Junk Post

I’ve completed both papers so pretty much the hard part is over. I need an 83 on my history paper and I’m pretty sure I nailed that. I have 2 finals tomorrow but like I’ve said before they’re both going to be a joke. I think I’m staying at Ursinus until Friday which happens to be Mark’s birthday. A couple of people are drinking Thursday night so I’ll hang out and enjoy the time with them before I head home for break. That’s really all I have going on right now.

On a side note, winter is pretty much here. It’s like 20 degrees outside and every year I’m reminded of how much I hate the cold. Nothing good comes from it being cold outside. It makes everything less convenient and makes running dreadful. If it was 60 degrees and sunny, I’d be running 12 miles a day but because it’s 20 degrees and windy as balls I’m thinking 8 miles may be stretching it. My skin gets so dry and its just a terrible feeling. I like Christmas and New Years and all of that jazz but everything other than that makes this time of year suck. Winter break is almost here and I don’t plan on being outside except for running.

This was a complete junk post but I figured something is better than nothing. I’ve had an idea for a good post for a while now and that’ll be my next post hopefully as soon as I get the time to do it. To all those in college, 3 more days and you’ll be completely done, to the others… yeah.

Last Party of the Semester

As the title says, last night was the last party of the semester. It started off pretty bad but ended quite well. After my terrible 6 mile run with Mark yesterday I just kind of hung out for a while not really doing anything. At about 5:30 after we had gotten back from dinner we started drinking very very casually. It was Mark, Bogdan, and I in my room for a while playing guitar and watching youtube videos. The girls were having a little gathering in 201 so that was our plan for the night. I had about 4 beers and had to do a double shot before we left. I had a decently sized dinner so the drinks didn’t really hit me right away. We headed over and the usual crowd was there. We played card games and pong and danced and all that good stuff. I continued drinking heavily and it all hit me at once. I remember pretty well up until a certain point and then it just goes blank. I was having a conversation via text for awhile and it became clear when the drinks hit due to my lack of texting ability. Mark was clearly the drunkest one at the party as he was laying on the kitchen floor for a while just starring at anyone who walked in. He somewhat rallied and tried to play games but it wasn’t very effective. Bogdan got hammered which was awesome, it’s been a while since that’s happened. Pane was retarded too, naked laps out the wazoo.

I blacked out at about 11:30 and left 201 by midnight. I don’t remember anything from this point on. I have 4 text messages to different people all sent at 12:18 AM and I assumed I just passed out. I found out earlier today that I didn’t just pass out, I went down to 103 to see what they were up too and apparently hung out down there for like 20 minutes or something. Mitch and Phil were fighting over something and I just watched I guess. At 1:30ish I left and passed out.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning face down on the futon in the common room with all of my clothes on. I got up, looked around for a little bit, then decided to get up. I couldn’t go to my bed because I hadn’t put the sheets on it yet but I couldn’t sleep on the futon in my room because my comforter was in the laundry room. I walked to the laundry room while it was raining ridiculously hard, got my comforter, then passed out on my futon until about 9:30. I barely remember doing that too.

I woke up to donuts courtesy of Gofus. I felt pretty good actually. I talked to him Mark, and Bogdan for a while and then played some Mario Kart. I needed to get my Sunday long run in and be back before 1:30 to make brunch so at noon Mark, Bogdan, and I went on a pretty sweet 10 mile run. It was warm out with a light drizzle, perfect long run weather. We were clicking off 7 minute miles no problem and made it back with 20 minutes to spare for brunch. The day started very well but it’s already 4 in the afternoon now. I’m going to do a lot of work tonight for once. I just want to get these next couple of days over with. I’m in the mind set that I’ll be working/studying for the majority of the next 3 days already so anything else is a +. I can sacrifice this time now to get to winter break. Let the long runs and two-a-days begin.

Long Day

Yesterday began at 9 am with my last class of the semester. It was pretty laid back and I left early so that was that. I went back to my room and took a nap. We had a meet to go to at 3:30 and we wouldn’t get back until late. I’ll just skip ahead to the meet since nothing happened until then.

