Meet and Break

Running Paragraph
We had our first meet of the year yesterday and I would consider it a success. I was running the 3k which was at the very end of the meet. We left Ursinus at 2:30 and the 3k wasn’t supposed to go off until 8:40. We got there a little before and just had to kill time until the race. Fortunately the meet ran ahead of schedule and we went off a little after 8. The race got called back the first time because the gun got messed up. When the lady put us to the line the second time I was a little late getting then and that resulted in a terrible start. I was totally boxed in and hit the first 200 in 38, way too slow. I got around the pack and moved up with these two Saint Joe’s kids for the whole first mile. It took a 35 next lap to catch them but it was necessary. We hit 2:27-2:28 for the first 8 and stayed consistent through the mile, 4:56. I was drafting behind one of the kids and passed him at the mile. There were two kids from Delaware who were way far ahead so I didn’t stand a chance at catching them. Realistically, I should have stayed with them for as long as I could have but since I got out so shitty I couldn’t. I dropped the two kids and negative split by 3 or 4 seconds and finished in 9:14, qualified for conferences by .8, thank god. I was pretty spent and don’t think I could have gone that much faster but since I’ve run 70 miles a week for the past 2 weeks and I’m going to hit 75 for this week, I was pretty happy. I’m running the 3k again next meet so I guess I’ll go out a little more aggressively, something like 4:50 and set myself up to break 9.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Nothing exciting is happening to me right now. I pretty much just sleep in, run, then play Mario Kart or Monopoly or online poker until bed time. I went bowling and absolutely sucked. I lost 5 dollars to Yoko which was quite upsetting. I hate when people say they’re good at something and end up not being good, well that’s exactly what I did.

Last night was a good one though. We got back from the meet at about 10:30 and started drinking. It was a small group, maybe 15 people, but half were sprinters so the team is mingling quite well. We were playing games and having fun and all that good stuff. When you start drinking late it gets really late really fast. Before I knew it, it was already 4 in the morning so I went to bed. I woke up this morning a little after 11 and felt like absolute shit. I got pretty drunk last night but not blacked out, I guess I was just dehydrated from the meet. I felt terrible, my head was killing me and I thought I might actually throw up. I had to go running though because I wanted to double. I trotted out the door and still felt like shit. I managed to run a little over 6 miles in probably 7:45 pace. By the end of the run I was feeling better and the hangover was pretty much cured, phew. We went to Subway for lunch and then I waited another 2 hours before my next run. I got out and felt really good, so good in fact that I decided to go 8.5 for the second run to make it 14.5 for the day. Pretty good given the conditions. Tonight should be another fun night but I plan to go bed somewhat early since I only got 6 hours last night. I have another week off until school starts so I have to make good use of it. I know this post sucked but I figured it was better than nothing. I’ll try to write something somewhat entertaining next time. Happy Saturday night.

First Days Back

I’m back at school once again. The campus is pretty dead and there’s only 5 of us living in the suite for the next 2 weeks. That sounds like a lot of Mario Kart, online poker, and guitar playing to me with some running on the side. Our first meet is this Friday and I’m not even going to bother with predictions or expectations or how I’ve been feeling. We kicked off the back at Ursinus celebration with a game of Monopoly. I finished a poor 4th out of 5 beating only Bogdan, no offense here Bogdan. Somehow Mark sweet talked Ben and Bogdan into a few trades that set the game up for him to win. I had Boardwalk and Park place with 2 houses on each but no one was landing on them and I landed on Mark’s hotel which set me back $1000 so I had to take off the houses. Mark ended up winning with Yoko in 3rd and Ben 2nd. Mark and I were drinking during the game but I was clearly way behind. He was drinking gin and tonic and a lot of it apparently. He was hammered. We all decided to go 201 to hang out and drink. Mark fell asleep right away. Bogdan and I were pong partners and actually did pretty well. I was playing pretty well and so was he and we won something like 4 or 5 in a row which was a record for me. I figured since Mark kept drawing on me last year it was only fair that I get him back. I was drawing the usual on his face and whatnot and when I was done, I saw Pane was out also so I figured I might as well draw on him too. I didn’t draw on him too much because Dave was there to stop me unfortunately. You’re probably wondering why Dave wasn’t mentioned before while we were back at the suite hanging out, well it’s because he wasn’t back at the suite hanging out, he was in 201 with the girls and didn’t even give us a heads up that he was here. Real cool Dave. At about 12 or so Mark started throwing up everywhere and I tried to be a good citizen and clean up his puke but there was only so much I could do. The bulk of the vomit was gone but I’m betting that there’s a pretty good mark on the carpet in the 201 common room.

