Nail Filing

One thing my dad always made a huge point of telling me was NOT to bite my nails. I’ve had braces for a pretty long time which totally wipes out your ability to bite your nails so for a few years there I was clean but when I got my top braces off, I went back to biting. I don’t think it’s that bad of a habit unless you’re doing it an inappropriate times like at a job interview or something like that. Anyway, the side effect of biting your nails is having jagged nails. No matter how much you bite, the nails are almost always going to be uneven and uncomfortable to have. I solve this problem by filing my nails. Now when I told this to Yoko and Mark the response was a resounding “wow that’s gay”. I don’t get how that’s gay. It seems like no one ever files there nails and if you do you’re a freak. I remember last year when I went home for fall break I made a point of taking a nail filer from home so I had one at school because not having one was driving me crazy. If someone could explain why it’s gay I’d like to know. I’m not concerned for how my nails look, it’s not a cosmetic thing, I just want to be comfortable. There’s only one thing that gives me chills worse than when my nails are really messed up and I scratch a piece of paper or something like that. The only thing worse is when you try writing with a conventional wooden pencil that has either a broken point or no point at all, for some reason that will make me cringe every single time.

Packed Weekend

It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I’ve had a pretty busy weekend but it was a very good one. Katie got here on Friday night at about 6 or so but because we had a meet Saturday there wasn’t too much to do. We hung in and watched a movie then went to bed early. Saturday started early as we had to wake up at 7:30 to get ready for the meet. We were off to Widener at about 8 and got there by 9. I was running the 1500, the 800, and the steeple chase. Katie and her mom came to the meet and they met Jeff and my mom. The meetings as a whole went very well. The moms bonded over mom things and everything was good.

Running Paragraph
My first race was the 1500. I was seeded at 4:19 and the fastest seed in my heat was 4:18. I got out in the back but we went through the quarter in about 68 which was fine. I moved up to 2nd or 3rd and we hit the half in 2:17-2:18. It was a little slow but good enough. I was still in 3rd and then with 400 to go a talk goofy kid passed me and went into the lead. I passed the kid in 2nd and tried to run the first kid down but couldn’t catch him. I pretty much even split the whole race and finished at 4:17.6. Not a stellar time but seeing as we haven’t done literally any speed work, I’ll take it. I don’t think there will be many times that I’m fully prepared to run a really fast 1500 and I could tell that I ran that pretty much on strength alone, not speed. Next was the 800 and surprise surprise I ran like absolute shit. I was near the back for the whole race and never really did anything. Once again, we haven’t done any speed work and I have zero natural speed so this is like my ideal race to do terrible. I pretty much even split it and ran a 2:12 which was not impressive by any means. Next up was the steeple chase. Originally it was supposed to be a group of 7 guys running it from Ursinus but Mark, Bogdan, and worst of all Jeremy, who was the reason we all did it in the first place, dropped it. Running 85 per lap got you the conference qualifier so Jatin and I figured that was something to shoot for. We got out near the back but were on pace to run alright. We hadn’t practiced a water jump at all so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. My first one was a little shaky but surprisingly I did pretty well on all of them after that. I didn’t have any problems getting over any of the hurdles and didn’t fall once. Jatin was another story and he ended up on all four’s the majority of the time over the water. I picked it up a little bit at the end and negative split for a 10:26.  Conferences is 10:44 so I got that pretty easily and seeing as it was my third event and first time ever doing the steeple I was pretty pleased. It’s a really fun race and I could see myself running it again. Here’s one of many good pictures from the race.

I missed drinking last weekend so last night was my first time drinking in 2 weeks. Wacker and I started it off with a power hour. Adam said he would join but he just kind of sat there with a dazed look on his face and took a sip of beer every couple of minutes. After 15 minutes Yoko made Wacker stop the power hour so I was on my own. After 40 minutes it was just me and Katie in my room so we decided to ditch the power hour and go be social. I bought 16 ounce Rolling Rocks because they were on sale and they were pretty good I guess. I lost a pull up contest to Katie, I did 3 and a quarter or so and she did either 4 or 5. Needless to say it wasn’t my brightest moment. We also played pong together and blew at that. Mark, Pane, Ben, and I had a mini-jam session that capped off with the usual, Motor Cycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind.

