Guitar Solo’s

I like to think that I know music pretty well. I know there are people out there with way more songs and know way more music than me but I consider myself above average in terms of knowledge. I’ve made it abundantly clear before on this blog that I really dislike the modern day rap and hip hop stuff, pretty much anything on 96.5. I like a lot of classic rock and a lot of modern stuff too. A lot of what I listen to is littered with guitar solos, some good, some bad. Here are some of my favorite guitar solos. I’m somewhat bias and this isn’t necessarily what I think are the best guitar solo’s, but just some that I really like.

Another Brick in the Wall Part II – Pink Floyd
I went on an extreme Pink Floyd frenzy first semester and I really like them. David Gilmour is a beast, not necessarily in how quickly he plays but just the way he makes guitar solos sound. I like pretty much every solo he plays but it came down to this solo or the one in Comfortably Numb. The Comfortably Numb one is usually considered better but I eventually decided on this one. The solo starts at 2:06

Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
There are a couple of solo’s in this song but the one starting at 4:59 and going to the end of the song is my favorite. I don’t know exactly why but it gets me.

Layla (Acoustic) – Eric Clapton
The real version of this song by Derek and the Domino’s has arguably the greatest guitar riff ever, but the solo in the acoustic version is damn good. Clapton isn’t known for his crazy quick fingers so I think this guitar solo is him at his best. It starts at 2:56.

We Will Rock You – Queen
Brian May is good. Queen is also good. This solo is short and simply but it gets the job done in my opinion. Excuse the music video. The solo starts at 1:30

Where’d All the Time Go – Dr. Dog

Since I love Dr. Dog and want to spread them to everybody, here ya go. My favorite Dr. Dog solo, this is the song that got me into them in the first place so maybe it will do the same for some other people. The solo starts at 3:23

The Captain – Guster
Guster was the second concert I ever went to. I started listening to them in 11th or 12th grade and I really like them still. I actually listened to them on my run today (sort of what made me write this blog). Anyway, the guitar solo at the end of the song is really catchy and I like it a lot. I can’t seem to find one damn recorded version of the song on the internet but download the song illegally or something and listen to the guitar solo at the end.

*Edit – I have no idea why the videos are showing up in my blog. This is amazing. Hurray

What A Weekend

For those who don’t know, I visited Katie at JMU this weekend with Yoko which is the reason for my lack of posts the past 2 days. It was quite an adventure so I’ll jump right in.

Yoko and I set off for Virginia at about 2:10 PM on Friday afternoon. We hit pretty bad traffic, had a minor navigational issue, but without a GPS we managed to get there in about 5 hours. I showed up with only the essentials, one pair of boxers, cargo shorts, 3 shirts, running clothing/shoes, an iced tea, a pair of jeans (she made me), flip flops, and a case of Natty Ice. Friday night was a down night. Yoko and his friend Brad went to the bar which was something Katie and I couldn’t do. All of her roommates were either busy or sick so we stayed in on Friday. Katie had practice Saturday morning and I had to do a 12 mile long run by myself in a state I’ve never run in before. She sent me on an out and back which would be the death of me. It was pretty much straight on one road for 6 miles and then back. Well, the first 6 miles were fantastic, I was feeling good and I moving pretty quick. The second I turned around I was greeted with hurricane like winds for 14 minutes straight. I probably averaged 6:40’s or so on the way out and when I turned around I covered a 14 minute distance in 16:31. It was cold and so windy and I was literally being blown off the road. After 14 minutes it died down somewhat and I turned in a better direction but still, the next 4 miles back were still terrible. I only positive split by a minute so it wasn’t that bad but I was working hard the whole time.

After that Katie and I ate brunch with her track friends. It’s always a little weird meeting people for the first time, especially girls. I never know if I should shake hands or hug? or what. Regardless, I liked everyone and didn’t make too much of an ass out of myself. Katie and I just hung out for the day and then went to dinner with Yoko, Brad, and Brad’s friend at some Mexican place. It was actually really good but I didn’t look very cool when Katie had to pay for me because I had no cash. That coupled with the fact that I pretty much didn’t get her anything for Valentines day while she got me some good things doesn’t make me look like the best boyfriend in the world. Anyway, post dinner it was drinking time. We planned on going to some party with her roommates and then possibly meeting up with Yoko and Brad later on. When we got back from dinner Katie and I went to pick up Kelsey and Julie and then started casual drinking Natty Ice. More people showed up for the pregame and  the drinking got somewhat underway. I brought a deck of cards thinking that people might want to play games but that was not the case. I ended up bonged a bunch of Natty Ices and get drunker than I thought I was going to.

