Double Round 2

Clearly I’m struggling with my music add-on. Every time I try to upload a song it stops between 2-10% and then my whole web browser freezes and I have to restart it. I don’t know what to do about this so if someone could help me that would be great. Otherwise Ocean by John Butler Trio is going to get very old very fast.

My first sober weekend here at school was actually a success. We got a decent group of people together and we played bingo (school sponsored), walked to Wawa, and then played more games afterward. It was a better time than I expected and tonight is round two. It was kind of sad. Earlier today we looked up “fun activities to do sober” and every website that came up was for recovering alcoholics. I don’t think I’m an alcoholic. I don’t drink alone or on the weekdays really, I just do it on the weekends because it’s way more fun. I also woke up this morning hang-over free and busted out 16 miles with the first 7 at 7:15’s, the next 5-6 or so at 7:00’s, then the last 3-4 at about 6:45’s. I felt really good and that was probably the best long run I’ve ever had.

An experiment as also conducted yesterday. Mark changed my birthday on my facebook a week or so ago without me knowing and yesterday was the day he changed it to. I would have changed it back but after I saw that I had 7 wall posts before 8:30AM, I figured I’d let it ride and see how many people I could get to write on my wall. It was around 40 with about 10 of them acknowledging that it wasn’t my birthday. The 30 that actually did say happy birthday consisted of a pretty wide range, from next door neighbors that I’ve known  for 15 years to people I haven’t talked to since 6th grade. It’s amazing that people can say “it’s not your birthday” and the very next post will be “happy birthday”. I just don’t understand why someone like Mary Harbison, who I had class with in 7th grade and walked with for graduation by chance would wish me a happy birthday. We’ve never had a real conversation ever. Why does she feel inclined to wish me happy birthday when she sees my name in the top right corner of her facebook?

It’s not all bad though. Someone like Jay wrote on my wall. I see Jay probably once or twice a week and there’s absolutely no reason for him to know it’s not my birthday. I understand him being nice and wishing me happy birthday but the large majority of people, well I just definitely wouldn’t write on their wall for their birthday.


Football is back. I’m involved in two fantasy leagues and consider myself an average fan of the sport and a slightly bigger fan of the Eagles. I’ll watch the games and the follow what’s going on but not to the extent of others. It’s more of a convenient hobby for me than anything else. Some people were ready to shoot themselves when the lockout was threatening the existence of the current NFL season. The only way I could put this into Sam terms is to say that all pro track races will not be run for an entire year. That would really upset me but fortunately runners don’t get paid squat anyway so that’s never going to happen.

Things are sort of on the upswing. Our suite gets its party privileges back in two weekends so that’s not bad at all. I’ve had two very quality running workouts the past few days and this week will likely mark my highest week in the actual racing season. I’ll be around mid 80’s or so and then hopefully it’ll be relatively smooth sailing to the finish. We still have to be sober and entertain ourselves this weekend which will be difficult but it’s just one weekend.

The only bad thing right now is the weather. It’s an absolute pain in the ass to wear my rainbows (sandals) in the rain because they do terribly with water. I hate putting on socks just to wear shoes though so I just have to pick my poison. It also makes running pretty bad. My shoes haven’t been dry for the past week or so.  I also think I may be getting a little bit sick, I’m not sure if the rain has to do with that but regardless, it sucks. Other than all of that though, life is decent right now. Go Football!

Just the Bad

So I sort of dodged a bullet but the gun should have never fired in the first place, that’s the best way I can describe my current situation. My coach told me yesterday that I had two open container policies against me and that I was in some trouble. I talked to him about it and it was pretty much up in the air. I got an email this morning from the director of Res Life saying I needed to meet with him and this other woman for my most recent alcohol violation. Now I did black out this weekend but it was actually more of a brown out. For instance, I remember being in Shreiner with Mark but not really going there or back or anything. This means to me that significant events stick out in my head. If I had gotten written up, I think that would have remembered it. Either way, the uncertainty was killing me.

