Giving In

I gave in today and went to the trainer. I was lying in my bed attempting to nap at about 2:45 with the idea of going to the trainer at 3:30. I pretty much just said to myself this is stupid, I’m going to the trainer right now. I’d never been to the trainer before in all my years at Ursinus so I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. I’ve always prided myself on not getting injured and never going to the trainer but rationally, I wasn’t going to risk my season by being stubborn.

I walked in and was lucky enough to meet with Colin (the trainer) without making an appointment. We did a couple of exercises to see what was wrong and then set up an appointment with an orthopedist for Thursday. Then we did stim and iced it for 20 minutes. This worried me because after 20 minutes it felt exactly the same as it did before. I have no idea what could be wrong, if it’s a muscle thing, nerve thing, bone thing, or any other kind of thing but it still hurts and I just don’t know what to do. After all that I went on the bike for 50 minutes. The first 15 minutes were uncomfortable but my back warmed up I guess and it wasn’t much of an issue after that.

The only positive thing I can bring from this is that it wasn’t due to running. I was in my down time so my body can still handle lots of mileage without a problem. I just have to get over this and then never play basketball again. As of right now it seems like I won’t be running at the meet on Friday but again, I’m willing to sacrifice that meet if it means that I’m healthy and ready to run again in a week or two. There’s nothing to do now but wait and hope for the best. Like always, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.



After the meet yesterday a few of us decided to play Wisest Wizard. It’s kind of a passive game, you just duct tape your new can of beer on top of your empty one and make a giant staff throughout the night. At the beginning you are “peasant -” whatever your name is. After 3 beers you’re a squire, 6 beers is a knight, 9 beers is lord, and 12 beers is wizard. We got started around 6 or so and I got out really fast. I was drinking Natty Ice and was a knight before I knew it. I was on beer number 8 in after an hour and a half or so and was wasted. I slowed down the pace dramatically and was blacked out by about 8. At some point I went down to Sig Pi, took a shot, threw up in their bathroom and left. Marshall told me that he tried to have a conversation with me but I just wasn’t forming words and was clearly way drunker than anyone else at the party. I imagine I went upstairs after I threw up but I don’t really know.

My memory rejoins me when Pane, Liz, and I went to late night lower. Things are still extremely fuzzy and I don’t really know what happened. I remember they had breakfast sandwiches and like always, they were incredible. We went back to the suite and I still don’t really remember what was going on. The next thing I clearly remember is going to the Flat to find Wacker who was telling everyone that he would smoke them in a mile. I encountered two girls, one was a dragon who was absolutely bombed and the other was trying to get her home. The dragon asked if she could make out with me and I declined, she then asked if she could make out with her friend and I pretty much said “if you want to, go for it.” They started making out right in front of me in the common room of the Flat and it took me a second to even process what was happening. I didn’t know what to think and although it was kind of cool I guess, I was more weirded/grossed out than anything so I left.

The rest of the night was rather uneventful. Wacker went to Beta Sig and told all of them he could beat them in a mile and I went over there to bring him back. His night ended hugging the toilet, shocker. I officially became a Wizard sometime around 2 in the morning. The problem was that we ran out of duct tape so my staff was only 9 beers high with a few beers spread out on my desk. I made it to about 3 in the morning which was surprising. It was a fun night but my puke total is up to either 7 or 8 for the semester. That’s a new PR for me but hey, I guess it just means that I’m having fun.

What to do…

The meet was a success, sort of. I woke up, warmed up three miles to make my back as ready as possible and then the race started. In terms of my back I didn’t really notice it during the race. Jatin and I switched off leading every 400 for the first two miles or so and then I took the lead for a while. The plan of 5:00 minute miles was out the door from the get go. We hit mile 1 in 5:09 and mile two in 5:13 for 10:22 at the two mile. I just didn’t feel good running-wise and wasn’t going to force the pace. I took the lead for the last mile and with 300 to go Jatin came up next to me. I held him off around the turn and pretty much started kicking. I held the lead the whole way and was pretty sure I had the race. I couldn’t hear him because the crowd was so loud but right as I passed the finish line he was right behind me. It was really close but I luckily got the win in 16:01.40 to his 16:01.44. We closed in a 5:00 so I figure I could have run a little bit faster but for the first meet of the season I’ll take it.

