Entertainment Review

I watched The Book of Eli for the first time last night. I remember seeing previews for the movie and thinking it would be pretty good but after it came out I heard some not so hot reviews. Well Gofus, Imbemba, and I decided to check it out. If you haven’t seen it and want to, skip this paragraph because I’m going to ruin it. Anyway, I pretty much just didn’t like it very much. They do nothing to really explain what happened, who Eli is, what time period it’s even in, there’s just too much left unanswered. Also, Denzel is a complete beast for no reason. He takes on 10+ guys on multiple occasions. How is some random old black guy supposed to be able to kill everyone he comes across if he feels like it?

Anyway, so the movie gets underway and I’ll say the few actions scenes were cool. All in all it kept me somewhat entertained but I definitely would not watch it again. The part at the end where the guy opens up the bible and sees that it is written in braille and then Denzel starts reciting the whole bible, well I took that as a sign that he was blind. When I said that out loud to Gofus, Mark, and Imbemba I was pretty much laughed at. Well who the fuck knows how to read braille if they aren’t blind? We went and looked it up afterward and it turns out that the general consensus says yes he is blind. I know that the movie was supposed to be a big religious thing which isn’t up my alley to begin with but just the lack of explaining anything just killed it for me.

I’ve always been watching Jersey Shore, feel free to judge me as I’m sure most of you will. Anyway, it’s just a really entertaining show. I know that the people on it have no talent in anything and probably don’t deserve the millions they’re making but I’m not looking for a quality show that really catches me interest by how detailed and complex the character relationships are, I have Dexter and Californication for that. I pretty much hate Sammi although it seems like she might make a turn for the better. Ronnie is a poon who says he cares about his bros but chooses the woman before them most of the time. Pauly D cracks me up with how he acts and what he says. He’s not the front man of the show and he shouldn’t be but I think the little that he adds is hilarious. Vinny in my opinion is hanging on by a thread in terms of staying on the show. He’s kind of funny every now and then but doesn’t really contribute that much in terms of drama and entertainment. Snooki drives me insane sometimes in how stupid and ignorant she can be.  I’ll go ahead and say right now that 50% of the show is JWoww’s boobs, 40% is the situation acting like the man, and 10% is other. JWoww is the most sane girl in my opinion and kind of the peace keeper but she’s really just there for the size of her boobs. The Situation is pretty much just the man. He does whatever he wants, the way he approaches/thinks about situations is so funny. Hearing his thought process on things and then how he deals with them is what makes the show. I’ll be tuning in tonight as I’m sure not very many of you will be but that’s okay.

Just something to get the views up.


Running Paragraph
I’m running two events that aren’t totally me on Friday. I’m anchoring the DMR and then running an open 800. Surprisingly enough though, I’m real excited for the mile. We had an 800 workout on Tuesday, 6×800 with 3 minutes rest (I know that’s a lot of rest) and it went really well. We got progressively faster, hitting the first 5 in an average of about 2:27 then the last one was cruise the first 400 then blaze the last 400. Well we hit 36. for the first 200 and then at about 350 in I just went, hit 34. for the 2nd 200 to give me 71 at the quarter. The next 200 was a 32. and the last one was 30. to finish in 2:13 midish. Seeing as that was faster than my time at Lehigh, well it just leaves me pretty optimistic for this mile. I was going close to all out for that 62 last 400 but not completely there. I’m starting to get the speed back into my legs and if I could run a 4:40 6 weeks ago I don’t see why I shouldn’t split very close to 4:30 for this mile. This has been a down week in terms of training. I’m only going to hit about 55-60 miles as opposed to 75 but that was the point. With an easy week of training and some really good training the past month or so, I think I’m ready to have a really good race.

