Overdue Heater

Saturday night was fun. I went to dinner with my family and Ali for Tom’s birthday and it was a good one. I was the only one who wasn’t 21 so that was a bit of a bummer but it was fun nonetheless. We don’t get to gather as a whole family very often but for birthdays and special occasions like that we do which is nice. We got back to Ursinus at 10 o’clock and not too much was going on. I wasn’t even sure I was going to drink. I was in the 201 common room and probably 2 out of the 10 people there were drinking so I didn’t feel too much motivation, that was until Imbemba showed up. He was pretty hammered and hilarious. It wasn’t the too drunk Imbemba who gets a little crazy and destructive but he definitely had a good amount. Once we saw him, Ali, Bogdan, Chelsie, Ang, and I all started drinking. In the words of Ben (I’ve never heard this before), we played the most dangerous game, catch-up. I was attempting to get on the level of Imbemba and was initiating as many chugging contests as I could. We hung out in Ali and Deb’s room for a while just take a bunch of pictures and stuff. After that we went over to 203 and had a close to two hour long sing along session with any fun song we could think of. Pane was the star of the show due to his killer dance moves. Generally I’m a decent dancer but I wasn’t blacked out and Pane was just on fire. The boy band songs are really a hit for sing alongs, i.e. N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc… Them and one hit wonders from the 90’s.

After that I went to bed, but something very very strange happened. I was not blacked out when I went to bed, I remember everything pretty clearly. This was at about 2:30. After falling asleep in my bed, the next thing I remember is waking up on a mystery bed in a mystery room sleeping head to toe with someone. At some point during my slumber I woke up, either went to the bathroom or something like that, then wondered off to a different room somewhere,  climbed up into the top bunk, and slept with whom ever was occupying that bed. I don’t remember it at all which either means I somehow went from kind’ve drunk to blacked out while I was sleeping, or I was sleep walking. Either way, I woke up at 5:30 AM in the bed because I was freezing. I glanced around and saw that I wasn’t sleeping with Ali, but some dude with short hair and a beard instead. I looked around the room and after about a minute realized that I was not in my room at all. I got a closer look at the mystery man I was next too and saw that it was in fact Nick Pane. I was really confused but actually relieved that I wasn’t in some random suite somewhere with some random girl or guy or something. I hopped down and was laughing at the whole situation. To make it even funnier, when I walked into the common room Ali was sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone and when I walked out she said, “Oh god I found him, he’s here”. She asked what I was doing in Pane’s and I couldn’t really give an answer besides I have no idea. We went to bed and everything returned to normal.

While it’s really weird that I was sleeping in his bed, the real question is why didn’t Pane kick me out. He claimed he thought it was a random dude who came in and jumped into bed with him and instead of asking him to leave, he toughed it out. He did eventually draw up the genius plan of stealing all the covers so I would get cold and leave. Well that’s exactly what happened. I wonder if I only walked across the suite. What if I was wondering around Reimert for a while just in a daze and then settled for Pane’s bed. I guess no one will really know what happened. How long was I there? Where did I go? I’m just glad I’m okay.

I got my linear algebra test back today, 90… NBD. I’ll get my econ test and history paper back tomorrow which will only extend the heater I’m on right now. School work has been great, I’ve been killing scrabble as of late, I predict I’m going to run very well at regionals (why wouldn’t I predict that), and just everything is going very well right now. It’s been a while since I’ve had a streak of good things happen so I think this was somewhat overdue. Everyone should go on a heater at least once a month or so. I was also contemplating starting online poker again which could either really help out my heater or completely extinguish it. It’s a risky move but I’m feeling good right now.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a mysterious place. It’s something that you kind of have to figure out for yourself. You don’t talk about it with anyone else and some people may be a little insecure and wonder if they’re doing it right but don’t have the balls to say anything. Well I’m going to share with everyone my habits for some questionable aspects of the bathroom.