Running Paragraph
I was running the mile, 8 and 4×8. Qualifying time for the mile is 4:42.7 or something like that so that’s all I wanted to run. I was in the slow heat which was BS because Jatin and Jeremy got to run in the fast heat. Thus I’m going to declare that they didn’t actually beat me. Anyway, there was an unattached kid who took it out pretty fast and I just kind of hung back for a bit. I was in 4th place for the first 4 laps and then moved up into 2nd trying to catch the guy in first. I hit the 809 in 2:19 which was right on pace. I was feeling good enough and was pretty confident I’d be able to qualify. I was slowly gaining on the kid but he had a decent lead, 15 meters or so I’d guess. I hit 400 left and had to close in 70-71 to qualify. I ran a 68 but couldn’t catch the first place guy, he beat me by about 2 secondsish. I finished up in 4:40 which was fine by me. I diarrhea’d twice before the race and had to go again while I was on the line so I was pretty worried I’d have a bad race. I didn’t notice it too much during the race except for one part about 900 in my stomach turned pretty bad but nothing to bad. Props to Mark and Bogdan who were in my race also for both PRing. Jatin and Jeremy were in the fast heat which was right after mine. They went out a little quicker than I did and Jeremy had a pretty good kick to go 4:34, Jatin was close behind in 4:38. so it was a pretty good day so far. The open 8 was about an hour later and I ran it like a tard. I got out fast for the first 50 meters then let everyone pass me. I hung back and when Jatin, Mark, and Adam went I was stuck behind a pack of four and instead of going around them to catch up I just stayed back and made a big move with 200 to go. I was closing but wasn’t close enough to catch them, I finished in a joke time of 2:13. The 4×8 was about another hour after that. Everyone’s legs were dead and we were all dreading it, there were 3 Ursinus teams. I was the second leg and got the baton not near anyone. I ran the whole thing alone and at no point did I think I was running fast. My legs had no pop in them and I was pretty dead, I ran a 2:18 which, considering I ran the first 800 in my mile that fast, is pretty terrible. The meet as a whole was a good workout-day and everyone put up some good times so I was pleased. Also, congrats to Mark for out-preforming me. In total time for the mile, 8 and 4×8, he beat me by 1 second.

The one bad thing about the meet was the timing. It started at 6 and ended at about 10. We didn’t get back to school until 11:15 and at that point I was debating if I would drink or just go to sleep. Everyone who was 21 went to the bar to celebrate Ben’s 21st so I figured I’d stay up and drink. I got out fast and had about 4-5 beers in 30 minutes but then slowed down. Ben and everyone else got back at about 12:30? and I wasn’t that drunk. Ben put on a decent show as he was 18 shots in and had to get to 21. He eventually put down 3 more and was pretty much gone. Kudos to him. The party showed no signs of slowing down so I thought I’d start drinking more. Bogdan and I did a couple of whiskey shots which worked pretty well. Wacker and I played pong for a while and I was terrible. I’d make a cup or two in a game if that and we lost almost every game. I’ll give some credit, Wacker played pretty well and tried to keep us in it but I was just that bad. I made a stupid bet saying that we wouldn’t lose the next game by more than 2 cups. We lost by 3 cups and I had to run a naked lap with Pane. Fortunately no one was outside to watch.

The rest of the night was mostly pong. At around 2:30 or so Yoko was trash talking and we settled our dispute by playing a best of 3 round of beer kart. Now normally, I’d kill him because I’m better at Mario Kart and can chug faster but this time he gave me 16 ounce beers instead of 12 ouncers and that really made a difference. It was not easy at all. I was pretty blacked out and falling off the level all the time. I managed to win one of the first two games so we went to a final on rainbow road. After 16 ounces and 2.99 laps, I decided to be cocky and I stopped at the line and waited for Yoko. He was maybe 15 seconds behind but coming on strong. The end of the level is this really twisty corkscrew type turn so I couldn’t totally gauge where he was compared to the finish. I misjudged it and by the time I pressed A to accelerate across the line, he had a star and came flying by me to steal the game.

