Post Beer Mile

The beer mile is over. We had a good turnout this year with 8 people doing it. Last year we only had 3. I’ll get right down to it. It was me, Bogdan, Mark, Pane, Yoko, Wacker, Jatin, and Ben. We had to go to Hunsberger to do it because our outdoor track is totally torn up. So we get going, I’m out in first after 1 beer and I felt pretty good. I could tell that I haven’t run for 5 days but I don’t think it made that huge of a difference. I get to the second beer and Bogdan is right behind me closely followed by everyone else. I got through the second beer pretty quickly too and was well on my way. I hit the third beer and even that one wasn’t too bad. I was breathing pretty hard to so I had to wait to catch my breath but I got the beer down in a decent time and was going towards my fourth and final beer. I hit the fourth beer in 5:50, so  I just had to chug and get back in a 2:09 to break into the 7’s. I was feeling pretty good and I looked back and didn’t see anyone so I was doing well. I was breathing really heavily and stupidly tried to get started on my 4th beer. I threw up in my mouth but held it back from coming out. It was no help though, 10 seconds later I threw up probably a beers worth of vomit. I couldn’t  believe it. I was feeling so good and on pace to PR big time until that. I was furious. With more room in my stomach I sacked up and finished the last beer pretty quickly but I couldn’t help but thinking I had just cost myself the win. Bogdan and Wacker were already starting their last beer when I puked so if neither of them throw up and get through their last beer quickly, I’m toast.

Regardless, all that separated me from the finished was 800 meters. I took off but I wasn’t going that quickly. As I turned around after my first 400 the clock was at 8:17 I was looking to see where Bogdan or Wacker was. After about 300 meters I saw Bogdan hunched over and just starting to run again. I knew he had puked so the W was mine but it was taking too long. I finished up in 9:35 which was a huge disappointment. Last year was a 9:16 but I didn’t throw up. I think being in Hunsberger rather than on a track added at least 30 seconds. My running time last year was 4:33 and my running time this year was definitely over 5 minutes for the first mile (not including the extra 400). Had I waited 15 seconds before trying to start my last beer I wouldn’t have throw up and there’s over a minute off my time. I think if I ran that again and on a track I’d be in the 7’s for sure. Bogdan finished up in second in an 11:16 or something like that. Yoko, the dark horse, finished in 3rd just a few second ahead of Wacker in 12:05ish. Wacker was about 12:08. Mark and Pane were hurting as they both threw up about 5+ times. Ben beat his time from last year, he broke 13 and behind him was Jatin who did surprisingly well. Mark and Pane finished 5 seconds apart with a final time in the 13’s. All in all it was a pretty fun time and I’m glad we did it, I just wish I didn’t go about it so dumb because I know I could have run a lot faster. Next year, hell this summer even.

Call Me Jimi Hendrix

One day away from fun. I had two major school events today. The first was my presentation for macro, I won’t bore you with that, it went fine and I think I’ll do well in the class. The second was my guitar performance. Now, I’m not making excuses but about 3 days ago I got a small on my thumb right where you would pluck the strings. It pretty much hurt every time I had to use my thumb which was a very bad start. Anyway, I walk in at noon and there’s 4 other students there. The one kid was already ready but he was playing bass, he did his thing and he was pretty good. Next up were the guitar students. Our teacher started off by asking if anyone wanted to go first, no one volunteered. He then said “how about you Scott?” The 4 guitar students were me, one dude Tanner who I knew from track, and two black chicks. I knew he was talking about me but I played dumb. Tanner then volunteered to go first. After watching him I was confident that I was in my league with these people and I’d be totally fine if not the best one.

He played the same exact pieces that I was going to play. After he finished the teacher called me up, show time. The first piece started just fine but about halfway through there’s one really hard part that I figured I’d probably mess up, well when I got to that part I absolutely bombed. I totally lost my composure and after one mistake I was extremely nervous so more mistakes followed. Playing in front of people on a stage is way different and at that point my fingers pretty much had a mind of their own. About 15-20 seconds of just garbage I sort of got back on track and finished the piece. The next piece went better but it still wasn’t that smooth. There were no major screw ups so it was okay. The last piece was my favorite/best at performing. I played it up to par and that piece pretty much saved me. The girl that went after me was horrible, it was really difficult to watch her play and she knew it. She was freaking out saying how nervous she was and it was just really bad. She stopped constantly and just everything about it was bad. I’m not trying to be mean but to only make the amount of progress that she did in an entire semester is a joke.