After the race is where things went bad. I walked around for a little talking to my parents and everyone else when my back just spazzed out. I couldn’t do anything without it hurting really bad. I was literally forced to pretty much fall over and lay on the ground. After 20 minutes Wacker and I tried to go on a warm-down but it was a complete failure. We ran probably 1200 meters in 12 minutes. I couldn’t move at all without pain. We got back to the field house and then I just laid down for a few hours. My back started feeling better but I was out of the 4×800. I actually felt really bad about that because that made Wacker take my spot.

I tried to run today and it was a failure. 2 miles in I opted to turn around because I just couldn’t keep going. I jogged back at probably 8:30 pace in pain the whole time. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know if it’s going to get better or not but at this point it doesn’t seem like it. I really want to avoid going to the trainer because they’ll probably stop me from running but at some point I’m going to have to swallow my pride and go see someone about this. I absolutely hate the idea of taking time off even if it means that I’ll recover but at the same time. 1 week now versus the whole season in a month is a sacrifice I should make. I hate the idea of looking back in a month and saying “why didn’t I just do something about it then when it wasn’t a big deal.” I really don’t know what I’m going to do but hopefully the end result is me running soon and being healthy.

Old Man Sam

I feel like an old man. My back hurt beyond belief during yesterday’s workout. It was the first time I ever thought that I was actually going to drop out of a workout. Once I got into the actual interval it didn’t hurt that bad but the start of every interval and the 200m jog in between. I couldn’t tell if I felt good or bad running-wise because my back was the only thing I was thinking about. My warm-down consisted of 16 laps around the indoor track at about 9:00 minute pace. It was a very bad feeling. I honestly couldn’t walk without it hurting.

The plan today was to double, two runs of 5 miles each. I ran at 10:00 and it was rough. I couldn’t go too fast and my back, although better than yesterday, hurt. I was unsure if I was going to go on a 2nd run but around 4:00 I decided I had nothing to do and figured I’d give it a shot. I felt good, not only my back but running-wise I felt good too. I cruised through 3 miles and ended in the field house. I figured I’d have to be able to warm-up and then stop running and start the race 20 minutes later, this was going to be my practice. After 3 miles I walked around for a bit, took a piss, and then was ready to simulate a start. It wasn’t going to be a full start, I was just trying to see if I could get going if I wanted too. The first 30 steps were torture. It was terrible but after that I got into my rhythm and felt back to normal. What does this mean. It means that after 100 meters of tomorrows 5k I’m going to be in last place even though I’m seeded 1st. I actually think this will be kind of funny to see because then I’m going to have to work my way back up to the front with Jatin. I don’t think it’ll slow me down that much but it’s just annoying that my first 200 will probably be a 35 with 100 splits of a 19 and 16.

I don’t see any reason that I should run slow unless my back actually acts up during the race which I don’t think it will. Once I settle in to the pace I think it’ll just be a very minor thing and my mind will be on racing, not my back. I’m excited and hopefully I run a good time but at this point I’ll be happy just to finish the race.

December Brings…

December brings cold weather. You can sneak by November pretty easily without too much bad weather. We haven’t had a single day that felt like winter in the past month (the snow storm at conferences was actually in October). November is great, it brings the beautiful leaves and beautiful running weather. Now that December is here it’s like a switch is turned and we say goodbye to any weather over 50 degrees for the next 3 months. Its torture. I wear shorts and sandals year round because I’m stubborn and at this point I look goofy in anything besides Rainbows and cargo shorts. My legs get extremely dry along with my feet and my face. I absolutely hate the cold weather and there is no avoiding it once you hit December. It also makes running much less pleasant.

December brings snow. There are few things in this world that I hate more than snow. Snow is very nice to look at for about 5 hours after it falls. After that the car smog, half melted landscapes, and wet grass/perk take over and it’s no fun for anyone. A lot of people like playing in the snow and I’m aware that I’m in the minority here by saying I hate the snow but I feel very strongly about it. My toes and fingers freeze up instantly if I try to play in the snow and it’s just miserable. Also, when there’s snow on the ground there is just no avoiding getting my Rainbows wet and everybody who owns a pair of Rainbows knows just how awful that can be.

