Day 1

Today marked my first day working for this summer. I emailed Sam on Friday saying that I’d be in around 10 o’clock ready to work. Well things started off a little rough. I woke up at 10:04 and showed up at 10:10. Not the greatest way to start my summer job but I made it there nonetheless. Sam and I caught up for a little bit and I was well on my way to being one of the most productive workers there. Everything I’m doing this summer I already did last year so I didn’t waste too much time. The day went by fast and after talking to Sam he said I can pretty much work whenever I want and as much as I want. This really is a dream job. When I look at other people my age trying to find work or who are working but the job really sucks I feel really lucky and realize I shouldn’t take this job for granted.

The weekend was also rather event filled. On Saturday I met all of Katie’s friends for the first time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and just wanted to not come off as an asshole or anything. We drank and hung out and I think I mingled well enough. On Sunday Katie and I went to Philly to see Laura since I missed her birthday. Us three and Brookes went out to dinner and walked around the city for a couple of hours. It made me realize how little I actually know about Philly which is kind of a bad thing. I’ve lived within an hour of one of the biggest/most historic cities in the United States for my entire life and just haven’t taken the time to go around and do things there.

After Tom had his huge problem with people commenting on his blog and my thoughts of not understanding why people were so hesitant to comment AND Brett suggesting that I respond to comments, I’ve decided that I’ll respond to all comments that could possibly be responded too. I’m aware the previous sentence was not very well constructed but whatever. Either way, I’ll make an attempt to increase commenting at all costs. This goes without saying but feel free to comment on anything.


I read another blog. It was about a female division 1 runner, the struggles that she’s going through, and all of the inside information that any runner on a team knows. She goes into every last detail although she changed the names and left out the places to keep everything and everyone involved unaware. I read 5 or 6 posts and it was extremely well written and all about daily running life and the problems that she is constantly dealing with. After that I went to the comments section and read what people had to say. If I had to guess, about 20 or so different people had commented and the blog has only been up for about a month. Every single comment was positive, either saying that they can relate because they’re in a similar situation or that they’re intrigued and really feel for the girl. A professor for some school even asked if he could use it for a sports journalism class that he teaches. Every post is very well organized with quotes and zero grammatical/spelling errors. I suppose that is what a real blog is supposed to be like. Something with a defined purpose, very well constructed, clearly a lot of time put into it, and because of all that she is getting significant recognition. Here’s a link for those interested,

It’s interesting, people make these blogs for a purpose, for the benefit of other people, whether it be through a form of entertainment or through something like what this girl is doing. I could never imagine being in a situation so extreme that I felt it was necessary to start a blog and share my thoughts. I simply started this up to entertain myself and if people wanted to come along for the ride then that’s fine with me.

I think it’s safe to say my blog will probably never have a direct purpose other than sharing my thoughts and keeping a log of certain things. It’s not because I couldn’t do what this girl is doing, it’s just that no one really wants to read about an ongoing journal that strictly focuses on a DIII runner at a tiny school in Pennsylvania. That’s just not what’s going to sky-rocket this baby to fame. Until I figure something like that out, I have no problem doing what I’ve been doing.

Please Post

Today was supposed to be a milestone day. Since the spring of 8th grade, I’ve had braces on my teeth, but today that was all supposed to changed. I had a 10 o’clock appointment that was supposed to be 45 minutes. I got there at 10 on the dot and they took me in, did all the normal procedures for a kid with braces, but then disaster struck. As Dr. Udis was explaining to a new worker how unusual I was and whatnot, he said that when he realized I might be leaving him, he got separation anxiety and had to find someway to keep me coming back. All of my braces are off but I have a very strange thing going on right now. He pretty much twisted around two wires and cemented them to the top right and bottom right teeth in my mouth. I have to put rubber bands around them to try and close up some gaps in my teeth on the bottom right side. I didn’t get out of there until 11:30. I have another visit scheduled late June. He gave me the option of taking the things off and just ending it if I felt like it but he didn’t recommend that. I’m glad the braces are off but these things make eating even more difficult. I should have known this was all too good to be true.