First and foremost, actually using the toilet. I think I’m in a small group of people that do this but when I take a piss I don’t hold my johnson. I unbutton, unzip, put my thumbs on the inside of the elastic of my boxers, pull down, and just pee. When I shake, I do one of two things, either use the elastic of the boxers and when I’m pulling them up I shake, or just use my hand but usually I go with the former. For number 2 I sit down, put my hand on my johnson to aim it down into the front part of the toilet, and take care of business. When I wipe I prefer holding the toilet paper roll in my hand. I don’t like pulling it off out of the TP holder. The holders are so annoying. I put two fingers from my left hand in the hole (haha) and then unravel with my right hand, it’s much more efficient. For wiping, I used to use a ridiculous amount of TP (something like 15 wipes on average) but I’ve revised my method and now probably average around 5-7 wipes. As Tom always says, you don’t stop until the paper is completely clean, no traces of feces.

When I deuce, I always wash my hands with soap, we’re not 10 years old anymore, being clean is a cool thing now. When I piss, because I don’t really touch anything besides my boxers, it’s a toss up. If I think I may have grazed some hairs or something I’ll soap it but I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding all potential hazards.

For showering I always always pee. I aim for the drain and unleash. I honestly don’t understand how some people don’t do this. Some people take forever in the shower and I don’t really get that. If you’re cold and want to enjoy the hot water for a couple of extra minutes I understand that but anything more than 5 minutes for a shower seems unnecessary. I go in, soap and shampoo (no particular order for this), let the shampoo sit for about 45 seconds, rinse everything off and I’m good to go.

For shaving my face, I don’t use shaving cream. I don’t have enough facial hair for it to really matter so I just wet my face, wet the razor, and go over my beard/stache a couple of times. I also have to keep the unibrow in check because a bridge is always being built but I can’t let that happen. For  shaving down there, I can razor the nuts fine and Mark and I share a pube trimmer (not weird) which takes care of everything else. I generally let my chest hair grow up but lately it’s been getting a little ridiculous so I’ve been trimming that down. My happy trail used to be a jungle but now it’s a tame little trail like it’s supposed to be.

Off the top of my head, that’s all that I can think of in terms of the bathroom.

Only Saturday!

So I’m lookin’ pretty grizzly right now, much worse than last year. My stache is a not very dense grouping of very dark hair that’s way too long. I just look like a fool. The beard is pretty much the same thing. A spread out group of what looks like pubic hair stuck under my chin. Whatever, only 24 days to go.

Anyway, I had another linear algebra test yesterday. Last time I studied for 8 hours and got a 92 on the test. This time I studied 6 hours straight which I was pretty impressed with and I think I’m definitely set up to get an A. I also took an econ test on Tuesday and I think I nailed that one too. School is going well as of right now as this week was a busy one, two tests and a paper but I’m through it now.

After the test I was free until practice. I relaxed for a bit then at 4:30 Mark, Bogdan, Pane and I went on a 40 minute run. We came back saw Yoko and Carr playing basketball so we joined them for a bit. My basketball game is definitely a little rusty but I think by the time intramural rolls around I’ll be good to go. Post run was dinner and then the party started… kind’ve. It began at about 6:30 or 7 with me Mark, and Pane playing beer pong. A couple more people came over so we did two different drinking games. The first was Beer Kart. It’s Mario Kart but you have to finish a beer before you finish the race and you can’t drink and drive at the same time. I’m pretty good at beer kart but Yoko seemed to think he could take me down. Eventually he realized he wasn’t winning anything so we made a bet that if he got 2nd I’d do a shot and if he got 3rd or 4th he’d do a shot. Franko, Gofus, and I beat him so he got dead last and had to do a shot. The only problem with beer kart is that you can’t really play more than 2 or 3 games before no one wants to play anymore because chugging a beer every 5 minutes just sucks.

After beer kart we decided to play a new drinking game that I’ve played with my friends at home. It’s the beer version of baseball where you have 4 cups and a catcher. Pretty much you just end up having to drink a lot. It was Mark, Chelsie, and I versus Yoko, Gofus, and Franko. Things were getting personal with me and Yoko as he said he wanted to play me in baseball “so I can beat you in something” since I’d beaten him in basketball and beer kart. They won game 1 but it was a best of 3 series and the loser of the series had to chug two beers. I was somehow on fire for game two. I hit the home run cup 5 times in 9 innings and it was a massacre. Game 3 was pretty much more of the same. We were up 11-2 going into the 8th and somehow the game ended before we could finish.