I was really close to blackout before beer kart and that pretty much pushed me over the line. A couple of people hung out in my room but I opted to go to bed at around 3:30. I pulled a bad move and kind of peed the bed. I remember consciously saying to myself “it’s okay if you pee, but just a little bit at a time”. I peed probably 5 separate times for about 1 second each and then woke up. I was drenched in sweat and a little bit of pee. The whole bed was soaked so I got up, changed, took a really long piss, then went to bed on our futon, which is extremely uncomfortable, for another 5 hours. Mark woke me up at noon today saying he wanted to run. We went out and struggled through 6 miles of hell. My legs were completely spent from the meet and I was a little bit hungover. Mark was in the same boat and he declared it a “run fail”. That it was.

Tonight is another night, a full night instead of starting at 11. I only have 7 beers left but something tells me I’m going to black out tonight. Who knows. I have some work to do for tomorrow plus a 12 mile run waiting for me so hopefully I don’t get too hammered. Enjoy your Saturday nights people.

Quick Update

I’m in semi-work mode from here on out it seems (minus Friday and Saturday). I have to read a book, write a 6 page econ article critique, write a 6 page history paper on reconstruction in the south after the civil war, and take two finals on Wednesday which actually shouldn’t be too bad. The papers are going to be the worst part. 6 pages should take something like 2 hours if you’re writing at a decent pace if not under but I don’t totally know what I’m supposed to do for my history paper and the teacher is a decently hard grader so I’d like to make that paper good. The econ one shouldn’t be that hard since we’ve already done one of those before.

The finals themselves are going to be a joke. The linear algebra one is going to be retarded. Just like the tests, he pretty much gives us the final beforehand and I’m just going to memorize it. But there’s something fishy about the final review he gave us, it’s only 13 pages long. The last back test was 22 pages long and I memorized every damn page of that. 13 pages, even if you have every single question on it shouldn’t take too much longer than an hour. For the 22 page review thing, he didn’t use nearly the whole thing but to be fair and I was out of there in 35 minutes. Say he used 8 pages, a full 13 pages takes an hour tops. Either I’m going to destroy the final and get a %100 or there’s going to be much more than just the review packet on there and I’m totally fucked. Rolling the dice I suppose. I’m in too deep now to try and learn anything in that class anyway so whatever.

The econ final is also going to be a joke. We’ve had two tests in that class and they’ve been 25 multiple choice questions and 5 one paragraph response word questions. The final is going to be the same thing except 35 multiple choice instead of 25 and we know the 5 word questions before hand too. A normal test takes about 45 minutes if that in that class and if I know the written part beforehand, the final should take just as long as a normal test. This has been a pretty easy semester and it seems like it’s going to end that way as well.

On a side note, I’m getting totally rocked in poker. I’ve lost 230 in the past 2 days and I’m pretty much in awe. It doesn’t make sense that I could lose that many times in a row. I either get it in with the best and they crush me on the flop or I get it in with a ridiculous pair of hands where I’ll have jacks and he’ll have queens or I’ll have AJ and he’ll have AQ or AK. The couple of times I get it in when they’re dominated I’ve probably split an even 50/50 on those. Yesterday was bad though, any move I tried to make would just get destroyed. I swear I must have a sign on my head that just says donk and whenever I bet just min-raise me and I’ll fold. I’m going to stop stabbing at pots and just only really bet when I have something so when tards pin raise I’ll just win. Nothing is more then getting it in with the best hand and then just having them nail whatever it is they’re hoping to hit. I feel so helpless and I just sit and watch as blanks come out for the rest of the cards and then the little box comes up “You got 6th place”. I’m going to take a break for a bit and cool off. It’s almost finals week and I don’t want to stress out too much right now.

