because I don’t know what I should do. I didn’t go all out on her obviously and I ended up winning 2 in a row. That left me to play Inki who I knew was really good. He beat me in 2 games, 11-7 and 11-9. I was really pissed because I really thought I could beat him. I ended up winning the losers bracket and was in the finals against Inki. Since I was in the loser’s bracket, I had to win 2 best out of 3 series’ in order to win the tournament and he only had to win 1 best out of three series to win. He won game number 1 in series 1. I hadn’t given up but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to win. I ended up winning 2 games in a row to take it to the final series. I was feeling confident as we were now in the same situation, win this one best out of 3 series and you win the tournament. I won the first game and pretty much thought I had it in the bag. He won the second game 11-9 and I was not happy, I could have closed it out. So it came down to the very last game. We were tied 8-8 and I really did not want to lose but he managed to win 3 points in a row and I blew it completely. I was pretty bummed out but I got the first place reward anyway which was a 35 dollar Wawa gift card so I was pretty happy about that. Next time Inki…

So that was pretty much my day. Since I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night I took a nap and now I’m here. We’re drinking again tonight but I don’t believe anything special is going on. It should be a good night. This is one of the few weekends where we can drink 2 nights in a row so I’m not very used to this. We’ll see how I do in round 2 on short sleep. Happy Saturday people.

Guitar Hero, Case Race, and Challenges

It’s been a slow couple of days. I have a good amount of down time but pretty much fill it with useless things like bejeweled and other stupid games. Something happened that even made me think about how I play these stupid games all the time. Ali was with some kid and they got to talking about Robot Unicorn Attack and the kid, who I don’t really know, said he was really good. Well Ali said that I was really good and all this stuff and the kid somehow knew who I was and also said “Yeah, Sam’s really good at Guitar Hero too”. I mean I’ve talked to him before but I don’t recall ever playing guitar hero in front of him (blacked out possibly?) but still, if I was blacked out I couldn’t have been playing very well. When people who don’t really know me associate me with guitar hero, well I don’t think that’s a good thing. The past year or two, whenever the topic of guitar hero comes up, I just try to stay quiet. I really hate when people find out I’m good and ask to see me play or something. In front of my group of friends is fine, I’m okay with that because they know I spend my time on stupid shit, but people that I’m just pretty good friends with or any girl, well I just really hate playing in them because it makes me feel like a idiot. I guess I’ve spent so much to doing it that I should want to show it off but that’s completely not how it is. Generally after they see my play they follow up with, “Jesus, how much have you played this game?!”….. Way too much is usually my answer. But hey, at least when I dedicate a lot of time to something I get really good at it. If I spent hours upon hours playing guitar hero and was only pretty good, well that would be even worse.

In other news, my poison ivy is pretty much gone and so is my mini-sickness. I’m at full health right now and it’s quite exciting for me. Friday is Paul Short and that’s always fun. I’ll get to see a lot of people from home and hopefully run a really fast time. Friday is the 4th annual cross country team case race. I’m on Ryder’s team and it’s going to be awesome. 4 teams of 4 people each trying to finish a case of 24 as fast as you can. Last year wasn’t as good because teams had 5 people and that’s just too many. 4 should be more entertaining. I was the first pick in the draft so I have to attempt to live up to the hype but either way it should be a very fun night. Then we also have Saturday so this weekend should be very fun.

Other than that, all is well. I don’t have to much else to say. School is mediocre as usual and I’m kind of just hanging out every day.

There is one thing I want to reflect on real fast. We were at dinner the other day and Ben told the story of how Satchel challenged me to a throw up contest and I accepted and then proceeded to murder Satch in it. Granted I clogged the sink and had to clean out the throw up a couple days later but still, it was worth it. Ben then followed up by saying “That taught me that I can pretty much challenge Sam to anything when he’s drunk and he’ll accept it.” I like challenges, it’s fun to see what you can and can’t do and it’s generally always funny to try something stupid like that. I wouldn’t want to be someone who get’s asked, “Hey do you want to do the gallon challenge?” and they don’t even consider it, it’s just a no. Did I really think I was going to be able to do it? Absolutely not but that video of me puking is hilarious. It’s just fun to try things like that. I really don’t like turning down challenges, drunk or sober, because then you just look like a poon. I’d rather try it and fail then not try it at all.