I drank a lot during baseball and had been chugging for beer kart and I wasn’t that drunk so I knew it was going to hit me pretty hard at some point. I went to late night lower with just Wacker and was thrilled to see a breakfast sandwich special. Him and I hung out there for a while but I don’t really remember what we were talking about. We both ate a shitton of popcorn too. We made our way back to Reimert and I don’t remember sequence of events really. I know I went to 206 for about 5 minutes and started a dance circle which seemed to be a hit. After that I went to 103 to see Satch, Mitch, Rob and everyone else. I hung out there for a little bit but nothing too significant happened. I was running on relatively limited sleep so by about 12:30 I was ready to call it a night.

Today is Tom’s birthday so happy birthday Tom. We’re going out to dinner with the family and a few special guests so it should be fun. Tonight will be more of the same and then next week will be an easy school week. Since I won’t have to worry about school I’m only going to worry about Regionals. If there’s anything I can do to make myself run faster on Saturday then I’m going to try and do that.

Only Saturday, party on everyone.

November Brings…

No shave November is happening right now. I’m going to destroy my facial hair from last year. I’m 3 days in and I have a noticeable mustache that looks nasty. This is going to be a disaster, fortunately I only take 3 classes and there aren’t too many people I care about in them. I guess having a girlfriend is probably a good thing when doing this. Granted she’s not going to be very happy but at least I’m not out on weekends looking like a pedophile trying to pick up girls when I’m not really going to have a chance. I’ll take pictures throughout assuming they come up clear and post them on here to track my progress.

November also means that the Turkey Tourny will be taking place. This is the 6th annual and it should be good just like every other one. This is somewhat of an advertisement but if you want to go everyone is totally welcome. Hopefully we can up the buy-in from last year ($30) to something like $50 and get 40 or 50 people to get a really big prize pool. My poker game is probably pretty rusty right now since I haven’t been playing at all but I may try to change that. No one at Ursinus plays but if anyone knows someone here that does, please tell me. If I can’t get a game here I’ll probably start playing on Stars. I’m not a huge fan of online poker because I truly believe in the cash-out curse but playing online can still be a profitable investment.

So scrabble has taken over. I’m currently playing six different games of scrabble on facebook and it’s awesome. It’s a really addicting game and I’d rather be addicted to this instead of bejeweled or robot unicorn. This semi increases my vocabulary and just makes you think a lot more. One thing I don’t like is that you can cheat. I almost never cheat on anything. I’ve cheated on two tests in my entire life, one was in 10th grade Latin where I cheated off of Jonny and he got a 69 and I got a 68. The other was on a 7th grade vocab test where we had a sub and he just had no idea what was going on. I can’t bring myself to cheat because I feel too bad when I do it. That goes for games too. When I play a game with people I don’t like to cheat because it totally ruins the game for everyone. Now that I know you can cheat in online scrabble it takes away from it a little bit. Now I trust that everyone one I’m playing with (besides Wacker) is being honest and truthful in the words they’re making, but it’s still annoying to know that they might cheat. You can cheat in robot unicorn, you can cheat in scrabble, you can cheat in nearly every game you play. Cheaters are pretty much the scum of the earth in my mind. Why would you want to cheat? It just shows that you don’t think you can win otherwise so you have to cheat. It’s embarrassing.

Rippin’ and Tearin’ For Real

Running Paragraph
Conferences was yesterday. The past week or so I wasn’t so sure about how my legs were feeling and I kept thinking this year was going to be a repeat of last year where I peaked at Paul Short. I’ve been good about getting sleep and taking care of myself the past 2 weeks so everything was in position but if I’m burned out then none of it really matters. The course was rolling hills and the weather was perfect. I warmed up normally and all that jazz then moseyed on over to the line. I went out and was feeling pretty good. I’m pretty sure the 1 mile marker was short because apparently I went out in 5:02 but that can’t be right. The 2 mile time was 10:35 which seems about right, maybe something more like 5:10-5:15 and then a 5:20-5:25. Jeremy caught me at the 2 mile and we ran together for the next two miles. We worked well together and really helped each other out. He said to me “Don’t hold back just for me”… I replied with “Same to you”. We hit a small uphill and he dropped me. He opened up a small gap that just kept growing over the last mile. He ended up running 26:30 and I hit 26:41. Jatin also finished in sub 27 which was really good. Three guys under 27 and then Mark and Jeff both PR’d nicely to round out the top 5. All in all it was a really good day I think. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t respond at all to Jeremy’s surge and that I got outkicked by 2 kids at the end but I walked away with a 16 second PR and a respectable placing in the race. Regionals is in 2 weeks and if the conditions are right and the course is fast, another PR is a realistic goal. I want to be number 1 on the team but if I get beat and still run a fast time I’ll be happy. Let the tapering continue.

