So I was browsing on my old phone and found these videos. I couldn’t send them directly to my computer so I had to video the video so the quality is pretty shitty. I figure it’s worth it nonetheless, these videos are priceless and essentially define my highschool years. I apologize for the non-synced audio as well, I don’t know why that happens.

This is the part of Raining Blood that everybody thinks is the hardest.

This is the part of Raining Blood that actually is the hardest, and I got a 100% on it…. on slow… This is a pretty big nerd moment.

A very very hard part of Through the Fire and Flames which is the song people know the most from Guitar Hero. Never did get an FC on this.

This part is way way easier than it looks, but it looks really hard so I thought it was cool. Nerd.

Probably my biggest nerd reaction. It’s really hard to see on this video but it’s a really hard solo and this was the only time I ever FC’d it.


Keep it in Perspective

I was lying in bed last night just thinking about how things can seem so serious at the time and then a week or a month or whatever later it’s just not a big deal. I think being able to keep things in perspective is extremely important. The following is a list of times where I found it was really important to keep things in perspective.

  • I got a 44 on a math test in 4th grade and when I told my mom she said I was going to have to get a tutor, I bawled my eyes out all night.
  • In 9th grade or so Dr. Udis told me that I had to wear headgear every night for the next few months and I felt like the biggest nerd in the world.
  • I forgot the password to my Diablo II account which had my level 90 Amazon with a windforce and torch and all that jazz. To this day that was probably the best character I ever had. I quit the game for the 10th time only to return a month or two later.
  • I asked Gina Ranieri out in 9th grade and she rejected me. That was my first serious encounter with the opposite sex and it was a terrible one. I vowed to stick to video games for the rest of my life.
  • Senior year of high school I tried to forge my moms signature for my final exemption form and got caught. Not only did I feel like a terrible person but I had to take my history final too.
  • Last but not least I ran a 16:41 5k to cap off a shitty Freshman year of running. I jogged for 3 minutes during my warm-down then sat down on a bench for about 20 minutes and actually contemplated quitting running.

Looking back at all of these events, they seemed like the biggest deal in the world at the time. Nothing is ever that serious. I have a family, multiple groups of friends that enjoy my company, a girlfriend who I want to be with and she also wants to be with me, and probably most importantly, I’m healthy. Getting an F on a Doughty paper is more funny than anything. Getting too drunk and throwing up all over the place is never a big deal. Just remember to keep everything in perspective.

Dead Baby Jokes

Found this one trollin’ on the forums. It had me cracking up for a while.

“What’s the difference between a dead baby and a chicken? I don’t eat the chicken after I have sex with it.”

Feel free to comment and share your best dead baby jokes.

Also I believe Tom has posted 7 times today so my 3 times was inspired by him, yet also pales in comparison.


Holy Sand

This is a video of a dust storm that went over Phoenix. This is insane. The thing hits the sand and whips it up into the air. Apparently cars inside their garage with the garage doors closed were absolutely covered with sand. Mother nature can absolutely PWN us if she wants to.

Here’s a picture. Stretched to 2 miles high and 100 miles wide. 60 MPH

Right or Wrong?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the recent verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial. I have followed this as closely as I’ve followed the WNBA so far this season. I didn’t even know the trial existed until yesterday when everyone was freaking out about it yesterday. From my understanding there’s this girl and she “killed” her 2 year old kid but they let her off the hook. I don’t really want to talk about this case specifically in this post but I feel the case transitions well into the US law system in general.

If 11th grade law class has taught me anything it’s that A) if the driver passes the breathalyzer, the cops can’t touch anyone else in the car and B) if 99 people are guilty of murder and 1 person isn’t but all 100 are tried, our law system would rather let the 99 murderers go instead of falsely imprison the one innocent guy. Now this blog pretty much asks the question, is that how it should be?

In my personal opinion I say no. I’d rather have 99 murderers locked up along with the one innocent guy.

Trust me, I can’t even begin the imagine how horrible it would be to be put in jail for the rest of your life for a crime you didn’t even commit. I would be so angry yet completely and 100% helpless. I’d just sit there saying I can’t believe I’m the one guy who actually didn’t do it, and I’m still sitting here in a cell. It would be indescribably horrible. The system has essentially taken a perfectly fine life and ended it. If this man or woman were to go on to cure cancer or something crazy, well that wouldn’t happen anymore. This is clearly a huge flaw in the system and being that one guy would be hell.