It’s 7pm and I find myself in the library again. After all that I did today I only have one more final until the weekend. I’ll study for an hour or two and I should be fine. I’m more nervous about the beer mile though. Tomorrow is our second annual beer mile and this years turn out is going to be a lot better. Among the competitors are me, Bogdan, Pane, Wacker, Jatin, Mark, Yoko(?), and Ben(?). Last year I hyped myself up a lot and didn’t do so well. I ran a 9:16 and everything after the second beer was bad. I’m not going to make any predictions because I have no real basis for forming one. I could probably run a 4:30 mile or so now given the shape I’m in despite the fact that I’ve taken 4 days off. It should be a fun time now that we have more that three people doing it. I’ll update tomorrow at around 3 or 4 with the results.

Over the Hump

After a brutal 8 hours in the library today and 13 hours total in the past 2 days, I have finished both papers and all that is left for tomorrow is a presentation and my guitar performance. That leaves 3 finals which should all be manageable. Things have turned around. My blog yesterday was depressing but I’m all good now. I managed to recover my running log from my old computer which really made my day. My fun/drinking days for the next two weeks are definitely Friday, possible Saturday, and then Tuesday-Friday. I don’t know if I’ll actually drink all of those days but they are days where I am required to do little.

There was big news in the world of orthodontics yesterday. My bottom braces come off for good on May 20th. Mark that date on your calenders as the end of a 6+ year span of braces. There was also other news that came out of my trip. They developed the x-ray that I had taken last week and what do you know, I grew more extra teeth. There’s three for sure in the bottom left of my mouth and possible an extra on the top as well. To quote him “there could be an extra on the top there too, with a normal patient I would guess that it’s a bulbous root but knowing you it’s probably an extra tooth that flipped completely upside down”. Wonderful. He also said that I broke his record for patient with the most extra teeth. He’s going to give me a full count next time I see him which will be interesting. I have no idea how many extras I’ve had but I’d say somewhere between 12-18?

One thing I wanted to talk about was a movie that I watched two days ago. It was the most recent winner of best picture, The King’s Speech. Now I watched the whole thing and afterward Bogdan told me that it was so good because of the acting and the filming. I agree that the acting was very good and although I’m no movie genius, the filming didn’t stand out as anything amazing to me. Immediately afterward I thought it was a good movie, not a great movie but entertaining with some humor and emotion thrown in. I guess I just don’t understand quality movies but to the normal person it was nothing special. I know what I like whether it’s music or movies or people and this was just a good movie.

Not Happy

This day has been pretty terrible so far. I woke up at 11 and just hung out until noon where the suite went to lunch. After lunch, Mark and I were going to the laptop exchange to turn in our laptops for the new ones. They make a big point of backing up all your files and whatnot so that you don’t lose anything. Well I have an external hard drive and last night I doubled checked that everything was saved. It said that the computer held whatever amount of files and documents and there was the same exact amount on the hard drive.  Well, I go to turn my laptop in and immediately there’s trouble. Mark was in and out in 5 minutes but I ended up waiting 45 minutes for god knows what reason. Anyway, they finally get the thing working and I’m off to set it up. I plug in the hard drive, retrieve all of the files,  and there’s things missing. There were no word docs or excel docs anywhere on the retrieved files. Now, last night I made sure that I saved my history paper and Eric’s final project paper just in case, but I neglected to send myself my running log and workout log. That’s a year and a half ‘s worth of running information. Every single day since the first day of indoor track last year was logged in that running log. It’s moments like this where I wish I could just go back 24 hours in time and fix everything. Brett suggested that I do everything manually but I figured the hard drive had every little thing backed up without checking. What kind of hard drive says its has everything backed up but doesn’t even get the documents? How does that happen? I should have just went back and made sure. I’m lucky I didn’t lose anything really important because losing that running log isn’t the end of the world, but it’s just really annoying and inconvenient.

In other news, I have a ton of work to do tonight. I have to write 2 papers and the majority of one will be tonight and all of the other one will be tonight. One week from this moment I will be completely done so that’s what I have to look forward to. Until then, I’m not going to have very much fun.