So I was in a pretty good mood after the race. Halloween celebrations began right when we got back. All in all everyone did a pretty good job with their costumes. Ryder, Pane, Schmidty, and Ben did Anchorman and they looked pretty spot on. Imbemba, Ali, Chelsie, and Wacker were Mario Kart people which was all good except for Wacker who was Luigi and his cart was painted orange because they didn’t have green. Bogdan was the guy from The Strangers and it was the only legit scary costume out of everyone. He played the part well by just standing still and staring at you. Adam and Deb were Eminem and Kim. They both looked like white trash so kudos to them. Gofus and Yoko did Scooby Doo and Gofus’ costume looked very good. The only problem is that it looks a little weird when a dude in a legit Scooby Doo costume is grinding on a girl. He made it work though so good for him. I showered, trimmed up, and got my Speedo on. Mark and I dressed up as Hedo Mark and Hedo Sam. I think it turned out pretty well but I’ll let you be the judge.

Hedo Sam and Hedo Mark

I’m aware that our hair is green and not blond but that really wasn’t our fault. Anyway, there was a party in Shreiner and if I was going to go out in public I had to be pretty drunk. I started drinking a decent amount at around 6. The party started at 8 and when we started walking over I was pretty tipsy, more than ready to rip and tear my way to Halloween infamy. The only problem with the costume was that you couldn’t wear shoes (the Shreiner floor is disgusting) and it was about 50 degrees outside so walking anywhere was a pain in the ass. We got there and things were pretty slow to begin. Mark and I kicked things off though with the dance and it was a hit, people loved it.

Rippin' and Tearin'

The fire alarm went off at one point and everyone had to go outside which blew. Only one time did the dance go wrong. The floor was soaking wet and when we had to stand up and go side to side, I slipped and took both of us down plus Ali who’s on crutches. One of the few fans we have and I practically tried to kill her, it was just a bad thing. Also, lying on the floor in Shreiner is not something you want to do and with everyone there watching it was no good. I was drinking, dancing, and just socializing for a while. I did play pong with Mark at one point and we played this ‘lifeguard’ who was huge. He was trying to show off how strong he was the whole time and to distract people he would flex his man boobs back and fourth. The guy was just a tool and couldn’t pull off the whole swimmer thing nearly as good as we did. Either way, I sucked at pong like always.

Ali and I left the party but I was pretty much blacked out at this point. Not entirely but enough to where I don’t remember walking back. We got to the track suite and I had one thing on my mind… Sleep. I got in bed and pretty much pulled an insta-passout, first one in a while.

Ryder and Mark woke me up at 9:45 saying that we had practice. Mark, Bogdan, and I went to the track and there wasn’t practice. Us 3 ran for 40 minutes and then went to brunch to talk about the night before. Today has pretty much been a nothing-day. I haven’t done anything productive and won’t be doing too much later either. It was a very good weekend in my opinion. I had a lot of fun and ran pretty well so I was happy.

No shave November starts tomorrow and I’m pretty much screwed. I looked like shit last year and am only going to look worse this year. I’ll still have the same dirt/pubes on my face but they’ll just be more noticeable this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Probably Ugly

Well I had a little goof up. As Tom informed me, I actually won in the fantasy league where I didn’t start Matt Ryan. Jason Witten went on to get 24 points which I knew wasn’t enough but what I forgot about was the Dallas defense which managed to get me 7 points, so I ended up winning by 1 point. 2-1 on the week, new record.

Conferences is on Saturday and I swear to god I think this taper is working and if that’s true then I’m going to run a really fast time I think. I’ve been doing much shorter runs at a very slow pace and really think that I’m going to peak at the right time this year contrary to last year. After that is Regionals and if by some miracle I feel amazing and the competition does terrible I could potentially make it to nationals, but I’m really not counting on it. I can dream though can’t I?

