Video Blog Failure

I recorded a video blog last night and the two people that watched it enjoyed it. The problem is that when I try to upload the video onto Youtube, it goes from normal to really out of sync. I don’t know why this happens. I record it from my webcam and then upload it and it just becomes unwatchable. If anyone has a solution to this problem please let me know. My next plan is to record it directly on Youtube which isn’t a hassle but the fact that I already have the video and I think it’s pretty good, well it’s just annoying that I can’t use it. We’ll see if that fixes the problem or not. I’ll try to get one up even if it’s not the original sometime today.

This is more of an update post to let all my followers know that I didn’t intentionally not post last night. On another updating note, I just took a financial reporting test and I think it went pretty well. For some reason, I always assume I’m going to get a 100% on every test I take. For this test I was looking over the notes and doing problems and just said to myself, “There’s no way she can put anything on the test that I won’t be able to answer correctly.” After taking the test I can say that I probably won’t get a 100% but I think it’ll be an A. My managerial test on the other hand definitely wasn’t an A. There’s always an element of surprise when you get a test back. You may think you did bad but you never know, maybe you pulled off a good grade. Well for this test, she did one of the problems in class and I got it wrong so my element of surprise is out the window.

What’s Next?

I had my 2nd managerial economics test today. The class is pretty hard and although I enjoy going to it and learning what it has to offer, it’s just a hard class. If I had to guess, I’d say I was in the B- range, B-B+ if I’m lucky. Compared to the rest of the class I think that will rank pretty good. I had a paper due yesterday and I have another test Friday so this week has actually been pretty busy. I’m almost done.

Guitar Hero has died, Trials is dying, and a new game, Grepolis, is taking over. The whole suite is playing minus Drowzy, Lance, and myself. You essentially build a village, mine resources, build your city, build your army, and become as dominant as you can. It’s free and you can play with your friends. It sounds addicting based on my past gaming history and a good time killer but I’m resisting strongly for now. Since I’ve been very tempted to join a game like this, but won’t join Grep, I’ve been considering playing one of two of my old favorites, Diablo and Warcraft. The idea of coming back to the suite after a night of little homework and plopping down for an hour or two of Diablo or Frozen Throne sounds unfortunately appealing. I find that I often have these little 1-2 hour periods in time where I don’t actually have anything to do. I won’t go to the library for 45 minutes because that’s just silly but I can only troll the Letsrun forums for so long so I need something to fill my time. Diablo 3 is also coming out in the next couple of months (or so they say) and this would be a good warm-up for that. As long as I can maintain it and not let it get out of hand, it shouldn’t be a problem. Odds are it’s going to get out of hand.

On a side note I finally figured out how to take videos on my laptop without any lag. That, combined with Tom’s new hit video blog has inspired me to give the video blogs a try. I might not do it tonight, or tomorrow, or this weekend, but sometime in the near future there will be a video blog. As an outside viewer to Tom’s video blogs I’ve noticed what makes them funny (to Mark) and I’ll see if I can make some quality blogs.


There’s a social phenomenon that I’ve never been able to understand. When a guy hooks up with a lot of girls he’s the man but when a girl hooks up with a lot of guys she’s a slut. Now, this obviously favors guys so I’ve never really cared about it but I’ve thought about the concept and it really doesn’t make sense. If anyone has a logical explanation please comment. The following will be my attempt to explain it using something I heard today.

The reason I bring this up is because we were doing sex and gender in Anthro class today talking about what guys can/can’t do versus what girls can/can’t do. When this came up one kid had a pretty good explanation that went something like this,

“A key that can open many locks is a great key, a lock that is opened by many keys is a terrible lock.”

I thought this was genius. Guys are constantly trying to bang girls because that’s what men do. We always have the label as pigs who think about sex before anything. A guy will then take as many girls as he can get which devalues the girls. Girls are generally more emotional and want more than just sex. They are constantly fighting off these sex hungry men and when a girl allows a guy in, it’s a big deal. So pretty much, every guy is always trying to bang which makes it not a big deal when they bang a lot of females whereas most girls think guys who only want to bang are gross, so if one girl bangs a lot of guys it’s a negative thing. If a guy bangs a lot of girls he’s cool because all guys are trying to bang a lot of girls. If a girl bangs a lot of guys it’s not okay because not all girls are trying to bang a bunch of dudes.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Today marks the first day of No Shave November. I unfortunately will be participating and for entertainment, I will take a before and after picture and possibly 1 week splits. I have a pretty bad setup in terms of facial hair. I grow a very dark crustache that is highly noticeable and disgusting after only a few days. I also grow a small patch of chin-pubes that isn’t as noticeable but equally gross.

