I watched a movie last night called Fantastic Mr. Fox. I actually really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too long and didn’t drag out too much. It kept me interested and entertained with a quality story and well developed characters, not to mention the part with the opossum and the crazy eyes had me near tears because I was laughing to hard. The jokes were clever and witty and it was just a very good movie. The animation was pretty cool and although I’d guess it was a “kids” movie, I really can’t see any kid appreciating it for what it was. It was an adult movie wrapped up in a kids costume. This is the type of movie that I could see getting a high review on rotten tomatoes and 4 stars on comcast’s rating system. I did some research and saw that Easy-A, the movie that I absolutely hated and tore apart on this blog, got an 85%. Please, someone else watch this movie and tell I’m not insane for thinking it was a 3/10 at best.

Anyway, the current situation I’m in with the race tonight is something you don’t want to get yourself into. I was thinking about this at work and I think it’s a good point. When Imbemba, who had a full season of track under his belt, raced against Justin Garavel, who had just gotten back from Japan and hadn’t run at all AND was wearing jeans, raced in a 400, it was just a stupid thing. Brett should win that race and there are two possible outcomes, A) Brett wins and everyone just says yeah obviously, or B) Brett loses and we never let him live it down. If I beat Ian tonight, nothing happens, everything played out as expected and I’m not looked at any better. If I lose though, it’s a career ending defeat that I just can’t afford. Now, when I race Jatin, we’re pretty equal competitors, I win a little more often than I lose but him beating me isn’t a huge deal. With Ian, even though I’m not primed at all to run a 5k and he is as primed as he can be, it’s just looked at as I should win every time. If some college player challenges Dirk after a full season off because of the lockout and miraculously wins because Dirk is rusty, well obviously Dirk is the better player but he’s just not quite game ready compared to that college kid who realizes he’s playing Dirk 1v1 and if he beats him it’s the greatest accomplishment in the world. Now I’m not the Dirk of running but you get the point. At this point I’m simply waiting for the end and hoping it’s a quality result.


This is a very exciting day. Today is the annual Phil’s Tavern 5k and I always look forward to this. Every year seems to be the same. I’m always very excited for the whole summer and then the day or two before the race I start to worry if I’m even capable of running a fast 5k. This year for instance, I’ve done one workout the entire summer and have put in 122 miles over the past 10 days which is a record, I just wouldn’t imagine that my body is primed to run a fast 5k.

Now obviously to my race rival Ian Mcgrath, I would never say this. I simply tell him that this isn’t even going to be close. Even if I am a  little bit worried, I have to make him think that there is literally zero chance he can possibly beat me. If I can completely win the mental battle before the race even starts then it’s is already over. Ian, if you read this before race time which I doubt you will, let me assure you that the race has been over since last year. You had your chance, I went to the concert and you were still sort of in shape from track season. I’ll admit you can beat me in a wrestling match now but not a race.

If I had to put a number to it, I’d say if I break 16:20 or so I’ll be happy. Two years ago I ran 16:56 and that was a Sam who was doing summer training just like I am now. I have to believe that I would crush me from two years ago. My 5k PR is a minute faster now so 16:20 might even be conservative but probably not. I think it’s just about right.

This is clearly the pre-race post, I will update post-race to give results.


Everyone is different, we all like different things, do different activities, etc. but what I’m going to talk about is what I fear. A lot of people have similar fears but there are always those strange things. This is my short list of out of the ordinary fears. Feel free to comment and share yours as well.

The number one and most prominent fear of mine is bees (the song I put on is the only song I had that has the word “bee” in it, that’s why I played it, and it’s just a fun little diddy). Out of everything in this world that I’ve encountered so far, bees are at the top of the list. I am absolutely terrified of bees. Flying insects in general are pretty bad in my opinion but bees are far and away the most scary. They can sting you and as far as I know, that really hurts, but I wouldn’t know that well because I go to extreme measures to avoid bees. The worst case scenario for me would be walking into the shed to retrieve something and having there be a bees nest inside. When I had to bike to work a few times I had to get the bike out of the shed. There were two bees pretty much guarding the door and I was almost late to work because it took so damn long to get the bike out of there.

