Farewell Mitch

One of my very good friends, Mitch, has left Ursinus. I’m not entirely sure of the details concerning why he left but he is now gone. He came up to my room the night before he left to say goodbye. Needless to say it wasn’t that emotional. I met Mitch the first week of Freshman year. Satchel had just moved in and him and I stuck together. There was a big dinner thing outside and I specifically remember me and Satch sitting with Cydney and Matt. We were completely freaked out because Matt was relentless about asking us to play Nazi Zombies. We didn’t want to play Nazi Zombies Matt. Anyway, Satchel and I were hiding out in my room and across the hall were Adam and Mitch. They seemed like the two other kids who were normal on our floor. Us 4 + Matt made up the 5 people that would be the outcasts of Paisley 2. We’d hang out, play COD, play The Show, talk about man things, go on Wawa walks, and much more. Mitch was always the one who was against racist and religious jokes. He was also always a big meat stick (or Mitch Stick as he became known). Whenever Mitch had a couple of twisted tea’s in him, he’d get all rowdy and start fights with anyone and everyone. The one night when we all drank in me and Satch’s room, Mitch got way too retarded, was sprinting down the hall and then falling face first into the floor, throwing up on our light switch, and then got Served because he was throwing up everywhere… Classic Mitch

Anyway, I spent a ton of time with Mitch freshman year. Sophomore year came around and I now live right above Mitch and Satchel. Granted, we don’t hang out that much this year just because we don’t live together but still, I always enjoy catching up with them every now and then and drinking with them on the weekends. I’ll miss Mike (his real name is Mike, not Mitch). I’m not too sure if he ever read this blog, I’m pretty sure I can recall multiple “nice blog fagggg”. His go to lines of “Let’s gooooo” in his Boston accent or “Brooooo!” will not be forgotten. The ultimate bro, he would long board all over the place with his backwards hat and ridiculous flow. Have a nice life Mitch, I probably won’t be seeing too much of you ever again but it was fun while it lasted.

This is pretty similar to Tristan leaving. I know Tristan has read this blog but I doubt it anymore. The reason you didn’t get a whole post dedicated to you is because your departure wasn’t as abrupt as Mike’s, although I will say we were better friends than Mitch and I. Something about people from New England, Satchel and Rob it looks like you guys are next.

Well, now that that’s over with, I had a lab today from 2:50 to 4:30. This lab was for the class that was canceled this morning so the teacher wanted to pretty much have an hour and a half long class instead of doing an actual lab. I knew I’d be late for practice so I put on my running clothes and everything beforehand, then went to the lab. I made one crucial mistake though. When I wear a running shirt and I don’t sweat that much, I don’t wash it because it’s simply not worth it. It’s not that dirty and I don’t care if I smell a tiny bit while I’m out there running again. If it’s drenched in sweat then I deemed unwearable until washed, besides that though it’s good for a double usage to save laundry. Well that’s great that I’m being efficient with laundry but when I smell decently like B.O. and I’m sitting this lab with Gary to my left and this girl Jess I knew from last year to my right,  then it becomes a problem. For over 90 minutes I sat there trying to be as still as possible so I wouldn’t spread the smell but sometimes I couldn’t help it. I would make a move and get a whiff of my stench immediately. This along with the fact that Jess walked in smelling like an angel, all perfumed up and whatnot, made me feel like a total jackass. I know she thinks I’m weird already and this certainly didn’t help my cause. Once the thing was over I darted out of there and went for my run. I guess I don’t really care what she or anyone else in that lab thinks about me but it’s better not to be known as the smelly kid on campus.

Calories, History, and Snow

I had a talk with Katie recently about how many calories we eat each day. I’ve always wondered about this but haven’t taken any initiative to actually figure it out. It would just be a pain in the ass to measure it all and I’m too lazy to try and figure it out. Everyone has heard that the average person has about 2000 calories a day but that people our age are closer to 2500. Well I’d imagine that since I run 60-70 miles a week and burn a ridiculous amount of calories that way, that I’d be significantly higher than the normal person. I don’t know how much qualifies as “significantly higher” but I’d imagine maybe over 3000? I read in some article that Hugh Jackman is eating 6000 calories a day to bulk up for the next X-Men movie. When you look at it like that, I’d lean towards saying that I’m NOT half the man Hugh Jackman is so maybe 3000 is a stretch. Regardless, I think I’m going to keep some form of food log I guess. Whether it’s for a day or a week, I’m pretty interested in figuring this thing out, even if it’s just a ball park estimate.