Anyway, this blog has taken on a new look. I felt it was time for a change from the dark blue. I don’t know how to change that picture of the tree to the right but I’ll try and figure that out. I guess the tree is good for now, it brings the mood up and reminds me of summer where it doesn’t snow 5 inches a week. On the topic of snow, I’ve worn pants for 3 days in a row now and I even wore shoes for 2 of those days. I still stick with my original statement that I hate pants. The pockets are too damn tight and I just feel constricted when I’m wearing them. I don’t mind shoes but it is easier to just throw on some flip-flops as opposed to picking out a pair of socks, tying the shoes, etc.

It’s Thursday and my first week of classes is almost done. The classes themselves aren’t too bad but the fact that I’m spending $700+ on books is ridiculous. Fortunately, Jeremy said he can give me his financial accounting book so that puts me down to about $550. I like what I’m doing and I guess I’m pretty much committed to a business major. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad for this blog that I’ll be settling in to a standard routine of things. I’d imagine bad but I’ll try to keep things somewhat entertaining (unlike this post).

Best of

I’ve met a ton of people with unique personalities and who are probably going to be really successful but hard work can only bring you so far. If I worked super hard starting right now, I could probably go back to physics, get the major, go to grad school or something, and get some really advanced job that paid really well. I’d introduce myself with some crazy physics title and then just have to dumb it down for the simpletons that I’m talking to. They’d probably leave the conversation saying holy shit he seems like a genius but I bet he never did anything with his time besides work. Well I’m not going to do that because I don’t want to work all the time. Some people though are blessed enough to have specific talents. I’ve always thought about the two questions, 1) If I could be the best in the world at any sport, what sport? and 2) if I could be the best in the world at any instrument, what instrument?

Here goes. Right off the bat, I’d say running just because that’s what I love to do but I won’t say that here. For me, it comes down to three sports. Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.

I would never say football because it’s just too physically demanding and the risk for injury is just too high. I wouldn’t say Hockey for pretty much the same reason. Bowling would be up there just because it’s something I like to do but playing every day for the rest of my life would drive me insane. Golf would be a cool one too but again I wouldn’t be able to do that every day. In bowling and golf, there’s no one to directly compete against so they’re out.

Baseball is a good one because you can make a ridiculous amount of money and you don’t have to be in amazing shape to do it. The position that has the most influence on the game is pitcher but I wouldn’t mind being a second baseman who makes baller plays in the field and hits 60 home runs with 175 rbi’s a season.

Basketball would be awesome but I’m somewhat bias. Growing up, I always played basketball. I’ve always enjoyed playing it and if I had to pick a sport I like most besides running, it would be basketball. Nonetheless, it’d be pretty cool to be amazing at basketball. 82 games a season to show off how beastly you are and you’d get a ton of street cred. 6 foot 6 black guys like Kobe would show respect for you and you’d just look like a bad ass, example, Steve Nash. I’d prefer to be a player like him who’s real crafty and is actually good at basketball because I always hated it when a guy like Shaq puts up 30 points and 20 boards just cause hes 7 feet and 300 pounds.

Soccer might be the best of all though. Granted no one in America really gives a shit about soccer (I know there are some) but it’s the most watched/played sport in the world. Could you imagine how awesome it would be to lead your team to a world cup victory. I hate when players flop and all the woman shit that goes along with being a pro but I’d like to think that I’d be good enough that I would do stuff like that. I never liked playing soccer but I imagine if I was that good I would enjoy a little more. Soccer wins.

Now onto Instruments. There are so many instruments but I really think there’s only a couple that it boils down to. Drums are awesome but you don’t chill with people and rock out on drums while everyone is just hanging out. Bass is cool but guitar is just a better/cooler version. In my mind I only see two instruments that are in the running, piano and guitar

Listening to Billy Joel or Elton John or even Ben Folds, it just makes me want to learn piano. The things they’re capable of doing and the creativity they have and the songs they can make are really incredible. There’s so much you can do with a piano (I guess it’s that way with the guitar too) and hearing all the different tunes really good pianists can come up with is awesome. The sound of the piano is really cool too. If you know what you’re doing it just sounds very smooth and pleasant. The only problem with piano is that, well I’m not going to put a piano in my dorm room here at college. You never just go to someones room and are like “oh you have a piano too! aww lemme play around a little bit” like you could do with guitar. Pianos are a hassle to transport and cost a shit load. I’d still love to be awesome at piano but simply because it’s an expensive and inconvenient hobby, I have to choose guitar.