Another thing that I’m afraid of are stairs. Obviously I encounter stairs every single day of my life and I don’t really have a problem with them but when I heard the story about Greta falling down the stairs in Reimert and hurting herself, I just always have a horrible mental image of that happening. Falling down 10-15 concrete stairs at a fast pace would destroy me. I just always picture myself sliding down and trying to stop myself with my hands but inevitably smashing my face into the ground. The thought of breaking teeth is the worst to me. That could very well happen if you fell down the stairs at Reimert. It would be so easy to fall down, just one misstep and you’re a goner. One clip of the foot or something like that and it’s game over.

I don’t know if this one counts but I’ve always been afraid of stickers. I don’t know if afraid is the right word to use. I’m not actually worried that a sticker is going to hurt me or something like that but when someone is trying to put a sticker on me or something like that I get extremely uncomfortable. It’s like an extremely anxious feeling and I just can’t bear sitting still and allowing a sticker to be places on me. The idea of someone putting a sticker on my back and me not knowing about it drives me insane. I’ve actually gotten better with this one as I’ve gotten older but I’m still way more scared of stickers than the normal person.

Run Around

The song describes how I feel about running at this point. I’ve decided I’m going to take it to the next level. When I left for my run today I had no ipod, a mild hangover, and was wearing glasses. My initially plan was to run 7 or 8 and then do my long run tomorrow. After reading running things for about 2 hours straight I decided that I’m going to get really good at running and the changes start now. For no particular reason I just kept running and ended up going 15 miles. I felt comfortably numb while running. I was clicking off anywhere between 7:00-7:15 per mile and I felt no more tired by the end of the run. It was just a mind numbing experience but I was okay doing it. I think you pretty much have to train yourself to do that if you’re going to really run a lot of miles, though an ipod is very helpful for that. My plan for tomorrow is to do a double of sorts, perhaps 5 and 5 which would put me at 82 miles for the week.

If you had told me a few months ago that I would be hitting over 80 miles a week in July I would have said, wow that’s a lot and I probably shouldn’t go any higher. Now I have a different idea. I’m going to be doubling probably 4-5 times a week and just see where my mileage goes. If I have to have a run where I go 8 miles at 7:30’s then so be it, but I anticipate that (based on the way that I’m feeling after running 80+ miles this week) I’ll have more days where I’m doing 15+ miles than days where I run 10 miles or less. I pretty much just don’t want to put a cap on how many miles I’ll run and how good I can be. If I feel comfortable running 100 miles a week, then I think I’m going to do it. What’s the point of spending almost 10 years running every single day if you’re not going to go balls to the wall. I want to see if I’m capable of a sub 14 5k or a 29 minute 10k or something crazy like that. If it’s really as simple as putting in the work and pushing your body as far as it can go then I don’t see why that won’t happen. I might just be in lala land right now, wind up with a stress fracture in 2 weeks, and come back to read this post and say “what the fuck was I thinking?” but at the moment, the only thing I see that’s stopping me from going from good to the best I can be is myself. If you’re only durable enough to run 60 miles a week, run 60 miles a week, but if you’re durable enough to run 100 miles a week, why wouldn’t you run 100 miles a week? 80 miles this week didn’t feel out of this world, it’s the highest I’ve ever done but that doesn’t really mean anything. Today’s 15 miler was the farthest I’ve ever run but it didn’t feel much different than any of the 10 mile runs I’ve been on. I can run 70 miles a week for the next two years and run 14:50 and 31:00 or I can run as much as I’m capable of and see what I can actually run.

Sorry, this post wasn’t intended to be a running only post but that’s what happened. That’s literally the only thing I’ve been thinking about all day so this is a good place to vent about it.

