First Meet, Basketball, Music, and Bullying

Running Paragraph
Season opener was today. Since I got destroyed on Thursday night and felt pretty shitty yesterday I wasn’t sure how I was going to preform today. The 5k went off at noon and I was expected race at about 12:20 or so. Jatin and I warmed up together 15 minutes and I felt okay. I didn’t really have a game plan but in my head I wanted to accomplish two things. 1, break 16 and 2, beat Jatin. The wind was blowing pretty hard so I wanted to try and get behind some people and draft for as long as possible. Otherwise the temperature was pretty perfect. The gun went off and I tucked right in at 3rd. After 800 meters though we hit 2:31 and it felt a bit to fast for me. There was a lead pack of three who broke off after 800 which sucked but I knew if I tried to stay at 5 minute pace I’d fall off. I fell back with Jatin and another kid. We switched the lead back and forth to let the other person draft for a lap or so. We hit the mile in 5:07, 5:08’s + a kick is right under 16. The next mile was slow, it was us three going back and forth for a while but not going very fast. I didn’t feel that bad but I just didn’t totally have it like I did 3 weeks ago at conferences which was to be expected. We hit the second mile in 5:14 for a 10:22 two mile. We picked it up a little bit, I hit 13 flat through 4000 meters. I needed to close in 3 flat for my last K (15 minute 5k pace) in order to break 16. I wasn’t so sure because that’s relatively fast compared to what we were running but I didn’t really think about it. The wind was blowing hard down the backstretch so I figured I’d stay behind and then with about 950 to go I’d start my kick. Well that’s what I did. I knew I had a good amount left so I was confident I wouldn’t fade to hard going that early. I dropped Jatin and the other kids and hit the 800 meters from 1000-200 in 2:28. With 200 to go I heard the guy say 14:27 then 14:28 as I crossed the line. At this point I had already caught one kid from the lead three and was going for the second guy. I kicked it in pretty good but the other guy had another gear left so he got me but my kick was still good nonetheless. I closed in a 31. to hit 15:59.72. Jatin came in at 16:06 which was still a solid time. It was a good outdoor debut seeing as I opened up at 16:49 last year. I ran the 800 about 2 hours later and couldn’t care less about it. I’m aware that I don’t have much natural speed and when it’s the very beginning of a new season, I have virtually zero. I went out, ran a shit time (2:11), and called it a day. All in all a success. I was happy with it and think that I should get down to sub 15:30 if not significantly lower by the end of the season.

The NCAA tourney has been the news of the sports world lately EVEN THOUGH the Sixers have officially moved into the number 6 seed in the east. Regardless, I filled out two brackets for the tourney. If I had to pick a college team to root for it’d be Pitt just because my brothers went there and I developed some sort of bond with them ever since. I know they have a tendency to choke in the tourney but that means no one will pick them to win. If they win not only will my favorite team have won, but I’ll probably win my brackets too. I haven’t followed the sport closely enough this year to really be confident with any of my picks. Seeing as I had Louisville upsetting Kansas in the second round when they didn’t even make it out of the first round shows my dumbness. Either way, it’s still a fun thing to do even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here’s a music note. I’m going to talk about one of a new favorite songs and my new least favorite song. I’ll give props to Sean Delaney for showing me this song a while back even though I didn’t really listen to it until a week or so ago. Two Coins by Dispatch. It’s a rather simple song, nothing to flashy, guitar, harmonica, and some sort of Indian drum but I really like the song. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and I like it more and more every time I hear it. Disregard the music video.

Now Tom already mentioned this, but I actually didn’t listen to this song until Wacker showed it to me. It’s called Friday and the song is just awful. I’m almost convinced that it’s a joke song, the lyrics are so bad that I don’t think anyone would legitimately think after writing/performing it that it’s a good song. The girl has to be 15 years old at the oldest and doesn’t look like shes going to be attractive. It has 20+ million views on Youtube and I’d guess that most people are viewing it because it’s getting spread around as one of the worst songs. People will probably go and listen to it after reading this if they haven’t already. I’m not going to post the video because it’s already on Tom’s blog so either go there or go on Youtube to watch it.