I go into the meeting and the guy starts by saying that I have 3 alcohol strikes against me in the past week and a half and this is a problem. They both get silent and essentially are asking me for my side of the story. So I said yes the freshman dance was a stupid mistake and the first open container violation was before the warning was even sent out but I’ll take the punishment, whatever. Then there’s another silence pretty much saying, well what about this most recent violation. I  looked at both of them and said, “Look I have no idea what this second open container violation is about because as far as I’m concerned nothing happened. I was making the conscious decision on Saturday to not bring anything outside.” They then reply with, “Well we can look at the paperwork” and as they’re sifting through some papers the guy goes “the officer said he was sure that it was you.”

I was pretty much putting myself out there and saying I dare you to call my bluff. They go looking through the paper work and find the first one that was documented, what’s new. They keep looking for the second one but can’t find it. They call in another lady for papers and she gives them over. They look through those and the guy goes “ahh here we go.” I really didn’t know what to think. The first lady looked at it and said “yeah that one’s dated 8/29 too.” Then they start apologizing saying oh we must have recorded it twice by accident so this meeting wasn’t totally necessary but still, you should be way more careful, we recommend you go to this alcohol class, and if you get in trouble again you’re fucked. So obviously it’s not as bad as it could be but it’s definitely not good either.

This pretty much all stems from one bullshit interaction. I was doing a nice deed and ran into the wrong guy at the wrong time. I was nice about it and the school pretty much said, “Well we have a zero tolerance policy on this now and even though we didn’t tell you about it and even though the warning e-mail was sent out after you got in trouble and even though nothing would have happened last year… we’re still going to write you up.” If the safety officer that night had just said “okay, throw the beer out and keep going” I would be in zero trouble now but because that happened the freshman dance incident was just some icing on the cake for the Res Life guy. I’ve never been written up before and I don’t anticipate that it will happen again so this will all blow over in a month or two but still, if something stupid happens just by chance and I get screwed I’m going to freak out.  I suppose it could be worse.

The Good and the Bad

Due to recent events the track team will not be able to drink for the next 2 weeks. Our party privileges may be taken away for even longer. At this point we’re pretty much taking our punishment as it is and hoping we get off with good behavior. We don’t even have a meet this weekend so at this point we have absolutely nothing planned. If anybody has any cool ideas for a sober activity involving 10-30 people, please comment and let me know. That news has put sort of a damper on my whole world right now. Obviously running takes priority over drinking and I would willingly sacrifice an entire semester of drinking to save an entire season of XC but that’s not ideal.

I feel like I’ve finally hit my groove. I have my schedule down now, I know when I have to wake up on which days and when I go to the library and all that kind of good stuff. In the beginning I’m always a little worried that these classes are going to be a little bit over my head but like always I’ve settled in and have a good feel for what’s going on. I’m actually sort of excited for school. Maybe the classes seem easy/doable because it’s the first 2 weeks but either way, I’m a little excited about school, really excited about running, and although the whole partying situation is a huge downer, I’ll survive.



Today is Labor Day. Now I don’t know about you all but to me this is (used to be, damn private schools) just a nice vacation from school/work. I have no clue what this day is actually celebrating. I know the reason for the major holidays, 4th of July was when we gained our independence, Christmas is supposedly when Jesus was born, MLK day is celebrating the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr, all of these are pretty obvious. This will be a little history lesson on the holidays that I personally didn’t understand/know exactly why we celebrated.

Labor Day – With a name like that, it’s odd that we would celebrate the day of labor by not working at all. Labor Day is a pretty basic holiday, it’s just to honor the American working class and it’s always celebrated on the first Monday in September. It generally marks the end of the summer vacation also. Teachers are generally going back to school, things like that. All in all not a very exciting holiday.