We left for the party and to start things off I took a digger right into a parked car. I clipped my sandal on the sidewalk and just went down. My knee was scraped up and my toe nail broken but all minor injuries. To be honest, I kind of blacked out for the car ride there and the first party we were at. My memory comes back at the second party where we met up with Brad and Yoko. The party was in an apartment and it was just people standing around drinking and talking for the most part. We all danced for a bit but it was nothing too insane. Yoko had a great time at the party (see facebook picture). The party ended up getting shut down by the cops and fortunately we escaped without getting in trouble. Well, Julie got her name taken down but I’m sure she’ll be okay. Since the party was over we had to hike back a mile or two to Katie’s house. Once we were there we ate chips and Queso dip for a long time and then went to bed.

I woke up feeling pretty shitty actually. Katie and I went to brunch with Kelsey, Erin, and her boyfriend. Yoko and Brad soon joined us for a hilarious and awkward interaction. Kelsey did not play it cool at all and was pretty much shouting out loud “god this is so awkward”. When Yoko and Brad were up getting food Kelsey pretty much took off. We sat and enjoyed a nice brunch (much better than Wismer). Once that was over it was goodbye time. The trip was a really good time and it was really nice seeing Katie but 2 days goes by extremely fast. We said bye and then it was on the road again.

Yoko and I had directions and food that would take us the whole way. Yoko prides himself on how great his car’s gas mileage is so we put that sucker to the test. The thing has a D.T.E. reading (distance to empty) and we rode it all the way down pretty much. We were driving and it said an estimated 22 miles left until empty. Well that would be fine as the next gas station was about 2 miles away but when we heard a loud pop and  the car stopped accelerating, we started to think maybe we shouldn’t have been so heroic. We pulled off onto the shoulder of the highway and tried to start the car. Nothing. Neither of us had never been in this situation before and we didn’t really know what to do. We were hoping that we ran out of gas and it was nothing too serious but we couldn’t be sure. We called triple A and after a 15 minute phone call they told us that a tow truck would be there to help us in about 45 minutes. Let the waiting begin. There was nothing we could do, no music, not getting out of the car, just sitting and waiting. 46 minutes later a tow truck showed up and gave us about 2 gallons of gas. I cross my fingers as Yoko turned the key and praise the lord the car turned on. We drove to the next gas station and filled the sucker up. We tried to be cool and see how low we could go and failed miserably. All in all the whole delay was about an hour. We made decent time otherwise and got home at 6:40. I still had to run but I was on about 6-7 hours of sleep the past 2 nights so I was hurting. I was falling asleep on the car ride home but still managed to run 9 miles at a pretty fast pace. I have homework to do but I’m lacking motivation. I’m considering going to bed now (10 o’clock) and waking up early to do some work.

The weekend itself was great. I had a really good time and it was great seeing Katie and meeting her friends. Yoko and I got some quality bonding time as well. I pretty much just have to tough it out until spring break now. Conferences is in 2 weeks and I will be running the 5k as far as I know, PR for sure. I’ll be sure to keep posting up this week as after tomorrow I’m pretty much done with work. I had 3 tests and a paper so all of my classes are sort of transitioning into the next section now.