For my final thought, there has been a video spreading around that even made it to the news lately. It’s about a kid that was getting bullied by another, much smaller, kid and eventually he just said fuck this, I’m going to destroy you. The video’s at the bottom. In my opinion, I wish he would have killed that little shit. For any kid to think it’s okay to bully others the way he was trying to with the back up of his bigger friends is a joke. Not only should the kid know better but his poor excuse for parents should have taught him something about this. He’s your standard little tough guy who final gets put in his place. It turned into a pretty big deal and made national news in Australia (where it happened). The little kid who instigated it was suspended for 21 days or something like that and the bigger kid got 4 days I think. I think those are both fair. The big kid should get in trouble because in reality, he probably could have killed the kid if he landed on his head. Hopefully after this the retards who bully other kids will stop.

St. Patrick’s Day

I made sure I was ready for Saint Patrick’s. I was doing work all week to make sure that my Thursday night was open. Well, Thursday came around and I was ready. I wasn’t quite as brave as others like Bogdan and Adam who were drinking from 8 or 9 in the morning but still. Us normal people started drinking around 6 or so and it began with the basics, beer pong. I said to Brett beforehand that there were three things I wanted to do. Not drink that much, don’t black out, and have no hangover. Needless to say I achieved zero of those things. At about 6:30 or so Dave showed up with Guinness, Baileys, and Jamison, ingredients for car bombs which I had never done before. The only experience I have with car bombs is Wagon on his birthday in Avalon. Essentially he got destroyed, threw up in my moms car, slept till 5 the next day, and was crying in his bed for a while. I figured I was in for a good night. We started off and I did my first one pretty good. It kind of tasted like chocolate milk but you could tell that it was alcoholic. I did another one of those and then went down to 103 to see what was going on.

I talked to Satchel and Rob for a bit then played a game of pong with Abud. Naturally I made zero cups but fortunately he made one so we didn’t have to run naked. After that I headed back upstairs and the suite was packed. There were a lot of people, guys and girls, who were hanging out. I ended up doing 2 more car bombs and was absolutely wasted. Everyone was pretty drunk and in a festive mood (with the small exception of Mark who had a little freak out). I ventured off to 206 for a little bit. I talked to Goldstein, Allie Minning, and some girl who I didn’t know for a while. I don’t really remember it that well but I was in their shower texting someone at some point. After that, again I don’t really remember, I went to 205 which is a place where I don’t really know anyone. I’m pretty sure I kept telling this girl that she was farting and I think she was sober so she was getting pissed off. She kicked me out once, twice, and supposedly a couple more times. I marched to 203 and told Adam and Wacker to come to 205 so we can get kicked out and not leave because we’re badasses. Wacker and I went there and all of their doors were locked so him and I hung out in their common room playing pong by ourselves. I was knocking on a door and eventually a girl came out really pissed off and said that I had to leave right now.

After that I’m pretty sure my night ended. Brett said that as I was climbing into bed I fell back pretty hard and scraped my shoulder and hurt my hip. I woke up sleeping the wrong way, fully clothed, and pouring sweat at about 4:30 this morning. It was terrible. I got down and moved to the futon for the next 4 hours. At about 8 I woke up again and went out into the common room. I was talking to Bogdan and Ang recapping the night. I then went back to sleep on the common room futon. I got up for good at about 9, took a shower, then we all went to breakfast. I didn’t feel that hungover but something was definitely a little bit off. I got through my classes alright and I’m capable of running so all in all it was a success, no harm done. I don’t think it’ll effect my performance tomorrow, at least I hope so.

