Challenges and Break

The beer mile and gallon challenge will both be attempted over spring break. The beer mile may have to wait until the Sunday that I get back but that still falls under the category of break. I’ll go ahead and say my predictions now.

I see no realistic way that I complete the gallon challenge. It’s pretty much just too much liquid and I don’t think my body would be physically capable of holding the 128 ounces of milk, but I’m going to try regardless. I don’t even think I got to   90 ounces last time which is pretty bad. I have to redeem myself for that 4th place finish. I’m going to drink until I throw up… which really isn’t anything new. I think I’ll do better than last time but if by some miracle I finish all of the milk, I’ll almost certainly throw up within 30 minutes.

The beer mile is another animal that I’m somewhat familiar with. I’ve done it twice, once as a junior in high school and once last year. My final times were 13 something and 9:16 (thanks to my blog post recording it). I think the running time will be around 4:30, that’s not up for too much fluctuation. I assume it’s possible to be closer to 4:20 but at the same time I could be closer to 4:40 so I’ll just play it normal and assume 4:30. That leaves me 3 minutes to drink 4 beers. I can probably chug a beer out of a can in 10 seconds or so all-out. With roughly a minute break between each can, I feel like giving 40-45 seconds a can SHOULD BE pretty doable. That would put me between 7:10-7:30. I know I got pwned by the 4th beer last time as it took me over two minutes but I think if I plan it right and feel good enough then I can do it fast especially if I put 20-30 seconds in the bank off of the first 2 beers. I want to be in the 7’s, that’s the major goal but a PR is always good, then again I don’t want to limit myself to just 7 minutes. We’ll see what happens.

It’s Thursday afternoon and I might as well be on spring break. I’m done all of my work and just don’t give a heck about school work. Last night was the most productive night of this semester. I killed my macro homework, did my half of my writing project, and set a PR of most pages read in a day by reading 80, yes 80, pages of my book for class (apparently this isn’t too impressive but I thought it was pretty good). I was on fire but now I think I’ve earned my break. I wrote this entire blog in my business stat class so I guess that’s why I’m all for the numbers today. One more day people, one more day.

Some People

I was waiting outside of Pfahler auditorium to take my financial accounting test when I overheard some conversation going on from some fellow classmates. I knew the one, Mike Bennett, who went to my high school, but the rest were football players I presume. Anyway, they were talking about my favorite topic, Astronomy. They were talking about what type of star the sun was, someone said a red giant, someone said a yellow dwarf (right), and there were a mix of other answers. One said that the sun was going to cool off and expand and then engulf the earth (this is true). Someone responded with “no the sun’s just going to burn out and go away”. Besides the fact that that answer is really wrong, someone made an even dumber comment of “yeah well when that happens were not going to know about it for a while”. Someone asked why and the kid responded “because it takes forever for the suns light to get to us”. Now sitting here and listening to all of this, I had an urge to say something especially when Bennett and I caught eyes and started laughing. Anyway, when someone refuted his point of how long light takes to get to the earth, he said “it takes something like 400 years for the suns light to get to the earth”. Now Mark’s answer of ‘the moon is 100 miles from the earth is about 2400 times off. 100 x 2400 = 240,000 which is how many miles away the moon is. This genius saying it took 400 years for sunlight to reach the earth is magnitudes off from that. The sun is 93,000,000 miles away and light goes about 186,000 miles per second. That turns into 500 seconds for light to travel that 93,000,000 miles, or about 8 minutes and 20 seconds. 1 day has 86,400 seconds in it. A week has 604,800 seconds. 52 weeks in a year has 31,449,600. Finally 400 years has 12,579,840,000 seconds. Divide this by 500 seconds, or the actual time it takes for light to travel from the sun to the earth, and you get 25,159,680. That means this kid was 25 million times off in this case. That would be the equivalent of saying that the moon is about 51 feet away from the earth. Don’t worry Mark there are people out there way dumber than you are.

Don’t Get Fat

The first part of this post will be in response to Tom’s recent blogs. My online poker vent was more out of frustration than anything. The theory that it’s rigged was built out of anger although to me it seems somewhat plausible. I don’t consider myself an above average player when compared to people who really know what they’re doing. I know the fundamentals well and a few advanced ideas but I’m not using pokertracker or whatever it is which would definitely help and there are a ton of things I could learn. I’m not putting in the effort to learn if I wanted to be a long term winner, I’m pretty much just trying to play for a month, make a quick hundo or so, then cash it out and use it as beer money. I don’t really have the time to commit to playing every day and learning the game really well. Yoko liked my rigged theory but it’s most likely not tot the extent that I believe it is at all.