Running and Nothing

Running Paragraph
So I had a meet today after all of my classes and it went pretty well. I ran the mile, the 800, and then the 4×800. Before I could even step on the track, Mark set the bar high. He ran the 5k and PR’d by 43 seconds to finish in 16:13. Kudos to him. After that was my mile. I knew one kid, Vince, who was in it and he was going to run really fast, other than that I had no idea. The race went out and Vince was off. A chase pack formed after that and I was leading it. Bogdan and Pane were in my race also and both had hopes of qualifying for conferences (4:42.78), I wasn’t necessarily pacing them but since I was in the lead and no one was running that fast, I kind of, sort of paced it for them but not really. Anyway, I went out in 69 and then came through the half in 2:18-2:19. Bogdan and Pane were right behind me, good. I ran the next lap in a 71-72 to hit 3:30 at the 1200 and was still leading the chase pack. Some doofus with glasses and long hair went and passed me for about 20 meters. After that I went back to the front. With 200 to go I had two people come up on my side and I just started kicking. I finished in 4:37 with a 67 last lap. It didn’t really take too much out of me to be honest. After that, I had the open 800 about 40 minutes later. I was in the fast heat for some insane reason and it didn’t go that terribly. I went out and didn’t hear a split the whole time. I ran it decent and kicked pretty good for a 2:09.7, not that impressive. About an hour after that was the 4×8. I was leading off against 4 other teams (including Justin). I went out in last but didn’t lose contact. My 400 split was a 63. Justin and I started catching back up, he went by me and I hung on. With 200 to I go pretty much just sprinted to 2nd place then waited till the final turn and out kicked the last guy. Amazingly I handed off in first but I’m not entirely sure about my split. Amos had me at 2:06 which I think is a little fast. Justin ran a 2:09ish and I was a second or two ahead of him so I’d say 2:07 which surprised me. All in all a good day.

Well, Yoko and I are visiting JMU tomorrow. I have a ton of shit to do and virtually no free time from now until I leave. I managed to squeak this blog in during Jersey Shore. I hate Sammi more than anything. She sucks. I have guitar lessons and a paper to write and all of this junk and I just really want it to be the weekend. I know this was a shitty blog post but I really don’t have the time to be creative and cool. I don’t think I’ll be posting tomorrow or Saturday either.

Running Logz

So I’ve kept a running log for almost my entire running career. I started it in the winter of my Sophomore year and kept it until the summer of my freshman year in college. I stopped using that log and made a new one starting the winter of my freshman year here at Ursinus. I record how many miles I run each day and the times of all the races that I run. Now this seems a little unnecessary but I mostly do it just to stay organized and actually know how much I’m running. It comes with it’s benefits and since I have the information, I might as well share it.

  • In 2010 I ran 2268 miles which averages to 6.21 miles a day every day of the year.
  • In 2010 I went on just over 330 runs which is averages to about 6.87 miles a run.
  • I ran 36 total races in 2010 or roughly one every 10 days.
  • My last day off was November 18th, that’s currently the most days I’ve ever run in a row at 83, I’ll get to around 100 and then consider taking a day off.
  • In those 83 days, I’ve gone on 92 different runs for a total of 705 miles, that’s an average of 8.49 miles a day.
  • Also in those 83 days, I’ve raced 14 different times.
  • I’ve run the mile 5 times (1 drunk), the 800 4 times, the 3k 3 times, and the 5k twice.
  • My longest single run ever was also run in the past 83 days, just over 14 miles which really isn’t that impressive.
  • My slowest 800 meter race time since I started the blog was a staggering 2:25, a split might I add.
  • My slowest 3k time was a 10:15, with my mother and brother watching me. That converts to just under 11 minutes for a 2 mile, or 20 seconds slower than my Sophomore year in high school PR.
  • In nearly 450 days of running, I’ve only been injured (all twisted ankles) or sick for 10 days.
  • I also started a workout log for 2011, recording interval splits for my workouts. This is good and bad, it’s good because I can track progress during the season, but bad because I see that I ran a 2:13 800 to finish a workout, and then ran a 2:14 in a race 2 weeks later.

My goals for 2011 include 3000+ miles, over 365 different runs, no time off due to injury, PR’s in all my drunken events, PR’s in all of my real events, and a streak of 100+ days of running in the year. Fortunately I can track all of this because I’m a nerd. Thanks for tuning in.

Work Week

This is going to be a rough week for me. I haven’t had a real week of work yet so this kind of sucks. I have a test tomorrow, a test Thursday, and a paper due next Tuesday but I want to finish it before the weekend so I don’t have to think about it while I’m visiting Katie. I also had an orthodontist appointment today which means that I missed practice which means that I had to run the workout today by myself which blows. I don’t think either of the tests will be that bad and the paper is only a rough draft so it’s not all bad but either way, this has been a bad week in terms of work.