For the first night back it was a good one but I think the best lie ahead. Katie came up to visit and say goodbye yesterday and saw what we do… Mario Kart. Anyway, we said goodbye and that was that. I finished the 1st season of Dexter last night too and I’ll say that it was a pretty good season. I’d never seen the show before but I watched the 1st season in about a week and was impressed. I don’t know if I’ll continue watching it online or something but it’s good nonetheless. After Dexter a couple of people from the team wanted to go bowling, myself included. Well we got there and it was packed, no lanes would open up for over an hour so that plan was shot. We went back, played MK, watched Training Day, and then went to bed.

It’s going to be nice not having classes for the next 2 weeks and no matter how boring it gets it’ll be better than when the actual semester starts so I’m in no rush to get started. Happy trails.

2010 Review

2010 was quite a year actually and I’m not just saying that. A lot of really good things have happened to me with some not so good things thrown in too. I don’t know exactly how much I’m going to talk about but I’ll give a general overview starting from the beginning. I guess I’ll start by saying that I got a cut on the tip of my wiener from running/chaffing and that’s a terrible way to kick things off for 2011. This is the third time in my life that that has happened but whatever. I’ll get better.

2nd semester of college started and that was when I began to realize my dream of being a physics major was probably not going to happen. I also received the worst grade of my life in a class. I got a C- in calc 2 and that in itself was a gift (generally a 68% doesn’t warrant a C- in my book).

The semester held many drunken nights that included vomit, sharpies, urine, naked laps, minor injuries, and many more. Winter break last year was one to remember. For starters I peed on one of my future girlfriends, who knew? That was the drunkest I’d ever been (up to that point). Two days later I was drawn on all over and made an ass of myself in front of about 15 girls that I’d never met before and then puked. The year started off well.

Indoor track meets came soon after and needless to say, they weren’t too impressive. A 4:48 mile to lead things off followed by a 9:39 3k, not my finest performance but I figured it was a start… Little did I know that the last 3k I’d run indoor would be a 10:14 with my brother and mom watching as I was lapped. I finished indoor with a 4:41 mile to anchor the DMR where I was outkicked by F&M, awful.

I was down but not out, the outdoor season was still there and I planned to redeem myself. I PR’d in the 5k with a 16:16 but all in all the season was a disappointment. I missed conferences in the 800 by 1 second, in the 1500 by .87 seconds, and in the 5k by 2 seconds. I was really unhappy sitting at the conference meet watching everyone run while I couldn’t I attempted to mend my broken heart with a 2 mile time trial that did way more harm than good. I finished in 10:28, a perfect way to cap off a pretty unsuccessful freshman year.

Summer time came along and I was ready for a new start. I had my first ever real job at Softerware where I was paid probably way more than I should have been, but either way I enjoyed the experience. I actually felt like I was doing something useful. I got into a routine of waking up early and working during the day like real adults do. I didn’t drink too much over the summer, occasionally but nothing to crazy. I upped the mileage for running to almost 70 a week which was more than I’d ever done. Other than that though, the summer was nothing too extraordinary.

Preseason would set the tone for the rest of the cross country season. We had a couple of new freshman, one of which was supposed to be pretty good (Jatin). We started the year off with a boom as we tied in the time trial. Neither of us knew who would be number 1 throughout the season but we figured it would be changing constantly. I outkicked him in the first race and for the most part we were very well matched. There were a few races that were blow outs on both my side and his side and even Jeremy stepped up and decided to race once or twice (call out). Cross country finished as a success. The team got a lot better as a whole which was very good to see.

Drinking was another adventure this past semester. For about 2 months I couldn’t take shots or else I’d vomit. I only threw up 4 times this semester though which was decent. We had the case race again where I impressed myself by drinking 8 in 45 minutes, granted I did puke but it was in an effort to help the team out. I also ran a drunk mile in a stellar 4:58 which netted me 40 dollars and a case of beer, very nice. I also PR’d in longest time blacked out. Home coming weekend I blacked out from a little before 5pm to 9:45ish, that’s almost 5 hours of mystery time. I also PR’d in earliest pass out time on a Saturday night, 9:30. That wasn’t one of my finer moments. I haven’t improved at all in my beer pong skills but I did learn a lot more new games for when Kings and beer pong get old.