December brings finals week.  On any given week of the semester, I’ll spend about 2 hours a night in the library if that. Maybe one night I’ll only have one little assignment and the next I’ll have a paper or test which will take a while, but it averages out to a manageable 2 hours. There’s no escaping work during finals week. I ca n spend 4 or 5 or 6 hours with the day and the night combined a day writing papers, preparing presentations, and studying for tests where I’ll forget pretty much everything the second I walk out of the classroom that I took the test in. It’s a stressful week and everyone is pretty much thinking the same thing, “just let this week be over already.”

December brings getting back in shape. Cross country ends in the middle of November and the first week of real training for indoor track begins just a little bit before December. That means the entire month of December is filled with slow times from the first two meets, lots of mind numbing mileage in the cold weather, and sluggish workouts. I’m aware I said I felt good on Tuesday and surprised myself but today was an absolute disaster. Running anything faster than 4:50 pace feels like sprinting. No one is sharp yet and it’s easy to get down in confidence or write off a race before it even starts when you don’t feel like you can run fast. I’m obviously very excited to wipe the slate clean and redeem myself from a weak XC season but this part of training is where you put in a shit load of work and see no results. Obviously they’ll come later but it’s frustrating. It’s just a part of the process and it’s just another shitty thing that December brings.

December brings Christmas Music. I like Christmas. I don’t get nearly as excited as some other people but I do think it’s an extremely enjoyable holiday and I’m glad that I get to spend time with my whole family and exchange gifts once a year like this. I absolutely despise Christmas music. I just don’t understand it. I think people are just trying to get into the holiday spirit but as I mentioned before, I don’t get as excited as other people so the idea of listening to shitty music for 25 days just to get ‘in the mood’ seems pointless to me. People insist on listening to bad music and watching traditional movies like A Christmas Story, to quote Dom Mazzetti, “…Throw on A Christmas Story, realize it fucking sucks, whatever, I’m gonna go masturbate in my old bedroom.” It’s just something that a lot of people do (like playing in the snow) for reasons that I can’t justify.


This post marks a new record for me, most posts in a month. Now compared to my counter part (Tom) this number of 31 posts in a month is not all that impressive but it’s a PR and shows that I’m as dedicated as ever to making this blog somewhat entertaining to readers. Plus, I think that for the most part I make decent posts (questionable) and if Green TD from Warcraft has taught me anything, it’s quality over quantity, I’m doing my best over here. Tonight also marks the first night in a very long time (not including Thanksgiving break) that I literally don’t have any homework. Are there things I could be doing? Absolutely. Am I going to do them? Obviously not. Procrastination isn’t something that people choose to do, it’s honestly just a way to live life. I had a managerial exam today at 2:50. I didn’t even study last night because I knew I had time to study this afternoon. Would studying last night have helped me? Maybe but in all honesty I was willing to sacrifice 5 or 10 points on the test if it meant I didn’t have to study last night. How many people honestly start a paper more than 2 days before it’s due? The answer is very few. I think the test went well if that’s worth anything

One bad thing has happened as of late. I played basketball for an hour+ on Saturday and ever since my back hasn’t been the same. I honestly feel like a 60 year old man. I woke up on Sunday morning and it was bugging me and the first 100 meters of my run hurt like hell but I got through it and figured it would go away. It hasn’t gone away and it’s tough to tell if it’s getting better or not. I kind of think it is but it’s been almost a week. Knowing myself I won’t try to get any help and I’ll just assume that it will get better. I felt awesome during the workout yesterday but warming down at 8:00 minute pace was impossible. The first little bit of running really hurts and if I run slow the whole run hurts. Hopefully this is just a part-time thing and I’ll have completely forgotten about it in a week but who knows.

It’s not a good thing to start a post saying ” I think that for the most part I make decent posts” and then pump out a post like this. Tom just made a post saying he can’t really tell if something is going to be good or not. I agree, I sometimes post things that I think are gold and people don’t like them and other times I post things that I don’t think are great but people like them. Some posts on the other hand I know are bad and I’ll try to have another one up as soon as possible. This one was pretty much to ensure a record. I’ll take it.

Got Me Thinking

Laura commented on my blog asking if I knew what “Double the C Double the S” was from. Well as far as I could remember it was Danny Tanner from Full House trying to teach his kids how to spell. He suggested making up ways to remember them like a song or something he used double the c double the s as a way to spell success. Now, I was confident that that’s what it was from but for kicks and giggles (and also to see if my blog post would come up… it did not) I looked it up anyway. I cruised around a page or two of Google and found one link that had that phrase and something about Full House so I went for it. It was the link to a Full House fan page blog.