Easter – This one is probably obvious to most people but since I’ve never been to church before I have absolutely no clue what Easter is supposed to represent. To me it represents Sunday brunch with my family and the Schmidt’s. Apparently Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and you should go to church and be religious on this day. Seems like a load of BS to me but whatever, I won’t complain if I get a free quality meal every time.

Mothers/Fathers day – The purpose of these two are obvious, thank your parents. Mothers day is the second sunday in May every year. It actually originated in Philly when in 1908 a woman named Anna Jarvis asked to honor her recently deceased mother at a church service. Her mother wished for a day to honor all mothers because men had so many holidays for themselves but none for women. Jarvis and her fellow church goers petitioned for a national Mother’s Day and in 1914 Woodrow Wilson pretty much said okay. Father’s day was a pretty obvious holiday after Mother’s Day was passed. It was informally celebrated for a while and then in 1966 Lydon Johnson actually approved it.

Memorial/Veterans day – I never got the difference between these two. Veterans is honoring veterans and Memorial is remembering them? Well, Memorial day came first as a day to honor specifically those killed in the civil war but over time it’s evolved to those killed in all American wars. Veterans day was originally meant to honor those who fought in WWI but now has come to honor all of the veterans who served in any US war. I guess it boils down to Memorial Day honors the soldiers who died and Veterans day honors the soldiers that survived.

Halloween – This started around 2000 years ago in Europe. The original idea was that the Celtic “lord of death” would gather all of the souls that died in the past 12 months and on one day a year (Halloween) he would have them come to earth to go back to their homes. They were to be greeted with food and shelter or else the spirits would curse the new inhabitants. Essentially this is all just religious nonsense and a joke of a holiday but at this point it’s lost all of it’s original meaning anyway so who gives a hell. If I can spend 5 bucks on a shitty costume for 6 dollars of free candy then I think it’s worth it.



Back in it

Last night was the second weekend night here for the XC team. After we got back from the meet we all just kind of hung out for a while. No one was ready to start drinking. Around 4 or so I drank a single Classic Ice and I was significantly buzzed. I think that was because Classic Ice is high alcohol and I was also still really dehydrated from the meet. Anyway, a few of us went to dinner and when we got back everyone began casual drinking.

There wasn’t much going on so Mark and I played Wacker and Pane in pong a bunch of times. I started off pretty shitty but got a little bit better by the end. We played first to win 10 games and Mark and I lost 6-10. I really don’t like losing because I always think I’m better than I am but whatever, there wasn’t much I could have done. After that Adam and Bogdan came over. Bogdan gave me a belated birthday present, home brewed beer. He gave me 4 of them, two of them were 5% and the other two were 9%. I don’t remember how but Adam somehow challenged me to chug the first 5% one so I did. We started playing thumper and this is where things got hazy.

A couple more people showed up and we had a really good game of thumper going. When everyone wants to play it’s a really fun game. I began drinking one of Bogdan’s 9% beers and once I finished that it was pretty much game over. I don’t remember the next couple of hours. Apparently I went to Shriener and Sig Pi with Mark but the memories are very vague. I went back to the suite eventually and there were cops there. I don’t remember this at all but apparently a freshman girl on the team was throwing up everywhere and we had to call SERV on her. The cops showed up and took her to the hospital. All in all the cross team hasn’t had a great showing so far this year. Write up’s, SERV’s, underages, and noise complaints. Either way it was a really fun night and everyone (for the most part) made it out alive. I didn’t throw up which was a definite step up from last week.

I woke up this morning at 7 to Mark and Ben spooning in Mark’s bed. We all went out to the common room and talked about the previous night. We didn’t have practice till 10 so I went back to sleep then Mark and I knocked out 14 miles. I took a 4 hour nap when I got back to the suite and now it’s time to get back into the work week. I like my schedule because I ease into the week on Mondays with one class and ease out of it on Fridays with one class. It’s still only the second week so there’s not too much work.