A few of us went to late night lower to get some food and what do you know, they had sausage egg and cheese on an English muffin, score. Everyone was having a good time except for Wacker who looked like he was going to vomit. I escorted him to the bathroom and believe it or not he didn’t throw up. After that plus 6 of the Rolling Rock’s I was pretty much out. I was really tired from the meet and that plus the beer just put me in pass-out mode. My room was occupied so Katie and I passed out on Mark’s futon for a while. I remember everything up that point perfectly but I don’t remember ever getting up from the futon. Apparently I just got up, took out my contacts which is pretty surprising, and got in bed without waking Katie up from Mark’s futon. I’ve noticed that when I get in pass-out mode, that’s literally the only thing I do, pass out.

I woke up at about 7 in the morning in my bed and I had to piss like a race horse. I got up and had a pretty bad headache. I had a decent hang over and wasn’t feeling like myself. We went back to bed till about 10 and then got up. Katie, Mark, Bogdan and I went on a run and trudged through 10 miles. It was slow but much needed. My hangover was gone thank god and it was time for brunch. A couple of us went to brunch and it actually wasn’t terrible. The weather was really nice out so post brunch we played some Bocci ball and Frisbee. After an hour or two of that we called it a day pretty much. Katie stayed until dinner and got to really experience Wismer food which blows. After dinner we said farewell and then a couple of guys from the team and I went to play some basketball. I shot about 90% in the first game but then went back to my normal self and wasn’t quite as good the second or third game. Somehow we ended up with 7 people again so we had to play 3 on 4 which kind of sucks but whatever. It was fun nonetheless.

It’s back to work and I’m off to a terrible start. I got my history draft back and Doughty tore me apart. To quote him, “In terms of historical accuracy, this paper is an F.” This was the paper that I wrote when I was really sick last week and just had to get the draft in. It doesn’t count for any points but it’s definitely not a good start. I took a macro test on Thursday and it was better than an F. All of my classes except for that damn history class have been good. One month left of school, sheesh how did that go by so fast. Almost there.

Argue This

Arguments are a part of everyday life. For some it’s a part of every single conversation. Some people argue more than others but nevertheless it’s always present. I can think of 3 people in my life that argued more than anyone and were often wrong, one of them probably shaped the way I argue more than anyone else.

Lets clear up my definition of argument. I’m not talking about some cut throat back and forth where two people are yelling at each other. I’m talking of a more civil debate rather where two people are discussing one point and their opinion on that point. It can be a fact based things such as “how fast does an airplane fly at cruising speed” or something opinion based such as “what was the biggest cause of WWI”.

There’s one thing I’ve learned from my years of observation. If you argue a point really intensely, most of the time people will back off and admit you’re right regardless of if you’re right or wrong. Most people don’t have 100% confidence in their argument and if someone goes against what they say with full force, they’ll back down and accept defeat. The way I argue is geared towards that. 95% of the arguments I enter, I’m willing to bet that I’m right and that’s generally what happens. I have decent facts to back up my case and if I encounter someone who goes all in with there case but aren’t really sure, I usually win by just saying “bet me money right now that you’re right”. That tactic gets even the most confident retards to back down. If someone isn’t willing to bet then they’re not very sure of themselves and for the most part, are probably wrong.

Since I only enter arguments when I’m positive that I’m right, I don’t enter as much as others. A lot of the time when I’m not as confident, I’ll state my point and if it goes against someone I’ll say, “I could be wrong”. This is a good way to make you not seem like a dick and if you are in fact wrong, you don’t seem like a total retard because you did say you could be wrong. Pretty much, the moral of the story is that nothing bothers me more when people argue a point and they’re wrong especially when they have no reason to believe they’re right. If you’re going to defend a point at least have something to say other than “well I think it’s this but I can’t give you any reason why”.

Steeple and Weather Fail

As unfortunate as it is, summer is approaching and I decided to plan for the future instead of waiting till the last minute. I emailed my boss from last summer today and asked if I could have essentially the same job as I did last time. Pretty much I got paid 12 bucks an hour to do what this guy said. He would give me a task that could take someone 20 minutes or an hour and as long as I got it done within that time, he was happy. I’d be half asleep doing a job and feel like it took forever for me to do and when I’d come up to him telling him that I finished, he’d be like “wow that was way faster than I would have done it”. Now he’s probably just complimenting me to make me feel important and not useless but regardless, I’m as competent as any 19 year old out there, I’m going to do the work, and I’ve already done it once before, why not hire me?