Osama bin Killed

If you haven’t been asleep for the past 24 hours, you know that Osama Bin Laden was killed. Obviously I’m glad to hear this along with a bunch of other Americans. Personally it seems more symbolic than anything, a big fuck you from the USA to the terrorists but in reality terrorism and all that will probably increase. We were talking about that in history class today. What can we do to prevent terrorism? The answer was that we should stop doing things that will piss people off and make them want to kill us like barging into situations where we don’t belong simply because it benefits us. I’m not being anti-American, I’m just relaying what was said today in class and you can’t really argue that point. Either way, GO AMURICA!

After conferences yesterday we had a little cook out and all that for the end of the season and it was a good time. Every time a season ends I just do everything that I don’t do during the season, like drinking soda, regardless of if I want to do it or not. I might do a 400 time trial or something stupid like that for fun but other than that I think I’m done. Anyway, once we got back to school I decided that I would drink with everyone else and go the track party. It started off with just a few of us in the track suite pregaming before going to main street. Once we were drunk enough we went on over. It was a pretty normal shreiner party except there were only 2 or 3 rando’s there. It was a fun time and I didn’t black out so I was happy. We headed back to the suite afterward and some people came back with us. At 1:30 or 2 I decided it was bed time. People were in my room blasting music and I just crawled up into bed. I was wondering right before I got in if I’d pull an insta-pass out or not. Since I wasn’t blacked out I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off but what do you know, I was out before I could even think about it. It was a fun night and a good way to end the season.

The next 8 days will be mostly work with a little bit of fun thrown in there. I have 3 finals, two papers, and a presentation that I have to do. I just want to be done everything, spend a few days here drinking with everyone, then go home for summer. Almost there.

On a music note, here’s two songs that I think are really really good, both courtesy of Jeff. The one isn’t on youtube so if you actually want to hear it just google Just Fine by G Love. Here’s the other one.


Okay sorry for another running post but that’s what’s been happening lately. The final day of conferences was today. I ran the 5k which was the second to last event. We got there around 9:30 and I didn’t race until 3:05  so I had some time to kill. I watched everyone run and there were some really good performances once again. Jeremy and Jordan in the 400, Giff mixing it up with some of the best kids in the nation in the 800, Mark throwing 170 in Jav (didn’t see that but I almost did), there were just a ton of really good times/marks being thrown down and I was getting pretty antsy. Finally at 2:15 or so Jatin and I started our warm-up. We jogged for 15 minutes like usual talking about what we were hoping for and stuff like that. Everything that had happened all day up until that point just made me want to run. I was in the slower heat unfortunately, there were maybe 20-25 kids in my heat and 45ish overall. The spikes I wore for the 10k gave me a blister on the back of my heel and right before the race when I did my first stride in my other spikes the blister hurt like hell. It was really too late to worry about that so I just got on the line.

We packed 20 or so across and naturally I got shit on in the start. I was way in the back and I saw Jatin way up in the front. My first 400 was 75 which is 5 minute pace so I had to move up. I passed a big pack and then after about 800 I settled into 5th place or so. A pack of four guys broke away and I stupidly didn’t go with them. Another 4 guys and myself stayed back and took our time. I hit the first mile in 4:55 which was good. Not too much changed in the second mile. I hit the two mile in 9:54 or something like that and the racing got started. 2 Dickinson kids and 1 Muhlenberg kid kept swapping the lead in front of me. I hung with them the whole time while one of the kids from the top 4 fell off. With 400 to go it was me and the 3 other kids and I took the lead of our chase pack. I picked it up a good amount but with 200 left this kid I knew from F&M passed me. I stuck with him till the last 100 and then just kicked like hell. I closed in a 65-66 and finished up in 15:27 with 4th in the heat and 19th overall. It was a 9+ second PR so I was pretty pleased. The only thing I regret is not going with the lead pack. I just kind of pooned out and didn’t think I could hang out but that’s a habit I have to shake. If I can close in a 65 then maybe I’m not running fast enough in the first place. I just wonder what would happen, would I run with the top guys 5-10 seconds ahead and then just die off or still have a semi-decent kick and maybe win the heat and drop 5-10 seconds off my time. I don’t know. It’s a bitter-sweet way to end the season because I just think there’s more in the tank. Regardless, it was a pretty successful weekend, a much better finish than last years outdoor season. Next year the goals will be set much higher and the times will be much lower. Sub 32 is a given I feel like and sub 15 would be pretty awesome. It’s too early to make predictions though because a lot can happen in a year. Either way, this was a very good season and a huge step in the right direction.