The people around me have the extremes. Mark can’t grow anything. It’s virtually impossible to see until about 10 days in. At that point you can only really notice it if you’re looking for it. Nick Pane and Imbemba who did it last year have very full beards that look normal. They come in thick and although they might be itchy/more annoying to deal with, they look cool and no one will judge. I fall into the undesired category of, you can see it but it looks absolutely terrible. Nonetheless I’ll participate for fun and see just how gross I can make it look in a months time.

Here’s the before picture.


Also, as a side experiment, I grew out half of my facial hair and shaved the other half for a little less than a week just to see what I was in for. It looked pretty stupid but what was even more stupid was that a lot of people kept asking “it really grows on only one side?!” I suppose you could argue that the most stupid part was the fact that I would only shave half of my facial hair in the first place. This was the best picture I could capture.

See This

I had an eye appointment the other week and got some interesting news. Well, for starters my left eye is getting worse and I had to get a stronger prescription for my next set of contacts. He told me to take my contacts out and while he was writing something down I was sitting in the chair and I said “I can’t even tell that there are letters on the screen when I don’t have my contacts in.” It got me thinking about how bad my vision actually is. I’ve never asked what my vision is in terms of 20/20 but last week I mustered up the courage.

Me: “So, exactly how bad are my eyes?”
Dr: “Well, you know the giant E that takes up the whole screen? You would need one about twice that size to see it without your contacts”
Me: “Wow that’s pretty bad, what is that in terms of 20/20?”
Dr: “For your right eye I’d say about 20/800 and it’s a little better for your left, maybe about 20/700, maybe a little worse.”

So now I know. What I can make out clearly from 20 feet away with no visual aid, a normal person can see it from 800 feet away. I tried to comprehend this, maybe my alarm clock? No one could read my alarm clock from 800 feet away, then again I couldn’t come close to reading it from 20 feet away. The best example I thought of was a billboard. 20 feet seems reasonable for me to see it without my contacts and you can probably see a billboard from 800 feet away. This is obviously a guess but I think it’s of that magnitude.

How screwed would I be without contacts/glasses? I literally couldn’t do anything. No driving, no going to classes, no running unless it was on a track, I would be a useless being. Thank god for modern technology.


Last night we celebrated Halloween. On the whole, the suite struggled to think of good costume ideas that we could all be. We thought of some good individual ones but we wanted to do something as a suite. Eventually we just decided to be zombies because we felt that by the end of the night, we’d be so drunk that we’d be acting like zombies anyway. We bought a shitton of face paint and some shitty clothes from the thrift store and we were good to go.

After getting back from conferences at little late (5ish) we went to dinner and then started drinking. The initial plan was to have Pane dress up as a zombie and every 30 minutes he would bite someone. The person he bit was a zombie and then 30 minutes later they both bit someone. Eventually everyone would be a zombie. We played flip cup for a while and Ryder and I ended up doing a naked lap. After that we made our way to Shreiner to party. It was a usual Shreiner party with a big room, music, and dancing. It was fun for a while but eventually we made our way back to the suite. We casually played more pong and whatnot until Mark, Tetla, Liz, and I decided to go to lower. They had a pepperoni pizza panini which could not have been worse. I hate those things. After that we went to the suite to find Wacker violently throwing up in the stall. He looked absolutely miserable and it could not have been funnier. After that I voluntarily decided to go to bed, I took my contacts out, brushed my teeth, and even put my retainer in. I didn’t even black out, some parts are fuzzy but I made it past midnight and didn’t vomit so it was a success.

I woke up this morning, ran 10 miles, and took a nap. I have a long night in the library ahead of me but I’m okay with that. It was a fun weekend and although I ran really shitty yesterday, I’m not too bummed out about it. I’m just ready to move on and run regionals.


Post Conference Shit Show

Today was terrible.

After my last post the UCXC team boarded the bus to Dickinson. About an hour or so into the bus ride the snow started falling. This was clearly a bad sign. We got there at 9:30 (our race was at noon). We sat around inside and watched as the snow covered what would have been a fun cross country course. I was less than thrilled. We circled up before the girls race and it actually got me excited. My original pessimistic attitude vanished and I was excited to run. The girls did there thing and had mostly negative reviews, that was to be expected. We warmed up and I didn’t think the course seemed that terrible. We did our routine and made our way to the line. I was wearing my uniform with a long-sleeve black shirt under it and rainbow leopard skin gloves. I thought I was ready to go.

The race started and I actually got out pretty well. Generally the race gets off, we all sprint and then settle down into the pace. Well my sprint part was fine but settling down was a whole nother story (I’m aware ‘nother’ isn’t a word). I settled into my pace and literally got passed by 40 people up until the mile. At the mile I eventually drafted back far enough to where the people I was running with were as slow as I was. I didn’t really have a time goal but breaking 30 was obvious because I’ve never not broken 30 before. I hit the first mile in 5:44 which is well on pace but things only got worse. Around 2 miles in I went up this hill, looked behind me to see if Jatin was there, and instead saw Mark 5-10 seconds back. This meant one of two things, Jatin was way behind Mark or way ahead of me, I assumed the latter. 100 meters after I looked back I slipped and had skeleton legs for about 3 seconds then fell on my ass. I got up quickly enough but lost touch with the two kids I was running with.

