Let’s Get It Started

It’s Friday night and what do I find myself doing? Blogging. Tonight wasn’t all bad though. I hung out with some Ursinus friends at Happy Tymes BYOB bowling. I obviously didn’t drink but I was bowling pretty well. There were about 10 of us bowling but the real battle was between Dave and I. He lit things up the first game with a lifetime best of 172, impressive. Obviously I wouldn’t be telling you this unless I one upped him. The very next game I had a strike in the 9th and two strikes in the 10th, I needed 5 pins for a 172 and 6+ to get the win. I opted to make it dramatic and hit only 6 for a 173. My next game was a 140 or so which was also pretty good and then things trailed off because everyone else was getting drunk.

I don’t have anything planned really for the weekend so we’ll see if fun comes my way or not. NCAA’s is on tomorrow which will be fun to watch and Mavs Heat is on Sunday so I’ll definitely watch that. There’s a grad party tomorrow that I was invited to but I don’t know if I feel like driving an hour plus to get drunk if I can just do that here.

There’s a couple of things I wanted to comment on regarding modern pop culture. There’s a movie coming out with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis called Friends With Benefits.Stop me when this sounds familiar. It’s about these two extremely attractive people and how they’re friends and they’re both horny but you can’t just have sex without making it complicated, then they wonder, well why not? So they start banging and who knows what happens but I’d guess they fall in love. Now, recently there was a movie with Ashton Kutcher, very good looking, and Natalie Portman, also very good looking, called No Strings Attached. These two movies have virtually the same exact plot yet I guarantee Friends With Benefits will still be a pretty successful movie just because of how dumb people are these days. It’s two people the people like and they’ll go spend 12 bucks to see the same movie they saw 2 months ago because it’s what’s ‘good’. Jeff and I were talking the other day about music and I think it’s the same way with modern music. The people just like what news whether it blows or not. I don’t understand how anyone can have stations like 96.5 or 102.1 as presets. Those stations are constantly playing the modern day garbage that’s coming out like Kesha or Pitbull or whoever else it may be. The talent levels of these musicians are so low yet they’re still making millions of dollars. People will just eat up whatever is new and popular and I just don’t understand it.

Anyway, that’s my little rant for now.

Sports Round 2

Today was a brutal work day. I stayed up to watch the basketball game along with the post-game news conferences. The game itself was awesome. A sick Dirk Nowitzki was clearly struggling out there and had a pretty shitty game outside of the 4th quarter. The talk surrounding the Mavs was that Dirk will hold his weight, can the others step up too and win the games. Well this game showed that even when Dirk doesn’t totally show up, they can still step up and win. Obviously Lebron going 3/11 for 8 points won’t happen again but as a Mavs fan I definitely like how the future looks.

Anyway, after staying up and getting a little under 8 hours of sleep for 3 nights in a row AND doing a mind numbing job, I was dozing off a little bit today. I intended on taking lunch at 1 but things didn’t pan out so well and before I knew it, it was 1:45 so I figured screw it I’ll just stay here until I’m done and not eat lunch. By the end I was dying and when I got home I took a much needed nap. Today was hump day though and now we’re almost there. This weekend will certainly hold  something to look forward. NCAA’s for track and field is certainly something to watch for. I’ll be watching for sure and just like the Pre Classic, you all should too. The other potential thing is bowling. Sunday bowling has changed but it’s still a decent deal even though the guy that works there now is a complete dick. Dave this is a public invite for every Sunday for the rest of the summer. We’ll see if Friday bowling is a go or not.

I haven’t talked about personal running for a while so I’ll cap off my second sports post with that. I’ve been back for a little over 3 weeks now and I feel great. It took about 10 days to get back into shape but I’m finally feeling in shape again, and in really good shape at that. I haven’t started working out yet but I really think this is the breakout year. I was telling Katie yesterday on our run how I think I’m a little over confident but what the heck, you might as well aim high. The only problem with high mileage training is that it conflicts with other sports. If I play basketball or ultimate frisbee, it’s working a ton of different muscles and I wake up feeling really sore the next day. I love playing basketball but I have to weigh the options I suppose. Also if I twist my ankle or something done which I’ve done multiple times before I won’t be able to forgive myself.

Oh Too Hot

We’re currently in the middle of a heat wave. I have two things I want to say but they kind of seen contradictory. First things first, I do not like this kind of weather. I would take this weather over 20 degrees and windy of course but this is over doing it. I want to be able to sit outside and do minor physical activity, i.e. shooting some baskets, tossing the friz, without breaking out into a full sweat. The purpose of this type of weather is specifically to praise modern technology and air conditioning. The only thing I could possible think of is sitting on my back porch in the shade reading a book and I don’t see that happening at the moment. I don’t even mind this when I go on a run and know I’m going to get sweaty, but when I get in my car to drive somewhere and 5 minutes later I feel my back/ass sweating when I stand up to exit the vehicle, it’s just a very unpleasant feeling.