First Meet

Today was our first XC meet of the season. I was lucky enough to have my entire family come and watch. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect because I’d been feeling pretty good lately but I’d also run a ton of miles so I didn’t know how my legs would react in a real 5 mile race. I went through the normal warm-up routine and during the whole thing I was thinking about winning the race. I knew it probably wasn’t likely but it was definitely possible.

The race went off and I was out fast. A group of 6 of us formed and then after about 800 there was 4 of us up at the front. My plan was to just stick on the leaders as long as I could but I said I wouldn’t get pulled out too fast. That was the case. I hit the mile in 5:17 and was 2-3 seconds behind the lead pack of three. The pack behind me was 5-10 seconds back so already I was in no-mans land. I kept my cool and just ran relaxed for the next couple of miles. At the 3 mile I hit 16:35 which was pretty slow. My time wasn’t going to be that good. I could hear people cheering for me and then Jatin so I figured it wasn’t long until he was up with me because I knew I wasn’t moving that fast. I passed one of the top 3 who died off but then got caught by Jatin. We ran together and hit the 4 mile mark together as another kid joined our little group. We went up this small hill and I honestly thought at the top of the hill that I was a goner. I was not confident at all that I would beat Jatin and I just kept thinking “this is going to be a shitty way to start the year”. The other kid made a move and I went with him while Jatin fell behind. I ran with the one kid for about 400 meters and then made a move of my own. I dropped him and was working to catch 2nd place but it was just a little too far.

I finished in 3rd with a time of 27:34 which is mediocre at best but for the start of the season and the course we ran on, I’ll take it. I’m not supposed to be setting the world on fire right now, I just need to keep putting in the work and 2 months from now I’ll be cruising. The biggest problem I had throughout the race was my stomach. It was just in knots and I had trouble breathing. I just never got into a rhythm in terms of breathing and it made the race last forever.

The next meet is in 2 weeks. I don’t think today was that close to my real potential at the moment. If I had to guess I’d say it’s closer to 27:10 right now. Another two weeks and I think I could be in the mid-upper 26’s so I could squeeze out a PR if I’m lucky. Again it’s still 2+ months from when I should be peaking but I think the results will start showing earlier this year.

The team as a whole did pretty well too. Our whole top 7 ran pretty well and we actually got 3rd as a team which earned us a plaque and everything. It’s cool to see us actually competing and doing well at races. This is going to be a very very enjoyable/exciting season.

Criminal Record

I actually got ‘written up’ on Sunday night. I was outside of my suite on the 2nd floor with an open beer can and a campus safety officer saw me. He told me I couldn’t have an open container with me outside of my suite and I said okay yes I know I’m sorry you can take it or I’ll throw it out. There wasn’t any problems or anything and as far as I knew, it would just blow over.

I got an email saying that I should schedule a meeting with the RD sometime this week. Initially I thought it was because I got thrown out of the freshman dance but to my surprise it wasn’t. When he said to me the ‘incident’ happened on Sunday night I was baffled. I had no idea what he was talking about. This probably didn’t look good because that means I had another incident in mind, which I did, in which I thought I got written up. Anyway, had this happened last year the campus safety guy would have just taken my beer, poured it out, and told me to go back to my suite. This year they’re deciding to really crack down on this rule, no more warnings, just write ups, and I was probably the first victim. I’ve had an entirely clean criminal record up to this point but this marks the first thing that has actually been recorded.

Inspired by this actual write up, here’s a list of close calls that I’ve had.

1 – In 10th grade I went to the football game absolutely blacked out. This was my first ever black out and I was stumbling around all over the place. I ended up throwing up in my friends house bathroom and then got picked up by my mom with just one sandal on. She knew I was wasted and gave me a yelling. While I didn’t get off entirely clean because my parents caught me, I could have gotten an underage without a doubt.