Another comment, not necessarily response because it wasn’t directed towards me. Tom is taking his blog to new levels by doing things more geared to boosting viewership. Celeb eye contests and Suri Cruise are view boosters but I don’t see myself taking that route. Given my current schedule, I don’t have enough time to devote to this blog to ever make it really take off so I’m not going to try. My posts will be things that, if you don’t know me very well, you probably won’t enjoy reading, which is never a good way to become famous. Regardless, at least for now, this blog will remain as more of a journal (not diary) for my thoughts as they come.

On the topic of my schedule, and I said this earlier to a few people on the walk to dinner, but I believe that right now I’m the most productive and most efficient human being I’ve ever been. I probably averaged 2-3 hours of work a week last semester if that but this semester is a whole new ball game. Not only am I running more/ faster than ever before, but I’m in the library an average of 3 hours a day. In those 3 hours, I probably work for 2-2.5 hours but still that’s way better than ever before. The only time I waste playing bejeweled is when I’m talking to Katie on the phone so that doesn’t even count because I wouldn’t be doing anything anyway. I play guitar a lot more this semester and am actually becoming somewhat decent at reading music. I consider guitar a productive hobby, it’s something people can actually appreciate unlike me breaking 800k in bejeweled last night (which was ridiculous by the way). It’s a good feeling to get into a routine of sorts. Instead of hanging out until late and then doing work until I want to go to bed, I go to the library immediately after dinner and work until I’m finished, then I hang out until I want to go to bed. I just feel like I’m finally accomplishing something with my time this semester and I like it.

In other news, I read a forum today and the topic was “spousal weight gain”. Pretty much this guy has been married to his wife for two years and over the past couple of months she put on a lot of weight. He wants to know of ways that he can subliminally get her to lose weight. This isn’t really easy for anyone to address because not many guys are going to tell their wife/girlfriend that they’re getting fat and should start eating better/exercising. A ton of people suggested that they should go on walks and he should try to make that a regular thing or that he should do the grocery shopping and buy healthier foods and then cook for his wife. This is all great but realistically I feel that if the woman isn’t making a conscious effort to stay thin and in shape, she’s ultimately going to get fat and out of shape. If you bring it up to her and she doesn’t think there’s a problem, shes going to get extremely offended and then that’s bad for both parties. If you bring it up and she agrees that a healthy lifestyle is important then you’re golden, but rarely do I see this happening. I guess this is just my way of saying to not only women, but men as well, just stay in shape. Being fat not only makes your life shittier, but the ones you love shittier. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was fat and out of shape, maybe that’s because I’m addicted to running but regardless. Being healthy makes all aspects of life better. You don’t have to go insane and run 10 miles a day and eat nothing but salads and all that but at least make a conscious effort to exercise every now and then and avoid the junk food that makes people fat.

Anyway, there’s my rant for the day, back to work.

Funny Video

This video had me laughing pretty much as hard as possible for about 2 full minutes. From the part where he runs into the strawberry on is just hysterical. This guy is hilarious, the first video of his that I saw was the kangaroo one which is definitely a good one to watch. That had me burst out laughing in the library to the point where I had to leave for about 10 minutes before coming back to do my work. This one just killed me though. I suggest checking some of them out because they’re pretty funny, some aren’t but still.


The streak is ending. After 101 days of straight running, today will be my first day off. Over that time span, I’ve run 863.5 miles, an average of 8.55 miles a day. I only ran two PR’s in this time both in the 5k, but the 40 seconds I dropped from the 5k this year from outdoor last year is enough to make all that running worth it. It’s kind of a pain in the ass because I’m only taking this day off and then I’ll be running every day until maybe a week before outdoor conferences. If I didn’t take today off and just ran, I could extend the streak to over 150 days but I’m not going to let this streak consume me. I would never want to not take a day of if I thought I needed it just to keep the streak alive. So I’m proving to myself now, by taking off, that I’m better than the streak and it will not dictate the way I do my running. I’ll get back to the long miles in the next few weeks. I’m excited, this indoor conferences was a mini peak. When I said I didn’t want to make a prediction before Saturday, I just didn’t want to tell everyone. In my head, I thought sub 15:45 would be good, sub 15:40 would be very good, and for the sake of round numbers, sub 15:37 would be sub 5 minute miles so that would have been awesome. Well, mission accomplished. I have a number in mind for outdoor but I won’t go spreading around until the season is over.