I’m actual somewhat capable of playing guitar right now so I know a little bit more about that than piano. Guitar is the typical instrument that a college guy plays to try and get girls. If you’re good and can play popular songs, you’re pretty much in. I’m not there yet but I’m working on it. It’s very convenient to just have around and be able to play whenever you want. There’s no real prep work required aside from the thing being in tune, all you have to do is pick it up and start playing. There’s also a ton of guitar songs that are out there to learn, you’ll probably never ever get to a point where you say “okay I know all there is to know about this instrument and can play anything and everything”. It’s easy to take to and from school and you can get a somewhat good guitar for a couple hundred bucks. If I can sit down and play guitar for 2 hours in a row right now while I’m pretty bad, I’d imagine that I could sit here for 2 days straight playing if I was a beast.

So that’s what it comes down to, an amazing soccer player who rocks out on guitar.

First Day of Classes

I had my first two classes today and things didn’t start exactly how I wanted them to. My first class was at 10 but I didn’t want to be a total bum and sleep until 9:50. I set my alarm for 9 and figured I’d get breakfast or something before class. Well I went to bed later than expected so when my alarm went off at 9 I was  not quite ready to get up. I laid there for 15 minutes before actually getting up and sat on my computer for 40 minutes instead of actually going to breakfast. I left my room at 9:54 leaving me 6 minutes for the 4 minute walk to Olin. I marched my way up all three flights of stairs to room 301 to see it was completely empty. Oh shit. I walked around and found my professors office, I knocked, walked in, and said “Hi I think I have class with you in a couple minutes?”. He replied with “are you in history 262?”. I said yes and he said “You have class with me in about an hour”. 0/1. So now it’s 9:59 and I’m on the third floor of the wrong building, just great. I speed walk my way to Bomberger and made it to my real 10 o’clock class 2 minutes late. No biggie. I walked in and sat in one of the 2 or 3 open seats. The class itself doesn’t seem too bad but from what I hear the teacher is so-so and we took notes until 10:53 on the first day so who knows.

Next up was my history class and I had already made a great first impression on the professor. Stories from Rob Kelley and countless others have me thinking that this is going to be the worst class in the world. Ross Doughty is the professor and he has a reputation for being a very difficult grader and an asshole. I like to think that teachers like me because I show up to every class and generally try to participate a decent amount. I feel like that’s exactly what Doughty wants from his students but I also think that the questions he will be asking are not the ones I’m used to answering. History was always my best class in high school but I don’t feel so confident about this one. If I can squeak out a solid B I’d be pleased.

I have my two other classes tomorrow but I know both of the teachers and they’re both good so I think I’ll be fine. My class schedule is spread out pretty good. I have two classes every day and my earliest is 10am. Throw in a lab once a week with a 1 hour guitar lesson at noon every Friday and that’s it. Not too shabby.

Weekend Recap

Running Paragraph
We had our 4th meet of the season on Friday and it went pretty well. I was doubling with the 3k and the mile. Since I’ve been hitting 70+ miles a week for the past month I wasn’t expecting anything too spectacular, matching my time from last week (9:14) was kind of the goal. I was seeded 4th in the fast heat behind 3 Muhlenberg kids, a team in our conference so I wanted to run with them. Well out of 15 or so kids in the race I was in 2nd to last after 400 meters. I was still running a decent pace so I didn’t panic. I could see a pack of 3 Muhlenberg kids 15-20 meters ahead with 1 Muhlenberg kid way in front who I knew beforehand I wasn’t going to beat. After about 800 I caught up to the pack of 3 and ran with them. We hit 4:55 for the first mile but it wasn’t easy. I could tell my legs were tired but I managed not to slow down too much. With 600 left the 2 kids slowed down so I took over but then one of them passed me back with 400 to go. I sat and waited until the last 50 meters and then out kicked him for 2nd place and a time of 9:13.8, good enough for me at this point in the season. The mile was about 45 minutes or an hour later. I jogged a mile in between to stay loose and got ready. I was somehow seeded 18 out of 18 in 1 heat so I had a shitty start. I could tell my legs had no pop left in them. I hit 70 for the first 400 then 2:22 for the 809 but I was pretty far behind. My 3rd 400 was really slow but I closed well enough and finished in 4:50. Once again, good enough for me. I hit 75 for this week which is a record for most miles in a week and also a record for most miles in a 4 week span, 288. I figure if I can run well when my mileage is this high, when I drop it I’ll have a very big improvement.