Now flip the script. If you let all 100 people go and just 10 of the actual murderers killed again, you’re losing 10 times as many quality lives as if you locked everyone up. If you were the one innocent guy who was released you would be extremely happy and relieved but you’d have to look around and see that 10 families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc. would have their lives completely turned upside down in a terrible way just because of you. I couldn’t justify seeing multiple lives taken for the sake of one innocent guy. Also, if you’re wrongly accused of murder, you’re probably not doing something right. Take a look at Shawshenk, the guy was drinking and driving with a loaded gun by his side ready to kill.

Well what do you think?

Poon to Pro

This has been a pretty eventful weekend compared to others this summer. The reason I haven’t updated is because I was at Ursinus staying with Mark the whole weekend. This will be a little recap for anyone who cares.

Friday night was a disaster. It was Mark, Ben, Nate, and I all hanging out drinking to begin. We all had a couple of beers and then started playing drinking games and whatnot. Eventually I started getting pretty drunk and making bets that were not smart. I had to do two shots due to losing bets and decided to just fill up a cup with vodka. It was probably between 2 and 3 shots and I took it. I was 5 or 6 beers in and this pretty much did me in. Later in the night I did the vodka thing again but I don’t really remember it. Everyone else was pretty drunk but unfortunately I was on another level. I passed out on the couch for a bit and then at one point stood up, ran to the sink, and barfed everywhere. I clogged the sink which was not good. Mark and I began scooping the vomit out with our hands. I don’t remember walking back to Mark’s room at all but I do remember throwing up in his trash can. I woke up full sweat and had to change out of my boxers because I was drenched.

At around 9 or so Mark got up and we all woke up. We ran 7 miles and that was as far as I could possibly go. I still felt hungover afterward until about 4 in the afternoon. That night we had big plans. Mark and I were going to Philly to visit his friends that I’d never met before. I was very nervous because if I had a repeat of the night before I would have been a total embarrassment. We were staying at a girls house and of course they had to take an hour or two to get ready to go out to the party. Mark and I sat downstairs watching TV and drinking beer. We each had 7 Natty Lights before the girls even came downstairs. They wanted to take a couple shots so Mark and I took 3 shots each, had another beer, and then went to the party. It was being hosted by a gay guy which is fine with me but he had a ton of gay friends there too. What ended up happening was that Mark and I both blacked out for the rest of the night. We were doing shots when we got there which definitely spelled out trouble. What I remember from pre-black but post-pregame was a gay guy named Matt really putting the moves on me. I don’t think I was being too inviting or anything but I suppose with killer dance moves and at a party filled with gay guys he assumed I was gay.

I woke up at six in the morning, fully clothed on the hard-wood floor with an un-blown up air mattress under me. I was freezing cold so I moved to the couch and used the air mattress as a blanket. I had no recollection of walking back or what we did when we got back but I suppose it was a fun night. Mark and I made the drive back to Ursinus and then went on a gruesome 13.5 mile long run. It wasn’t as bad as the 7 mile run the day before but it wasn’t good. I was happy though because I wasn’t a poon the night before. As the title says I went from poon to pro, or at least poon to not poon. I didn’t vomit and I drank a lot. I think it’s pretty impressive to drink over 13 drinks and then 10 hours later run over 13 miles. Not many people could do that I don’t think.

The rest of the weekend was laid back. Mark came to Upper Dublin to hang out because he would have been very lonely at Ursinus. We played guitar and watched Seinfeld then got some much needed rest. Today was about as good as I could expect the 4th of July to be. I can’t recall any awesome 4th of July parties any other years so I wasn’t expecting any this year. I ran early with Mark, Katie, and Wacker and then spent the rest of the day with Katie. The upcoming week is a short week so that’s a plus but still, it’s back to the work world for the rest of the summer. Happy July 4th everybody.

Pet Peeve #2

This is just a continuation from my last post.

Another huge pet peeve I have is turn signals. It’s one of the most elementary things when it comes to driving a car yet so many people neglect this simple task. Last night I had a little incident. I attempting to turn left onto a road. I looked to my right and there was a line of about 5 cars but they were far enough away so that if the left side was clear, I could turn. I looked left and there was a car driving up and I gave up on the idea of going. This car was going slow to begin with but I just figured it was a slow driver. The person proceeded to turn right onto the road I was on. They did NOT have their turn signal on.