Moving on. I’m pretty sure that a lot of my loyal readers also actively read Tom’s blog. Well if you’re unaware, he is currently on strike from blogging until 15 people comment on his most recent post. I’ll start by saying help the cause and go comment on his blog. I’ll continue by saying that I don’t understand why people are so scared to comment. I get around 50 people a day reading this blog and Tom gets 100, there has to be a solid foundation of people who are frequent visitors so obviously you’re somewhat interested in what this blog has to say. When you see a topic that you can relate to or comment on, why not do it? It takes a minute to do and it makes me (and Tom) feel like we’re not just sitting here writing these stupid things to each other and no one else. For example, that Best Live post about the best live songs. You’re telling me that not one person besides Mark has a live song that they think is really good and worth sharing? I don’t buy it. People love music and not only that, they love sharing what they think is good music with other people, hence why I made the post, so why not comment with a good live performance? Hell, even if you think a post is terrible, just tell me so I know not to post something like that again (now I bet the comments will start flying in).

On the Road Again

Once again I’ve taken a few days off but it’s not intentional. I’m currently blogging from Harrisonburg Virginia, I’m visiting Katie at JMU. I set out from Upper Dublin at around 5:30 on Sunday night and I was on my own for the next 4 hours and 10 minutes. As a kid I never understood the turnpike and blue route and interstates and whatnot. I always thought they were way out of my league but with my excess traveling lately, like to  JMU and Princeton, it’s not all that complicated. It’s a pretty basic East vs West and North vs South system that I’m starting to get pretty well now.

Anyway, my summer is off to a swell start. I started running again on Monday and I feel a lot better. The first week off from running was like, okay I could get used to this, but the second week off is more like, can I get started again cause I feel like a piece of shit. I back now and it’s obvious I’m out of shape but I’m just happy to be back. I know Tom said that when he broke his ankle, he could understand how people get fat and out of shape because it’s very easy to sit there, eat junk food, and do nothing all day. While I agree that it’s really easy to do that, I think I’d hit a point where I say enough is enough and I’d have to start exercising. I wouldn’t even have to be in great shape to race or anything like that, but just generally a fit person who’s not at risk of blowing up to 250+ pounds. I get the feeling a lot of people take some time off from activity, start gaining weight and get out of shape, and then instead of saying they’re going to get fit again, they figure they’re so out of shape and they’re not willing to work that hard to get back into shape. I like to think I’m motivated enough that even after college when I’m done my competitive running career that won’t be me.

Since summer has begun I haven’t really done anything productive but I start my Softerware experience for the second straight summer on Monday. Now that I know my way around the office and the what’s what of everything, this summer should go a lot smoother, no 5000 emails sent out to the wrong client base. I’m excited to actually do something this summer like have a job and make money but after talking to Eric that one time, I realize how valuable this experience is and how lucky I am to have a connection in Chad/Tom to get me a job like this. There’s really no better job I could ask for at the moment, it’s .8 miles away from my house, pays well, I pick my hours, and I get see the Wagon everyday, what more could I possibly want?

In other news, I watched another film that was nominated for best picture, The Social Network. All in all I’d say it was a good movie, the story had me interested throughout and I thought the acting was pretty solid. It’s also pretty relevant to today’s world seeing as Facebook pretty much effects everyones life. The ending threw me off a bit because I just didn’t see it coming. I was waiting for more to happen and next thing you know it was over. I was sort of surprised that Zuckerberg would want something like this out there because it really makes him look bad. From what I’ve read it’s only “40 percent true”. They make it seem like Zuckerberg totally stole the idea but (and this could be totally wrong) didn’t something similar happen with Bill Gates and IBM where they didn’t have something patented and Gates just pwned them? Either way, it just seems like Zuckerberg had to capability to make the site and simply outsmarted those twin poons. I won’t take too much from it in terms of how I view Facebook and everything but it was a good movie nonetheless, I don’t know if I’d give it best picture, but I would over the King’s Speech…

Best Live

Here’s a music post for everyone. As I’ve said before I like music a lot and think I know a decent amount but one aspect that I severly lack is the number of concerts I’ve been too. It’s easy for a band to sound awesome while recording but performing live is a whole nother beast. Not only do you have to play the instruments perfectly on the first try but you also have to be able to sing live too. There’s also a lot more going on, you can do a lot more with a live audience so creativity comes in. While I’ve only been to 3 concerts in my life, I’ve seen my fairshare of live videos and stuff like that and these are a few that I think are particularly good.