So I was doing some normal facebook stalking and came across an album that was from some sort of high school dance. I don’t know if girls always have this thought or if it’s just a high school thing but when girls do their make-up for dances, they look absolutely hideous. They put a ridiculous amount on and they look so retarded and theirs make-up everywhere and it’s just so disgusting. Literally every girl in this album was like that. There isn’t really a prom or anything like that for college so I don’t get to see what girls think they look good in but I hope it’s not what these high school girls think. Cosmetics can only do so much, truth be told, you’re either good looking or you’re not and there’s really no reason to try and change that when it’s going to make you look even worse. It’s bad when good looking girls use too much and it makes them look worse too. Just get a special hair style, buy a sweet dress, use a normal amount of make-up, stuff your bra a ridiculous amount, and you’ll look as good as you possibly can.

Other than that, not too much has been going on. Guitar Hero is getting popular again in the suite so I’ve been playing a decent amount lately which isn’t really a good thing. I have the extra time because I dropped physics but I should probably be doing something more productive (like real guitar). Whatever.


15 months and 200 posts later, here I am. The blog lives on and I hope it stays this way for a while. Whether I’ve gotten 50 views in a day or 5 views, I don’t really mind. I’ve gone back and read a lot of my entries and I really like reading some of them. I’m glad I’ve been keeping this despite all the nay-sayers. Also, I’ve come back to check this blog on many occasions. All of this simply means that this blog has been serving it’s purpose and will continue to do so.

Anyway, fantasy football… total goof up. I was at my professors house attending her Sunday fun class and I thought I thoroughly checked my line up. I made multiple switches in all of my leagues but clearly wasn’t looking at the QB position because I left Matt Schaub as my starter in 2 of the leagues while he was on a bye. It wouldn’t have made a difference in the one league but in the important league I could have started Matt Ryan instead who scored 30 points. I just so happen to be losing by 29 points in that league so thanks to my retardedness (word?) I’m going to lose in that league as well. Surprisingly enough I snuck in a win this week by scoring just over 50 points. I beat Gofus who didn’t update his line-up so I caught a break there. That makes me 1-2 on the week and 4-17 overall. Pretty impressive.

Aside from fantasy I’ve been doing pretty well but one thing keeps coming up… the future. The whole sense of uncertainty is not very comforting but Jeff Centafont posted a very interesting article as his status and I spent about 20 minutes reading the whole thing. It was pretty much about the future and how we really aren’t going to need humans for anything. Cashiers are going to be useless soon, waiters will be replaced by computers, written books are useless, and actual mail that’s sent to anyone could be replaced with email. All of these things just put people out of work. People just like the idea of “Oh I have the actual hard copy of the book so it means more and is more valuable” or “Oh well my guitar was hand made instead of a machine making it so it’s just better than yours” when the machine produced one is just as good if not better. So why am I even looking for a job when some machine is going to replace me and do a much better job than I am? We’re just going to keep chugging along and not worrying about it until something really drastic happens and that will most likely be when I’m in a very important time of my life in terms of my future. I guess I’ll just do what everyone else is doing and cross that bridge when I get there. An all machine world doesn’t sound too bad. I guess you could say well some humans are going to have to build the machine but why would anyone want to do that if everyone else is being pampered and not doing anything? Well, once we build machines that can build other machines, then we really won’t be needed for anything. We’ll just be taken care of all the time. Let’s just hope these machines don’t build feelings or emotions because then we’d be screwed (I Robot I guess). It’s actually really exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens. If the world ends or something due to machines or 2012 while I’m still alive that’d be awesome. I want to be here when it ends. How awesome would it be if you were one of the extremely small percentage of people that ever live to see the world end? I don’t know about you but that sounds quite appealing to me.