What does this mean? Ordinarily, I would do that and not think anything of it, but since I’ve become a blogger my immediate thought was “this person is going to get a page view and Analytics is going to tell them that it came from someone searching ‘double the c double the s'”. This person will then probably feel a small sense of accomplishment that someone is actually visiting their blog (the post along with the show was terrible so I don’t imagine many people would be visiting). Then, if they’re anything like a Stortz, they’ll use this to try and think of ways to generate new traffic. I don’t know how much you can do with Full House besides citing episodes and whatnot but who knows.

I think this because, as a blogger this is exactly what I do. I just checked my Analytics and I see a trend. The only thing that generates constant random traffic is singers. Haley Williams (and her hair), Thom Yorke, Adam Durtiz, and Tom Chaplin lead the way in my randomly generated traffic. It’s not much but I get probably 100 views combined from all of them in a month. I’m only writing this because I highly doubt that anyone who googles “Haley Williams hair” and clicks on one of her images is thinking “Damn I just gave some rando and a page view for his stupid-ass blog.”

This then got me thinking that this doesn’t just apply to blogging. I made that one connection because I blog and most people don’t. I think certain things because I’m a runner too. When Seinfeld says his average shower is 10 minuets, I just naturally thought “Yeah well I could run over 2 miles in the time it takes him to shower.” I’m sure this applies to any specific fields in life but blogging and running are perhaps my biggest two so that’s why I used them as examples.

Trouble Getting Back

I had a feeling this was going to happen. I went on Thanksgiving break and didn’t do a lick of work. I’m back and school now and I’m having some trouble adjusting to doing work. I get in a routine when I’m at school of going to the library and doing work. It’s just not the same. I go to the library but for whatever reason it takes me forever to get started and I just don’t feel like working. I’m really on the homestretch now along with everyone else. There’s only a few more major things that have to be done and then it’s winter break. No classes to worry about, I only have to think primarily about running with a couple of other things tossed in for a whole month. I don’t like the fact that college is going by fast but if these two weeks go by in the blink of an eye, well that would be just fine by me.

What I am excited for in the next two weeks (drum roll…) is running. We had our first workout in 2+ weeks today and it went much better than I expected. We had 6×1000 with 3 minutes rest. 15:45 5k pace is 3:09 per k so that was my original thought, start out at 3:10ish and work from there. The first three were 3:08, 3:09, 3:09 and I was feeling very good. I figured I’d start to press it just a little bit for the next two and I hit 3:04 and 3:02, still feeling under control. My plan for the last one was to hit 600 in about the same time as the previous two and then just go the last 400. I did exactly that and closed comfortably in a 70 last 400 for a 2:57. So I averaged 3:05’s (15:25 pace) for 6 1k’s. I’m running the 5k this weekend and I wasn’t too sure what to go for. Now I have something to base a prediction off of and since this workout went much better than I expected, my goal is higher than I would have guessed a week ago. I have a game plan of just clicking off two 5 minute miles and then give the last mile whatever is left. We’ll see how if that works out or not but I think, just like the 800, I could surprise myself with the time I run on Saturday. I can only wait and see I suppose.

Also, apparently I’m completely missing out right now as the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is on right now. My only question regarding this is why would I watch? Obviously I don’t care about fashion but also why the hell would I want to watch a bunch of extremely skinny (albeit extremely attractive girls) strut down a runway almost naked when I could just as easily look up probably a million different porn videos where the girls are really hot and are actually naked on the internet? It defies any logic I can think of. Maybe because it’s being aired for the public to see? I don’t understand the fascination with this but it seems that every year millions of guys and gals around the globe tune in to watch. The girls who watch for the fashion, that I understand, but the guys who watch just to see some hot girls, I just don’t get it.

Double the C, Double the S

This post is almost in direct response to Tom’s post. If you didn’t read it or don’t feel like, I’ll sum it up for you in a sentence. His traffic is at an all-time high and with this new found success, he feels more motivated to continue pumping out quality posts. Obviously since his blog is more successful than mine in terms of traffic, I have to belittle his success to make myself feel better.