Injuries and Poker

I woke up on Sunday morning with some typical aches and bruises but nothing to serious, at least that’s what I thought. My arm was bugging me a little bit but I thought maybe I slept on it wrong or something and it would just pass. Well it’s Monday night and my arm still hurts. I didn’t black out on Saturday and I don’t remember falling or hurting it significantly at all. That sparked the idea for this blog, I don’t know if people will like it but I figure it’s worth a shot. My list of significant injuries because I think some of them are actually comical.

I guess I’ll begin in 2nd grade. I was in the basement dicking around by myself playing the usual game ‘don’t touch the ground’. I was hopping around on chairs and couches and the ping pong table and anything else I could find. My mom called me upstairs for dinner so I made my way over to the staircase. I had one last move, jump from the wheeley chair to the sofa and then to the stairs. The wheels on the chair proved to be disastrous. I pushed off, the chair came out from under me, I fell short of the sofa and drilled my arm on the ground. It broke pretty easily and off we were to the hospital.

I had a cast on for 6 weeks. 2 weeks after I got the cast off, Adam Drobish and I were playing the midget game during indoor recess and disaster struck again. He was being a poon and wasn’t jumping off the radiator so I tried to pull him off with me. I jumped off and got messed up because he didn’t jump off so I twisted midair and drilled my other arm on the ground, snap. I broke my other arm and had to be driven to the hospital by Mrs. Binder, that was a really awkward car ride because I was just crying the whole time.

I’ve also been knocked out twice in my life. The first time was at intramural basketball practice. Casey Boyd called my name so I turned around and the ball was pretty much already at my face. It drilled me in the head and I went down. I woke up a few seconds later with a bunch of parents around me freaking out. I just kind of stood up and was okay.

The other time I fainted was in third grade. We were playing tag and I was it. There was a spiny slide and Andrew Williamson was going down it. I figured I’d be sneaky and completely jump over the railing and get to the bottom of the slide before him so I could tag him. He got down before I did and I pretty much hit him and get redirected and landed flat on my back. I stood up and had the wind totally knocked out of me. I had one hand on my back and the other reached out asking for help. I staggered a couple yards and then collapsed. I woke up some time later, I’m not sure how long it was, and the nurse was freaking out because she thought I was stung by a bee and allergic to bees. I don’t know where she came up with that one.

I’ve had two bad injuries at Stortz tools. The first time was a wall scraper. I was unpacking them and somehow messed up and sliced my thumb open. I screamed and my mom came in and semi-freaked out. She got a bunch paper towels and needless to say I took the rest of the day off. I remember looking down at the cut and almost passing out because I couldn’t really believe that that much blood was coming out of my thumb.

The other cut was worse. I was packing up paint scrapers and was fudging around with the boxes that were full of them. Somehow I sliced my pinky open and this time it wasn’t just enough to cover it with paper towels and put a band-aid on it. I remember on the drive to the hospital my dad was freaking out saying how he always says to be careful. Well that’s great and all but it’s too damn late and I don’t want to hear that shit when I’m sitting in the back seat freaking out cause my finger’s about to fall off. I got 11 stitches but the worst part was the guy giving me a shot in my hand to numb it, that hurt like hell.

Those are the big ones that I can think of. Nothing to crazy or awesome. I’ve been pretty good lately at staying healthy and not doing anything stupid and getting injured.