With all of that said, schools are freaking out and letting kids leave school early because of this extreme weather. All I can say is give me a break. You’re inside and out of the sun. You get to school at 7 AM, it doesn’t even start heating up until 10 or 11. I understand that 30 people in a room with no air conditioning can get pretty bad but it’s bs to let the kids out early. Japanese kids are going to school 6 days a week and Chinese kids are working in the sweat shops in 100 degree weather 10 hours a day, we apparently can’t do either of those. Obviously as a kid you would push for no school too just because but what is the worst that could happen if you keep this kids in school for an extra 2-3 hours? Force hydration, take breaks if you have to, don’t puss out and let them go. We’re teaching our kids to be poons instead of teaching them reading/writing/arithmetic.

Big Weekend

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I recently said that my life was rather boring and routine but this weekend was pretty entertaining. Friday started off with work, big surprise, but on Friday night I headed to Alex’s to hang out and possible drink. Jared came over too and we had a case of Rolling Rock Pounders to ourselves. The initial plan was to pregame at his house and then head to another party but that fell through. We ended up just getting really drunk at his house. It was actually a really good time seeing as I haven’t hung out with Jared all summer and only a couple times with Alex. After a few chugging contests with Jared I blacked out pretty good. I woke up at 9am on Alex’s couch fully clothed and full sweat. I walked out into the kitchen only to be greeted by his dad. He seemed a little surprised that I was in his family room the whole time but a little humored at the same time. I said my goodbyes then drove home only to go back to sleep for another 4+ hours.

Mark texted me asking if I’d want to go to Ursinus for the night and hang out with him, Wacker, and his roommate. I ran and then headed over to Ursinus. Wacker, Mark, and I got some food then struck gold at the beer store. 12 24 ounce cans of Keystone Ice for, get this, 11 dollars, the equivalent of 36 beers for 11 dollars. We headed back to Mark’s room and started drinking. His roommate had 2 friends over too so we had 6 of us at a table playing drinking games for a few hours. Mark eventually passed out, his roommates friends left, and his roommate passed out as well. That left Wacker and I to hang out. We walked to Wawa, got some food, then walked back. Ben called me and asked if we wanted to hang out with him in Schmidty’s room. Wacker and I headed over, played some pong, then called it a night.

We woke up, ran 10 miles, then went to the diner for some food. It was Sunday and the Mavs Heat game was on at 8. I planned on watching it but I also promised Alex I would go bowling with him. Katie, Alex, Jared, and I went to the bowling alley during the 2nd half. It was my first time in a long time and I suppose things went okay. I averaged 120  and only varied 3 points from each game. Something a bit out of the ordinary did happen though. Stolz and Mahoney were going to meet us there. They showed up wearing bowling shoes that were stolen from the alley we were at. The people at the desk realized this and there was a bit of a problem. They could wear the shoes to play while they were there but they had to give them back at the end. Normally you give them one of your shoes as collateral to insure that you’ll give them there shoes back but because Josh and Dan didn’t have other shoes, they had to give them their licenses instead. Then at the end of the round they gave the shoes back and walked out in socks. Moral of the story, don’t steal.

I know this wasn’t a spectacular post but it’s better than nothing. Monday is over now so that’s something to look forward to.


After writing this post I realized it’s 100% about sports, enjoy.

Last night Katie and I watched the entire NBA finals game. As I’ve said before, I’ve followed this playoff season very closely and am rooting hardcore for the Mavs. Katie doesn’t like basketball and was only watching it with me to entertain me. I appreciate that. Last nights game was incredible. It stayed the course with game 1, pretty even through the first half and then the Heat turn it on sort of. Well when the Mavs were down 15 with 7 minutes left I figured it was all she wrote. As Katie was nodding off slightly I was watching closely as the Mavs chipped away at the 15 point lead. I was getting pretty excited, my mood clearly changed and I had to stand up when things were getting really heated. When Dirk hit the 3 ball to put the Mavs up for the first time since the 1st half I went nuts. Terry didn’t rotate on defense and Chalmers buried the game tying 3 with 24 seconds left, I sunk. The final play with the Dirk lay up had me on my feet jumping up and down again and Wades buzzer 3 almost killed me.