I had an unexpected surprise when Katie said she was going to come and visit. It was Friday afternoon and that was literally when we decided it was a good idea. The only bad thing was that we didn’t get back from the meet until midnight. Katie got to Ursinus at 11ish and hung out at 201 with Ali, Chelsie, Kevin, and Dave. This was another chance for a first impression (the first chance being with Tom on new years) and she didn’t let down, she got hammered on Friday night. I got back really late so I didn’t get that drunk. We all came back to the suite and hung out for a while and called it a night at 2:30.

We had practice at 10 the next morning and fortunately I wasn’t that hung over. We had a nice group run 14 miles but I felt pretty shitty. The rest of the day was going to be a good one. Me, Dave, Kevin, Mark, and Pane played a game called Wisest Wizard. This is how the game is played. You pick a name, mine was Nicolas Cage, and the people playing the game had to address you as ‘gentleman’ and then your designated name. After every beer you finish, you tape the next beer on top of it and you build your staff. After drinking 3 beers you become a squire and people call you squire whatever, at 6 you become a knight, at 9 you become a lord, and at 12 you become a wizard. We started at 1 in the afternoon which spelled out disaster. We were also drinking Beer:30 which is some random beer that was 5.5%. We all kind of drank together for the first 3 beers. Kevin was lagging behind right off the bat. We became squires and then a ton of people showed up to the suite so we were playing kings and other games. Initially I said “oh yeah I’m just going to become a squire then slow it down”. Well when I became a squire I said “well I have to become a knight now…” so I drank another 3 beers and then some and was 7.5 in at about 4 o clock. Since I didn’t get too much sleep the night before Katie and I went for a power nap. There was a 4 hour time span where I didn’t drink at all. At 8 I started again. I became a Lord pretty quickly but my 4 hour break left me far behind. Mark and Pane and I believe Kevin were already Wizards. Dave was knocked out on the couch pretty early. Since I was so close to wizardhood and hadn’t been drinking, my stomach was ready to go and I was super motivated to take the step. We were out of Beer:30 so I moved to my other beer, Classic Ice. It’s a 6% beer and cost 15 dollars a case, it tasted like dick. I cruised from Lordhood to Wizardhood in no time and got destroyed. For about 2 hours or so I blacked out. Katie was pretty drunk but fortunately not as bad as Friday. Everyone else was pretty drunk too. We had a sing along like usual and played with our staffs until about midnight but I was struggling. 11 hours of drinking and 13 beers later I had to call it a night.

Once again, I woke up without a hangover but my room/the common room was a wreck. We still haven’t really cleaned anything up. I got my 2 runs in today and watched some football, upset city. All in all it was a really good weekend. Having Katie visit was great and having Dave and Kevin up was also good. Kevin is staying over for tonight too, wahoo! I have my first real classes tomorrow and some reading I have to do tonight, what the eff. It’s going to be weird being a real student again but whatever, it’s about time I do something with my life besides drink and run all day.

First Meetings

Meeting people for the first time is something that no one really wants to do. If we could just go straight from being strangers to best friends, well that would be great but it doesn’t work like that. I’ve had my fair share of awkward first meetings and I’ve also been the one to introduce the awkward first meeting. A lot of the time it always starts with “oh so and so has told me so much about you” but when that doesn’t happen it is just really weird. Here’s my list of the worst first meetings I’ve encountered.