The General Live in New York – Disptach

This year I hit a Dispatch phase and although I’ve grown to like a large number of their songs, a quality live version of The General is really hard to beat. This one is in New York to help raise money for relief in Zimbabwe and it’s awesome. Dispatch always does a more upbeat version of this when they play it live and this is as good as any of them. The biggest part of a live performance is having the crowd into it and they are definitely into here (my favorite is the guy from 2:11-2:15). They have tons of people on stage dancing and singing like crazy and it just seems like it would be amazing to be at. The “go now you are forgiven” repition is built up nice and slowly from 3:16 and then just blows up at 4:20. It keeps going for a bit after the actual song is through but I’m sure everybody there loved it.

All Along the Watchtower Live at Woodstock – Dave Matthews Band

I’ll start off by saying this is a shortened version of the song. There’s a longer version with more fiddle and saxophone solos but I figured I’d just post this one. Apparently Dave concerts are crazy in the first place because of all the drugs and number of people he draws in, combine that with a Woodstock reincarnation from 1999 and guess this is what you get. There way 200,000 people there which isn’t really that close to the biggest concert of all time which was apparently a Rod Stewart concert with 3.5 million, but still it looks ridiculous. The crowd just seems insane and the atmosphere is crazy, mostly from 3:45 to the finish. I actually like Dave’s version of this song compared to the Hendrix and Dylan versions, I don’t know why but neither of those guys ever really did it for me.

Bleed it Out – Linkin Park

As many of you know Linkin Park was the first band that I ever really got into. I bought Hybrid Theory and Meteora and still love both of them. I haven’t followed them as closely since but still, they’ve always been one of my favorite bands. This version of Bleed it Out is pretty good in my opinion. In particular it shows that you can do more than just perform your songs at a concert. You’re there to put on a show and entertain. The drum solo starting from 2:35-4:02 is a really good solo, I’m aware Rob Bourdon isn’t recognized as an amazing drummer but this solo was good. After the solo they get the crowd into it with the back and forth singing thing. Linkin Park is just a band that knows how to get people into it and keep them entertained throughout a show and I respect them for that, this song is a good example of how to do that. I’m aware that if I ever went to one of their concerts I’d probably get my shit packed in but regardless.

Cortez the Killer – Grace Potter, Joe Satriani, etc.

This is another cover and I think it’s pretty incredible. Neil Young does the original and his is a little different, this one’s better in my opinion. The main reason I have this on here is because of the instrumentals. Satriani is one of the best guitarists of all time and he really shows it here. The song is littered with little guitar fills that just flow so well (1:18, 2:35, 3:18), and a beastly guitar solo from  3:55-5:10, even though Satriani looks like he’s literally insane with those bulging eye balls. I don’t really know who the good trumpet players are but I’d imagine this guy is one of them because even I like the way he makes it sound. I didn’t know who Grace Potter was until this but apparently she’s relatively well known? Anyway, she’s a great singer and although she doesn’t really sing the original lyrics (not sure if that’s on purpose or not), she’s pretty damn hot so it all works.

YYZ – Rush

I imagine people going to Rush concerts are only huge Rush fans (as opposed to Dave for example) and it’s apparent in this video. I like Rush a lot and think they have some really goods songs but this one never stuck out to me as a really good one. Whether it’s because I’ve played it thousands of times on Guitar Hero or not, I just never had a thing for this song. This live performance kind of changed that for me. It’s just awesome. The crowds into, the bands into it, everyone is in full rock-out mode. The crowd sings along to the whole thing and it’s an instrumental song. They’re all really good at their instrument and the end part of the solo at 2:52 is crazy, the crowd is quiet for the start and then when it’s over they go nuts. The coming back into the song is also awesome at 3:23. Giddy Lee looks like a total homo but other than that the video is awesome.

