Most Frustrating

I went bowling last night and things did not go as planned. I was keeping my cool in the beginning but after the 2nd or 3rd game I started to lose my shit. That inspired this post. Here is my list of the most frustrating recreational activities.

Bowling – After last night, I’ve fully come to realize the anger and frustration that bowling can cause. When you’re just a hair off over and over again but you can’t figure it out, it’s such a helpless feeling. I just miss the pocket to the left or right over and over again which is annoying to start. After a first ball that’s just a little off, I’m generally left with a getable spare. Normally this is what I consider the best part of my game. I’ve never been a striker but spares have kind of been my thing. Last night I was really struggling. I was throwing balls in the gutter trying to get the 10 pin, I absolutely couldn’t get it. I know that the lanes have a good bit to do with it when you put spin on the ball but by the 4th game you think I would have figured it out a little bit. I averaged a 120 and was fairly consistent but it wasn’t consistently good, it was consistently mediocre. I wanted to quit by the end of the night.

Ping-Pong – This one is a no brainer. I think I would rank this as the #1 most frustrating game. I’ve played thousands of games of ping-pong in my life and have developed a pretty good knowledge of the game. When you’re bad and don’t really understand why things are happening the way they are, it’s easier to stay calm. When you know the game and why you’re missing the same shot over and over again for the same damn reason but you just can’t fix it, the game becomes more frustrating that any other. With me specifically, when my backhand slam is off, I generally overshoot it every single time. I know that I need to stay farther back on it and come over the ball more to keep it low and on the table but I fuck it up every time. This drives me insane. Even if I end up winning the game I just don’t even want to play anymore. I love ping-pong but when things are bad, they’re terrible.

Mario Kart Double Dash – This family game that’s fun for everyone has problems right off the bat. When I’m good at a game, I expect to win. Mario Kart takes that away from me. When a game is ‘fun for the whole family’ it means that no matter how good you are, you’re not going to keep winning. We played Mario Kart for many hours a day for a couple month stretch back at school. I’m not tooting my own horn here but if we time-trialed every race without items, I’d win 99% of the time. The item system makes it so that bad people can still go as fast as good people. Nothing is more frustrating that leading until 30 seconds left in the last lap when I start getting drilled by first place shells. There’s nothing you can do about it except complain and say well I should’ve won and the usual response is “well you didn’t”.

Bocci Ball – I have a short history with this game but I’ve already discovered how annoying this game can be. There’s a relatively legit playing area at Ursinus with a wooden frame and gravel and the correct dimensions etc. that we play at. I’m sure there are a few rules we don’t follow exactly but regardless, there are two huge annoyances in this game. The first one is that even if you throw the ball straight, it can hit a little bump in the ground and go shooting off to the side. Your ball can go from a perfect game winner to a laughable shot where people are left wondering if you even had your eyes open. This is uncontrollable and everyone has to deal with it so I suppose it’s relatively fair but of course, I like to think I’m the best and I just get more unlucky than everyone else. The next annoying thing is that if you throw a perfect ball and it lands right where you want it, another player can pretty easily knock your shot away. So rarely do you get the perfect shot and when you do, nothing is more annoying than having it completely erased. The game becomes personal at that point.

I’m sure I could think of more but that’s a decent list I think. Feel free to comment and add your own.


I drank last night for the first time in a while. I went to a party with Katie and a bunch of her friends. I’m still sort of getting to know everyone so I don’t quite fit in perfectly yet but it’s getting better. Anyway, the party was a good time and I didn’t get extremely drunk. I don’t remember going to sleep at all but I remember being driven home pretty well so I wasn’t destroyed. Anyway, something happened in the middle of the night. I have a short history of peeing the bed and a longer history of waking up full sweat. One of the two happened. I personally like to believe that I sweat a lot but who knows.