I’ve been procrastinating a good amount with things like words per minute tests. It’s pretty much a test that tells you how fast you can type. After I fixed my typing form this summer at Softerware I fancy myself a pretty fast typer. Well, I consistently hit around 90 words per minute but every now and then I’ll squeak into the 100’s or dip into the 80’s. The scripts they give you to write are all retarded though. They have a ridiculous amount of numbers and semi colon’s and hyphens and it’s just a pain in the ass. I’m also considering giving up bejeweled. It’s really just a waste of time and I should be doing other things. I guess it’s a little late to say this now since I’ve already played a ridiculous amount of this (along with Diablo, Warcraft, Icy Tower, Solitaire, Mini Putt, Minesweeper, SOF, CSS, Guitar Hero, Super Smash, Double Dash, you get the point).

I’m not thrilled about this work and I probably won’t have a quality post until Thursday or Friday and unfortunately, I probably won’t blog at all this weekend because I’ll be at JMU. We have a meet on Thursday that I’m not too concerned about just because it’s a small meet and I’m running the mile, 8, and 4×8. Tomorrow is hump day and even though the next few days will be full of work, it’ll be over on Friday so I’m not too upset. Stay happy everyone.

My T.V. Shows

Now that I don’t have premium cable and hours of free time on my hands, I’m starting to enjoy the little things a little bit more. Mainly, T.V. shows. I’ve never really used the internet to watch shows and in my grade school days I generally just watched whatever was on without any agenda. That has since changed. Certain T.V. shows dictate my schedule on certain days. It’s something to look forward to on a Tuesday afternoon. Now I watch Jersey Shore on Thursday so I have to get all of my work done before 10. It’s the same with Tosh.0 on Tuesday, and also It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia back when it was on in the fall. But that’s just recently. Over my 19 years of life I’ve developed my favorite shows. Here, IN ORDER are my favorites.

6. The Simpsons’

This was THE show when I was growing up. It was on Fox at 6 and 6:30 because it was so good. For the middle seasons there, it was just an awesome show. Some episodes are still amazing, the one with Grimes at the plant with Homer, the one where Homer stumbles into that 3-d world, the family trip to New York, etc. I used to love Simpsons’ and when it was in it’s prime, it was that good. The side characters they had like Duffman, Lionel Hutz, and Millhouse were hilarious. Eventually, the show just got not that funny and there was only so much Homer could do to keep it alive. They’re at some ridiculous number of episodes now (nearing 500) and the quality has been declining for a while. I stopped watching a number of years ago but it was a really good show.

5. Tosh.0

Tosh has been a relatively new discovery for me. Jeff and I used to watch it this summer OnDemand and now I watch the new episodes every Tuesday. The show is driven by the video clips but Tosh does a really good job of spicing up some sort of funny videos with really good jokes and observations. Some episodes have really good videos and the web redemptions are pretty interesting depending on who he brings to the show. It’s also a great idea for a show because if the videos are that funny, he doesn’t really have to say anything creative and it’s still entertaining. The reason this isn’t higher on my list is because it’s too hit or miss. No amount of comedic genius could make some of these videos funny. Too often do I find myself just staring at the screen after a joke and wondering which part was supposed to be funny.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This has also been a recent hit for me. I had only watched a few episodes before the season this fall and I thought it was funny but never really followed it. Well for the first semester of this year I watched nearly every episode in the season and it was really good. The core characters are all really good. Mac’s kind of a badass who thinks he’s way cooler than he is. Dennis is the smart guy who thinks he’s way more clever and better looking than he really is. Charlie and Frank are a hilarious duo who have ridiculous ideas and logic towards situations. Dee sometimes gets on my nerves but for a girl she has her moments and shes not too bad to look at either. It’s also based in Philadelphia which is cool. I’ll be sure to follow this show in the upcoming seasons so it could move up on the list

3. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

For about a 2 year period this was the biggest show in my life. I watched it every day for 2 summers until about 4 in the morning and could probably recite nearly every one liner in that show. Shake is just the man. He approaches every situation like someone I would hate in real life but since it’s a show I think it’s really funny. He intentionally fucks everything up and always tries to weasel his way out of it. I don’t even know where you could get the idea for a character like Meatwad, probably while on some sort of crazy drugs, but I’m glad they thought of him. He’s just retarded and the combo of him and Shake works perfectly. Frat Bros, MC Pee Pants, Mooninites, some of them are just hilarious. Once again, the only problem with this show is that it’s too hit or miss. 50% of the episodes are hilarious, 30% are funny/watchable but not that great, and the other 20% are just bad. The good greatly outweighs the bad in my opinion but still, not totally excusable.