Drinking wasn’t the only fun thing I did though. I’ve played more Mario Kart Double Dash this year then all other years combined. I like to think I’ve gotten pretty damn good. I also played a decent amount of Guitar Hero but not too much. I jump started my online poker career once again. I’ve had my ups and downs in the past 2-3 months but an overall positive outcome nonetheless. My real guitar playing also sparked up in 2010. I began to actually play in June and have been playing steadily since then. I’ve gone from a complete 100% tard to a pretty pathetic excuse for a guitar player to a sub-par guitar player but I’m not giving up.

2010 was also quite the year with relationships. I generally keep my personal life out of this blog but there’s some material here so for the sake of this post I’ll write. It started off with a fake facebook relationship with none other than Allie Minning. Satchel and Mike sent her a relationship request and to make things not awkward she thankfully accepted and played it off as a total joke. Four wonderful months went by and no one really knew what happening but summer hit and the long distance put an end to that. Once school started I was involved for real this time with one Ali Nolan. It seemed really unexpected to everyone but when you think about it, it wasn’t totally unpredictable. We we’re both fun and liked get really drunk (the relationship wasn’t based on that though don’t worry). After a couple of months things became clear and we realized we were too different in certain areas to really be together so we ended it. We’re still friends and probably will be for a while so all in all it was a very good experience. Winter break came around and a big thing happened. It probably wasn’t a very well kept secret that I’ve had somewhat of a crush on Katie since senior year of high school. I don’t like to go around and spill out emotions in a public place such as this blog (since so many people read it) but I figured once a year is acceptable. Anyway, we met at a cross country meet and have been friends ever since. We’d go on runs together all the time and in the back of my head I always knew I liked her but also in the back of my head I figured she didn’t like me. I tried to ignore it for a while but after a year or so I just kind of accepted that I’d probably like her for a while and then hopefully just move on. Well another year went by and nothing changed. We hung out this break and fireworks flew. The past two weeks have been pretty incredible and even though it sucks that we have to go back to school and not see each other for a while, well, I just see this lasting for a long time.

I don’t know how 2011 will be. I don’t have a new years resolution because I think they’re stupid. If there was something I wanted to change about myself why would I wait until the new year to make it? Some people need motivation I guess but if I don’t like something about myself I’ll try and fix it as soon as possible. I’d imagine that there will be ever better drunken stories which is always entertaining and I’d like to think I’ve grown as a person a bit in the past year. I guess if there’s one thing my dad has taught me by example it’s that money is overrated. He spends money out the asshole and I think I’m okay with spending more money than most would be okay with. I think Tom has the same view of this and I think it’s a good way to go about living. You can’t worry about every little dollar, if I want to spend an extra 10 bucks on a nice case of beer or leave a nice tip because I liked the waiter, I’m going to do it. I’m also not going to take anything too seriously. I got a 55 on my first linear algebra exam and didn’t really care that much. I ended up with an A (not an A-, an A) in the class. Things have a way of working out and I just trust that things will pretty much always be okay. If someone does something that I don’t really approve of, I’m not going to hold a grudge or anything, most things are too small to get worked up over. This seems like a rant on how to live your life but seriously. I remember I got a 43 on a math test in 4th grade and I pretty much thought my life was over. I came home crying and my mom said I’d have to get a tutor. Well I didn’t get a tutor and look at me now… I’m doing fairly well for myself.

I’ll end the post here. Have a happy new year people and I hope 2011 goes as well as 2010 did. Mark and Bogdan.

New Years Eve

Well I know I said I wasn’t worried about finding plans but things almost ended terribly on new years eve. Pat was considering having people over and if he did, I would have been there. He didn’t have people over, so I said I could have people over but pretty much everyone already had plans with someone else. Palm ended up going to Haddonfield, Gourlay said he had nothing but he ended up going to Temple with Jonny. Paul was at Lasalle and Alex as at Temple too. There just weren’t any options really. Dave kindly informed me that he would have people over his house but at this point I knew Katie and I would be going where ever together, AKA Katie would have to meet Dave. I considered going there but Tom also texted me saying that I could go to his place in Manayunk. I’ve had many offers to go there and drink but I never have, I figured this would be a good time. Jeff, Nicole, Katie, and I made the trip over to Tom’s place and the night began.

I started off with some shots to catch up because I was behind everyone. We got there at 9:15 and people had already been drinking for a while. Next came flip cup and to be honest, I was awful. I don’t know why but I suck at flip cup. Every now and then I’ll get lucky and flip it on the first try but for the most part I’m really inconsistent and just plain bad. Good or bad though, I was drinking consistently and was getting pretty drunk. Katie was also hammered which was funny because we were the only two people there who weren’t 21. Hetrick made these Swedish meatballs which were delicious at the time and I ate a ton of them so kudos to him. At some point we wandered into the living room where everyone was gathered to watch the ball drop. I remember the ball dropping this year which is a plus but I did manage to black out towards the very end of the night. Word has it that Katie and I were walking down the stairs and then I plopped down on the couch and insta-passed out. She thought it was a joke but then realized I was actually gone.