I woke up again at 9:30 or so and had possibly the worst hangover I’ve ever had. I’m generally okay at dealing with hangovers. They’re never to severe and with a good run, they clear right up. This morning was different. I had a killer headache and felt like I was going vomit. I went to the bathroom, took a dump, laid down for 5 minutes, took another dump, tried to throw up, took yet another dump, then actually did throw up all in the span of 30 minutes or so. It was hell. The vomit was mostly beer and water but it was pouring out of my nose as well as my mouth. My eyes were tearing up pretty good too. For a few minutes I was vomiting and I actually felt a little bit better. The smell of throw up was inescapable though. I tried to eat something but failed.

I still felt pretty shitty. I went home and laid down for a bit and within an hour or so made a miraculous recovery. It’s 2 o’clock now and I feel pretty much normal. If it’s as simple as throwing up then I’m okay with that but if the feeling I had this morning lasted much longer I would want to kill myself. I plan on doing my long run today and almost had to reschedule because I felt so bad but now I think I’ll be okay. It was an entertaining night and probably one of the last ‘parties’ I’ll go to before I go back to school.

The summer is virtually done and I suppose it’s been a pretty good one. It went by extremely fast but at the same time, I’m ready to go back to school.

Saturday TV

I’d say I watch TV a normal amount but there are two things I absolutely can’t stand about it. The first thing is Saturday TV. This is no coincidence that I’m posting this on a Saturday. All I want to do right now is relax on the couch and watch some TV right now but I can barely do that because absolutely nothing is on Saturday afternoon. ESPN plays Nascar and soccer, neither of which I have any interest in. There are shitty shows on and no good movies. At the least give me a Phillies game but even that they can’t do. I suppose that not many people are watching TV at this time because it’s Saturday day and people are doing things with their day off but why not play something half decent?

The other thing I don’t like is when channels replay sports games. I’d rather watch live women’s basketball instead of recorded men’s baseball. It completely takes away from the fun and excitement. Even if I didn’t know who won the Superbowl a day or two afterward and had it recorded, I still definitely wouldn’t watch it. I’d rather just go to and read about it/watch the highlights. Knowing that it already happened just ruins it.

I guess this is all spoiled talk. 50 years ago people would be thrilled just to have a TV and now I’m complaining that on the 300 channels I have access to, there’s nothing that I really want to watch. I should be thankful that I can watch any form of sports. I’m just tired and slightly cranky. Fortunately The Social Network is on and even though I’ve seen it multiple times before, I guess I can settle for this movie which was nominated for best picture if I absolutely have to.

Running Rant

Well it’s about time for another running post. Skip if you’re not interested.

The two usual records have been broken since the last post. I ran 101 miles last week. This isn’t really a significant number but it is the highest I’ve done in a week. It’s pointless it even write this because it’s going to be broken again this week.

I also broke the record for most miles in a day. I set that today in fact. I woke up at 7:45 for an orthodontist appointment and was back by 9. I had an extra half hour to run so I made use of it. I did 8 in the morning. The first mile was 7:45. The next 4 were about 7:00’s. The next 3 were around 6:40’s. I just felt really good so I ran more than the normal 5 mile loop. After a normal day at work I was ready for my first workout of the week. Initially I went in thinking tempo run. That changed during the day to hill repeats. That changed one more time about a mile into my warm-up to 2 minute surges.

I did 10 x 2 minute surges with full recovery (about 4 minutes). I warmed up 2 miles and got started. The 2 minute surges were about 5:50-6:00 minute mile pace. The 4 minute recovery was between 7:15-7:30’s. I warmed down 3 miles for a 13 mile run. I felt really good during the workout but didn’t push it too much. I just ran smooth and kept good form the whole time. They say everything takes roughly 10 days to kick in for running. Well roughly 10 days ago I finished my first 100 mile week and the past 3 days or so I’ve felt awesome. It capped off a 21 mile day which is a pretty solid number. I’m at 77 so far this week with Saturday and Sunday left. I’ll probably hit between 100-110 this week, closer to the latter.

The streak is also up to 89 days. In the past 89 days I’ve gone on 117 runs for a total of 878.5 miles which is roughly 9.9 miles a day. I averaged 7 miles a day for the first 42 days which means that I’ve averaged 12.4 miles a day for the last 47 days. I see no signs of stopping.