So I’m running the steeple chase (3000 meters) this weekend. We did some drills over the hurdles today and yesterday and while they don’t feel too high, I think it’s plausible that after a mile or so I’ll be hurting. There’s 5 hurdles every lap including one water pit. To compound the tiredness I’ll be running the 1500 and then the 800 beforehand. It’s supposed to be a fun event that is more for kicks and giggles rather than competing and running a fast time but still, the chance of falling is still there. All I can say is I hope I don’t end up like this guy.

Go to about 45 seconds and just keep watching, they go back and slow-mo it.

Katie is visiting this weekend and assuming I’m not in the hospital after my steeple, it should be a very fun weekend. There’s nothing really planned to do but then again we never plan anything and weekends end up entertaining for the most part. Her mom and my mom will meet for the first time this weekend. In the past this has gone iffy. When my mom met Emily’s mom they kind of hit it off. They scheduled a dinner and went out together and really liked each other. Mrs. Marmion said she’d call my mom sometime again to schedule another date but to this day nothing has happened. We saw them at Phil’s Tavern last year and her mom said that she was still going to call, she’s just busy. I don’t know if this would be a success or not. They were really good friends and got along great, they just had scheduling problems. My mom didn’t really get to meet Ali’s parents, just a quick hi at Paul Short but that probably would have gone fine? Moms and dads like this can pretty much just talk about their kids and entertain themselves like that so I’m not worried about it.

This weather is ridiculous. What’s even worse is that there’s no one to get pissed off at. It’s not like we can all join together and go complain to the weather god and have him say okay okay you’re right, I’ll make it warm. You just have to sit here for another 2 weeks and wait until this shit weather passes. I want as much outdoor time as possible for the remainder of the semester. Frisbee is a must.

Abud also says he wants to play me in ping-pong. Abud if you’re reading this, consider it a call out. I consider myself an extremely above average ping-pong player and have competed against some very good competition. I played Julie Davidov who took some table tennis class at Pitt and claimed that no mere basement player could compete. When I beat her she just kept saying “but I’m classically trained!!! There’s no way this kid should be able to beat me!” I credit my skill to countless hours and games with Jake Boyd. We would play until we were full sweat and completely exhausted. We started off as average and transformed to really good by playing each other. I remember Cole Arnold and Kyle Smith always used to say they was amazing. I started to consistently beat Kyle before I even got that good, I played Trey Bliel who was part of their crew and beat him,  pretty much ping pong is something everyone says they’re good at but really don’t know what good is. I’m not saying I know what is good but I’m saying I know what isn’t good and that’s pretty much everyone excluding those who frequently play in tournaments or clubs. I will beat almost everyone outside of that. Inki was a semi-regular player who had pretty legit training and I kept up with him pretty much every step of the way. He would always come out on top by a little bit but still, you get the point.

March Madness

The new craze sweeping the Ursinus distance team, mainly just Wacker, is Bocci ball. I had never heard of it until yesterday and I first played it today. Pretty much, someone throws a little ball and then each team has 4 bigger balls and you try to throw the bigger balls as close to the little ball as possible. It sounds stupid but it’s actually pretty entertaining. Wacker usually gets excited over stupid things, some of which are actually worth getting excited about, but he goes ape shit over Bocci ball. It’s pretty much like every other game ever, it’s pretty fun but can be extremely frustrating if things aren’t going your way. I’ll go ahead and say that I can see myself drinking outside with some people on a Friday afternoon when it’s 70 and sunny playing some Bocci ball.

Last week was a big week academically for me. two papers and a test. Eric gave back one paper back today and I got an 85 on it which in his class is arguably an A. I got my test business stat test today which I thought I bombed. I literally skipped 6 multiple choices in the first 10 minutes because I had no idea what I was doing. The written questions were hard too but by the end I felt somewhat confident about it. Turns out that with the extra credit she gave I got a 100. Freakin’ Awesome.