I hit another milestone, the 100+ days of running was a good one but the 1000+ visitors for the first time ever on my blog in a 30 day period is a new one. I averaged probably 500-600 last year. In the summer, I hit a low point. Posting was low, material was lacking, and motivation was non-existent. School started again and I picked up the pace. This month will probably be the most posts I’ve ever had in a month. I’ve definitely made a conscious effort to post more frequently and it seems to be paying off. Tom’s blog has taken off as of late so that indirectly helps me a little bit. His numbers are way higher than mine but then again, his posts are usually higher quality. I’m going to try and keep the one post per day rate going for as long as I can.

One final streak was almost broken this morning. I pride myself on going to class. I have never skipped a class in all 4 semesters that I’ve been at college. I had a close call last year where Adam fortunately walked in my room for some retard reason and woke up me up 4 minutes before my 9 o’clock started. I made it there with about 15 seconds to spare. Well this morning, I had another close call. My alarm was still set for conferences, 7 am. It went off at 7 so I got up and reset the thing for 9:30 and went back to sleep. Well for whatever reason, the alarm didn’t go off. I was having this really bizarre dream with Abud and poke’mon cards and it was just really weird. I woke up and looked at my clock. It said 10:07. Fortunately I have my clock set 12 minutes fast. So I freaked out, jumped out of bed, and got ready. I made it there at 10:00 on the dot to keep the streak alive. Unlike the running one, this streak does dictate how I attend class. I’ve had classes where I know it’s pointless to go but I go anyway because I want to keep it alive. 99% of the time, I would be more productive in class than if I sat in my room and tried to do work so going to class is a good thing. The running thing isn’t the same which is why I’m not keeping the streak alive. Taking a day off can be more beneficial than running so yeah.

I’m almost there, spring break is a measly 4 days away. I have a test, a writing assignment, and a few other things standing in my way but I’m determined to reach break. The weather is turning and everyone’s happier. This is the best/worst time of year. It’s obviously good because us college students are realizing that the end is near and summer is right around the corner. Pretty much, first semester is working until Thanksgiving break, then coasting in through finals into winter break. Second semester is making it to spring break and then coasting in to Summer. That’s the bad part though. My motivation and interest in school work declines greatly. I half-ass my way through assignments and am constantly thinking about playing frisbee or going on a run instead of doing work. I’ll make it through though. I made the deans list last semester (3.5+ GPA for semester, I got a 3.67) which isn’t saying much when I’m only taking 12 credits but if I got it again this semester it would just show my parents that their money isn’t going to waste. I probably average 2-3 hours of work a day which is way more than last year.

I’ll leave on a music note. I don’t hear too much new music these days because I’m never in the car listening to the radio or anything but I did happen to hear this one. It’s called Changing by Airborne Toxic Event. They’ve had a few other good songs and I like this one too. Now that I figured out this youtube thing I’ll start abusing it to make up for lost time.

Post Conference Celebration

After conferences, the team was ready to celebrate. I got back to the suite and shotgunned 2 beers pretty much right away. I took a shower and then everyone who was here played flip cup for literally over an hour. I was surprisingly not that bad like usual. I was drinking Natty Ice so obviously I got way drunker than I thought I was going to. We had a plan to go to the “Swack ” party, a mix between swimmers and track. This is the third time we’ve done this and it doesn’t have that great of a history. Last time I was at swack I just got retarded and threw up before I could make it to the bathroom. Before we left for the party it was looking like I might repeat my performance. During the game of flip cup Wacker had a little problem and threw up about half an hour into the game. Besides that, we were all good to go.