In 12th grade, I was becoming good friends with my future girlfriend Emily Marmion. Well one of the first times we hung out we were just in her room and her mom came up and asked if we wanted some food. Well this was my first encounter with her mom but that wasn’t the weird part. We said yeah sure and Emily informed me that we’d be eating together in her room by ourselves but little did I know it’d be a family dinner with me as the special guest. Besides the fact that I was super awkward in 12th grade of high school anyway, the fact that I’d never met any member of her family before was terrible. I sat there pretty quiet for the whole time and tried to chime in every now and then. I talked to her dad about running which was good because he was a runner but then we got on the topic of how I haven’t tried certain foods. Everyone was so amazed that I had never tried a pickle or mustard or anything like that. I tried a pickle and immediately started choking on it. The dinner as a whole was a subpar performance and I can only imagine the impression I left.

In 3rd grade I had class with two of my future best friends, Ben Landau and Alex Gwynne. At the time Ben and I were already best friends but Alex and I not so much. Ben and I were not fans of Alex but he was relentless in trying to be my friend. I’d get phone calls at home asking to hang out all the time and I’d tell my mom to say I wasn’t home. The one time I did hang out at Alex’s we played Duke Nukem and I died within 10 minutes and then I sat there and watched Alex play for a long time. Well in 4th grade Alex and I actually became really good friends and I’d hang out with him all the time. He switched elementary schools though so Alex and Ben never really got to know each other. Ben had the impression that Alex was a loser and Alex just knew that Ben didn’t really like him. In 6th grade, the great merger happened and all 4 elementary schools came together, the time had come to reintroduce Alex and Ben. It was extremely awkward at first and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Do I pick the one I like more and ditch the other? Do I just hang out with them separately? Decisions decisions. Fortunately, after a week of awkward, we all hung out and hit it off. Middle school became the years of sleep overs, pilly wars, Linkin Park, Diablo, Deadman, Drive My Car by the Beatles, chicken boy, sumo wars, Gummy and Gummy Jr, Jew jokes, BS Ball, the list goes on and on.

Potentially the best one of all happened last year in the first week of school. I moved in early for cross country but Satchel didn’t move in until a week later. I had talked to him a few times over the summer, just getting to know each other, but I really didn’t know him that well let alone his family. Anyway, they walk in the room to see me in my short shorts and no shirt on playing the hard part of One on Guitar Hero. Total Stud. I paused the game and sat there meeting his mom, dad, and brother. I didn’t put a shirt or normal shorts on at any point which was risky because he has a hot mom. I could have made small talk but I opted to go into practice mode and practice Guitar Solo A for a while. Eventually his family left and Satchel and I grew into one of the best roommate duo’s of all time. Our puking contest in 103, bar tending at the yacht club party, shots at candy land where I proceeded to vomit in my bed, locking Mike out of our room while blasting Daze, him breaking my drum stick in an Avenged Sevenfold hardcore dance off, taking breaks from having fun to write our paper for 10 minutes, piss bombing Adams bed, Gamma Omicron Omricon, hours of COD 4 2 where I’d win every single game, again… the list goes on and on.

What sparked the idea for this post is that Katie is coming to visit for this weekend and so is Dave. Now they know of each other and Dave was even nice enough to comment on Katie’s wall. Katie’s friend wrote on her wall asking to get lunch some day and this is how the conversation followed.

Dave: I’ll come to that lunch. Ow ow, babe alert!
Katie: ive yet to meet you dave gildea but that will be quite the day
Dave: Double date? Me and Other Katie above and you and Sam!!!!
Katie: sounds grand, you’d have to ask Other Katie above personally though haha
Dave: Other (Hotter) Katie, want to go get some lunch with Sam and Katie?