March Madness was literally a joke this year. I mean the fun of the tournament is to give every team a chance at the national title which is awesome, but in terms of filling out a bracket, it was pretty much pointless. My bracket currently ranks 5,211,893 on ESPN which is pretty bad. I sort just stopped following my bracket entirely when 2 of my 4 final four teams didn’t make it out of the round of 32 (including my champion, good ole Pitt), and then the other 2 got out in the sweet 16. I will say, I’d much rather have a tournament like this where everyone’s bracket is pretty bad and the fact that an 11 or 8 seed is going to the championship makes it interesting. Somehow, there’s actually a person on ESPN who accurately predicted the final four. Who was willing to say before this tournament started, “yeah fuck this bracket who cares about the tournament”, and then miraculously be in first out of everyone. If I my final four would be George Mason, Missouri, Syracuse, and Louisville I would look like the biggest tard in the world right now. But that guy somehow pulled it off. I guess when you get literally millions of people picking an obscure bracket in hopes to be that one lucky guy and the tournament actually does go crazy then there will be someone who’s nailing it. I’ll stick with my usual strategy of Pitt FTW.

One last note. If you’re going to wear headphones around all of the time, keep them at a low volume level so that no one else around you can hear them. Since I’m in the library daily now for hours on end, I experience this problem more frequently than ever before. Personally I think music would distract me from doing work but when I’m sitting here listening to some Indian kid’s music from poke’mon red on gameboy or the worst of all some girl listening to Friday and then the song gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day, it’s just really distracting.

Alone or Drunk

Not submitting to peer pressure is always taught to kids in middle school and high school. While I don’t think it’s a good idea to give in to peer pressure, I do think that you should just completely avoid peer pressure completely. I decided not to drink last night because I figured it wasn’t good for my health and it was one of the most painful experiences ever. Being sober when others are drunk is impossible. At about 9 or 9:30 people started getting drunk and I was sober. At this point I was still okay to hang around everyone because they weren’t hammered yet. Obviously I wasn’t as vocal, entertaining, cool, or enjoyable to be around as normal but still, me being there was a mutual thing. At 10 or so everyone went to the track party which was held at a different place. I didn’t go and decided to stay in my room and play guitar instead. At 11 or 11:30 when people started filtering back in, they were noticeably more drunk. I made a few attempts at going out and socializing but most attempts lasted no longer than 5 minutes. I would hang out in my room playing guitar and reading running things and every now and then someone would walk in and talk  to me (90% of the time it was either Wacker or Yoko). I just don’t know how to handle drunk people. It’s not even that they’re making as ass out of themselves like most people have a problem with, but I just don’t know what to say to them. I just feel really awkward and it’s even weirder for me because they don’t feel awkward at all because they’re drunk.

It’s not that they annoy me at all, I just can’t socially interact with very drunk people at all, although last night a few things did annoy me. Our suite is 203, the track suite, meaning everyone who lives here is track related. Obviously I don’t mind if Yoko has friends from Beta Sig come over and I don’t think people really mind when I have my friends from Sig Pi come over and hang out for a bit, but when people who don’t live here have groups of people coming over that no one here is that friendly with, well that’s when it gets a little weird. It’s fine if we’re all getting along and everything but I can think of two occasions where it kind of wasn’t okay. The first one was Steve Nash night where that kid was lurking in the suite and would not take the hint and just get the hell out. It took Bogdan pretty much kicking him out for him to leave. The other time was the day before two of my finals when I was sober and had to kick multiple people out, one of which I knew and the other 2 which I didn’t know out, when they were the only ones still up and partying in our common room at 2:30 in the morning and none of them lived here. Those are situations where being sober and having drunks around is annoying and not okay. Fortunately for me I rarely sober when other people aren’t so I don’t encounter these situations too often. The only somewhat annoying thing but somewhat funny thing (when you’re drunk) are the violent drunks. It’s pretty annoying if they’re attacking you or making a mess but if they’re not doing either and they’re attacking someone else, then it’s kind of entertaining (cough Brett/Mark cough).

Either way, the moral of the story is, if you’re not going to drink or do whatever then you shouldn’t go to the party. It’s pretty much just setting yourself up for one of two things. A, drinking or B, having a bad time. I don’t know how people enjoy going to a party atmosphere without getting drunk. I know it sounds sad or pathetic but I’m sorry, I’d much rather sit in my room and play video games than try and go out and enjoy a sober night at a drunk party.