I was really drunk on the way there and don’t really remember that much. I know I talked to Jatin for a long time about who was going to be better at running. I know I danced for a little bit but besides that the entire rest of the night is blank. Wacker filled me in on it today at lunch. He walked up and said hi to everyone and then looked at me and said “You were really bad last night, like really bad, like worse than anyone I’ve ever seen, like, you weren’t even forming complete sentences or complete thoughts.” He continued by telling me that I really wanted to go to late night lower to get food. Yoko didn’t want me to go because I was too drunk but Wacker and I did anyway. Apparently on the walk there I was trying to mix together two thoughts, one being running, and the other being how much I HATED pizza paninis. He said every other word was either running or pizza panini but he couldn’t make out what I was really saying. When we got the late night I was calling the female cashier sir and she was getting angry. Then we sat down and he asked me what drink I wanted and I replied “whatever the 5k is.” I ate my breakfast sandwich and was apparently hurting. Wacker said I had my head down and was drooling all over but then I sucked it all up and was good to go. He thought I was going to vomit so we went to the bathroom and I took a piss. I didn’t throw up fortunately. We walked back to the suite and fortunately I didn’t get served or anything even though he thought I should have been because I “wasn’t cooperating” very well. Either way, I was safe and back in my bed.

I woke up this morning with a killer headache and sore legs. I walked out in the common room and started talking to Dave and Kevin. Slowly more people started waking up and coming out to chat with us. We talked from about 8:30 to 10 or so and then Mark and I went on a slow 8 mile run. Dave left but Kevin stuck around to hang out. I pretty much spent the entire afternoon doing nothing. I wasn’t hung over anymore but just exhausted. We went off to dinner at around 5 and then I did homework for 3 hours afterward. It’s been a decently productive day so I can’t complain. I have to get through this week and then I’m on spring break. It shouldn’t be too difficult, I have a test and a couple of other things but I think I’ll be fine. Time to start up high mileage again, cant wait. Have a happy Monday everybody.


Yesterday was conferences. I woke up at 7 to get going and we were at the meet by 9. My race wasn’t going off for another 3+ hours so I had to stay calm and not get too hyped up. I just hung around for a while and didn’t psych myself out. I was just waiting to get the warm-up process started because then it’s really happening. I warmed up, checked in, started doing my pre-race stuff, and felt ready to go. I was the second heat out of three and the seed times were from 15:45ish to 16:05ish, so people right around me, I figured the race would be just right. The gun went off and I was out fast. I actually led the race for the first 800 or so. We hit the first half in 2:33 which is too slow but I didn’t hear a single split for the entire race. Some Haverford kid took it at the half and we ended up coming through the mile in 5:00-5:01, much better. There was a Haverford kid in the lead, a Dickinson kid in second, me in third, and Jatin right behind me. With maybe a mile and a half left people started making moves. A Dickinson kid went and started to gap everyone, I tried passed the two other kids to try and stay with him but eventually fell back and ran with them again. Random surges from random people were happening constantly. We hit two miles in about 10:00 so that was good. With 7 laps to go, Jatin passed me and that’s when I really started hurting. My stomach was turning and the surges were starting to get to me but I didn’t let him go. I stayed with him and then with a little less than 800 to go I passed him back. There were three kids way up front and then two Haverford kids just a couple seconds ahead of him. I kept contact with them and then with 200 to go I just took off. I passed both of them and was gaining on another kid but I didn’t catch him. I crossed the line and pretty much died. It was one of the most painful races I’d ever run and I wasn’t totally sure about my time. I knew I was going fast for the first 2 miles but I thought I faded a bit during the last 1k or so even though I had a good kick. I laid down for a bit immediately after and then got to my feet. Bogdan, Turner, and a few other people were there and said 15:36. Jatin also PR’d in 15:43, both very good times.I was really happy and I still am. It was a really good race, I ran it really hard, I PR’d by 19 seconds, and it just shows me that all the damn work I’ve been doing is paying off. I had the mile coming up in 2 or 3 hours but at this point, no matter how slow I ran in the mile would not effect how good my day was. 3 hours passed by pretty quickly and next thing I knew I was on the line for the mile. It went out and I just kind of ran. I went 4:38 which is good enough off the double. Seeing as I ran 4:37 open 2 weeks ago, I was happy with it.The team as a whole did really awesome too. We got 2nd overall to Haverford which was unexpected. For the most part everyone had pretty good days and the whole 10 hours we were there was really fun. I like track meets like that. I think this bodes really well for outdoor. I haven’t run less than 50 miles a week for a long time. I also have a streak of 101 days straight of running. I think if I keep improving, train right, and get in the right race for outdoor, well… I’ll just try and get as close to 15 as possible.