The Rippin’ and the Tearin’

What a weekend. Friday night was the beginning of Home Coming weekend. Dave, Seth, and Kevin were here to get things started off right. I couldn’t go crazy on Friday night though because retard me lost my retainer and had to schedule an orthodontist appointment for 8:15 on Saturday morning meaning I’d have to wake up by 7:15. I ended up drinking a pretty good amount. Dave brought 71 jello shots and a lot of other drinks to go along with it. We started drinking pretty early. Not too much was going on early in the day because people were focusing more on Saturday night but that didn’t really stop us. I started drinking at around 1 when Adam, Bogdan, and I went to my house to see Noops. I had a couple of jello shots on the ride but nothing major. When we got back nothing was really going on. We played corn-hole for a while and drank. When we came back to the suite we all went into the pitch black storage closest that reeked of fish with a beer and we couldn’t leave until everyone finished. Initially it was me, Mark, Dave, Seth, and Kevin. We went in for a bit, finished the beer, and came back out. We realized nothing was really going on at all so this time we all grabbed two beers and three jello shots and we couldn’t leave until we finished those. Mark wanted to take a shower beforehand but we insisted that he join us. He was pretty tired so he ended up falling asleep in the closet, Seth follow his lead. It was Dave, Kevin, and I talking for a little bit and then Seth awoke from his slumber while Mark left to take his shower. Dave, Kevin, Seth, and I were literally in that closet for well over an hour. I’d go into more detail but some of what happens in the closet has to stay in the closet. After that I just kind of passed out.

I woke up at 7 as planned and went to the Ortho. It sucked but whatever. I got back, took a nap, then went to the football game to watch Imbemba win homecoming king. He didn’t win but it was still entertaining. I left that and then started drinking around 3 or so. I played more corn-hole and drank beer for a while. From the hours of 5pm to 10pm I remember two things. First is running two naked laps with Nick Pane because of the Phillies. The other thing I remember is going to late night lower with Wacker at 9:15. Late night lower doesn’t open until 10 so no one was there. I attempted to go behind the counter and find some food while Wacker watched guard. For what seemed like an eternity, I was charging back there, opening cabinets, knocking things over, but I couldn’t find anything. Finally after searching forever I found a single pack of Ranch dressing. The second I found this I heard a lady yelling at me. I stood up and a late night lower worker was freaking out saying that I couldn’t be back there and I was in trouble and all this stuff. I pleaded with the woman saying that all I wanted was some late night lower. She said they didn’t open until 10 and that I had to leave. She also asked if I knocked the big plastic board off of this one counter (which I did) and I denied like crazy. We got out of that door and booked it back to Reimert. The next hour or so was spent taking care of Ali. I put her to bed and watched the last 2 innings of the Phillies game on her computer and then went back to Reimert. I came back to Dave, Wacker, some chick, and a few others hanging out in the suite. Dave and I began howling at the moon because of his wolf shirt but surprisingly enough no girls came running.

I went to bed and woke up to a total shit show. The floor of my room was covered with glass because Imbemba smashed a bottle. The common room had Jenga pieces and beers all over the place. There was puke in the sink and in both stalls. I had a Sunday class thing for my Econ teacher that I had to go to so I left the suite at 10:30 to do that. I came back at 2:15 and it was fortunately all cleaned up. It was a really fun weekend but it’s back to work. I have a lot of crap to do this week and Conferences is on Saturday. After that is Halloween and Mark and I have the perfect costume. We are going to be Hedo Sam and Hedo Mark. If you don’t know what I’m talking about youtube ‘Hedo Rick’ and you’ll find it. I’m retarded and can’t figure out how to get the youtube video actually on this blog so until then you’ll have to look it up yourself. Anyway, all you need is a Speedo (which cost 26 bucks…) and some sweet dance moves. Enjoy the work week everyone.

“Dick Slap! That’s my Game”

It’s homecoming weekend and this weekend will be the first step into making the suite fun again. I can’t say anything specific because I don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but it’s going to be fun whether people like it or not. I need a little power nap this afternoon to fully prepare because I haven’t been getting enough sleep but I think I’ll be okay.

There is one thing I want to talk about, a game that guys play with other guys commonly known as ball tapping or dick slap. This game should never be played ever. At what point would someone think it’s okay to hit another guy in his balls for no reason and expect no retaliation? If I went around surprise punching people in the kidneys and screamed kidney shot every time I did it, well I’d guess that people would like it and would probably start hitting back. For some reason people don’t think ball tapping warrants a hit back. I pretty much never ball tap anyone (aside from last weekend where I rocked Ryder in the nuts but he had that coming) and whenever someone feels bad after they ball tap me, they say ‘oh okay you can have one shot on me’. No, I don’t want to hit you in the nuts, why would I want to do that. Our nuts are our prized possessions and if we go around demolishing each others balls then we’ll be ruined. Stop ball tapping.