I woke up at 7ish and felt terrible. We slept in till 9 and then everyone started the clean up. It was also Evans birthday so I kindly wished him a happy birthday… We cleaned everything up and then Katie, Jeff, Nicole, Tom, and I went to a diner to eat some food. I felt really hung over and wasn’t totally sure how I’d do with food. I ordered 2 pancakes with bacon and a single egg. I am finally 100% sure that I don’t like scrambled eggs. I’ve gotten eggs so many times thinking I’m going to like them but I really just don’t like them. Anyway, I scarfed everything down and we made our trek home. Jeff insta-vomited once we got out of the car so it was good to know someone was feeling worse than I was. Jeff, Nicole and I took a team nap for 2 hours and then I woke up at 3:45. I still had to run 8 miles. I was still feeling shitty but managed to get through the run with no real problems. The rest of the day was used for recovery which was much needed. I woke up at noon today and ran 13 miles again for my Sunday long run. I felt good and am ready to get back to workouts and meets.

All in all it was a very fun new years eve, something different for once. I plan on doing like a year in review for 2010 or something like that since it was a pretty good year. That’ll be next. I’m sure many people were eagerly awaiting this post to see what I did on new years. Adam Cohen gave me some real confidence in saying that this blog is much better than Toms, I don’t like to make it a competition because Tom’s blog gets over twice as many views as mine but whatever. Happy New Year.

Liked and Hated Athletes

Professional sports are everywhere and I’m a pretty big follower of some major sports (except for hockey, soccer, golf, Nascar, etc.) and like to think I know a decent amount (although my fantasy football teams will argue otherwise). When you follow sports for a while you develop people who you like and people who you don’t like. Here’s my list of likes and dislikes that I’ve acquired throughout my sports following career. Side note, I won’t pick and Philly athletes due to the fact that I might be bias.


Kobe Bryant –

I was in between Kobe, Tim Duncan, Dirk, and Nash for my NBA favorite but I chose Kobe. Flat out, the guy wins. He won 3 rings in a row as a really young player and everyone said Shaq was the reason for that. Well now he’s won 2 in a row and there’s no denying he was the main reason for it. He doesn’t shit talk too often, he doesn’t complain (that much), and he doesn’t listen to everyone saying “Oh Lebron is easily the best player in the league, Kobe isn’t even close”. He plays every game really hard and absolutely hates to lose. The Lakers could be down 15 with 2 minutes to go and Kobe is still out there bustin’ his ass to win the game. The Lakers may not finish the season with 70+ wins but when it comes time to play, they always show up and Kobe is the reason for that.

Vladimir Guerrero –

The guy sucks at speaking English, can’t run for shit, and is 35 years old but it doesn’t matter, he can still drill the ball. For a while he was on the Angels and I always liked the Angels, they remind me of the Suns or Mavs from the NBA, they’re really good but can’t win anything. Vlad always avoided the lime light and just played baseball, people said that he was old and washed up when he went to the Rangers but he still put up some good numbers. I don’t know exactly why but I like him a lot.

Devin Hester –

It was between him and Ed Reed but I’ll go with Hester. The guy is one of the most G’d up players in the game. He’s a kick return machine and for some reason, teams still kick to him. You don’t get much more balla than returning the opening kick in the super bowl for a touchdown. He sucks as a receiver and I guess that’s because he can’t catch or run routs very well but that almost makes me like him more. He returns kicks better than anyone. He’s ridiculously fast but unfortunately for him he’s on the Bears who, yes are 11-4 this season, but I don’t have very much faith in them when it comes playoff time. Straight Pirate.

Chris Solinsky –

I’m picking runners because I know them better than any other sport and to advertise my sport a bit. That picture was taken en route to the American record in the 10,000 meters. Solinsky debuted and ran 26:59.60, the first white guy to ever break 27 minutes in the 10k. The guy was a stud in high school (largest margin of victory at FL), won his share of NCAA titles, but never made too much noise professionally until this year. He’s a beast now. After that 10k he went on to break 13 in the 5k multiple times and just miss the American record. He’s not scared to run with the Africans and that’s what we need. He puts himself in the race and gives himself a shot with 400 left to actually win something. Next to Wheating/Webb he’s our biggest medal hope in the 2011 WC’s and Olympics in 2012. I’m confident he’ll get the AR in the 5k and hopefully lower the 10k too. Also, he’s lining up against Kenyans who are 5’8 and 110 lbs when he’s 6’1 and 160.