Little bit of Sickness

Running Paragraph
Mile repeats were a success. I don’t think I’m in amazing shape but still pretty good shape. We did 5 of them with a lot of rest. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to run them because of my foot so I loaded up on some Ibuprofen and got running. Bayless said somewhere between 4:58-5:00 would be good. We knew that was probably going to be too fast. We hit the first one in 5:04 and that was not easy. The next three were 5:01, 5:02, 5:00. We had about 5 minutes rest between each and we needed every second of it. The last one went out slow, we hit 2:33 for the first 800 and then 3:49 for the 1200. I pretty much starting going all out and managed a 4:59 on the last one. I was absolutely dead but I was pretty happy with the times.

After my workout yesterday I had some trouble. I was feeling really really shitty after dinner and had diarrhea last night, like real diarrhea. I was forced to take a nap and even after I woke up I still felt like death. I did some homework then popped two Nqyuils. I don’t know about other people but Nyquil doesn’t really do it for me. I took it at 10:07 last night and was in bed, on the phone, with the lights off at 11:15 and still able to function totally fine. The only thing I actually noticed was that it took a lot more to move around after I was lying down for a while. My muscles wanted to stay still but my head was not in an abnormally tired state. It took a little bit shorter than the average time to fall asleep but Brett told me that within 10 minutes after he took it he was pretty much asleep. Anyway, I went to bed at 11:30 and slept till 9:15. The past week or so I’ve been waking up and snot rocketing like crazy. The snot is always pure green and really solid. I think that means I’m somewhat sick. My sore throat is hanging with me but I’m feeling better. That workout was just a little too much for me I think. I consider myself a pretty healthy person and I don’t get sick very often but even am not invulnerable to illness (I only know that word from Diablo).

Besides that there isn’t too much going on with me. We have out first meet on Saturday and we can drink on Thursday if we want. Even if I do there won’t be much to blog about. I’ll have to try and get creative on Friday night and come up with a quality post. Until then I suppose this will have to do.

Injuries, St. Patricks Day, Nose Picking, Boners, and Farts

Don’t worry everyone, I went on a 9 mile run with the team at about 6:35 pace and my foot felt fine. I could still tell that there was something wrong with it but nothing that’s going to put me out for a week or end my season. I did however experience another injury, but not with the same potential for disaster. I never really get blisters but I got a pretty good (bad?) one yesterday. It was on the inside of my left foot and I was going to take a picture of it but I forgot to do that. Anyway, I didn’t totally know what to do because I’m inexperienced with these things. I took a thumb tack, held the tip under fire for a few seconds, then poked a little hole in the blister. After that I squeezed the sucker and whatever liquid was inside went shooting out until it was empty. It was actually pretty cool. Now that I have a webcam I was considering taking a video of it but of course, I forgot that too. Either way, I’m capable of running which is good because we have my favorite workout ever today, mile repeats. It’s 5×1600 and assuming I can run/complete the workout, it should be a good one.

So St. Patrick’s day is this Thursday and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve never been a huge fan or anything. When other people are drinking collectively like that I’ll join them but I’m not going to be all gung-ho about drinking just because it’s this holiday. Also, initially I was under the impression I would not be drinking at all because we have a meet on Saturday and usually there’s a 48 hour rule where we’re not allowed to drink. Our coach waived that rule specifically for Thursday so we could drink but then added a little side note at the bottom saying “I figure those of you who care about our team and your performance you will wait til after the meet on Saturday to celebrate anyway for everyone else feel free to enjoy the day without any penalties from the Coaching Staff.” It seems nice enough with things like ‘celebrate’ and ‘enjoy the day’ but he’s clearly trying to make us feel guilty if we decide to drink. I don’t know what I’m going to do. If I decide to drink it would only be a little bit to get buzzed which would make falling asleep a lot easier. If I stay totally sober I would probably go to the library, get some work done, but then struggle to fall asleep because it is St. Patrick’s day and Reimert is going to be extremely loud. It’ll be a game time decision.