Conferences Update

I ran the 10k on Friday. It went out really slow so after 400 meters I took the lead of the entire pack. I was in 4th place and we ran the first mile in 5:17 which is slow. Next thing I knew I got passed by a pack of about 15 or 20 guys and they were booking. I knew I couldn’t stay with them because they picked it up so much so I let them go. 400 meters later I was all alone with a big pack of guys 5-10 seconds ahead and then no one behind me to run with either. I kept telling myself to stay calm and that guys would start falling off. I hit the 5k in 16:26 but no one was falling back yet. My mile splits were 5:17 5:12 5:17 5:12 and finally guys started dropping off and I went after them one by one. From about 1.5 miles on no one passed me which is good I suppose. My last two miles were about 5:12’s and my last lap was a 69 so I finished up pretty good. My final time was a 32:40 which is a 32 second pr so I was pretty happy. I was 16th overall which is a ways off from scoring but whatever, next year. That’s all I have for now. I have the 5k in 7 hours but after that the season is over.

So Close

Initially I had the previous post and this post all together but I figured I’d separate them completely for the people who want to read the running post and for people who don’t. I missed posting yesterday and I apologize. I had a test to study for and a paper to write. They are both finished now and it’s time to move to the next set of work. I have finals and projects out the a-hole but tomorrow is Friday. I pretty much just have to suck it up for 12 more days and then I’m done, it’s summer time. We had our pre-conferences end of the year team picnic last night and it was definitely entertaining. The food was really good and some of the speeches were hilarious. All of the seniors generally give a speech to the team about what they’ve learned or whatever. There were so good ones, some bad ones, and then Imbemba’s. No one was extremely funny like Bendas last year but Imbemba might as well have been. He seemed nervous as can be and spit out a misworded joke right off the bat. It was almost like he was talking to himself about the memories he had. Justin’s was pretty bad too when he said “college doesn’t go that fast, well it doesn’t go that slow either” and then just walked off. I think that everyone who watches as an underclassmen says to themselves I’m going to have this awesome speech and everyone is going to love me and it’s going to be great but then when you hit senior year the last thing you want to do is give your goodbye speech.

In other news blog views have actually been higher than ever lately and I have no idea why. There’s no trend as to what people are searching and there’s no huge spikes. Just a steady increase everyday that has this puppy more popular than ever. I’ll try to keep quality posts up but it’s going to be hard for the next 2 weeks. I have running all this weekend, I’ll try to squeeze out a good post on Sunday or Monday, then it’s study time until Tuesday when I’m done (minus next weekend). I don’t know why I’m pretty much deadvertising my blog, yes deadvertising, but honesty is the best policy.

I know I’ve said this before but were trying to do another beer mile. Our outdoor track is torn up at the moment so we would have to go to Hunsberger to do it which makes it a little less official but regardless, it would still reflect times really well. I can’t even make a prediction on that because I was so far off last year and I have no idea if I’ll be better or not this year. In the 7’s? hopefully. Stayed tuned I guess because if it happens it will likely take place next week before finals. Happy almost Friday.


Running Post
As stated previously, I have conferences tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. I’m seeded 28/28 in the 10k which is tomorrow night at around 8pm. Fortunately the seeding is random and does not reflect your actual seed time, I’m somewhere around 14 for my seed time which is good. I’ll be right in the middle and hopefully won’t get lapped. I think that in the future the 10k will probably be my specialty (next year and senior year) but I don’t think I’m quite there year in comparison to my 5k this year. I didn’t put in quite enough miles to really bust one out but I think I can still put up a respectable time. I have a time goal in mind but it’s almost irrelevant since I’ve only run the race once before and it was in horrible conditions. I’m just going to go out and run it.

Saturday is a rest day for me, I have no events to compete in and I am simply a spectator. This is actually good because instead of thinking about me and my own race, I can watch everyone else run. I’m always surprised at how much I like watching track meets even when I’m not in them. When there’s good races to watch and my teammates are in them it makes the entire day go by so much faster. Sunday at 3pm is the 5k. I think the roughly 40 hours in between the 10 and the 5 should be ample time to recover. I don’t think it’ll really have a significant affect on my 5k. Now to the good part. Ever since that steeple where I semi-bombed a 10:12, I’ve been feeling iffy. I did all the normal things runners do like question the training and ask myself if I burned out or not. I’d been doing all of my long runs slow on purpose for the sake of tapering but I was concerned because I wasn’t sure how good I felt. We only had one workout in between the steeple last Wednesday and today. It was 6×400 at 67 with 90 seconds rest. We hit 66’s on almost all of them and I felt pretty damn good.