Let’s begin, what comes with success? Initially success results in extra motivation, as in Tom’s case. I think this is a universal truth. If you start to experience success in running, you’ll be excited and into running that the motivation will take care of itself. If you’re a song-writer and your first song is a hit, you’re going to think something along the lines of “This is awesome, I have so many great ideas for songs and this is only the beginning. I can’t wait to get back at to the studio and start recording even more.” Initial success = more motivation.

What happens after that initial success? Pressure. I’ll share my personal experience. I broke 1000 views in a month for my blog a year-ish ago and was so pumped up thinking I would writing good material and people would be coming. I soon found that I can’t try to force blog posts because they almost always suck. I can’t feel pressure to blog and say “Oh I’ll write a blog after lunch”, something has to inspire it for the post to be anything of quality. This post for example was inspired by Tom’s post, Tom’s post was inspired by a jump in traffic. When there’s nothing to inspire a post and you’re simply doing it because you feel pressured too, well that’s when the worst of the worst material comes out.

This applies to everything, when you’re the best runner in the world, the only thing that is expected of you is to win. There’s no plus side to this. If you win, well that’s what was expected, but if you pull an El Guerrouj at the 2000 Olympics, well then you choked. Everyone wants to be the underdog because if you lose, no big deal, that was expected. Some people love pressure but often times pressure squeezes out the worst in people.

This post is not really directed at Tom and his blogging, it’s more just a general trend of what comes with success by using him as an example. I’m also not saying this is going to happen to him either. Something tells me that he as well as I realize that a couple hundred people viewing your blog in a day, while harder than you would think (and more than I can muster), is nothing earth shattering.

Turn Offs

I’m probably not in any position to tell girls what they should or should not do but every guy has their own particular turn offs and these are mine.

  • Smoking cigarettes – I cannot stress this one enough. Smoking cigarettes, for whatever reason, is just one of the most repulsive things a girl can do. If I see a girl in Reimert outside of a suite smoking a cigarette, no matter how attractive, I pretty much just write them off as a no-no. I don’t know how to describe it or why I feel this way but when I see someone doing that I just lose all attraction. It’s more a hint at the persons character and I don’t like what it’s hinting at. It’s funny because I don’t have a problem if a girl smokes weed, that doesn’t really bother me, but cigarettes are the worst of the worst.
  • A know it all/1 upper – I grouped these two together because if someone is a know it all, they are generally a 1 upper as well. There was a decent looking girl in my Anthro group that I’d never spoken to prior to our group meeting. Right off the bat things went downhill. She had to dominate the conversation expressing her intelligence (which was not all that impressive) no matter what topic we were talking about. If you knew anything, she (supposedly) already knew it and then some. Being a know it all or 1 upper, if it’s not in a funny/joking way, is extremely annoying and I lose all interest in not only being attracted to you, but being your friend as well.
  • Status Updates – This doesn’t pertain to every status update that a girl does. There are many status updates that are justifiable and worthwhile, but the ones where the girl is trying to draw attention to herself or ‘boost her self-esteem’ are unbearable. For the most part, this takes place in the way of song lyrics. Sappy song lyrics or quotes about how to live life in a self-empowering way are the worst. This is a direct quote from a facebook friend of mine “”the person whose opinion matters most to me is my own”-Adele ♥”. This quote is just crying out for positive reinforcement. They want to have a friend or someone else read it and comment with something along the lines of “you go girl! :)”. These drive me absolutely crazy. Keep this shit to yourself. No one cares. What is the purpose of making information like this public? I take these updates as meaning the girl is a headcase, like they are very insecure about something and although a lot of people are, public outcries like this are not good. You very rarely see guys doing this and as a man, I think that’s because we’re more mentally/emotionally stable. Hah.
  • Drunk Personality – There’s two things that intoxicated girls do that I can’t stand. The first is when a girl talks about how much they drank or how drunk they are in a bragging way. They go around acting as drunk as possible and often flirt with guys but act like they’re not and that they’re just drunk. I hate this. The second thing is when girls refer to each other as “slutttttt” or “biiiiiiitch”. I really don’t know how to explain this but for whatever reason it just pisses me off and I can’t look at them the same way. When looking at a female’s opposing part, a male, you do not see similar behavior. We may call each other dawg or bro but that’s because we’re making fun of lax bros who say that stuff all of the time, not just when drinking. Drunk girls calling other drunk girls a slut or a bitch is horrible.