I’m writing this blog in class. I’m currently a tiny bit sick, I have a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Since I have so many boogers in my nose, I’m pretty much constantly picking it. I always wonder how many people notice when I do that. It’s not only with picking my nose either, if I’m sitting here in class with a raging boner, do people notice that too? And if I go to conceal my wood by tucking it into my waistband, do people notice that also? And if I’m in the library and try to pass a little gas, well yes it may be silent but can people smell it from 10 feet away? Can they tell that I might be lifting a leg up to make the delivery easier? There’s no possible way that I’m the only person in class who picks there nose and gets boners and farts during class and since I never notice anyone else doing these things, I must assume that no one notices me too. Anyone care to comment on if they do this too or if they never do this, I’m curious.

Spring Break is Done

It’s been a very good spring break. The 9 days went by way faster than I expected. It really does feel like yesterday that I was driving home to start my break. We celebrated the end of break, and Tony Eveready’s birthday, last night at Dave’s house. Gourlay and I showed up at around 6 and let the fun begin. It was all Ursinus people so no one really knew Gourlay but that wasn’t really a problem. We started playing catch up and we caught up pretty quickly. I was way drunker than I thought I was. We were playing cornhole and watching basketball for the majority of the time. Another friend from home joined the Ursinus party, Jonny. I introduced him as my Jewish friend and everyone liked him. At some point Jonny decided that his green-V wasn’t quite deep enough so he actually took scissors to his shirt and cut it way deeper than it was.  Emily made a guest appearance but unfortunately, neither Dave nor Mark could make anything happen although Dave made up for that. I don’t know exactly why but pretty early on in the night Gourlay and I gelled up our hair using the same hair gel that Mark and I used on Ben a few months ago. The stuff must be years old but it gets the job done. We had our hair nice and spiked up for the rest of the night. At 11 or so Katie came and picked me up from Dave’s. I said my goodbyes and we were on our way. Although nothing that out of control happened, it was still a really fun night and a good way to cap off a great spring break.

I’m back at school now and it sucks. I thought I would come back refreshed and ready to work but that’s not the case. Right when I got back I tried to go on a run but my foot was hurting too much so I did two miles and called it a day. I don’t think it’s anything serious and this was more of a precaution than anything else. I don’t know what I would do if I got hurt, I’d be really pissed off. I’ll keep an injury update going but I doubt it’s anything bad. After that we went to Wismer for dinner and like always, the food was awful. I got back and was so pooped that I had to nap. I took an hour long power nap in Ryder’s bed and thought I was ready to go. I looked at my assignment for Doughty and it’s just ridiculous. I have no motivation to read all this crap and take notes on it and all that other stuff. His class in particular gets me mad because he’s just constantly out to make a fool of people for not doing the homework the way he would do it. I got an 85 on my first paper for his class which I thought was pretty good but we’ll see what happens the rest of the semester.

So someone actually commented on my last post saying that I was really stupid and ignorant for what I said about Japan. Now I actually appreciate that someone would decide to comment because no one ever does, but unfortunately they chose to remain anonymous. I don’t know if this is someone that knows me or not but I suppose I’ll respond regardless. It’s really not stupid, it’s a fact that Japan is pretty poorly located and at high risk for natural disaster. I’m not sitting here laughing at Japan and everyone who lives there saying hah I told you so, I’m sitting here saying that it’s terrible no matter how you spin it, I just think it should be noted that this whole thing really shouldn’t surprise anyone. I know the country and all of the people living there were set up before anyone really knew what was going on there but still. It may make me sound as Yoko puts it “emotionless” but that’s not the case. Do I feel bad for them? Yes. Could you have seen this coming? Yes.

Anyway, now that I’m back at school maybe my number of posts will pick up. I was really slacking over break but I’ll try to change that. Needless to say we didn’t attempt the beer mile today because I couldn’t even go on my normal run but it will happen sometime soon. The gallon challenge will also happen sometime this week as well. I’ll try to get both of those done ASAP. Have a nice Monday.