Today was the first run where I actually felt good and ready to go. I did a stride then hopped in a 200 repeat with Brett, we hit 29 and it felt like a cake walk. I’m just saying I really think I’m ready and that this taper is hitting at the perfect time. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment but if you’re not going to aim high, what’s the point. My seed in the 5k isn’t quite as good, 28 out of 45 or so. I was 12th indoor so obviously I’d like to match that if not improve upon it and score but when Dickinson and Haverford have as many 15 flat and under guys as they have, it’s going to take an amazing performance from anyone to sneak into that number 8 spot. The 10k is my best shot to score even though it’s slim there too. I just want to go out there and at least say I tried.

On a side note, Katie is running at the Penn Relays tonight in the 10k. It was supposed to be at 10:30, which is late to begin with, but because of rain and whatnot it’s more likely going to be at 11:30-12. Regardless, Penn Relays is awesome and good luck Katie. I look at Penn Relays as something to be proud of as an almost native of Philadelphia and as a runner. It’s one of the best track meets in the country and Bill Cosby goes every year.

Where’d All the Time Go?

Now that I’m nearly halfway through my college career it has really hit me how fast things move. I remember just this fall running cross country races against Jatin, it seems weird to think back to last year with Jeremy and Dante ahead of me and no Jatin to run with at all. I think of how every weekend last year I’d walk back to BPS because I hated passing out in anywhere but my bed and how I used to live with Satchel. Him and I, including Adam and Mitch would talk and hang out for hours every day. Now I talk to them maybe once or twice a week.

Going even further, I think back to high school and how senior year seems like it wasn’t too long ago either. Running was everything back then. Once I got into school it was strictly running, I didn’t drink a lick of alcohol except for a few special occasions like birthdays and new years. Nicks pizza every day before meets. I got my first girlfriend ever in 12th grade, hanging out at Emily’s pool with her and her sister on lazy summer days doesn’t seem so farfetch’d seeing as I’m actually speaking to her right now. Hell even 8th grade when Alex, Ben, and I were hanging out every weekend playing Diablo and SOF doesn’t seem so far off. We’d ask our parents to drive us places and hanging out on weekdays was normal. Songs like Mr. Blue Sky by ELO and Slow Ride by Foghat were the coolest thing, right behind every single Linkin Park song on Hybrid theory and Meteora.

Elementary school with Mark Jones, Adam Drobish, and Jeremy Fisher where we would have races to see who could finish the assignment first, play hide and go seek around the house, and play hours upon hours of Super Mario to get the 120th star (I happen to remember mine was 100 coins on tick-tock clock). That was when absolutely nothing mattered. School, girls, sports… stress was non-existent. I remember being in Mrs. Bishop’s first grade class thinking that being a 5th grade safety was the coolest thing ever and that I’d have to wait forever to be one.

Now I’m sitting here with two of my suite mates graduating in 2 weeks and I just keep thinking, I have a pretty long time until I graduate, let alone find a real job, pay my own bills, move into my own house, start my own family. How quick is it going to go by? Will I be there one day 10 years from now saying, “man those college days were awesome! Look how fast the time goes.”

I asked my mom a month or so ago if she’d ever run out of gas before and she responded with something along the lines of “back in the 70’s or so my Mustang ran out of gas and I remember walking around trying to find the nearest gas station, I don’t really remember to specifically though.” Am I going to remember when Yoko and I ran out of gas and be able to tell my kids “Yeah me and my dumbass friend from college ran out on the highway coming back from JMU, we had to wait on the side of the highway for an hour before someone came to get us.” Then I’ll sit back and realize how long ago that feels whereas right now I’m sitting here and it feels like it was 2 months ago… because it was 2 months ago.

I don’t really know the point of this whole thing besides time absolutely flies. You can say stuff like “savor it” but that doesn’t really mean that much to me. I know this is probably as good as my life is going to get, how the hell do I savor it? Drink more? Run more? Make worse decisions so things are funnier? I don’t really know. In the words of Dr. Dog, Where’d all the time go?