If this person had their turn signal on I could have gone and saved myself 15 seconds of time but instead they opt to not use their turn signal. Now I just tried to buy an iced tea and the store was closed so I was a little irritable. I quite violently slammed my middle finger onto my window over and over again to show this person how displeased I was. I couldn’t see who it was until they fully rounded the turn and it just so happened to be a 70-80 year old woman. She must have thought I was waving to her or something because she came to a dead stop and rolled down her window trying to see who I was. I then lowered my window and just started screaming at her “TURN SIGNAL TURN SIGNAL TURN SIGNAL!!!”. She didn’t hear me I don’t think so I just floored it out of there. Just use your damn turn signal. That’s why they’re their. It doesn’t take anything away from you and doing it makes everyone elses life better.

Also, this reinforces my thought that people around the age of 65 should have to retake their license test. Old people are a hazard to everyone when they’re drive like old people.

Big Pet Peeve

Competition is everywhere. It doesn’t have to be a sporting/organized event. It doesn’t even have to be something you can even compete it. People absolutely love to feel superior to other humans. I admit I can be guilt of this too. If I see someone running at mondauk and it looks like their going fast, I’ll make sure I’m going a little bit faster just to show that if it really came down to it, we both know I’d win in a race. One of my biggest pet peeves of all time though is people trying to unnecessarily compete with ones.

There are numerous things I consider myself really really good at. Most of these things are easily measured. If someone says they’re better than me at Guitar Hero, I’d ask what their score on whatever song was and I’d be able to tell if I was better than them. If someone says they’re amazing at solitaire, I can ask what their time was and see if I’m better. With measurable things it’s not nearly as bad but it can happen. The only time unnecessary competition comes into play with anything though is when a 3rd party is involved.

I could be with a friend and if we get onto a certain topic they might say (spare me but I’m using guitar because it’s a very easy example) “aw I have a friend who’s amazing”. I might reply with something like, “Yeah, I’m really good too”. Then the problem comes when they say “No but my friend is like… the best”. Now I know the ins and outs of Guitar Hero and can assure you that there are not a large amount of people who are better than me. It’s sad how many hours I’ve spent in order to learn how to do certain things and whatnot. There’s much more to being good then just clicking the buttons and strumming the thing. This 3rd party person who he himself has no talent at Guitar Hero might not realize this. Regardless of if I’m better or not though, there’s  no reason to say that your friend is better when you do not know the game. If someone tells me that their friend is better than me at Super Smash but they themselves do not play Super Smash, then it’s very unlikely that their friend is better. If the person who says their friend is better also plays and can back it up with “Yeah my friend can wavedash and L-cancel and Tech.” the list goes on and on, then I might believe that his friend is better. But when he’s simply talking out of his ass with no real evidence besides the fact that his friend is better than he is, it’s extremely annoying and unnecessary. I have to sit there and try to explain to some noob why I’m better than his friend. Now if someone said to me “yeah I have a friend who’s really good at DDR” or something like that and I also know someone who’s very good BUT do not know the game very well or how well my friend knows it, I would say “oh yeah I have a friend who’s also very good, I’m not sure if he’s better than you or anything but you two should play”. When a 3rd party assumes that they know people who are “the best”, it just annoys me more than anything.

It’s easier to settle arguments when the topic is measurable, but when it’s not measurable, for example say actual guitar or playing poker, then it becomes more difficult. I might say “oh yeah my one friend is really good at guitar” and someone might reply “yeah but my friend is probably better”. Now this is possible the most frustrating thing of all. A) it goes along with the above paragraph, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t say anything. If you’ve never played guitar or poker before, don’t say you know someone who’s better. B) Even if you had both of them there with you, you still might not be able to determine who’s better. There are so many different things that go into guitar and poker for example that someone may be better at one thing and the other person better at another thing. There’s simply no point in trying to say that you know someone who’s better.

I really don’t understand in the first place why these stupid competitions come up. Very rarely is someone going to say that they have a friend who’s better than me at smash, and then we actually play. There’s just no point to the argument. People just like to thing that they have this superior feeling of “oh but you’re not as good as MY friend or ME”. It can come with things that don’t matter at all. I could say “oh my mom made me French Toast this morning and it was awesome and someone could just reply oh but my mom makes THE BEST French Toast, like THE BEST!” I could say, “man it’s really cold where I live, running is a pain in the ass” and someone could say “yeah well where I live it’s even colder and it’s always windy but I still manage to get my run in.” Just for the record, this is not directed at anyone in particular. I just wanted to say that it really just drives me insane. Please do not do this.

Sweaty Stortz

These videos come after the same run. It was pretty hot today, I was well hydrated, and ran decently fast for 8 miles. This isn’t as bad as it gets but it’s bad enough. Stortz’s in general are pretty sweaty people, this just gives you an idea of what that entails. Don’t mind the heavy breathing, I was tired.