On a side note, online poker is terrible. I had 410 in the account and only put 100 in. I’d been playing well and decided to try a few 22 dollar games instead of the 11 dollar games. Well in the very first one my AK gets busted by 9-10 suited where we got it all in preflop. The guy had been playing crazy and I was just happy to get it in ahead, he spiked a 10 on the river and there’s 22 down the drain. I bubbled on the next one which was extremely frustrating and then didn’t cash in the 3rd one. I was not happy at all. I’m noticing common themes. I get it in ahead most of the time but get totally fucked over every time. The biggest one is I’ll have a pocket pair, push and get called by ace rag, so the only out they have is the ace and they literally flop an ace every goddamn time. It’s the most aggravating thing ever. I’m still convinced that the thing is rigged for action. Within the first 5 hands or so of some random tournament I had 7’s, flopped a set, and then the river made the flush draw but gave me a boat. I was in the hand with some donk and we ended up getting it all in and he pwned me with a higher set for a higher boat. If I lose both of the tournaments I’m currently in, I’ll have 248 in the account. A total of -160 for the day which would be absolutely terrible. If anything the players in the 20 dollar games are even worse but I simply can’t afford to take a couple bad beats and lose 100 bucks in a bad session. We’ll see what happens with that.

Race/Weekend Recap

Running Paragraph
The first meet went well. I woke up at 7:30 to get ready for the 5k which was at 9:30. I wasn’t sure how prepared I’d be and it was hard to guess what kind of time I’d be capable of running because I have no clue what kind of shape in. I just wanted to qualify which was 16:34. I warmed up and all that jazz and couldn’t tell how I was feeling. The 25 lap race started and the kid from another team took the lead. I was content staying behind him because we were running 39’s-40’s for 200 which is a little under 5:20 pace which is 16:35ish pace which was perfect. I started to get pretty impatient but I managed to contain myself and wait until 1 mile to make my move. It was me and this kid the whole time pretty much and I did in fact go with a mile left. I took off and dropped him and ended up winning the race. I was happy knowing that I had a good amount left in the tank. I finished in 16:22 and closed my last mile in 5:05. I was running to qualify but I think I could have been closer to 16:10 or so if I ran to go as fast as possible. The mile was next and there was over 2 hours between races. I was seeded at 5:02 and the top seed was 4:55 so I figured I should be able to win the heat. I was warmed up and supposed to run in the second heat of the mile. They ended up combining the first two heats and Amos and I didn’t know so we almost missed the race. Aside from some dude taking it out in about 33 and then dying I led the whole thing and actually negative split it. I went 2:26-2:25 for a 4:51 full mile and it pretty much felt like a workout. It didn’t feel to bad and my calves were dead afterward but still I was pretty happy with how the whole meet went. I think I can break 16 indoor which bodes well for outdoor.

Due to waking up at 7:30 and running the meet I was pretty freaking tired. I started drinking at about 5 or so and actually made it to 2 in the morning. The night started with basic drinking games with a couple of people. The team was having a case race in the suite though so by 8 it was totally packed. I went into my room and played games with a few people I didn’t know on the team but now I do. The bond between the sprinters and the distance runners is growing, this is a good thing and I think it’ll continue to go like this.

After the case race we headed over to candyland. Last year at candyland I absolutely sucked. I did rapid fire shots at 10 and was pretty much out by 10:30. I had to be walked back to my room and I ended up puking in my bed. I wasn’t going to let that happen this year. I went there and I didn’t really like it to be honest. I wasn’t drunk enough and I didn’t really know what to do. I wasn’t going to dance with random people. I ended up puking too because I took some chocolate syrup shot then a shot mixed with fruit punch. After the fruit punch shot I knew I wasn’t feeling good. I headed to the bathroom and eventually vomited violently into the toilet. After that I was pretty much ready to leave. I went to late night lower, had a breakfast sandwich, and talked to this kid who somehow knew who I was.

I headed back to Reimert and didn’t really do too much. I went down to 103-104 but no one was in 103. Rob and Franco were in 104 with some chick I didn’t know. They were just bro-ing out but at this point I wanted to go to bed. I tried to go to sleep on the couch but people were not letting me. Gofus and Chelsie kept asking me if I wanted to go to bed and I didn’t want to. Someone took my sandals off and put a coat on me as a blanket. I wasn’t that drunk, I just wanted to sleep.