Been a While

Boy has it been a while. I’ve had a pretty busy last couple of days and the wifi on my laptop isn’t working at my house so I have to use the desktop which is a pain in the ass. Where to start. I know most people hate reading about what I do so I’ll just go over it quickly. I got really drunk on Wednesday with only a few people and blacked out pretty good. I don’t really remember what happened but I went to walked to Wawa and probably just passed out. Thursday was my last day on campus so I had to go out with a bang. I started drinking early once again despite a small hangover. Wacker, Jordan, and I went to the diner and I got a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel which was absolutely perfect. Wacker said he was on the verge of throwing up so we got out there before disaster struck.

We got back to the suite and before I knew it I was really drunk and blacked out. There were a lot of people hanging out which was fun but I got too drunk and passed out on Bogdans bed. I don’t know what time this was but I paid the price. I woke up to shaving cream pouring into my ear only to realize that I’d been totally covered in shaving cream. I was still really drunk and my solution to the shaving cream was just stripping down to my short shorts. I felt horrible and didn’t want to drink but I managed to keep going. Yoko and I got into a wrestling match for some reason and he hit me in the balls twice so I started playing dirty too by ‘fish hooking’ his mouth over and over. My arms and elbows are still bruised up.

After that Mark and I went to Sig Pi for a few hours. The only thing we really did was burn the hair on my body. Jay had a lighter and he burned hair from my armpits, chest, and even gooch. It wasn’t necessarily a pleasant experience but it was funny nonetheless. I was starting to sober up and next thing you know it was about 4:30 in the morning, I don’t know how it happened so quickly. Mark and I went back to the suite, Mark and Ryder had a heart to heart, and then I went to bed.

I woke up at 10 and got all my stuff ready to move out. Jeff showed up, we packed the car, and I said my goodbyes. Last night I went to Princeton to watch Katie run and hang out with Mike. We bumped in to Paul there too which was a pleasant surprise. All in all it was a great time and I’m just excited for summer now. I slept for 12 hours today and because I’m retarded I had to drive back to Ursinus to turn in my keys. Big surprise there.

If there’s one thing I took out of 3 straight days of being a waste of life, it’s this. I don’t understand how people can get hangovers and just accept it. On any given Sunday during the year, I”m likely going out for a run of 8+ miles sometime before noon. This ensures that by 1 on Sunday I’m hangover free. I haven’t run a single day in the past 2 weeks and that becomes really apparent when I drink. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I had hangovers up until dinner time. It was horrible. I don’t understand how people can get hangovers and simply sit around all day (Imbemba) without attempting to get rid of it by a form of physical activity. I played basketball pretty hard last week the day after drinking and it cured my hangover just as effectively as a long run. Having a hangover that lasts all day is like torture.

Congrats to everyone who’s graduated college in the past few weeks. There are only two seniors that I lived with this year that graduated and will be leaving, Yoko and Imbemba. It’s always strange saying goodbye for the summer to anyone because we all know it’s temporary and believe it or not it’s the same with the seniors. Obviously we won’t be spending all of next year living with each other like this year, but their’s homecoming and graduation and random weekends next year where alumni often visit. I’m fairly confident I’ll see both Brett and Yoko again so it’s not quite as dramatic as some may think, well at least to me.

3rd to Last Night

It’s over, I am officially done my second year of college. I took 7 pages of notes for my history final over a span of 4 hours and didn’t use a single one of them on the open note test. It was a complete waste as I could have not done anything two nights ago and gotten away with it. Whatever, the past is the past and I’m on to summer. After taking all of the tests and writing all of the papers and see some of the grades so far, I’m predicting A A A- B.

My summer started off predictable, drinking and ultimate. I had a few drinks, played some ultimate, then everyone went to the bar so I literally drank alone for 3 hours. Jatin came over at some point and offered some friends. We went back to his room and there were people to drink with, sort of. Pretty much it was me and 10 Freshman, half of them I’d never met before, drinking in a freshman dorm and they were freaking out because we were being too loud. I invited everyone back to the suite to play games and I had a few takers. We went to the suite and fortunately everyone was back from the bar. We did normal drinking things and the party was going well until Ryder pulled a no-no and threw up literally in the middle of the common room right on the rug and everyone was appalled. He then walked himself to the bathroom and we don’t know who it was yet, but somebody put shaving cream literally all over him. The bathroom was destroyed this morning.