I believe that I’ll run into problems with weekends. When I drink 12 ice beers on Saturday with each can consisting of roughly 150 calories, well there’s 1800 calories that I don’t know if I should count or not. It would alter the outcome by a good amount. I suppose I’ll do a Monday-Friday log for a week and try and get an decent picture of how much I’m actually eating. I won’t let this actually affect how much I eat either. I’ll try and be as unbiased as possible and not try to bulk up my numbers to make it seem like I’m an eating machine. If anyone has already done this who is of a similar life style to mine, let me know because I’d be pretty curious. I’ll report my findings next week after this experiment is complete.

In other news, I had a class canceled today. My 10am was canceled which allowed for an extra hour of sleep. My 11am on the other hand was not. Sir Doughty, who I’m still on the fence about (Rob I understand how you would hate him and trust me he’s not my favorite either), is a pretty different teacher. He teaches my history 262 class. He’s an old man who is convinced that the youth of today is lazy and looking for anyway to cut corners. He says that no one in the class actually knows how to read texts and interpret information while actively reading and drawing connections to other things. He always keeps us 3+ minutes later than he’s technically allowed to and he doesn’t go easy on anybody. Though I will say that he’s definitely smart. He knows what he is talking about and for being so old he has a pretty sharp sense of humor. I don’t mind sitting in his class and listening/discussing the material but he just has a very condescending tone to him that makes him hard to really be a fan of. If only I could analyze my reading the way I analyze him, he’d be so proud of me.

This snow is really starting to piss me off but I hear that there may be some relief on the way. Temperatures are supposed to go up but how are supposed to believe that. We trust these weathermen when they say 15 inches of snow is on the way, people cancel work and assume that they are going to be snowed in the next 3 days, they wake up the next day to see 4 inches of snow and cars cruising around without any difficulty. Well now they’re saying it’s supposed to get warm but I won’t believe it until I see it. In probably the most educational class I ever took, Earth and Space with Mr. Schmidt, I learned that you really can’t accurately predict weather that’s more than 48ish hours away. Either way, my fingers are crossed.

Side note – Imbemba informed me that Dr. Dog’s Jackie Wants a Black Eye was used in an episode of Chuck. I have no idea what Chuck is but Dr. Dog is gaining fame.

Rough Start and Dr. Dog

So I woke up today at normal time. I went to breakfast at about 9:40 alone because Pane’s 10 o’clock was canceled, bad start to the day. I had my usual breakfast, a bagel with peanut butter and what do you know, they’re out of apple juice. I had to settle for orange juice, not making me feel any better. So I went to my 10 o’clock class and got back to the suite at 11:15. Mark had some thing he had to go to at 12:30 so everyone was going to lunch early. Well, this 9:30 breakfast thing is kind of a late breakfast and even when we go to lunch at noon or later I notice that I’m not quite as hungry as I should be for lunch. So today I opted to wait a little longer and then go the Zack’s for lunch. Zack’s is generally less food but higher quality, I figured I’d treat myself since my day didn’t start so hot and the early breakfast. Sometimes the line is 30 minutes long but today I up and receiving my food within 5 minutes, things were starting to turn around! A sausage egg and cheese on a bagel with a large drink and a bag of chips, delicious. Breakfast type foods are my favorite. Breakfast sandwiches are amazing and most of the time pancakes with syrup hit the spot. Well, I made the wintry trek back to my room only to realize that the dumb bitch preparing my meal at Jazzman’s left the damn sausage off of my sausage egg and cheese bagel. Now, maybe I was just upset from how the day was going already, but come on. To forget the sausage on a sausage egg and cheese bagel is like ordering a chocolate fudge sundae and just getting a bowl full of fudge. I was simply appalled but had no choice but to eat it. Now, I’m aware that it’s a pretty mindless job filling out orders behind a counter all day but that is no excuse. It may seem like “oh I messed up one order today, that’s not that bad” to her, but to me it’s like “oh she messed up my entire day by forgetting the damn sausage”. Take some pride in your work and get the damn orders right.