Paul Pierce –

This was a tough one because at the moment I really don’t like Lebron but I cannot stand Paul Pierce, I despise him. He is a whining cry baby who thinks he’s the best player of all time. I don’t know why but he’s just always struck me as a pussy. He’s not even in the discussion for top 5 in the NBA let alone the best player on his team with KG there. He didn’t win a championship until KG and Ray Allen joined him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a really great player and all but I hate the way he carries himself and the way he plays the game.

Barry Bonds –

I’m aware he doesn’t play in the MLB anymore and that this was a really easy pick but I had to. The picture shows him before and after… well you fill in the blank. The guy was a really good player but his later years made me hate him. Obviously I can’t prove he took steroids but it seems pretty clear to me along with a million other people that he did. I guess when you’re in that deep and you already broke the home run record, you might as well deny it but it’s such a cowards way out. He was crying on national T.V. about the whole thing and it was just embarrassing. I have very little respect for the guy but if he came out and admitted he took roids then I’d respect him a whole lot more.

Albert Haynesworth –

This guy is the epitome of a jackass. The guy has a lot of natural talent but he’s an asshole and doesn’t work hard. He stomped on a players face intentionally in 2006 when the guy didn’t even have his helmet on and the dude ended up with 30 stitches. Then he got pissed off that they gave him unsportsmanlike conduct so they ejected him. He moves to the Redskins and what do you know, more problems. He fails conditioning tests and wants to be traded but still get money. I can’t stand people/players like him. He’s just the kind of person you don’t want in your locker room or on your team.

There’s no track and field athlete that I totally hate so I won’t do one of them but there you go. Feel free to weigh in with your own opinions.


I know it’s been a while since my last post and I don’t really have an excuse. It’s winter break and I’m enjoying my time off I suppose.

Christmas has come and gone once again. Everyone spends an entire month hyping up one day and then just like that, it’s gone. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas and all but I just think it’s a little overrated. Anyway, here’s how my holiday went. I woke up at 10:30 and had to run right away. I was back by noon and got ready for the festivities. The Schmidt’s came over for a little bit and afterward we did our gift exchange. I think I actually had a good year this year in terms of what gifts I gave to others. I had Tom for the Pollyanna and what does Tom like? Well if you’ve ever read his blog you’ll know that he likes drinking, and T.V., among other things. So I got him a case of winter lager, the 1st season of the Soprano’s, and a couple of other things. Pretty good in my opinion. The gifts I received were also pretty nice. I got a mouse for my laptop, a killer gray and orange running jump suit that my dad got for me, and some other things.  After gifts we went to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. There was some typical awkward interaction and whatnot but a fine trip to say the least. I came home and retired for the night.

The next day was supposed to be the blizzard of the year. I heard some people say 12-18 inches and others say 1-4 so I didn’t know what to expect. If there was no snow, we would go to Clark’s house like we did last year where I drunkenly broke a wine glass and looked like an idiot, if there was snow, we’d stay at home. I woke up at did a 13 miler with Katie and again, I was feeling pretty good. We hung out for the day and what do you know, we got snowed in. Jeff and Nicole were also snowed in so I tried to do some typical ‘snowed in’ things, i.e. Scrabble. Well we played and it was a total dud. Turns took forever and halfway through people were less than thrilled to be playing.

Since then I’ve just been running and playing poker. Again, running is going really well still so nothing to talk about there. Poker has been above average. I’m climbing out of my 300 dollar slide and back into slow and steady profit. I’m up about 60 for the break (it was 90 but I just played 3 11 dollar SNG’s and got 5th, 4th, and 4th) and I’ve only been playing the past 3 or 4 days.

Holidays aren’t over, new years is quickly approaching and I have no idea what I’m doing for it. I’ve never had a bad new years as far as I can remember so I’m not very worried about finding something to do.

I know this was a weak post but something is better than nothing. I have less than a week left until I go back and I’m not totally looking forward to it. I guess at school I’ll have even more free time so I won’t go on week long droughts of posting.


I’ve been told time and time again that I have an addictive personality. I know this is true and I’m aware that the other males in my family, Tom, Jeff, John, are all pretty similar. I get into something and pretty much play it or eat it or watch it or listen to it until it becomes unbearable. I don’t know why this happens but it happens a lot. I’m going to comprise a list of things that I’ve destroyed due to my addictive personality. Also, it may sound like bragging or something like that for some of these but I’m only doing it to prove a point.