One Last Time

Okay, I’ve fiddled around with it a good bit and I decided I will have a song on the blog, I’m not going to call it song of the day because I might not update it every day, regardless, there will be a song on the blog. The color scheme is still under construction. Unfortunately there isn’t a one color fits all here so some people will not approve but hey, everybody hated the picture of the tree in my last set up so whatever.

I was/still am struggling with a title. The one thing I’m going to keep is the Once A Runner quote of “All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.” It essentially captures two of the biggest aspects of my life in 13 words (yes it’s 13 words, don’t bother counting…) If anybody has an idea for a title please feel free to express your ideas. I know this is another cheap post but it’s necessary and will be the last one. I’m willing to sacrifice two days of quality posting to ensure a lifetime of quality appearance and customer satisfaction. Thanks for your patience.


This blog is on the verge of a makeover. As most of my readers probably know already, Tom changed around his look and seeing as I copy nearly everything he does, I’m next. It’s time for a change. There are multiple blog themes that I can chose from. I imagine most of you don’t care very much and won’t have any input on whether you like it or not so I’ll just pick it myself but IF you decide you have something to say, positive or negative, let me know.

One thing I’m not sure of is if I should do a song of the day or not. I have the capability obviously but I don’t know if it’s too much/distracting for my blog. I’m going to spend the next hour or so dicking around and trying to figure this stuff out so forgive me for the lack of a real post.

What Do You See?

I’d like everyone to take a look at the picture below and say the first thing that comes to your mind.




If you said 3 carrot tops then you’re as retarded as advertisers at Saladworks. This clearly looks like 3 orange weiners blowing their disgusting green loads all over the place. This is in fact a cut of a Saladworks logo.I don’t know very much about the advertising world but the people who approved this are either completely oblivious or 100% intended for this to look like 3 dicks. I don’t really know why they would want that but hey, it got me writing about them in my blog so I guess they’re doing something right. I don’t know if you would consider this subliminal messaging or not but it has to be something like that.


If there is anything that the 10 years of Diablo has taught me, it’s that experience is everything. You can possess all of the material goods you want but unless you have the experience, it’s all useless. There’s no point in getting an Arachnids Mesh Spiderweb Sash unless you’re a level 80+ and can use the damn thing. Tell that to Ben Landau.

Let’s translate this to real life. Going through life without experience makes things pretty useless and boring. Almost everything we do is an experience. Going to college is an experience, traveling to another country, going to a concert, working a full time job, your first girlfriend, skydiving, the death of someone close to you. All of these things make you learn and grow as a person. There’s no point of going through life without experiencing everything you can. I’d take 50 years of traveling the world and meeting tons of people and having fun over 100 years of working 9 to 5 with some 6/10 wife who you can pork whenever you want.

That leads me to my next point. I have a friend who claims he will never drink alcohol. He’s going to be a sophomore in college and he hasn’t tried it yet. Getting drunk is not only an experience, but it’s an experience that a ton of people love. While I don’t consider myself an alcoholic, I believe I can say that my life would not be as fun or exciting without it. When I get back from a cross country meet where me and my whole team has been through hell, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than sit down and chug some beers. If someone doesn’t feel like drinking on a Saturday night, that’s fine, I won’t ever pressure anyone, but to go your whole life without it seems absurd. At least try it and see what it’s like. Sure nobody likes to hug the toilet for 5 hours but nothing beats a drunken night with our best friends.

It seems foolish to me to go through life and never try these things. I’ve only talked about alcohol because that’s what I have most experience with but I believe this should spread to other aspects of life too. Try marijuana, try shrooms, try whatever. I don’t advocate heroine or cocaine or anything that can kill you in one go if you’re not ready for it, but to the other things, go ahead. The odds of you dying while doing shrooms is probably less than the odds of dying during a skydiving accident.

Everything is an experience and there’s no reason to not go out there and live it up. I don’t think I’ve done as much as some other people my age but I know that there are too many people out there who are scared to live their lives.