2. Family Guy

I’ve watched Family Guy for a long time and it was always funny. It was like, once the Simpsons’ got not funny, Family Guy stepped in with a new sense of humor and became the new show. They get shit by using flashbacks all the time but if they’re always funny I don’t see a problem with that. Again, the side characters like Quagmire and Cleveland are priceless. Stewie can be overused and sometimes not funny but for the most part he’s really funny. Chris gets on my nerves more than anyone else but he’s in the show so little that I don’t mind. Obviously Peter makes the show just like Homer did in the Simpsons’. Seth Macfarlane is really creative I think in the episodes/flashbacks he comes up with and the show is just always funny regardless if the plot of one episode is bad.

1. Seinfeld

I love Seinfeld. I would choose to watch and episode of Seinfeld over any other show. I find myself referencing situations from Seinfeld literally everyday. He and Larry David are geniuses, there are so many real life scenarios that they come up with that are spot on and so funny. My blog is sort of a very vague and 100 times less funny version of it. I usually talk about real life awkward situations that happen to me and take you through my thought process. Well Seinfeld is kind of the same thing except they have multiple/funnier characters to weigh in on things rather than just me. Kramer is a nut, George is a pessimistic, overweight, bald guy, Elaine is your typical psycho female, and Jerry sort of keeps everything together. Of course, it has it’s very well thought out side characters like all good shows. I don’t know exactly what makes it so good, maybe it’s just because most people can relate to it, but either way I love it.

Bleh Saturday

Saturday night was kind of a dud for me. I was really tired going into it and not that pumped to drink. I drank 2 beers before dinner, ate dinner, and then had to take a nap because I was dying. I slept for an hour and then woke up again. The track team had a party registered for our suite. After my nap I walked into the common room at about 6:30 and there weren’t very many people over. I started drinking a little bit but really wasn’t feeling it. Eventually at around 8:30ish a lot of people showed up. There was the usual dancing and drinking but the party was cut short because some noob freshman girl got destroyed before she came over and then had to go to the hospital. Campus safety showed up and shut the party down because of this. Wacker, Tetla, and I were hiding out in my room and eventually decided to go the late night lower. They had some gross chicken wrap thing but I ate it anyway. We hung out there and then I decided at about 11:30 after maybe 6 beers spread out over 6 hours that I was going to call it a night. I went into my room to find that some jokester decided to pour a full beer on my bed. I took all of my sheets/mattress pad off and slept on the bare mattress thing that they give us. It was a terribly uncomfortable sleep because I was pretty much glued to the bed the whole night.

I woke up at 5:30 with a minor headache and decided to put my all my dirty bed stuff in the laundry. I went back to bed and slept until  about 9. I woke up and recapped the night with everyone. Dave and Seth left early on but Kevin decided to stay with us for the superbowl. Mark, Bogdan, and I went on an 11 mile run which wasn’t too bad and then ate brunch. We came back to the suite and I pretty much did nothing until dinner time. After dinner I went to the library to do some homework before the superbowl. I got a text message from Yoko saying that Kevin was throwing up in the toilet, favorite alum.

I got back to the suite in time for the game and watched the whole thing. I didn’t really care who won this year because I’m not partial to the Packers or Steelers in any way. It was a decently entertaining game to watch so I wasn’t disappointed. The weekend is over now and I have 2 tests this week. I’m not that excited for this week of work but I’m visiting Katie at JMU next weekend so that’s something to look forward to.

I’m fully aware that this was a complete shit post but it was necessary.

5k Finally

Running Post…
This is going to be a short post/update.

