Status Update

I just watched the Phillies game and it was a good one. It was a ‘pitchers duel’ for a while and that eventually Ben Francisco, the most unlikely of heroes, gave the Phillies a lead that they would never give up. They’re now ahead in the series 2-1 and likely moving on to the next round. This is all great, it was a good game and I along with plenty of others enjoyed watching it.

The one thing I cannot stand is the facebook status updates. Tom wrote a post about how you get defriended on Facebook, well updating your status with things like “wooooooo PHILLSSS”, “there we go king cole and francisco gettin it done!!!”, “yeahhhhhhhhh philssssss”, and “2 more innings. let’s go phils!! ♥” (all of these were taken from actual people) makes me want to defriend you. I understand you’re a ‘fan’ of the sport and all but why the hell do you feel the need to update your status along with 100 other people that the Phillies won? Obviously the people who care about them already know that they won and the people who don’t care don’t want to see the status. It’s like when that earthquake hit, everybody just went crazy saying “omg earthquake” or when facebook changed again, everyone said the same old stuff about the new Facebook and how they couldn’t use it or understand it. At least be creative if you’re going to comment on the most overused topic in the world that day.

This drives me absolutely insane. I’ve defriended one person on facebook and it was more of a joke than anything. I didn’t actually consider doing it until now because these updates are getting that out of control. If you have something of importance or of interest or anything, feel free to express it, that’s a part of what Facebook is for. If it’s something as useless as the previous examples, please keep it to yourself.

The Power of Sports

Well like many other Philadelphia sports fans I watched both games on Sunday and they both blew. For some reason I don’t get that excited about the Eagles. I don’t know what it is but I honestly enjoy watching regular season Sixers more than the Eagles. That’s saying more about the Sixers than it is about the Eagles but still, you get the point. I root for them but it doesn’t really make me upset for more than 30 seconds if they lose. On the other hand, I do like the Phillies a good amount and if they lost the series I’d be genuinely upset for a little bit. I didn’t like watching the world series last year because the Phillies came so close to it but then failed.

I can’t explain this at all. It makes no sense, I suck at baseball (not that I’m any better at football), the games are slow, and I only started actually following baseball in 2007. The Eagles are high excitement and I’ve followed them for way longer than the Phillies but they don’t quite do it for me. It would make sense that I should be an Eagles fan more so than a Phillies fan but for whatever reason I’m not. Regardless, I’ll be watching the game tonight closely.

The concept of a sports team/league is a strange one but a good one. It gives people in the city something to bond about. What else can a group of Philadelphians use to identify with one another? They’re probably different occupations, different ages, different backgrounds, etc. Sports can bring all of those different people together and it’s really incredible how effective it is. The power of something like sports can have when in reality is so insignificant in the long term or short term is amazing. I can’t think of anything more common and more unifying than professional sports.

Family Matters

As some of you know my brother Jeff is going to New Zealand for an extended period of time, one year at the longest. I don’t normally get to see him that much anyway because I’m at school but it’s still unfortunate that I won’t get to see him on Thanksgiving and other holidays. I suppose you can say Jeff and I had your typical brotherly relationship. For a long time Jeff was the mean older brother who teased me and beat me up occasionally. Jeff was always the bigger, more athletic brother and I naturally hung out with Tom more because he liked video games too. I remember one time he stole my gold Sacagawea coin and I cried like crazy until he gave it back. When he asked me what he could do to make me not mad at him anymore I replied with “just die”. Another time he broke my K-Nex dune buggy and I once again cried my brains out. He played a terrible prank on me where he and a few friends dressed up in the Scream costume and wandered around the front yard like serial killers. Jeff always knew how to piss me off.