I’m pretty much positive that online poker is not purely chance. It’s rigged to make bad players put bad beats on people and good players to take more than their fair share of bad beats. This keeps the retards playing so they think they’re good enough to win money and the good players know that they’re good and can win money despite bad beats but in reality neither is true. The guys I see going all in and hitting their miracle card on the river and busting aces are the retards. The guy with the huge chip lead after 20 hands is generally the worst player at the table. They want to keep the bad people interested and excited so they give them these set up hands so that they win in exciting fashion, little do they know more times than not they’re not going to be cashing in the tournament. The good players have probably won money in the past and know they’re good enough to make money in most of these tournaments, but they’re the ones who have to suffer from the retards to even everything out. The good people can’t win too much because then the bad people would lose too much money and not want to play anymore. The site only cares about people playing, not necessarily who wins. The more people that play, the more they take in from entry fees and rakes. There’s a very fine balance that the site has to keep in letting good and bad players win so they both continue playing and the site can absolutely maximize profits. Now, I’m not saying that I’m some poker god or anything, but the site has record of my winnings and losings and I just so happen to be a winning player. They see this and realize that I need to lose a little bit. It’s okay if I lose because I’m sitting here up $200 and I can stand to take a couple of bad beats and still think “Oh I can beat the system”. It’s also no coincidence whatsoever that when people initially cash in they win a little bit and when people cash out at all they lose. I cannot even tell you how many sharkscope charts I’ve seen of people who start off up 50 or 100 dollars and then plummet down to -$1000 because they’re just not good players. I’ve personally experienced the cash-out curse too. The second you take money out, the site says “that’s not okay, you can’t be taking money out of our system, now we have to punish you for it, here’s 10 straight tournament losses.” This seems like a very difficult thing to track and be capable of pulling off but you have people working 24/7 on their software and can make the cards do pretty much whatever they want.

If you didn’t guess by now, I’ve had a bad run in online poker tonight and am extremely pissed off but I still think it’s not 100% random. Maybe this is only for the mid level games, maybe $1000 SNG’s aren’t rigged but I’m fairly confident the lower ones are. I’ve played a very good amount of live poker and never have I seen so many ridiculous beats.

Why College is Fun, and Conferences

College is the best time in life because you can do so many stupid things and it’s relatively acceptable. Tonight, CJ Wacker did karaoke singing “Listen to Your Heart” by DHT in the most monotone, pathetic performance I’d ever seen. A lot of the people were laughing at him, a lot were cheering for him, and a lot felt bad for him, but in the long run, Wacker made out like a bandit. He was paid a total sum of 90 dollars to get up in front of everyone in the cafeteria for 3 minutes and make a fool out of himself. If I ever get a job that pays 30 dollars a minute, well I’d just go insane. That converts to a little over 3.5 mill a year.  It’s events like this that separate college from real life. People here are willing to pay money to see others do stupid things, and more often then not, people are willing to do stupid things for money. Now I’m not going to lie and say I’ve gotten paid for all of the stupid things I’ve done. I along with many others are enticed enough just by people saying you can’t do it, but in a perfect world everyone would get paid. I think that’s an important thing in life. Don’t always sit back and be an observer. We’re going to talk about Wacker singing that song until we graduate. When it’s Saturday night and everyone’s hanging out really drunk, is it ever just fun to sit around and be drunk? Well yes but you never talk about it the next day like, “Man last night was nuts, we just sat around for so long!” It’s the nights where the really crazy and stupid things happen that are the best.

Of course there are limits. I don’t advocate doing things that can potentially end my running career, but still there are plenty of other things to do. Drunk people are also much more easy to persuade into doing something. You don’t have to offer them money, you can just call them a pussy until the give in and have to prove that they’re not a pussy. Why are the guys on Jackass famous? Because they’re willing to do stupid and crazy stuff that no one else is willing to do. It’s really entertaining to watch Steve-o bong a beer in his asshole or Knoxville ride his rocket ship thingy to the moon only to have it backfire and almost take his dick off. I’m not saying I’d go to life threatening extremes (although I’ve heard taking drinks in your anus gets you about 10 times drunker, experiment?) but still, every day can be spiced up a little bit by events like this.