2 – Also in 10th grade, Alex Gwynne, Kyle Smith, and I were playing ring and run in my neighborhood. We decided to pick on the same house because we knew they were pricks. Well they called the police and as Alex and I were walking into my driveway the cops pull us over. They asked if we had been ringing doorbells and we denied. They took down our names and addresses but that was all at the moment. I was so sure they would call my parents that I almost went to my mom that night and confessed everything but I didn’t.

3 – Senior year of high school I was driving a group of track guys to Valley Green. We took the back roads where the speed limit is only 25. Well we hit a down hill part and I was speeding around doing 46. The cop pulled me over for speeding. I didn’t even have my license on me because I had only brought my short shorts. In hindsight, I think not having my license saved me. He just gave me a warning but made a strong point to A) not speed and B) keep my license with me.

4 – Winter break of my freshman year at college we were just drinking in the suite. No one was really on campus so we just figured we’d drink a lot and try to have fun. I passed out and Mark let out his artistic side. He drew on me with a sharpie like no other. My chest and face were covered. At some point I decided to walk back to my room wearing only an unzipped hoodie that exposed my bare chest. Pete, the main campus safety officer saw me walking back and couldn’t help but notice the drawings. Unlike my most recent encounter with campus safety, I wasn’t very cooperative. He was just asking me where I was drinking, not to get them in trouble but just to tell them that we should tone it down a bit. I refused to tell him and I kept trying to walk away. He wasn’t letting me go but fortunately for me, I decided that I could tell him where I was drinking as long as he promised not to get them in trouble. He had already made it clear that he wouldn’t but I was just drunk. Instead of being written up and probably having to do community service for the school, I got off free.

There have been other close calls but these are the ones that come to mind. Anyone have any other goodies?


I’ve finally been to all of my classes. One of them seems easy, one seems kind of easy, one seems a little harder than average, and one seems hard/very hard. Whether I make the Dean’s list again is up in the air but I don’t think I’ll do bad. The first week or two can’t be that hard anyway so I’m just going to get in the groove of things and then when the real work starts I’ll be good to go.

On a side note today is my birthday. As I said in the last post, it’s not really that exciting. If I just lived my normal life without knowing it was my birthday, the only reason I would still know it was my birthday is because the Wismer people see it when they swipe you in for lunch and then they wish you a happy birthday. I’m 20 years old, I guess that’s cool? I still woke up for class, I still ran a workout, and I’m still going to do work tonight. So many other people were born on August 30th. If this day is special to 10 million other people then it’s really not that special. If I could fly I’d be special but if 10 million other people can fly to, who gives a shit?

I also took my birthday off of Facebook too because I don’t feel like having random people that I haven’t talked to in 6 months wish me a happy birthday. If you don’t already know it’s my birthday then you shouldn’t consider yourself friendly enough with me that you’d wish me a happy birthday via facebook. If you know me at all you’ll know that I very rarely wish anybody happy birthday on facebook. If you’re my good+ friend, I’ll likely see you on your birthday if you go to Ursinus. If you go to a different school, I’ll text you instead of write on your facebook wall.

First Day of School

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m turning 20. I’m not very excited. I’m no longer a teenager and that’s not something to be proud of. I don’t really like the idea of birthdays in general but I guess it gives people an excuse to drink on a weekday. I might drink a little bit for the sake of celebrating but I don’t think I’m going to go too hard (I say that now).

My birthday coupled with the fact that school is starting is making the past 24 hours bad. Because the power was out last night I drank and that was fun but I had to wake up for classes today which sucked. I actually had just one class this morning at 9 and there were only 9 people in the class. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are going to be the bad days. I have an 8:35-10, a 10-11:40 and then a 1:30-2:45. I think it’s worth it because my Monday/Wednesday/Friday’s are so easy.

Our first meet is this Saturday and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to race. I’ve been feeling awesome running lately and I have extremely high expectations. The streak is at 106 days and I’ve done 1083 miles. That’s a little over 10 miles a day for 3 and a half months. It’s the most I’ve ever done and I’m pretty proud of it. I’ve gone on 143 runs in that time. This is going to be the breakout season.