This entire time Katie was more entertained by my reactions than by the game. I don’t know if it’s a guy vs girl thing or just because I’ve been following it closely and she hasn’t but I figured there would be some reaction to this type of game! If you can’t get excited over what happened last night, you’re simply never ever going to be a basketball fan and I sort of think the same thing about sports. Even if you don’t like basketball, last nights game was something to behold. A general sports fan would have to enjoy it.

I never watch soccer, that and hockey are my two no-go sports. I have zero interest during the regular season, couldn’t tell you anyone besides the top 5 players in the game. When the USA was in the World Cup and Landon Donovan hit that game winning goal in the 91st minute or whatever, I was going insane. Everyone at our Avalon house was screaming like mad and not one of us actually followed soccer. When the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup, I sat down and watched most of the games at least a little bit. When they lost it in OT I believe, I’ll admit I was a little upset. As a sports fan, those the moments that you want to watch regardless of what sport it is. If you can’t get excited over a 15 point comeback from the man Dirk over the extremely hated Heat, you’re simply not a sports fan. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever and I’m sorry Katie but you we’re a good example, I just don’t understand it though.

In other sports news, a great race is going down tonight. The Prefontaine Classic 10k will be going off at 11:50 Eastern time and I will certainly be watching via live stream. It’s essentially going to be the same exact field in the world championships minus Tariku and Kenenisa Bekele. Those are two huge names to exclude but still, other than them it has almost everyone. Solinksy and Rupp will be in there representing the US and both are attempting to break the American Record and win the race. It’s just going to be an awesome race. I understand how a sports fan wouldn’t want to watch the first 6 miles of the 10k but the last half or quarter or so is going to be crazy I’m sure. You should probably tune in. Tomorrow has another packed field in the 2 mile which should be awesome as well. Some of the best Americans (Lagat, Teg) going up against some of the best in the world. It will certainly be fun to watch.


Today was the long awaited showdown of Stortz v Mcgrath in basketball. Tom is out due to his ankle injury so Jeff took his place. Initially it was Tom and I against Steve and Ian. The first time we played this game on Christmas day I twisted my ankle horribly while the score was still 0-0 so it was pretty indecisive on who would win. For those who don’t know the players, I’m 5’8 140 guarding Ian who’s 6’1 or so 160? (that’s a guess). Jeff’s 6’2 170 or so and Steve is 6 footish probably around 190 would be my guess. Jeff and I are a much smaller team physically but I think our basketball experience is higher than theirs. Anyway, this battle began and immediately our problem was realized. They got about 4 or 5 offensive boards on the first possession so it was clear I had to step up my rebounding a little bit.

The game settled in eventually and the Stortz clan took a 9-5 lead up to 16 with 1’s and 2’s and losers ball. Steve worked out earlier in the day so he was extremely tired, the game took a short intermission and resumed played when he was ready. We were all full sweat as the sun was pounding down in the 90 degree weather. The Mcgrath’s made a run and had it at 12-13. They couldn’t shoot the ball very well at all besides 2 or 3 bank shot jumpers but their down low play was solid. I’ll give credit to Ian who made some tough down low shots despite my stellar defense. I started boxing out a little better towards the end of the game and we played better defense as a whole. At 13-12 us, we made few baskets and had it at 15-13, game point. Jeff wasted little time as he drove in and pulled up from 13 feet or so and nailed the game winner. Steve was clearly struggling and who knows how the game would have differed if he were fresh but as of now we have a 1-0 series lead. We’ll play again soon and see what happens.

That was easily the most exciting part of my day so far. There’s about an 18 hour span of each week day that’s planned out for me. That only leaves 6 hours a day, from 8pm to 2am if I stay up that late, to have free time during the day and do exciting things. I’m struggling with the exciting part a little bit. Memorial Day was a nice day off, we had a little cook out here and afterward Katie and I played some basketball/softball/rummy, it was a good day all around. I don’t really do that much when I have time to play. I hang out with friends occasionally, I play a lot of guitar, last night I watched the basketball game, there’s only so much to do around here unfortunately. You figure with nothing to do I’d be blogging like a mad man but a boring life leads to a boring blog.

In other news, I’ve been on a Dipsatch binge. Elias, Hey Hey, Look Inside Yourself, and Past the Falls are currently atop the leader boards. I don’t have anyway of getting new music which really sucks but regardless, suggest good Dispatch songs if you have them because I only have 15 of their songs.

That’s all for now folks.

Born That Way?

Three recent events got me thinking about something. The first event was just talking about another event that took place. Jake asked me about me getting my ipod and money stolen at valley green. The next event was Jake telling me that he hit a car at about 2 in the morning and after driving away for about 10 seconds his conscious forced him to turn around and knock on the door. The last event was Sam Goldenberg giving me a free Ipod shuffle today after he heard that I lost mine moving home from school.