Needless to say Dave might not come off as the nicest guy ever, but that’s Dave. If you don’t know him then I’d think that too but I do know him. Since Katie doesn’t know him she’s in for a treat. I’m sure when I introduce them, the conversation will go something like this. Katie “Hi Dave!” Dave “Sup slut, take your shirt off! ZBT Mang!” Hopefully, since I’m writing this, it won’t be an awkward first meeting but it certainly seems possible if you take it the wrong way.

I was considering putting in interactions with my relatives since every time I see Aunt Barbara it seems like were meeting for the first time. I always mess up the hug/kiss and the one time I took her glasses off. She always asks stuff like “oh what year are you now? at what school?” so we pretty much have a first and terribly awkward meeting once a year .

I’m sure you all have had these, most of which are probably better than the ones I listed. Whatever, it’s the thought that counts. Enjoy the weekend

Snow, Football, and Applebee’s

Once again, the snow has come. This is getting ridiculous. Last year was a crazy snow year so I figured this year would be an off year but nope, it’s been shitting snow here for hours. I do think it’s funny though when a place like Atlanta gets a lot of snow because it literally leaves the city paralyzed. No snow plows and no salt trucks leave the roads messed up for days and it’s like the city just goes on pause.

Everyone already knows I’m a poon when it comes to snow so I’ll move on to something else I hate, college football. I can’t stand college football and the whole system is just retarded. A team can go undefeated and not have a chance at the national championship and yes I understand they might have a weak conference but what the hell do you want them to do besides win every game. There’s about 100 bowl games so half the goddamn teams get to play in a bowl game. A bowl game strikes me as a somewhat prestigious event that you should be honored to be in but when everyone gets to play in one, it’s just not that cool. Also, the whole thing with Pryor and Cam Newton thing is a joke. It’s so obvious that the NCAA or whoever is running the show cares strictly about money and nothing about it’s reputation. First off, you have a rule where the kids pretty much can’t do anything to make money. College kids need money too, I’m aware they receive scholarships and all that but not every kid is on a full ride and has cash to throw around. They sell something that they earned and get shit on for it. Next, when the kids go and break the rule, you let them play in the next game because it’s a bowl game. You suspend them for 5 games next season but let them play in the bowl game because if they didn’t play, not nearly as many people would have watched/attended the Sugar Bowl which would result in a loss of money for you. Everything they do is to make money, it’s embarrassing.

With all that said, I actually did watch the BCS championship game but only to make it into a drinking game. I chose Auburn and Mark had Oregon. Every time Auburn scored 6 points I shotgunned a Natty Ice and every time Oregon did, Mark did a shot. If there was a scoreless quarter, we each had to do 2 of our respective drinks. Well the 1st quarter was scoreless so I was 2 shotguns in to start. All in all it wasn’t too crazy of a game and we both ended with around 5 or 6. Ben was kind enough to lend me some PA Styles in case I wanted to keep drinking so I shotgunned 3 of those and then pretty much just went to bed. I was near blackout and woke up the next day with a hangover. We had a 75 minute run that I got through which left me optimistic for a century week. A small taste of what I’d be feeling every day.

Later in the day I went to the Orthodontist and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The bottom braces are coming off in the near future and I could not be more excited. I hate these things and have had them for 6 years, it’s about time I get them off. Once they’re off, I’ll probably have another surgery or two to remove any random extra teeth that I keep growing and I’ll have to wear retainers but that’s okay. We’re nearing the end of the whole process.

After that I went to Applebee’s with the suite and Ben. I ordered the Ribs and I have to say they were awful. I paid 18 bucks for a full rack of bones smothered in sauce and a small amount of terrible meat stuck in between them. I was pretty disappointed that I paid 20+ dollars for a really bad meal when I could go to Wawa and buy 20 dollars worth of food that would last me 3 days and I’d enjoy eating it much more than those ribs. For some entertainment we left the hostess Mark’s number and she actually texted him. Well after some talking and research we found she was our age but had a boyfriend who was a marine and she just wasn’t that attractive. Needless to say the entertainment died after a few texts but it was definitely worth it.