We had our meet today and the 5k was the first event. I was in bed by midnight last night and up by 8 this morning to prepare for the race. I ate my pre-race food and got out my pre-race poop and was feeling pretty ready to run well. My legs (calves specifically) were kind of sore but I was in the mind set that 16 was going to be broken. I warmed up and everything was pretty normal. I was seeded 3rd, the number 1 and 2 guys didn’t show up. I knew the guy seeded 4 was pretty legit but other than that it was going to be me Jatin and Jeremy plus a couple of others. The race went out relatively slow for the first 400 or so. After about 600 the number 4 kid took over and really started going. Clearly the pace was too slow for him and I knew he was good so I didn’t feel totally obligated to go with him. Jatin was leading me and we hit the mile in 5:06, perfect. I wanted to hit somewhere around 10:15 for the first 2 miles and that first mile was just right. For the next 5 laps or so Jatin was in front of me. With a little more than a mile to go I went in front of him to take the pace. We hit 2 miles in 10:16, just right. I was feeling pretty good and figured that if I held this pace I’d be right around 16. I opened up a small gap on Jatin but he closed it with about 800 left. We started picking it up slowly and with 600 to go I heard Bogdan yell out my split of “14:07”. That means we needed to close the last 600 in 1:52 which is right about 5 minute mile pace. I thought at that point that I was going to break it. We did 600 repeats on Tuesday at 1:51 so I figured all I had to do was run one of those and I’d be golden. We both picked it up. We hit 200 left and I heard him coming up on my shoulder, I surged and he sat back. With 75 meters left coming around the last turn there was an older guy that we were lapping. He tried to be nice by moving out and letting someone pass in lane 1 but it turned out to be a terrible decision. I passed in lane 1 and Jatin went around in lane 3, little did I know there were two kids about 10 meters ahead in lanes 1 and 2 that we were also about to lap. I couldn’t move out to pass them because Jatin was right there so I had to wait for Jatin to pass and then go around and try and catch back up to him. I closed on him in the last 50 and it was pretty much a photo finish at the line. I was fairly confident that we’d went under 16 but I wasn’t sure. Justin came over and said he had both of us at 15:55. The results came out and Jatass snuck this one by me, 15:55.30 to 15:55.33. It’s easy for me to say that I would have won if it wasn’t for those kids, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I think I would have won had that whole debacle not happened but regardless, I’m really happy for both of us. It’s about damn time we broke 16. I knew we were in shape to do it so it was only a matter of time until we did. Our mile splits were 5:06, 5:10, 5:07, and then a 32 for the last 200. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t feel that great for the race. Don’t get me wrong, I felt good, but it wasn’t like one of those days where everything is just clicking and I knew after a mile that I’d break it. I had a minor side stitch for the 2nd mile and my legs were a little bit drained from 2 hard workouts this week. I think after I drop the mileage over the next two weeks from 60 to about 50 and then 45 I’ll be ready to run a really fast 5k (15:30’s perhaps? that might be wishful thinking).

Jeff you’re going to hate me for this next paragraph. 3 hours later I had the 800 to run. Obviously I wasn’t that excited about it and I had the thought in my head that “I broke finally so this 800 isn’t too high up on my priority list”. I was seeded 2nd in the 2nd heat out of 4. My calves were killing me at this point but I tried to muster something up. Right from the gun I knew it wasn’t totally happening. I had no speed or pop in my legs and just clicked off 33.’s for a 2:14, embarrassing I know.

All in all I’m really satisfied with the day. I broke 16 which I’ve been talking about for a while. It took over a year to do it but I did it running 60-70 miles a week and indoor so I’m pretty optimistic for outdoor.

That’s all, enjoy your Saturday nights.

Friday Update

Today is Friday. This week has gone by pretty fast actually. I had my usual Friday schedule. My 10 o’clock was normal, my 11 with Doughty was pretty good too. He gave our pop quizzes back and when he said “The grades range from 95 to, well a few generous 45’s” I was sure I was getting a bad grade. He handed them back and I got a 78, I’ll take it. After that was my guitar lesson. That is the quickest hour of my week. The lesson goes by ridiculously fast. Anyway, I’m in the lesson and I was cruising through the first couple of exercises but then I hit a bit of a wall. There was one or two exercises that were fucking me up really badly and he knew it. He asked how much I was able to practice this week and I told him not much. He stressed practicing and I promised I would. As we were packing up, he was saying something about what exercises I should do for next time, as he was saying this I was fiddling around and I played Tears in Heaven but Clapton. After about 6 seconds of me playing it he stopped mid sentence and said “I hate that song”. Then he went on this long rant about how he doesn’t like Clapton and all this stuff. This post makes it seem like I don’t like him or the lessons but thats wrong, I like both.

Anyway, after classes I went running. My legs were sore from yesterday, we had a workout that ended in 6×200 at 29’s. I hit 31 31 30 29 29 28. That’s way faster than I’m used to running so it makes sense that my legs were sore today. I did a really easy 5 miles and then grabbed some lunch. I’m pretty pumped for this meet tomorrow. Rumor has it that I’m seeded 2nd in the 5k with a time around 15:50 or 15:55. I think that I should definitely break 16 and if the race goes like races usually do (where seed times are way over exaggerated), then I have a pretty legit shot at winning which would be awesome.