Fortunately, things settled down after that. My 1:30 class seemed like a 4th grade math class. We were talking about mean, median, and mode for about 45 minutes and amazingly enough people still had questions about how to do it. After that we had a workout, 8×600 at 74 per quarter. It wasn’t too bad, they felt harder than I would have liked but it was fine. Mark, Jatin, and I ran them all together and with 150 left on the last one I pretty much started sprinting just to make it interesting. I took the lead around the last turn and Jatin was right behind me and we pretty much tied it across the line to close the last 200 in 29 highish. All in all it was a good workout. Then it was off to dinner, let’s see how Ursinus could mess up this meal. Surprisingly enough, nothing really went wrong for dinner. We marched back to the suite in the cold and now it’s time to buckle down and do some homework. I’m headed to the library shortly to get it done.

On a music note, I’m back on a Dr. Dog music binge. They have a lot of songs I could list but I guess if I absolutely had to pick some, I’d say Shadow People is number one… I literally can’t pick which ones after that. The World May Never Know, The Breeze, Hang On, The Old Days, The Rabbit the Bat and the Reindeer, From, My Friend, Stranger, Unbearable Why, Where’d All the Time Go, Later, I Only Wear Blue, Mirror Mirror, Jackie Wants a Black Eye, off the top of my head those are the really really good ones. So if anyone’s interested, check em out.

Also, readership has been up dramatically in the past couple of weeks and I have no idea why. Every day sets a new record for most views in a month and I literally have no idea why. I’ve made a conscious effort to post more often but if that alone is drawing in more and more people then I guess views will continue to rise which is a good thing.

Were supposed to get a small amount of snow/ice/rain or something tonight. If I’m lucky I’ll have a class canceled, but I doubt it. Happy Tuesday.

How I’ll Make My Millions

I’ve always thought about this. What if companies are selling you a product that is designed to make you keep buying the product? This sounds obvious, they’re going to create a drink that tastes good so you come back and buy it again, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I don’t know if there’s a business term for this and I imagine it’s illegal, but for example, you sell moisturizer that results in temporary relief of dry skin, and then after 24 hours or some arbitrary period of time, your skin becomes even more dry. So naturally you think, man that was working while it was on, I need to keep using it, then you’re cruising from bottle to bottle buying one every week because you’re so dependent on the relief it gives you from itself. I guess people don’t do this because they’d eventually get caught but all I know is that if I’m buying moisturizer, I don’t know what to look for in the ingredients or anything like that that would make my skin more dry. Unless other companies are running tests on your product (which I guess some would be? I have no idea), you’re home free. I guess after a certain period of time, people would begin to catch on and it would be a well known fact that your product blows, but at that point after you made a couple mil, you could just go back to doing some shit job but living quite comfortably because you conned everyone out of a ton of money.

This could work for a large number of products I think. The best possible example I can think of as a customer that would fall for this would unfortunately be my father. He gets talked in to buying more things than I could ever imagine. It pretty much comes down to, if you see some guy on the street or some shitty advertisement and wonder “who would that possibly work on?”, odds are it would work on my dad. Here are some examples I’ve thought of that this could work for.

Obviously, the moisturizer, I put that in the same bag as chap stick that makes your lips worse. As long as it provides immediate relief, I think of it in a positive light so I’ll keep going back to it.

Contacts or contact solution that progressively makes your eye sight worse so you’re constantly scheduling appointments to update your prescription and buying more contacts. I think this is a really good one because no one knows anything about eyeballs and it’s too easy to just say, “yeah it’s a natural thing that happens to some people”.

Shampoo that makes your hair greasier. I think that my shampoo is doing that as we speak. I just showered and used shampoo and yeah my hair feels fine right now but after practice today it was disgusting. Possibly something that reacts to sweat to increase the greasiness perhaps?

This may already exist but I think Nicorette gum is pretty much that already. It takes you from one addiction to another. It’s somewhat of a health benefit compared to smoking but the gum is supposed to ease you off of the addiction and you’re supposed to slowly lose dependency. Well if the gum decreases your craving for cigarettes but increase your craving for whatever is in the gum, you’re pretty much golden. Consumers will think they’re being so healthy by chewing the gum instead of smoking that they won’t even worry about getting off of it.

Those are just a few examples that I thought of. I’m sure there are other ones so if you have any good ideas, feel free to comment. I’m also pretty confident that I’m not the first person to think of this but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it so I figured I would go ahead and write about it.

Saturday Night, Feeling Better

So I’ve heard a few comments about my last blog post and how depressing it was. Well yes I was pretty down and upset about the whole thing but I knew I’d be fine the next day (today) and I am. Last night did the trick and when I really look at the race yesterday, I’m becoming more and more confident that I’ll get better and start actually running well.