What all of this got me thinking me about was how much do peoples upbringing coupled with their conscious and their current situation affect certain decisions they’ll make. If I saw someone put their keys in their gas tank I would never steal it. I think my conscious wouldn’t really let me do that, it’s just not something I could do. Now if I was totally broke and didn’t have a job would I still act the same way? I’d like to think so but who knows. Jake accidentally bumps a car and can’t bring himself to leave the situation even though he could get away from that pretty much risk free and no cost to him. The last thing, Sam giving me a free Ipod, was pretty much just him being a good person. I could mess up 100 different things at work and he would never get mad at me because that’s just how he is. He’s a genuinely nice person.

Are you born with a certain genetic make-up so that when you’re in the same situation as Jake or the person who took my Ipod, you’ll drive off or rob the car 10 out of 10 times? I don’t see me ever being able to do either of those things, maybe I’m just viewing myself in too bright a light but here’s another example. Someone that I know who happens to have hit two cars has driven off both times. I don’t think there are any circumstances where this specific individual would stay and take the fall. Both of these things lead me to believe that it can be predetermined.

How many people would be influenced by the situation. Let’s say you just got a speeding ticket or something and it would totally mess up you’re insurance if you told them you drove into a parked car. Would that sway a good person who would normally not run away and cause them to run away? I’d imagine that yes there are a good number of people who would be influenced by the circumstances involved in the situation but is there a way to bring your kids up so that won’t happen. If a kid has the perfect parents and they teach him or her everything in the right way, is there still a chance that kid will be a bad kid just because that’s the way he or she was born? I’d like to think I have pretty good parents and they raised me quite well which could be a reason that my conscious won’t let me steal or whatever but is that all because of them?

I don’t really know anything about the biology that would go into this. My best guess is that, for example, people are born gay or not gay if I’m not mistaken, it’s not really a choice they have. A gay guy can play it off and still act like he is into girls but deep down he doesn’t. So maybe a person who’s born good can still make the unnatural decision if the consequences seem bad enough? I don’t really know, that analogy is sort of a stretch but you get the point.

Lazy Day

As a working man I look forward to weekends. Today made it clear to me how my life would be without a job. I woke up at noon, watched Super Troopers and three episodes of Seinfeld, then watched D3 nationals for a while, and next thing you know it’s 5 o’clock. I went on a run and now I’m sitting around my house watching the Phillies. While it’s nice to have a day off like this, I wouldn’t enjoy doing it every day of summer.

One thing I did notice on my day off was ESPN’s line up. I am baffled that they actually use their primary channel to broadcast the woman’s college world series. I’m not an anti-feminist but when it comes to sports it’s hard to take any interest. Take the WNBA for example, if you put any NBA player on any WNBA team, that team would win the championship. It’s like watching a high school track meet. What is cool about watching an 18 year old run a 4:30 mile when there are hundreds of people who can break 4. The only way it’s interesting is if you have a friend or someone you know participating, otherwise it’s not worth watching. The college woman’s world series can not be in very high demand. I’d rather watch reruns of Sports Center all day than watch that.

In other news The Hangover 2 came out recently and to be honest, I don’t really have  want to see it. Every now and then a movie will come along that I will actually want to see and I’ll make a point of going to the movies to see it. If all of my friends are going to a movie and they invite me, sure I’ll go but paying 12 dollars to see some generic movie isn’t my idea of a good time. Back to The Hangover though, I was reading a list of the top 100 funniest movies of all time and #2 was The Hangover, I could not believe it. I like the movie, it’s a funny movie and something that I actually enjoyed watching, but it just wasn’t that funny. I thought in terms of comedy it’s extremely overrated. I don’t know why people absolutely loved it, maybe because of Zach Galifianakis. I read Rotten Tomatoes about the sequel and they basically said it’s the exact same movie as the first one. When you have a movie like the first one that was so successful, the second one could be pretty much anything and it will still make a lot of money. I don’t plan on seeing the sequel anytime soon but if you have feel free to comment and tell me what you thought because I’m curious.

Call Me Peter Gibbons

Today marked my first week of working at Softerware. I hope that doesn’t come up on a search engine like it did last summer. The title is pretty obvious, I’m a Peter Gibbons in the making at the moment. For the first day or two I was still getting my feet wet but I’m currently fully submerged in the company operations. The bad part is that I don’t need any help or explaining because I only really do 2 or 3 different jobs. For the next 3 months, I’ll sit in my two person cubicle for 6 hours a day 5 days a week with limited contact to humans, besides my pretty attractive co-worker. We naturally started off a little awkward but as with all of my other previous cubicle sharing relationships, it’ll get better with time.