Now that we’ve grown up the relationship has changed obviously. Since I’ve gotten to college I’ve always really enjoyed spending time with my family. We ate dinner last night as a family and it was very fun. We all have a similar sense in humor and click pretty well. Jeff and I have spent a couple of summers in the same house and we get along much better than we did in our youth. Whether it be playing Frisbee, free throw shooting or whatever activity, I always enjoy spending time with him. Tom says that he’s not sad that Jeff is going away because it’s not like he’s going to prison or something, he’s going somewhere fun and exciting. I’m not sad that Jeff is going away but I don’t like the idea of not seeing him frequently throughout the year. It’s going to be an awesome experience for him but the reality of the situation is that as you get older, you simply don’t see your family as much. Once I graduate I think I’ll make an effort to prevent that but for now there isn’t’ much I can do. The occasional Skype date with Jeff will have to do for the next year.

Case Race Recap

Last night was the much anticipated case race. My team included Bogdan, Emily, Larissa, and myself. As I said before I didn’t think any single team had a distinct advantage over the others so it was going to be a good one. It lived up to the expectations I’d say.

The race started at 8 and we were off. I finished the first couple beers and was feeling good. At 5 in I hit a road block. I went to the bathroom just in case I puked. I was hovering over the toilet salivating and spitting. I knew if I stayed there I was going to throw up. I walked back into the common and had a breakthrough. A burp or gag of some sort opened up my stomach and I felt great. We had the lead going into the homestretch and I was ready to drink. I had another 2 and a half beers for 7.5 total as our team finished in 41 minutes. Bogdan had 8.5 or so and the two girls had about 4 each. It pretty much went exactly as we planned. Mark’s team finished a minute or two behind us so it was a close one. One person on their team threw up immediately afterward which resulted in a 5 minute penalty but still, it was close. The last two teams had some problems. Ryder’s team didn’t care that much and Pane’s team just sucked. Regardless, it was definitely a fun time and a good team bonding experience.

The rest of the night is a mystery. I blacked out and went to late night lower with a few guys. I remember eating a ham egg and cheese wrap which was delicious as always. Apparently I was talking to shit to a bunch of kids who were playing Super Smash saying how bad they were. I passed out in my bed shortly after. I woke up at 5 this morning to a rather unusual situation. Once again I peed the bed. I don’t know why it happened but it was brutal. I changed, went out to the common room, and slept on the futon until 9.

Today is Jeff’s last supper so I’ll be eating dinner with the family and saying farewell. Tonight is a normal weekend night so it should be a good time.

Post Paul Short

The Paul Short invitational happen today and the only word I can use to describe it is ehh. The course was ehh, the weather was ehh, the performance was ehh. I definitely didn’t run up to expectations but it wasn’t a total shit show. I sat around all day and watched the other races which was awesome. I wish I had run earlier so I could have sat back and watched the meet. That wasn’t the case though, my race went off at 1:45.

The gun went off and I felt pretty good. The overall goal was break 26 but seeing the times from the people before me and hearing what they said about the course, I wasn’t going to kill myself in order to try and get that. I went out in 5:14 which I was happy with. It felt comfortable and I was thinking I’d have a good race. The second mile was also right on as we hit 10:30 for the 2. The third mile is where things got bad. I was actually making up ground on people but the back woods were beat to shit and I slowed down a lot. I hit the 5k in 16:45 or so which was too slow. I was cramping up at this point with a side stitch and could hear people cheering for Jatin who was not too far behind me. I didn’t get a 4 mile split but in the last 2k or so my breathing got ruined. For whatever reason I felt like I was back in 9th grade having an asthma attack. There were probably 8 people within striking distance with 600 left and I said to myself “just catch one and don’t let Jatin pass you.” Well I definitely didn’t catch any of them but I also held Jatin off.

I crossed the line in 26:56 which was a big disappointment. I can’t tell if I’m just not in that good of shape right now or if the race specifically was off. I’m hoping the latter but I’m not sure. It was 1 second faster than last year so I guess that’s a plus but for the most part it was a disappointment. We have a race next week at the regional course so hopefully that one goes better.

The case race begins shortly so I’ll post tomorrow on how that goes. Happy Friday.