I guess I’ll just dive right into it. Last night was a good one. After I posted that blog I went into Mark’s room and him, Yoko, and I cracked into our Moosehead. Mr. Gofus kindly gave us some money for no reason and we spent it on a nicer beer instead of buying a ton of Natty Ice. Ryder came and joined us soon after we started. We pretty much just sat in their room listening to music and talking for a while. We were dancing around and something clicked in my head where I thought “wait, I’m a much better dancer when I’m in a speed-o”. So I went to my room and started rockin’ the speed-o. Adam then joined us as well. We all hung out in 203 for a little longer, I was going through beer pretty quickly and was pretty buzzed at this point.

At 8:30 I decided to go down to 103 for a while and say hi to everyone (still wearing my speed-o). I walked in and saw all my buddies. Now this is where things get a little hazy. I started ripping shots with anyone who wanted to and since Satchel was the bartender he made sure my shots were filled to the tippy top. Shiloh started drawing on me with a sharpie and I resisted initially but eventually just gave in and everyone was drawing on me. At one point Satch pointed out how hairy my armpits were so naturally I had to show him that that’s a good thing not a bad thing. I walked up to a girl with my arms up, hair raging, and asked her something along the lines of ‘does this turn you on?’ This is all very blurry to me but I’m retelling it the way I was told. I hung out down in 103 until about 11ish then wandered off somewhere else.

I was in 206 (Tau Sig) for a bit but got kicked out shortly after arrival. I remember talking to Jill Yurick about something but not much else. I got kicked out because I (still in the speed-o with marker all over me) jumped into some girl’s bed and she freaked out. It was a justified freak out and thinking about it from her view, I’d be pissed off too if some retard, looking like I did last night, jumped in my bed. I don’t remember how it all went down but essentially I came back to 203 complaining about how I got kicked out.

I also very vaguely remember talking to Mike Bennet, a kid from my high school that I played intramural basketball with. I know him somewhat and we say hi when we see each other but I probably acted like we were best friends. I have a class with him also, I get the feeling he thinks I’m a total loser and I don’t know if last night helped out my reputation or not. I don’t remember how long I talked to him or what we were talking about but whatever.

I squeezed in a shower and changed clothes somehow before passing out so I looked more normal. When I was back in 203 at about midnight or so I just kind of passed out on the futon I guess. Mark and Yoko sat with me for a while petting my head, I’m sure why though because I was already drawn on, but I guess that was nice of them. Then, once again, I guess I woke up at some point and got into my bed but I don’t remember that either.

I woke up this morning in my bed, covered in marker, and with a pounding headache. I recapped the night and then, Mark, Adam, and I went to the field house to get some core work in. We did that and I was hurting. After that Mark and I did 7 miles and then ate some brunch. It took some intense scrubbing by Yoko to get all of the marker off of my back but that’s what friends are for. I’m cleaned off for the most part and my hangover is gone. It’s only 2:30 which is pretty surprising. Usually my Sundays go by way faster than this. I have some work to do for tomorrow but nothing major.

PS. I will say that having Saturday meets kind of suck. After classes are over on Friday you just kind of chill out all day and go to bed early. Saturday is waking up early, going to the meet for pretty much the whole day, then getting back late and trying to make a night out of it. Then you wake up and before you know it it’s Sunday morning, how the heck did that happen? I’m not saying that I don’t like having meets because obviously I do but it’s just annoying when they’re inconveniently placed.