I have this as the song of the day (Superman by Goldfinger) for two reasons. I kind of feel like Superman because if you had told me months ago that I could do multiple 100 mile weeks in a row, I would have said that that was Supermanish. The other reason is that I like running to this song because it’s upbeat and fun. You have to remember to have fun with it and enjoy what you’re doing. If I’m at working thinking “god fucking damnit I don’t want to go home and run 10 miles right now” every single day, then it’s not going to work. I look forward to 75%+ of my runs and that makes it bearable. Running 2 hours a day isn’t easy but if you can look past the tired legs and mild soreness, it’s really not that bad.

I just can’t believe I was so oblivious to this up until 3 weeks ago. My body is fully capable of 100 mile weeks yet I never even came close to doing that. Why run 70 when you can do 100? There was fatigue in the beginning. Running this much is no joke really but if you’re smart about it, i.e. getting sleep, eating right, doubling, then there’s no reason you can’t do it. Big things are coming people.

Week Recap

I apologize for the short hiatus from posting. I am back. I suppose this first post back will just be a recap of my last week or so. On Sunday morning I left for the outer banks with Katie. Her family does this vacation for a week every year and I was lucky enough to be invited this year. This vacation is a lot different than the week down the beach in Avalon that my family has. There aren’t any big drinkers in her family and the ages are a lot different. The number of people from 0-15 was 5 or 6 and the number of people 30+ is everybody else except for me, Katie, and her one cousin. I had to learn how to interact with little children and older folks as well. The days started between 7 and 8 o’clock to get a morning run in and the nights often ended around 10 o’clock.

Running in the morning was a pain in the ass. There wasn’t very good terrain and the temperatures/sun were killer. We managed to get by though without too much sacrifice. After the morning run was the beach. There was no Frisbee or anything unfortunately but the water was nice and the sand was hot. This was the first time ever where I was around people who had never seen someone jump in the sand immediately after being in the ocean. I don’t know why I do it but ever since I was a little kid it’s just what I did. I don’t bring a towel or chair to the beach, if the sand is hot then that’s all I need. Needless to say her family thought it was weird and gross.

Family dinners were daily. The one guy was a pretty good cook so he would grill some burgers or seafood or whatever and the whole family would dig in. With only 2 other males older than me, there weren’t big eaters so I was given all of the leftovers. It was great. Everyone would be full and their would be a little left. When I’m running 14 miles a day I have a pretty good appetite so that worked out very well.

The vacation was a success. I got in some quality miles and I think I made a pretty good impression on everyone. While it probably wasn’t perfect it definitely could have been worse. The drive was about 7 hours both ways and it actually went by pretty fast. I wouldn’t want to make that drive more than once a year but to sack up and do it for a good vacation is worth it. To cap off the vacation Katie, Wacker, and I went to Outback Steakhouse last night. I went to Applebee’s with a few guys from the team over winter break and I always associated the two. Let me tell you, they’re not even close. Applebee’s was an absolutely joke compared to Outback. Outback was awesome. The ribs were freaking delicious. The drinks were large, the fries were hot and plentiful. It was just an absolute pleasure. If you’re willing to spend $20-25 bucks you can get a really good meal.

Where I am

This is just a short update on how my life is at the moment. I’m in North Carolina with katie and her family so I haven’t had too much time to post. Unfortunately this will continue till Friday or so. I just wanted to let my faithful readers know why I haven’t been posting. We left at 6am Sunday morning and got there a little after 1pm. It wasn’t a terrible drive and interacting with all of the family members has been surprisingly successful. I male to female ratio is pretty small so I’m trying to adapt to this way of life and I think it’s going well. I most likely won’t have a real post until Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Least Wanted Poke’mon

Well obviously if any Poke’mon had a negative effect on your life, you would never let it out of it’s ball and thus it would have no effect on your life. With the scenario I’m going to address, the rule will be that the Poke’mon will have to be out of the ball for at least 30 minutes everyday.