After that Ali called me out in pong and needless to say I showed my stuff and won 2 outta 3. After that Bogdan, Pane, and I went on a walk to the diner. Now as far as I know, a diner is open 24 hours. Lancers, the best diner ever, is open 24 hours a day and I don’t know if that’s abnormal but again, I’ve always been under the impression that diners are open all the time. Well this diner was closed which reinforces some of my hatred for that place. We went to Wawa instead and it was delicious. We got in a drunken argue on the way there about driving versus walking. Essentially it came down to Pane saying that he was willing to get a DUI to avoid a walk to Wawa.

I don’t really know what happened when we got back but I have a text saying I’m going to bed at 2:30. It was a minor blackout but it was a successful day of drinking. I’m not necessarily a fan of counting drinks but I’m pretty sure I set a PR for most drinks in a day. Granted it was a long day of drinking but I ended up having 12 Yeungling’s, 2 Coors, a Keystone, and 3 shots for a total of 18 drinks. It was spread out over a span of maybe 10 hours. Since I didn’t black out nearly as bad as I have previously I think it’s safe to say I could have gotten a good amount more but either way, 18 is a record for me. I feel pretty good this morning and with no obligations I guess I’m ready to do it all over again. I only have 2 more days/nights here so I have to make the best of them.

20 Hours

In 20 hours I’ll be done completely. This is literally torture. People are outside on a beautiful day playing cornhole and all sorts of activities while sipping on some beers getting ready for a fun night. I’m sitting here procrastinating until tonight so I can leave Reimert aka the fun zone and go to the library aka the nerd zone and study all night. I just want to get this over with. I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to hang out and party but this is really annoying. I’m leaving on Friday to watch Katie run at Princeton/probably see Mike which unfortunately conflicts with  graduation so I’ll miss that and the last night of drinking but it’ll be worth it.

I lost my bookbag. I don’t know if it was stolen or what but I’m pretty pissed. After the beer mile the thing had a ton of beer at the bottom of it from carrying all the empties back. I put it in the common room just to dry out and next thing I know it’s gone. I’ve looked everywhere. Fortunately it only had my calculator in it which is a 15 year old TI-83 but still the act of stealing something pisses me off. Wacker got his 400 dollar chem book, his computer mouse, and his Latin notes stolen. Who the hell finds any value in someone’s Latin notes?! Theft is something that I’ve almost never done. When I was about 5 years old my dad took me to 7-11 and I stole a piece of gum and felt terrible about it. The thought of stealing something never even crosses my mind. If I see a phone or a wallet I would never even think to pick it up and keep it. I suppose I should give credit to my parents for raising me with morals unlike other people but seriously, nothing pisses me off more than knowing some scum bag waste of life has my Ipod and 250 dollars that they stole out of my car that one time at valley green. Don’t steal, it’s as simple as that.

After tomorrow I can get back to normal posting. Until then, don’t have fun because I won’t be.

Last Weekend

It’s been a few days since the last post and a lot has happened. Friday night we all just got really drunk and went over to Gofus/Bogdan’s new place to watch the Flyers game with everyone. What happened was that everyone who lived in the suite just went to the attic and played drinking games by ourselves, super cool. After that we just went back to Reimert and then Mark and I hung out in Sig Pi for a while. I blacked out while I was there but Wacker was way worse than anyone else. He was about to puke in Satch’s room but we got him out of there in time. Rightfully so, they sprayed actual spray paint in his hair just to mess with him. He got up to our suite and puked there. I don’t really remember too much else but I don’t think anything too exciting happened.

Saturday was a big day. We had a really good basketball session of 2v2 and I thought I played pretty well. After that was the final ping pong tourney of the year. Inki graduated so it was my time to step up and win. I played the first two rounds and won easily. Dave Nolan, who’s pretty good, was playing some Asian kid who I’d never seen play before. He beat Dave so it was me vs him in the finals. What happened next was terrible. I pretty much just choked big time and he beat me. I was doing two major things wrong and I was capable of fixing them but I just didn’t. I blew it.