My Apologies, Running Rant

Running Paragraph
So we all just returned from our meet. We had to wake up around 8 and be ready to leave at around 8:45. My race didn’t start until a little past 3:30 so I had a ton of time to kill once we got there. I jogged two miles at about 9:30am and then tried to stay off my feet for as long as I could. There were 56 kids entered in the 3k and I was hoping I’d be in the fast heat (they divided it up into 3 heats) but it didn’t work out that way. Jatin’s time from last week put him at 18/19 in the fast heat whereas my time put me at 1st in the 2nd heat. This was just all around bad. My goal was to break 9 and I was running with kids who don’t run under 9:15, how was I supposed to do this? Jatin got to run first so I saw what he ran, he hit 4:53 for the mile and finished up in a 9:08, pretty solid considering he ran a 4:34 full mile 3 hours earlier. I was up next and I did what I said I was going to, I wasn’t going to stay back and wait for someone to take it so I took it. I was in the lead after 10 meters and it pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the race. I hit 2:25 and then 4:53 for the mile, right where Jatin was at. This is where I ran into a problem, where Jatin had people to go with at this point in the race, I was all by myself. It started to hurt and without anyone there to push me, I just slowed down. The next couple of laps were way too slow and I didn’t even totally realize it. I knew I wasn’t going to break 9 but I didn’t know how slow I was going to run. I closed my last 800 in about 2:25 which isn’t terrible but my final time was 9:17, pretty bad. It’s races like this that make me question pretty much everything about my running. Am I really getting any better? Did I take enough time off between xc and track? Did I peak already? Am I running too many miles? Am I just tired from running that many miles? Am I eating well enough? Am I getting enough sleep? There’s so many things that could have made me not run well/feel well today. Maybe it just wasn’t my day, I’m aware that not everyone runs well every time they race, but I don’t want the same thing to happen this year as what happened last year. I didn’t race well and I said at the end of the season ‘I just have to trust that I’m in better shape than my races indicate’ because I think I was. But how long can I go until I say, okay well I’m running really solid workouts but something is clearly wrong because I’m putting up any race results. I hate the idea of not getting any better and having all of this work I’ve been doing be for nothing. To be honest, if I don’t 16 in the 5k this year, then what the hell has this year been all about? What’s the point of me running still if I’m just going to run the same times every damn year. It’s been two full years since I pr’d in the 3k, I don’t think there is any legit excuse as to why I haven’t run faster than 9:05. I pr’d in the 5k last year by 6 seconds, not a very substantial drop, and if I’m not shattering 16 by the end of this outdoor season I’m going to be extremely disappointed. Maybe this is just a temporary freak out and when I run the 5k next weekend I’ll be in the 15:50’s or 15:40’s. This could have been just a bad day but at this point I’m really starting to doubt everything. If it’s not a short term thing and I run bad for indoor and then say “oh well I still have outdoor”, well that just can’t happen. I shouldn’t go jumping to conclusions about everything because it is way to early to really tell but I just think that at this point in my career I should be running faster than I was in high school without too much difficulty and that’s not happening. I can only hope that this was just an off day and as for now that’s what I’m going to peg it as but we’ll see how the next week goes. I’m going to lower my mileage a bit and see if that makes a difference. I did over a month of higher mileage than ever before so that could be the problem. I can’t actually say anything about how I can do or will do in the next month because I just don’t know. I hope I start feeling better and run the times I’ve been talking about. It’s just really frustrating when you go into a race with the idea of ‘sub 9’ and not even come close. We’ll see we’ll see.

It’s Friday night and it’s going to be a typical weekend night. I don’t think I’ll get that drunk but who knows. Hopefully people show up the suite so I don’t have to go anywhere to have fun. That’s pretty much it for now. I’m aware this whole post was a running rant that 90% of you didn’t care about but that’s the only thing on my mind right now (well almost the only thing). Enjoy Saturday night.

Running and Boring

Running Paragraph
Tomorrow is potentially my last 3k for over 10 months. My last chance to break that damn high school PR so I can stop saying “yeah I ran 9:05, but that was i, high school”. I hate the idea of people thinking that I peaked in high school and I’m not going to get any better. I looked at my penntrack stats and every one is better in high school except for my 5k. This is the year where my 5k gets absolutely demolished by about 45+ seconds, my 1500 conversion goes well under 4:30 (which isn’t even that good but a PR none the less), my 3k is finally under 9 minutes, and my 10k debut will be a good one. My mileage is at an all time high and I’m hitting splits in workouts that I’ve never really been close too in high school. I remember we did 800 repeats in high school in about 2:25 and after 3 of them I had to drop to the slower group because I was dying. We did 400 repeats in about 70 but always had a good amount of rest and never did more than 8 or so. There was one workout where I closed the last 8 in 2:19 and that was a huge deal. Well now I’ll average 2:25 for the first 5 and run the last one in 2:13 and run 400’s at 68 instead of 70 (yesterday doesn’t count Jatass and Mark). I can just tell that I’m in much better shape and it’s just a matter of translating that effort and work into races.