Japan Shaking Things Up

Running Paragraph
Well I’ve been running a good amount this break, I’ll probably hit a little over 70 miles a week but today I tried something different. The boys in Oregon have a special workout they do called the 30/40 workout. It started with Prefontaine and Bowerman. The idea is that you run a 200 in 30 and then the next 200 in 40 and you keep going non-stop until you have to stop. Now Pre ran something like 5 miles and Rupp bested that with something like 5.5 miles. I did a bit of a modified version that was geared towards making it possible to get past 800 meters. Mine was the 35/45 workout. The same idea except running 35 for the fast 200’s and 45 for the slow ones. I had no idea what I would be able to run and this was my first real workout since conferences so I wasn’t bagging on an amazing performance. I warmed up 2 miles or so and then was on my way. You see, the trouble with starting this workout is that once the watch clicks, it’s on. There’s not breaks to stretch out a cramp or tie a shoe, once you start, you’re fully committed. I made sure I was all good to go and then I started. I was hitting 35’s pretty good for a while and the slow 200’s were even a little bit fast, 43’s and 44’s. After a mile I was hurting but still good to. After 2 miles I was near dead. I hit my 9th 200 in 35 high and was slipping, the next rest was a 47 which was told me that I was pretty much done. I ran my 10th 200 pretty much all out in 36 high and then stopped. I only got 2 and 3/8th miles but it hurt like hell. My final time was 12:47 and I guess I was happy with. I warmed down 2 miles and called it a day. Our first outdoor meet is in a week and I’m running the 5k and the 800. I don’t know what to expect but I’m just ready to get back to racing. It should be a good outdoor season.

Spring break is winding down. It’s already Friday and the week is absolutely flying. I’ve done pretty much what I said I was going to, running a lot, playing guitar, and I finished my book. It’s been a fairly entertaining and pretty relaxing week which was pretty much what I was looking for but now that I don’t live in my house anymore, it’s really not fun to have people over. In my basement I had an Xbox 360, a working computer with music, and a ping-pong table. All of those things are now gone pretty much. The ping pong table can be fixed up to play but when there’s no music to enjoy during the game, it’s not the same. Now it’s like, when I have friends come over, we just sit in my family room watching T.V. until someone finds something to do and if we don’t find anything to do, nothing happens.

So a ton of people are freaking out at this Japan thing. An earthquake measuring in at 8.9 on the Richter scale happened on the pacific coast of Japan which shook the city pretty violently and sent these huge tsunamis inland. Now, I do feel bad for the people who lost their houses and all the people who were swept away in the chaos but when you have the most populated city in the world (Tokyo) built that close to the intersection of four fault lines is retarded. That’s just asking for a huge disaster when nature decides to strike. I understand that Japan in general is as prepared as humanly possible to deal with earthquakes but the fact remains that if a really bad quake hits and huge tsunamis come, there’s going to be homes destroyed and lives ended. Why not build it away from the faults and away from the potential disaster? I just don’t feel that sympathetic for them when they’re pretty much setting themselves up for death.

I’ve been catching up on Californication and I can’t tell if I like it or not. Jeff made the comment that the show is repetitive and he didn’t like where it was going and I guess I kind of agree but I’ve watched 7 episodes of the 4th season and it still entertains me either way. I still like the show and I don’t get the same feeling I got with Entourage. I used to be a big fan of that show and then it just went downhill. I don’t know exactly why but I lost interest, that hasn’t happened with Californication yet.

Spring Break So Far

I know posts have been sparse but I’ve actually had a pretty busy spring break so far. The thought is that, “Oh I’m on spring break and I’m going to have a ton of time to do nothing” but when I like to sleep in, have to run which takes up an hour and a half, and have to see certain people at least once over break, well it just isn’t a relaxing as I pictured. Whatever, here’s a post regardless.