These were my socks

And these were my short shorts

Paid to Poop

*Edit: I thought of this genius title on the run

Paying by the hour is a complete waste of time. The system is flawed,  and we are all paying the price.

I’ve spent a total of about 4 months working while being paid an hourly wage and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a horrible way of running a business. I’m well aware I must be the millionth person to say this but I’m going to give some of my personal experiences to explain myself and put my own spin on it.

The most obvious thing is that there is no incentive to work faster. Why get 100% percent done when you could half ass it, get 50% done, and get paid the same amount? This is obvious but I have a different example. I made a breakthrough at my place of work. I fold 2 letters at the same time instead of 1 letter and save tons of time. I crunched some numbers. For every 100 letters I fold, I save about 14 minutes, I’ve folded about 1600 letters this summer which totals to about 3 hours and 45 minutes of saved time. To sum that up, I’ve done, lets just say 24 hours of work in about 20 hours. I’m getting paid less to do more. The extra time I have goes into more work for the company. Why would I work harder to do more work while getting paid X dollars when I could just as easily fold one letter at a time, do less strenuous work, and still get paid X dollars. I’ve come up with a way to save hours upon hours of time but I’m pretty much being encouraged not to use it because of this hourly wage system.

Now, with these letters that I’m folding, say I got paid for every weeks worth of letters I set up. Normally I’d go a normal pace through all of the letters and get it done in about an hour. That amount of work would be worth $12.50. Lets say you tell me that I get $12.50 for each week I set up no matter how long it takes. I’m going to work really hard, get a week done in 30 minutes, and have a half hour of free time. That half hour compounded over the 20-30 weeks of letters I set up results in 10 or so hours of free time. That’s 125 dollars I DON’T get paid if I work extra hard for my hourly wage.

Obviously there is no easy solution to this. The only thing I could think of would be to have easily measurable jobs done by low level employees like myself. A weeks worth of letters is worth $12.50, go get as many as you can done. The real decision making jobs that require a lot of thinking and can take random amounts of time go to the high level people. Their rate of pay varies from how successful the company is.

Here’s another thing I thought of today. Why should I EVER poop at home when I can poop at work? Let’s say I work until 1PM, then as I’m about to take my lunch break I go to the bathroom at work for 5 minutes and take a deuce.  Then my lunch break starts at 1:05 and I stay out until 1:50 instead of 1:45. If I went straight home at 1, then pooped, I’d have to come back at 1:45 and work an extra 5 minutes when I could simply not work the extra 5 minutes by pooping AT work, and still get paid.

Now take this one step further. I can poop at home in 2 minutes if I’m really motoring. If I poop at work I’ll most likely take my time and it’ll be more like 5 minutes. By pooping at home instead of work I’m essentially creating 3 minutes of free time that should be added to my lunch break. So let’s recap.

  • Initially,I leave work at 1, take 5 minutes to poop at home, and be back at work at 1:45.
  • Instead I would take 5 minutes to poop at work, leave work at 1:05, take the full 45 minute lunch break, come back at 1:50, and still get paid for the 5 minutes of poop time.
  • Finally, I leave work at 1:00, poop in 2 minutes at home and because of that, EARN myself 3 minutes of free time because I could have simply pooped at work, and then take a 48 minute lunch break, come back at 1:48, but still get paid as if I came back at 1:45.

I can do this is a bunch of other ways and turn my 45 minute lunch break into at least an hour while still only taking 45 minutes off in terms of work time. Let’s say I also want to fill my water bottle at work instead of doing it at home. If I just grab a water bottle at home I save myself a 2-3 minute trip to the water fountain at work, add it to the lunch break. I hear people talk about fantasy baseball or their friend who’s getting married or their Friday night’s all the time. Say I don’t do any of that, but I could, and save 10 minutes of work time, add it to the lunch break. This is easy for me to do because I’m anti social and have no friends around the office, I never waste time talking to people but the freedom is there so that I could if I wanted to. Since I don’t I should be rewarded with an extra couple of minutes here and there.

Anything added to the lunch break could also be taken off the back end of the work day. Say I save all of this time, and still only take a 45 minute lunch break. I’m doing over 6 hours of work and only getting paid for 6 hours. In that case, I’ll leave 10 minutes early and treat myself because I didn’t waste time at work.

I’d be amazed if anyone has actually made it this far but that’s what I was thinking about at work today.