It’s finally Friday and I’m finally done all of my classes. I’ve in a very good routine in terms of school work and being a productive student lately. I go to the library whenever necessary and get my work done. I still haven’t missed a class and that streak will continue. To be honest, not that much else is happening in my life right now. Nothing exciting is going on. My days consist of class at 10 o’clock every day. I wake up early to go to breakfast because it makes me feel like I’m being somewhat useful as opposed to rolling out of bed at 9:50. I go to my classes, go to lunch, and then have some time off. In my time off I do one of about 5 things. Read running things, play bejeweled, play guitar, play guitar hero, play Mario Kart. This lasts until 4 which is when practice starts. I go to practice, do the required run, then I’m off to dinner. After dinner I read more running things and play bejeweled until I am showered up and ready to do homework. At this point I’ll go to the library for an hour or two, knock out all my work, then come back at around 9 or 10 and have the rest of the night to do nothing. It’s a somewhat dull routine but it’s effective and I don’t mind going week to week like this.

We should get back relatively early on Saturday after the meet so there will be plenty of time to party and whatnot. I’m aware this has been potentially the most boring post of all time but something is better than nothing. I might try to squeeze in another post tonight while I’m trying to rest and the rest of Reimert/all of Ursinus will be partying. Have a nice weekend.


Well, there have been two temporary road blocks to my heater. A cooler, in poker terms, is having the second best hand but you’re opponent has the nuts (the best hand) and you lose. Well, this is figuratively and literally a cooler, cooling down my soon to be heater. Snow is the only thing right now (barring any major catastrophes) that could put an end to my good mood. In the words of Satchel, it is shitting snow right now. This is literally like the fifth snow storm in the past 3 weeks. Not one day has gone by recently where snow was not on the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the cold, but temperatures of 32+ don’t bother me that much, when it starts getting down into the mid 20’s with a windchill that makes it feel like 15, that’s when I hate the cold, but I always hate the snow. It’s a constant reminder that it’s cold outside and within 2 days after it snows it becomes all black and disgusting from car exhaust.

The only positive aspect of snow is the potential for class cancellation. Well, I woke up for my 10 and 11 o’clock class to see that I had two emails from my professors. Both teachers for my classes today sent out confirmation emails that we did in fact have class. Not only that, but my other teacher for my Tuesday-Thursday class said he would be canceling all his Wednesday classes. Missed the boat on that one. Hopefully, if this damned snow keeps up like it’s supposed to, he’ll cancel class tomorrow as well.

The other thing that set my heater off a tiny bit was a somewhat embarrassing mistake I made. An email was sent out to the entire campus saying “Will the student attempting to send a package to Alex Gwynne please contact the Mail Center? Thanks.   Mail Services”. Well obviously, that student was me. I completely forgot to put stamps of my little package to Alex. Needless to say I looked like an idiot to everyone but all in all it’s not that big a deal.

That’s all for now, just a minor speed bump but I’m sure after a paper and a few tests, throw in a couple of races and awesome workouts, this heater will take off.

Feelin’ Good

Today was a good day. For some reason last night at about 12:30 while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I decided to set my phone alarm and wake up an hour early and do a 4 mile morning run. Well what do you know, the power went out temporarily which reset my alarm clock and rendered the alarm useless. I believe this was the world’s way of complimenting me on my dedication to the sport. Had I not made the choice to run in the morning, I would have never set my phone alarm, and thus never woken up for class. I had a dream earlier in the week that I slept through my first class ever. Well it seems that I just avoided that catastrophe.

This next one is a stretch but I intended on going to the library tonight to do some homework. Well the fire alarm went off and fortunately I was ready to go leave right when that happened. Since I chose to do work and be productive instead of sit around being a waste of life, I avoided standing outside for 5-10 minutes in the 32 degree weather for no reason. I don’t know exactly what I’m getting at here because I really don’t like the entire institution of religion and I don’t really believe in a superior being guiding everyone’s actions, but somehow the world might have a way of evening out.