Guitar Hero – This one is a no brainer. This is pretty close to Diablo for the game that I’ve put most time in (even though it still probably goes to Diablo since that’s been around since I was 8). But in the 4-5 years that I’ve been playing Guitar Hero, I’ve invested a sickening amount of time into this game. The first year or two was just getting good. I remember playing Carry Me Home on hard and not being able to pass the intro, I’d try over and over but never be able to do it. Now I can 100% the song on expert so I’ve come a long way. I would play one song for 2 hours straight trying to get a perfect on it and not be able to do it and just slam the guitar down and be pissed off for the next hour. Now I can’t play that game without getting pissed off. I can’t play easy songs and have fun either. Unless I’m hammered drunk, playing easy songs is too boring. That only leaves like 10 songs that I can play and I just can’t play them anymore because I’ve played them too much. It’s nice every now and then to dick around but for the most part, this game is done for me.

Clif/Granola/Peanut Nature Valley Bars – I go through phases. It started with Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. I’d eat those things every day for lunch, then when I got home, then before I went to bed, for a very long time. By the end I just wanted to vomit every time I looked at that stupid Quaker guy staring at me. Next came Peanut Nature Valley Bars. Palmisano had them at lunch and I tried one one day and became addicted. They pretty much substituted Granola Bars. I can’t make it through one of those bars now, if I even catch a whiff of that processed yogurt bottom thingy that holds it all together I feel sick. It’s disgusting. I’m on Clif Bars now but there pretty much out. Jeff Centafont gave me one of those after a run once and I was hooked. I ate them before runs, after runs, before races, for about 5 months. I struggle to get through them now. The chocolate chip ones seem like garbage was just thrown together with a hint of chocolate in them and I really can’t stand them anymore.

Online Poker – I’d been getting into it again recently but somethings different. What happened was I put in 100, got it up to 400, then dropped back down to 100. Now I’m sitting here grinding away, not really losing money, but not making that much. It’s hard to make 300 dollars in about a week and then be content with making 20 bucks in the next week. I won relatively big once and now getting 2nd an 11 dollar tournament for a profit of 18 dollars just doesn’t really do it for me anymore. As of right now I’m not willing to make my bankroll any bigger in order to play higher stake games so I don’t really play anymore because I beat to death the feeling of winning a little bit of money. Unless I’m winning a significant amount of money I just have a hard time investing 2 hours or so of playing into playing. It’s pretty hard to win those suckers and unless you’re winning them consistently it’s hard to make a good profit.

Music – There are multiple examples of this so I’ll go into them separately. The two most recent examples of this are the band Dr. Dog, and the song Waiting For the End by Linkin Park. I went through about a month long phase of Dr. Dog where they were all I listened too. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a really freaking good band with a sound that not many bands have these days. They have some strange songs but overall they’re really good. I was running yesterday and a Dr. Dog song came on shuffle and I initially thought, oh well I love Dr. Dog so yes, keep it. But then I just thought, wait I’ve heard this so many times in the past couple of weeks that I don’t really want to hear it at all right now so I skipped it. I temporarily killed Dr. Dog for me because I binged on them so hard. Next is the song Waiting For the End by Linkin Park. Linkin Park was the first band I ever loved and I still love them. This song was the first good one they put out for a couple of years so I listened to it a shit-ton. I still really like the song but I’m aware that it’s almost dead to me. It’s not there yet but the moment is approaching very soon where I say okay I don’t want to hear this anymore. I have a million examples of music binges I’ve gone on… Modest Mouse, State Radio, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Blink-182, the list is pretty long and every time I’m fresh off a binge I cannot listen to the band for at least a couple of weeks.

The list of things that I’ve been addicted to is way longer than that but those are the big ones. I don’t know if I’m actually addicted just because in my mind I know I can stop whenever I want to (that’s what every addict says). It’s a way of life that I’ve grown accustom to and I like it so that’s fine by me. It just sucks when you ruin things because of it.

Been a Hwile (typo?)

I haven’t been posting a lot. Surprisingly enough I’ve been pretty busy and had a lot going on this break. I guess I’ll start where I usually start, running.

Running Paragraph
I haven’t had any meets or anything but I’m still going to write a paragraph about running. I feel like I’m in better shape then I’ve ever been in. Aerobically, I’m a machine (relative to me). 7 minute pace per mile feels like a joke. I doubled today, 9 and then 5. I started the 9 going about 6:50 pace and by the end was going 6:08 pace. I probably averaged 6:30’s if not under and felt awesome doing it. I did a workout early in the week too and I think it pretty much indicated that, yes I’m in awesome aerobic shape but I have very little speed right now. I’m not too worried about it because it’s still early but it’s a little discomforting. I’ll be getting the mileage up to 75-80 for the next couple of weeks so I should be good to go come outdoor conferences.