Feelin’ Good

I stayed home from the track meet today due to my sickness. After I posted that blog yesterday I took a nap and then went to lunch where I had some problems. I was bundled up because I was freezing cold and I tried to drink some orange juice to feel better. Well after finishing a cup of that I said “do you think it would be better to throw up on the ground or on the table?” Their was a mixed result but then when I said “cause I actually think I’m gonna throw up”, everyone decided I should go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom I vomited in the trashcan for about a minute while Wacker stood there and watched. There was a ridiculous amount of throw up but afterward I felt a lot better. I went back to the cafeteria and had half a bagel and some drinks. After that Yoko and I went to CVS where I bought some Pepto and a CVS brand Emergen-C. After that I actually felt pretty good. I didn’t diarrhea for a while and decided to take another nap. When I woke up we went to dinner and I had to finish my 5 page paper for Doughty. I felt like shit at dinner and then went to the library where I felt even worse. I managed to finish the paper but it was like hell. I went back to my room sort of just died. I took Nyquil and just laid in my bed with the T.V. on until I fell asleep.

I woke up this morning at 4:30 really sweaty and unfortunately had to diarrhea again. I had a pounding headache and when everyone was up at 8 to leave for the meet I figured it was just a bad idea for me to go. From last night until now I’ve slept about 13 hours. I’m feeling better and I just want to be able to run again. I never know with sickness where to draw the line and say maybe I should go see the doctor. Pepto says that if diarrhea keeps up for more than 2 days then you should go see somebody. The snot in my right nostril is kind of bloody but I don’t think that’s too big of a deal.

It’s now about 7:30 and I feel pretty good. This entire day has been sitting around, playing guitar, watching sports center, and reading Running with the Buffaloes. I decided that I felt good enough to go on a run and did about 8 miles in 6:40ish pace. I think I’m pretty much back to normal. No headache, no diarrhea, all seems well as of right now. I don’t know if I’m going to drink tonight or not. If I didn’t go on a run there was no way I could justify drinking but since I went on a pretty solid run I think it would be somewhat okay if I was feeling good to drink. As of right now I’ll probably ease into it and not get very drunk throughout the night. I know I’ve said that before but I swear I mean it this time. I figured with 9 hours of free time I could get a solid blog post in again, whoopsies. I’ll try again tomorrow. Happy Saturday.

It’s Friday, and I Couldn’t Feel Worse

My last post was pretty depressing. I had a lot of work to do and wasn’t feeling good. Well this post will be a little different. My papers/test really wasn’t too bad but this is the worst I’ve physically felt in a very long time. I woke up at 7:30 this morning and absolutely had to diarrhea. I tried to go back to sleep but simply couldn’t do it. From 8 to 10 this morning I was on and off the toilet every 10-15 minutes with pure liquid coming out. After today, I realize how much I’ve abused the term diarrhea. When I say that I did that after a run or something, that’s not really the case, it’s just really nasty. This is completely the definition of diarrhea and now I know how truly awful it is. I’ve come really close to vomiting numerous times this morning but surprisingly I haven’t yet.

Being sick has led to an absolutely catastrophic event. I’ve skipped my first classes in my entire college career. I’ve attended about 600 consecutive classes since beginning my time here at Ursinus. It simply wasn’t in the cards today. I feel like death.

If one good thing has come out of me skipping class, it’s my founding of this video.

It’s a pretty creative spin to a really popular song. Obviously the lyrics still suck but the instrumentals and vocals are really good. I’m sure these brothers are not pleased that the only reason I found their music was by searching “Friday Acoustic” on Youtube. Either way, they’re really talented and I like this cover.

This made me wonder how often a person or group of extremely talented people like this go completely unnoticed. It’s really incredible that someone like Rebecca Black can become totally famous by preforming a song like “Friday” but there are thousands of musicians out there who are 100 times more talented.

Ironically today is Friday and I know everyone’s looking forward to the weekend. Have a wonderful 2 days off.

Get. On. The Jazz Bus.