If you’re off today because of snow, well congrats but I still hate the snow. Also, in a recent blog I took a shot at Dave. Well consider this is a public apology Dave. No alum brings more beer than you do and I’m sure you had a good reason for not coming to us first that night. I know I didn’t go bowling with you but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to hang out with you, it was because of Dexter. I only dish it out because you do too and because you can take it.

Century Week

My dear friend Jonny Meyers is attempting a century week, 100 miles and 100 beers. I have no idea how capable he is or how much training he will put into it but Jonny I hope you succeed. That got me thinking, could I do one?

Lets start with the basics, I would attempt this during the summer time where I have an entire week of no work or any other commitments that could possibly effect the outcome of this and I would use Natty Light. Jonny will most likely be attempting this during the school year with work to do so that’s going to make it a lot harder but I’m talking under optimal circumstances. So I have no prior engagements to do anything. I’m currently at 73 miles per week. 100 miles a week is 14.28 miles a day. Personally I think I could handle 100 miles a week relatively easily if I only had to do it for one week and didn’t have to drink 100 beers. 14.28 miles a day also means 14.28 beers in a day. I don’t fancy myself a huge drinker and I know my limits. In a night of drinking, I begin to really black out at around 10-12 beers depending on how long of a time period it’s spread out over. Spreading it throughout at a day will definitely make it easier but for 7 days in a row, it’d be brutal

Okay so I have the numbers down, how do I go about executing it? Well some people might say, run 100 miles in the first 3 day or 4 days and then get the 100 beers down in the last 3 or 4 days. Some might say run 20 miles and drink 20 beers one day and then take an easy day the next day with only 8 and 8 or something like that. Personally I think the best way to do this would be dead even splits. I’d alternate between 14 and 15 beers for round numbers during the days. I’d do the miles within an hour after I wake up. Day 1, wake up at 10am, get running by 10:30-11, I’ll say every run of 14.28 miles will take roughly 2 hours. That’s only 8:25 pace or so which is really slow but I’m going to guess that doing 8:205s at day 5 will feel like hell. I’d rather be conservative. So that gets me back home and ready to drink by 1pm. I’ll say that I want to be in bed by 1am every night which gives me 9 hours to sleep and sober up before the next day starts. I pass out instantly when I’m drunk so I don’t think falling asleep will be a problem.

That’s 12 hours, 1pm-1am that I have to drink 14 beers. This is the part I’m not sure of. This is uncharted territory for me because I’ve never really spread my drinking out for that long. I don’t know when I would start feeling drunk and if I’d black out or anything. I imagine spreading it out over that much time would allow me to not black out and only be kind of drunk by nights end but I can’t say for sure. A little more than one an hour is very casual but over 12 hours could be disastrous.

I guess the real question is can I keep this up for an entire week. I could do it for a day or two no problem but when would I really start to break down? Would the taste of beer get to me and make me want to vomit every sip I took? If that happened then there’s no way of doing it. Would I wake up hungover every day? I don’t think the 100 miles would be the problem. I can muster up a 2 hour run every day for 7 days pretty easily I think. I think I could avoid hangovers if I’m smart about hydrating and eating correctly.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give this a legit shot (at least not while I’m at school) but it’s an entertaining idea and something I’d like to try if I get the chance. Thank you Jonny for the inspiration. His blog is on my blogroll so go read it if you’re interesting.

Two in a Row

It’s been two nights in a row now that I’ve gotten drunk. Believe it or not I learned from my terrible hangover yesterday and made sure I was hydrated before I went to bed. I also made sure I got a significant amount of sleep last night. After the run yesterday we all gathered around and watched the Saints Seahawks game. I was really tired and not to excited about drinking. I bonged two beers because I really didn’t feel like sipping on Natty Ice. Things were going slow and I was under the impression that it would be a down night but that was not the case. Sprinter guys and girls showed up again and it was really fun again. We played games, hung out, and it was just a good time. I’m finally meeting these people and talking to them even though I’ve been on the same team as them for a year and a half.