I eventually went to bed and woke up at 9:30. My feet were so sticky from being in Shreiner with sandals on. Mark and I ran 9 and a half miles and now I’m pretty much done for the day. I plan on playing a lot of poker. I played a 90 man 26 dollar, knock out turbo double stack. I was struggling in the beginning but managed to make it to 18 people left. I had a huge triple up where I runner runnered a straight on these two guys and then coasted to the final table. Top 9 got paid. With 6 people left I was chip leader. I ran into a really tough hand though. A guy pin raised preflop and I called with 8’s. The flop was 4 5 7. He rolled it and I felt like I had to call. He had jacks and two blanks came on the turn and river. I was short stacked after that and ended up getting out in 5th for 160 bucks. I was pretty happy with it and I’ve been playing pretty well. I’m up 300 online now and hope to keep it going. There’s pretty much a week left of real school then finals then break. I’m trying to cruise into winter break.


Our first meet is tomorrow and I’m doubling the 5k and the mile. Jeff told me to stop being a pussy and run fast for both races so I guess I’ll do that. I can potentially win the 5k and my heat of the mile assuming I’m in the slow heat (with a 5:02 for my seed time I’ll probably be in the slow heat). I’m pretty excited because I think I can run fast and a PR isn’t out of question for the 5k. There’s Jatin and 2 other dudes from this other school and we should all be close to each other. I guess I’ll race to win but as long as I run faster than 16:34 I’ll be very happy because that qualifies me for conferences.

Today I had my last math test. I studied about 5-6 hours last night and even woke up at 7:30 to go to the 8 o’clock class to get the damn thing over with. I’m feeling an 85+ for it and I’d be happy. Tomorrow night should be a good one as well. Dave, Seth, and Kevin are coming up to visit so it’ll be fun drinking with them. I plan on getting pretty drunk since we can only drink one night a weekend now.

To be honest, I don’t really have too much to write about… Well that I feel like writing about I suppose. This is pretty much a filler post and hopefully I’ll get a post in tomorrow before I become incapable of doing so. Maybe I’ll do a drunk post. It’s been a while since I did that so I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Hopefully I remember to do so. Until then, enjoy the weekend, come to the track meet tomorrow too. It should be awesome


When the teacher said “Your homework tonight is to read chapter 3”, everyone knew that there really was no homework. There’s no actual way to prove whether you read it or not. Quizzes can be given and all that nonsense but lets be honest, if you’re going to tell a kid to sit and read for a while about something they don’t care about, you might as well just finish it off with “oh and don’t masturbate tonight either”.

I know there will be some people who claim that they love reading and Shakespeare’s words are beautiful but I believe they are in the minority. I generally didn’t do the readings that were assigned throughout my school career. That could be the reason that I’m a slow reader. I don’t know what it is but I feel that I’m an extremely slow reader. I had to read 60 pages tonight and I read every single page. It took me one hour and 45 minutes. That seems like an absurd amount of time spent especially considering that I’ve been assigned 100+ pages before. That would take me 3 hours to do. I don’t know what to do about it.

Do you read every single word? Do you skim and look for important parts? Do you just flat out skip over some useless pages? Generally I try to just cruise through and when I get a pop quiz, I’m fucked. Well tonight I read pretty much every word and it took forever. My mind wanders and I don’t think I have very good reading skills. When you’re younger your brain is like a sponge so maybe by skipping out on all that reading, I’m just bad at it now. It’s not that I don’t necessarily like reading, I just find it hard to read certain things and if it’s something that doesn’t completely have my attention, I’ll go through 3 or 4 pages before I realize that I was just looking at the words but my mind was in a completely different place.

This history class I’m taking this semester has been the only class where there’s reading assigned every¬† night and it’s pretty much optional. I’m one of the smarter kids in the class because it’s all football tards taking it but still, I don’t do the reading every night and when the entire hour and 15 minute class is a discussion about the reading, it’s obvious if you haven’t read.