Business Man

Today was a big day for me. I ran 14 miles yesterday, tied for the longest run of my life, to finish up a 71 mile week. In a week or two I’ll be up to a life time high of 80+ miles a week. If my body couldn’t hold up to a 14 mile run at sub 7 minute pace, to cap off a 71 mile week, realistically I’d have to hold off on my upping the mileage. I’m happy to say that I felt pretty good today and don’t think I’ll have any trouble doing 80 a week. I just feel like a machine. I seem to be very durable, I never really get injured and I don’t think high mileage will break me down. I’ve been calling it pretty much every season for the past 3 years but THIS SEASON will be the breakout season.

Today was also big at work. Sam asked me if I wanted to do something a little outside my realm. Instead of mindless jobs that nobody wants to do, I was offered the chance to interview clients and write my very own client profile which will be featured on the website. I emailed a number of clients and one responded with written answers. I looked at a few samples and then used my blogging experience to write this client profile. I wasn’t that confident at first and took a good amount of time but eventually I told Sam it was done and he could check it. He told me it very good and I did a job well done. He also said that I must have outsourced it or something like that because it was just that good. This blog is finally paying dividends. We interviewed another woman via phone call today and I’m writing up their profile tomorrow. I didn’t mention that I worked a full 8 hours today and it wasn’t a big deal at all. Doing a job that requires actual thinking makes work bearable. I was thinking for 6.5 hours of work today and it absolutely flew by. It was the last 1.5 hours that drove me insane because I was doing the opposite. I won’t go in to details but the difference between mindless work versus thinking work is amazing.

Working a real day, 8 hours, along with a visit the Dreshertown shopping center made me think about the real world and the varying businesses. Softerware as far as I know is open from 8 to 5:30-6 every day. That’s a solid 10 hour time span that the company is operating. They have specific products geared towards a specific group of people. By seeing how the company works and everything like that, I understand how they generate revenue. At the Dreshertown shopping center, I visited Shop n’ Bag which is open 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. They obviously sell food, 14 hours a day 7 days a week. People need food. They pay their employees minimum wage. I understand how this place makes a profit. The one thing I don’t understand is how a place like It’s Bagelicious makes a profit. It’s open a total of 38 hours a week. Softerware is open 50-60 hours a week and sell high prices software. Shop n’ Bag is open almost 100 hours a week and sells low prices goods but at a high quantity. It’s Bagelicious cannot be that profitable. There are people who wake up and need their morning coffee and possibly a nice bagel or muffin or whatever it is, but there is just no way that they can sell enough on a daily basis to make a lot of money and stay in business.


F*ck That!

Public entertainment is a great thing. Television and radio are fantastic and add so much to daily life. I’m all for listening to great music or watching funny movies but you have to draw the line somewhere. I don’t know what you call it but non-premium cable/radio AKA anything outside of HBO/STARZ etc. and satellite radio should not be playing certain movies/songs.

Yesterday there were two extreme examples of this. I was listening to the radio while driving and on radio 104.5 was Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine. I listened from nearly the beginning and it was quality as usual until it hit the climax of the song. “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!!” turned into a loud and disturbing guitar note followed by “you I won’t do what you tell me.” Now for those who know the song, you know he repeats that line 10+ times and it’s the most intense and best part of that song. To have it repeatedly bleeped out just turned me off so much to that song that I just couldn’t stand it. Taking a song like that, which relies so heavily on the word “fuck” and playing it on the radio where they can’t air that word just ruins the song.

The second and more extreme example of this was a movie on Comedy Central last night Bad Santa. I’m a huge fan of this movie. I think it’s hilarious and really underrated. Billy Bob Thorton is hysterical and most of that relies on his great use of the word fuck. He, along with several other characters, are constantly saying fuck or shit or whatever and Comedy Central had to mute it at those parts. It was extremely annoying and took away so much from the movie. If I had never seen it before until last night, I would have been really disappointed and probably walked away saying that it was a blah movie. Honestly, watch the following scenes and tell me they would be funny without cursing.