We did a workout today, our normal pre-conferences workout, and I felt really freaking good. It was 6×200 with 90 seconds rest and I just felt like I was flying. I hit 30-31 for the first 5 and then blazed the last one in 27.2, very close to a PR for me. I wore spikes which helped out a lot but still, 30’s felt easy. The 27 didn’t even feel all-out. I was never at the point where my legs were burning. I think I’m pretty much as ready as I can be given the mileage that I’m running and the workouts I’ve done for Saturday. It’s weird because I really only have one 5k to base a time off of. My first one was a 16:22 which was a total joke and the second one was a 15:55 but I didn’t feel that good and think a faster time was very doable. The heats also got separated, there’s 3 heats instead of 2 now and I’m in the middle heat. The fastest time is 15:47 and the slowest is 16:07. Jatin and I are running together but unfortunately Mark slipped out of the heat. It would have been really cool to have all three of us run but whatever, you win some you lose some. I figure 5 minute miles isn’t impossible, 15:37. I don’t want to go throwing out predictions but I have my heights set pretty high. With the heats being split the way they are, I assume I could be in contention to win my heat which is always exciting. To actually have a race where I’m trying to run fast turn into a real race between people trying to beat each other and are relatively equally matched, well that’s just really exciting. I’m just really pumped to run. I’m also running the mile 2 hours later. I’m in the 2nd heat of that too. I got dicked over because I wanted to run with Bogdan, Pane, and Mark but they’re all in the 3rd heat. I made the second heat by less than a second. Either way, it’ll be fun to watch their race and hopefully I can run an indoor PR for the race if not a lifetime PR. I’ve been waiting for this damn day to come for the past 10 days and now I’m so close but I’ll still have contain myself and practically walk through a 4 mile shake-out run tomorrow. It’s pretty much torture. Either way, I’ll be sure to post a post-conferences blog to let everyone know how I did, since everyone cares. Then it’ll be party time! Stupid stuff here we come!

Rebound and Pet Peeves

So my last post was pretty depressing. I was just in a bad mood this afternoon and I don’t really know why. I had a meeting with my professor and then a lab but they both went pretty well so I’m okay. Afterward Mark and I ran 8 miles on the perk, did strides and core, ate dinner, and then went to the library. This library session was much more productive than the last and I got a lot more done than last night. I’m back to being happy and excited for conferences. I also found out that I will be visiting my very good friend Michael Palmisano at Princeton to kick off my spring break. I’ve talked about visiting for over a year now but I’m finally going there (don’t worry Alex, you’re next).

Anyway, I’ve encountered multiple situations over the past couple of days that has me thinking. The concept of common courtesy is one that, well I understand that animals don’t grasp this, but as human beings everyone should. I’m not saying that everyone has to be nice to each other and put on an act, but there are certain acts that should or should NOT be performed in the spirit of common courtesy.

I’ll start with the most recent. While I was trying to do my history reading yesterday in the library, there were these two people, one male one female, who were having a little tutor session. I’m fine with that, but when you’re talking at normal volume when everyone else around you is completely silent, then I have a problem. They were making absolutely no effort to be quiet and normally that wouldn’t bother me that much, but it was driving up the fucking wall last night. Just have an awareness that everyone around you is being quiet, especially when you’re in a setting such as the library. It would be the equivalent to me answering a phone call and just having a totally normal conversation while everyone was right there. People would have problems with that.

On the topic of phones, this is something that doesn’t generally bother me but I know it does to other people. Text messages are constantly being sent and received at the blink of an eye. At any time during the day you may receive a text message so please keep your phone on vibrate. I’m okay with the initial text being a beep, but vibrate it after that if you know the conversation will continue. There’s no reason to have the phone beeping every 2 minutes so you can let everyone around you know that you’re cool enough to be texting someone.

Facebook is another daily app. Nothing bothers me more than the mass event invitations. I don’t want to support plan parenthood or go to the Upper Dublin hockey game vs PW. I make one event a year, the Turkey Tourney. I spend probably 20 minutes going through my entire friends list hand picking potential candidates for participation in the event. I don’t click “invite all” or whatever option it is. I know you want to spread the word about your shitty event but I’d rather not be involved. What I’ll start doing is click attending, and then commenting. I know many people have done this before and managed to get themselves banned from the event, well if that’s the result then that’s even better, maybe you’ll stop sending me these retard events for good.

The last thing that pisses me off is door usage. When there are two doors, the one on your right is the one you’re supposed to go in regardless of whether it’s open or not. If there is a flow of people and only one door is open, people just think that they should go in the open door. It stops traffic for the opposing side. This drives me insane. If it’s people on my side going out the left door, I’ll open the door on the right side immediately. If people are coming in MY right door, then it’s a free for all. I’ll throw elbows or shoulders or grunts or anything I have to in order to get through that door. It’s just the way things work people. Open the god damn door.