#3 – Magikarp

This thing would just be a disaster. It’s as useless in the game as it is in real life except worse. In the game you have it so it can evolve to the absolute badass Gyarados. In real life, not only would it remain a stupid goldfish the whole time, but I would have to take care for it. I had a bearded dragon (Mergatroid) for 7 years and this would pretty much be the same thing. I had to go to Petco every week to buy the thing food and it never really did anything in return. I’m not saying I didn’t like Merg but at least I made the choice to buy and care for him. Magikarp would use it’s only move “splash” and be constantly spilling water in whatever room I put it in. It would benefit me in no way possible. I’d have to get it a cage, buy it food, and clean up it’s splashing. The worst part would be that when it eventually pushed me to the edge and I was so fed up with it, it would just like at me with those retarded eyes and act like it’s not doing anything wrong. Magikarp and I would have serious problems.

#2 – Muk

There would be no fun with this guy. He would just get his garbage slime all over everything no matter where you went. I could throw him the frisbee and he would just swallow it. If I ever brought him inside my house I’d have to burn it down afterward because he’s just so dirty. His smell would most likely be unbearable and permanent. I would have to go down into the sewer for half an hour every day and just let him roam around for a while. Not to mention he’s the ultimate anti-poon. No girl is going to see Muk and be like, I have to go over there. The only thing this guy could be good for would be messing with other people. If someone was being an A-hole I could get Muk to slime on his car or something stupid like that. Other than that he would be a life ruiner.

#1 Beedrill

This picture sums up everything I hate about bees. The stinger, the eyes, the wings, the fat ass, the little stick legs, all of those coupled with the fact that beedrill is 3 feet tall and 60 pounds makes him EASILY my least wanted Poke’mon. I’ve made it abundantly clear that bees scare me more than anything and owning a beedrill would just be cruel. Once this guy realized that I didn’t like him it would be game over. Beedrills are known to attack in swarms so clearly this guy would go out, find other bees to hang out with, become the overlord, and send thousands upon thousands of bees to attack me. I would last all of one week with this thing before I either tried to kill it, I ran away, or I died. Owning a beedrill would turn my life upside down and most likely kill me so this one was a no brainer. Even if I survived I would never be the same.


Most Wanted Poke’mon

As a kid there are few things I wanted more than to have real Poke’mon running around that I could play with and capture. One of those things was being able to turn into a Super Saiyin. Back to the Poke’mon, I’ve always wondered what would be my top 3 if I could have any of them. I’ll do a bottom 3 too just for fun tomorrow.This is in regards to the first 151 and that’s it. Also, be aware that if you say “I’d want a Charizard so I could go around robbing banks and killing people” that the government would almost definitely capture or kill him. Be practical here.

Most wanted:
#3 – Butterfree

I would choose Butterfree for one and only one reason. It’s not a cool Poke’mon. It won’t win you too many fights. Insects in general are pretty gross. BUT! This thing could use it’s sleeping powder to put me to sleep every single time I’d like. I would literally gain hours 5-10 of time to every single week because I wouldn’t waste time falling asleep. If I knew I would insta-fall asleep I would go add an extra hour of sleep to nearly everyday not including those where I’m taking naps. I guess the only problem would be putting it back in its poke’ball after it put me to sleep. Also I have a feeling this thing would not be nearly as annoying as Jigglypuff.

#2 – Articuno

I would pick Articuno primarily because it could fly me around to where I needed. Zapdos would electrocute me if I tried to fly on it, Moltres would burn me, and would choose Aerodactyle over Articuno? I’m under the impression that Articuno wouldn’t freeze me. This would save me tons of money on gas and cars for the rest of my life. I could just fly to school, fly to work, fly everywhere. It would be an extremely convenient and cost effective investment. I’m sure the freezing power would come in handy now and then also although I absolutely hate the cold.

#1 – Machop

Obviously this doesn’t seem like a great choice but I have two good reasons for this. As a runner I have about 3% body fat and couldn’t defend myself from a squirrel. I know that I’m not strong and I’m okay with that because I can still run fast. This however doesn’t come in handy with fighting. If I had a Machop with me wherever I went I could win any fight. The little guy is a beast and would be putting frat douches in headlocks all day long. Not only would he be able to defend me and help out with fighting, but he would be a complete chick magnet. He’s still small and adorable so girls would come running just to get a glimpse. It would work virtually every time with every girl. Also, when I run out of friends which is bound to happen sooner or later, my little buddy will always be willing to hang out with me, toss the Frisbee, play some ping-pong, go on a run, he’s can do it all. This guy is an absolute diamond in the rough.