I asked myself a question today regarding work. Given the current conditions, would I take a full time job there after I graduated college assuming I got decent pay and they offered it to me. As mind numbing and anti-social it seems at the moment, I think I would. The idea of job security is very comforting. I also think that because I’m the intern who’s only around 3 months a year, I don’t fit in very well with the office antics. I hear guys talking about sports or other things that normal office-mates bond over but I’m not at the level yet where they’ll talk to me or I feel okay joining the conversation. As far as I’m concerned, my mind is on cruise control for the 6 hours that I’m in that building. It’s not a bad thing because I get paid well and I’m not doing any manual labor or anything, but I question whether or not I could do what I’m doing year round. I just use the fact that I’m working to justify buying anything that I want to buy. Perhaps the idea of being a salesman where how hard you work directly affects the amount of money you make would spice things up a bit but doing cubicle work is rough.

It has become clear now how easy it would be to totally slack off at these huge companies where it’s hard to track progress/work completed. I think I get a pretty good amount done. I’m never on Facebook like I’ve seen others do, I’m never checking sports games like I’ve seen others do, I rarely use my phone during the day, and I’m competent enough where I don’t have to be constantly asking for help. Sam just tells me what to do and I do it. In the 5 days that I’ve been there I’ve prepared about 900 letters to be mailed. That process involves setting up the mailing list, the email list, printing the letters, folding every one, and triple labeling the envelops. Granted only about 500 will be sold because of a little mix up (not my fault), but I’m getting work done. A little over 100 people work there and I still feel like I could do a lot less work if I felt like it. If you worked at a company with 1000+ employees, I imagine it would be very easy to do about half of the work that you could get done if you worked as much as they wanted you to.

Horrible Movie, Playoffs?! and Summer

I watched a movie last night called Easy A. I’d never heard of this movie but I had Katie saying she wanted to watch it, Mike approving, and Ian (who had already seen it) saying it was a quality movie. This movie ranks down there with All About Steve as an absolutely terrible movie. The two previous movies I watched before this was Social Network and Kings Speech and it became so clear to me as to why those two were nominated for best picture and movies like Easy A are never heard from. It was just a really bad movie.

I’ll start by saying the I don’t think Emma Stone (Jules from Superbad) is that attractive. I’m not saying she’s ugly but she definitely can’t pull off the slutty high school girl like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls can. I’m telling myself I didn’t steal that from Tom but who knows. Her character, along with her mom and her best friend are the only ones who are somewhat developed throughout the movie. Her boyfriend at the end is a guy who occasionally talks to her but you never learn anything about him the entire movie. Amanda Bynes’ character is insane and also really poorly developed. Initially I thought they were making her the hot/popular girl but then she ends up being some crazy jesus freak. Emma Stone’s dad was easily the funniest character and he was in the movie for 5-10 minutes tops. Her teacher was funny but the guidance counselor sucked. The scenarios that played out were so unrealistic that it had me losing respect for the movie before it was a quarter of the way through. To top everything off the ending blew. There was no finality to it. Yeah her and that dude get together, are her and her best friend okay? Did that gay kid actually run away with some gay black dude? Did the guidance counselor run off with that retard 21 year old? It was just a horrible horrible movie and I’m a little upset that I watched it. The two redeeming factors were the dads reaction to the black kid saying he knew he was adopted and a fat kid throwing an ice cream cone at a car. That was it.

It might not be a bad thing that I watched that movie though, because by comparison it will make the Mavs Thunder game tonight that much better. I’ve been following the NBA playoffs pretty closely and the Mavs have always been one of my favorite teams. Dirk and Steve Nash have always been two of my favorite players, sort of because they’re both really good but can’t seem to win the championship, Nash has never even been to one, and sort of because they’re both white (kidding). The fact that Dirk is 7 foot and can shoot as perfectly as he can is incredible. He’s gotten a lot of shit in the past for not being clutch but HIS comeback against the Thunder was spectacular. I think the Heat are a really good team unfortunately and they’ll play the Mavs in the finals. I’m rooting for the Mavs obviously but in my gut I feel like the Heat should be favored.

I feel like an old man. My days consist of waking up early, going to work, working till the afternoon, exercising, then looking forward to whatever sports game is on, whether it be NBA playoffs of the Phillies or whatever. Don’t get me wrong there are other things going on in my life but I can see how people can settle into the exact same routine day after day for a number of years. It’s kind of funny, I’m working now so I can have fun at college when usually it’s the opposite. Regardless, if this counts as work for me then I’m very happy because I can and will do this for the entire summer.