I went to bed at midnight. I was pretty drunk and really tired, the party was still going but I wanted to sleep. I woke up at 9:30 to Mark talking to me. He was lonely and wanted company so after talking for about 20 minutes I decided to get up. Then Mark, Bogdan, and I went on a dreaded 91 minute run. We stopped twice to play with the ice and whatnot but the run itself was pretty brutal. Running in the snow made it so that 7 minute pace effort only converted to 8 minute pace. I hate the snow in general so this run was not ideal.

I’m watching the Eagles right now and I hate to say it but I think teams have figured us out. We’re a good team and Vick was a beast for 8 or 9 weeks but the past couple of games have not been so hot. I think we could grind out a win or two (maybe not) but realistically if we make it to the Superbowl against a team like the Patriots, I just can’t see us coming away as the winners. It’s been a surprisingly fun and exciting season but I’m not expecting anything too major, aka Superbowl champs.

That’s all that is going on right now. My imagination has not been very active lately so these posts have been lackluster. Viewership has been up so I’ll try harder to make these worth reading.

Meet and Break

Running Paragraph
We had our first meet of the year yesterday and I would consider it a success. I was running the 3k which was at the very end of the meet. We left Ursinus at 2:30 and the 3k wasn’t supposed to go off until 8:40. We got there a little before and just had to kill time until the race. Fortunately the meet ran ahead of schedule and we went off a little after 8. The race got called back the first time because the gun got messed up. When the lady put us to the line the second time I was a little late getting then and that resulted in a terrible start. I was totally boxed in and hit the first 200 in 38, way too slow. I got around the pack and moved up with these two Saint Joe’s kids for the whole first mile. It took a 35 next lap to catch them but it was necessary. We hit 2:27-2:28 for the first 8 and stayed consistent through the mile, 4:56. I was drafting behind one of the kids and passed him at the mile. There were two kids from Delaware who were way far ahead so I didn’t stand a chance at catching them. Realistically, I should have stayed with them for as long as I could have but since I got out so shitty I couldn’t. I dropped the two kids and negative split by 3 or 4 seconds and finished in 9:14, qualified for conferences by .8, thank god. I was pretty spent and don’t think I could have gone that much faster but since I’ve run 70 miles a week for the past 2 weeks and I’m going to hit 75 for this week, I was pretty happy. I’m running the 3k again next meet so I guess I’ll go out a little more aggressively, something like 4:50 and set myself up to break 9.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Nothing exciting is happening to me right now. I pretty much just sleep in, run, then play Mario Kart or Monopoly or online poker until bed time. I went bowling and absolutely sucked. I lost 5 dollars to Yoko which was quite upsetting. I hate when people say they’re good at something and end up not being good, well that’s exactly what I did.

Last night was a good one though. We got back from the meet at about 10:30 and started drinking. It was a small group, maybe 15 people, but half were sprinters so the team is mingling quite well. We were playing games and having fun and all that good stuff. When you start drinking late it gets really late really fast. Before I knew it, it was already 4 in the morning so I went to bed. I woke up this morning a little after 11 and felt like absolute shit. I got pretty drunk last night but not blacked out, I guess I was just dehydrated from the meet. I felt terrible, my head was killing me and I thought I might actually throw up. I had to go running though because I wanted to double. I trotted out the door and still felt like shit. I managed to run a little over 6 miles in probably 7:45 pace. By the end of the run I was feeling better and the hangover was pretty much cured, phew. We went to Subway for lunch and then I waited another 2 hours before my next run. I got out and felt really good, so good in fact that I decided to go 8.5 for the second run to make it 14.5 for the day. Pretty good given the conditions. Tonight should be another fun night but I plan to go bed somewhat early since I only got 6 hours last night. I have another week off until school starts so I have to make good use of it. I know this post sucked but I figured it was better than nothing. I’ll try to write something somewhat entertaining next time. Happy Saturday night.