Case Race Preview

Tomorrow night after Paul Short is the annual UCXC case race. Four teams of four try to finish a 24 case of Natty Light bottles as fast as possible. Now when you add it up, that’s 6 beers a person which doesn’t seem that challenging, but when half of your team consist of females who cling to the phrase “I don’t like beer” the task becomes more difficult. After the draft last night my team consists of me, Bogdan, Emily, and Larissa. I personally think my team is very solid. Bogdan’s been here before, Emily seems like the most capable out of the freshman girls, and Larissa is a total wild card in my book. The other teams (except for one) seem comparable and there’s really no clear favorite in my opinion.

As far as my game plan is concerned, well I don’t think I have one. A lot of people are talking about drinking out of a cup or passing beers back and forth but I don’t think those will make the difference between a win and a loss. I want to go out reasonable and most importantly don’t throw up. The difference in talent between the 2 guys on each team is negligible and it will likely come down to which girls sack up and drink like men.

As far as pre-race tactics are concerned I’m going to stick to my usual. Eat minimal food prior to it. Maybe lightly chill my beer, not cold. I’ve also found that team chemistry plays a large part, if you can encourage one another instead of try to prove yourself to your competing alpha male teammate, you won’t throw up and you can work off of each other. Last year I drank 7 beers in about 40-45 minutes and then chugged the 8th one in a last ditch effort to win. The result was puking. This year will be different.


The past two days have been postless. There’s actually a decent reason for this, I’ve been doing a lot of school work lately and last night for example was the first night I’ve ever gone to do work, worked until I was finished, then got back and had no time for anything besides going to bed. I got back from dinner, showered, went to the library, then went to bed, that was it. This week has been a pretty bad week in terms of workload but I’ve finally finished all of it. The next two weeks or so will be easier so I’m looking forward to that.

I thought the last post would at least be decent in terms of generating responses. The problem is that I get the same people to respond to everything. It’s a combination of my siblings, Tom and Laura, and my roommate/ex roommate, Mark and Brett. Besides the occasional comment from Dave, Ali, and the even more rare comments from “Alaska”, that’s about all I get. The material I write only induces responses to the usual commenters. It seems that there is nothing I can do to produce new commenters. I don’t have a problem with that necessarily but it would be more fun for me as the author of these to have frequent comments. Even comments as stupid as Mark saying I wrote a bad post is more rewarding than no comments at all. Blogging or “writing in your diary” is a tricky business and I still don’t quite know what the people want. It’s funny because my most frequent readers are the ones who trash my blog the most. The relentless “your last post sucked” comes from people who visit my blog multiple times a day. Somehow my sucky posts keep them coming back.

I’ll try to make up for my lack of posting tonight by writing two separate posts on Paul Short and the case race which both happen tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Would You?

I’m going to ask some questions and then give my answers, feel free to comment with yours. They’re all hypotheticals involving money.


1) Would you accept $500 million dollars today to sacrifice 5 years off the end of your life?

2) Would you accept $1 million dollars today to give up music (no listening or playing) for 10 years?

3) Would you accept $100,000 dollars today to give up every drink besides water for a year?


1 – I think this depends on a number of things. $500 million dollars is a life changing amount. Everything would change and you could probably live a quality life without working a single day. You could live a great care free life that involves traveling the world and what not if you work like a normal person for a little and then take the last X years of your life to spend the money. Say I live to be 80. The years from 76-80 aren’t going to be the great ones. For the most part everything will be said and done at that point. I wouldn’t have too much trouble giving up those 5 years to enhance my quality of life by that much but there is one large reason I wouldn’t. It would be too selfish. If I had a wife and family I wouldn’t want them to lose 5 years with me because I want $500 million dollars. Ideally they would choose to have ME live for 5 extra years if it meant me not getting $500 million dollars today. It’s easy for me to take the noble way out and say I wouldn’t take it when It’s not an actual possibility. In reality, if you said yes you’d probably regret it when you older but it opens doors that not many people have the option to explore. Take the money and run.