After that I was just pissed off. We went to dinner and I was eager to get the drinking started. Yoko, Pane, Mark and I were the only ones hanging out in the beginning. We played various drinking games for a while and then moved to pong. We played about 20 games of pong and then finally people started showing up. The best game last night was thumper, we had a ton of people playing it and everyone was having fun. At some point Mark, Jordan, and I decided we’d go to the dinner and for whatever reason Jordan decided she didn’t want to go anymore so Mark and I went. It was about 2am and I was hungry. I ordered the usual, a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel, and it was amazing. Jatin and Imbemba showed up too and we all walked back together.

I don’t remember getting back to the suite but I woke up at 8am on the couch in the common room fully clothed with Mark on the futon next to me. I went into my bed and slept till 11. The day started slow but at about 3 we started playing Frisbee. We had enough people to get a game of ultimate going and it was awesome. It started off 3v3 but then moved up to 4v4. We played for about an hour or so and it was like a dream come true. Play time is over now though and it’s back to work. I have to suck it up for the next two days. I have two finals, one tomorrow and one on Tuesday and then I’m done. I got my Doughty paper back which I was not very confident about. Turns out I got an 85 but due to mechanical errors he made it an 80. I’ll take it. With 2 papers, 1 final, and a presentation out of the way, I can predict two A’s and one B, I think financial accounting will be an A- for a grade total of a 3.67, not bad at all. Obviously this is just a guess and it could easily be lower but hey, I’m optimistic.

Post Beer Mile

The beer mile is over. We had a good turnout this year with 8 people doing it. Last year we only had 3. I’ll get right down to it. It was me, Bogdan, Mark, Pane, Yoko, Wacker, Jatin, and Ben. We had to go to Hunsberger to do it because our outdoor track is totally torn up. So we get going, I’m out in first after 1 beer and I felt pretty good. I could tell that I haven’t run for 5 days but I don’t think it made that huge of a difference. I get to the second beer and Bogdan is right behind me closely followed by everyone else. I got through the second beer pretty quickly too and was well on my way. I hit the third beer and even that one wasn’t too bad. I was breathing pretty hard to so I had to wait to catch my breath but I got the beer down in a decent time and was going towards my fourth and final beer. I hit the fourth beer in 5:50, so  I just had to chug and get back in a 2:09 to break into the 7’s. I was feeling pretty good and I looked back and didn’t see anyone so I was doing well. I was breathing really heavily and stupidly tried to get started on my 4th beer. I threw up in my mouth but held it back from coming out. It was no help though, 10 seconds later I threw up probably a beers worth of vomit. I couldn’t  believe it. I was feeling so good and on pace to PR big time until that. I was furious. With more room in my stomach I sacked up and finished the last beer pretty quickly but I couldn’t help but thinking I had just cost myself the win. Bogdan and Wacker were already starting their last beer when I puked so if neither of them throw up and get through their last beer quickly, I’m toast.

Regardless, all that separated me from the finished was 800 meters. I took off but I wasn’t going that quickly. As I turned around after my first 400 the clock was at 8:17 I was looking to see where Bogdan or Wacker was. After about 300 meters I saw Bogdan hunched over and just starting to run again. I knew he had puked so the W was mine but it was taking too long. I finished up in 9:35 which was a huge disappointment. Last year was a 9:16 but I didn’t throw up. I think being in Hunsberger rather than on a track added at least 30 seconds. My running time last year was 4:33 and my running time this year was definitely over 5 minutes for the first mile (not including the extra 400). Had I waited 15 seconds before trying to start my last beer I wouldn’t have throw up and there’s over a minute off my time. I think if I ran that again and on a track I’d be in the 7’s for sure. Bogdan finished up in second in an 11:16 or something like that. Yoko, the dark horse, finished in 3rd just a few second ahead of Wacker in 12:05ish. Wacker was about 12:08. Mark and Pane were hurting as they both threw up about 5+ times. Ben beat his time from last year, he broke 13 and behind him was Jatin who did surprisingly well. Mark and Pane finished 5 seconds apart with a final time in the 13’s. All in all it was a pretty fun time and I’m glad we did it, I just wish I didn’t go about it so dumb because I know I could have run a lot faster. Next year, hell this summer even.