Girl Talk

So there are two songs I’ve discovered recently that I unfortunately kind of (extremely) like. The first one is Why Can’t I by Liz Phair. This is one that everyone knows but no one knows who sings it or anything outside of the chorus. I heard this song on B101 on the way to work and now that I can get individual songs using the Youtube to MP3 thing, I got this one. It’s your typical 90’s song written by a female about love but it does the trick for me.

The other song is The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I don’t really like or dislike Miley. She gets a lot of media attention and her dad played her looks/talent to perfection. I was flicking through the radio and caught this song just starting on 106.1 and sat through the whole thing. I don’t think it’s anything that special but just like What Do You Want From Me by Adam Lambert, I listened to the whole thing on the radio and had a little fling with it for about a week.

I think everyone has their feminine side and this is an example of mine. Apparently another feminine thing that I frequently do is file my nails. I bite my nails, then file immediately after, then wait a week and repeat the process. Smooth finger nails are a must for me. I guess another thing for me is that I don’t like drinking out of a bottle or glass that someone else has drank out of. Katie and I filled a water bottle the other day and while she would put the water bottle to her lips like a normal person, I would pour in from a distance. Even with my girlfriend my natural instinct is to avoid that type of contact. Looking at it logically it doesn’t make sense but for some reason I always get a little uncomfortable doing that with anyone. I guess you could argue that my fear of bees is girly too but that can’t be just me. Feel free to share your girly habits if you’d like.


There are two things that my dad does that I absolutely cannot stand. If they happened once or twice I would be fine letting them go but when they happen over and over again it drives me absolutely insane. I came into the summer thinking that Jeff was probably being a bit of a drama queen when he said he has trouble spending the whole day at work with my dad but now I fully understand. Here are two specific things, among many others, that I can’t stand.

The first one is unintentional. My dad will ask me the same question 7 times in the span of 3 or 4 days. When Katie was at running camp in Virginia, my dad would repeatedly ask, “What’s Katie up to tonight Sam?” Every single time I would say she’s at camp dad she won’t be around until Sunday. After the first few times he’d act like it was his first time hearing it and then the last couple of times he goes “oh yeah that’s right.” He’s asked me when my first XC meet is probably 15 times over the course of the whole summer. It drives me insane. If it was someone else I would think that they were joking but I know he’s serious and he actually forgot. It’s not limited to just questions. He’ll tell me the same story about him and what he ran at Mondauk over and over again. He’ll say “I ran a new PR today!” and I reply with the exact time that he ran and he goes, “How’d you know that?!” Then I have to explain to him that he already told me and responds with his normal chuckle will say something like “Now that’s good clean humor!”

The next thing might be intentional but I’m not entirely sure. Him and I order out from Nick’s Pizza probably once or twice a week. Literally every single time we talk about what we’re going to get he says “How bout we get a whole pie ya know? You into that?’ This drives me insane. Besides the fact that he’ll order 2 slices, eat half of one, then throw the rest away, a whole pie would be a complete waste of food and money. I’ll eat 3 slices tops, he’ll eat one, and we’ll throw 3 or 4 away and waste 8 bucks. For someone who tries to teach me so much about money, I’ve never seen someone waste so much of it. I’m totally for spending money in order to enhance a certain experience. Spending an extra 10 bucks on a nice case of beer I understand. Spending an extra 10 bucks on a nice basketball that will last a long time makes sense to me. Spending an extra 10 bucks on a really nice razor that doesn’t hurt at all makes sense. Spending an extra 10 bucks to waste food makes zero sense to me. It’s like he enjoys showing people that he can waste money and not care about it. Every time he says “How about we get a whole pie?” I just get angry at him. I don’t understand his fascination with buying a whole pie but it’s just moronic.

I understand no one is perfect but you’re supposed to make mistakes and then learn from them. He makes mistakes and keeps making them over and over again.