This whole reading problem has plagued me since forever. I just read slow and it’s pretty obvious. I can handle short things like a blog or something but if I wrote blog entries for 30 days and then posted them all at once, no one would read them. I can go hours on the computer reading little passages or forums that discuss running things or whatever. When it’s split up like that it just doesn’t seem so mind numbing. Somehow the idea of being a strong reader, capable of mentally committing to it and absorbing the information fast, needs to be enforced among the youth. If I could go back and change how I did things in grade school, would I? Probably not, but I’m definitely seeing now the benefits of being a fast reader. The only comforting thought is that there has to be a ton of other people who are the same way. Nothing I can do about it now I suppose.

Real Student

I have a 1:30 class for the first time in 3 weeks. I wrote a 7 page paper last night in only a few hours. I’m starting to feel like a real student again. I got a 99 on my econ test and an 84 on my history paper so things are doing well. I only have something like 10-15 more classes total until I’m on winter break and then it’s pretty much game over. I have a full month off to drink beer, play guitar, and run like hell. The first meet is this Saturday at Ursinus at 9am. I’m doing the 5k which is the first race and then the mile which is a little bit later. I’m expecting to open up the season right. Qualifying for the 5k is something like 16:30’s which should be extremely doable. The mile is after that and hopefully it will be an Ursinus heat. They’re just more entertaining knowing that everyone is doubling and no one feels good. Time doesn’t matter at all it’s just an actual race where you only care how you place. Even better than the first meet is the first workout. We had 6×800 today to start off our training. It was nice getting away from Hunsberger and actually running on a real track. I could tell I wasn’t sharp at all but that’s how I’m supposed to feel.

I have a math test Friday but one long night of studying will take care of that. Now that we’re back in meet mode it means there’s only one night a weekend to drink now. You have to make the best of that one night so I plan on going near all out. I don’t know if I’m starting things off right or not this weekend but I’m not going to the dated this year. It’s pretty much 20 bucks to drink as much beer as possible but realistically it’s not worth it. I’m going to black out either way, why pay the extra 15 bucks to get hammered if I’m not even going to remember it? I think we’re all getting dressed up anyway to simulate going and it’s pretty much the same thing. Should be a splendid time.

I know it’s been a bit since I posted and I apologize. I was getting back into the groove of things since break is over now. Viewership has been up and I’m going to do my best not to disappoint.

Tourney Recap/Celebration

Poker Paragraph
The 6th Annual Turkey Tourney was yesterday and it went pretty well. We didn’t get as many people as we had hoped but it was still a decent turn out. The bump up in buy-in from 30 to 40 made the prize pool still worth playing for for sure. We told people to show up at 11:30-12 so we could hopefully get started by 12:15. Well there were about 8 people here at 12 which made everyone a little bit nervous but all in all 26 people showed up and we started by 12:30. I guess I’ll go through my tournament. I started at a table with Je Roh, Lavin, Weiss, Andrew Gwynne, and Bryan Brown’s older brother. I didn’t really make any big moves early on. We started with 150 and I floated around that for a while, never getting too much above 200 and never getting below 120. The blinds went 1-2, 2-4, 3-6 for the first hour and a half so there was a lot of time to play around and build your stack but people still managed to get out quickly. Before I knew it there were 11 people left and we were 2 people away from the final table. I had 210 at this point with 3 big stacks at my table. My theory is generally make it to the final table and anything can happen. I hung on to make it to the top 9 and the tables merged. Again I had about 200 in chips but the blinds were 5-10 so I wasn’t looking too hot. Average stack was probably about 450 and with the blinds I was quickly down to about 150ish again. My goal at this point was to make the money. Tait was the first to go at the final table which was surprising. He had a pretty big stack and got it all in preflop against Doyle with JJ against KK. I thought he could have gotten away from it but what do I know. Doyle’s kings held and he was a monster chip leader. Lavin was another short stack and he was the next to go. He got it in preflop with A8 against A10 and went busto. That left 7 people in with only 5 people to cash. Weiss and I were short stacks. I pushed preflop with Kings and Weiss called with Jacks. I had him covered by a little bit and my kings held also so he was gone. 6 people left and now I was around 400 in chips. At this point the blinds were so big that stealing them or losing them made a big difference in how much you had. I was hanging around 300-400 for a while. I pushed preflop a good amount of times and caught a few breaks. Tom insta-called me with AK when I pushed with AQ. The board came something like 10 A 10, then I rivered a 10 for a split pot. My big break happened when I went all in preflop with AK (still 6 people left). This was the 3rd hand in a row that I’d gone all in so people were starting to get suspicious. The previous two hands though I had QQ and A10. Phil called with QQ and I flopped two pair to hold off.¬† I was now 3rd in chips and quite comfortable. Jeff knocked 6th place out and had a huge chip lead at this point. We were finally in the money. Phil was really short stacked and he got out. Now there were 4 left. Me, Jeff, Tom, and Doyle. Tom pushed it and I don’t recall the hand but got busted. 3 left. Doyle pushed soon after with KQ suited and Jeff called with 10’s. 10’s held and now there were 2 left. I coasted my way to 2nd place but found myself a significant short stack to Jeff. I had 650 to his 3250. I doubled up off of K9 vs QJ. No one hit anything. With the blinds being 50-100 I had a little more chips to play around with. A couple hands were played that went my way and soon enough the chip stacks were almost exactly even. On the final hand, I had AQ suited and raised to 300 total. He called. The flop came AK rag. He checked and I led out 300, he sat for a while and thought and eventually pushed. I called and we flipped. He had QQ. The cards played out and I won.