I’ve been in a good mood lately. I’m settled in to my daily routine in terms of classes. I only have one class that I don’t like (history) but all 3 of my business classes I enjoy. I don’t have trouble going to the library to do work every night. I just go there somewhat early and then have the rest of the night to do whatever I’d like. I think running is going really well right now. I hit 58 miles last week which was a recovery week. Hitting 58 felt like a joke, doing runs of less than 8 miles just doesn’t even seem right anymore. In high school, 7-8 miles was the staple for a normal distance run, now 10-11 is. I know it’s only the indoor season so I won’t get ahead of myself, the real times will come during outdoor. That’s when all this work and mileage will pay off, I need to be confident that even if I don’t break 9:00 or 15:45 indoor, that I’ll be ready to really hammer outdoor. We have a 3k this weekend that I’ll be fresh for and running against Haverford. If you’re not breaking 9 on that team you’re pretty much a mid-packer on the JV squad. Things as a whole have just been very good. Some snow is expected to come tonight but that’s okay, I haven’t run on the Perk for 3 weeks now so what’s one more week right? I’m in a good groove right now. I wouldn’t call it a heater yet because nothing good is yet to happen, but I believe I’m set up for one. Have a wonderful day.

The Old Days

Start week number two. I’m officially more than 3/8’s of the way done my college career. That doesn’t sound that bad especially since I have so many good stories/memories/I’ve just really enjoyed my time here, but still, to think that in just a few years I’ll be a real person is scary. Personally I think I’m making the best of my time here.

It’s tough to compare college years versus younger years. I sent my buddy Alex a copy of Resident Evil Zero for Gamecube today (along with some other surprise things, get ready Alex) and it just brought back memories from my years in middle school and what not. Alex, Ben, and I were 12 years old and our idea of a crazy weekend was two bags of sourdough nibblers, a 12 pack of coke, wrestling and dancing to Linkin Park, and playing Diablo or SOF until 5 in the morning. I’m not going to lie, those were some of the best nights of my life. Everything I did at that age was fun.

  • I liked playing manhunt or capture the flag around my neighborhood and arguing over if the flag was ‘visible’ or not.
  • I liked making Molotov cocktails at midnight and throwing them into the basin by my house.
  • I liked playing ring and run and sprinting away because we swore we heard cop sirens.
  • I liked when Alex and I would put the fart machine under Tom’s chair and pressing the button until he’d beat us up.
  • I liked going on a hunt to find every single cat in my house when we got really bored.
  • I liked making stupid home videos with Ben and Alex that we thought were hilarious at the time but were absolutely retarded.
  • I liked that my idea of a tough night of homework was reading 10 pages in a book and doing simple algebra.
  • I liked playing ping-pong and Foosball with Mark Jones (even though that’s what we would do if we hung out now).
  • I liked calling my friends on the house phone without area codes and asking if they wanted to play.
  • I liked having sleep overs and talking for an hour before anyone fell asleep.
  • I liked watching scary movies with Ben because he would hide behind the big pillow every time (Jeepers Creepers).
  • I liked planning ambushes on people when they came over and then accidentally hitting them in the face with a metal trash can, sorry about that one Ian.
  • I liked walking a mile to the shopping center and hanging out like bad-asses for hours.
  • I liked playing GTA and trying to keep your killing spree going for as long as you could.
  • I liked when Jared’s dad would bare ass spank him in front of everyone.
  • I liked playing Frisbee with Jake for hours straight.
  • I liked when games of rough house would go from fun to way to serious because Jared would foul/call fouls on every play.
  • I liked when Jared’s dad would get kicked out of intramural basketball games because he would talk shit on the ref.
  • I liked that our idea of flirting with girls was having one IM conversation that didn’t go any farther than “sup”, “nmu?”, “same”, “gtg”, “k cya”.
  • I liked when Ben and I would fake ask girls out just to see what they would say.
  • I liked when Alex, Ben, and I would start new Diablo characters at the same time and although it was never spoken, it was competition to see who could level the fastest.
  • I liked that even after 8 years of Diablo, Ben still didn’t know what Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, or Energy did and that he pretty much never leveled a character over 80.

I don’t like that those days are pretty much gone forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love coming back to the suite after a track meet and getting destroyed with everyone here but it’s different. It’s too difficult to compare which days are better because as a 12 year old kid, I didn’t care at all about drinking or girls, all I cared about was video games and sugar. Now that I’m 19 I don’t really play video games that much and I’m actually somewhat conscious of my diet. Drinking is now a core ingredient to hilarious and fun filled weekends and granted that even when I was single and a freshman in college I didn’t really get girls, it was still something that was in the back of my mind. Things just change, you can’t say that one is better than the other but I do miss the days where there was just no responsibility. It’s all part of growing up I suppose. I know that in 8 years I’m going to be saying that I miss the days where I could just get hammered with my best friends in college and not have any real responsibilities. To quote Dr. Dog’s The Old Days “Let go of the old ones, we’ve got some new ones.”