To quote my very good buddy Alex Gwynne who was quoting his music teacher who was talking to Derrick Adams, “Derrick, you need to get on the jazz bus. You’re not on the jazz bus Derrick. You’re bus just swerved off the road and his heading down a cliff, the doors are locked, and there’s no bus driver… Derrick. Get. On. The jazz bus.” Well that’s kind of how I feel right now. I’m on the wrong bus and it’s way to late to get back on the right one. I’m definitely sick as I’ve been THAT kid all day who’s sniffling intensely in class every 2 minutes. I hate being THAT kid. We had a running workout on Tuesday and although I completed it, I felt like shit and frankly I’m a little worried that this sickness is effecting my running. Since Sunday night I’ve been the library non-stop trying to knock out these two papers. I finished one of them totally but now I have a test tomorrow and I haven’t even started my second paper. Needless to say I haven’t practiced guitar at all so I’m going to look like an idiot come Friday. I’ve been going to be early and drinking a ton of orange juice to try and rid myself of this sickness but at the moment it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. I just want to get back on the jazz bus and get everything back on track. Once Friday hits, everything will be essentially completed although I have another test and another paper due next week but I’m not worrying about that.

On top of all this, the worst thing of all is that the weather is taking a turn for the worse. The past 3 days there’s been scattered showers and the temperature is on a constant decline. Last Friday it was literally 80 degrees and since then not a day has gone above 60. I can deal with 50’s but the weather forecasts don’t have it going above 55 until the weekend after this one. That is terrible. I’m as far away from a heater right now as I can possibly be. It’s a little bit depressing but it’ll pass soon enough. I guess if this is as upset/depressed as I can be than I have it pretty good.

Since I’ve been banging out papers this week, it’s crazy how fast I can type 500 words in a blog versus in a paper. I take word count off when I’m writing papers and I type it in size 8 single spaced so I’m never actually sure how long it is. I’ll write what I think is a lot and check where I’m at and it’ll be like 900 when I’m ready to start my conclusion. If you know what you want to talk about a 6 page paper flies by but if you’re struggling for info and don’t know the topic, a page can take an hour.

That’s enough complaining/wasting time for me. It’s back to work for now. Take it one day at a time and nothing really seems that bad. Later Ya’ll

Sum Up

School work is going to kill me this week. I have two papers to write, a test on Thursday, and other homework on top of that. It’s a relatively easy running week so I guess it evens out but I would rather run a 100 mile week and do no work then have a shitload of work and run no miles. It’s not that I have trouble doing work it’s just that there’s so much of it. I know that at some point in these next 4 days that I’ll sit here in the library and get done both papers, it’s just a matter of doing it.

Now I’m aware there may be some questions about the Rumpelstiltskin video that was posted Saturday night. JKash actually commented on it which was a pleasant surprise. He said that it seemed retarded and that we were gay for having our shirts off. Well obviously it’s a stupid drinking game because beer is just completely wasted. Our shirts were off because we knew that 24 ounces of beer was going to come pouring down and we didn’t want to ruin our shirts if we didn’t have to. I don’t see this as a drinking game that will catch on in very many places. It’s funny to do once but I don’t see all of the suites in Reimert lining up to Rumpelstiltskin some beers every weekend. The drinking games that never seem to die are pong, flip cup, and kings. Out of all of these flip cup is probably my favorite because it can be played with a ton of people, every game is exciting, and you get hammered. Pong would be more enjoyable if I wasn’t one of the worst players at Ursinus College. Kings is a game that seems to be played with females and since we rarely have them over in the suite, it’s just not played that often. There are other drinking games that we play sometimes like Jenga, baseball, quarters, and other card games, but none of them seem to have the every weekend appeal as the others. Pong is easily the most commonly played in our suite just because it’s the most convenient and easiest to set up. Since it’s so popular I might have to start spending some time to practice my game. It’s really astonishing how bad I am sometimes even though I’ve played it so much. The average college drinker is most likely way way better than I am unfortunately.

That’s all I have for right now. It’s funny, we were talking today about how much time you spend in the library versus how much time you spend working in the library. Generally I’m pretty good. If I’m in the library for 2 hours, I’ll get 1:45 of work done but I’ve spent the past 30 minutes writing this blog and browsing the running forums so clearly this has been one of my less productive trips. You win some you lose some.