Tomorrow night is going to be a registered party in our suite that the whole track team is coming too. It’s a themed party, beach bums and pirates or something like that. Unfortunately this puts me in the position to rock the speed-o again which may be a bad thing. Maybe I’ll just wear a bathing suite this time. The speed-o isn’t the only potential disaster. Having 40 kids over in the suite means that, more likely than not, people will be partying in my room. That means that, more likely than not, there will be a lot of beer spilled and the room will just be trashed in general.

I’ll give another update either tonight or tomorrow afternoon after the race. Until then, it’s Friday, enjoy your weekend.


I’m on my computer very often. If I’m not in class, at practice, eating food, or playing guitar, odds are that I’m on my computer. When I’m on my computer there’s a number of sites that I frequently visit. I think it’s good to have somewhat of a routine in terms of the websites that you go on. There are certain things that I like to keep up to date on and by visiting specific sites, I accomplish that goal. Here’s a list of the ones I visit most.

Facebook – I’ll get the obvious one out of the way. I go on facebook every day and am pretty much always logged on whether I’m here or not. When you’re in a community where people are constantly updating and communicating with one another, well it’s just useful and also entertaining to be checking this. Pictures also provide a good source of amusement. I know I’m not alone on this as pretty much everyone around me is constantly checking this as well.

LetsRun/Flotrack – This is where I stay up to date on all of the current running news. I check these site more in a single day than any other site. Professionals haven’t even really started racing yet and meet results are very limited because no one is running right now but I’m on this site literally every time I’m on the computer every day of the year. Letsrun has a forum I read that has a ton of different topics and I read whatever I find interesting. Flotrack is more professional coverage of the running world, it’s updated less often but has better material in general. When there are people out there who find it as interesting and enjoyable as you do, this iss a fun site to go on and read. – As much as people hate the NBA, I find basketball and the NBA in general to be the second most interesting sport. It’s probably because, aside from running, I’ve devoted more time into basketball (unless table tennis/ping pong is a sport) than any other sport. I follow the league pretty closely and the Sixers even closer, as sad as that is. I try and keep as up to date as possible on stats and records and who’s good and who’s not which is weird because I’ve never been in a fantasy basketball league. I always like going home and sitting in the family room with my dad just watching any Sixers game. Regardless of the situation, playoffs, a bid to get into the playoffs, or even if they’re not going to make the playoffs, I love the Sixers and the NBA. Although I should note this isn’t that special, when it’s football season I’m on a lot and when it’s baseball season I’m on a lot. – As most of you know, this is my brothers blog. I know how much effort it takes to run a blog because I have one but he puts in even more effort than I do. He posts more frequently and generally puts more thought into his material. Whether the updates are good or not, it’s still an entertaining read and something to kill time which is what most people are looking for. Odds are, if you like my blog, you’ll like his also (link in the blogroll). – This is one that I’m trying to do more often. Since I don’t watch too much T.V. here and there’s no one to fill me in on current events, I have no idea what’s going on in the world. I’d like to stay somewhat up to date on what’s happening around me. This will also help with blog material. As Tom has made clear, certain current events (especially ones involving celebrities and/or attractive women) increase blog views. It’s good not to be completely ignorant to everything that’s happening.

Pornhub – Well you can probably figure this one out.

Youtube – For one reason or another, I’m go on youtube almost daily. Watching fail videos or animal mating or any other form of funny videos is extremely entertaining and a good way to pass the time. It’s also a very good way to hear music that isn’t on your IPod. For me, well I can’t figure out the convert to MP3 from video thing, granted I haven’t tried that hard, but it makes youtube a common source of music. It’s also nice because it suggests other songs by the same artist if you want explore some of their music.

Google Analytics – Well this one is to track how many people visit my blog, how often they visit, how long they’re on the site, and where they’re coming from. I check this site daily to see, well how many people visit my blog. It’s nice to have something that sort of tracks progress. I get some joy out of knowing that people read this thing and eventually, when I start getting a couple thousand views a day, I’ll start making some real money.

There are some other sites that I visit every now and then but these are the main ones.