Anyway, besides running things are pretty damn good. Two nights ago I got to hang out with Jared, Ben, and Alex. We came to my house and pretty much did the usual. We all got pretty drunk and just talked and hung out. I’d say the most significant moment was when the clock broke. All four of us were wrestling or whatever and a clock fell off the wall in my basement. I hung it back up the wrong way and the thing fell again and broke. The thing you put the battery in was broken so it was game over for that clock. So what do you do with something that doesn’t work? You destroy it. It was about 9 inches in diameter and had a nice glass covering. My first instinct was to smash it on my head, I tried that and failed miserably. Alex gave it a shot too just because and he didn’t break it either. I took the clock and said, alright this is the last straw, I’m going all out to break this thing. I lifted it up and smashed the thing down onto my head as hard as I could and the thing shattered. I semi-freaked out thinking maybe glass would lodged in my skull. The guys were cracking up because of it and checked my head to find no damage. I had to clean up all of the broken glass but that was no big deal. And that Ben Landau, man, whenever he comes over I just get all goofy. I don’t know what it is, I guess I’d say I just like, feed off of his energy. I can be totally normal and then he comes over and the little kid inside of me comes out.

Anyway, the night ended and I woke up the next day with a pretty bad headache. I was going off of 6.5 hours of sleep and woke up to run early with Katie. We ran an easy 8 and then pretty much spent the rest of the day together. We went to Wawa and I got something I’d never gotten from Wawa before. I was feeling crazy and ordered a 10 inch chicken parm sandwich and it was actually pretty good. For some reason I had a real hankerin’ for baking a cake. I used to bake brownies with my mom all the time as a kid and for some reason just really wanted to do that. We baked a cake and it turned out delicious.

I woke up early today AGAIN to go to the goddamn orthodontist. This was probably the best trip there I’ve had in a while. It was pretty painless and he said we could look at getting the bottom braces in the next couple of visits. Once I get these things off, I’ll be a new man. I cannot wait.

After the ortho I ran and then went Christmas shopping. We do a Pollyanna every year and I drew Tom. I know you’ll probably read this Tom but I can’t think of anything to get. I can think of some little things, dvd’s, books, beer, but I feel like I have to get more creative than that. There’s only a couple more days left so I’m really cutting this one close.

Either way, winter break has been very enjoyable and pretty relaxing. I’m enjoying my time off. I advise everyone else to do the same.

Start Winter Break

Winter break is officially here. I finished my finals on Wednesday and pretty much cruised through them. Both exams took me a combined 75 minutes.  I already know I got a 92 or a 94 on my business exam, not too sure which one though. That’s the one I was worried about so I’m pretty much fine.

Wednesday and Thursday night were celebration times. Wednesday was pretty low key. At first it was just Yoko and I. He had returned some of his books and gotten a good amount of money so he made a plan to buy some expensive beer. We went to Wegman’s and picked out Ithaca Flower Power and Flying Dog Raging Bitch. Flower Power is like 7.5 percent and Raging Bitch was 8.3 percent, we bought 4 beers each and they each cost 11 dollars, a pretty big price increase from 50 cents a can for natty. Anyway, we go to the check out line and get totally dicked over. Wegman’s has one of the stupidest rules ever in place. Yoko goes to buy the beer and I’m just standing there waiting and the cashier says, “I’ll need to see both of your ID’s”… Wegman’s has to card every person you walk in with and if they aren’t 21, game over, get out. Well besides the fact that I’m not 21, I didn’t have my ID either. We start talking to the lady like, “c’mon, what’s the difference”. She plays the old “I could get fired if I sell this to you” card. How the hell could you get fired, the only way they’d find out that you sold us beer and I’m not 21 is if we come back and complain or something like that. 999 times out of 1000 Yoko and I will just walk out, drink the beer, and never see that lady again. We asked if we could walk out and have Yoko come back again in 2 minutes and she said, “no we can’t sell to either of you for 24 hours”… What the fuck is the point of that?! Honestly, if we want to drink we’re going to drink. There are so many ways around that rule and it just makes me hate Wegman’s. They lost me as a customer forever and I still got the beer. We asked Ali if we could drive her there and have her go in and buy the beer and she was nice enough to accept. I just don’t understand Wegman’s logic behind that. Why do they care if someone under 21 is with someone who is 21? All that prevents is that the first time, when a group of people don’t know the rule, they’ll get denied and never do that again. They’ll just lose customers and they lose beer sales. Retarded.