Anyway, the Phillies won last night. They’re down 3-2 but I personally think they’ll win. Going back to Philly with Oswalt and Hamels, they’ve finally started hitting the past two games, I just think they’ll pull it off. I also think the Yankees will win unfortunately but it’d be cool to have a Phillies Yankees world series again… assuming we win.

I know I’ve been lacking on the posts and I don’t have a very good excuse for it. I’m been slacking for it and to those who check this blog in hopes of a new post to kill 5 minutes, well I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep up the posts but when it comes down to it, I’m not going to post something just because I think I should, I want to have something to write about. Anyway, it’s Friday, enjoy your weekend.

Fall Break!

So I clearly didn’t update according to plan and I apologize for anyone who actually checked back when I told them too. I had limited computer access at home and just got back to school last night.

Running Paragraph
Gettysburg was on Saturday which is supposed to be a really fast course. Conditions were near perfect so everything seemed set up for a PR. Before the race I felt good. My legs had a lot of pop in them and I thought it was a sign of good things to come. That proved to be false. I hit the first mile in 5:23 and knew that I didn’t feel comfortable. The idea was something more like 5:20’s the whole way but going out in something like 5:10-5:15. From then on it was pretty much attempting to run a pace that I thought I could hold but even that didn’t work. Besides my last 600 or so I didn’t surge or anything. I just got a tiny bit slower as the race went on. With 2k left I saw that Jeremy was about 10 seconds behind me. That was the only motivation I had to go faster. I managed to hold him off and finish in a 27:49 which was quite disappointing. Jatin was not even in sight for most of the race. He ran really well and finished in 27:05 or so which was good. Conferences is in 2 weekends and then regionals is 2 weekends after that. These are the 2 meets that I’ve been gearing towards and I really think that this year the taper will work. I did an 8 mile long run the day after the meet at about 6:40 pace and felt like I was walking so I’m confident that I’m not burned out or anything. It should be an exciting last month of the season.

Fall break is pretty much over. It was everything I thought it would be. Saturday night was a good one. Ben, Mark, and I were going to Len’s house to have a little house warming thing for Len. ETA was 7 o’clock and before we even showed up I was 4 ice’s in and Mark had a 4 Four Loko. The plan was pretty much watch T.V., eat food, and get really drunk. The highlight of the whole night was probably Ben passing out and then Mark and I just going at him. First we put about a pound of hair gel in his hair which did not come out at all the next morning. At least he looked cool. Then for some reason we were just pouring water on him and stuff like that. We put 2 condoms on his face and took some Mark took about 30 pictures. Mark and I then made a condom water balloon which was gigantic. I was apparently swinging the thing around saying how strong they were and then right as I said that it broke open and water got all over the kitchen floor. This went on for a while and then Mark and I just kind’ve passed out. I woke up frozen because I didn’t have a blanket. Ben, Mark, Len, Harry, Brett, and I all wanted to get food and since I was the only one who knew the area at all, I took them to Lancers. Harry pretty much passed out at the table and then the waitress was asking him all sorts of questions which was hilarious. The food was awesome and what any hungover person could ask for.

I went home after that. To sum things up…I watched the Phillies, went to bed, and slept for 12 hours. The next day was even better. I divided up 4 hours between basketball, guitar, and television. At 6 my mom drove my back to Ursinus and that was pretty much the extent of being home for fall break. Last night I went to Ali’s for some game night. We kicked it off with having her mom watch me play guitar hero, wonderful. Then we played scrabble which I really enjoy. There were 4 of us and initially I wanted to win but as the game went on that seemed less and less likely. I had 7 consonants for 3 or 4 turns which killed me. I did drop the word ‘druids’ though which I thought was pretty beast, although it was only for 10 points. I ended up getting last by a pretty wide margin and was not a happy camper. The rest of the night was ping-pong, poker, and guitar hero. All in all it was pretty entertaining.

I don’t have class tomorrow so I can drink tonight. It’ll probably be a low-key night but that’s okay. I just don’t want to go back to classes.