Something happened last night that’s happened a good number of times before. If I’m out running or out walking on the street and you’re going to say some insult from the safety of your car, at least be man enough to say it when you’re passing me and not when you’re 30 feet in front of me. It’s the most pussy move in the world to duck your head down until the last second then shout something out of the window that no can even make out because you’re so far away and trying to say it as fast as you can so you can get back to putting your head down. Last night, Katie and I were walking in Ambler and a car drove by, the kid in the back seat was looking at us but didn’t say anything, there was a red light just ahead. We walked past the light and got a few yards up the road. The light went green and the car starts driving and when the kid knows hes in the clear for not having to stop again, he opens his window and shouts something about me wearing shorts instead of pants. Besides the fact that that insult is terrible, he did it in the most poon way possible. I don’t know if it’s trying to look cool in front of friends or if it’s actually that funny but if you’re going to do something like that at least do it to the person’s face.

Now that I’m home again, I watch a lot more television. I actually think I’ve talked about this before but still, ESPN on all of Saturday is awful. I know some people care, but I don’t care at all for regular season college basketball. I know they’re starting to get to the tournament now and the league championships are happening but even the championships I have trouble getting into. It’s just really annoying to choose between that, reruns of bad shows, or decent movies with commercial interruptions.

That’s about all I got at the moment. I’ve been running a lot over break and plan to run a lot more. I actually have been reading like I said I was going to which is surprising. I’d like to touch up on my basketball game which is terrible at the moment but besides all of that, I’m a pretty boring person to have a blog it seems

Princeton Trip

I visited Mike yesterday at Princeton. I left here around 2 and got to Princeton by 3. I didn’t have any problems finding the place which was good. The trip started off terribly. When I got there I met up with Mike and watched a tennis match. It was good, I saw George and we talked for a bit and then we went outside to head to Mike’s room. Well, we were going to drive there but I couldn’t find my keys. Did they fall out of my pocket at the tennis match? I hoped. We walked to my car and of course I see the keys sitting on the drivers seat. We called the campus security thing and asked if they could do anything, they said yeah they’ll send someone. We waited outside of the car for about 30 minutes and the guy shows up. He pretty much pried the top part of the door open and then stuck a wood thing in there to hold it open and then shoved this green rod thingy in there and was fidgeting with the lock until finally he unlocked it.

Okay, so we started off a little rough. I went to Mike’s room and met his roommate James who was really cool. Us 3 met up with George and went to dinner. The food there was significantly better than Ursinus food but that was to be expected. We finished eating in about 30 minutes but us 4 stayed and talked for about 2 hours total. After that Mike and I headed to George and Christian’s room. I met Christian who was also a cool dude. George started rockin’ on guitar and he was a beast. He had this $800 guitar and an awesome amp and was really good even though he said he wasn’t. After that we headed to the pregame which started at 10. Starting at 10 is unusual to me because it’s just not a lot of time. I like starting early which generally implies ending early too but every now and then I don’t pass out until 1 or 2 which is a quality night if you’re starting at 6 or 7.

Anyway, we get to the pregame and there was no alcohol. I met all of kids, most of which were on the team. Initially there was maybe 6 or 7 of us but by 11 or 11:30 there was 15 or so. Peter Maag fortunately brought beer so we were all drinking a little bit. At one point there was a girl there but she left after about 30 minutes. At 11:30 or so we left to go the real party. We got there and it was a huge dance floor and a basement with drinking games and beer. The beer must have been watered down because I was chugging those things and besides the fact that I wasn’t getting that drunk, they just didn’t taste like legit beer. We hung out and danced there for a bit and then went to the Cap house which consists of mostly track kids. That place was pretty cool too, again it was a huge dance floor and a bar. We were there for a bit and went to two other places also which were all generally the same thing but they were fun.

After that there was a small group of us that went to the Princeton track and football stadium. Hudson and I had a 100 yard race on the football field and seeing as Hudson ran a 4:07 in high school, I wasn’t winning that race. We climbed up on top of this thing, I don’t know exactly what to call it, but it hangs over the seats that look out onto the track. It was maybe 3-4 stories high and it was pretty awesome being up there and looking out over the track. Hudson, Mike, and I hung out up there for a while and then eventually left for Wawa. It was about 4:30 in the morning and I was craving some food. I ordered the classic 6 inch meatball sub and a corn muffin. It was delicious.