I had him covered by 50 so I won the tournament and the 425 dollar pay check that went with it. It was pretty lack luster surprisingly because pretty much no one was watching besides Ali. It was just me and my brother playing a game against each other that happened to be for a lot of money. It didn’t feel like a huge poker tournament victory. Nonetheless I was pretty excited. The tournament ran really well and there were no complaints really about anything. The Stortz’s dominated taking 820 of the total 1040 prize pool. It may look rigged but we really are that good. I think I played pretty well overall. You definitely need to catch some breaks to win these things and I sure as hell caught mine but I don’t think it was anything too ridiculous. Besides the AK AQ hand where I didn’t make a bad play I just ran into a big hand but got lucky, I didn’t get crazy lucky and I think I played well.

Ali came to play that day as well and for her first live tournament she impressed. She finished 10th, just outside of the final table, out of 26. I think she was just happy that she wasn’t the first one out. I foolish promised that if I had won I’d take her out to dinner. She held me to that promise and we went out to Anthony’s pizza. Besides the fact that I looked like I was 16 by saying “I’ll live it up and get a Coke” to the waiter, it was a good meal. Feeling generous/like the man I left an 18 dollar tip for a 32 dollar meal.

We hung out for a bit and then Ali headed home. Ian texted me asking what I was up to. Palm also called me and said he was at Ian’s. I headed over there with Alex to hang out and drink a bit. I had a couple drinks and played a good amount of foosball. The only people I really knew were Ian, Palm, and Alex. There were 5 girls there that I’ve never hung out with before and a couple of guys that I knew a little bit. Palm and Alex left as well as two girls. That left 8 of us and someone suggested Lancers. Ian and I were the only drunk ones there which made it pretty interesting. I tried to order the usual but the waitress didn’t know what I was talking about. Bacon, egg, and cheese please. Ian and I also got into a jelly eating contest too. After two packets each we just kind’ve stopped. Paying time came and I only had a 20. I was content with using all of that but the people refused. They gave me 12 dollars back and I told them to just use it as a tip but they gave it back to me. I refused to take it but they refused to use it as a tip. I told them I’d eat all 12 dollars (2 1’s and a 10) if they didn’t use it as a tip. Well, they called my bluff so I started eating. I ate one dollar first, then the other one. They stopped me before I got to the 10.

I went home after that and went to bed. That pretty much concluded my break. It was short but it was a good one. I have 3 weeks of school left and they shouldn’t be too tough I don’t think. Two finals, two papers, a test and then I’m done.