2 – This would obviously be a very difficult one to enforce but bare with me. If a song is playing in a movie or something you can listen to it but the major things are out. $1 million dollars is a large amount of money. This wouldn’t change your life forever but it would certainly help out many things in the immediate future and on. But having $1 million dollars probably wouldn’t effect every day of my life for the next 10 years. Having a nice car, a nice apartment, and money in the bank would be very comforting feeling but music is involved in my life literally every day. I’m always listening to music when I can. No more runs with an Ipod, no more bro’ing out in my room, no rocking out while I drive places, and most importantly, no guitar hero. Listening to music is awesome. I’ve been playing guitar more and more lately as well. While I don’t think I’ll ever be that good, I would still like to play it throughout my life. It’s something I enjoy doing and something I would be very hesitant to give up now that I’ve started. I don’t think I could do it.

3 – As a runner water is a very important drink in my life. Staying hydrated is very important and I’ve been getting better at substituting water for useless drinks like soda. The idea of finishing a Sunday long run without being able to chug down some chocolate milk or apple juice is very unappealing but in all honesty I think I could actually do it. The only reason I would decline this is because of alcohol (is that bad?). At this point in my life, a junior in college, I couldn’t see myself sacrificing an entire year of the BEST years of my life for $100,000. I could struggle through drinking water instead of normal drinks but sacrificing weekend after weekend of priceless memories simply wouldn’t be worth it even if it was only 1 year. If I was out of school and still running competitively, I think I would do it because it would probably benefit my running and I wouldn’t suffer that much otherwise but in my current state, I’d have to decline.

Homecoming Part 2

Fun mode is over. This weekend lived up to expectations. Friday started off pretty tame as Mark and I played half-time by ourselves for an hour or so. Jonny and Gourlay arrived at 7:45 or so but the party still didn’t really take off. We played pong for a while and I was getting pretty drunk. The girls showed up and we were playing thumper for a while and then I don’t really know what happened. I blacked out for a while and remember bits and pieces throughout the rest of the night. I remember being in late night lower with Jatin trying to convince him that I could play rockband drums on expert. I must have tried 20 times and didn’t even come close to passing any of the times.

I woke up with an absolutely terrible hangover. Mark, Jonny, Gourlay and I talked for a while and eventually I had to throw up. It was a violent vomit and it was absolutely miserable. I went back to bed for 40 minutes or so before I had to throw up again. I literally just turned from my side to my back and that forced the throw up. This throw up was a little better. It came and went much quicker than the first one. I went back to bed and the exact same thing happened an hour later. I rolled over and immediately felt bad. I threw up for a third time and could not go back to sleep. The only thing I wanted to do and the only thing I felt like I could do was go on a run. I laced up the shoes and was on my way. 10 miles later my hangover was cured. I took a 2 hour power nap and was ready to roll again.

I started drinking with Brett at 3:30 or so. Brett and I were drawing up a plan to make me not pass out early. We drank casually until dinner and then people started coming over. Things were going great and then for some reason I decided I was going to get serious about drinking. I went to my room and just did rapid fire shots at about 9 o’clock and that was it for me. I don’t remember anything after that and was apparently put to bed shortly after. I woke up blacked out at some point and wandered around the suite before I had to be put to bed again.

I felt very good this morning after 10+ hour of sleep and had virtually no hang over. The fun is over though, I have a ton of work this week which is going to suck. Once I get to Thursday I’ll be home free for a couple of weeks. Paul Short is this Friday and I’m hoping for a huge PR. I’ll write more about that later.

Homecoming Part 1

After an hour of class, 3 hours in the library, and 10×800, I am ready to throw down. For the next 45ish hours I’m in fun mode. This will be an abbreviated post because I have to get back to drinking with Mark so neither of us feel like lonely losers.

But in all seriousness, it’s homecoming weekend and I plan to have an awesome time. Gourlay and Jonny are coming up tonight to visit which should be a great time. Wacker is extremely sick so he went home and Ryder is having issues so he won’t be here tonight either but we will make sure we still have fun for them. A post tomorrow is unlikely but possible. Enjoy your Friday night everybody.