Post Wawa Mike and I went back to his room, it was about 4:45 at this point and we were out in seconds. Mike, James, and I woke up at 10 or so and then went to brunch. We hung out there for an hour or so and again the food was much better than Ursinus. We went back to the room, bro’d out for a bit, and then Mike and I hit the road. We found our way home without any directions which I was pretty proud of and now I’m back.

All in all Princeton is a pretty cool place. The people there are definitely smart and all kind of with it, well for the most part. The people who are there for sports are athletically and intellectually… good, and for the most part socially good too but the people who are there strictly for academics are pretty weird socially. That was just my impression. It was a very entertaining visit and I met a lot of really cool people. Happy Sunday.

Let the Fun Begin

Spring break is finally here. I contemplated putting an exclamation point after that last statement but I agree with Tom about use of exclamations. If you went back and read my last probably 50 posts you probably wouldn’t find any. It’s not that my life lacks excitement (although yes it does), it’s just that I don’t think it’s necessary unless something is extremely important or exciting. Anyway, we celebrated the arrival of spring break last night. I got all of my work done early just so I could get the party started. I cracked open my first Natty Ice at about 8pm. I finished that beer by about 9pm. That’s when I decided I needed to pick it up a bit. I wanted to be pretty drunk for Jersey Shore. I drank 3 more from 9 to 10 and was drunk going into the show. It was an entertaining episode but the most entertaining thing that happened was Mark breaking Yoko’s computer. He kicked something and it flew over to Yoko’s desk and knocked a beer over and now Yoko has a new computer with all his documents gone.

I was drinking steadily throughout the show, probably too steadily. I was hammered by the end of it and this is where things start to get a little bit fuzzy. I remember Mark and I walking down to 103 to hang out with the Sig Pi guys. Mitch came back to Ursinus for his 21st birthday so we were hanging out with him and everyone else for a while. I remember bits and pieces, mainly calling Ryan Sullivan, whose actually gay, gay. Eventually we went back to 203 but Abud came along with us. We had another jam session but I barely remember any of it. I asked Abud today if I was even playing and his response was “Yeah you were playing some dispatch and tears in heaven but you kept staring off into space and smiling when you were doing it”.  Yoko told me that I pretty much just passed out while Abud was still here.

I woke up this morning with one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in a while. I was full sweat and my bed was soaked. I didn’t have class for two hours so I wanted to go back to sleep but my bed was not an option. I went out in the common room in my short shorts and a sweatshirt for warmth. I went back to sleep face down on the futon for a while and woke up drooling which is disgusting because that futon is really gross. I got up and felt terrible. I didn’t drink an unusual amount last night but I think I was just really dehydrated and didn’t eat too much so I felt like dick this morning. I went to my first class and made it through okay. Side note – we got our financial accounting tests back and I got an 84 but the class average was a 74 so I’ll take it. History is where I started having problems. I was checking the clock every two minutes and I felt like I was going to throw up. For about 4 minutes there I actually did think I was going to throw up but you  never walk out of a Doughty class so I stayed seated. After that I had my guitar lesson which was fine. I needed some food in me so I went to Zack’s and for the second time this semester THEY FORGOT THE SAUSAGE  ON MY SAUSAGE EGG AND CHEESE. It was easily the worst breakfast sandwich I’d ever had. The bagel was stale and there was still like, the wrapping paper I guess, stuck on the cheese. It was all around a terrible experience.

I’m heading home in about an hour but I don’t still don’t feel 100%. Running cures hangovers and I haven’t done that yet so that’s about number 2 or 3  on my to-do list right now. I foresee a lot of running, guitar, and surprisingly enough, reading, among other things, over break. I know the 9 days is going to fly by but I’m going to try and enjoy it as much as I can.