I hit 4k (half way) in 14:50, barely sub-30 pace. I took a sharp left turn and my left leg slipped out from under me and I slammed the ground on my left side. At this point I was just getting pissed off. I couldn’t run fast. Anytime someone passed me I’d try to stay with them but physically couldn’t do it. I would have needed to all-out sprint to go sub 5:30 pace because of the footing due to the snow. My kick was so lack luster because I couldn’t figure out how to run on the snow. I finished the race with Felix 2 seconds behind me. I thought for a minute he would beat me but fortunately I held him off. Mark was 6 seconds behind me and actually ran a great race. It turns out Jatin was behind me and finished about 20-30 seconds back. I wasn’t exhausted at the finish, just pissed off. Running-wise I didn’t feel bad but I simply couldn’t move if I wanted to. 5:45 pace was the fastest I could physically go on flat surface. Add in the hills and turns and there’s 6 minute miles for you. I placed 57th in the conference, a far way away from my aspirations of top 20. A kid I beat 2 weeks ago by 30 seconds beat me by 2 minutes today and got about 20th. I like to think this is where I should have been but who knows. The bus ride home was 3.5 hours which blew and I just wanted to get home.

Regionals is in two weeks at a course we’ve already run. Weather permitting I’m hoping for a monster PR and a redemption race against all of the kids in my conference. I know my place said 57th but I am very confident in myself that I’m better than half+ of the kids that beat me. It’s easy to say that now but I’ll recap after regionals and see which ones beat me and which ones didn’t. I wouldn’t write this publicly if I wasn’t pretty sure of myself but again, we’ll see.

It’s Halloween night and I’m ready to put this race behind me. I’m not going to go crazy and drink myself into oblivion but I am looking forward to a good time. This is just what I need. I’ll update tomorrow with numerous things. Happy Saturday.

PreConference Snow Storm

I’m writing this at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday. Today is conferences, one of two days I’ve been eagerly anticipating all season. I’ve been tapering, I’m ready to run fast, and today is a great day to do it. There’s one catch, the race is at 12 PM at Dickinson. The weather report for noon there at the moment is “33 degrees, feels like 24, heavy snow.” This is terrible. To my knowledge, the worst race conditions I’ve run in were low 40’s and slight rain. This will trump that without a doubt. I’m still excited to run and see what I stand amongst the conference because everyone has to run in the same shitty conditions, but obviously times are out the window for this meet. It’s going to be a miserable experience but I suppose that’s what Cross Country is all about. I’ve always kind of wanted to run in the snow but this might be a little extreme for my first time.

Tonight is the weekend of Halloween so it will be fun to get dressed up and bounce from place to place. While my costume isn’t nearly as risque as last years,  I still think it’s a good one. That’s all I got for now, race first, party second. I hope everyone has a warmer afternoon that we’re about to.

What Year?

One thing has always puzzled me. How did people who lived before Jesus record their years? When we say that the Egyptians built the pyramids in 2500 B.C., how did we find that out? They’re obviously not aware of the fact that Jesus was coming 2500 years later so they must have been on their own yearly schedule. How did we go about converting these years into our common year. There have been thousands of civilizations that existed in the B.C. era and since their was limited interaction between them, they definitely didn’t work on the same schedule.

I don’t know how ancient civilizations recorded time, but they probably did not use the exact measurement of 365 days. Everyone was working on different schedules and when they all disappear, do we just go in and place guesses on when people existed? Obviously the difference of 50 or 100 years here and there relative to thousands of years isn’t that significant but we could be saying that two civilizations existed at the same time when they never have or something like that. Do we just look at the pyramid and say “this is about what a 4,500 year old pyramid would look like”.

Saying events or civilizations happened “around” a certain time is one thing, but where the hell do we get exact years like 753 B.C. for the founding of Rome? in 995 B.C. Hebrew King David apparently captured Israel. Confucius died in 479 B.C. Caesar was murdered in 44 B.C.. I just don’t understand how this conversion was made because the Romans and the Chinese probably didn’t work on the same yearly schedule, i.e. one might be in year 10 and one might be in year 100. How the hell did we figure these things out? In all honesty, if you told me in a history text book some of these facts, I’d probably just accept them but I still wonder how these dates are known.

I didn’t even make an attempt to look up the answer by the way because that would have defeated the purpose of this post. I’ve never heard any solution to this problem and I was just wondering about it today.