Anyway, Yoko and I ended up getting the beer and drinking by ourselves for a while. Wacker, Jatin, and James came over for a bit to hang out. It was Jatins 18th birthday and we all kind’ve celebrated. After that we went over to 201 and I stopped drinking. I went to bed at 2ish and that was that.

The next night was the actual celebration night. Mark’s birthday was on Friday so we had to celebrate Thursday night because most of us were leaving Friday. I started off by bonging a Raging Bitch which was pretty brutal. Then I tried to mix a shot and a beer into one, needless to say it was disgusting. I was pretty drunk and it was nearing 12 midnight. at 11:35 Mark was passed out in Yoko’s bed. We told him he could take a 20 minute power nap but then he had to wake up for his birthday. He grunted. 20 minutes went by and we had to get him up. He was really struggling, we were all yelling at him and screaming happy birthday but he wasn’t totally having it. At 12:01 he was passed out on his futon and we were singing happy birthday. Wacker was also obliterated. He ended up vomiting in the bathroom stall which was awesome.

I woke up Friday and the campus felt pretty dead. I just wanted to go home at this point and Yoko was kind enough to drive 20 minutes out of the way and take me home. I settled in and now all is well. I had a couple of people over last night just to hang out and drink a little bit and see each other. It was pretty good if I do say so myself.  I’m going to be running a lot these two weeks and not much else I don’t think. I go back to school on the 3rd and then get to do nothing for 2 weeks there too. Today will be a lazy Sunday, watching football with a 10 mile run thrown in. Yay.

Dud Singers

Lead singers of bands are huge. They’re the front man, they’re what you see when you google the band, they define the band. Me personally, if I like the bands music I really don’t mind what the lead singer looks like but there have definitely been times where I thought, “wow, that guy makes this music?” So here’s my list in no particular order of musicians who kind of caught me off guard.

Ben Lee

I only know a couple of his songs but Catch My Disease is really damn good and the one other song is from Big Daddy which is arguably the best movie of all time. I like his style and he has a nice sound but c’mon. If Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly had a kid this would be him.

Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin is the lead singer for Keane. I don’t really know how popular Keane is but my mom knows them so they have to be somewhat big. I really like their music and Chaplin has a really good voice along with a sweet accent so I like them a lot. Somewhere Only We Know and Bedshaped are both awesome songs but to be honest, I would not expect an overweight baby face with ridiculous flow to be singing the panty dropping songs that he sings. Like every lead singer he’s been battling drugs for a while so maybe I caught him at a bad time but still.

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke is the lead singer for Radiohead and I love Radiohead. I went through about a 3 week phase last year where I only listened to them. While they are really different and I admit they do have some really weird songs, they’re just really good. No Surprises, High and Dry, Paranoid Android, the list goes on and on. Also, from what I understand Thom Yorke is an amazing singer as in like, he can hit ridiculous notes or something like that. I looked up the music video for Karma Police a couple years ago and remember being a little bit scared. The video gets a real close up on his face and his one eye was all over the place. It droops down to the one side and just makes him look like an alien. From what I read is a birth defect so not his fault but it’s still creepy. Also, apparently he’s extremely weird and a real asshole which actually makes me like him more.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel is a beast. He’s one of the best pianists ever and an absolutely incredible song writer. I don’t think I have to go into explaining how good he is but there is no denying the fact that, well this man is just not very good looking. His voice is really smooth and comforting and pleasant to hear but it goes completely against what he looks like. He’s just a hair over 5 feet 5 inches so physically he really doesn’t have anything going for him but his voice, piano skills, and musical talent make him a total bamf. He married Christie Brinkley in the 80’s who was/is slamming and now he’s married to some chick whose in her 20’s.

Adam Duritz

Adam Duritz is the lead singer for Counting Crows. I know some people don’t like them but I am not one of them. Hangin’ Around, Holiday in Spain, A Long December, yeah they have some really good songs. That aside, Adam Duritz looks ridiculous. I know I’ve had some terrible hair in the past but this one isn’t even close. It looks like a huge tarantula with 50 legs is living on his head and he’s oblivious to it. I know everyone has they’re own style and I respect that but he can’t think that that haircut is going to get him any chicks.

That’s all I have for now. I wanted to add in Tom Scholz from Boston but I couldn’t get any old school pictures with his afro and huge beard. I’m sure there are tons of others that I left out, if you know any please comment.